Cute or disgustingly gross? YOU DECIDE!

On another edition of "YOU DECIDE!", we have what appears to be a cute situation on our hands. OR IS IT? [shifty eyes]

The scene begins with a Ma and her babies, snuggling in soft tissues! No problem, right!?

The babies feets are waggling in a cute way, but keep an eye on them, they are surprisingly RAT-LIKE!

Ew! Melissa A., this post! surprises and confuses me! Hep!



  1. Hmmm… I do not think we share the same phobias, Meg Moo.

  2. Of course iz cute! Widdle twitchery babies! Yay!
    Mamma is all, gitdatcameraouttahere!!!!

    MIL was doing yard work this weekend and she moved the cover over a wild mama mouse and her babie, she said it was so cute, mama mouse ran off and baby was too little to keep up so it HELD ONTO HER TAIL as she ran! MAN, where’s that Truman Show style camera when you need it???

  3. ooo that is sooo cute!no gross!! just mommy loven’

  4. Eh, not disgustingly gross, but not exactly cute, either…But i guess it does follow the “one of something+tiny imitation” rule.

    So, more cute than gross.

  5. happypiano says:

    ahh! they look like roach feet! >.< scary...

  6. Theresa says:

    Aww, poor li’l pinkies. It’s good to help helpless little critters.

  7. cheesybird says:


    Loving momma big-ears’s twitchy nose and whiskers too.

    Theo: Hmmm… I do not think we share the same phobias, Meg Moo.

    *wonders what phobias Theo does have*

  8. DEFINITELY cute. Tiny widgie baby cute. 🙂

  9. Oh like I’d POST them. Hah!

  10. Laurita says:

    I think all pinkies are cute, mouse, rat, kangaroo- all of them!

  11. They are VERY twitchy. Kind of makes me nervous!

  12. Soooo cute! Lookit the whiskers al a twitter! =.=

    Not at all gross, but I think ratties are cute…..but not in my house…..

    Sorry. Got a little confused my self there…..

    It’s cute!

  13. Very cute, a little sad. Babies are all, “This is great–now if we could only tuck in our litle cold bare toesies.” Then, “Aaaggghhh! The milk bar is running away!” Mommy (wiith extremely cute eyes and ears) is all, “Leave us ALONE! I’m trying to take care of my tiny babies!”

  14. Karebear says:

    awww, I vote cute!

    Though when I read “snuggling in soft tissues!” I first thought, ewww gross, I’m not watching babies snuggling in body organ tissue…
    but of course watched anyway…
    OHHHHHH soft fluffy kleenex tissue!

  15. LauraG! You said, “widgie!” Do you say “widgiewidgiewidgie” to cute little things, like my college friends and I did? We also used it to soothe and cheer up one another–very effective.

  16. cheesybird says:

    That’s ok, Theo. It’s more fun to guess.

    Lessee… aibohphobia? Miwinsophobia? Concombrevolantophobia?

  17. TrinketsMom says:

    Cute. I like rodents, and baby rodents most of all.

  18. scooterpants says:

    what IS it? mama has a kinda rat-like tail , wierd little ears and a pointy nose.

  19. I thought it looked like a gerbil.

  20. karebear says:

    oh, and what kind of creature is this? Are they domesticated, can I get me one!?

  21. kangaroo mouse? what a pretty mom, and yes the babies are cute.

  22. dont watch the related videos…

  23. Illegitiminoncarborundumophobia!

  24. I think all rodents are cute! There is just something about their tiny precious hands. The mother also has the most beautiful eyes – kind of reminds me of a flying fox.
    On the other hand, the headless mouse I found in my living room this morning was not that cute. I think our cat MoMo is starting a head collection.

  25. LOL Cheesy bird … excellent choice of Phobias for Theo… especially the very last one.

  26. Listen to Eric those related videos are bad!!

  27. momof2kitties says:

    Say in young Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer voice:

    “Is cute! Is cuuuute!!”

  28. marishka says:

    Teho: bleenophobia?

    Seriously, though, what ARE those things? The bebehs are all “MAHHHMMM! Get OFF! Yer SQUISHIN’ me!”

  29. OK, here’s a gimme: “acro-”
    I taught myself rappelling & rock climbing largely for this reason.

  30. Marishka — heck no, it’s my life’s blood!

    Seriously, I’ve made four whole dollars.

  31. goodlookingelf says:

    The mom looks like a mouse I caught in my house. It was cute til it opened its mouth and it had GINORMOUS yellow sharp teeth that it actually chomped at me. So, I have to be kinda skeered of this little group.

