[Robot voice] HoverBun 2000™

[Robot voice] HoverBun 2000™: lift-off

HoverBun 2000™: floor buffing complete


HoverBun 2000™: has detected foreign matter


HoverBun 2000™: requests more eyeliner


Kristin M., does this model provide neck noms?



  1. Hmm… I wonder if I could get him to run around and dust my apartment…

  2. This bunny reminds me of my BFF’s bunny Patchouli, may she RIP.

    She was a pretty bunny, she was.

  3. A Hotot! I’ve wanted one of those for a long time now. That bunny is so cute and round, too!


  5. ashagato says:

    OMG she is such a cute bunny! i want one so badly!

    seriously: is it cruel to get a bunny if i already have two kitties?

  6. *grabby hands* I have plenty of eyeliner, Senor Hoverbun! I will do your eyes if you left me snorf you UP MAH NOSE and/or stuff you IN MAH MOUF.

  7. Erebella says:

    Wow, fluffy Peter Cottonbutt. What a little darling and with its dark pool eyes, it’s like something not of this world. I worship the celestial bunbun.

  8. Oh, the buns… THE BUNS!

    In my (fairly) urban apartment compound, we’ve got millions of evil (EVIL! I TELL YOU!) ground squirrels, but a month or so ago I saw an actual teeny little bunny on a sheltered patch of grass next to my building. Ever since, when I walk to my stairs in the late afternoon, I see an increasingly larger bunny watching me.

    I always wave and say “Hi, little bunny!”

    Bunny hasn’t waved back… YET. Kinda shy, I’m thinkin’.

  9. ashagato – bunnies and kittys can coexist and even be friends, but you would need to adopt an older bun about the same size as your cats, so they won’t see it as “prey”. A shelter or rescue organization could tell you which buns they have that would be more likely to get along with other pets.

    A have a friend with 2 cats and a large French Lop rabbit, and they are all the best of friends. One of the cats is afraid of storms and will cuddle with the bun for comfort.

  10. hoverbun i think i luff you. seriously. i do.

  11. J. Bo – Try tempting the Royal Floofball wif carrots. Floofballs <3 carrots.

  12. Nononononononono…heart…can’t…take…such…fluff… (clutches chest)

  13. ashagato says:

    Zski, you just made my longing 10 times worse with that image of the scared kitty cuddling with the bun ;P

    thanks! my heart hurts!

  14. EEE!!! Little wee wee Bun Bun!!!

    A kiss on that wee nose!!

  15. SillyGirl says:

    I want to marry Mr. Hoverbun. *dreamily scribbles Mrs. Hoverbun on her school folder* sigh….

  16. Am I the only one that thought of Mo? Especially with Meg’s awesome commentary.

  17. Kuu, I was just about to say that my first thought was “It’s M.O!” I love that movie. Cute Overload in robot form.

  18. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    That bun approaches lethal levels of cuteness. Wait. Did I say “approaches?” *splode* Too late.

  19. LMAO. Requests more eyeliner!! That’s the most adorable little hunnybun I’ve ever laid eyes on. Can I order a model via Amazon.com?

  20. Laurie C says:

    It’s a Roombun!

  21. perfecto!



    that is the cutest bunneh EVAH!!!


  24. BeanSidhe says:

    *walks in from painting the studio, looks at bun*


    i is ded from paint and cute. I’m leaving my 78 cents to whoever can dig it back out of the couch.

  25. gravyboat says:

    That bunny would lkook more at home with a luminescent halo behind it’s ears and an angel choir following it around while it cures cancer and gives quarters to UNICEF.

  26. The roundness! Thees canNOT be a real aminal! It’s a powderpuff with eyes (and eye liner).

  27. binky-mama says:

    Such an interesting combination of floofy round cuteness and Alice Cooper eye make-up! I love it! Does Target carry them?

  28. chanpon says:

    With all that kohl eyeliner, this bun must be Egyptian. *bows dow* I’m not worthy, Hoverbun.

  29. GAH! little ball of fluff!
    curse allergies for forbidding me from owning one of these mobile fluff balls!!!

  30. Space Cowgirl says:

    AAAAArrgh. He’s just the perfect size and fluffulence! And the eyes! *implodes*

  31. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s a cotton ball with eyes! Awwww…

  32. CathyDee says:

    Don’t be fooled by the fluffitude. That is the dreaded killer Rabbit of Caerbannog–with nasty, big, pointy teeth. The eyeliner is just meant to trick you into letting your guard down. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Now, go find thy Holy Hand Grenade to hurl at thy foe.

  33. Leilani says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I want a bun-bun like that!!!!

  34. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hoverbun…There must be a
    way you could get nations to stop wars…peace on earth with hoverbuns! It’s nice to be able to write to you tonight because it’s not a school night and I have more time. Your adoring friend, T. Puppy


  36. goodlookingelf says:

    I think other commentors are right, this bun could bring about World Peace, end hunger, cure cancer, and end all problems just with its extreme fluffy cuteness. It should be a law that all news channels must show this bun every 15 minutes.

