Encore Presentayshe: Cutest Kitten in World

People, some posts are worth repeating. This is one such post. For this encore presentation, I give you "Memebon" the kitten. But you already know Memebon. Because she OWNS YOUR SOUL, THAT’S WHY. Here is the original post


There are really no sufficient words to accurately describe the proshness you are about to witness. Rest-assured the Japanese [shaking fist to sky] beat us AGAIN on this one. This time with the delectable dollop named "Memebon"

[drum roll]



See a LOT more of Memebon, her family and tons of merch over at Memebon.jp 😉



  1. Wombats says:

    I rememberes hers! So prosh and perfect. Indeed she ees de cutest kitteh een zee werld@

  2. libelula says:

    i saw this before. i should be prepared. i should be able to withstand –

    *falls over*

    nope, couldn’t do it. she is just TOO CUTE…

  3. just what the doctor ordered to cure my case of the mondays! sooooooo cute!

  4. What kind of cat is this? She even looks Asian. What is it with the Japanese and cuteness?

    This is such a darling kitty, I have melted from the cute!

  5. What a crap cat.
    No! Thank you for running that again-that kitten is off the charts!!!

  6. The picture with the tiny plastic animals kills me!

  7. What’s going on with the comments? It says there are five, but I’m getting only two when I click.

  8. cheesybird says:

    Eeeeeee!!! Memebon!!! I had this little girl as wallpaper on both my desktop and my laptop for a while (now only the desktop). It was pic #9 on my laptop and pic #5 on my desktop.

  9. AHHHHH, the cutey baby! I think I still have some of those pics on my hard drive, especially the teeny tiny Tokyo stomping one. 😉

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh Cocktail Cup, complete with pink nubbular pawses to compliment the petite pursed pink mouth (notice the delicate paw motion to the lips, and the way kitteh holds the blue octopus — just too much on a Monday!!! )

  11. Erebella says:

    Stop, please, you’re keeeeling me! I am undone by the amazing eensy teensy delectable cuteness of that thing! Holy Roly Poly! The owners of that kitteh must have to constantly look away from it because it’s like the sun – looking at it too long would make them go blind!!!1!1!1!!

  12. Archibald says:

    But… What’s wrong with its face? Why are its eyes at the same level as its nose? I’m sorry folks, but I’m opting out of this kitten; it’s slightly too artificial for my tastes.

  13. Stephanie says:

    This kitteh just stole my soul!

    *falls down dead*

  14. (the original) Mel says:

    That’s IT. I can’t take it any more! I have to have a kitten.

  15. It is my humble and highly personal opinion that this particular breed of cat is quite ugly.

  16. that is precious-especially when she gets vocal-now if she would stay that size

  17. katiedid says:

    I member this baby.. and her big head too.. awwwww

  18. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    I checked out the website. I don’t know what they are selling, but I want it.

  19. totally worth a 2nd post. 🙂 Good job, Meg. *daintily pets memebon with 1 finger*

  20. scooterpants says:

    would love to see a picture of her and mommy together all grown up.
    SO adorables!
    I’ll bet they look (almost) identical.
    great choice for a second posting of “the japanese handing our ASSES to us once again” 🙂 ouch.

  21. cheesybird says:

    Archibald and Nina, I’m not generally enormously enamored of flat-faced kittehs either, (although the ones I know in real life end up getting baby-talked to just the same as every cat) but the unbelievable delicate, eensy-weensiness of Memebon just won my heart and sploded my brain.

  22. **SPLATTT**

  23. scooterpants says:

    MSCIAB- what website?
    i’m missing something?

  24. d block says:


  25. This kitteh pictures have made my day. My little boy pepper kitty has come down with a case of worms and I’ve been so sad… but these really brighten the day. Thanks adorable kitten!

  26. WickedWendy says:

    Thank you Meg….I needed that after a horrible weekend. Too cute! I could just gobble her all up!

  27. wafflecat says:

    Is it just me or does this kitteh look just like Betty Boop??

  28. N. Wisser says:


  29. Aesthetica says:

    since this is an old posting maybe this is a good place to post this: the mick jagger fish taken to the next level (though i always thought an angelina reference would also work with this feesh).


  30. Aesthetica says:

    okay i just regained consciousness after looking at these memebon (it should just be called “bon bon”, ’cause it’s such a prosh little bon bon of kitteh).

    i didn’t even know i was diabetic.

  31. OMG droopy-eyed kitteh FTW!

  32. *unable to post due to being Xpyrd frum QTE KAWAII overload*

  33. it looks as if a game of “got your nose” got a bit too serious for this kitty.

  34. Klappstuhl says:


    I don’t know why, but I just don’t like cats with flat faces.

  35. I bet it makes the tiniest of snuffling noises. PROSH

  36. is it me, or does she look polydactyl?