  32. “eh ehn ehn ehn” they are cute-all babies are cute….except spiders and roaches

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    She is mamarazza, and we are the paparazzi?

  34. Erebella says:

    Aw, yeah those are super cute! Teeny McRatty Twitcherfeets is what they are and momma has a pretty face!

  35. “I’m in ur kleenex kickin mah feetz”

  36. mennufer says:

    Disgustingly gross? DISGUSTINGLY GROSS??? WTF?? You see baby gerbil feetsies wiggling and waggling and all you want to do is jump on a chair and scream like a little girl?? I feel so sorry for you.

    /me nibbles on wiggling baby gerbil feetsies

  37. aww i think they’re cute. but i am a little creeped out by rat tails (both the actual tails and the hair style)

  38. Katrina says:

    I believe this to be
    “The Nesting of the Shrew”. Taming will come later, maybe….

  39. Theresa says:

    Theo– fear of faux Latin?

  40. Heather says:

    Okay, I watched the video without reading the text above and I thought the little baby legs were actually fingery claws from a hand-like paw. That was really gross. But after I read they were legs … cute!

  41. Paunchie says:

    OK what is gross? All the vids on You Tube about “eating pinkies” OMG gross!!!

  42. I’m pretty sure they’re Gerbils – I’ve seen them here in the Pet Shop in London UK.

  43. Juno – widgie is just one of those nonsensical words that comes out when cute things are near. Like squidgen or moosha. I am sure that a triple-widgie has escaped my mouth on a few occasions, but in my cute-coma I may not have been aware….

  44. The twitching feet are kind of disturbing in an alien-creature kind of way, but that’s mostly because of the funky camera angle and probably very cozy kleenex kave.

    I think with rodents the adults are cuter than the behbehs but that’s just me being me.

  45. What in the world could be disgusting about baby gerbils?

  46. Not trying to be a nuffer here, but I’m worried about what happened to those babies after Mama got an eyeful of the camera! Every time I’ve had hamsters who had babies, I had to be very careful not to disturb the babies too soon or the mama would, um, eat them. 😦

    They’re too cute to let that happen to them!!

  47. I’m confused. Are rats not cute?

  48. Ms. McPantiesinabunchnuff says:

    OMG!! DEER MICE!!!

    SQUEEEEE!!! 😀

  49. “You see baby gerbil feetsies wiggling and waggling and all you want to do is jump on a chair and scream like a little girl?? “

    Um, yup. That’s me, pretty much.

    I only have cautious appreciation for the cuteness of most things rodential, and seeing them all naked and … twitching isn’t really my thing.

  50. Perhaps I just didn’t grow up in an environment where rats and other rodents were vermin, but I just can’t understand the utter disgust some people have for them. It’s like those negative reviews of the film Ratatouille, where people said they liked it except for the disgusting rat. *rolls eyes*

    They’re adorable.

  51. “Every time I’ve had hamsters who had babies, I had to be very careful not to disturb the babies too soon or the mama would, um, eat them.”

    Yeah, based on Meg’s warning, I was expecting the video to end in cannibalism. Or at least, coprophagia.

  52. Arachnophile says:

    I’d still like an ID on these CWUTEE beebehs. Def. not gerbils. The face is kind of like spiney mice but no evidence of the spines…

    The people of CUTE want to know!

  53. Natalie says:

    What are they, really? I had nearly decided Mom was a bunny until she turned around, and she is NOT. I still think they’re pretty cute, although I am not a big fan of rodents for myself.

  54. Melissa A. says:

    Hi!! I was the one who sent this video in. They are bebeh mice that some of my co-workers found and were going to kill. So, my boyfriend and I took them in and spent all day catching little miss Mama Mouse, who we named Plum, so that she could raise them. Don’t worry–all the wee ones survived despite my paparazzi-ing (they were just too cute not to take a few videos). But I haven’t had time yet to post the other videos of them as they started to grow up.

  55. Christine says:

    Melissa A, yay YOU!!! And you have a fine boyfriend as well.

  56. Momma is definitely a mouse. Rats don’t look anything like that(thicker tails, different legs, different body composition).

    Either way, both rats and mice ARE cute. Anyone who thinks differently should be shot and killed on sight.

  57. Those are in fact, mice, not rats or gerbils. I’ve had enough experience with them to know.

    I think mice are cute. Twitchy pointy whiskerful noses.

