Duck Darwin Awards

Ducks have it rough in the big city, People. You remember this scene, right?

Well, gather ’round ’cause we have another applicant to the Duck Darwin awards. Sender-Inner Kathryn’s Mom writes:

"Something really amazing happened in Downtown Spokane this week and I had to share the story with you. [My colleague] Joel is a loan officer at Sterling [Savings] Bank. He works downtown in a second story office building, overlooking busy Riverside Avenue. Several weeks ago he watched a mother duck choose the cement awning outside his window as the uncanny place to build a nest above the sidewalk."


"The mallard laid ten eggs in a nest in the corner of the planterthat is perched over 10 feet in the air. She dutifully kept the eggswarm for weeks and Monday afternoon all of her ducklings hatched."


"Joel worried all night how the momma duck was going to get thosebabies safely off their perch in a busy, downtown, urban environment totake to water, which typically happens in the first 48 hours of a duckhatching."


"Tuesday morning, Joel came to work and watched the mother duck encourage her babies to the edge of the perch with the intent to show them how to jump off!"


"The mother flew down below and started quacking to her babies above. Inhis disbelief Joel watched as the first fuzzy newborn toddled to theedge and astonishingly leapt into thin air, crashing onto the cementbelow. He couldn’t watch how this might play out. He dashed out of hisoffice and ran down the stairs the sidewalk where the first obedientduckling was stumbling near its mother from the near fatal fall. Joellooked up. The second duckling was getting ready to jump!"


"He quickly dodged under the awning while the mother duck quacked at himand the babies above. As the second one took the plunge, Joel jumpedforward and caught it with his bare hands before it hit the cement.Safe and sound, he set it by the momma and the other stunned sibling,still recovering from its painful leap."

Mom, my legs are smooshed to halfsize now, thanks A LOT.

"One by one the babies continued to jump to join their anxious family below. Each time Joel hid under the awning just to reach out in the nick of time as the duckling made its free fall."


"The downtown sidewalk came to a standstill. Time after time, Joel wasable to catch the remaining 8 and set them by their approving mother."


"At this point Joel realized the duck family had only made part of itsdangerous journey. They had 2 full blocks to walk across traffic,crosswalks, curbs, and pedestrians to get to the closest open water,the Spokane River."


"The onlooking office secretaries then joined in, and hurriedly brought an empty copy paper box to collect the babies. They carefully corralled them, with the mother’s approval, and loaded them up into the white cardboard container. Joel held the box low enough for the mom to see her brood. He then slowly navigated through the downtown streets toward the Spokane River , as the mother waddled behind and kept her babies in sight. As they reached the river, the mother took over and passed him, jumping into the river and quacking loudly. At the water’s edge, the Sterling Bank office staff then tipped the box and helped shepherd the babies toward the water and to their mother after their adventurous ride."


"All ten darling ducklings safely made it into the water and paddled upsnugly to momma duck. Joel said the mom swam in circles, looking backtoward the beaming bank workers, and proudly quacking as if to say,’See, we did it! Thanks for all the help!’"


Did you sell the rights to LifeTime yet, Kathryn M.?



  1. Erebella says:

    Ducky bleeny baby!

  2. Joel is the MAN!

  3. Talk about fun days at work! Catching eensy fluffeh ducklings and carting them to safety! I’d take that break ANY day.


  5. Papilio says:

    God Bless Joel & all of you abundantly for taking the time to take care of the ducklings ! You all have made my day !

  6. Flavia A. says:

    Fantastic 🙂
    Nice to see people doing that kind of thing…

    kudos to Joel!

  7. That man is a hero! Marry me!

  8. What a sweet story!

    I <3 Joel!

  9. What an awesome story and what a caring, sweet and amazing example of humanity. This almost restores my faith in human nature!

    Oh, and freakin’ ANERABLE baby ducks!


  11. …tooooooo the East Side!
    To a dee-luxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y…

  12. OMG!!! With misty eyes and my heart all a’flutter I want to say God Bless you Joel!!! <3

  13. That is such a heart-warming story. I loved it!

  14. aww you guys are such heroes!! way to go, i am so happy to be human reading this.

  15. A banker with a heart?? It’s nice to see there is some good left in this world. What a great story.

  16. Erebella says:

    I was first, I was first! Wow! That is the most awesome story. We need a picture of Joel on here too so we can make googly faces and stare at him in admiration. What a guy!

  17. OY! I hope that first baby duck didn’t break anything! But hooray Joel!

    Mama duck, you so crazy

  18. yarnyoga says:

    I hereby nominate Joel et al for the Nobel Animal-tarian award!

  19. SoCalSis says:

    Make Way for Ducklings, Spokane Style! Let’s see, it’s Jack, Kack, Mack, Nack, Lack, um, Zack, er, and Quack?

  20. I would like to marry Joel and have some ducklings with him.

  21. Anasztaizia says:

    OMG!! That is a GREAT story! I’m so glad there are people out there that would take the time and effort to do this kind of thing!

    Made my day =)

  22. Joel is awesome.

  23. Cute! Why would the momma duck build a nest so high and far away from the water though?

    [It’s a duck thing… – Ed.]

    Also, there’s some duplicate text in your article. “”At this point Joel realized the duck family had only made part of its dangerous journey. They had 2 full blocks to walk across traffic, crosswalks, curbs, and pedestrians to get to the closest open water, the Spokane River.” is posted twice.

    [OK, fixed it, thx! – Ed.]

  24. omigosh. That was a great story!! *sniffle* Wonderful of Joel to help them out. He can add “duckling-catcher” to his resume now. 😀

  25. Wow, what a great story! Yea Joel! You rock!

  26. What an awesome story! Thanks Joel, and thanks CO for sharing it.

  27. scoobie says:

    Ok but I am a little disappointed weren’t able to arrange a live video feed of this story. What ever happened to CuteLive News? cutbacks…

  28. katerpie says:

    What a page turner (scroller?)! What a good deed Joel and his coworkers did, and way to be on the ball with the photo documentation!

  29. Cutbacks? CutBACKS??
    Teh wut?

  30. That totally got me snifflin’. Thanks, this made me remember the good in the world. 🙂

  31. Joel is my hero. I love men that love animals. I think we need a calendar of male animal heros… shirtless photos of these men w the animals they saved! 😀

  32. Rosie A. says:

    So sweet. It makes me feel better to know that there are people like Joel out there, willing to help innocent little baby aminals! YAY JOEL!

  33. Oh, this is just what I need to perk up my otherwise very dreary day (got the news that my grandma passed away last night).

    If Joel ever run for president, he has my vote.

  34. Awww, Yay for Joel!

    And that he stayed up the night before worrying how they would get down–so sweeeet!

    Thank goodness they took lots of photos–the one at the end says it all 🙂

  35. Catsquatch says:





  36. So where is this prince of our hearts?

    I’m sorry if we don’t get a picture of that superman Joel like pronto, I’m gonna riot.

