The Dark Knight Knursery

Where will the Batmen of tomorrow come from?  Possibly from the rescue centre on the Atherton Tablelands in northern Queensland, Australia, which is caring for these orphaned bat-babies.

Holy bundles of joy!

Bring on the tiny little Jokers!

Why so serious?

That was knice and knoteworthy, Kira K.



  1. LOL, love the little bottles and blankets1

  2. temperance says:

    whoa- they are so cutie!

    i’ve always liked bats, but i have never seen any so darn cuddly!

  3. the eyes!! must not look into the eyes!! Too late – they’ve completely stolen my heart! Honestly, i didn’t know bats could be so ridiculously CUTE!! 😀

  4. #3 in the lineup is =3

  5. Half of me is thinking – Baby bats out in the sun with bat baby blankets and bat pacifiers?!! You’ve GOT to be kidding! The other half is thinking – they’re just TOOOO CUTE! And one of them looks slightly cross-eyed! SO endearing!

  6. They are so adorable. I love bats, especially fruit bats. They look like my dog.

  7. Poohbear says:

    Unbearable. How do you exPECT us to get ANY work done ??
    Had sent this in to Meg some time ago, but these pics are even bat-ter.


  9. Oh my god, the bottles! THE BOTTLES!

  10. katiedid says:

    I love the little guy in the middle of the first pic.. his eyes are HUGE!!!!

  11. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I like the one sleeping with his eyes all squinty! (in the pink stripes)

  12. Are you KIDDING me with this?? Normally, I’m not a big fan of bats – I have that girly phobia that they’ll fly into my hair and get stuck – but really, how threatening can something be when wrapped in a teeny blankie and sucking on a binky?

  13. Good grief. The one in the pink stripes…

  14. That’s one desperate image makeover. You can’t fool us, you’re still bats!

    Well, except the one with pacifiers. Heh, they’re cute.

  15. clalala says:

    Oh they so cute! I want one to nurse it myself! those baby-eyes!

  16. RevWaldo says:

    These aren’t pets – these are MINIONS!

    Fly my pretties! FLY!

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Just read the article. Now I’m teary. Poor little bats.

    But they are SO KYOOT! Want to snorgle…

  18. You need to do some C.O. Extreme closeupness on those batschnozzles. They look moiscle!#3 especsh!

  19. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! is really all I have to say. 😀

  20. Cutey Fruity Ickle Fruit Bats!

  21. Erebella says:

    Wow, those are amazingly cute. Only fruit bats could be that cute. What big darling eyes you have – too bad they can’t see a damn thing!

  22. Aaaahhh!!! awwwwww!!! ooohh! this is truly a cute overload! i can’t stand it!

  23. Everyone know that Batman’s succces is due in large part to Alfred’s blankie and bottle regimen. (One study suggests that it has a 94.3% success rate in fostering cape fetishes in super-heroes.

  24. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    I’m afraid I have an actual bat phobia, and if I woke up to hear one of these guys flapping around my room in the middle of the night I would prolly have a heart attack. HOWEVER, seeing their little faces atop those snuggly blankets is PDC (Pretty Darned Cute), I have to admit.


  26. metsakins says:

    Every time I think redonkulous has been defined and can’t be topped, you guys top it.

    baby bats in blankies!!!!!!1!!

  27. These guys are GREAT!! Bats get such a bad rap….these need to be posted everywhere so that people can see just how cuddley they are. ~ok not cuddley like a kitten for some people but darn close~
    And the one in the pink blanket ROCKS!! LOL

  28. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Your comments are becoming so gnomic, you’re going to disappear up your own fundament.

  29. OMG! Way cute!

  30. Batlady says:

    Awwwww! Snugglin bats are almost too cute for me to stand.

    And the crying for their mother’s part just broke my heart.

    Thank goodness for animal rescue.

  31. Hon Glad — OK, I looked up “gnomic”, and, well, I still don’t get it.

  32. Stephanie says:

    Look at ’em!!! They are darling! Love the gigantic eyes.

    I feel sorry for those babies, but glad they are being cared for.

  33. I want to nom a bat. I WANT TO NOM A BAT! this is not right.

  34. Erabella–What do you mean ‘can’t see a damn thing’? Bats aren’t blind and never have been!! It’s well established that even the tiny totally nocturnal echolocators have excellent vision. Nature doesn’t waste time making big blinky eyes if they don’t work!

    I’ve been to Tolga Bat Hospital, and I assure you–those babes look right at you and you just want to chuckle those little chins and rub the fuzzy foreheads.

  35. They arent so cute when they are flying around near my head at night-but they are when they are swaddled in blankies with ba-bas.

  36. Oh my landing! Close up of the tiny bat bottles plz!

  37. WHERE DO I SIGN UP???!!!?//111/?


    SO CUTE!!!!!

    [Shhhh!! You don’t need to shout, they’re *bats*! – Ed.]

  38. Kool as Kukkumbers they sit in their komfy kovers and knosh on knats and knoodles.

  39. …or maybe knumquats and knapples and knawberries.