  58. Awwwwwwwwwwww

  59. Um, Rachel? …not actually funny.

  60. Soooo cute!!!

  61. prockstar says:

    i say: spastic twitching baby paws up are cute regardless of species…. 🙂

  62. Hanii Puppy says:

    What’s wrong wth rats or mice? I think they’re cute <3

    Apart from Plague Rats X__X

  63. Lunch Lady says:

    ok, the little happy feet: too cute. Mom’s ginormus black eye and twtchy wiskers: not so much.

  64. At first I thought it was cute, but the longer I looked at it, the more I thought of….Richard Gere. Gross.

  65. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, definitely KEoot in my book – twitchy leetle feetie and Mommie nose whiskeries. Not that I’d think that if I pulled open a drawer and found this little fambly, mind you.
    Teho: Firstophobia in addition to your “thing” against heights? My beloved learned how to jump out of perfectly good airplanes while he was a soldier despite his acrophobia.

  66. MYTH BUSTED, Kiki… sheesh

  67. Yitz — There Is No Such Thing As A Perfectly Good Airplane

    (really, though, skydiving is *completely* different… I’ve only done it once, but my old fear of heights wasn’t a problem at all)

  68. Nope that’s a chinchilla. I think….

  69. Oh, baby gerbils!! They are so tiny they have clown feet! Cute!

  70. cinderELLA says:

    cute at first, i guess, but those are not rats. the eyes are too big in porportion to the head. i think they are deer mice, which are, in fact incredebly cute when thry are full grown.

    NOT to be confuesd with a mouse dee,r which are slightly less cute, imho.

  71. And even if they aren’t gerbils (they sure do remind me of mine from childhood), they’re still itty bitty babies with big ol’ feet. Thus still cute.

  72. Heather says:

    Girl rescues momma and babies, tiny feets, whiskers, wriggling…has cute written all over it!

  73. Theo: Maybe you have Leporiphobia. You might have to consider a different job option, if thats the case tho.

  74. Girlie — nope, not even its cousin harvipookaphobia, which I find understandable even though I don’t suffer from it specifically.

  75. gross. mice and rats are usually not cute, they’re HIDEOUS and this momma rodent is especially twitchy. uch.

  76. mennufer says:

    Theo- harvipookaphobia LOL! Jimmy Stewart is smiling down on you from Heaven.

    Well, maybe not…

  77. auntbaby says:

    Did I miss something? Where was the gross part? Tiny little wiggly pink tootsies are not gross. Mama was cute in a rodent sort of way.
    I didn’t watch the other video’s could tell by the titles they were enough to make me angry. Why would someone want to film that? Now THAT is gross!

  78. I think I have officially received a Cute Overdose. Yes, yes, my Cute-Entgen Dosimeter Patch has turned dark pink.
    *sigh* Little pink wigglies and Mama’s disapproval of Ceiling Human watching her.

  79. The Megannihalator says:

    These guys are Spiny Mice – I recognize them because I once owned and bred them myself! They are a type of mouse from the African desert plains. They earn the “spiny” designation because the fur on their backs is stiff and spiky – not as coarse as a hedgehog, but close. They give birth to small litters and their young are born with fur, which makes them adorable!

    Great pets and available at many pet stores, if you’d like to check them out!

  80. Khadija says:

    oh yeah? you have your MUM sit on you and your feetz would twitch as well.

  81. Momma gots such big cute eyes and cute pointy face!

    And the twitchy baby feets!

    v. teh qte!

  82. You ees making de muzra vewwwwwy nurvussss! Leaves dem be lest she nom dem!

  83. …and hello to another visitor from teh land wher u can has cheez on burgrz!

  84. I had gerbils as pets once and they were adorable! Pretty noisy at night, though. There are some pretty cute rodents out there …

  85. I vote for cute!

  86. little gator says:


  87. Cute! I think it’s weird that there was even a question about it.

  88. amy Cook - Network says:

    meece! meece are awesomely cute! the big eyes! the weeny feets! how can you not think that’s cute?

  89. Zoe Doom says:

    Definitely cute. But I think that this new Mommy would like some privacy!

    P.S. I also misinterpreted the words “soft tissue” in the description. I was expecting gross bloodiness but I was pleasantly surprised.

  90. Definitely cute. Pet rats (which these guys appear to be) are cute. Look at the mommy’s ginormous black eyes. Adorable!! (Also, the rats in “Ratatouille,” even though they are sewer rats: cute.)

