He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Bunneh

This little grey bun’s Ma perished just a week after it was born.

Thankfully, this Marmalade Matron cat-dopted the bun as her own.

Get a load of the total money shot still too. Redoooonk! [singsong voice]


Jess K., I’m picking you up by the scruff of the neck if you don’t get back in the box.



  1. CoffeeCup says:

    cute but there are health concerns…like is cat milk okay for a bunneh?

  2. mama kitty’s gonna wonder why one of her babies isn’t making any biscuits

  3. Aw!

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Heavens to Murgatroid! It’s a cabbit! Aww, too bleening cute.
    Snaggle Puss exited stage right.

  5. cheesybird says:

    You think Bubbles is gonna grow up thinking she’s a kitteh?

  6. What a good mama kitteh.

  7. Hey I love this site and the pic is so awesome. Lov you

  8. That really does sum it up…AWWWWWWWWWWWW.
    (melts into goo)

  9. scooterpants says:

    my hed just completely sploded all opver my computer screen.
    this is just too much.

  10. SillyGirl says:

    omg, this literally brought tears to my eyes!

  11. I love stories where a different species of animal adopts another…supah cute!

  12. ElsieDee says:

    CoffeeCup – The cat’s milk should be fine for the wee bunbun; when we care for orphaned bunnikins, we feed them a mixture of KMR (kitten milk replacer), heavy cream, and acidophilus. But in the future I’ll seriously consider finding a marmie mum to foster!

  13. DaytimeDeb says:

    This is adorable. And Mama picking up the bunny to bring her back to the box… awwww.

    Mama is all “I shall leeeeck you until you smell like all my other kittehs. Why don’t you smell like my other kittehs?”

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mommie Kitty + Bebeh Bunneh = Trooo Luv.
    What a great vid.

  15. Theresa says:

    Behold the awesomeness of marmie cats, bebeh bunnies, and jazz guitar!

  16. MoonCatty says:

    You’re playing with fire here!

    Don’t you realize the positively lethal combination that results from putting adorable fluffy kitten right next to precious velvety bunneh?

    Well… yeah… why not just mix some cute oily rags and pretty lighted candles, huh?!!… How ’bout that?!!! Sheesh.

    I tell you that kitten-bunneh combo is dangerous to any human head who views it. The odds are practically 100% that your….


  17. EGADS! Now THAT was cute! And lol @ “The Money Shot”

  18. Jimbeaux says:

    Oh Em Gee!


    *head asplode*!

  19. Dang it!! My head was about to explode from a sinus headache, but I got it under control. Then I got a look at the sweet little bunbun and his adopted mama, and dang if my head DIDN’T ‘splode!!! This time from all the cuteness, though.

  20. That is sweet. There has been a lot of interspecies snorgling lately. I think this is a good sign. Now if we humans could just get along…

  21. Paunchie says:

    I wondered about the milk too, especially cos kittehs eat meat or meat products in their food.

    So long as the baby bun survived I ain’t complaining. Especially now he’s got little marmie brudders and sisters.

  22. katiedid says:

    OMG im ganna splode from the cuteness!!

  23. OOOOOOOh My Goodness!!!!! Cuter than I evah believed possible!!!

    Will babeh bunneh be getting more and more licks as someone starts to smell distinkly bunneh and not cutely kitteh to the mama cat’s nose?

  24. cinderELLA says:

    The bunnie will grow up thinking its a cat! Can you imagine a bunnie playing with a catnip mouse? Kawaii!!!

  25. Oh, I just so needed to see something like this right now. It has really made my day. %< )

  26. meowandwoof says:

    This might just put Berthasevant over the edge – bunneh AND his fave flavor of kitteh!

  27. Erebella says:

    That’s bootiful man! Bunny cat, bunny cat, so cutes. mmm, is it 5:00 yet? guh. I don’t have enough energy for my head to splode right now. maybe later.

  28. Well! This is ending a WHOLE lot better than previous cat/baby rabbit interactions I’ve seen. (Well, usually I just see the aftermath, lying there on the porch . . . if you get my drift.)

  29. eikoleigh says:

    so cute….!