  37. That’s so great of the people to do that! And I even know exactly where the bank is and how far to the river. Hurrah for employees of Sterling Savings in Spokane! Next time I need an ATM, I’ll go to yours 🙂

  38. I concur…we need a pic of Joel. A man who so obviously loves animals is awesome in my book.

  39. Janeyferr says:

    oh, silly Mummyduck 🙂

  40. LesbianNeoCon says:

    If that’s really true, it’s beautiful!!

  41. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Also, I hope the first little duckling, who jumped before Joel was able to make it down there to catch him, is ok! Poor little thing!

  42. Nikita Tinypaws says:

    That last photo is hilarious. She’s all like “Hey thanks!!”

  43. Well, if humans expect the schools to raise their children, then ducks should expect…bankers to raise their…ducklings…

    Okay, it sounded all huffy when I first thought of it.

  44. The Other One Michelle says:

    It is really true, and it is awesome! I love you Joel!

  45. Just call me puddles, tears of joy.

  46. Erebella says:

    I wanna say, all you peeps who post comments on this site do more for showing the good side of humanity than any one story or picture here. Scrolling through and reading grown people Squeeeing and baby-talking and melting into puddles and making up a glossary just to express all that over cute pictures of adorable animals – THAT makes me feel better about people more than anything else I know of.

    So I thank all of you for just being that kind of person because you each help raise the goodness quotient in the world. And you all would have saved those ducklings too if you’d been there!

    Love you guys!

  47. Katrina says:

    Leenk- I’m so sorry about your grandma, stay with us a while, we’ll help.

  48. I have found a new hero. God bless you Joel and your co-workers for showing us the humanity that still exists. steppy bows down in admiration. Long live Joel !!!!
    bebe duckies Ker thud

  49. pretty damn amazing!!!
    cheers to joey and office team. i think a career change is at hand. saving the world, one duckling at a time.

    Joel, you’re making the world a better place. Thank you.

  50. gravyboat says:

    Way to go, Joel!

  51. Ducks are one of thost animals that don’t get any less cute when they reach adulthood. Love the momma’s face in the last pic!

  52. Absolutely the best story ever.

  53. Love you too, Erebella! Big kiss.

    I agree: This place is so necessary for my daily well being. 😀

  54. Wee_Squirrel says:

    YAY! Things like this make me believe in mankind again. <3 to the ducks and extra <3's to Joel et al.

  55. I read this article a while back… was it on cuteoverload or somewhere else? because i definitely remember reading this before!!

  56. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. best story ever.

  57. Great, now there’s another generation of idiot-ducks in the gene pool.

  58. huh… I actually submitted this shortly after it happened (I live in Spokane). guess kathryn did a better job? 😦

    oh well, still good story

  59. michelle says:

    Between this story and the Sea Lion rehab story, I’ve gone through an entire box of tissues today. Sniff. Sniff.

  60. I’m so glad Joel was there to to help those babies when they really needed him.

  61. So glad to see I’m not the only one who got a little teary-eyed reading this. Kudos, Joel!

  62. Okay, Aloria beat me to it, but hey, is Joel single? I want a guy that would think that fast and be that kind and loving! If he does single ads he should really put that tin there “I save baby duscks” What a guy!
    P.S. I’m single Joel!!!!

  63. kthnxbye says:

    Holy Robert McCloskey, how cute is that?

  64. That’s awesome! I’m so glad Joel was able to help the babies 😀

  65. Mummy says……QUACK QUACK……Thank You!!!!!!

  66. SOooooowonderful! I got a little choked up reading that. YEAH Joel! Yeah secretaries! Yeah Mama duck! (Though she really needs a crash course in best nest locations. Of course it WAS the MALLARD that built the nest up there!!!) ‘Nuff said.

  67. Glad to see Momma Duck didn’t attack Joel but rather “thanked” him and the others for helping her brood. I’m glad to read a story with a happy ending.

  68. AlbertaGirl says:

    Dear Joel: I love you.

  69. And once again CO makes me cry! 😀

    I must marry Joel.

  70. Best story EVAR!!!!!

  71. Joel must have a big heart 🙂

  72. That’s good work, Joel & Co. St. Francis smiles on you.

  73. jazmella says:

    WOW!! God Bless you, Joel!! That’s such a fantastic story, I want to cry! 🙂

    Happy tears! I’m so glad there are still good people left in this world!

  74. Make way for ducklingks!!

    I am transferring all my assets to that bank.

  75. I want to marry Joel!


  76. The final photo – I loves it! Its like she’s saying “Thank you man, for saving my babies from the horrible housing choice the current market forced me to make! Thats what I call a “social safety net!!”

    Yuk yuk. A little political humor for your ducks. Great post!

  77. Michelle says:

    SO sweet!! And, I’m amazed that Joel was skilled enough to catch all of the jumping babies. Good thing it wasn’t me…I probably would have dropped half of them by accident!!

    Joel for President!

  78. What a lovely story. If you ever make it out to the east Coast, Joel, I’ll happily buy you a beer.

  79. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, this story gave me a lump in my throat and then Erebella just made it worse. I’m so glad this was posted. YAY for the ducks!! (Are they the kind of critters that will all return next year to their home to nest? cuz if so this could become a regular event… )

  80. Rock on, Joel!

  81. Mary (the first) says:

    p.s. all of you in love with Joel, looks like he’s the guy in blue shirt/tan pants in 9th photo. YAY for him too!

  82. Great story. Great guy. Great outcome. Kudos to Joel and everyone else who had a hand in this sweet story.

  83. Joe Beese says:

    Maybe the barista slipped grouchy powder in my latte this morning. But while the baby ducks are undeniably adorable, I can’t help thinking that this wouldn’t have happened if it had been a family of rats.

  84. I would have helped the rats, but of course, rats are really smart and don’t need this kind of help, usually, right?

    Joel is the man. Joel deserves an award. Or at least, high-quality chocolate!

  85. sunnymum says:

    Way to go JOEL! Whew! So glad those little fluff meisters are okay! You just collected a major amount of good karma there buddy. 🙂

  86. It’s stories like this that remind me the human race isn’t entirely made up of worthless parasites.

  87. Frenchie says:

    WOW! What a great story! So glad to know that there’s still good people in the world 🙂

  88. blueberries4me says:

    aww, I too hope the first little guy is okay.

    I love reading stories like this. A few weeks ago, I found a little tiny duckling maybe only a day old swimming alone in lake Ontario. I picked him out of the water and looked around for a family of ducks, thinking maybe I can return him to his family. After an hour of searching I didn’t find any (it was late at night) so I took the little duckling home and took him to the wildlife centre the next day. He was the sweetest thing in the world. I hope little Flan is doing well 🙂

  89. Yeah, I would’ve gladly helped the rats as well! This was an adorable story…my only concern would be, how they would do after they left the water?

