Helping cure cancer, one kitteh at a time

[clomp clomp clomp auction hammer hitting auctioneer’s desk]

…and next item up for bid is your very own personalized posting on! Your pet photo and wish (such as "Happy Birthday, Sarah!) featured as a blog post on, on the day and time of your choice. Perfect for a pet-lover’s birthday present or for yourself— get your pet the fame it deserves!


Next to securing a family compound in Hawaii, curing cancer is one of our top priorities at Cute Overload. This auction is part of a fund raiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

To see other items up for bid, (such as an ICHC T-shirt!) visit the mini auction site.



  1. oaklandcat says:

    What an awesome idea. If I win, I will have it say BLEEN BLEEN BLEEN

  2. katerpie says:

    Yay for good deeds!! What an excellent way to put the power of teh qte to good use, guys. To the bidding!

  3. Pupluck says:

    Superb idea, I definitely want my pupster on CO hes a cutie pie.

  4. I’ll allow that, OaklandCat.

    THIS time.

  5. BananaHead says:

    OMG!! I LUV the idea!!! My cat, though, is SOO not photogenic….. *Lightbuld over head lights up* I can put a hat on him!!!! Come here, Rosco!!! (*Meow? MEOW!!!*)

  6. geeze, theo, who put a bleen in UR bonnet? jk.

    i will have it say “stop and eat the roses” with a picture of my bunneh, zeek, eating my tea roses.

    [*snicker* – Ed.]

  7. oaklandcat says:

    Happy Friday Teho! 🙂

  8. Oh yes indeedy.


  9. Crystal says:

    As a person living with a Myeloproliferative disorder (Blood Cancer) I’d like to give you all hugs for the support in finding a cure & a extra big hug for keeping a smile on my face with this wonderful website!
    Please consider becoming a bone marrow donor-I’m still waiting for my puuurfect match.

  10. Wow, it’s already over $100. Wish I had some spare cash to bid, but I just shelled out $8300 for a new HVAC system, so I’m a bit broke. 😦 Good job, though. 🙂

  11. Cricket says:

    Wow, 102 buckeroos already! WOOT! I lost my best friend to Leukemia just under a year ago. I think this is great, and I’ll be putting in my bid!

  12. Give give give!
    Like a baby….uh….

    (dang it, Meg is good)

  13. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Question for the auctioneer: does the prize include captioning, hovertext and humor content from Meg, Teho or NTMTOM?

  14. katerpie says:

    Bid bid bid
    Like a baby squid!

    Yes, berthaservant?

  15. Dexter — I’m assuming it’ll be a Meg-made dealie, but I’d be more than happy to help if asked, and I’m sure Other Mike would be too.

  16. …and squid is good, KaterPie.

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    Everyday I find a new reason to love this site!

  18. @Dexter:

    That depends, which person would you bid more for!? 😉

  19. Dexter Fishmore says:

    @ Meg: I love you all equally. I mostly just wanted to confirm that if I were to win, I wouldn’t have to pollute this fine site with my dry, humorless prose. (“Here’s a bunny. She likes hay. Umm… We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”)

  20. katiedid says:

    wow its over $200 now… If I hadnt just moved and had some spare cash.. I would so do that for my bird.. His hatch day is in Nov.

  21. @Dexter: I’m happy to pimp us ALL out for a cancer cure [walks to corner in lucite heels]

  22. There better be real goldfish in them platforms, baybee.

  23. …well, OK. Maybe not REAL goldfish.

  24. …and not a real green dress, that’s cruel

  25. scooterpants says:

    (whispers with cupped hands into Megs ear, ‘on tippee toes of course’, cuz she wearing those Lucite stripper heels)
    “imagine how much you could raise if you did this every Sunday for a month or a year, even…..”

  26. yankeebird says:

    Damn, peeps. When I last looked, maybe an hour ago, it was just over $200. Now it’s over $300. Way to go, and advance congrats to whoever the lucky winner is!

  27. BID



    Like a behbeh squid!

  28. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Let’s make it rain up in this beeyotch!

  29. [bemused]
    …um yeah, what he said.

  30. What a fabulous idea! I’d bid but a) I’m broke and; b) I don’t want to post a photo of Cipher (The World’s Most Amazing Cat Screw You if You Don’t Agree tm) because then you’d all be jealous.

  31. Oh YEAH, Decca??
    Let’s see some awesomesauce. Bring it.

  32. Here are just a couple of organizations that are working toward a cure without testing on teh Qte:

  33. What a great idea! I have bid 🙂

    I’d hog the whole of Christmas day, mwahahaha!!

  34. Ermine_Violin_hates_Typekey says:

    I just moved and just looked at our sad sad bank account… 😥 but I’ll keep watching. How COOL is this?!?1“`1111“~!!! (wow new computer desk makes my typing suck more than usual)

    I too have a Myeloproliferative disorder that sometimes kicks my butt. Luckily, mine is non-cancerous for the time being. Support those who are supporting this folks!

  35. and props to Teho for the $1Mil reference!

    [Thank you, thank you… now how about that “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” reference? – Ed.]

  36. BeanSidhe says:

    Would this be considered beneficial use of my stimulus rebate?

    Now all we need is a squid picture.

  37. Bean — here’s a San Fran squid:

  38. Wow, not only is it my birthday, but my name’s Sarah. :D. this made my day.

  39. scooterpants says:

    wow Theo, that one mondo lap-cat ya got there.