  40. Shannon says:

    Holy crap those are adorable! I am beginning to wonder why I was ever afraid of bats. They used to be the one animal that terrified me but once I realized how adorabiddle they are, well, now how can you be scared of something THAT cute?

  41. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: If you look at ask Oxford, it is defined as:- 1 Short pithy aphorisms or maxims 2Enigmatic or ambiguous. i.e. nothing to do with little men with pointy ears.

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    (To be sung to the tune of “Fish Heads”) –

    Fruit bats,
    Fruit bats,
    Teeny weenie fruit bats,
    Fruit bats,
    Fruit bats,
    Drink it up – yum!

    Curiously adorable. Never thought I’d say that about a bat!

  43. Hon Glad — ah, I see. Oxford English != Wikipedia.

    I was quoting Edna Mode, from “The Incredibles”. If you’ve never seen it, then for the love of all that’s right and good in the world, rent that DVD. IT IS TOTALLY WICKED.

  44. Fruit bats are horribly noisy, destructive, crapping nuisances.

    Erm, toe scuff, I’ll adopt the tie-tie one in the Hopi pink number, and the terrier-esque supermodel working the flowered print on the far right.

  45. cinderELLA says:

    I want the one in the pink bandana!!! is SOOOOO CUUTTEE!!!!!

  46. chanpon says:

    Anh..I’ve always loved bats (eats mosquitoes – yay!!). All the better and cuter with their bat binkies. The one in the pink blankie looks oh-so-comfy.

  47. Space Cowgirl says:

    Baby bats are by far the cutest. I want them all.

    There are some pics out on the ‘Net of very small baby bats being fed with eyeshadow applicators that quite literally gave me convulsions.

  48. Holy Pasickies, Batman!

    These guys are adorable. Love the blankets. I’ll take the one on the far left. Looks like he needs some nuzzling.

  49. Oh goodness. Is anything cuter than a flying fox with a pacifier?

    Love that one third from the right. Unlike his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bro’s he’s ready for a nap.

    I wonder if they fight over sleeping bags?

  50. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww!!!! I’ll take the one in the middle!!!

    Yay for bat-rescuers everywhere!!!! There’s been an illness (can’t remember the name) that’s been decimating bat populations.

  51. scooterpants says:

    that girl looks too happy.
    i want her job.
    ok- I’ll take the little guy in the blue blankie that looks like he has no idea what’s happening to him, and the pink stripey blankie ‘girl’ (i assume) who is so totally blissed out she cant stay awake.
    oh and i’ll need another one of those nippley thingies for feedin time.

  52. zeldapie says:

    I love the little due, third from left, with his big ol’ bottle.

    I lurve bats.

  53. zeldapie says:

    lol – “due” means “dude”

  54. and “kneau” means “NO!”


  55. berthaservant the lonely says:

    Teho, you know Edna Mode is Edith Head, right?

    And while the bats are cute, I am most intrigued by the Aussie bat-nurse’s come-hither smile (maybe it’s not come-hither, but I can dream, can’t I).

  56. Berthaservant, perhaps she Vants to Suck your Blud.

  57. Aw. The little sleeping bags are too much!

  58. January says:

    Remember everybody, they are still bats with creepy flying habits and creepy little teeth.

  59. The one in pink is my favorite. Is sreepy!

  60. how cute. the little one in the pink cracks me up.

  61. auntbaby says:

    Oh so sweet and so sad. God Bless whomever is sharing their time and lives with these little creatures. I have always loved flying foxes. Their faces are so expressive. The eyes so intelligent. Precious little babes.

  62. Wel, tehy look a littuhl tu much laik dogz, which ai loathe, fur comfurt. But ai DO lurve batz.

  63. mberkie0 says:

    Bats is good. Lots bats eat bugs, but deses is froot bats, and dey eats froots. If I eats froots too, is I a bat? PS I doesn’t eat bugs.

  64. Lisa T. says:

    they look like baby black bears in the extreme closeup shot. who knew??

  65. B-Serv — ZOMG, it’s a meta-homage!

  66. (I have no idea how to pronounce that, btw)

  67. Do you think, if I volunteer to fly to the rescue, that the wee bitty batties would accept me as their mother and cry for me? That way, I could pick them up and snorgle them and they wouldn’t need to cry.

  68. Snusnu — I can honestly say I’ve never thought about that.

  69. I once ordered a meta-homage in a Parisian cafe and got a slice of moldy cheese melted on a red brick. (Tasted like chicken).

  70. binky-mama says:

    Aaaaaaahhhh! They have binkys they have binkys! This is how my little bottle baby girl got her nickname (Binky) and thus my name binky-mama. She loved her binky (a nipple from a bottle, not an actual pacifier!) Although I never did wrap her up papoose-style like this. I’ll take the one in the pink stripes…sooooo tie-tie!

  71. Yep, even the BRICKS taste good in Paris. (with a delicate Nouveau mortar)

    [By the bye, I’m Blogging This… – Ed.]

  72. Theresa says:


    Bats with binkies!

  73. holy bat babies! so cute and bug-eyed! lovely to read about an agency looking after the wee ones. bats are fab, they take care of all the narsy bugs and critters flying in the air that bug us during summer. had a bat house at the cottage and they did a very good job getting rid of the skeeters so we could have a relatively slap-free summer.