    If you really want to start a discussion of cute or gross, post a picture of Wall-E’s roach!

  91. I live in a city, and the rats are so large that two or three of them could gang up, knock one down in the street, violate one’s swimsuit area, and take one’s pocketbook, while one simply begged for mercy in every known language as well as attempting to plead in Rat. Ergo, I do not find rodents cute. But once I decided that these little guys in the video could be chinchillas, I was ok with it.

    Please do not burst my happy haze and tell me that these are not chinchillas.

  92. i dunno…

  93. Cutie cute McCutersons from Cute Town! Flaily feets! Beady eyes! Translucent ears! Loves and cutes.

  94. Jenna, I think I know which city you live in :))

  95. I prefer mouse-like. They look like cute little mousies.

  96. So….if they were rats they would be gross? I don’t think so, ratties are amazingly cute! I have 2 as pets, and they are very sweet little babies.

  97. Carrie and Licorice says:

    waaayyyyyyyyy adorable…

    licorice the black working lab is all “lemme lick em, I love squirmy toes!”

    and yes, I have rats, and they are ultimate cute with their tiny toes…

  98. Um. Ok. So? Mice is mice.

  99. YES!!! MICE!!!

    Go you, Melissa A, for caring for the mouselings, and triple go-you for sharing it with us.

    Jenna, I fear I’m going to have to use the phrase “violate one’s swimsuit area” in conversation as soon as possible.

    In conclusion: Yay! Mice! More mice!

  100. very cute! mommy’s and babies are almost always cute.

  101. Patty P says:

    Many of us have been heavily conditoned to find rats gross through movies and TV since they carry human diseases, rabies, and more. They destroy food crops by not only eating them, but destroy grain in storage by fouling it with their waste as they nibble here and there. The reproduce very quickly. They chew through wiring causing electrical fires.

    Personally, after having been snorgeled by a friend’s disease-free pet rat, I have lost my squemishness though.

    But I had a house later that became infested before we knew it. In the process of removing them, I had many face to face encounters. The cutie above is most definitely not a common rat. It’s way too small. Even juvenile rats are much bigger than that.

    So, if I see a rat in the garbage, rooting around, I want to quickly eliminate it. If I see one in a post like this, I want to snorgle it. Go figure.

  102. ANERABUHLS!!!

  103. Deer mice! So so cute! I actually raised 4 from just a little bit older than those babies after we found them out in the middle of the basement floor. I still have three of them five years later.

  104. platedlizard says:

    Mouse/rat in my cupboard=gross.

    Mouse/rat in my freezer=nothing but snake food.

    Mouse/rat in a cage?=KYOOOTE!

    Could be the same mouse/rat in all of the above examples, it doesn’t matter. For me, context counts.

  105. Another vote for Deer Mice (esp. since they were wild-caught!) Deeries are awesome!

    I had a pet deer mouse (actually, probably a white-footed mouse) for awhile– he was born in our house and we found him under the stove. Delightful little guy, so smart and elegant-looking!

  106. gravyboat says:

    Awww, they’re cute. It’s not their fault they’re varmints.

  107. at first disgusting but if you watch the whole thing than you can see that it is actually quite cute. my friend has two pet mice and my sisters think that they are disgusting but i really do not mind holding them. i mean they’re nice mice so why wouldn’t you want to hold them!

  108. The poor mommy was struggling to run in fear and to stay and protect her babies. Moms are so brave. ^_^

  109. Cute! We have pet mice, but we won’t let them have babies. I fear endless iterations of hundreds nay millions of baby mice….

  110. Janelle says:

    I tried to find this cute…I really watched all of it, and I tried to tell myself, “oh, little babies! how sweet!”. but no, I saw the mom, and all the mice like actions, and I shuddered. so nope, I vote this one not cute!

  111. Awwwwwwwwww.

  112. yolanda says:

    MOUSIE MOUSIE MOUSIE!!! Squeeeee!!!!
    Bob the hamster and ginger the mouse lived together in a little wire house. All day long they’d play and sing and never did a useful thing!
    Mousie mouse mouse!
    Mousies is socialists and very friendly and co-operative. They work in societies, raise babies together, send out the youngest weaned males to be sacrificed to danger, and evince great courage in a world that wants to eat them. All while being soft brown beings with ginormous ears and fiddly little hands and toes and wonderful whiskers!
    Definitely CUTE! (rubber traction tails notwithstanding)

  113. Um. They’re rat-like because they’re mice.

    I vote cute. pink naked feets wiggling kind of spastically counts as cute for me.