  90. Good going, bank peeps, and now how about some wire mesh (and plants, too) over that planter to keep it from happening again?

  91. Beth (in NC) says:

    Such a sweet story. Seriously, I all teared up and stuff, and I don’t usually do that. 🙂

    I wonder if the daughter ducks will pick funny (and Darwin-Award-y) urban places for their babies to hatch?

  92. paulajeanne says:


  93. Adam de la Halle says:

    What a great story! Congrats to Joel and all the bank people for their kindness. However, I think calling this the “Duck Darwin Awards” is a little off track. Obviously the mother was evolved enough to turn strong bank personnel to mush to save her brood!

  94. Aww … what a sweet story!

    Joel is definitely the man.

    (That is one DUMB mama duck, though.)

  95. WOW! What an amazing story! This brought tears to my eyes.

  96. 1.) Message to duck mommy: WTF, dude?! Stop smoking weed!

    2.) Message to ducklings: You are darling little lumps of fluff and I wish only to hold you all day.

    3.) Message to Joel: Load up on condoms, fella, cuz you are *so* getting laid tonight.

  97. Definitely a special place in heaven for Joel and the Sterling Bank duck shepherds, along with the Peruvian baby sea lion folks and everyone else who takes the time to help our animal friends. I sure hope I end up there, and I hope to see all of you there too!

    This is a great story.

  98. Awwww how cute is this?? Joel is a hero. Didn’t think the mama would go for it, they’re usually fiercly protective.

  99. that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on here.

    My apartment complex has a lake and tons of baby ducks, and they just might be the cutest animals there are.

    …well, after my toy pom of course 🙂

  100. Joel, there’s a spot reserved in Heaven for you! And if you lived in NY I’d marry you!!

  101. I cried a little at that. Ducks are one of my favorite birds.

  102. If someone could draw, they could make a children’s book out of it. That would be so cute:)

  103. that is a truly beautiful story

  104. Stephanie says:

    BEST. STORY. EVER. This is totally the children’s book “Make Way For Ducklings” come to life!!


    yeah i had seen it before!!! this happened in may!!

  106. Websurfer says:

    Why is this under “Cute or Sad?” The only thing sad about it is the possibility of injury to that one baby duck. The rest of it is all uplifting and happy and stuff!

    And PS: some folks find rats, esp. baby rats, cute, so yeah, I’m sure there would’ve been helpers there too. OTOH, as someone pointed out, would rats have tried jumping off a second story ledge like a bunch of Disney documentary lemmings? 🙂

  107. This guy is my HERO.

  108. Is Joel married? If not, would he like to be? 😉 This is an fantastic story!

  109. Genius! Props to Joel.

  110. what sweet story! So nice of someone to help out such cute little ducks. Good for him!

  111. I once found a bird’s nest tucked away under some roof tiles. And I saw the mother bird feeding her babies.

  112. Ah the Men of Cute Overload. So far we have; Cute dark haired Norwegian zookeeper from the lion cub cam, Peruvian seal pup snorgler, Winston’s dad, the man of the hour – Joel, and we cant forget Teho and NTMTOM. Who else?

    Also? I’m a lesbian and I kind of want to marry Joel. How very odd, indeed.

  113. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww!!! Joel is totally AWESOME on a number of points:

    1) he knew they would go to water within 48 hrs.

    2) he could CATCH EACH ONE after it jumped

    I wish there was some way we could send him a card or a drink or a CO T-shirt or SOMETHING!!

    Yay for rescuers!!!!!!!

  114. Gail (the first one) says:

    @lori: and don’t forget we have Berthaservant, oh and Hon Glad and all the other menfolks among the regular comment-taters.

  115. Lerrinus says:

    Right on, Joel! Hugs and chocolate to ya, man!

    Wonderful pics, those baby ducklinks are too cute!

  116. binky-mama says:

    Things like this restore my faith in humanity! Many thanks to the Sterling Bank peeps and Joel for his excellent ducklet catching skills! And of course thanks to C.O. for bringing the story to us! [sniff sniff]

  117. Am I a total lame-oid for almost bursting out in tears??? Oh well.

    And kudos to Meg for the HIGH-LARIOUS hover-text. Hee!

  118. miltoncat says:

    Stories like this lift my soul, they really do… I’d heard two not-good animal stories this week and had given up on humanity yet again.

    Team Joel & Team Ducks!

  119. crystalrabbit7 says:

    I wouldn’t blame the mama duck too much…I remember watching a BBC video (yes, with Sir David Attenborough narrating) that certain ducks build their nests high up in trees for safety, then the babies jump down before waddling off behind their parent to the nearest water source. You might be able to find it on Youtube – I might actually have seen it on Cute Overload first. Granted, they usually jump into much softer leaves rather than hard concrete.

    That said, major props to Joel (I definitely don’t have the hand-eye coordination to catch that many fluffballs…good thing they didn’t all jump down at once)!

  120. Christine H says:

    I am completely overwhelmed by the level of adorable in this post. This is the cutest/sweetest story ever.

  121. The Future Mrs. Joel says:

    Joel, will you marry me?

  122. Can’t forget these guys if we’re talking about the Men of Cute Overload:

  123. Anne Boleyn says:

    There is hope for the world! This story proves it.
    Leenk, so sorry for your loss. This is the place to come when you’re sad. We sort of hug each other.

  124. Xtineebee says:

    OMG! It’s my fav. children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings” in *live action*.

    This needs to be an entry into Discovery’s “I love the Whole World” song, right here.

  125. I have only two words, and I’m astounded that no one has said them already:

    That’s QUACKTASTIC!!!

  126. Aw man. I remember that video. Watching if baby birdies bounce. Hated it. That and the debate about urban hawk watchers who run through the streets of SLC when the babies first learn to fly.

    LOVE JOEL though.

    PS – reminds me of this story ( )

    I think Joel deserves an award too! And seriously, not all bankers are evil. Not all of us anyway.

  127. Melissa H. says:

    Oh my god!! That is the most wonderful thing I’ve heard in a while! Is he married by any chance?

  128. Annie J says:

    Joel is my new hero! Haha what a smarty for knowing those duckie facts, and for catching them all. He deserves the CO Animal-tarian Nobel Prize (as someone else mentioned). Or a CO shirt…lol.

    If Joel is not married yet he will be soon, after charming all of CO’s eligible women 😛

    Duckies are sooooo cute! <3

  129. That’s twice today you made me love humans again…thank you!!!! 🙂

  130. Oh, I needed this! It just warmed by bitter heart.

  131. spispopd says:

    “that certain ducks build their nests high up in trees for safety, then the babies jump down before waddling off behind their parent to the nearest water source”

    True enough, but they probably evolved in an environment where that would usually mean jumping down onto relatively soft forest leaf-litter/grass/moss, not concrete pavement.

