When You Wish Upon a Pod

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Borneo, where they filmed either Survivor or Gilligan’s Island, I always get those two mixed up, there was a Cuteologist named Maya A.  One fine day, as Maya was walking through a rainforest so mysterious and remote that it didn’t even have a Jamba Juice yet, she encountered one of the clever forest gremlins who disguised themselves as seed pods to avoid anthropologists and bill collectors.

No, I'm not Señor Wences.  I get that a lot.

Quick as a wink, Maya scooped him up.  "I will grant you three wishes," said the gremlin as he struggled, "but you must promise to release me, and give me a …


This is a close-up?!

"Whoa there, Spielberg — not that close.  Back it up a little."

Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.

"Yeah, that works.  Okay, back to the three wishes.  Naturally, there’s some fine print, so listen up:  First, no wishing for more wishes; I saw Aladdin too, smartypants, so don’t embarrass yourself.  Second, Pierce Brosnan’s married, so just deal with it.  And finally, if you wish for an iPhone, there’s a three-week wait plus an activation charge."

All rightie then, fellow cuteaholics — what would YOUR three wishes be?



  1. creepy

  2. Melissa D says:

    Oh my god, that is the cutest thing ever !

  3. Owlfetaher says:

    Well i’d say…hmmm….

    1. More cute
    2. More cute!
    3. More cute!!!

    That’s all I need in my life.

  4. cheesybird says:

    Is it just me or does that pod look like it’s made out of peanut brittle?

    Hmm… three wishes… Ok.

    1) World peace
    2) Good loving homes for all the kittehs and puppehs
    3) Peanut brittle. (No seriously. I could really go for some peanut brittle. That pod is making me hungry.)

  5. Very cute/weird

    and I don’t wnt to sound like a nuffer or anything, but Mike. I think you need to shorten your commentary on the pics you post.
    What makes Meg’s posts so clever is that she keeps her commentary short most of the time. Short and witty.
    While yours are just kinda too long-winded and the humor in it loses steam.

  6. Name this movie and identify the character (which totally matches this pod):

    – “Did you say hello?”
    “No, I said ello!”
    “Come in and have a spot of tea with the missus”

    *Hint, David Bowie had a large part in the movie.

  7. Ooh. I know! I know… Labyrinth! My first kitty was named after Sir Ditymous. ;D

    1. robust economy
    2. End to human and animal cruelty
    3. Everybody to just get along and play nice.

    Oh and NTMTOM, keep doing what you’re doing. 😀

  8. Katrina says:

    My three wishes: oh, heck, just have a really nice day, peeps. NTMTOM- keep on keepin’ on, dear.

  9. cheesybird says:

    LisaL, it’s true. That’s what makes *Meg’s* posts so clever. What makes NTMTOM’s posts clever is his storytelling style. What’s the point of having more than one person posting if they’re posting in exactly the same style?

  10. Laberynth- didn’t need the clue- a favorite- my daughter’s fave as well.

  11. 1. Whirled Peas
    2. Less Sax and Violins On TV
    3. More of the cute!

  12. Personally, I enjoy NTMTOM’s style, and Meg’s and Teo’s too. Plenty of room to share teh love.

  13. Wow, that is one personality-laden seed pod. A few twigs, a few leaves, and you have a doll that would work in a lot of country-style decor.

    And Lone? That’s the worm at the start of the Labyrinth. The one who helps Sarah realize that the path doesn’t just go straight and when tells Sarah not to go one way, and says (when she’s out of sight on the other path) that her initial way would have taken her directly to the castle. Him.

  14. Amanda M. says:

    AHHHHHH!!! That’s crazy.

  15. thelibrarianne says:

    First of all, NTMTOM=awesome, and so is that seed pod.

    But, for my 3 wishes:

    1. Jim from The Office is real. And he is mine.
    2. Free Chipotle burritos everyday!
    3. Puppies!

  16. bookmonstercats says:

    I love the contrast and balance between Meg’s posts and Other Mike’s, and Theo’s pithy comments when he be a’moderatin’. Keeps me comin’ back as much as teh qte. Keep it up, all of you. My 3 wishes – world peace, end to suffering and more qte.

  17. I like this posting style just fine. It’s witty and fun. In fact, I vastly prefer it to the illiterate LOLspeak that’s so garbled I can’t read it in some comments.

  18. DancingHorseLover says:

    Very cute! My wishes would be.
    1. We moe to the contry and I get a horse
    2. we go ice skating sometime soon
    3. we go swimming some time soon!

  19. hey……..MY 1ST WISH WAS ALREADY GRANTED…FINALLY I FIGURED OUT WHAT NTMTOM..MEANS !!!!..sorry live under a rock…2nd wish..ummmhmmmmm..ohhhhhh to keep reading posts that i can relate to so simular to my humor style from you wonderful people and pets… 3rd..live,laugh,love

  20. momof2kitties says:

    What the h**l is that thing?

