Which Chow Chow should Martha pick?


Martha Stewart (yes, that Martha Stewart) is looking for a new Chow Chow puppeh, and cannot decide which of the following pups to pick. Her dear pup "Paw Paw" passed away in April. Get your hanky ready for this sweet blog post on Paw Paw. All three of the pups below are grand-pups of Paw Paw.

Her new puppular choices are: 1 (on left) 2 (on top of one and three) 3 (on right). Here they are at 1 week old:


SHE ONLY HAS TWO WEEKS TO FIGURE THIS OUT! (before the puppies are weaned) And it’s lollipop cupcake season so there isn’t a moment to lose!

Three boys all in a row

We’re kinda partial to the smallest one on the left. They all have excellent stubbularness, tho. You know what to do; help Martha and vote vote vote like a bebeh stoat!


It’s a good thing, Susan H.!



  1. What? Did something happen to paw paw?

  2. Paw Paw died last April. Maake sure you have a tissue ready before reading this: http://blogs1.marthastewart.com/martha/2008/04/my-beauty-paw-p.html

    I think Martha should take all three puppies. It’s obvious she loves her dogs and she has the means to make sure they’re healthy and happy.

  3. why not promote adoption vs. pure bred…Bad Martha (IMHO)

  4. Why is the spectre of Cruella De Ville coming to mind? SAVE THESE PUPPEHS!!


  6. gravyboat says:

    The crotch-bag can pick out an African-Cuban infused toilet hemp rug but she can’t pick out a pup? Stay pet-single, you dried-up scratch. Your assistant raises your kids and pets anyway.

  7. The puppies are adorable, but I have to agree with Trisha. Martha Stewart, with her TV show and high profile, could do a lot to promote pet adoption.

    I have six cats that were either picked up off the street (actually it was a cul-de-sac, so not quite as scary) or adopted from a shelter. I would love to see Martha ADOPT her next cat or dog.

  8. dang. i didn’t take the advice to get tissues before reading about paw paw. had ta use my shirt.

    my yuppie apartment just became the old folks’ home for my sister’s 16-year-old cat. i hope i can tell when my kitty needs me to be there for her like martha was for paw paw.

  9. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wow, some people here are pretty rude…when you lose a pet, what kind of sympathy do you expect to receive? I adopted a shelter pet but I’m not going to look down at my nose at someone who adopts a purebred.

  10. I think it might be meaningful for Martha to get one of these Paw Paws grand-puppies.

  11. I’m not a big fan of the lady’s home decorating empire, but I’ve never heard a word against her as a pet lover. It’s pretty queasy-making to me to accuse her of being Cruella DeVille or abandoning her pets to be raised by assistants!

    At any rate, I’m personally partial to puppy #3.

  12. It doesn’t matter who adopts them. The important thing to remember here is that these puppehs can NEVER be seperated! EVER! Martha, you have the power to save the world–adopt them all!

  13. What perfect little butterballs of floof!


  14. snorglepup says:

    It’s clear they’re a matching set and should never be separated!

  15. Aw, no, Paw Paw! How did I not hear? Man, I give up watching her show and fall completely out of the loop. Such a beautiful dog. I’m not generally a chow person, but he was stunning.

    God, I’m sick of people trying to guilt-trip those who look into breeder animals. ALL animals need good homes. Which as far as I can tell, Martha provides to her dogs.

    My god they’re cute. I couldn’t choose either!

  16. bookmonstercats says:

    *sniff* I remember my chow – the only pure-bred dog I’ve ever owned – thick? yes she was, but loyal and gentle with children and my cats. Not too well up on Martha Stewart. She seems ok with dogs. I think she should have them all.

  17. I’m really not a fan of chows, but gosh darnit, those puppies are freakin adorable!!
    And shame on the nuffers who are trying to poopoo on her wanting one of the pups that has the bloodline of her deceased dog. It’s not like she’s going out to a petstore or to some puppymill/backyard breeder to get a dog… ala Paris Hilton and all of those other stupid bimbos.

  18. I don’t know how anyone can criticize Ms. Stewart after reading that blog. She is a true dog-person, and my heart aches for her loss. I vote for taking all three! <3 Chowz!

  19. doomchild says:

    For the first time I have to criticize CO. If there’s a Really the Worst Way to Pick a Puppy, it’s by choosing the cutest. It’s not even funny in any way. Always, always consider the character and traits of each puppy before the way he looks, even if you’re Martha Stewart. Sorry for being serious, but this was just a bad poll.

  20. elliottsmommy says:

    awww! these puppies are all adorable!!! how about spay and neuter them when they’re old enough, close up shop, and end the bloodline of her baby Paw-Paw, which is the most responsible thing to do, and martha-the-felon can go adopt a chow from a chow rescue. and please don’t “shame on me,” – you have no idea if these puppies are associated with any kind of puppy mill, and martha’s word isn’t exactly golden – she’s not known for looking out for anyone but martha.
    that said, the puppies are little floofy nuggets of squishiness, and i bet they’d love to be non-breeding companions and that’s it.

  21. What sweet little puffballs!

    And what hateful commentary! Which, oddly enough, only makes the pups cuter by comparison.

    So thank you, nasty judgmental losers!

  22. elliottsmommy says:

    and one more thing: since “all animals need good homes,” then people should stop “making” more until all those homes are found.

  23. Good god who cares???

    And you can’t pick a dog by looking at one. You have to play with them and learn their personalities. The readers of this site are in no position whatsoever to offer an opinion, even if it were an issue that actually mattered.

