Insane in the mem!


This is both heartwarming AND hilarious at the same time. Are these crazy Peruvians for reals? Please get a load of this Sea Lion Rehabilitayshe Action. Meanwhile, I’ll be bellowing crazy sea lion sounds to whomever will listennnnBAROOOOGAH!

Please go up to your officemate and bellow in his ear, Adrian W. Please. Then send us a video of it.



  1. chantel says:


  2. Darleenie says:


  3. chantel says:

    I want that job! Fantastic!

  4. i might be able to safely say that i just found my new favorite animal.

  5. biscuithead says:

    That’s just freakin’ beautiful.
    Love is… crawling around on your elbows and knees, bleating while snorgling a sea lion.
    Who knew?

  6. bookmonstercats says:

    jealousjealousjealousjealousjealousjealousjealous (ad infinitum)

  7. Aesthetica says:


    muy bueno, peruvian sea lion rehabilitators!

    i especially love the surreptitious kissies they give to the little ones. awwww.

  8. LOOL!
    Those might be the most hilarious sounds I have ever heard.
    So cute. I wanna do that too.

  9. Aw, man. I want to snorgle a baby sea lion.


  10. best CU post ever. ever. ever.

  11. Gail (the first one) says:

    Too sweet!!!

    (There’s probably an actor in the bunch and this is going on the resume as “Improv”!!)

    Congratulations, Peruvian sea lion rescuers!!

  12. OK, I think I’m adding Sea Lion rehabilitator to my list of things I want to do.
    I can ‘mehrowalaghuh’ with the best of them.

  13. okay, that was just too fricking cute and funny! it is sad the mama seals aren’t there, but those dedicated folks are trying to train the pups to handle the natural environment. wonder how long the people listened to and watched adult seals with pups to mimic the behaviours and sounds. i have to say, that fella in the white t-shirt with the pup on the beach is not bad looking. 😛

  14. Best. Job. Ever.
    And I am totally qualified. I’m an expert snorgler and I can ‘mehrowalaghuh’ (thanks for the spelling, Kris) with the best of them.

    And it makes me so happy to know that there are people like this in the world.

  15. That is the definition of awesome. I hereby declare that no seal rescuer who ever visits Cambridge will have to pay for his or her own beer.

  16. Haha, that is so funny…

  17. I LOVE these people!!! I don’t get to say that often…lol…also I must agree with K on “best CU post ever. ever. ever.” 🙂

  18. mommy25bunnies says:

    Oh. My. GOD!!! Fantastico!!!!!!

  19. This is fantastic to the point of being mystical… but these waterbabies’ voices sound a bit, well, *barfy* to me. Hasten, Jason; bring the basin.

  20. Theo, I totally agree on the ‘barfy’!! I was thinking, man, if you had a weak stomach, forget about listening to the audio on this!

  21. Michelle says:

    My new favorite CO post! I love this video! 😀 😀

  22. I posted and then it never showed up…weird!

    [It published, honest! Probably the previous un-updated version of the page was cached in your browser, is all. Next time try hitting “F5” before re-posting your comment; this has been happening to me lately too… – Ed.]

    Anyway, yes to the ‘barfy’ – I pity anyone with a weak stomach who listens to the audio!!!

  23. katiedid says:

    One word…. PETA

  24. Brutal job. But I spoze somebody’s gotta…

    I did not know “rehabilitation” was another word for “snorgling”. *runs off to find Roget*

  25. Saudade says:

    Thanks so much for this!
    I was having a terrible morning and this managed to turn my attitude around.

  26. Why am I CRYING?
    Very touching and sweet!

  27. bark-hab

  28. I love those roly poly fuzz butts..with their shiny little eyes and crazy voices

  29. All this and Juan Diego Florez, too? I declare today International Peru Appreciation Day!

  30. MARYBETH says:


  31. NMTOM – I’m with you, when do we leave?

    That’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world!!!

  32. Jenn in IL says:

    I’m thinking about moving to Peru. You know…good economy and all that…what? What’s that you say? There are precious baby sea lions being rehabilitated on beachers there? Hmmm…I had NO idea…*runs to boss to hand in two week notice*

  33. Space Cowgirl says:

    I don’t get why this isn’t my job. “Here Cowgirl, listen to this doctor shuffle papers for an hour while people in Peru are snorgling sea lions!” What a maroon.