    My wishes, if you please, sir…

    1) That Berthaservant gets his marmie and it brings peace amongst the other three kitties in his domain.

    2) Jobs for all who need them; Michigan’s economy is in the crapper, in case you hadn’t heard.

    3) More qte!

    Oh, and, NTMTOM? You just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. I, for one, love it!!

  21. LisaMarie — no worries, you’re more than free to fill in the blanks on your own. This week, for instance, I think it stands for New Times Mean Time Over Money. (my alarm clock is set to National Public Radio)

  22. 1. End of prejudice and Hate.
    2. End of hungar and poverty.
    3. A world where no child, woman, man, or animal is abused, used, or denigrated in anyway.

  23. Seriously, what is it!?

  24. love the long posts…and this thing is really cute! my wishes would be…

    1.End to human/animal cruelty
    2.Less nuffers/nuffing
    3.Buy the world a Pa-si-kie

  25. Somebody tell me what that thing IS!? I do find it a bit creepy… actually.

  26. Lerrinus says:

    I see pod people! 😉

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Can I say how relieved I am that that thing is vegetable and not animal. Eek!

    I couldn’t settle on three wishes, nor could I decide if I preferred to be funny or serious. So I’ll just ditto everyone else’s choices.

  28. 1) To eat anything I want and still have a bitchin’ bod;
    2) Homes for all the kittehs and puppehs in the world
    3) Met win the World Series.

  29. My wishes:
    1. my Best. Cat. Ever. would stop getting old

    2. the US economy would get fixed

    3. nuffers, with nuttin better to do than hurl up a hairball on other people’s fun, would just go away and find some other nuffers to hang around with. You folks could have your own little nuffers club and you could have meetings where no fun would be allowed.

    Yes, I’m talking to you.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    What is this thing?
    Looks like a pine cone with eyes.

  31. All: Here is the sender-inner’s description of the item, which may answer some questions:

    “I was trekking through Borneo recently and our guide showed us these round, strange yet adorable seeds from a rainforest plant. The locals call them gremlins, because they look like they have faces.”

  32. sorry. cranky today. bad sore throat. hot hot day.

  33. Where was this little guy when I was doing my Anthropology thesis??

    1) Homes for all the homeless pets
    2) A ranch out West so I can adopt a pack of puppehs
    3) Brett Favre to come to his bleening senses!

    (For what it’s worth, I love your style too, NTMTOM)

  34. NTMTOM- I think this posting is one of the funniest I’ve read in a while. The Jamba Juice part cracked me up.

    1. End to cruelty to all living beings.

    2. End to Global Warming (electric cars for everyone!)

    3. LOVING permanent homes for all the unwanted children and pets that live in shelters, foster homes, and on the streets.

  35. MichelleMarie says:

    Ah, so it IS a seed pod. You had me fooled.

    I’m not wishing on a seed pod. I’m not THAT foolish.

    /won’t get fooled again.

  36. Them are some serious eye capsules.

  37. My three wishes:
    1. To be able to talk to animals.
    2. A peaceful, loving world (I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…)
    3. That our pets had the same lifespan as us, so we could grow old together…which I guess would make it even harder when they passed away, but at the same time, at 80, you can say someone had a good long life, but at 10, not so much.

    Keep up the good work NTMTOM Selleck.

  38. Wordwitch says:

    1. To be in good health til the end of my days.

    2. To have ONLY intelligent, openminded, honest, capable, willing-to-do-what-it-takes people in our government.

    3. Just a bit more money than I need at all times.

  39. Reminds me of the Tootsie Roll Owl.

    Peace, Love , & Happiness!

  40. Reminds me of the Tootsie Roll Owl…
    Peace, Love, & Happiness for all.

  41. wagthedogma says:


  42. Kiragirl says:

    what tha??? what is that totally capsulated thing?

  43. Hon Glad says:

    To travel the World
    Have lots of babies
    and disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity.
    Whoops! sorry that’s when I was Miss World, or was it Universe, oh I dunno, who gives a crap.

  44. January says:

    Everyone wants to know the scientic name of the strange pinecone thing from the southern hemisphere!

  45. This is under Unusual *Animals*? I dunno, man.

  46. warrior rabbit says:

    I love your humor, NTMTOM. I’ve stated my preference before — Meg’s funny, but I looooove your amusing narratives. They make me laugh.

    The seed pod does look like an owl, Tee.

    Parkaaaaay, wagthedogma.

    Hmm. Three wishes.

    1. People would do what’s right and not what’s in their best interests. (I’m talking to you, elected representatives.)
    2. Birds didn’t live so long that you had to find caretakers for them when you die, and the surplus years shaved off could be re-allocated to the kitties and doggies and bunnehs, etc. that we love so dearly and that die way too soon. Nothing against birdies, really, I just find some inherent unfairness there in the longevity department. I’m sure all the bird lovers will hate me now, but it’s a thought I’ve often had. And I guess my solution is Communist aging plan. I didn’t say it made sense.
    3. I would like, personally, some motivation and discipline, as I seem to be having trouble with both. Especially where it relates to my ‘lumpular shape.’

