You want a real dog!?

Just found this image at "Crap Dogs"! They inadvertently provided us with a very prosh image.

Yay Crap Dogs! Thank you for putting together a lovely array of puppehs for us to peruse. 😉

Holy backfiring, SJT!

Hilarious idea for a blog, though.



  1. [schadenfreude LOL]

  2. i don’t really like the idea of crapdogs…i make fun (affectionately) of some silly dogs–but dogs are dogs and are wonderful no matter what. they’re not crap just because they’re a bit prosh. anyways–i want to eat him with a spoon.

  3. metsakins says:

    I will help them take this “unworthy” puppeh off their hands.

    *grabs pup and runs*

  4. Erebella says:

    Good point, Teho. Good word (I’m impressed).

    That teeny widdle nose just kills me!

  5. Erebella says:

    Now please don’t make me think this early in the morning again. My brain is still partially in liquid form. Needs coffee to solidify. Puppy snorgles is all I can process right now. :Þ

  6. Yes, I think that “Crap Dogs” site has definitely backfired.

    I will take all those pampered puppies!

    And I think we do have a wee bit of “Princess Di Eyes” going on with this puppy here.

    Makes him all the cuter! 🙂

  7. DixiesMom says:

    AYEEE!!! SQUEEE!!!POMPOMPOMPOMPOM!!! Da best goggies in da WURLD. Forget the ears, I want to nomnom the whole puppeh… *S’plode*

  8. Michele says:

    Hi-larious! 🙂
    I think my dogs should be on there…I love them with all my heart but for as big as they are, they whine an awful lot! They would also be afraid of many of the teeny puppehs on that page…Must snuggle them now…

  9. 19petals says:

    Who wants to place bets that one day the guy (presumably) who set up the Crap Dog blog ends up with a toy poodle some day! I’m not even kidding, I’ve seen it happen so many times… they just…can’t…resist…cuteness…

  10. So I open up CO and look at the first picture and i say to myself… Is that a real dog?????? And I look again and a gain and then I do the roll over text and bust up laughing. Teho You are too too Moishe!

  11. scooterpants says:

    killer vicious pommie puppeh is TOTALLY worthy.
    AND adorably cute.
    yah-19petals, the tough guy who runs this site is proly all ” oh, such a smoochie-woochie bee bee poo puppeh sweeteeee” all over a little toy poodle when no ones lookin.
    Most of em are…

  12. Annie — thanks, but this one was all Meg.

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    There’s definitely nothing “crappy” about this little sweetie. CO has made me just about love pommies. When I see them being walked, I have to restrain myself from scooping up those pups!

  14. Angela-Eloise says:

    “I’m not a real dog but I play one on TV.”

  15. chanpon says:

    I too will gladly queue up to take this pup off any unwanter’s hands. In fact, please…I beg of you – give him to me now. *grabee hands*

  16. Hon Glad says:

    I am fairly certain that,da pupster is covered by Rule #14= when an every day object makes you look small.

  17. That *bâtard* called Corgis crap dogs. That’s unforgivable. 🙂

  18. steppy has gone KER THUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  19. zeldapie says:

    There’s no such thing as a crap dog, not in my book!

    This pup kinda looks like a Schipperke, doesn’t he?

  20. cheesybird says:

    Puppeh is tres ’80s with his white eyeliner! And check him out all nommin’ on a bone as big as he is! Nom nom nom.

  21. *blinks* That bone is bigger than the pup!

    Isn’t there a rule where if your food is bigger than you it’s cute?

    Talk about apres ski action! I’ll cuddle up with this next to a fire any day of the week.

  22. I think the guy should rename his blog “”

  23. That should have ended with

  24. I remember reading someone’s opinion once that if it didn’t have a SNOUT it wasn’t a dog. It made me laugh-but of course I love all dogs, even the littlest snout-free scraps.

  25. Aesthetica says:

    there is no such thing as a crap do, crap cat, crap hammy, crap bun, crap bat, crap ferret, crap hedgie, etc.

    still, the post labeled “crap slovakian dog” did make me softly chortle, and i loved the comment: “ covers cute. This blog speaks only to crap.”

  26. SixFootJen says:

    I used to call this kind of small dog a “NARD” — Not A Real Dog. Then my mom got a poodle and I fell in love. Perhaps “CRAP” stands for “Canine Redonkulousness And Proshness”?

  27. Alex, I read that first as …who-consider-pet-sex-tensions-of-their-penises… A little puzzling at first.

  28. While I’m not a little dog fan as far as owning them….I do think they are adorable! So cute ^-^

    That blog is interesting. Seems he only thinks that dogs in the large category are “real dogs” Little does he know apparently that many little dogs are much more fierce than their bigger friends!

  29. cheesybird says:

    Glix, I read that the same way. What does that say about our minds?