  30. Bun will grow up not able to identify potential predators. But a few kittens will grow up knowing not to mess with bunnies — they kick and scratch something awful.

    I’d love to see the sibs playing when they get bigger.

  31. Oh man–if it is possible to kill someone with cuteness, we’ve just discovered the murder weapon!

  32. Arachnophile says:

    The mammalian instict for motherhood never fails to blow me away. It’s amazing how cat and dog milk does do well across a lot of species. Carni or veggie… the baby needs are really similar. A lot of wildlife rescuers use cat mild substitute for baby animals. 😀

    Wonderful story

  33. Arachnophile says:

    OH… and a marmie-momma is rare too! They always have such lovely kittens.

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    Bunnysuckle! Oh, this is just 2 much!!! Want to snorgle and kiss all of them!

  35. What a beautiful family! Arachnophile-I thought marmie mums were rare! Glad to have it confirmed. I have a foster one right now, with 5 adorable kittens-they are a joy. The mum was found with newborn kittens and a prolapsed uterus so it didn’t look like a happy outcome at first-but all are thriving! We love them. Henry & Ribsy, Ramona & Beezus and Robert. The mum is Tigerlily.

  36. Excellent names for those kitties!!!

  37. More proof of my theory that a Mommy Red will mother ANYTHING!

  38. Kitten: O HAI! How’d you get here anyway, sis? You look all weird and stuff.

    Bun: Well, I know mom gave birth to you guys live and all, but I think I must have come from an egg.

    Kitten: ORLY?

    Bun: Yeah, mama laid me! Get it? Get it? MARMALADE me! HAHAHAHA! I crack me up.

    Kitten: Whatevs. *rolls eyes*

  39. Oof… that’s a hard start, Jorden. Kudos to you for helping them along.

  40. …and LOL, Laura

  41. starling says:

    When you think about it, with human bebehs, if mum’s a vegetarian (or a vegan, even) her milk’s just as good as if mum did eat meat …

    I spose. *looks unsure*

  42. Absolutely right, starling.

  43. Paunchie says:

    “I’d love to see the sibs playing when they get bigger.”

    Probably look a lot like that “halp!” picture the other day.

  44. Khadija says:

    Adoption ROCKS!

    pleeese everyone go back to the beginning at 0:03 and watch the bun strayche encore a thousand times. aaah!

  45. katerpie says:

    Nobody needs to eat meat to be a good mom with good milk, starling. So, agreed! 🙂 That was far, far, left field off topic of me, but I thought I’d chime in!

  46. Okay, I have to say it. I’ll get yelled at, but here it goes:

    Predator nursing prey. Makes ’em tender!

    There, I did it. I don’t feel good about it, but I went with the first thought that popped in my head.

    Dang, the kittehs and bunneh are soooo cute! I hope they stay friends forever!

  47. sploded mess all over desk now. can I go home? Big smiles for the unbearable cuteness of it all !!!!!!!!

  48. Floyd's Mom says:

    my heart just sploded 🙂

  49. I’m at work, so the video is blocked, but I can see the picture of the kitteh and bunneh. Too frickin’ adorable!!!

  50. It’s too perfect – let’s not forget that baby rabbits are called KITTENS! *head asplode*

  51. Paunchie says:

    ShutUP! (Elaine Bennis voice)

    baby bunnehs are called KITTENS???

  52. Heavens to mergatroid. I just had an ass craptacular day at work and this vid made me reDONKulously happy.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    For the love of all that is fuzzy, thank you.

  53. [17:01] Schmoop: cats and bunnies! living together!
    [17:01] Schmoop: (just looked at CO)
    [17:01] Teho: all over the place
    [17:01] Schmoop: that is the cutest…OMG, she carries it just like a kitten.
    [17:01] Schmoop: OMG
    [17:01] Schmoop: OMG
    [17:01] Schmoop: can’t stand it
    [17:02] Schmoop: cross-species snorgling will be the death of me.
    [17:02] Teho: haven’t actually watched the video yet
    [17:02] Schmoop: oh, you MUST.
    [17:02] Schmoop: mama cat picks up the bun by the scruff, just like a kitten
    [17:02] Teho: they have scruff, after all
    [17:03] Schmoop: the…the…THUMPER FEET, dangling…
    [17:03] Schmoop: i’z ded
    [17:03] Teho: I get the feeling I should post this as a CO comment
    [17:03] Schmoop: heh
    [17:04] Schmoop: probly what the comments look like already
    [17:04] Teho: yep, that’s my author writer schmoopie lady

  54. I wonder if the bunny will grow up thinking it’s a cat and make muffins, scratch furniture, etc.

  55. Of course it’s Britain! I’ve never seen so much interspecies snorgling than in the U.K. They got some real doozy animal stories. Love it!