  24. I’ve always found Chows adorabuhls. She definitely has the space and the means for all three, so scoop ’em all up, Martha. They can keep you company while you’re confined to your home (or whatever area you can go).

  25. ButtaRumCake says:

    Wow Gravyboat – can you be any more rude? Srsly.

  26. There are 3,051 Chows and Chow mixes listed on Petfinder.com right now, all in shelters and rescues and all in need of a home. Martha really should consider adopting one of them.

  27. 260Oakley says:

    Geez, I think we need to get the puppy crooner in here to calm everyone down.

  28. Because it is 6:17 A.M., I read that one line as “lollipop PUPcakes.” Sheesh.

    They are all cute. I’m sure she will make sure the other puppies have good homes, so whichever pup she picks is fine with me. Yes, most folks shouldn’t just go to an animal shelter and pick the cutest; we all know that. But this is a very specific sitch that isn’t like that at all. So in conclusion, best wishes to Martha and all the new pups, wherever they end up.

  29. I agree that every dog needs a good home, but breeders only fill a demand. If more people adopt from shelters, then that demand will go down. I have volunteered with the Humane Society for years and perhaps know on a more personal level how catastrophic the cat and dog population is. (Not that you can’t know if you don’t volunteer, but it is easier to care strongly about a topic when you see it and invest a lot of time it.)

    This is just my personal soapbox, so I am sorry if anyone feels like I or any pro-shelter people are “looking down our noses” at purebreds (which is ironic) or “guilt-tripping” anyone.

  30. HISSSSSSSS says:

    There’s no option for NONE OF THE ABOVE. And thank you for all the “rude” comments. They made my day.

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, such hostility. I wonder if people would be this nasty if it was someone besides Martha Stewart. Sometimes, folks, nobody gives a sh*t about your opinion, so it’s best to keep it to yourself. I’m sure Martha’s never heard of CuteOverload, so our vote isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference to her choice. So take a deep breath, lighten up, and stop hissing and spitting over a silly little poll.

  32. Ye Gods! What the hell happened to the happy CO community today! I hope those who have posted such horrible words are completely ashamed of themselves, especially since they are only going by biased media spin. Not one of us actually knows the woman herself, and I’m no fan of hers. But I would never lower myself to such words and thoughts as I’ve seen typed out here today.

    Disgusting. Shameful. Unworthy of this community.

    This is supposed to be my place to get away from the inane stupidity and nastiness that one finds all over the internet, where people think they can say whatever they please without care because they’re hiding behind a screen name.

    And because she does have a nice chunk of money and a big lovely house, she should take all three pups. I would if I could afford to care for all three. (thankfully, love don’t cost a thing).

  33. balsamicdragon says:

    Martha should pick based on behavior, not looks. If she’s going to be taking the puppy travelling around with her, she should pick one with a steady, self-confident temperment. One of the puppies is much larger than the others, so it will probably end up with a more dominent personality. If it isn’t too aggressive, that would be my pick.

  34. Wow. I’m amazed at all the hateful comments.

    I agree whole heartedly with spaying and neutering and adopting animals. BUT, that doesn’t mean that people who responsibly bread their animals are evil.

    One of my neighbors had a pure breed chocolate lab, the dog was never allowed to run around the neighborhood fathering puppies, but was breed once and then neutered. He kept one of the puppies. This pattern continued for three generations, of him always having a companion in the same family. Now he is an old man with no human family around. He never did breed the last generation. He’s since adopted a smaller dog, but its not the same, and a little sad. For so many years he’s had a friend from the same family of dogs, and now the lineage has died off. Its not a matter of purebred but a matter of family. To some people it’s all about the snob factor of having a “purebred”, but I’m talking about something different then going out to a store and buying a purebred.

    Why don’t people apply the same principle to humans? There are tons of orphans out there. Why isn’t anyone who has a biological child evil? Sometimes the DNA of a child (furry or human) matters to us, be that right or wrong.

    Nuff away!

  35. Kathleen says:

    Look nuffs….

    I think this was just for “fun” (great concept, you should look into it)…

    We’re “voting”. but since Martha won’t know/give two poops anyway, it does no harm. She is the first one to talk about choosing a dog by spending time with them, considering temperments, etc.

    I doubt CO is suggesting that you really vote EXACTLY as a baby stoat would, that you REALLY bite off teeny talios, and that we all adopt sloths. And yet, the suggestions that we MIGHT are fun, silly and relaxing,

    At least, until I read your cranky comments.

    Looks like SOM’BODY’s got a case of the mondays! (TTTTTHHHHHHHHPPPPTTT!) Please, put your face in a kitty belly and enjoy the fuzz therapy. And with that one, I”m totally serious.

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    Say what you will about Martha (and some of it here is fairly vicious and unwarranted) – she has a real love for animals (maybe even more than for people, and she’s not to be faulted for that; a lot of us do!), and that was a very lovely and tender posting about a beloved and beautiful dog. Having been in that boat myself several times, I can only say that it brought tears to my eyes. Whatever pup (or pups) she chooses to adopt, no doubt it will be given a home many of us would envy, with only the best of love, care and comfort. Would that we all were so lucky! Whether you have ten animals, or just one, the loss is always acutely felt because of the bond of time and love invested there. Animal companionship is definitely a “good thing”.

  37. scooterpants says:

    oh come on now.
    Martha Stewart has more money than God.
    She should definately buy them all. besides, she needs the lovin, you can tell.