    It’s also fairly easy to catch falling ducks if you have a sheet of fabric to stretch out (just DON’T pull it taut or the ducks bounce off again). So you strip off your t-shirt exposing your manly chest and rippling six-pack while gently rescuing the plummeting ducklings.

    Then hordes of women fling themselves at you, at least so long as you didn’t bounce the ducks into oncoming traffic because you pulled the t-shirt taut instead of heeding my earlier warning. HEED MY EARLIER WARNING!

  132. Michelle says:

    Sometimes people are so wunnerful.

    and i second the notion on having a male animal rescue have joel..with like ducky underpants on or something!!…showing pecks and beaks or whatever :>

  134. Aesthetica says:

    i want to snorgle joel.

    we need a *Men of Cute Overload* calendar, wherethe mens are shirtless and snorgling cute baby animals. meg, get on that, stat!

  135. Aesthetica says:

    lisamarie – jinx! i owe you a coke!

  136. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Ooh, I love this one… and how much everyone else is loving it. Warm fuzzies (i.e. fuzzy baby ducky down) all round!

    Hubby and I live about 8 blocks away from a large city park with ponds. One day we spotted a mother duck leading her brood of tiny ducklings along our street (which luckily was fairly quiet). Curious, we followed them as she ambled towards the park – more or less. At one point she took a detour into a parking lot, but eventually she figured it out and waddled on out again, followed by her confused babies.

    Then she took them right onto the busy main road that leads directly to the park! At this point, hubby stationed himself about 20 feet ahead of her, and I took up the rear. We guided oncoming traffic around the brood as Mama Duck kept heading determinedly forward.

    Not a single car honked. I still remember how people leaned out of their cars as they drove by, beaming widely. Every single driver was delighted by the mini traffic jam.

    Finally Mama Duck reached the park and – after a brief encounter with an aggressive crow (which her new human friends managed to scare away) – she led her babies to the pond and hopped in. They hopped adorably in after her. And that was that.

    The experience made our week!!!

  137. AWWWWWWW!!!! What an absolutely sweet and fantastic story! This just made my day. Yay for kind-hearted animal-rescuing humans!

    I’m going to desist offering Joel my hand in marriage since there’s a long line of illustrious suitors already ::snif::

    I gotta say though, it’s a relief to know humans are not the only ones eligible for the Darwin awards 😛

  138. Danielle says:

    This story makes me proud to say I’m from Spokane!

  139. Oh, and I totally second the “Hawt Men of CuteOverload” calendar.

  140. Haven’t had the time to read all the comments, but I like the extry-long post that coincides with the extry-long baseball all-star game!

  141. eikoleigh says:

    Best ever…..thanks CO

  142. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen, heard, read or had related to me that in any way involves the Internet.

  143. Man of the Year for Joel, what a great story! I did a bit of research and found out that PETA agrees–he received PETA’s Compassionate Action Award this year.

    Also, ladies, I found a photo (totally easy to find if you Google the bank and his name, btw–no cyber-stalkers here!). Link, if you’re interested:

    That was truly an awesome story and a great pick-me-up during a blech night at work. Thanks again, CO!

  144. I live in Spokane and I’m downtown quite a bit (work near there), I’m tempted to print out the post and everyone’s comments and pass it along to our banker-friend 🙂

  145. SO awesome. Kudos to everyone who helped those duckies make their way safely to the water. I love reading these sort of stories.
    In such a crap filled world.. it’s so nice to have something like this to come along to show you that, there’s still some glimmer left.

  146. What a FANTASTIC story, bravo Joel!!!

  147. Catherine says:

    I’m worried about the first duckling!! Is it okay??

  148. Aesthetica says:

    joel is married! aaaaaarrrrrrreaahhhhhhhggghhhhh! [scream of grief, not impression of peruvian sea lion snorgler].

  149. Addicted to Cute says:

    Awesome story… I love a happy ending!

  150. Thats it’, I have a new hero, Joel #sigh#

    Makes me feel good to realize these people still exist!

  151. Perhaps someone should (or already has) email Joel and tell him he’s a superstar of Cute Overload.

    His email address is available from the link above.

    Maybe he’d post something here. I know Marth Stewart was here a couple of days ago, but Joel is an even bigger celebrity, I think.

  152. I also hope Joel’s wife has a sense of humor.

  153. I love this story, too- My mom forwarded it to me the other day. And since she works in animal rescue, it was doubly moving. So of course I sent it on to here. 🙂 Molly, maybe when you sent it in earlier it got lost in the interwebs?

    Ducks and ducklings rule!

  154. Hey, do we have anybody named Joel who writes in? He is married, does he have ducklings of his own? What a Nice Guy, congratulations, Mrs. Joel. How could she not have a sense of humor, she’s married to Joel, he does this! One would posit that one’s gotta be flexible to live with a duck avenger, no?
    How are you holding up Leenk? See? We are here for you! Have as good a day as possible.

  155. Awesome.

  156. YAY, Joel and colleagues. Y’all are amazing!

  157. My friend sent this to me the other day and I sent it to all my friends, but for some reason didn’t think to send it here!

    Poor Joel’s email is out there, and boy is he going to be bombarded?!?!

    YAY for kind hearted, smart people who take care of those animals and people who can’t help themselves!!!

  158. elliottsmommy says:

    i just emailed joel, via the link above, and told him he’s a CO star and if he ever feels down, he should keep these comments tucked away to re-read and make him realize he’s a hero. TEAM JOEL!!!!

  159. Aww, go Joel!

  160. elliotsmommy, let us know what he says, if he replies!!!

  161. I only have one question: Why did CO call this an entry to the Duck Darwin Awards??? The Darwin Awards are for those who remove themselves from the gene pool by doing something stupid to cause their own demise.

    I think this is more of an entry for the Duck Nobel Peace Prize!

    Yay Joel!!!

  162. Kimberly says:

    That just warms my heart to think that there are people out there that will help animals like that. You rock Joel!

  163. Kari – the Darwin Award goes to the Mother duck who put her nest in such a baaaaad place. Ker-thunk to the first poor baby and then SuperJoel to the rescue!

  164. Thanks for such a great story! What a great way for me to start my day. You are my hero, Joel!

  165. zomgwtfbbq says:

    Sounds like a “Men of CO” or “Cute Overload Centerfold” category is needed.

  166. jess, la, ca says:

    This truly gives new meaning to full service banking. Way to go, Joel!

  167. Floyd's Mom says:


  168. Floyd's Mom says:


  169. Floyd's Mom says:


  170. Floyd's Mom says:


  171. Floyd's Mom says:


  172. Floyd's Mom says:


  173. i’m all misty ovah heah!!

    big shout out to joel and his co-workers who helped. ah, harmony. i hope for all good karma to come their way. what an incredibly fantastic story that, without one person taking swift action, would have ended very badly.