  47. just me says:

    Daffy Duck hovertext on pic #3 FTW!

  48. Looks like a pine cone to me!

    My only wish:
    1. For people to understand the importance of truth, honesty, and faithfulness.

    But, if I had two other wishes:
    2. I would never have to worry about money again.
    3. For my family and friends to always be happy and healthy.

  49. Any more pictures of this cutie? I’d love to see the rest of his/her body.

  50. Gwen's human says:

    Three wishes…
    1. A home for every shelter critter.
    2. Mandatory CU break at work
    2. Alan Rickman in my kitchen
    yep, that should do it

  51. Alan Rickman cooks??

  52. AuntieMame says:

    “Alan Rickman cooks??”

    He can read the recipe. Aloud. *sigh*

  53. Hell, you want something read aloud, get James Earl Jones.

    I *scoff* at your puny recipes! Hawh hawh!

  54. @Just Me: DING! DING! DING! 😀

  55. @Teho: I find your lack of parsley *disturbing*.

  56. starling says:

    1. That peeps stop complaining about NTMTOM posts (seriously, you could just not read them).

    2. Whirled peas.

    3. I could do with a nice bag of Dutch fries right now (with mayo).

  57. I suspect Snape makes a mean goulash!

  58. Paunchie says:

    what the hay-ell is that???

  59. claudia says:

    geez louise, LisaL I wish I didn’t read that, but I did, so oh well. Everyone is a critic and I shall reserve my critique about yours.

    that’s a cute happy face in that seed pod thingy.

  60. mmm-that movie made me lust david bowie-strange i know-my wishes
    1: a hedgehog
    2: gas would stay at 2 dollars
    3. win the lottery so I can pay some bills off and help my friends and family as well

  61. Kiragirl says:

    gosh, wishes…

    – gas was not needed
    – people were not backstabbers and/or phonies
    – people would not keep animals cages (especially exotic birds that should be in the wild)
    – people would stop killing each other
    – sell my house
    – move to VT and ski all winter
    – be independently wealthy

  62. *ERGKK*

  63. cinderELLA says:

    Hmm… Wishes…..

    1: the ability to make a perfect bento box (those things are WICKED hard to make right.)

    2: a house in ireland (come on, peeps, the home of the leprechauns?)

    3: My very own OTTER, the cutest critter in the world.

    Thanks magic seed-pod thingie!!

  64. what in the world am i looking at?


  65. that thing is crazazy lookin’! i like it!

    3 wishes? huh…lemme see..

    1) unlimited 1st class plane tickets to anywhere i want, forever.

    2) all my favorite singers/bands playing my berfday in my backyard including Paul Weller, Tori Amos AND Stevie Nicks. how much fun would THAT be???

    3) a Starbucks store right next door to my home, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!

    man, that’s not too much to ask for? is it? i’m selfish. 🙂

  66. 1. A safe, loving, forever home for EVERY cat and kitten of EVERY species.
    2. Wurruld peace. PLEEZ.
    3. No more violence toward ANYONE. Period.

  67. 1. world balance (i think world peace is too much to wish for.
    2. one* meeeeeeelion dollars (perches pinky at corner of mouth)
    3. for that one boy to stop being so mean to me. 😦

    *or a hundred…

  68. Jamba Juice… *drools*

  69. plaidshirt pyrate says:

    NTMTOM — you missed the obvious response to the clueless nuffers who don’t like your style:

    “Gee, ain’t I a stinker?”

    That’s all folks!

    (PS: obviously, my wish would be to own *all* of the bestest Looney Tunes cartoons, in one epic, multi-hour, “I’ma watch cartoons til my eyes bleed” DVD set. But that’s how I roll….)

  70. SillyGirl says:

    I agree…creepy.

  71. AuntieMame says:

    I dunno. I think have James Earl Jones reading the recipes would be too intimidating. I’m kinda scared of the kitchen anyway…

  72. SillyGirl says:

    it’s giving me goosebumps on my head.

  73. Katrina says:

    Well, color me ignorant- who is Alan Rickman, please and what is his claim to fame? Does he do his own dishes?
    I learn about so much ‘stuff’ on CO.

  74. Mary (the first) and a fan of NTMTOM posts too says:

    I thought that was some kind of critter, good to know it’s a seed of some kind.
    My 3 wishes:
    (1) no person or animal on earth is hungry or cold (unsheltered or whatever)
    (2) end to global warming
    (3) unlimited personal access to David Cook (yes I said it) because I think if we had #1 and 2, world peace would probably take care of itself so I’m going to use my #3 on David. Yep.