  38. Forgive a little preaching please but I just want to make a point. I volunteer at my local shelter walking dogs and it makes me sad to see a pattern. People come to look and end up adopting the best looking dogs. Some of the less glamorous ones who are just darling dogs and need a home so badly are overlooked. These little chow puppies are adorable but please spread the word that the oldies/less flashy ones can be just as adorable. And sorry for Martha’s loss!!

  39. Theo, a little cleanup in the gravyboat aisle, please? Hate and misogyny = not cute.

  40. Gail (the first one) says:

    Sorry I can’t buy into the Martha-bashing, either. For as long as I’ve known of her (goes back to her original MS Living show—over 10 yrs at least), she has always had a bunch of kittehs and doggehs around and you can tell she loves them. Maybe she’s a little like me and and other regulars here—better with animals than peoples.

    I picked Pup #3—he looks kinda dignified, if a puppy can be dignified!!

  41. Katrina says:

    With umpteen helper-outers and two or three trillion skillion dollars, for pet’s sake (hahaha) take all three of them, have them spayed/neutered and give two away to loving people who could use them as Companion or Service Dogs, along with a generous stipend for their care. Selfishness isn’t Cute or Good.

  42. Get all three-and give me one and thats a good thing.

  43. My best cat ever, Phil, is getting a bit elderly and will leave me someday and I would seriously give my right arm if I could get a breeder to make me a litter of Phil’s grandkittens.

    Of course, Phil’s not a pure breed of cat. He’s a run of the mill tabby but he is the Best. Cat. Ever.

    Also Phil adopted me after spending a couple of lean years on the streets and when he moved in he was, um, intact. So I could probably go out in the neighborhood and scoop up any big brown tabby and it’d probably have some of Phil’s blood in it. But that’s beside the point.

    So my point (and I do have one) is I can completely relate to Martha wanting one of her Paw paw’s grandchildren. That said, she should keep the babies together and adopt them all. And then she should let me come over and frolic with them. That’s all.

  44. so All of the Above

    the woman has a bajillion dollars

    she should be the “owner” of about a thousand dogs in a luxury kennel on her estate, not picking out a cute accessory and leaving the rest to their fate

    (poet, knoet)

  45. Frolick with those pups in the garden? Sign me up!

  46. Yanno, I was all about adopting a sibling for my 1 year old Frenchie, Dillinger. I’ve always been of the opinion that, since dogs are pack animals, they should have other dogs around them. My only requirements were smallish (I live in a city) and playful.

    Unfortunately, all of the small shelter dogs I tried were not socialized and did not tolerate Dillinger’s puppyish disposition. They would growl at him, bully him into a corner, try to bite him, etc. All my poor dog wanted to do was play and have a good time like he does in the dog park, and these dogs just wanted to fight.

    I tried individual dog rescues, which either didn’t have small dogs or actually refused to adopt to me on the basis that I have a full time job– nevermind that I have a dog walker come twice a day to entertain my pup and I telecommute on Fridays, apparently I am an unfit dog owner because I work for a living.

    I am in no way trying to discourage people from adopting, but honestly, sometimes it doesn’t work out for people. I searched for 6 months for a dog to adopt, then finally gave up and bought a Scottie puppy from a local breeder. Dillinger is a thousand times happier now that he has a sister to play with whenever he likes.

    Chows are notoriously territorial creatures (I know, I had two growing up,) and it’s quite possible a rescue Chow would be hostile around Martha’s two French Bulldogs. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with the fustration and riskiness of trying to acclimate an adult chow to her other pets. Yes, in an ideal world we could all go to petfinder.com and find a dog that is perfect for our household (kids, cats, etc) and lifestyle (not everybody can accommodate a Labrador or tolerate a Chihuahua,) but sometimes that’s not the case.

    I did, however, adopt the sweetest Persian kitty from a rescue on petfinder.

  47. Martha should ADOPT a chow chow puppy. From a breed rescue. Duh.

  48. ysubassoon says:

    I had to put one of our cats to sleep last Tuesday, and if anyone, friend or stranger alike, reacted to the news with the kind of vitriol I’ve read today, I would be extremely offended and even more distraught than I am already. Any loss of a loved one, be it an animal or a human, is a personal tragedy and it is always deeply felt. It does not matter whether you like the person who is grieving or even if you like the way that the person comes to terms with it–it isn’t about you at all.

    Martha is grieving a loss, one that she will feel for the rest of her life. She is handling it with as much grace, tenderness, and compassion as any human being could muster. Many of the photos of Paw Paw in his last days, and especially right before he was buried, brought to mind my experience with our sixteen-year-old cat, whose suffering at the hands of a bladder tumor was finally ended last week.

    Like Paw Paw, he stopped eating and drinking several days before he died. And like Paw Paw, our other cat spent his last days looking out for him and keeping him company. Our cat’s cadaver bag was wrapped up in his favorite blanket and handed to me with his collar on top. Since he didn’t have any kids or grandkids, these two mementos are all we have left of him. His grave looks a lot like Paw Paw’s, but without the stone. I dug it myself the day he died.

    Please put yourself in her shoes (or remember the last time you lost a pet) and show her that you understand what she’s going through. Offer her your empathy and compassion; understand that this is all anyone needs when they mourn. How you respond to the grief of others (and your own) is a very strong measure of who you are as a human being.

  49. I am so happy that CuteOverload has found my story. Choosing this Chow is going to be so hard and all of the wonderful advice certainly helps!