  37. Candace says:

    Eeeee!! So round… so fluffy… so teeny.. so soft.. *splodes!****

  38. That’s not just weapons-grade cuteness. That needs to be regulated by the Geneva Convention.

  39. snoopysnake says:

    I luvs this bunneh—but it is Caturday. Where are the kittehs? The bunneh needs a little fluffy white kitteh to keep it company.

  40. Melissa H. says:

    Awww!! Such pink ears! I just did my nails that same color.

  41. Katie Kat says:

    OH NOES… Must to have deee tiny buns ears and egyptian eye capsules. MUST DEVOUR CUTENESS OR WILL….


  42. Nicolletta says:


    *keels over*

  43. Fluffbun is too cute to live. Seriously. How can something that cute exist in such an ugly world?

  44. Awwww!! It’s a Mini Bun Bun!!

  45. Theresa says:

    So compact!

  46. thequeenmum says:


    Gah!! What kind of bun is that and where can I get one?!

  47. Mr Possums Mama says:

    Seeing that bun next to a bike tire makes me nervous. I took my bike in for a spring tune-up this year and turns out it had a flat. They showed me the tire and it had a gouge – not just a small puncture. And I realized I’d stored the bike for a time in the livingroom where my bun had “access” to it…..

  48. She’s such a little cottonball!!! I’d be afraid to get her dirty!

  49. ::grabs bun and uses it to powder her nose::

  50. The bunnular fluffitude is….aaaggghhh…..*keels over in sugar coma*

  51. You can see why bunnies disapprove of everything – with themselves as the standard, how can anything else measure up?

  52. Y’know, I’ma take your advice, Lizzy, and try to tempt my neighbor bun with some carrots…

  53. can i chew on it? 🙂

  54. Christine H says:

    J.Bo, that story is adorable! I love the mental image of the bunny that’s just a little bit bigger each day.

    This baby bunnikins is also exceedingly adorable.

  55. Patty P says:

    We’ve had a bunny with cats and they get along great. The cats actually were intrigued and amused by the wabbit. Bunnies will use a cat litter pan amd are faster to train than cats. We put a few rabbit “pills” put in a clean pan of litter, put the bunneh in and he instantly “got it” and pottied, then used it from then on. One important note: You have to keep all sorts of wires, and seemingly bicycle tires, out of their reach. They nom, nom, nom on the medium soft rubber/vinyl stuff like that. No zapped bunnehs, please!

    I love this wittle furball!

  56. Maybe Ahmadinejad will give up his quest for nuclear weapons if we promise to give him this bun.

  57. That is one ridonkulous bun. <3

  58. Gail (the first one) says:

    Valiant little Hover-Bun, keeping the world free of dust, wanting only a snorgle in return. (and eyeliner-refresh as well)

  59. ZOMG it’s a tribble!

  60. ashagato says:

    walk like an Egypt-bun!

  61. Pand0ra says:

    too bad they never stay so small…. i was a bun that will be little like that forever…

  62. Bikes & bunnies! YAYZ!

    The bun reminds me of Eve from WALL-E.

  63. Hapi BUNday, everywan.

  64. curious says:

    Does anyone know what breed of bunny this is?

  65. It’s a dwarf hotot. http://www.adhrc.com/index.htm

  66. cheesybird says:


  67. How delicately adorable!

  68. This one just stole the so-cute-it-will-make-your-head-explode trophy from the last cute critter that had it.

  69. The photo reminds me of one of life’s great sadnesses.

    The bunny pictured is a Dwarf Hotot, which is correctly pronounced ‘oh-toe’. But, and I think every knows this deep in their hearts, the word *should* be pronounced ‘hoe-tot’ because that is much more adorable and makes bunny tot/tater tot comparisons possible.

    A shout out to our local hoe-tot Sara, who is recovering from a series of tummy infections and could use some good thoughts 🙂

  70. *womanfully resists urge to photoshop a big wide Joker smile onto teh little bun’s face*

  71. This little fella played that cleaning robot in “Wall-E,” by the way.

  72. Too Late says:

    It’s not a cleaning bun! It’s the original dust bunny! I can imagine a bunch of these floating from under the couch as I turn on my vaccuum. 🙂

  73. Second picture – the one that stabs me oh so softly in the heart.

  74. It’s a Dim Sum Bun!
    Just in an aesthetic sense, buns are for nomming, not for digesting, bien sur….

  75. Dear.Gods.

    This little bun is BEYOND CUTE. I just want to pop him in my mouth like a little dumpling. Bunling. Or use him to apply my face powder. Oh, Mr. Bun? You’re so much better than a kabuki brush. Really.

  76. Oh go ahead, SlythWolf. You know you want to.

  77. Emo Bunny could teach those poser rock stars how to do eyeliner. (yes YOU Gerald Way)

  78. Chelonianmobile says:

    Awww, it’s so teeny …

    Sadly I cannot have bunnies, because I already have ferrets and my sister is angling for a snake.

  79. If I ever get a bun, I want one exactly like that! <3

  80. Sorry, but that reminds me of this article from The Onion:


  81. Destructo-Poof 9000 says:

    That’s the cutest Cure fan ever!


  82. Oh sad is da wooooorld... says:

    Cwwaaaaawling in ma skiiiinnn……
    dis fuuuuuuzzzzy wiiill not heeaawwww….

    rofl *SPLORT*