  37. Somehow, this cat looks like Russell Crowe. Something about the eyes.

  38. China's Mom says:

    OMG! I am now a puddle underneath my work chair!

    [Your typing skills are impressive, then… or was this dictation? – Ed.]

  39. :ahem:

    Just to toot my own horn, I did all the title tags (aka “hovertext”) on this classic. I was quite pleased with them at the time, too.

  40. fansmom says:

    Ahh, so that’s why the bitty-kitty quotes Nietzsche.

  41. Erebella says:

    Good job, Teho. I especially like the “hot sakitten” one.

  42. catablob says:

    No Jon, David Morse.

    The paw licking picture is the worst. Mercilessly cute.

  43. Jon & Catablob — I was actually thinking more along the lines of Betty Boop.

  44. To quote U2:

    it’s “Even better than the first time.”

  45. Teho, yes, I love the captions. But doesn’t a re-running of the post also perhaps demand some new rollover text as well? I mean, just to give yourself something to do…

    People who hate flat-faced kittehs need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and say “what if someone hated me for my face?” Then hit yourself with an iron for being so cold-hearted. Memebon is the shnick and we demand quarterly updates/reruns!

  46. I LOVE HER

    I am so jealous of this cat-family. Two exotic shorthairs and a scottish fold. It couldn’t be any cuter!

  47. Marie — I think you’re mixing some Sade’ in with your U2 there… it’s either “never as good as the first time” or “even better than the real thing”.


  48. BerthaServant — to quote Stephen Colbert:
    “You make the first one good enough, you don’t have to write another.”

  49. Melissa says:

    Looks like she’s been visiting Michael Jackson’s rhinoplastician.

  50. RevWaldo says:
  51. Hmmm…
    With it’s eyes down at nose-level, this animal more closely resembles Stewie Griffin than an adorable kitten.

  52. binky-mama says:

    I’d like to request this be posted on a monthly basis. First Monday of every month please. Thank you that is all.

    *melts into puddle*

  53. Seven Paws says:

    I don’t like flat faced cats either, as a rule, but the little fanned out paws just slay me.

  54. Paunchie says:

    I love the one where she’s with the little plastic animules! Look at her teeny legs!

    OVERLOAD with all these pics!

  55. this kitten killed me last time! i love memebon! she is adorables!

  56. *siiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Love.

  57. Oh!!!
    Look at the little face, and the eyes…..SHHHHH……sleepykitty-la!!!

  58. Lovely wee kitty…went to the website…..LOL I don’t read Japanese….still…I get the gist of the mum and dad!!!!!

  59. But the rerun gives us one of my all-time favourite hover-texts [fhovers?] I still chant in times of duress to encourage my troops \a la Braveheart:

    [sorry, really shd’ve whispered]

  60. R u fur reals? This kitteh is da’ cutest!

  61. WTF, teacup kitteh!

    And, a family of halloween kittehs?

  62. if there was video/audio of this kitten purring while sleeping it might be considered a WMD.

  63. The toes and claws on “MAAHHHM!” kill me.

    Calico cuteness!

  64. sunnymum says:

    Ya know, I do not care if the Japanese keep handing me my buns on a platter, just as long as they keep doing it. I could look at pics like li’l Meme here ALL DAY LONG! Kitteh looks so vulnerable that I think I like the pics where she’s with her mama the best. This little doll is just too much. MUST. SNORGLE. THE. PROSHNESS. NOW!

  65. zeldapie says:

    Memebon and the late Chmurka rank as THE CUTEST BEBEHS EVER!!!

  66. Betty Boop – perfect!

    I don’t hate flat-faced kitties – or any other animals – although I like ones with noses that stick out a bit more like my little boy’s (ok, ex-boy). That said, there is no denying this teeny kitty packs a powerful, possibly lethal dose of cute! So small, yet so potent!!

  67. The Cat Pimp says:

    I like my kittens with noses, please.

    These cuties were at the Oakland SPCA earlier this year, for example.


    Very prosh and silly.

  68. BeanSidhe says:

    World Peace Kitteh!!

    **pops Memebon into rack, slinks away**

  69. I sit corrected, Teho, you and Mr. Colbert are right as always. I’m an improviser so I’m always looking for teh new.

    [Oh, touché. So by this you imply that I’m not *original*, that all I have is my little Rolodex of quoteables? I see how it is… – Ed.]

  70. jennijoon says:

    day-um, MEG… i mean, WHAT THE? How is the mere human supposed to come through THAT and like.. function??? I don’t have any baby kittehs at home. What’s a girl supposed to do???? (and on that note, thank you sir may I have another?? (say in best Oliver voice))


  72. Hon Glad says:

    Galg, choke, eye bulge, gasp for breath. You do realise, it has taken since April, for me to recover from the previous posting.You have re-opened, a Pandora’s box of devastating cute, that can never be closed.