  75. Mary (the first) and a fan of NTMTOM posts too says:

    omg Katrina, just saw your comment. Alan Rickman is a British actor.. the Princess Bride, “And cancel Christmas!!” Definitely yummy.

  76. wishes

    – a job with a lot of money for C so we can go ahead and plan the wedding and get started on life.

    – a new townhouse with a hello kitty kitchen

    – for all of the stress and health problems to be gone

  77. starling says:

    Alan Rickman is in Princess Bride? I know him from Galaxy Quest, Die Hard, Snowcake, Harry Potter, Love, Actually, Blow Dry, Dogma, Mesmer, Sense and Sensibility, Sweeney Todd and Rasputin, but not from Princess Bride.

  78. starling says:

    Oh, and Robin Hood, of course.

  79. Rebecca says:

    HOLY!!! That’s very….. uh…. scary. What the heck is it?

  80. This totally looked like a Henson creature to me…my first thought was Dark Crystal, but you guys are right, it’s more of a Labyrinth thing.

    BTW, ty momof2kitties, your wish made my day. I promise when we get a new kittie everyone will know.

    Meanwhile, my three wishes, which always have to do with money, superpowers, and romance:

    1) the power to redistribute wealth from oil speculators to institutions that support the arts and education

    2) the ability to heal with my hands

    3) a weekend cruise with Mary Louise Parker, Kristin Chenoweth, or Natalie Portman.

  81. I met Alan Rickman backstage in London (I’d gone to see a play of his) and it was very, very hard to not (a) drool (b) throw myself at him, or (c) sound like a blithering idiot.. Mmmm, Alan Rickman …

    My three wishes are pretty boring: world peace, enough money so I’d never have to work again and could go ’round the world doing charitable acts, and that ice cream had no calories. Y’know, simple things like that.

  82. Mary (the first) says:

    Starling, you are correct, sorry. It was Robin Hood, not Princess Bride where he “cancelled Christmas.”

  83. starling says:

    I met him backstage too, Abby (he was in Private Lives at the time), and I did manage to sound like a blithering idiot. Boohoo.

  84. Gosh, I was going to agree with Jenn – world peace and all, but then I saw Kris’s wishes and I thought YES, I want to be able to talk to animals. But Alan Rickman.. well, I guess that’s three wishes!

    I study plants but I don’t know anything about Borneo. I asked my colleagues here (I work at a botanical garden – pretty pleasant workplace!)and some think it’s a member of the Proteaceae family, which is all southern hemisphere and often has very weird seed pods. But we’re not convinced. We’re still looking into it…

  85. Pearl Ostroff says:

    What are whirled peas?

  86. I LURRRVVE you, NotThatMike.

    And I LURRRVVVE the Señor Wenses remark! Hys-******g-terical!

    This thing looks like that cat-poop coffee.


  87. Ewwwwww! I find this “creature” to be really creepy. This is one of those things that really gives me the heeby-jeebies, for lack of a better way to describe my feelings. I think this should be in the category “Cute or gross”.

  88. Pearl — you have to *say* it, when you wish for it.

  89. Theresa says:
  90. Theresa says:

    PS Rickman wouldn’t care if you sounded like a blithering idiot, which would only make me sound *more* like a blithering idiot. He is one of the nicest men in show business.

  91. SillyGirl says:

    oh, and NTMTOM, I think your writing is hilarious and clever. Don’t change a thing.

  92. Catsquatch says:

    FINALLY! A cute PLANT!


  93. Catsquatch says:

    Oh! I get 3 wishes?
    Cool man!

    1. Mankind stops procreating beyond the planets ability to sustain them.

    2. Mankind farms everything they eat instead of hunting, fishing, poaching, etc. and protects all wildlife.

    3. Mankind becomes efficient, recycles everything they make and stops putting trash into landfills, uses clean energy and stops making wars for oil, replaces glacial areas with white tumbled glass and stops emmission of substances that are harmful to the planet.

    I dont ask for much.


  94. Catsquatch, I think you broke the wish giver with your requests!!!!

  95. I think yer doubling up on yer wishes there, CS. At LEAST doubling.

  96. Whirled peas = World peace

  97. I think yer doubling up on yer wishes there, CS. At LEAST doubling.

  98. Whirled peas = World peace

  99. D’OH!!


  100. Starling, the show I went to see was also Private Lives, so who knows, our paths may have crossed before …

    (Theresa, thank you soooo much for the video clip. My co-workers must have wondered what the gurgling coming from my booth was all about. I’ve revised my wish about ice cream and instead wish for Alan Rickman to follow me around, reading sonnets out loud!)

  101. My wishes? ..

    1. Complete and lasting healing of our planet and everything/everybody on it

    2. Our lives all filled to overflowing with real love (not lust, but real love).

    3. All the money I could ever need cuz I’m tired of being po’

  102. Y’all need to stop talking about Alan Rickman. I’m getting too distracted.

  103. chanpon says:

    Um..WTF am I looking at? Reminds me of Attack of the Mushroom People.