    $305.00, dang that’s great! but too rich for my (empty)pocket-book this month…shoot.

  40. Crystal – thanks for the website. I’ve always told myself to get off my butt and do this and it was great to have the link right in front of me. I searched the site for donor drives in my city and found out ours happened yesterday! But I’ll make sure I get this test done the next time I’m at my doctor’s office. The fabulous cat Biscuit, a victim of kitty bone cancer, would approve. Stupid cancer.

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    Bid bid bid
    Like a baybee squid –

    (OK, technically this is an octopuss, but ain’t he teh kyooot? )

  42. Ok, Theo, you have awesome. I don’t have a lot of Cipher pics. But I DO have lots of kitten photos. (I volunteer at the kitten nursery at the Peninsula Humane Society in the SF Bay Area.)

  43. Roisin (formerly KA9Q's wife) says:

    My adopted mom died of lymphoma. I miss her every day of my life. Thanks for doing this charity auction.

    Ok peeps bid bid bid

    To sweeten the deal I will match the donation in my mom’s name.

    if you care to see her obit.

    Scroll down to Jean Daub.
    and now a squid
    I did not make this thing up people it is a real animal.

  44. hrh.squeak says:


    My life is complete.

    I am ded.

  45. @Roisin – wow! I’m absolutely floored by your generosity! If you want to contact me about making a donation in your mother’s name, you can email me @ the address posted on the auction site

    And to everyone else, you are amazing! The auction is going wonderfully! \(^_^)/

    – Kristin (the auctioneer)

  46. I really like the “free shipping” that’s advertised with this lot. what a bonus!


  47. I wish I could show you This cute picture but I don’t own it. It could be the best new rule. Your front stopped and your back keeps going.

  48. BeanSidhe says:

    Go Roisin!
    That is a phenomenal way to remember and honor your mum.
    The piglet squid should be the official CO Auction Squid.

  49. snorglepuppeh says:
  50. Hubbard '06 says:

    Kristin, if anyone is awesomesauce, it’s you. Amazing work! <3

  51. Space Cowgirl says:

    As someone who works in oncology, bravissima and thank you.

  52. Jennifer says:

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society tests on animals, I am not sure how a site that loves animals so much would support a charity that tests on animals. There are many cancer charities that DO NOT test on animals.

  53. Here is a list of Cancer Charities that DO NOT test on animals…

  54. ashagato says:

    okay, i bid up to $600, and finally had to back down…but i really want to keep going!

    my awesome momma is battling cancer for the third time, and just had a mastectomy last month. i wanted to tell her how much i love her on CO…

    grea idea, meg!

  55. glenda, sf marathon team says:

    GO TEAM!

    great idea! I wish I thought of it.
    Best of luck, Kristen! And Meg, thanks for sponsoring her!

  56. Space Cowgirl says:

    The capacity for nuffage never ceases to amaze me.

  57. Truely great idea, but a)I’m pet less b)at over $600 can’t afford it. But this shows the power of the qte and Cancer research definitely getting a lot extra this year.

  58. Can we “nom” inate you for sainthood yet, Ms. Frost?

  59. ashagato says:

    @ Space Cowgirl

    did i miss something? who’s nuffing?

  60. Michele says:

    Wow, the bidding is over 600 now! Thats so great!
    The nuffer is named Jenny/Jennifer and she is informing the citizens of CO on animal testing

  61. Katrina says:

    Just a thought here- would it be an idea to have many,many people be able to do this for less money but more pictures? Might CO be able to raise more if, say, there is a special day on which one could have a picture put up and have a whole day of pictures sponsored by peeps?
    I don’t have anything near $600, but my $50 and Erbella’s $50 and Berthaservant’s $50 and ashagato’s $50 (and all 100 of the peeps that get listed), might be a nice thing to do- sponsor an entire day! People can team up and sponsor one photo for $10 each. Is that possible, maybe if you will be doing this again? Now, I can’t really speak for any of those other peeps, but the idea is sound, no? (insertsmileyfacehere).

  62. Katrina, that’s a great idea! Charity day on CO!

  63. Martha in Washington says:

    Katrina-That is a mahvelous idea! I can do $10 or $20 but not $300. So…can we, huh? Huh? Can we?

    BTW-Is that piglet squid FOR REAL? Can’t be!!

  64. But! It would have to be a picture of a chameleon!

    A KARMA Chameleon!

  65. What a great Idea Meg.

    A dear Friend of mine lost their baby to a combination adult and infant lukemia he was two when he succombed finally. He was a dear little boy.

  66. cheesybird says:

    This is totally teh awesome, Meg! More reasons to love CO! $600 is a little rich for my blood (no pun intended) plus I’m petless. But this post, plus Crystal’s comments have made me decide to sign up as a marrow donor. I had meant to do this years ago when a friend of mine was fighting Hodgkins, but I never ended up doing it. This was the prompt I need.

  67. ashagato says:

    i like katrina’s idea a lot, but i also think maybe it would be good to just have a way for people to donate easily to the cause, without the obligation for meg to post everyone’s pix, you know?

    what about a certain amount to put your pic into a drawing to be posted? and maybe draw once a week or something?

  68. ashagato says:

    and thanks, michelle. i missed it while lost in the bidding!