  73. Memebon and Mama… At least I *think* they are…


  74. Ooops! Let’s see if this time it works…


  75. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m so sorry but I have to disagree, I am not a fan of the squished-in-face such as Memebon and/or Winston. I’m sure I would love them if they were mine but in spite of their appearance.. not “because” of.. if you know what I mean.

  76. I want that kitteh!

  77. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I have to collect the pieces of my head, for it just exploded from EXTREME CUTE OVERLOAD!!!!!

  78. While it is very cute, it has to be disqualified from cutest kitten in the world because it is one of those unfortunate persians who has been bred to hardly have a nose and grow up with all sorts of nasal problems. I just hate that people have done this to persians.

  79. one word: WANT.

  80. Catluvr says:

    BEST ENCORE EVER!!! Memebon has been a regular part of my desktop for weeks now. Where can I order one Memebon for myself please?

  81. LOL! Theo – thanks! I knew something didn’t sound right! So funny! ;D

  82. catablob says:

    well, maybe ‘bitty boop.’

  83. Without a doubt…..ZEE CUTEST KITTAIN IN ZEE WORLD.

  84. claudia says:

    Oh yeah! I certainly DO remember widdle itty bitty kitty!! And little blue octopus as well 😉


  85. Holy freaking crap, that is the cutest thing EVER!!! The one where mom is licking her, or the one where mom is carrying her and she’s all “put me down”…I think I’ll just die of cuteness now.

  86. I think it’s pretty hideous, actually. It’s face is so smooshed that it looks like the eyes can almost look at each other. The mother cat is downright scary looking with her orange eyes.

  87. Betty Boop is right! LOL.

    I wonder how big she’s grown now…

  88. Gravyboat says:

    This piddy-tat has coined a new term…”smunchable”…whichis smoochy/munchable combo.

  89. cheesybird says:

    I think I have a new favorite Memebon image: the one with the blue octopus. I mean, the way she’s got all four tiny paws wrapped around it, and has it schmooshed up to her face… *plotz!*

    And yeah, Theo, yer hovertexts are still classics! I think “fearsome mutant Tokyo-stomping predator” is one of my fave hovertexts evah!

  90. OMG. So dead. And have you seen the parents (at least I think the ginger scottish fold is the dad) – they are so beautiful… pics here:

  91. CornedBee says:

    Can’t help it, but I think this kitten is incredibly ugly, not cute. Like a pug, it looks like it ran face-first into a wall.

  92. momof2kitties says:

    If Teho can repeat his hovertexts, which, by the way, are brilliant, then I can repeat my comments too.

    Oh. Em. Gee.

    It’s HRH Miss Mia, as a kittayn. I am immediately whisked back two and a half years to seeing her and her litter mates for the first time. Now you all know how she ended up coming home with me. Who could resist such potent qte? No one I tell you! No one!

  93. O.M.G. That has to be one of the cutest things I’ve EVER seen. EVER. I’m in love.

  94. I am more of a dog person but I must admit…that is one cute kittah!

  95. Katie Kat says:

    Okay, the first few pics I was like “Eh… sorta weird cute, but not really cute.” Then further down… the picture where the mama is licking little Meme and they look JUST ALIKE? The cuteness just came upon me and I was SQUEEEEE with delight and by the end I nearly *fainted*. OH NOES!

  96. Katie Kat says:

    P.S. One caveat… I do have to agree with the posters who don’t like the smushed face though. It’s so sad that Persian owners have overbred that trait to the point that it is dangerous and uncomfortable for the cat!

  97. Katie Kat says:

    P.P.S. OOOPS! I meant Persian BREEDERS, not owners. OKTHXBAI

  98. Say what you will about the breeders, but it sure looks the owner (and mother cat!) care very well for that little cutie. 🙂

  99. looks like a boy to me…

  100. Careful, cuteness like that can create a tear in the space-time continuum. Does anyone want to grab her and stick her in your mouf? (For safe keeping or something, obviously…..)

  101. catablob says:

    Corned bee, looking like
    a pug is a big plus!
    Maybe even another rule of teh cute.
    I propose Rule 5098:
    looks like a pug but isn’t one.

  102. chanpon says:

    This kitty is now one of my icons so I get to stare at Memebon every day. I <3 the picture of her and mom.

    *looks around for my kitties*
    [whispers] Definitely one of the cutest kitties I’ve ever seen [/whispers]

  103. Okay….so you have to punish us with this cuteness again?…How much torture are we supposed to take? Sugar toture is dangerous in high doses!

  104. Isn’t it bad to wash cats that small?

  105. Phoenix says:

    I’m sorry, but I think the kitten’s smushed face (as per her mother’s) is just… ugly.
    I like the regal, wild look of Bengals over the inbred look of these.