  104. Dear God, you’re RIGHT!!


  105. fish eye no miko says:

    just me said: “Daffy Duck hovertext on pic #3 FTW!”

    And on #2, with “This is a close-up?”

    Alan Rickman is not in the Princess Bride, sorry.

    And LisaL, you’re not the only person who finds NTMTOM’s comments a bit too long.

  106. Ohhhhhhh do I have a post planned for YOUR attention span, FENM.
    Yes indeedy I do.

    [evil, wicked, bone-chilling grin of utter moral bankruptcy]

  107. 1. Keanu Reeves
    2. Salma Hayek
    3. Me in the middle.

  108. What, like on a subway?? WISH GRANTER NEEDS DETAILS!

  109. [ahem]

    Excuse me.

  110. Lol…. I find it hilarious when ppl want to attack someone for having a negative opinion.. even though mine really isn’t even that bad. Just sorta a meh.. thing.
    Anyway…. Just my opinion folks, move along.
    And no.. I usually don’t end up reading what Mike types out *shrugs* I can still enjoy the cute pics though.

  111. Kiragirl says:

    Pay no attention to the wish granter behind the curtain.

    [go, Toto, go get em]

  112. Noelegy says:

    I would wish for…

    (1) Empathy and conscience for those persons lacking those qualities. That would end much of the meanness and shenanigans in the world.

    (2) Not to have to worry about money. Not necessarily stinking rich, just comfortable and without worries in that regard.

    (3) That no animal ever be abused or neglected again, and that humans learn with love and compassion and stewardship to keep the animal population in check by spaying and neutering.

  113. Mike, I love your texts! They’re silly and they lighten my mood and brighten my day. It’s fun to have a mix of styles. Keep up the great work, all y’all!

  114. i LIKE ntmtom’s comments, or i skip over. and unlike some ppl, i don’t assume everyone shares my preferences so i don’t give orders either way (usually. i have my days lol)

  115. Jamba Juice! mmmmmm. Did I miss puddin as a wish from anyone%Pr

  116. 1. Red Pandas and/or Scottish Folds for all.
    2. Harrison Ford in my kitchen reading recipes or anything really. Aloud.
    3. The Braves have a better second half.

    NTMTOM love your posts!

  117. 1.2 b 16
    2. I’ll take the iPhone
    3. Big 8008s

  118. Gail (the first one) says:

    This little pod-ette is cute!

    My wish would be for enough money to help out my family and friends and to make sure my 4-legged kids are taken care of should they outlive me!! And maybe enough to have a charitable foundation, too…making sure other single people’s animals are taken care of….

    And, I like your style, NTMTOM!! “Don’t go changin’…..”

  119. Paunchie says:

    Isn’t it funneh we were all willing to believe it was some strange creature we never have seen before?!?

  120. fish eye no miko says:

    Theo: “Ohhhhhhh do I have a post planned for YOUR attention span, FENM.”

    Yes, because I don’t wanna read paragraphs of text on that’s supposed to be a cute pictures Site, I clearly have a short attention span.

    God forbid anyone even politely express a slightly negative opinion on this Site.

    [OK OK, jeez, I thought maybe you could take a little ribbing, you’ve been here long enough; I’ll play with somebody else… – Ed.]

  121. My three wishes would be:

    1. That my sister would no longer have colon cancer

    2. That my puppy would figure out that she needs to go to the bathroom when she goes outside and not take forever to do so

    3. That we would have another candidate for president that make do something to correct the last 8 years

  122. also I love NTMTOM’s writings too

  123. good grief that thing is freakin me out! there’s some old muppets that freak me out in the same way, it’s the empty eye thing. heebeejeebees

  124. BeanSidhe says:

    1. For everyone I care about (including the CO peeps!) to have a long and happy life with no more mean people.

    2. A day to hang out with Ian McKellen (yeah, world’s greatest Hag crush)

    3. Chris Barrie. (my If Tony Was Dead list is pretty bizarre. Alan Rickman is also on there, as is Viggo Mortensen, the Phelps twins, and young Kirk Douglas)

  125. CathyDee says:

    After reading Kris’ wishes, I have an earworm, courtesy of the late, great Gilda Radner:

    “The animals, the animals, let’s talk dirty to the animals . . . .”

    Not that I’m advocating such a thing, mind you. Would not be cute.

  126. ~very~ cool 🙂

    and for the record, i love mike’s posting style! easily my favorite.

    1. a healthy environment
    2. a healthy economy
    3. affordable, reliable and effective health care for all. human and non.

  127. Dogbreath says:

    I, too, love NTMTOM. Sweetie, don’t change a thing.