  174. Seven Paws says:

    This is absolutely the best, most inspiring story I’ve ever read. It really does give you hope for the future of the world – which is something we desperately need these days!

    Joel, you RULE!

  175. As Americans I swear, “Make Way for Ducklings” has been hard wired into all of us at some point. Remember that duckie mother in DC who put her nest right outside the Treasury? They had a freakin live guard and marked off the area from tourists and curious bystanders. Then when the babies hatched they had Park Services trucks dispatch them to Rock Creek Park. You’d think it was a high and mucky muck ambassador.

  176. Seven Paws says:

    Bahhahahahhahaha on the hovertext on the picture with the babies coming out of the box!

  177. I’m about to go to my job at my local sexual assault centre, where I hear a lot about the horrors humans can do to each other. This post helped remind me of all the good and beauty people are capable of. Thank you for the tears of happiness and gratitude!

  178. i once did that with some baby quails that were stuck in my backyard looking up at momma who was on top of a 6-foot wall peeping down at them to just fly on up…quails aren’t nearly so smart as ducks, you might imagine

  179. =/ I got teary-eyed. I use to have pet ducks and love them-Joel should propose to me.

  180. okaasan59 says:

    That is the most awesome story I’ve seen in a long time.

  181. Lioness says:

    OMG!What a sweetheart! That man deserves a good samaratin Award! Yay Joel!

  182. But how will the poor baby ducklings get back to their nest? Are they homeless now?

    [They don’t go back, once they leave; they’ve “Left the Nest”… – Ed.]

  183. Jenn in IL says:

    I hope Joel is able to meander over to our little corner of Heaven here and read all the wonderful things said about him. What a wonderful, quick thinker he was.

    And spispopd – LOL!!!!! TOTALLY what should have happened!!

    And if I were that first duckling, I’d be pissed. “You mean I had to jump all ‘da way to ‘da ground and risk breaking my beak when all my siblings got caught by soft hands of love? WTH, MOM??”

    So great. Thanks for the post.

    And Leenk, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you’re doing as well as can be expected.

  184. Joel Armstrong says:

    THANKS for all the nice comments from all of you!
    I wil try and post a picture of me nexty week.

    I am the person I am all due to my relationship with JESUS CHRIST. He changed my life and I try to live everyday treating others the way I want to be treated. God BLess all of you !!

    I am married to my High School swethear and we have been togehter for 19 years.

    YOur Duck Hero,

    Joel Armstrong

  185. guttersnipe says:

    I always thought it was easier to love animals than humans. But it is very easy to love some people.

    What a wonderful story.

  186. fabiola says:

    It gives me hope in humanity when I hear stories like that. Thanks for doing my day!

  187. elliottsmommy says:

    awwww. yay for joel, the duck hero and his HS sweetheart – i bet they’re very happy together! 🙂



  189. Joel, great work here. You ARE the greatest duck hero of all time!

  190. elliottsmommy says:

    oh, and as you can see, he replied, thanking me for the nice note and asking about cute overload. i explained that when i first found it myself, i spent about 12 hours looking at the archives, foregoing water, food, diet mountain dew, chapstick and other basic life necessities just to catch up on teh qte.

    [Wow. OK, I’ve got Chapstick in my desk, you can borrow it… – Ed.]

  191. DoshDosh, I love the duck awareness. Nice post +++

  192. YAAAAYYY! I LOVE kind office workers! YAAAYY!

    I am 95% of the time a person who greatly prefers animals to humans, but this piece has also reaffirmed my faith in good people (they are out there, do not despair).

  193. What a dumb motherducker.

    But at least compassionate Joel and the rest of the team were there to save the day! Cute story!

    Hope that one baby duck makes it okay!

  194. starling says:

    We wuv you, Joel!

    Yes, ducks can be very stupid. I live along the Lancaster canal and have seen lots of ducklings this year. One of the ducks lost two broods of ducklings (one of 2, one of 7, the last duckling almost survived to adulthood) because she just didn’t keep an eye on them. One of the other ducks had 12 ducklings and they all survived!

  195. scooterpants says:

    Joel = perfect husband/daddy material.
    gotta love a guy with this must sensitivity and HEART.
    thanks for the eye-watering (right here at work) there Joel.

  196. This is truly a cute story, but what happens when the ducks have to make the journey back? And how do they get back into their nest?

    [They don’t! This is where the phrase “leaving the nest” comes from… – Ed.]

  197. riolinda says:

    Sweet, sweet story! A little morning cry is always good… Bravo Joel!! 🙂

  198. This story was probably one of my favorites since I started visiting CO on a daily basis….. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! What an enjoyable 15 minutes of wasted time at work 🙂

  199. That is, hands down, the best story I’ve read in a long time and should have made international news. If stupid stuff like celebrities procreating does, then this should too! It made me cry and restored my faith in humanity for the day. Thanks for posting it.

  200. thatgirlshines says:

    is joel single? does he need a date?

    i think he’s going to find himself knee-deep with ladies who’d like to go out with him.

    hopefully if there is a mrs. joel, she won’t be too upset that joel is now a crushee for thousands of woman on the cute!

    [Joel’s married, all right. Scroll up & look for his comment/reply… – Ed.]

  201. hotmustard says:

    Good Lord, what an inappropriate place to drop an egg or 10. Poor little critter

  202. I learn the most interesting things here. So baby duckies only spend 2 days in their nest after hatching, and then they venture out into the great wide world, never to return to “nest, sweet nest” again. Amazing! I’m so glad to know this. I was worried that poor Joel was going to have to get a ladder to put the duckies up every night, and rescue them again every morning.

  203. yay to all involved.

  204. Maulleigh says:

    I haven’t cried this much since the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercial!

  205. Maybe Joel has a single brother with similar duck-rescuing abilities?

  206. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Thumbs up, Joel–you’re one of the good ones!

  207. Carencey says:

    oh my, so precious! what a great story. and the mouseover captions on those pictures are just priceless. 😀

  208. Pogonip says:

    Dateline 2108. The urban duck reproduces only while in a symbiotic relationship with a human being. The mother duck lays the eggs and sits them. It is the responsibility of the symbiot, the human, to get the hatched ducklings from the nest to a body of water. This can sometimes be an arduous task, as water is such a precious commodity and seldom open to the atmosphere. But it is because of this special inter-species relationship that both species continue to exist.

  209. littleturkeylegsmom says:

    Make Way For Ducklings indeed–ducklings in the pond and Joel in my heart!

    So far we’ve got 3 guys for our calendar–Sea Lion Gargler, Puppy Crooner, and Duck Rescuer! All in a week!

    And Joel, does your bank do home loans? My husband and I are looking into buying, and this story convinced me you are da man! Any branches here in Seattle land?

  210. ladycrim says:

    Well done, Joel! Save those ducklings!