  74. yay batties. yes the flying is creepy if you’re not used to it, but they really have no interest in getting stuck in your hair either. the bug-eaters are handy and all of them are neat and cute. (imho)

  75. What I wouldn’t give for a slap-free summer!!! I have resorted to Cutter Deep Woods with 23% DEET to keep them off of me and I live in the heart of suburbia. We had massive amounts of rain this spring and the mosquitos are horrible!!! Bring on the (regular) bats, please!!!

  76. darkshines says:

    I love bats, when I was a child wanted a pet fruit bat. I ever drew out plans for where he would live and how I would pay for his food. My mum bought me a rat, which I loved, but I still haven’t had my bat yet. Maybe when I graduate andget my own place, I will fill it with bats 😀

  77. All I can say, is, given the species, they’d better name one “Eric”.

    And given the locale, the rest can be “Bruce”.

  78. ^ which makes a double homage, and there we are again.

  79. :headspins:

  80. w00t, I headspun Teho! for once, instead of the opposite.

  81. now, if he’ll just update his blog post…

  82. thpppppt

  83. 1. Many people do not find bats creepy. Myself included. Flying is creepy? Why the heck do people put up birdfeeders?

    2. Many fruit bats are diurnal, and most of them can see reasonably during the day regardless. I doubt being in the run is a hardship for these little guys.

    3. OMG so cuuuuuuute!

  84. Now I can imagine them running around the living room with their blankies tied on as little capes!

    Nanananananana, BAT man…


  85. Awwwww. Fruit bats are like puppies with wings. Awwwwwwsome.

  86. I am highly bat phobic, so for a second I freaked out, but then I was overwhelmed by the undeniable cuteness of these particular bats. I think you may have cured me! Thanks, Cute overload.

  87. rubber duck says:

    I’ve loved these little fellows ever since I first saw pictures from the Tolga Bat Hospital. Few baby animals almost make me want to cry, but these very nearly did the first time that I came accross them. Just too, too, TOO much cuteness to handle.

    See more amazing pictures at (baby category) in

  88. BeanSidhe says:

    All thoughts of Bruce Wayne have gone hurtling out of mah hed.

    I love the “Hi! Hi! Here is I!” face on the top batlet in the second picture

  89. Baby fruit bats: megachiropteCUTErans.

  90. Gail (the first one) says:

    @lurkertype: “and eight for the Fruit Bat, Eric”

  91. The little guy on the bottom in the second picture, is it by any chance Greedo’s kid?

  92. From left to right:

    “must…get…more…sugar water”


    “Holy crap that’s the biggest eye I’ve seen!”


    “Hey. You with that flower in your ear. Could you hook me up some more sugar water here?”

    *eye plink* “I miss my mommy” *eye plink*

  93. Theo, thanks for the fun on your blog.

  94. catablob says:

    the bottom one in the lower picture looks like the audrey hepburn of the bat world.

    they are overfreakinwhelmingly cute little boogers.

  95. Sweet Pea says:

    Is Christian Bale at this Dark Knight Nursery?
    If so…I am sooo there!!!

  96. Awww, wookit them in their tiny blankies.

  97. Oooh, new idea for the next Batman movie…

    Gotham City is being attacked by a new kind of Evil…. THE CUTE-STER!!!!! *dramatic booming voice* 😉

    I really want all of those, btw. 🙂

  98. I love fruitbats so very much it’s not even funny. The time I was in Australia (yes, Queensland, even, the Sunshine State), there were a bunch of them hanging out in the trees around the little cabin dormitory things where we stayed. And they were super cute.

    Also they all look exactly like my first puppeh.

  99. I wonder if there is something they can do to safely tree areas around the bat caves (ok..bat caves sounds funny) for ticks. Does anyone know if something is being done?

  100. Well, this is now officially the Cutest Picture Evar at cuteoverload, imo. Baby bats wif binkies! i can’t stand it.

    Here in Vermont, many of our bats are dying of a mysterious illness called “white-nose syndrome”. I would volunteer to set up a bat-nursery for orphans, but we’re supposed to avoid contact with bats, and caves, so as to prevent spreading of the disease. It’s very sad.

  101. Aspen's cookies says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW! I LOVE bats and these little guys are so cute, all wrapped up in their leetle blankies! I like #4. TINY BUNDLES OF CUTENESS!!!!!

  102. Fransouah says:

    Somebody get them tiny sunglasses STAT!

  103. laineyg6 says:

    I just ‘sploded all over the computer. Those guys actually elicited an overly-loud… ohhhhh! from me. To. Die. For. I love bats.

  104. I am SO glad to see CO embracing bat loverliness!!! Now we just cute rat pics…cats, bats, ‘n rats!

  105. squeee! i saw some batties like this at the zoo in seattle a couple weeks ago. one came right up to the glass, hanging upside down of course, and we stared at each other, nose-to-nose, for a bit. so sweet!

  106. cute!

    nice bats too.

  107. Lerrinus says:

    Third. From. The Left.


  108. doomchild says:

    I need some, now. Hear me? I NEED SOME BABY BATS! STAT!