    1. Whirled peas. No, not that kind, the other kind.

    2. Joyful consciousness for everyone.

    3. The oldie but goodie (seriously): peace on earth, good will towards all.

  128. 1) World peace, nonviolently obtained and permanent.

    2) An immortal hamster or two.

    3) Enough food and shelter for everybody in the world who needs it. :3

  129. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Cute? Looks like naked Furbies from hell to me!

  130. I’m so happy you posted my pic! This made my day 🙂 I love the captioning too. Thank you Mike.

  131. LOL! It looks like something out of ET/Pan’s Labyrinth.

  132. Okay.

    So I have this weird phobia, which is no less powerful than the aversion and gross-out factor that some people have to snakes and spiders and vomit and death and other gross things.

    None of those things bother me, but holy crap, what I call “Unacceptable Configuration of Holes” makes me want to chew the skin on the inside of my mouth and faint.

    Natural sponges, honeycombs, wiffle balls, even cheese graters with large, round holes, and especially seed-pods qualify as “Unacceptable Configurations of Holes.”

    I have never had such heebie jeebies on CO in all my days.

  133. Aahh! Pod of doo- cute? Yep, def. cute. Wishes? Economic balance throughout the world, peace and non-violence for the whole world, including animals… and I’ll take that iPhone! It just came out here! (Japan)

  134. starling says:

    I feel the urge to write a fairytale about this creature. Something like “How Mike met the Wishing Goblin of Miri and how he lost all his Wishes” (but how he was happee in the end anyways).

  135. starling says:

    “Lol…. I find it hilarious when ppl want to attack someone for having a negative opinion…”

    Look, it’s like this:

    Mike is here to stay. A lot of people like Mike’s contributions. Making negative comments about his contributions is just that: making negative comments. It will not achieve anything, except to annoy people. So what’s the point?

  136. First off, is that a real creature or a joke?? I really cannot tell!

    3 Wishes…mmmm
    1.Stop the hype about Global warming..it doesn’t exist except in the liberal media
    2.Stop Islamic terrorism
    3.Please get rid of Peta and replace them will responsible Animal Help groups!


  137. bookmonstercats says:

    @Gwen’s human, that’s a very modest wish; Alan Rickman ONLY in your kitchen?

    @Theo, yep, Alan Rickman COOKS (shifty eyes)

    Ends Alan Rickman post and lies down with wet cloth over eyes…

  138. momof2kitties says:

    If we’re going to have people reading aloud in our kitchens, then I vote for Maya Angelou. This woman’s voice is like straight from heaven. I would listen to her read anything.

    Oh, and, I’m not so into Alan Rickman, but if Harrison Ford wanted to come over and do some handy man work for me that would be a different story altogether. Preferably naked. Or at least shirtless. Oh my, I think I have just given myself the vapors! I must go lie down for awhile!

  139. Been very happily married for 20 years now, know the fella for 35 years, and yet….I think about bringin’ a ringer into the kitchen once in a while.

    Who in my fantasy kitchen now? President Bush, so I can tell him quietly to his face, with no question, how he has ruined the last eight years of our country’s life. I would be sincere and offer him a drink of water. No pa-sickie, no pudding, just plain truth for him to chew on.
    By the way the Earth has been getting warmer since my girlhood in the 50’s,-whether you call it Global Warming or not, we get less snow, fewer very cold days and the plants have adapted a new growth cycle in my gardens. So, well, come to my kitchen, why don’tcha, whatever your name is? Theo, fellow peeps, I’m so sorry to be so cross, but the truth is the truth.

  140. darkshines says:

    Pop a Poppler in your mouth when you come to Fishy Joe’s,
    What they’re made of is a mystery, where they come from no-one knows,
    You can lick em you can stick em,
    You can roll em, you can flick em,
    If you promise not to sue us you can stick one up your nose!

    Caca!…….We’re going to have to censor that….

  141. CathyDee says:

    Can I help with your kitchen fantasy? I have a few things I’d like to mention as well.

  142. 1. For people like Devon to please pull their heads out of their Republican asses before it is too late to stop a global disaster of our own making.
    2. Stop all terrorism and end all wars.
    3. A pasickie.

  143. I’m pretty sure you get wish-disqualified if you act like a douchebag.

  144. Awww I want a lil gremlin! Three wishes…hmm..
    1.) Of course, stop cruelty of any kind (which in my opinion would make everyone happy mostly)
    2.) Live in IRELAND!
    3.) Have me, my fiance, and my Sully, the best little cat ever, never get old 🙂 soooo we can always be together! 🙂

    Oh, and btw, I love NTMTOM’s posts. And Theo’s. And Meg’s. Without them, we’d all have to google cute everday!!