  211. Nicely done, Pogonip!

    (the bio-grammar geek in me wants to insist on properly spelling it ‘symbiont’ or even ‘symbiote’ though)

  212. Oh, what a sweet story! Thanks to those nice people who helped these duckies ~ I’m so glad that first one who took a flying leap onto the pavement survived!!!!

  213. Joel is awesome! I love this story. Thank you for making my day brighter. 🙂

  214. Diana — yes, agreed… but you have to understand, ducklings are fluffy and weigh next to NOTHING. Even if s/he’d fallen 100 feet onto a parking lot, s/he probably would have just bounced a little & been fine. Air drag, you know.

    This is not meant to belittle the efforts of Joel & crew, mind.

  215. Best thing I’VE seen in a LONG time!

  216. It’s a wonder any ducklings survive, with or without help.

  217. Cheers to Joel for helping the EDBD ducks!

    [OSAR! CDCOXCU? – Ed.]
    [PS – MWHID! LOL.]

  218. scooterpants says:

    this should also be posted in Matchinks!
    and follows COMPLETELY
    Rules of Cuteness, #7, #9 and of course #12. 🙂

  219. scooterpants says:

    “i hear that Theo is fluffy and weighs next to nothing (kinda like a twinkie) let’s toss his floofy butt off… oh lets say a ten story building( about equivilant to 10 feet for a lil fluffa duckie) and see if he would “bounce a little and be fine”. You hold his legs-
    BAH HA hahahahhhhaaa. 🙂

  220. I weigh significantly more than half an ounce, Scooter.

  221. (anyway, I’ve already done that, though probably not how you’re picturing)

  222. texirishrose (Austin, TX) says:

    Wow…this brought tears to my eyes! This is just the best story EVAR! You rock, Joel!

  223. tracyFlick says:

    I don’t know what Joel looks like – but I think he’s HOT.

  224. Hooray for happy endings where everything turns out…just ducky! 🙂



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    This site is great for positive reading!

    If any of you need home loans my bank is Sterling Savings and I work in the Home loan Center called Action Morgage. You can apply online at the address.

    If this supprot of the ducklings and I keeps up I may be on the Letterman show.
    I truly appreciate all of the feedback.

    quack quack,
    The Duck hero

    Joel Armstrong

  226. You’re a peach, Joel. 🙂

  227. “You’d think it was a high and mucky muck ambassador.

    kar | Jul 16, 2008 at 07:11 AM”

    Hmmm…more like a high and ducky duck ambassador, imo.

  228. Oh, dear lord, I love this story.

  229. awwww i have chills
    i agree w/AP get the condoms ready dude!! you’re gonna be busy for a while!!

    [NOT classy. Try again. – Ed.]

  230. rations of lady fingers says:

    Joel = the patron saint of ducks…

  231. I am amazed that the mother duck went back to her babies after a human touched them but by the sounds of it Joel you are no ordinary human 🙂 What a great story!!

    [The “human touch of doom” is a myth, Rose… but you’re right about the rest of it – Ed.]

  232. what a precious story of human kindness and gentleness. we can all take a lesson from this gentleman.

  233. Rita Marx says:

    May God Bless Joel for being such a Hero in catching the ducklings in their almost-fatal free fall!

  234. I cried little happy tears. This is such a beautiful story, and it’s guys like Joel who make the world a nicer place.

    I’m also sorta amazed that MamaDuck understood that Joel was helping her ducklings! Just …. wow.

  235. This was a wonderful story! I am so glad to know that there are other caring individuals out there 🙂 Bravo, Joel!

  236. Joel was just doing it to get into one of the secretaries pants. 😛

  237. YEAH for Joel! Awesome the mom let him do that!

  238. Holy toledo, crazy mama duck for building the nest 10 feet above the ground and expecting 48-hour old ducklings to make the leap to hard concrete.

    Then again, nature is quirky sometimes. After all a lot of animals and birds make their nests in trees higher than 10 feet and expect their young to fly or jump at some point from way up there.

    I noticed some strange comments from a lot of posters saying how they wanted a calendar made of naked men that saved animals or they wanted to marry, date, or have sex with the Joel. Geez, kinda unclassy there, esp RGT and missygreenthumb.

  239. WOW.

    I am obsessed with ducks.

    Any man who rushes to save ducks is my perfect match.

    Joel, will you marry me?

    single and kinda hot chloe. (i like candlelit dinners and romantic walks on the beach. and duckie shaped diamonds.)

  240. Oops, I wrote “the Joel” plus forgot to give him my thumbs-up for doing such great work helping out mama duck and 10 ducklings! What you did obviously left an impression on your co-workers and people that saw you walking to the river and hopefully they will do in kind if they are in a similar situation. Cheers! 🙂

  241. I cannot tell you how much I needed to read a story like this. Thank you, Joel, for making my day at work brighter!

  242. Yay for Joel. 🙂 I hope you do end up on Letterman to share the story. 🙂

    As for ducks and geese, they nearly give me a heart attack at least every couple of years where I live–crossing multiple lanes of traffic with their babies trailing behind them. Thankfully there always seems to be someone there who gets out of their car and stops traffic long enough for them to cross. I once saw geese crossing in front of an oncoming semi–the cab was so high up that I didn’t know if the driver would see them in time, and the scene of impending doom nearly gave me a coronary (I was about half a block away and couldn’t do anything to intervene). Thankfully, he saw them and stopped, but not before I’d just about wee’ed myself. And it totally stresses me out to see dizzy goslings/fledglings all by themselves, disoriented and vulnerable. We took one home once (a few blocks away) and let it rest in blankies on our balcony. It had the energy to fly away the next morning. 🙂

  243. Bravo Joel!

  244. Joel: if anyone needs a true definition of “Mitzvah” (usually described as “a good deed”), it’s your act, your kindness, thoughfulness – and ALSO the thoughtful crew around you who not only helped but, by photographing the deal, soothed so many hearts. Think about it – every person who saw this and commented passed along some lovingkindness to folks in their own lives….who did likewise….&c &c. (and a lot of people looked, were delighted, but did NOT comment – they, too, will “play it forward”!)You’re the precious pebble in the pond and your warmth will circle the globe, truly. Fifteen minutes of fame? Maybe – but also the gratitude of people too numerous to count. Your wife is lucky to have you, and your children? They’ll be the kind of people who will secure the future of the world. Thank you.

  245. Someone needs to start a mother duck parenting class.

  246. Faith in Humanity: Restored!

    Next step for Joel, seeing as how he’s clearly got talent with waterfowl, is juggling goslings.

  247. debbie butt-hewings says:

    amazing story of nature and human kindness; the two worlds can exist together with respect for each inspite of the differences,

  248. Way to go ….and they chivalry is dead!

  249. Crazed — my hand to God…

  250. Aesthetica says:

    joel, you are taunting us with your cute-picture-and-also-kind-to-animals-yet-also-married status! no fair!

    kidding! 😉

    your wife is a lucky lady. but we still want you to be the month of july on the *men of cute overload* calendar.


    oh, and DLR? lighten up. kthxbai.