    Thank you,
    Martha Stewart

    [Peeps, there’s a very good chance this is authentic. Please behave yourselves… – Ed.]

  50. elliottsmommy says:

    wow. to those of you who posted your OWN opinions stating that nobody cares about OUR opinions: that’s really just blatant hypocrisy since you also posted yours. if necessary, i can get even more redundant so you get the point. and if people weren’t invited and expected to get involved on cute overload, then why is there a comment link? Even on the majority of CO cuteness posts, which have no “poll” to speak of, and no other invitation to comment, the number of comments range anywhere from 15 to 500, depending upon the topic. so please don’t tell people, in YOUR comment, to NOT COMMENT.

  51. claudia says:

    I think if anyone loves and CARES for animals, they should bring into their family the dog of their choosing.
    There is somethings that you see and just feel a kinship to.

    Oh, and yes all the pupsters are gorgeous!

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Elliottsmommy, the comment link is for people to comment about the photos. NOT to spew hate and vitriol and act like trolls. The “opinions” of trolls are not welcome anywhere.

  53. Martha obviously wants as similar a doggie as possible to the one she loved.

    And…She’s rich, she can afford all three!

  54. Kathleen says:

    Just for the record, (I can’t speak for anybody else) but I wasn’t saying to NOT COMMENT. I was saying to RELAX.

    Because, when you nuff it stresses everybody out, you, ME (see how my annoyed comment gotcher goat?) and does no good. BUt to be fair, so with this one, probably.

    Ugg. Arguing on the internet *is* like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you’re still….. (sees above post about language)….umm, Special.

    That said, I”m off to enjoy the fuzz-therapy I recommended to you….comehere Buddhabelly!

  55. elliottsmommy says:

    auntiemame: since when did you become the interpreter of all things/rules CO? we’re now mandated to comment only about the photos, and not about anything else that we feel when we look at the photos or the comments or a poll directly connected to that photo? where are you from, the Brave New World? and who is spewing hate and vitriol by voicing their opinions about a subject that breaks our hearts, which is the euthanasia of healthy animals, partially due to people, especially those in the public eye whom people tend to emulate, buying dogs instead of adopting? is it because it’s not YOUR opinion? or because you feel the need to defend martha stewart, of all people? then go ahead. BECAUSE WE’RE ALLOWED TO SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE IT’S AMERICA, WITHOUT SOMEONE LIKE YOU ACCUSING US OF BEING HATEFUL FOR HAVING AN OPINION CONTRARY TO YOURS.

  56. ysubassoon says:

    Just for clarification, Elliotsmommy, contained within my comments was a request for personal feelings about Martha to be set aside and replaced with empathy for her situation. Viscerating her for not considering adoption is not empathy, and it is highly out of place. Please put yourself in her shoes: If you were mourning the loss of a devoted pet, how would you want people to react? I feel certain that you would not want anyone to react as you and others here have. You would want people to show some compassion for your situation, and to recognize that their personal feelings about you have no place when helping you decide how you are going to move on.

  57. Some of the more vicious comments have been deleted elliotsmommy. And frankly, after scanning through here several times, NO ONE WAS SAYING YOU WERE THE ONE GUILTY OF THAT!

    What some of us are objecting to is, for example, the NOW DELETED comment calling Martha Stewart are truely nasty name.


  58. Stephanie S. says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Is that last picture puppies #1-3, left to right???

  59. Um, Vampy, I agree.
    You too, now, please.

  60. (also, the comment you’re talking about was unpublished, not deleted… this might sound like splitting hairs, but it’s an important distinction)

  61. AuntieMame says:

    elliottsmommy, how do you know what my opinion is, when I haven’t expressed it? For all you know, I agree with people’s views about breeding and euthanasia.

    Maybe you weren’t here earlier, but there was a comment (thankfully since removed) that called Martha Stewart a very ugly, crude name. THAT’S the kind of opinion that I’m saying doesn’t belong here.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Oops, sorry Teho. I was still working on my comment when you posted. I’ll drop it now.

  63. Sorry Theo, although in my case I was using all caps for emphasis rather than for shouting, since there’s no other means for me to emphasis certain words or sentences in the comment post box.

    I just fail to see why elliotsmommy is so upset, when the comments that seem to have gotten to her weren’t even directed at her.

  64. (Ah yes, unpublished, means you can retain certain information and keep a record. We do that on the forum I mod at, rule 1, never delete even the worst posts, just set invisible so the membership at large cannot see, but the mods and admin can)

    [Yep! – Ed.]

  65. bookmonstercats says:

    Auntimame’s been around for evah on this web-site, reasonable always as far as I can see, so his/her opinion has to count in my view, elliotsmommy.

    I was just about to say (having posted my comment earlier about MS adopting all three chow pups) that does it matter, what’s the chance of her reading this blog it’s just (supposed to be) a bit of fun …..

    PS I rescued my chow, she was owned by a family with two adorable twin boys but all three of them together were too much, so she had to go, and we took her. Yay. Had her for almost 13 years.

  66. Ummm guys?

    In between the uh, discussion, did no one notice that we apparently had our first celeb drop by? Well, second in my book. Frank from PostSecrets still rocks my world.

  67. Heh, I noticed the celeb drop by!

    PS: Martha, adopt all three! You can do it! Give in to the adorableness!

  68. warrior rabbit says:

    I saw it, but wondered if it was real. Even if it did link back to her blog. I guess I need to work on trust.

  69. Martha freaking RULES.

    I hope she makes the best decision for her and her peeps!