  145. Damn. Well, do I at least get the pasickie?

  146. BeanSidhe: Viggo Mortensen is one of MY three wishes too! I think the other two are Chris Eccleston and Johnny Depp. 🙂

  147. Laura —
    1) What’s this, a Ranger, caught off his guard?
    2) “Lots of places have a North!”
    3) *snip*

  148. Har! Excellent pasickie shot.

  149. @Theo, if you find a recipe for catnip popsicles, you MUST tell me.
    MY CAT WOULD LOVE THAT! 🙂 He loves ice cream/popsicles. He stands up on his back legs when someone has one, soooo qte

  150. That’s the PROTO-pahsikee, even.

  151. Kali — my recipe’s really easy: mix equal parts of this…

    …and this:

  152. (more seriously, though, you’d probably only have to pour catnip tea into an ice-cube tray, with some of those little wooden coffee stirs added as pa-si-ke sticks, freeze, et voila)

  153. Haha, thanks for the advice! Sullivan James thanks you too (my cat). Maybe we’ll try it out sometime. Er, the second recipe though. I’m no good with photo editing 🙂

  154. just skip the sugar — cats don’t need it

  155. Man, some of you have some pretty heavy wishes! Would it be okay if I just wished for silly things like

    1. More hours in the day so I could sleep AND stay up all night photoshopping and surfing C.O

    2. For CBS to bring back JAG so that I can lust over David James Elliot in a navy uniform some more

    3. For that creepy pine cone to stop staring at me like that?

    Theo, yeah, the douchebag wishes are granted by that OTHER guy..you know, DOWN THERE….

  156. Also, NPR? Really? Isn’t an alarm clock supposed to wake you up?

    (/me is late to the game, as usual)

  157. yankeebird says:

    Hey, I didn’t know we could say douchebag on CO.

    I feel good now – I’ve accomplished my learning for the day, and it’s not even noon.

  158. douchebag, douchebag, douchebag.

    Feels good, don’t it?

  159. Katrina says:

    Theo- what is this behavior of which you speak, please?
    Have I displayed it?

    Devon, dear, I would like sit down with you and the pod fairy from the woods (forest) and explain things, too.

    Theo, if this were only more interactive, but alas, if I misstepped, my apologies. Did I get too buzz-kill-y? I’m sorry.

    CathyDee- you are as welcome as the flowers in Spring, I’ll save you the wooden chair around my kitchen table that doesn’t squeak!

  160. No worries, Katrina… now if you don’t mind, I’m busy causing trouble…

  161. Mary (the first) says:

    lol I love reading comments that run the gamut from “pasickie” to “Alan Rickman” and on to “douchebag”. All on the same topic .. supposedly. Cracks me up!!

  162. Hon Glad says:

    I think, that, some have a problem with, -not that Mikes- writing in that much of the humour is very subtle and unobvious. Yes he started off a little verbose, I mean he is a logohorreic, after all, have some sympathy.But I would say he is reigning it in and becoming funnier in the process.

    My only wish,( and she did snuff it a long time ago) is to have The Honourable Gladys Anstruther back. I have two beautiful Boy tuxes, but she will always be the best… sorry tearing up can’t see key board.

  163. SillyGirl says:

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I have the same thing!!! weird holes give me goosebumps all over…even my head! We must have been seperated at birth!!

  164. Gillie:

    Me too! I get positively queasy looking at this thing. I am so glad others have this condition. I couldn’t touch pages on which there were images of cells, sponges, or other things with holes/hole shapes on them. They make me sick to my stomach!


  165. Plus the little face looks evil and belongs in a Guillermo del Toro film as some kind of minor demon.

  166. BeanSidhe says:

    Perhaps it will end up in “The Hobbit”.

    along with Sir Ian… sigh…
    am I the only woman who wants Ian McKellen as her GBF?

  167. BeanSidhe says:

    and Laura… have you seen Viggo in “A History of Violence”? Wubbas.

  168. I found a welcome kitchen visitor- the guy who plays “Ronan” in Stargate Atlantis.

    I wonder if he does dishes.

    Now, Viggo M., there’s a smorgesbord-oh what am I saying??????

  169. 1. For all of Izzy’s wishes to come true.
    2. For all of Catsquatch’s wishes to come true.
    3. Which should leave me free to wish for something shallow, like wicked abs. 🙂

  170. Oh, and this thing freaks me out too–totally reminds me of that movie Demon Seed with Julie Christie! *shudders*

  171. toad.
    why is the person strangling it.
    unresolved issues?

    therapy. leave the toad alone………unless you are into that…….yer on yer own!!!!

  172. Hey “A”.

    It’s a pine cone.

  173. Kathleen says:

    a worldwide reverence for books and knowledge.

    an end to violence that harms people, and and end to the suffering of animals

    a lifetime supply of cookies, heavy on the samoas and fudgestripes, with a side of Jamba Juice in ever changing flavors, left daily on my doorstep at 7am.

    life, and breakfast, would NEVER have been better.

    xxoo world


  174. claudia says:

    Viggo… *sigh*

    Yeah but that is daydream stuff lol.

    But oh, for wishes to come true.