  56. Good lord! Someone needs to make the Palestinians and the Israelis watch all these interspecies snorgling clips on this site. World peace will surely come soon after.

    That is so friggin’ adorable and sweet. I want a marmie mom to adopt me!

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    Hmm, nature vs. nurture….will the baby bunnikin’s natural disapproval be sublimated -OR- will the kitteh siblings adopt the “We are not amused” disapproval attitude? Cuteologists the world over await the answer!

  58. Oh no no no.

    The money shot is at 00:38, where the baby bunny’s ears START TO GO IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS.

    I *think* I am entitled to speak authorititavely, since I have just gone to a job interview and ended by making all the admin staff spend all afternoon watching this video in a place I don’t even work (yet).

  59. BeanSidhe says:

    My forehead is now flat from banging my head against the screen in an attempt to snorgle those two bebbehs.

    Where’s the HeadOn?

    Oh, never mind. Just gonna have to


  60. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Go Loris! I hope you get that job!!! I am going to have to look at the vid again, just ’cause you said that. Is this not a new hire in the making (in Loris), or what?!

  61. platedlizard says:

    Hmmm, question: Is the bunnay older then the kittays, or do they mature faster? Mamma kittay does not look happy that one’s mobile already!

    Bonus: bunnays are litter-trainable.

  62. That bunneh is trying to teach its kitteh sibling how to disapprove.

  63. gravyboat says:

    Good job, Snaggle-Puss! I think somebody deserves a can of tuna!

  64. Is there *ANYTHING* a Marmie can’t do??

  65. caroline says:

    I read somewhere that baby bunnies are called “kittens” so this totally makes sense!

  66. Soooooo adorable!! I can’t remember if I posted on this one or not, but oh well.. won’t hurt to post again lol.
    The beginning when the baby bunbun stretches towards the Momma Kitty just kills me! SO adorable!! I love that it’s resting on top of Momma Kitty too so cute…. too cute! I’m gonna ‘splode!

  67. To those wondering about kitty milk for bunnehs, cow’s milk turned out to be great for human babies, so why not?

  68. Christine H says:

    That is so adorable!

  69. Amazing thing, this meelks.

    (Seriously, it embarrasses me that we silly humans fight over frivolities while this less-cerebrally-endowed predator mama NURSES her *natural* prey from an entirely different species.)

  70. cheesybird says:

    Off topic: Actually, cow’s milk is far from great for human babies, Sarah. Because of the protein load in cow’s milk, it’s a lot harder to digest than human milk, and can cause all sorts of problems in babies (vitamin deficiencies, anemia, digestive problems, etc.) A large percentage of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and their bodies react really unhappily to cow’s milk, even as adults.

    Having said that, that doesn’t mean that all interspecies milk exchange need be problematic. After all, a lot of people who can’t drink cow’s milk have no problem with sheep/goat’s milk which has a chemical makeup that more closely resembles human milk. So this little bunbun may have no problem with the kitteh milk.

  71. You just killed me dead. 😀

  72. bookmonstercats says:

    *Looks anxiously for berthaservant and frets in case his head has asploded, or his marmie body clock has ticked down to destruction*
    I love the way marmiemum picks bun up and bun’s little skin wrinkles and her feets come up… Darn, now my head’s asploded.

  73. If the Bunbun is drinking Marmiemom’s milk, she smells like a kitteh already. The licking is just the icing on the bun.