    Plus, Holy BEF, Mama Mouse!!

  114. bookmonstercats says:

    Took a while to work it out. At first I thought the waving pawsies were some sort of pincers and … well….

    Beeyootiful, and yay the peeps who saved them.

  115. I do believe those are mice, not rats.

  116. Please don’t confuse these two species. It makes me sad.

  117. I don´t know where you get the “gross” from…. this is CUTE!!!!! 😀

  118. I dun get it.. What’s gross? The fact that they’re baby rodents? I grew up with lots of mice so this is just adorable to me.

  119. laineyg6 says:


  120. OK thank goodness Lunch Lady mentioned it. Plum is cute, and the kicking legs didn’t bother me, but Plum’s stare bore a hole through me.

  121. CUTE! Mice are one of my favourite all time creatures!

  122. windbalm says:

    Cute. Definitely Cute.

  123. Cute – yes. Gross – not really. BUT a wee bit sad, because the mommy’s obviously scred that her babies are about to be harmed by this “thing” (camera+human) hovering over them. So to me, the sad eyes win. Arrrrooo!

  124. IMO, the speed at which the baby feet were kicking at the start of the video is what violates the cute. If it was slow kicking and waving, cute would have been reinforced. But the twitchy speed, in this case anyway, is anti-cute.

    Momma Plum is beautiful!

  125. Tiny mousey feets, hurray!

  126. They’re mice, as the person states on their YouTube page.
    A mum and babies rescued from her place of work before they could kill them.
    Cute little souls, as they all are. Kudos to the rescuer.

  127. I have now watched the squirmy kicky feeties of happy-nursing 4.7 million times. I can die now.

  128. Well I don’t find it gross but I don’t find it cute, either.

    I grew up hearing from kids at school how their pet mouse/gerbil/small rodent “ate all the babies” so I don’t automatically think “nice mommy mouse” – I’ve never seen a mouse with nursing babies so I guess that’s interesting, but not cute to me.

    You know, Diploptera punctata – the pacific beetle cockroach – produces milk – and the baby roaches are born with like, straw appendages that reach into little holes in the mom roach’s side. Somebody should film that and post it here. Could you imagine the uproar! “Nursing Roaches” sooo cuuuuuute 😛

    haha funny thing is though, I’m sure if you did post something like that some crazy roach lovers would come out of the woodwork (hehe) and be “awww sooo cuuuuute widdle roachiepoo babies!!!!” and “I remember when my cutie madagascar hissing roachie poo cutiepoo had babies they were so redonkulously adorabbible” etcc….. ughhhh hahahaha

  129. OK, that was weird.

  130. Carencey says:

    yup, deer mice/white footed mice are rather cuter than regular mice what with the enormous eyes and ears. (this is some variety of Peromyscus, maybe? just a guess.) but generally I’d advise against keeping the ones you catch, because they or any little passengers they might have really can carry dangerous stuff (especially in the US southwest). If you want them as pets, best to get them from a shop.

  131. Deer mice! Eeeeee so cute!

  132. Yeah, I’m with the cute. Or, sorry, gotta get rid of some testosterone KEEYOOOOT SQUEEEEEE OMG ANERABULZ!!!11!!1!!!
    I find all rodents cute – even wild rats. Can’t help it – but not cute “I wanna snuggle” cute. Wild city rats are vermin, no question. They are still cute however.
    Definately not Chins – sorry Jenna! Chins are bigger and fluffier. And our chin is more evil. Definately Spiny Mouse.

  133. Bramble says:

    Squirming and twitching naked pink feetsies in a nest? Key-yoot, most definitely! And another excellent example of WORMINESS, which is always cute. Remember, baby anythings are wormy, and wormy = cute.

  134. An WHUT, ai askyu, iz rawng wiv biiing born a rat?

    Qte? Mos def!!!

    Phobiyaz? NOT!!!

  135. Don’t perpetuate the cycle of common thought that rats are gross. They aren’t. They are some of the cutest and sweetest animals if you open your mind up from what society tells you.

  136. Electric says:

    I just don’t like rats and mice, no matter how smart and loved they are. I keep thinking that the rat nest must smell like pee. Not cute! Pee smells are not cute!

    I also can’t feel the cute for armadillos and ferrets. and Possums.

  137. Daphne Moss says:

    Melissa A: You and your BF are my kinda peeps…
    Love it that you saved these most helpless and unloved.
    How can anyone look on a mom feedng her babies and not go awww???