  175. Sillygirl and Shaz:

    The hole thing is called Trypophobia.

    There are TONS of us out there. 🙂 We’re not alone in our weird hole phobia.

  176. Superman has Kryptonite;
    Trypophobes have wiffleballs?

  177. I really like Jenns
    “1. End of prejudice and Hate.
    2. End of hungar and poverty.
    3. A world where no child, woman, man, or animal is abused, used, or denigrated in anyway.”OH and i hhavae some wicked cute new pics of my sisters hampster!!! if any one wants to see her just email me at sami912912@yahoo.com

  178. TO SHAZZ!!!!! OMG I LOVE GDT!!!! HE IS LIKE THE WORLDS BEST DIRECTOR!!!!! I sporkin looooove hellboy 1 and 2!!

  179. Noelegy says:

    Gillie, have you seen the infamous (Photoshopped) lotus seed pod/breast image? That one literally left me unable to sleep the night after I saw it; I could not un-see it. I knew it was fake, because I read about it on Snopes. If you haven’t seen it, please don’t go looking for it. It will give you the flibberty-gibbets.

  180. Noelegy says:

    Whoops, I meant to say I knew it was fake, and it still made my brain crawl.

  181. Gillie, Sillygirl and Shaz,

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I can’t stand a random, close configuration of holes! A bunch of ants all swarming around on the sidewalk gives me the same feeling. This “creature” is the same.

    I guess I don’t have it as bad as some, since I can handle sponges, crumpets, english muffins, beehives and such. But queasy and skin crawling is a good way to describe the effect of random holes, bug holes and ants together. I never quite get into a panic.

  182. Shaz (former Shaz2) says:

    Gillie, thank you! Noelegy, I WISH I had seen your message before I looked for trypophobia…

    Ugh. I googled for it, and indeed, came upon a lotus seed pod, along with some very disgusting photos of that urban legend thing that I cannot now even talk about here, but I am nauseated and itchy now, and furious, and if I ever meet the person who made that photoshop photo, I will leap up beyond my 5′ height and kick him (or her) in the teeth. URGH. Want to join the club of people who will beat that person up?

    I am about to toss my cookies.

    The worst thing is these images are so grotesquely queasy making that if one has the misfortune to come upon one, one can’t stop staring even as one wants to itch and run… So the seed pod was strangely fascinating. I kept thinking I would get over it, but I didn’t.

    But I can handle some things, like beehives, etc. But I had better stop thinking about this, or I will be able to handle less.

    Time for a bourbon…

    But, yes, Sami, Guillermo del Toro is fantastic. I just saw Hellboy 2. And yes, I am a girl. Girls like kung fu and comic strips too. (Some, anyway…)

  183. Sorry, that was so long. I got a bit worked up. Apologies.

  184. this is so disgusting looking. I hate it!

  185. BeanSidhe says:

    “Girls like kung fu and comic strips too. (Some, anyway…)”

    Two words.
    Makoto Nagano.

    That is all.

  186. Noelegy says:

    Shaz, I AM sorry! I know exactly what you mean about your reaction to the photo. Definitely do NOT look up the Surinam toad. It will have the same effect.

    After I read the replies on this thread, I looked up “trypophobia” and some of the images that trypophobics find disturbing, and I found that the only ones that bug me are the lotus pod and the Surinam toad. So I think my particular bugaboo isn’t groups of irregular holes; it’s holes with things IN them.

  187. Noelegy, yea… actually, I came across the toad, and after that other image that I shall not name, even the toad and the pod by itself were not that awful, though they did bother me. Yes, it’s irregular holes with things in them that are the worst, but putting them in the WRONG place, that’s just sick. A lot of things people find awful I find just a bit off… but another one that does bother me is cells, clusters of cells. Though again, nothing as bad as these…

    Anyway, I was sick to my stomach all evening, skin crawling, itchy, and yes, couldn’t sleep till 3, and the image is impossible to “unsee” as you said, and even today, I am a little itchy and nauseated, but better. Yesterday was bad. Sigh. But at least I am not crazy — or at least, not alone in my craziness. 🙂 ANd I tried to desensitize myself to it, but oh well… I think it’ll just take some time to get over it completely. Never looking at it again. Ever.

    Oof. 🙂 Well, at least there are hamsters and such to distract oneself with… and cats in boxes.

  188. Katrina says:

    Dear Shaz I hope you are feeling better. I know how incapacitating that can be- have faith and know that your CO peeps are sending fuzzy, snorgley things that make you happy.

  189. climbergal says:

    Another long-time trypohphobe here. All three of my wishes are to have never ever seen this ghastly horror. It’s like barnacles or a lotus seed pod. GAH! It makes me want to crawl right out of my skin.

  190. is it a real animal??? Or is it just a pine cone?

  191. I don’t know if it’s *exactly* a pine cone, but it is some kind of seed pod, yes. It can’t speak, not really.