    I know a few people Peruvian people, and they’re all sweeties. I guess it’s part of the national character.

  34. heroes!

  35. I am quitting my current job and joining those guys.

  36. aaaaaaa!! roeeaaaaarrrrr!!!

    finally. i have found my people. i am moving to peru.

  37. Adrian W. says:

    Hey, I’m the subby and I feel very bad for not putting in the original submission that I found this via

  38. Imagine the coordinator who explained to these volunteers what they must do.
    “So, basically, you’re going to WALLOW, and you’re going to go ‘Meee-hheee-heeeeargh!’ Can we practice, please?”

  39. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, now that is just cool man.
    Some people actually restore my faith in humanity.

  40. Awwwww…so heartwarming, so nice, I wanna hug the pups and peeps (especially that guy in the white t-shirt at the end of the clip)

  41. …can you imagine the audition for this job?

    “So what rehabbing gigs have you done before?”

    “Lets hear your rendition of ‘Mama Sealion blargy noise.'”

  42. Man, that’s the best rehabilitation I’ve seen in a while, ever since they made puppets for cranes and condors.
    Though I found myself giggling throughout the viewing–alot of them sounded like drunken sheep! And I especially agree with Theo with some of the girls–sounding like beyond-drunk sheep at the toilet. And can you imagine walking up to this beach, not being able to see the pups? That would merit a huge “What the…”
    But way to go the extra mile for the little pups! I’d go the extra mile, they’s ADORABLE!

  43. Um.. cute guy + cute bebeh sea lion + kisses and cuddles = lovelovelove

  44. Katrina says:

    Theo- Can (May) tease PETA now? I wanna be immature and lacking in self-restraint and kill everybody’s buzzzzzz.

    No, Theo, I don’t.

  45. Dang it! Why, oh why, did I have to become an stupid accountant?!?! This job was not available when I was looking! While I still don’t make boatloads of money, I am further insulted that I could be chillin’ with baby pups of adorabuhlness instead of answering all these Stimulus Check questions!!! Life is officially NOT fair! 😦

  46. that leetle sea lion looks like he’s wearing pants that are way too long on him. 😀

  47. I’m also pretty sure that at least some of those bebeh sea lions are saying “Nyerrrrhe.”

  48. I’m sending them my resume:
    #1: expert snorgler
    #2: can wallow all day long
    #3: can ‘Meee-hheee-heeeeargh!’ in several languages.

  49. BugMom, why does the Federal Government refuse to acknowledge our second child? Where the hell’s our money???$?$$

    (by all means, feel free to phrase your answer in Baby Sea Lion)

  50. this kind of stuff makes me cry cuz i’m so moved.

  51. uilleand says:

    I have the dorkiest grin on my face after watching that…..

  52. Mehrowalaghuh!!!

    FYI, I am an F5 maniac, Theo…sometimes there is a comment lag I guess.

    Speaking of lions, have you all watched the latest Lion Cub videos? The handsome lion weigher is in both. You get to see the dad lion in the second one. The McCubbersons have gotten BEEEEG!!! and

  53. Which branch of the Betty Ford Clinic is this? It says this is rehab for sea lions, but the HUMANS are the ones flopping around with the DTs…

  54. awww, so sweet! and … loud.

    i sent this video to my mom who promptly then called me on the phone and when i picked up she made that BARLUGUGHHHmoo sound in my ear.


  55. I. Want. That. Job.

  56. Me too, me too, I want to be a baby sea lion snorglabilitator!! I’d be really good at it, although maybe not the barfy noises (the last one is especially pukey sounding!).

    Has anyone else ever been to the Galapagos? There are incredibly tame baby sea lions everywhere (also grown ups) but you are strictly not allowed to touch them. So hard, so hard!

  57. One supposes there could be visitors in trench coats carting off unsuspecting sea lion cubs to keep in their bathtubs… Not that I would know anything about that.
    *whistles innocently*

  58. Katrina says:

    Tracy, dear, just call her back and do the same thing!

    Tell her I said to do it, she’ll understand…I would do that to my boys very easily.

  59. LOL. She knew the risks going in.

  60. Arachnophile says:

    I needed to smile today and this did it!