  251. Aesthetica says:

    i also want to nominate actor Ryan Gosling to the *men of cute overload* calendar. why? he’s cute, and his name is the same as a baby goose, of course!

  252. Carolina2 says:

    Amazing story!! I lived in Spokane when I was much younger, and it was nice to see mention of it. (It sure looks different now, from what I could see in the pics.) Anyway, I hope they get a ‘humanitarian’ award for doing that, they deserve it. Thanks once again for sharing.

  253. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh SQUEEE! I lurve this story. The ducklings are adorable.
    Joel, you are wonderful, and God bless you for being an animal hero.
    Meg-o, I would SO buy a Hot Guys of CO and their pets (rescued or otherwise)…Preferably with a hammie tee shirt on to protect their modesty.

  254. I always knew condos were a bad idea! Always too high up in the air to be practical.

  255. I just got laid off from my job at the age of 53 and this story made me weep from sheer joy. Thanks for posting it!

  256. avrenim says:

    Joel, since you’re married and, like Lori, I’m a lesbian, do you have a single lesbian sister with a heart as big as yours? What a great story and the pictures to accompany it are what makes it stand out against all the other rescue stories, so kudos to the genius with the camera, too!

  257. scooterpants says:

    theo- i would love to see a pic of ‘not what i am thinking’ now i am so curious.
    anyhoo- Joel is the poo.
    i wish him and his beloved wife all the best. what a great guy. -i dont know if i would be brave enough to post my mug on the QUE, but i’ll bet he’ll be getting some calls. best wishes.
    oh. BTW, my husband and i have been married for 27 years.. SO just try to catch up there, mister ‘Joel the perfect husband guy!’ ha! (and no ducks yet…)

  258. oh yay! i will sleep so well tonite.

  259. KeleeMaree says:

    HERO! *tears*

  260. omg duckl1ings!

  261. Joel, if I’m ever in need of a loan I would totally go to you. 🙂

  262. Amanda M. says:

    This is a familiar story for a lot of my students–their dumbass mother doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing so someone else has to catch and guide them.

    At least when ducks do it it’s cute!

  263. When I was originally sent this link on Tuesday, the story (written by Joel’s sister, Candace) said there were 9 ducklings. But the photos clearly showed 10. I’m glad to see the corrected number because now, I will sleep better tonight.

  264. staticgirl says:

    Yay for Joel!

    I saw a wildlife officer try to do this kind of thing before (on TV) but the journey to the river was too long and mother duck flew away (all ducklings were successfully hand-reared). I’m happy to see this method work properly this time, it’s a lovely story.

  265. cheesybird says:

    Yay Joel!!! A true hero!!!

    I was worried when I saw over 250 comments. That usually heralds commentroversy, and I couldn’t imagine what about this post could possibly warrant commentroversy. It was wonderful to scroll down and see happy comment after happy comment!

    Oh, and if we’re gonna do a Men of CO calendar, can we include Dumpster Raccoon Rescue Guy too?

  266. sallygee says:

    Why are y’all doing this to me? Here I get up all early and ready to work at the computer, stop by CO to get a morning happy, get all caught up in reading this and crying and forwarding it and reading the comments and getting directed to the raccoon-guy’s video and now I’m crying again!

    And Joel — if your bank ever merges with Liberty Mutual, that has the great ‘paying it forward’ commercials, I think there’s a killer ad waiting to be made!

    You, sir, are a mensch. And your wife and kids are so lucky!

  267. If there were more people like this, the world would be a better place.

    Thank you for going the extra mile!

  268. elliottsmommy says:

    ri-duck-ulous? no one? just ri-DUCK??
    and thank you, also, to raccoon-saving man. 🙂 joel, i wanna buy one of those mortgage thingies just because you rock.

  269. This is such a sweet story. It would make a terrific childrens book.
    Have you thought about a new career?

  270. I am glad I am not the only one that had tears in her eyes.. 🙂 Awesome story!!

  271. I’m thinking/hoping maybe everyone who supplied a comment would do the same as Joel. There’s hope for this world, this story is proof. Uplifting…

  272. awesome! says:

    Joel = Awesome.

  273. Nice one Joel! If you pop down to the local chinese in six months, you can enjoy the fruits of your labours.

  274. I am really enjoying all of the comments and getting some great laughs also!
    I like the commnet above that stated that everyone who put a comment on this site should try and do the same thing or a good deed.
    I have had some offers for a children’s book and I think it would make a great story.
    Peace aned Love to all of you and have great weekend!

    Your Friend,
    Joel Armstrong

  275. sweet photo series.

  276. Katrina says:

    Joel, is it true that in appreciation Mamaduck now walks your kids to school each day? Yuk,yuk…

    I’m so glad you are enjoying C.O. stick around, it really is a fabulous place to be!

    You are the 1,001st point of light. (Geez, I hope you are old enough to get that-it is a compliment.)

  277. This is fantastic! Thanks for helping out the duck family:)

  278. Joel is HOT!

  279. This was photoshopped. I have years of experience in photo editing and I can tell because of the disturbance of the pixels that these ducks were photoshopped! FAKE!

  280. This should be on the news…we all need something of hope and kindness…what a wonderful experience…kind of like you had to be there to believe it…this was great!!!

  281. scooterpants says:

    if there ever should be a MOCOL calendar dont forget to include the devistatingly handsome ‘young man on bike with smiling adorable helmuted cho-wow-wow in milk crate on back!’
    yummie! (he could be June, or a nice spring-time month) 🙂

  282. These picures are not photoshpped as someone stated above. I promise they are 100% real. Which picture seems fake? There were many witnesses to this event.
    If you really put together a calendar I am more than happy to send in some pics.

    Joel Armstrong aka duck hero

  283. warrior rabbit says:

    Joel, don’t worry. Everyone knows they weren’t photoshopped — even that poster. He posted under ‘troll,’ which is the term for someone who posts just to agitate everyone else.

    Also, great job. Thanks for saving the duckies!

  284. I bet the duckling lagging in the box, looking like its legs are broken (in the second to last picture) is the one that jumped first.

  285. heather says:

    Yay Joel! He officially has fans now thanks to this post, myself included 😀

    Heartwarming stuff like this gives me the warm fuzzies, and almost makes me an optimist.

    Almost XD

    This story needs to be sent into national news shows (or the daily show lol). It would us a nice respite from election coverage.

  286. starling says:

    Kati, if its legs were broken they’d have taken it to the vet. And obviously it managed to get into the water on its own.

    Bebeh’s bounce quite well, you know!

  287. I love the happy ending! We’re used to wild ducks that nest in Tokyo – a variety of places in the very busy town – and then traffic and people stop just to let them pass to the place with water nearby on the day the travel starts! Not to say anything about reporters and television…all the crowd is there for the event!
    A real nice story, heart lifting!