  70. That was such an innocuous comment by “Martha” that I can’t imagine why someone would fake it. If she had something like “mind your own business,” or “I’ll pick the cutest and make slippers out of the other two,” I would’ve thought “what a troll.”

    Not exactly Anne Rice on Amazon.com kind of ranting, y’know?

  71. As Theo said, the Martha Stewart post could be authentic. I just hope she didn’t read some of these posts! Sheesh!

    AuntieMame said:
    “I’m sure Martha’s never heard of CuteOverload, so our vote isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference to her choice.”

    Seeing as she linked Cute Overload on her blog, well, she has heard of it.

    I rather like Martha Stewart and I enjoyed watching her shows. So there. lol I know whichever puppy she chooses will be well cared for and loved.

  72. I also just want to say one last thing in response to something in several of elliotsmommy’s posts (and frankly, the posts of others all around the internet).

    First, while she might be sitting in America, I’m sitting in Canada and I have the same freedom to say whatever I please. Not everyone commenting on the interent is American, nor is the Internet itself America.

    Second, while one theoretically may indeed have the right to call someone by a racist or sexist term, that does not mean that they should. This is why many democratic nations around the world have under their system of law something called Hate Crime.

    Granted, nothing said here falls under Hate Crime. Far from it. But the now unpublished post in question (and other comments left up) are, frankly, rude and thoughtless. Some people hide behind the anominity of the internet and their chosen screen names and say things they never would in real life. Things that, in the end, reflect badly on the speaker (or typer as the case may be) rather than their intended target.

    Freedom of speech may well be a right, but it is also a responsibility. You are responsible for the words that come out of your mouth (or dance through the keyboard at the ends of your fingers), and you are responsible for the effect they have on other people. Just because you *can* does not mean you *should*. And just because this is the internet does not mean that those very same words do not have the same effect they would had they been spoken or printed in a newspaper or distributed through other print or video media.

    The concept of Freedom of Speech also means that someone has the equal right to disagree with you, and state that disagreement. It does not mean that you can say whatever you please without consequence or reaction.

  73. Pussytoes says:

    No. 3 on the far right.

  74. To be honest, even if it was “Martha,” we have no idea if it was “Martha.”

    She probably has her denizens/minions maintaining her blog, keeping an ear out for her name on the web, signing her thank you cards….

  75. Lemme throw one more layer onto your argument, Vampy… personal blogs, even popular ones like this one (and Martha’s) aren’t *public* forums. This is a private website; those who comment here are our guests. So “Freedom of Speech” doesn’t apply the same way. Not a lot of people really get that.

  76. catablob says:

    Martha also has (or had) 3 very beautiful himalayans. I could never understand how her house looked completely free of cat hair on her show, but there would be these snarky mashfaced sealpoint himmies sitting around, disapproving of everything, which is one of their great talents. Like The Groke.
    I love himmies, BTW.

  77. catablob says:

    Oh and, speaking as one who also does animal shelter volunteer work, I think all pets are wonderful and people who love and care for their pets of any type from anywhere are showing one of humanity’s most lovely qualities.

  78. Theo, yes, EXACTLY!

  79. ButtaRumCake says:

    *waves* Hi Ms. Stewart…um, if you don’t mind… on one of your upcoming shows, would you do a segment on a good Butter Rum Cake? I can’t seem to find a decent recipe & since you’re the Queen of things Domestic (and I, admittedly, have a hard time pairing my socks out of the dryer), I hope you take this into consideration!

  80. Theo: And even ‘public’ forums and blogs have rules that clearly state that certain things are not allowed in that forum or blog. Such as inflammatory language, racism, sexism, hate, etc, etc. And ISPs have Terms of Service that cover much the same, meaning that a user under said ISP breaking that TOS can lose their account.

    People forget that freedom of speech in essense is a) to allow a person to disagree with their government without fear of reprisal(freedom of the press allows the same), and b) to allow a free market of ideas.

  81. So many purebred chows are killed in shelters. Many apartments or entire towns have breed restrictions against chows. People tend to abandon them because they are not allowed where they live. Then when chows end up in shelters some cities have regulations where they will not adopt out chows and they are immediately killed. Chows can be dog or people aggressive, which can be more than some folks can handle so they abandon them. Also, of course people think their dog is too pretty, too great or whatever to get them fixed so they end up with more puppies than they can handle. If Martha or anyone else buys a puppy related to their dog they are really not guaranteed to be like their originally dog. There is some consistency in a breed or in genetics, but their is also the individual dog itself. Just as littermates can differ dramatically, so can descendants of one particular dog. I say Martha and all others give rescues and shelter dogs a loving second chance. Save them from death. Summer is THE peak time of year for people to abandon their pets mostly b/c of moving. Also it is on the heels of spring = peak puppy season. Please adopt save a life, get a wonderful companion.

  82. elliottsmommy says:

    so, anyhoodle, it is very sad that martha lost her beloved paw-paw, as it would be for anyone, and i hope she finds the best baby for her. and that is all.

  83. BeanSidhe says:

    Two words–

    I’m willing to volunteer. Who’s with me?

    *grabs Pup 1 and commences testing*

  84. seriously?!? This is NOT how you choose a puppeh!

  85. Well, crap. I just read the post on Martha’s blog and am sitting here crying like a baby.

    Whichever one she chooses (and I voted for all three!), both she and the pup are very, very lucky. I wish them many happy, healthy years together.