  138. Oh for freakin LOOK AT THE HUGE EYES!



    Mothers and babies are ALWAYZ cute.

  139. sunnymum says:

    I wish I could like rodents, I really do. I don’t know why but I get all freaked out when I see one. This site has helped to lessen the feeling since it allows me to see them in a cute way. And I have even been able to get closer to the cages in PetCo to get more used to them. But in the last week I have had to dispose of two rodents in my home, I think they are mice, that my cat killed, and it freaked me out so much that I was shaking and involuntarily yelping/screaming and wanting to vomit. Just seeing that shape, that tail, gives me the willies. And I could tell by the way my cat was asking this morning that there’s another in the house. I will probably come home from work tonight and have to deal with it. Long post, but I just had to vent.

  140. sunnymum says:

    sheesh. by the way my cat was “acting” not “asking”

  141. Stephanie S. says:

    haha! this is hilarious. Little twitching rat feet. I SAY CUTE!

  142. The twitchy feets is creepy to me but loverly to the mouse moomie and that’s what’s really important, non?

  143. Danilelle says:

    Rats aren’t cute??!

  144. Am I the only one stupid enough to read the entire threads in this joint? Melissa A., who took the footage, already weighed in–they’re MICE people, and the mother didn’t eat the babies. As for the whole “rodents are gross” thing, I had a pet rat and she was very sweet. Had tiny delicate hands and the sweetest little face. Still, the tail always seemed to freak people out. I subsequently had a pet rabbit (for 12 years), and she was pretty much the best little sweetie ever. Rodent-schmodent. To be fair however, bugs freak me out. Oh, and I’m pretty sure there are people who keep roaches as pets Liz. Seem to recall seeing that on television.

  145. Electric – The smell of rat or rabbit pee is nothing compared to the smell of cat pee…

  146. sunnymom – Ugh. Context is everything. I can’t have a cat because I can’t handle the thought of the various dead or dying “gifts.”

  147. Man………get the camera out………….and please get some warm Blankets. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR……….AND
    Make sure the wee ones will be warm as well.

    Dumkoff video recording nit wit.

  148. jhonathan1000 says:


  149. awww, mice are cute! I actually like baby mice and other rodents better than puppies. I am unable to be less than two feet away from anything canine without having a heart attack. no good reason. but anyway, rodents have a bad rep, because of the twichyness. but it’s fun when their little twitchy nose is rubbing against your face, soft body breathing quickly, definitely cute!

    I’m also one of those people who thinks roaches (and other beetleish things) are cute. So i’m weird.

  150. Hm… a little twitchy, but cute all the same! 🙂

  151. 100% cute

  152. Yes, all mice and rodents are gross, just like all pit bulls and rotties are mean and want to kill you, right? Let’s not continue the animal stereotypes, please?

    Cute.. we used to have some RATS, not mice, and I thought the babies were about the cutest thing ever.

  153. creepy. reminds me of the x-files episode with that liver eating monster.

  154. I think it cute,with the little pink wiggly feet!!

  155. Katie Kat says:

    Okay, SRLSY. Rats (rodents in general too) are the SWEETEST little guys! I had two – Lenny & Squiggy – and they were my sweet little boys. You just don’t know what great critters they are! Smart and sweet and adorable! I miss my babies. LOVE IT!

  156. movie says no longer available?

  157. Cassandra says:

    I vote not cute. This reminds me of our 5th grade class pets–two gerbils who seemed to reproduce all the time. It seemed like every Monday we’d come back and ther would be a new batch. And the mom would eat them.

  158. Renee — I answered you here:
    The problem *is* in your set.

  159. Thanks Melissa! Glad that you were there for the fam.

    PS – I wouldn’t cross mama. She looks SLIGHTLY protective. Like she’d chew the feet off anyone who tried to hurt her babies.

  160. The mom is cute, the babies not so much.

  161. um. not cute. icky and looks like they’re being maybe smothered?!

  162. Denise Conner says:

    Guess what! Ratty butt!

  163. Chibi Kitten says:

    Adorable little bebe mice! God, I miss my mice, they were wonderful pets.

    I don’t get how anyone would think they’re chinchillas, though. Chins look nothing like deer/spiny mice! (Although my youngest chin, Taro, does have a decidedly house-mousy face).

  164. I tought it was rather cute…..

  165. I thought their feet were CUTE, but I think rats are great, too.