Last chance for your message to appear in this space!

It’s your last chance!

Last chance, for looooooooooove

Wait wait, wait [record scratch, takes record off turntable]

What I mean to say is that the Cute Overload Custom Post Auction has only 9 hours and 12 MINUTES left!

That’s it!


Tick ‘Tocks, People!

Highest bidder gets to have the pet photo of their choice on, for tens of thousands of people to see! Your date, your time, you choose! We’ll help you with a caption! We know you aren’t funny—this is OK.  We will help you.

  1. Think of the opportunity! A proposal of marriage to your hedgehog-loving girlfriend!
  2. An unforgettable birthday wish for your annoying Mother-in-law to get her off your back!
  3. A proclamation that Tribble-like space aliens run the Internets!
  4. An public invitation to date a Cats ‘n’ Racks model!

SO, bid bid bid like a baby squid and do something fun for yourself AND cancer research at the same time.




  1. darkshines says:

    Bid, bid, bid like a baybeh squid!

  2. Aesthetica says:

    oh how i wish i had the money, both for the worthy charitable cause, but also to feature my two lumps of kitteh fuzz, Inky and Boo, on their favorite site.

    it’s probably best, because Inky is such a diva she’d require a personal assistant at the photo shoot, scented candles in her trailer, a buffet of fishy-smelling snacks with the color red removed, an angora robe and head turban, a masseuse on call, professional styling, high quality photoshopping, and approval of final copy.

    Boo is fine with a clean catbox and a bowl of cat chow. a regular guy.

  3. Record? Turntable? What are these things you refer to?

  4. Current bid: US $1,075.00

  5. cheesybird says:

    And that last bid was made by NTMTOM. Someone needs to outbid him! It’d be kinda sad if he won, since he can already pretty much post anything he wants anytime he wants. 😀

  6. @cheesybird: I’m not the high bidder anymore. Current high bid: $1,125.

  7. Jenn in IL says:

    Oh…sad. I can’t afford $1,125. Great job, people of CO, for bidding and contributing to this worthy cause! I tip my hat to you…

  8. Theresa — what, have you neither any hip nor hop??

  9. 15 MINUTES LEFT!!

  10. Sold for $1,125!!!

  11. cheesybird says:

    NTMTOM: “I’m not the high bidder anymore. Current high bid: $1,125.”


  12. cheesybird says:

    “Sold for $1,125!!!”

    ‘nother w00t!!

    When do we find out who the lucky buyer is? (Do we find out who the lucky buyer is?)

  13. [hammer down]

  14. @cheesybird – I think that’s up to Meg. I’m contacting the winners now. ^_^

  15. Congrats to everyone for an awesome auction! Can’t wait to see the results!!!

  16. BeanSidhe says:

    Squid squid squid
    That’s an awesome bid!

  17. [rabbit ears]
    Baby squid!

  18. i can not believe that it went up that high!!!!!!