  106. I had to have someone jump start me after viewing that super cuteness … warn me time!

  107. lordofthedead says:

    Why do you keep posting this ugly, deformed kitten? No need to encourage the Japanese in their horrific pet breeding practices.

  108. lordofthedead :

    Uh since when is Persian-breeding the sole domain of the Japanese?

    If you don’t like Persians, fine. But, must you blur that into some pseudo-racist condemnation?

  109. Too small. Put it back with its mother and wait 2 weeks.

  110. HappyCat says:

    This is the adress of the owmner’s blog… enough pictures to make everyone happy!


  111. Daphne Moss says:

    Good to see such a tiny kitten survived, and it should be pointed out that it WAS with its mother.
    I’m also not a fan of flat-faced cats, and I see nothing cute about breeding animals that can’t breath to satisfy some manmade idea of cute.

  112. darkshines says:

    Not my sort of thing at all, poor thing looks deformed. I prefer squids, polar bears, guinea pigs and Winston.

  113. Ketsuekigata says:

    How is it possible that there exists such a hideous kitten? How did they make it so ugly?

  114. Not cute. Actually rather nauseating.

  115. This is the adress of the owmner’s site

  116. cheesybird says:

    @darkshines: You do realize that Winston has the same “deformity” as this little kitty, don’t you?

  117. It’s cute and disturbing at the same time, like a pug. D’awww.

  118. chanpon says:

    @EK – Umm..that IS its mother. *points to 4th and 6th photos*
    Mom and baby and owner (and other kitties) all live happily in kitty paradise.

  119. Julie L says:

    ugly ugly UGLEE.

    Please, just stop with the smashed-face kitties. Winston (gag!) is quite enough, TYFM.

  120. Aelfwyn says:

    SCARY mummy cat. I’d look terrified too if that picked me up – she has two Eyes of Sauron!
    But what a kitty. Ultimate Qte?

  121. catablob says:

    still struck by the cuteness every time I look. Such a dorky looking little fluffy thing. Gag! Gagged with cute!

  122. Every part of me died.

  123. McHamsterie says:

    Homely little thing. Looks like someone hurled it facefirst into a brick wall.

  124. sirPengi says:

    Not that it matters much, but it’s a BOY and HIS name is just “Meme”.

    (Memebon is the title of the book)

  125. DeuceMom says:

    Hi CO peeps! I know Japanese and I figured out a couple of things from her blog. Meme’s (pronounced May-may) mother is Goma, the pretty calico you see licking her. The buff Scottish Fold is Fuku and he’s not Meme’s dad as far as I can tell. I think her dad’s name is Ekizo and he’s another exotic shorthair. The owner first got Fuku, then Goma, then came Meme and her two littermates. I’m guessing the littermates went back to Goma’s breeder and they obviously kept Meme. There are videos in her blog of all three and they will make your head asplode. Meme is now about a year old and she loves to torment Fuku. I think she gets that from her mother, as there are lots of pictures of Goma bonking Fuku over the head. It’s funny how I know so much about a bunch of cats I have never met half a world away.

  126. oh! Sooooooo cute!!!!

  127. Wow, that is disgusting. I’m sure it’s sweet and all, but it looks deformed, like one of those tumor-like goldfishes. They almost make me feel sick just from looking at them (especially the adult). People go too far in breeding fashionable pets. Just breed nice pets that will enjoy our company. (If this creature was somehow spawned without intentional human intervention, well then nevermind).

  128. On the other hand, Shina, there are those who are ugly on the *inside*.
    I’m not talking about the kitten.

  129. Theo,

    Someone who thinks that animals should not be manipulated for unique appearances is ugly on the inside? Or is it just people who have different aesthetic preferences (which is all cute is) from you? If not that either, then who WERE you talking about?

  130. OK, let me put this another way: Lose the rudeness, or get lost.

  131. awwwwwww!
    thoses kittens are cuties!

  132. I think the kitten’s adorable.
    Ugly or not, it’s not the kitten’s fault, so being so mean is pointless =/

  133. Lauralu says:

    Awww, you posted this before, but it’s well worth the double post! I squeed all over the place again XD

  134. OMgosh!! that is so cute!!

  135. so awesomely cute!

  136. She’s adorable! she looks like a combination of a cat, a dog and a human baby!

  137. Zoey Hanson says:

    Its very cute.If that cat was on britains got talent,im sure it would come at least 3rd…..if this dissapoints you,sorry but it is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Eeeeeeeee!!! LOVE!!!!

    I have 4 little Persian kitties at home, they are all GORGEOUS! All with slight weirdnesses about their faces (especialy little Mumble, her jaw is all wonky) But this kitty is LUSH!!

    I think if you don’t like a certain breed of cat, or you don’t like THIS cat, then why comment? Why not go find something you DO like to comment?????