  288. what a wonderful story….it put a smile on my face that will stay there all day….great job to Joel and the others that helped…those babies are the cutest ..with the mom saying thanks at the end….toooooo sweet!!!

  289. Aesthetica… NOW………
    I owe you a coke…i think joel should still do the calendar..too July is a good month (my b-day) and ryan gosling..great minds think alike!! do you think Joel will still succumb to the quaky-undies ????..STILL TEARY EYED TO HEAR HE’S MARRIED..OOPS I MEAN STILL TEARY EYED OVER THE STORY ..JK

  290. These ducks have to fall in order to stimulate their urge to eat. In the wild, these ducks build their nests over water, and they jump 10 feet into the water. It’s very natural for them, and if they don’t, they will starve to death because they never get the desire to eat.

  291. warrior rabbit says:

    But they usually fall onto something organic. Not concrete. (Ow!)

  292. I have two beefs with this story.

    First, considering physics: A duckling is not a dense enough creature to reach a terminal velocity from such a fall that would result in it being seriously injured or killed. This is why rodents can drop several stories and walk away unharmed, but a human at the same height would shatter bones, and a larger animal like a horse would explode on impact. Catching the baby ducks was unnecessary.

    Second, to be even considered for a ‘Duck Darwin Award’, it precludes that the stupidity of the ducks and their mother’s choice of nest location resulted in taking those particular ducks out of the gene-pool so that they could not continue to pass their genetic code on to further offspring. Since these ducks survived, and presumably escaped with their sexual organs in tact, this condition is not met. I see ‘Darwin award’ thrown around SO often when the person just wants to exemplify common stupidity. Sorry, little pet peeve of mine. No wonder there are creationists still running around when evolutionary theory is misunderstood, and misleadingly represented.

    Nice story, but misinformed.

  293. I echo JC. That Joel IS the man, man!

  294. Ed — it’s not the news, it’s Cute Overload!

    (mad props to Fark)

  295. Whoops, ignore my misuse of the phrase terminal velocity. My point is still valid. Lets change it to ‘fatal velocity’, shall we?

  296. Way ahead of you, buddy.

  297. I have to agree with Ed. Instead of Duck Darwin awards which implies the mama was too stoopid to know any better, how about a headline with some compassion for a woman who goes into labor before she thought she would and makes the best out of it!

    How about something like “Humans do a very good thing! :)” or a seriously “cute” headline for this entry?

    It’s neither cute nor funny to get a laugh at anyone’s (or any duck’s) expense. It’s kinda lame, honestly.

  298. Gabriela Melano EdD says:

    Joel, are you… by any chance, single and heterosexual? 😉 Gabriela (Just kidding… although… well, I live in the West Coast anyhow… 😉

  299. T Barber says:

    Cute, but not unusual at all. Some ducks nest high up in a tree and have the ducklings fall much furher than 10′. After all, a ducking only can fall so fast because of their size, shape, fluffy wind resistance, and lil flappy wings. So their “terminal [fall] speed” is low. A humans terminal speed is about 180 mph.

  300. Very sweet story! I’m glad he was kind enough to help them. 🙂

  301. Such a wonderful story! Joel is a hero!

  302. I appreciate the good gestures, I have seen horrific things happen to little ducks trying to cross the road, this warmed my heart. I really don’t care about the logic stated above by ED, this is just a feel good…..let it be that…. thanks

  303. That just rocks! Good for him and the office crew!

  304. warrior rabbit says:

    Just heard Joel’s Duck Hero story on NPR! Go Joel!

  305. What a FANTASTICLY kind act! Fingers crossed for Duckling #1. C’mon, Ellen DeGeneres, let’s meet Joel!!!!!!

  306. What a beautiful story…Just loved it..and the ducklings too.
    Hebe (Australia)

  307. Wonderful story. Can we clone Joel?

  308. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again:
    Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  309. Crochety Old Bag says:

    This warms the cold, darkness that is my heart.

    Ok, not really.

  310. There sure are so many Beautiful and kind people in this world.
    The people were beautiful, and so is Mama duck and her adorable babies.
    May all have a long and happy life.

  311. Very, Very cute story, with pictures. Heartwarming.

  312. Maybe the Momma duck was trying to kill off the baby ducks and not get blamed for their death, instead she wanted it to look like ducky suicides, and Joel had to go and ruin the rest of her life. Now she has to live the rest of her life with 10 little ducks following her around squaking! Where was the daddy duck this whole time? He should have been there to put the babies on his back and carry them to safety.

  313. GOOSEBUMPS!!! what a story…

  314. Duck Fan says:

    How sweet! Great job, Joel.

  315. Wow, that is a nice office and super that would let you do this. I once rescued a hummingbird from an attacking sparrow. She held onto my finger for dear life and screamed when I had to let her go; she wanted me to take her to wildlife rescue. However, I knew my boss would not approve; would write me up as AWOL for an hour; and I would be the laughin stock of the callous office group. So, I had to leave her flailing about; and not able to fly. I am wonder if she ever recovered. I looked for her at lunch that day and did not find her. I am thinking she probably did not survive because hummingbirds can only live about 4 hours without food and water. I never forgave my boss; treated her coldly thereafter; and when she retired, I callously boycotted her party; and never even said good bye.

  316. Yay, Joel! Huh. I work for a competing credit union, also in Spokane, and I still think Joel is a hero!

    I shall visit the ducks at the park soon and tell them CO says hi!

  317. Mameblanche says:

    SHALOM from Canada, JOEL! (Hello! Peace!)

    Add me to the list of fans who are thrilled by your MITZVAH. You truly are a MENSCH! (Good deed, decent human being.)

    Through tears of joy and joyous laughter, I must chime in and say thank you Joel, you are positively ducky! I am a total sap for duckies, and now, for duckie rescuers!

    Joel, once and for all, could you let us know about the first little ducky who fell (onto the concrete) fared? It seems a few of us are wondering. Glad they ALL made to to the water with your help! You are a sweetiepie!

    I’ll be forwarding a link of this page to the Letterman show AND to the Ellen Degeneris show, AND to the Oprah show.

    I was in Seattle for a couple of days last summer before we took an Alaskan cruise, and that made this story even more poignant to me. Brought back memories of a lovely place and lovely people.

    Oh and this is the first time I am posting here, but I’ve been a CO fan for quite a while. Keep up the great, heartwarming and hilarious work guys!

  318. Mameblanche says:

    Postscript: I just tried to find the emails for these shows: Letterman, Ellen, & Oprah, with no success. I hope someone else has better luck. 😦 I’m convinced they will love this story, just like we do.

  319. Did you know the last photo became a LOLCat photo at I Can Haz Cheezburger?

  320. …only like freakin’ ALWAYS, Avienne.