  30. Aw, is that a Schipperkee? Looks like a Schip’s face, but it’s fluffier than our puppies were.

  31. k. o'dee says:

    Ah, a blog after my own heart. [Bookmarks]

    Sorry, owners of crap dogs. Either it’s a dog (ergo all dog rules, laws and/or bylaws apply to it) or it’s not. But you don’t get to call it a dog AND bring it into “no dogs allowed” areas. ‘Cause I’ll bet you anything you’d like that my big, hairy retrievers are better behaved and less obtrusive than your bug-eyed purse trinket.

    Whew, glad to get that off my chest.

  32. Eet is *unhfair*. Zees wittle one is a bebeh! Weetnes: my own bebeh “crepe dog”: (she looks just like zis wee one) and, voila, le same pupeh all growne up and fierce and lovely (and **still** teh qte):

    But, mah point: eet is not fair to say a bebeh anything is not a real doggie. Eez a *bebeh* already. Eez *supposed* to be QTE! Even ze bebeh booldawgs are ze nomnomnom QTE!

  33. catloveschanel says:

    cheesybird, I thought he was nommin’ on toilet paper and I was saying to myself, “now that’s a real dog”, but I see you point out it is a true fake dog bone bought at a posh pet store.

    I wonder how he gets that white eyeliner to stay, must be slobberproof.

    Pardon me, but that other site lacks a bit of panache & gentility in the language, and I must say, I do luv the language I’ve learned on CO.

  34. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I never particularly cared for toy poodles until I owned one. Koji’s a great dog–he does not, however, get carried around in a little pink vinyl purse, nor does he wear ribbons (he hates it when the groomer puts them on him, and will tear them apart after you remove them for him).

    One gets the impression from reading CrapDogs that this fellow’s girlfriend made public smoochy noises at some little dog or other, and the guy said “Hey, what’s that dog got that I ain’t got?” and she said, “Well, for one thing, it’s cute,” and thus CrapDogs was born. Just a theory. 🙂

  35. I would like to state that I am not a big hairy man who secretly pines for a poodle. If I encountered the pomlet in person I would snortle and then snorgle it. The idea behind the blog is simply that some dogs are crap irrespective of their cuteness or uncuteness (but all cats are cute).

  36. auntbaby says:

    Somebody Please tell me the breed of dog that is. HE is totally just so , so , so, awwwwwwww…… I just can’t take it he’s so cute. I really would like to know what breed he is though. thanks

  37. Don’t blame the dogs! blame the pare.. errr, humans :]

  38. Tygress22 says:

    Brandy – I have both little dogs and big dogs (5 total) and i can certainly agree that the little ones have the most attitude. My Great Dane was out off leash the other night (just let him run out to pee) and a Minivan pulled up to the dumpster across the street from our Condo. A 13 year old kid actually jumped out of the van and said “LOOK AT THAT DOG” and then RAN after him! Titan actually ran away…lol. Although, I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had bit the kid….how stupid can someone be. He should know better at 13 years old. My 13lb. terrier wouldn’t have had a problem running up and barking his little head off…lol

  39. Crap Dog Blogger — understood, top to bottom, inside out, 100%.

  40. Crap Dogs is hilarious!!! First of all, I think that it’s just as much about how people treat/photograph their dogs (the one with the wig is a riot) as it is a comment on some dog’s not being very, uh, doglike in the conventional sense. It’s making fun of the way we label things “cute” from a certain perspective. It’s the Stephen Colbert to the C.O.’s “Daily Show.” So no need to hate, peeps! Just laugh at it and love your animals!

    :: bookmarking crap-dogs ::

  41. Laurita says:

    They would probably label my dog as a crap dog, as she looks fashionable even without her clothes on (whippet). But she injures and/or kills a wild animal every couple of weeks in the backyard!
    Whomever runs that site is an idiot. A dog is a dog.

  42. I giggled a couple of times at the captions on the Crap Dog Blog.

    I get where he’s coming from — he’s mostly not blaming the doggies, he’s blaming the people who crap-ified the poor innocent critters.

    And he’s got some UGLY dog pics. Not so ugly they’re cute, just outright UGLY.

    Satire, people.

  43. Lurker — haven’t you heard? Satire is dead. (Long live satire!) Just ask the New Yorker. Oh, and bleen.

  44. I think it looks like a Schipperke too. A teeny tiny Schipperke.

    That is a fun word. Schipperke.

  45. The Cat Pimp says:

    I deal with dogs as an animal shelter volunteer and I can tell you that a little “crap dog” is as doggie as a bull mastiff or a lab. There’s 100% dog in those tiny bodies and they have a lot of spirit. If you have a small apartment and want a dog, “crap dogs” are the way to go. They’re a hoot ‘n a holler and I think the little guys are just as full of win as the big ones.