  86. Oh thank God. It’s finally time for the SNORGLE TEST. I thought I was in the wrong place. I’ve been studying and practicing so here goes –
    “Grabs pup #2 and commences testing.”


  87. OMG Martha Stewart reads CO… and POSTS! I had wondered whether any of the famous people who say they love CO would ever post.

    Hahaha. Celebrities… they’re just like us!

    And I’m sorry but I cannot vote. I’m a dunce and find those three puppies more or less identical. 🙂

  88. Does anyone here seriously believe Martha will choose her new puppy based on the results of a poll on Cute Overload or any other website, including her own?

    Maybe Martha and I haven’t always seen eye to eye (rhubarb = yucky) but I’ve never gotten the impression that she’s stupid. She’ll pick the pup that speaks to her heart.

    That said – she should adopt all three and then donate a grillion dollars to every breed rescue on the planet. And don’t forget the feline rescue organizations. After this she will be broke (just like me!) but she will have these 3 awesome puppies to cheer her up.

    PS – I could not even read the Paw Paw post because of all the goo leaking out of my eyes and nose. And I was at work!

  89. BeanSidhe says:

    Hey Lori, who’s our third? Pup 3 is still waiting…

  90. Pendragwn Chow Chow Rescue (Lancaster, PA)

    Brase Chow Rescue (Altoona, PA)

    Spelko Pal Chow Rescue Group (Ohio)

    Chow Chow Rescue & Adoption (Cincinnati, OH)

  91. Lisa (one of several) says:

    So sorry to hear about Paw Paw. Anyone of these 3 would be a great choice, of course! I wish Martha and her new puppy or puppies the best.

  92. Are some of you people seriously off your rocker? I think so. I do not believe Martha intends to choose any puppy based on it’s looks. I believe her post was more of a little joke. If you visit her blog regularly, and I do, she shares quite a bit with her readers. This was just her fun and sweet way to “invite” us into the process’ I don’t believe it was meant as a beauty contest at all. I mean the joke is they’re indentical looking! Geez, what’s wrong with some of you? Do you go around wagging fingers all day and sending your negative vibes all over the place? Well, grow up and knock it off. How about giving others the benefit of the doubt first instead of rushing to judgment? Maybe you’ll see things more clearly as it is and not what you think. I know that not only does Martha loves animals, she does a huge amount for rescue organizations. She’s also done ads for PETA. Martha has a large and eclectic collection of animals on her farm. Say what you want about her, but her devotion to animals (and our environment) knows no bounds. Do I wish she’d go to a shelter instead? Yes, I do. But is that my choice? NO. She does quite enough to help plenty of animals and I for one am grateful.

  93. Sneaking a peek at CO at work and reading Martha’s blog was ill-advised… it choked me up and I had to pass off my sniffles as some kind of allergy. That was a lovely, touching tribute to Paw Paw. Made me think of my beloved Peanut’s last days (which still makes me cry 3 years after his passing).

  94. Just checked in on the comments and… oh, my gooseness!

    Theo, I think you need to make a serious effort to recruit some passionate, opinionated posters around these parts. Apparently, no one feels strongly about ANYTHING anymore…

  95. BeanSidhe says:

    Would someone PLEASE snorgle-test Pup 3?

  96. J. Bo — [dramatic hand to brow] — alas, I simply haven’t the inspiration.

  97. LesbianNeoCon says:

    No diss meant towards this breed, but aren’t Chow Chows supposed to have not-so-sweet dispositions? Again, I am only asking, not accusing!! They are awfully cute, in any case. I voted for #2 – Jan Brady complex!! Though, I’m not the middle child, I can certainly appreciate the forgotten spot!!

  98. >>J. Bo — [dramatic hand to brow] — alas, I simply haven’t the inspiration.< <

    Courage, Blanche.

    (Ah, the torpor of a Twin Cities summer. I remember it well…)

  99. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Did any of you folks who are ripping on Martha even read the blog? I can’t imagine getting through that with a dry eye let alone following it up with words to the effect of some of those here today. She is very obviously an animal lover!

  100. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Martha Stewart is someone who’s rich and successful, and there are those who believe she is evil for that. Jealousy breeds contempt. And I bet I know who most of them will be voting for in November. Just sayin’. Grow up, people.

  101. *test snorgles puppy #3*

  102. HEY!


    Isn’t that AWESOME?

    I hope Martha picks all three but I have a feeling that she’s got homes in mind for the other two.

    Why does it matter WHERE the animals come from? If they are here and born, then let them find homes! If you want to spay and neuter and adopt and not breed purebreds then go ahead, good for you, but is it so wrong that Martha wants a pup who is in the same family of her beloved lost friend?

    Zheesh. Congrats, Martha!

    (P.S. I’m not a fan of Martha by any means, but if she takes care of her pets, then I’m glad we have that in common).

  103. charliewabba says:

    I was getting ready to whip out the pudding, but seeing as it’s Martha Stewart we’re discussing, I’m thinking maybe creme brulee?

  104. whew. thanks shaz. I thought BeanSidhe and I were going to have to take turns test snorgling pup #3. I came home from work and started carb-loading just in case.

    The test results on pup #2 are inconclusive so I will have to commence Phase 2: Advanced Snorgling.

  105. ashagato says:

    you said it, marie.

    even if the poll were serious (and not just an excuse to show off some cute pup pix) the joke is they look exactly the same!

    apparently, being severely judgmental renders people not only blind, but completely humorless.