  74. ok..lets suppose the bunneh makes em biscuits..but..whatcha think is gonnna happen when the kittehs start hoppin happily in the yard eatin clovers ????? ..i give that a 2 awwwwwwws up !!!! this site makes my day 🙂

    [Well, see, that’s still not a problem. The kitties will be chewing on the grass blades while the bunny nibbles clover. The rabbit won’t barf afterwards, though… – Ed.]

  75. Actually Sarah, cow’s milk isn’t good enough for human babies which is why we have formula.

  76. I’m pretty sure those aren’t the only two options available, Slythwolf.

  77. Hon Glad says:

    Hey Peeps, your England correspondent here:-
    This is Bradford, Yorkshire
    (pron Yorksheer)
    Think ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ without twee little cottages. It’s a fairly big Town.
    Berthaservant should get the first plane out. Not only is there a good University there, the beers great, Sam Smiths and others. They’ve got Marmies and dare I say it, the ladies racks are ample, as evidenced in the boozoom shot.

    […and apparently, they’ve even got internets now! – Smartass Yank]
    [with no extra “R”]

  78. … informational question: can someone tell me who/ what the music is? I very much enjoy simple acoustic guitar tunes & would like to locate the tune if possible.

  79. Leslie — wish I could.
    Normally I’m really good at Name That Tune, but this time I’m clueless.

  80. starling says:

    Talk about milk, remember the little red panda bear nursed by a kitteh? It died, it choked on the milk.


  81. OKAY…Now My Teeth hurt I need a dentist for sure!

    Love it!

  82. nrosetulip says:

    What the HELL? It’s nearly 11am EST and no feed! I NEED my CO dose everyday. Do you get vacation? I read the news expecting an antidote. What do I do? I can’t get murder, famine, the cost of oil, or the Bratz lawsuit out of my head! please help.

    [Wow, deep breaths, there… some of these peeps have gotten pretty *demanding*, eh wot? – Ed.]

  83. I love the little bunny stretch right at the beginningks and the music is pewfekt.

  84. I am not a cat person-but that was adorable.

  85. awwww. i wuv dem!! da bunneh is a kitteh!! so sweet.

  86. katiedid says:

    One of these things is not like the other.. one of these things just doesnt belong.. can yah tell me which one is not like the other.. by the time I finish this song… great now ill have that stuck in my head all day..

  87. 123 4 5 678 9 10, 11 12.

    Doo doo do doo do doo do do da doo doo do da doo doo DOO!

  88. OK, I know this is all about the bun, but did anybody notice the splayed tockage of the marmie kittie at about 0:30? Gah!

  89. Hon Glad says:

    Ahem, I am no Musicologist,
    but de tune seems to be
    “Sweet Georgia Brown”

  90. It’s sounds similar to SGB, but I don’t think that’s it… I searched the comments on youtube, but there’s only one non specific reference to the music.

  91. Katrina says:

    Do you think the boxer-singing-guy changes songs, or is always “Good Night Sweetheart, Good Night”? I wonder how they are all doing.

    Cindy how are the Wemerheimeraner pups doing?

  92. Cabbit? Cat milk?

    Izzit pawsibbuhl tu get enii Qter???


  93. Did anyone notice that the kittehs and bunneh are kept in a ROASTING PAN?!!!

  94. i can’t help it, i must add some info. that is a black and white dutch bunnie, not a grey one. the rest is unanimous though, it doesn’t get any cuter!

  95. wee kitty la with wee bun bun la!!

  96. ghrelin says:

    Just like Mama Kitty, I have an adopted daughter who looks nothing like me but oh how we do still love our babies!

  97. Kitten Replacement Milk is fed to domestic bunnies who have no mom, I think the real thing won’t do any harm to wee McBunnersons up there.

  98. Katie Kat says:

    OH! She’s all “I don’t care if he smells funny and looks different, I LURVE MY BABEEEEEE!” That’s so dang sweet. SIGH!

  99. We seriously need an AnJolie award for incredible mothers who love with their hearts, not their eyes, or nose, tongues…

  100. this has nothing to do with this picture but i have to say that almost all the pictures for cats and racks are disgusting and so wrong for kids. i mean when did the new fashion become shirts with built in kittens! i just dont think actually i know that people should not post stuff like that!