  46. Yeah, my first thought was Schipperke. Adorable lil’ guys and smart as anything. My uncle had one we swore knew English.

    And Crap Dogs is hilarious.

  47. Crap dog site has a crappy attitude.

  48. BeanSidhe says:

    Did anyone else look at the Crap Poodle and think “OMGRhapsodyInWhite!!!!!1111”?

  49. Ohmygod I just died. What an ADORABLE face!!

  50. look at this post, then look at the post of the bats below it

    (goes cross-eyed)

  51. J-nerdface says:

    Is that a schipperke or a pom?
    I think it’s a schip all you pom-lovers. The hair is pretty coarse for a pom.

    Cute either way.

  52. While I think it’s a rather mean motivation to put together a blog (I don’t understand why people make archives of stuff they HATE, like HelloKittyHell), I understand the blogger’s feelings. Small dogs generally put me off. Some are OK but owners tend to spoil them like babies instead of training them to behave, resulting in yappy, vicious balls of hair.

  53. BeanSidhe says:

    “Yappy Vicious Balls Of Hair”

    Hey Xeno, my fiance’ is looking for a new band name for Rock Band. Can he use that?

  54. The ears do sort of look Schipperky. BTW, are they all black? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tan or red one.

    I still want one though. I’ve got a neighbor with one & I covet it biblically but not in the biblical sense.

  55. cheesybird says:

    Wow. I guess satire really is dead. I thought the website was kinda funny. And I love ALL dogs.

  56. NOM THE POM!

    LOLing at Crap Dogs.

  57. I dont like small dogs that much so it makes me lol however, I do think many small “CRAP” dogs are cute, but from a distance, that is not owned by me. Then again, I prefer owning cats anyway.

  58. and a big THBBBBBBBBBTT (sticks out tongue) to crap dogs…their system just backfired…
    cuteness shall prevail!

  59. C’mon, the guy is just having fun. He should take advantage of this newfound attention and make bumper stickers: “Proud owner of a crap dog.” I’d buy one; I love my crap dog.

  60. cowsharky says:

    K, there’s no such thing as a crap dog, but I find it hilarious that they consider corgis to be crap dogs. Um, they were bred to herd sheep, horses and cattle. Considering how short they are, that’s pretty dang hardcore, IMO. Also, terriers are bred to go after nasty vermin. Again, not very wimpy.

    I think part of the “crap dog” mentality is due to morons who dress up their small dogs and carry them in purses all the time. That always makes me go ugh.

  61. Lolz. That’s a semi-funny site, though I think he could have come up with a better name that “crap dogs”. I was greatly amused that his logo is a fancy standard crossed out, as my parents have a standard with leg and tail poms and she’s just smart as all get out and very dog like to boot (though a totally scaredy cat). My dad takes her out and men look on in disdain as their wives and girlfriends flock to the dog and my dad. Kids love her too. 🙂

    I enjoyed that most of his pictures were pretty darn cute. *Loved* the smiling corgy.

  62. mom2twinzz says:

    k odee- I kinds have to agree with you. I love dogs and cats and everything else cute and cuddly, but it annoys me to no end that there are people who bring their toy dogs into the grocery store to shop.
    Puppehs do not belong in that big name retailer with cheap prices unless they are working dogs. I have come home from the store with horrible asthma attacks. I am highly allergic to dogs and some schmuck thought because “it is tiny and I can hide it in my shirt ot purse” then no animal rules do not apply.
    At least a working dog I can see and I can avoid possibly coming within a 10 foot radius of the dog. And thus prevent another trip to the er for lack of air.

  63. Katrina says:

    I’ll try to say this nicely.
    Yes, Corgis are cute. Their gormless smiles turn very quickly, however, when they are ‘on duty’. Ours is a watchdog from the word ‘go’. She protects us from birds and other animals, and Huns and Visigoths and Ostrogoths and the like, but let me tell you, there is no one who will come into this house unvetted. She earns her keep, she keeps me on the straight and narrow by ‘hearding’ me to nap time when she senses I’m too tired (she is always correct, it is really uncanny). She is vigilant about me and my health, stay glued to me when I am ill, and is nuts about her two boys and her hero, my husband. It may be ankle or shin height, but there is ‘danger’ in her makeup. No slacker there I can assure you! A true bred-from-the-wolf-dog through and through.

  64. Totalee Puppy says:

    Little dog so very prosh…
    We’ll get scraps at Luigis…
    Aw forget it…you’re too posh…
    Wish you’d give it a try…
    It’s a great nosh…
    Born to be Crappy,
    Totalee Puppy

  65. i hates me a yappy little dog like any good cat person, but pictures really don’t convey the horror of a true crap dog: one that won’t shut the hell up.