  106. OK. The wife and I sat and cried together reading Martha’s good-bye to Paw Paw. I was trying to be macho. Didn’t work out.

  107. She should pick puppies the way I pick them. Play with them for a bit, and take note of the one who is naturally the best-behaved. I always pick the puppy that waddles up to me, waggles, SITS, puts its paw on my shoe, and waits for me to pay my attention without demanding it. What can I say. When it comes to puppies, I like to be their god from the start. Makes them easier to train.

  108. OMG Martha lets her dogs up on her kitchen counter. That’s it, it’s the ultimate OK. I bet she makes a special spray made from lemon juice, vinegar and tea tree oil and water to wipe down the counter.

    Rest in peace orange fluffy doggy.

  109. IMHO, the problem with pets is that many people don’t really make a commitment for the full life of the animal when they bring one into their home and the animal ends up in a shelter. Every time I move to a new house, it seems there is a stray cat in the neighborhood that was left by some family who moved away. I usually can’t take another one in (I can afford care for only one animal), so I trap it and take it to a shelter. I only adopt shelter cats, and only one at a time. No matter what befalls the cat, I can afford vet care.

    I understand that with foreclosures and so on there are some people suffering in anguish over having to give up their pets and I can’t really fault them too much. Overall though, I believe that taking personal responsibility for one’s life and the effects one creates around them has been waning in America for some time. I’m not saying every person, but the general population more and more shows lack of regard for their fellow man and animals in general. That combined with the lack of education for pet owners (who think they don’t need to know anything more than they do) leads to irresponsibility as far as pets. Instead of licensing the pet, maybe the pet owner should be required to have a license to own one, after at least a few hours of basic instruction. I know it’s not gonna happen.

    I also can’t understand why people yet poorer than me (in other internet chat rooms and Live Journal and such) adopt more animals than they can care for. When one of their animals gets gravely ill, they are in a tizz about not being able to afford to take them to the vet. Not okay.

    To Martha, if she’s reading: You have my deepest sympathy. I feel your pain. I gave my previous cat insulin shots the last six months of his life, and had to have him put to sleep the morning after he’d had a stroke during the night. Hubby and I sat up all night comforting him until the vet’s office opened. I’ve only seen my husband cry twice during our 30 years of marriage.

    To some others here: just because Martha *can* adopt all three does not mean she should. I’m sure you’d want her to pick one suited to her and for her to develop as close a relationship with it as she has shown with her other pets that clearly love her. Adopting all three might mean that indeed, her army of helpers (that she purportedly has) would have to become more responsible for their affection that she.

    I don’t usualy post negative stuff here. It’s supposed to be about light hearted cute. I have no problem with posts about Martha’s loss and picking a new pup. I have a problem with those who post rants. Your messages would have more impact if they were thoughtful and friendly. Yes, many of you were and I am thankful.

    I am more tha willing to listen to opposng viewpoints, but just as if any you were standing right in front of me, I don’t like having someone screaming in my face, making no attempt to be gracious and polite. Being rude is *very* easy. Graciousness and politeness (and picking one’s words) must be learned and are skills that unfortnately some internet posters think they don’t need.

    Meg, Teo, and the rest – back to you. Thanks fer teh cute!

  110. Elf Owl, well said. I pick my cats in a similar fashion.

  111. Gail (the first one) says:

    @charliewabba: LOL!!

  112. Yup ashagato. Well put.

  113. Personally, I would choose all of the above.

    I can’t quite wrap my head around all the puppy-wank. Is there anything on the internets that people CAN’T wank about?

  114. Hon Glad says:

    In general, I think most of the posts are passionate,
    and carefully considered. There were some damn long ones, but they were well worth reading. A lot of what is said, I do not understand. I beleive it is because, home ownership is more common in UK so we can basically do as we please, no landlord to dictate terms of pet ownership and from what you say our councils (city hall?)are quite benign and again unless your pet is a danger to the public, you are left alone. Perhaps you have pulled the scales from my eyes, but for the land of the free some regulations smack of totalitarianism.
    I know vaguely of MS, was it not just tax evasion, don’t we all want to do this?
    Anyhoo,I say if it’ll take a furbert, without ripping your face off, it’ll be OK. (not do not attempt this in your own home, without the use of a safety net.)
    I voted for the bigun on the right, he’s like my cat Stan, who looks like a killer but is basically a teddy bear.

  115. Awwww! I like ’em all. I’m glad she’s able to pick from a litter that’s in Paw Paw’s blood-line. Aways sad to hear about a pet lose 😦 I can’t chooooooose! I’m like ElfOwl with that. (which was a cute comment- thx!)

  116. Haha! I just visited the post she had up and someone said she should take them all…and name them Eenie, Meenie and Minie Moe. LOL!!!

  117. @ Liz: No, there isn’t.

  118. scooterpants says:

    i’m just glad to see that she is going to get another dog, its so hard to do after losing a faithful friend of so many years, without somehow feeling you are trying to ‘replace’ your lost beloved pet.
    i really think she should have all three! (can you imagine!)
    oh, and the reason there is no kitteh-kat hair all over her house like it is in ‘our’ homes-
    can you say, “live in housekeepers , cooks , butlers, assistants, pet sitters”? 🙂
    i know i’d have one or two if i could for sure!

  119. HonGlad, she was not sent to jail for tax evasion, but for lying about a stock sale. She sold her ImClone stock just before it plunged, so it was suspected she had inside information.