    I LOVE it! Also I concure on the comments about cute guys with wildlife. I have a collection of pictures of this dude I found working with Harpy eagles… *sigh* As a balance to the “cats and racks,” I’d just propose we start a whole segment with cute guys helping animals. 😉

  61. Arachnophile says:

    Oh and baby pinnipeds are ALSWAYS beyond PROSH and perfect

  62. I am at work and have to watch this with the sound down, because this is the computer that runs the iTunes we pipe into the customers. So, I’m watching and I’m all “whoa, cute,” then I realize that the current song playing over our loudspeakers is “Girls on the Beach” by the Beach Boys, which made the whole thing kind of weird.

    I want this job, but I think I would wear flip-flops and shorts or trunks instead of shoes and jeans. Just sayin.

  63. GGAAHHHH!!! *dies of cuteness*

  64. Will someone get me the address of that man – stat!

  65. Anybody else turned on or is it just me? ;D

  66. Woohoo! says:

    Woohoo!! Way to go peeps!! 😀

  67. “Hey hon, how was work?”

    “Brutal, had to snorgle seals all day”

    *cracks open beer, plops down on couch*

    “My nose is killing me”

  68. 19petals says:

    Marie – Believe me, it’s not just you. 😉

  69. *speechless* and he gets to cuddle it at the end?!?!? LUCKY~

  70. LOL! I’m telling you, 19petals…

  71. Sign me up!

  72. browngrl says:

    I am sending a furious email to my high school counsellor right now. I had NO idea this was a career option.

  73. Not really funny……..more like those people were trying to get the wee ones ready for their home. Keep on doing what you are doing rescuing and SAVING.

  74. Yay to cute guy helping wildlife week!

    Yay to snorgling sea lions on the beach!

    I think someone puked at the end.

  75. Wow. Those people are angels.

  76. Oh dear, was that a ralph near the end?

    The bartender needed to cut these people off awhile ago. Either that or that’s the wildest drinking game I’ve ever seen.

    PS – That guy in the water’s edge is killing me.

  77. Rebecca says:

    Here is their website! Why is the Volunteer section down?

    [Ha… well, if I were to guess, I’d have to say they were swept away by a rising tide of HYUUUUAAAEURRRRRRGH – Ed.]

  78. OMG!!! That’s one of the funniest and best. Just too much.

  79. SQUEEEEEEE!!! Yay for rescute!

  80. Well, since my nearest office mate actually IS Peruvian, maybe I just will!

  81. Goodness! It sounds like someone sat on them!

  82. Joëlle Taschereau says:


    Non mais c’est juste trop drôle ça! Allez tout le monde on bêle en coeur. On ne sait même qui bêle l’un l’autre. Ha ha c’est vraiment sweet. J’aimerais ça faire ça!

  83. OK, here’s my own Babelfish-assisted translation of Joëlle’s comment…


    Oh no but that’s just too funny! The whole world is bleating their hearts out. One cannot even tell who is bleating to whom. Ha ha, that’s really sweet. I would like to do that!

  84. Joëlle — C’était un effort sincère. Je ne parle pas français; vous savez probablement ceci déjà. Bienvenue à Cute Overload!

  85. @Kar… this is what I’m sayin’…

  86. Oh that just made my day. 🙂

  87. Jewelia says:

    I don’t speak Spanish or Sea Lion…but that sure was cute!

  88. Aren´t they cute? They are wearing jeans and sweatshirts because it gets REALLY cold here in Peru.
    These cuties live in the south coast and I´m a Forestry student, so one of our subjects at university is peruvian wildlife, and I remember counting and observing sea lions all day, but i never had to snorgle them!!! I’d have gotten a perfect mark….

  89. Viviana says:

    Have just posted this application with my local job centre: “I want to devote my life to snorgling baby sealions on the beach and saying “aaaygaagahayah” a lot.” The reply should be interesting.

  90. “They tried to make me go to rehab; I said “eeEEEghgh, aUghghgh, aeugGHGHghgh”

  91. OK, these people are awesome, and the bebeh sea lions are even BETTER. How do I apply to crawl around snorgling baby sea lions in Peru?

  92. hey, I worked with them! If you want to do some volunteer job and crawl with the baby sea lions, they have openings all year round. Here’s the email address:

  93. They’re awesome!! Makes me feel good knowing other countries care about wildlife conservation too. I know they do, we just never see stuff like this one the news. Bravo Peru!!!