  120. Hon Glad, one must obtain a cat or dog license in most cities, towns and counties in the U.S. The fee is usually fairly low, but one must provide proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies before the license will be issued.

    Wild animals (especially raccoons, rats, bats) can carry the dreaded disease here and it is easily passed on by bites and any contact with saliva orally or in wounds. Once one actually gets rabies (hydrophobia) and it fully develops, I understand it is always fatal. Preventive treatment once bitten is very painful (last I heard).

    That’s probably the biggest reason pet ownership is regulated here, along with the fact that many owners are irresponsible. Some let their dogs roam and they bite people. In a town near me, a band of seven dogs who were roaming free killed a lady in her yard. It happens in our country from time to time, typcically in rural areas. I have read more than one story of a hunter forced to climb a tree in the woods to avoid a wild pack.

    In the U.S., if a dog, cat, or wild animal bites a person and the animal runs away (can’t be caught), the person bit is many times expected to undergo preventative treatment. If the animal can be caught, it is observed in confinement in a government facility to see if it develops symptoms of hydrophobia, determining what treatment may or may not be given the person bitten.

    America has many wide open uninhabited spaces where a small number of dogs over time will act wild and eventually run in dangerous packs, attacking and killing humans and livestock if given the opportunity. Hence our strong laws. Most public lands have leash laws requiring the owner to control their dog if outside their own fenced property.

    Most municipalities have a “dog catcher” (animal control officer) whose main job all day, every day, is rounding up stray dogs (occasionally cats), who are taken to an animal jail commonly called the “dog pound”. After three days, if the onwer has not claimed them, they are offered for adoption. They are usually euthanized if after two weeks they aren’t adopted out. In the cities, roaming dogs turn over trash cans, digging for food, reproduce wild young that are not vaccinated and can be a threat to the other pets and people in the cities.

    Tens or hundreds of thousands are euthanized each year, but I don’t know the percentage of those who were voluntarily given up to those caught by the dog catcher and never claimed.

    Apartments in much of the U.S. either do not allow pets or will charge large fees as a deposit against possible damage to the dwelling.

    I don’t know if other countries have similar problems with rabies. It sounds like landlords are much more tolerant of pets in the U.K.

    I hope that helps explain.

  121. I just love the name “Kublai Khan Paw Paw Chow Chow Chow.” 🙂

  122. Wow. I can’t believe I was weeping at that Martha Stewart post.

  123. *** UPDATE ***

    Hey Peeps — I just got confirmation back from my counterpart over at The Martha Blog. That really WAS Ms. Martha Stewart herself up there, in the comments here — though she dictated it and her editor did the actual typing. Which is pretty understandable, y’know, from where I sit. Busy lady. (I’ve already said thank you thank you and hello and maybe just see which pup or pups you bond with most when you visit.)

    And hey, Oprah? If you or your people are reading this, when you get a moment, could you have Ellen give us a call? That’d be great, thaaaaaanks.

  124. Hon Glad says:

    Shaz: and particularly PattyP. thank you so much for your replies.
    Of course Theo: for letting this correspondence stay open. We are all aware it stopped being about a cute picture eons back.
    PattyP: Britains advantage is; put simply, it’s tiny compared to U.S.
    We also have/had extremely strict laws on importation of animals… we have/had no rabies compared to the continent of Europe and onwards. That is (to an extent) why the Channel
    Tunnel took so long. We feared a Fox or whatever would get through undetected and bring rabies with it. For all I know this could have happened, but there are supposed to be fool proof traps? Britain, ANY WHERE, is no Shangrila. Every country has its fair share of idiots… well you know the rest.

  125. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Teho: You are so cool for checking this out!! Wow, CO was on Martha’s radar—how excellent!!! Congrats to Meg and you, Teho and NTMTOM)!!!

  126. Hey, I’m *professional* now.

  127. All right now, Theo, dear, you can get back to work…we give you 15 minutes of fame everyday. Martha, Oprah, Ellen, Jerry, Jon and Steven can all learn a thing or three from you! Keep your eye on the prize, dear.
    (The prize is us).

  128. pattyp, your info is ok, but I think quite generalized considering how government run animal shelters & government policies differ from state to state, county to county and city to city in the US. You do not have to obtain a license everywhere. Many pets are killed in less than 2 weeks. 3 days is the legal minimum to hold strays to give time for the owner to reclaim, after 3 days the shelter is under no legal obligation to keep the pet alive. If an animal is taken to the shelter by its owner and relinquished the shelter is not under legal obligation to keep the pet alive after the owner signs the paperwork. The ASPCA estimates that 4 million pets are killed each year in shelters. Some shelters used needle injections, while others use gas or other cheaper methods that I will spare you. Not all shelters spay/neuter pets before adopting them out. Yes, some pets are put up for adoption after their 3 days, but how long they are held is based on space and resources, which varies through the year, by funding and by area. The #2 reason people bring their pets to the shelter is b/c they are moving. That makes summertime peak abandon your pet time. And “dog catchers” pick up just as many cats as well. Not to mention “stray” ferrets, bunnies, iguanas and whatever else abandon pets irresponsible owners let loose b/c they don’t want them anymore. Just b/c an animal is picked up by a “dog catcher” does not mean it is lost.

  129. One more thing, 4 million is the low end. The estimate is 4 – 9 million with some organizations estimating up to 20 million.

  130. spongebrooke says:

    Wow, not all breeders are money hungry puppy-millers, people. Jeebus-crisp. At least she’s smart enough not to try and CLONE paw-paw

  131. mckenzie says: