Goodnight sweet pups, well it’s time to goooo

Der der der der DER

Good night, sweet pups, good niiight!


Get to bed, Mike B.!



  1. That man is some manner of sorcerer!

  2. OMG – that is so cute I’m having chest pain.

  3. snorgler says:

    I agree — I wouldn’t have believed it either! That’s really amazing… and sweet.

  4. I love this – thank you.

  5. Holy mother of crap, that is 10 kinds of fantastic at least.

  6. he’s the tetris pup whisperer, remarkable!

  7. CathyDee says:

    He’s the puppy whisperer!

  8. i agree with snorgler…that was just amazzzzzzzzz…honk shu, honk shu…

  9. girlfmkitty says:

    And he made my cat fall asleep too as I watched this… kudos to him!

  10. littleredhen says:

    Amazing! Pups & Daddy are adorable!

  11. Shannon says:

    I love the little black muzzled one. I don’t WANNA!!!! Well if everyone else is……wait don’t stop singing!! *snork*

  12. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    shut UP!!! get OUT!!! no WAY!!!

    Okay.. I want somebody to sing me to sleep now.

  13. Animal Lover says:

    Are they doing it so he’ll stop singing?! Love the little elbow punctuation.

  14. Michelle says:

    Awwwww. Where can I find a feller like this to sing me a lullaby to sleep? 🙂

  15. Awww.. that put a huge grin on my face. I really needed that today.

  16. Dog Whisperer™, meet Puppy Crooner™.

  17. This would explain why I always would nod off during the closing credits of the Sha-Na-Na TV show. 😉

  18. It is like musical Tetris.

    (pushes glasses up higher on nose and gestures toward screen with powerpoint presentation . . . )

    The song causes them to fall into formation, which then induces sleep!

  19. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  20. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  21. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  22. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  23. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  24. k. o'dee says:

    My Daddy has that effect on human babies, but I’ve never seen him try it on boxer pups. Amaaaazingk!

  25. Barbara says:

    That made my deaf dog fall asleep as well as me.

    that was AMAZING!!!!!

    I need that guy to come over for when my dog is acting up.

  26. BunnieTwo says:


  27. chanpon says:

    You’re right, Sweet Puppy, that white puppeh’s butt is sooo much softer…zzzzzzz

  28. binky-mama says:


    Huh? Whaaa?

    I was resting my eyes is all. Really I was! [stifles yawn]

  29. edmundh says:

    I just saw this right before I goto bed. Tonight I will dream of pile of sweet puppies snuggling next to me.

  30. My cat Rider, god rest him, was a fairly mellow cat, but when he got excited (like when we had to travel/move), I would sing to him and he would reach his paw out to me and hold my hand while he fell asleep. He was particularly responsive to “Jack Straw” by the Dead and “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows (which are, after all, songs about traveling with a companion, at least loosely).

    More proof that, as William Congreve suggested, music has charms to soothe the savage breast. Even when the savage is full of teh qte.

    P.S. I can sing better than this guy and my hair isn’t as grey.

  31. O.
    The pied pupper of Hamelin + simulcast = World Peace.

    Let’s go . . .

  32. Deep prolonged sighhhh… I will marry him. Animules have a sense of safe and protective people. He must be a very old soul…

  33. (the original) Mel says:

    That is reDONKulous. I think that should be scientifically studied. He hyp-mo-tized dem pups!

  34. I suffer from insomnia occasionally–what ARE this man’s rates?

  35. wow. just….wow.

  36. Oh noes, someone alert Cute Things Falling Asleep! (

  37. Nicolletta says:

    That was so sweet all my teeth fell out.

  38. Kim - Nike, Spot and Winston (my cats) says:

    WOW – I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it!!! I am ready to go to sleep now too!! Dreaming of my kitty cats and those FREAKIN CUTE AS PIE PUPPIES!!! (They would make such great playmates for my kitties!!)

  39. Jenn – You will have to thumb-wrestle me for him, cuz I want to marry this man too!

    Although this was so sweet, that all my teeth fell out too…so you’ll probably get him!

  40. Lol… I saw this just last week on youtube when I was watching clips of that Dog Whisperer show.

  41. jazmella says:

    Oh my GOD!! LOL!! That is more than awesome, that is awesome x2!!

    SO SWEET!! Awwwww!! 🙂

  42. Oh. My. God.

    That was too much. TOO MUCH. TOO DAMN MUCH.

    Awesome awesome awesome.

    Happy happy happy.

    Cute cute cute!!!

  43. kelebek says:

    I like the white one that goes to the edge of the basket to rest its head.

  44. woofysma says:

    That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. What soft, cuddly, adorable little doggie bodies. Night night little punkins.

  45. the single cutest thing I have ever seen on CO

  46. If only I had fallen asleep that easily as a baby. My mom might not have harbored such resentment against me for the rest of my life.

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT!!

    I thought I sent this in FIRST!!! 😦

    Ah, well!! My head has asploded due to the PUPLING WHIMPERS!!!!! 😀

  48. Cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

  49. wow, i wouldn’t have believed it if i didn’t see it either! that is absolutely amazing! i thought it had something to do with his deep resounding voice. i’m surprised no one has gone all sciencey on this yet XD definitely infinitely cute =)

    and LOL x 10 @ Liz =D

  50. gravyboat says:


    “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Don’ stop singunnnnnn’!!!!!”.

  51. Oh, good lo’, that is cute x amazing which = AWESOME!

  52. That should win an Oscar for best musical! Totally anerable. (And maybe if I imagine that guy singing, I can beat this insomnia….)

  53. Tricia Garrett says:

    That’s great!

  54. Happenstance says:


  55. That is just the sweetest thing I have seen so far this week. It will keep me smiling all day, I´m sure. 😀

  56. awww! I want the puppy that looks like he stuck his nose in ice cream….and the big one with the blue shirt, too! 😉

  57. Oh my god.

  58. I didn’t watch this last night because I wasn’t really in the mood for a video, but I played it this morning and almost cried (hormones, don’t ask). Then I showed it to my mom who had the biggest grin on her face because she couldn’t actually believe that this was real.

    But now I want to see a video of Berthaservant singing ‘Mr Jones’ to a cat, any cat.

  59. catablob says:

    Aw. Few things are cuter than a grown man tending baby creatures of any kind.

  60. jackie31337 says:

    foxy: “But now I want to see a video of Berthaservant singing ‘Mr Jones’ to a cat, any cat.”

    I second that. Give us the link as soon as it’s up on YouTube, Berthaservant. 🙂

    Also, so many of you already beat me to it, but I have to chime in with “sweetest thing ever”, too. That really was too much!

  61. the Bing Crosby of puppy crooners O_O

  62. My hubby sings to pets, too, and everything else. Not sleep-inducing, but cute. I do have to say, FINALLY a totally non-nuffable post! Congrats on what will surely be the cuteness record-holder for a long time!

  63. Sweetest thing EVER. This guy’s going to be getting marriage proposals all over the place… black socks with shorts and all…

  64. and I thought all men were pigs…this one isn’ faith is restored..the puppies are anorable………….


  66. So verreh shweet. It’s nearly washed away the stink of the comments on the Martha post. One more time oughta do it.

  67. JarethsDreamer says:

    for the week, at least…
    but really, that’s freakin adorable..

  68. What kind of puppies are those? Because apparently the song was originally sung by a group called The Spaniels.

  69. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’m a kitteh person!!

  70. That hurt my heart – so, so sweet.

  71. Oh my god, what well-behaved pups! They all sit down when he tells them to at the start, and then go right to sleep (almost).

    My mom used to sing that song to me and my brothers when it was time for bed.

  72. wagthedogma says:

    For all of you lusty pet singers (like who here isn’t?) and the Qte-harshing, doody-headed meanies who tease you about it:

  73. They look like boxer puppies to me.

  74. Suzy Cat says:

    Wow! That guy’s magic and the pups are cuties. I’m still grinning. Perfect way to get my week started!

  75. Ooomagad, so adorable!
    Why do they have to pile up like that?
    It’s killing me.
    Instant favourite.

  76. 1. It warms my heart to think that there’s a website devoted to “Cute things falling asleep” (see comments above)

    2. This guy deserves a Grammy & they should establish a new Grammy Award category just for this video.

    3. [sigh of contentment]
    Thanks to Meg & Mike

  77. auntbaby says:

    So sweet. wish there was just a little more info. how long did it take before they learned to do this? or was it instantaneous?

  78. Angela Langdon says:

    Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! I always thought my dogs liked hearing singing (even mine). These little pups are lucky to have such a fabulous poppy.

  79. wagthedogma: great article! so funny!

  80. wagthedogma: omg…I just watched the vid with the article…my spleen split in half. Now I need a new spleen. As well as new lungs as i have no air left from over-guffawing.

  81. So effing adorable. I’m thisclose to quitting my job and that video just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. That guy has a nice voice too.

  82. I suppose now is as good a time as any to admit that I sing to my dogs… only not exactly like that…
    My favorite lately is to the tune of Everybody Hurts, but instead, I sing, “Everybody Poooops. Everybody poops. Everybody pooooooops. Some times…”
    I even have my husband singing it when he comes in from walking them! HAHAHA!!

  83. Jenn in IL says:

    “Buy me some peanuts…”


    HA HA. Hysterical dog sound.

    And um…wow. Just wow. That man’s wife (if he has one) is going to be facing some competition from other women-puddles that have fallen in love!

  84. January says:

    Just how does he do this?

  85. SammyBeBop says:

    And that is the first and only time in recorded history a bunch of Boxers did what they were told to do.

  86. wagthedogma says:

    Yep. Singing pugs = comedy gold. Every time.

    And Kris…ROFLMAO at “Everybody Poops”! XD

  87. MandaBain says:

    Oh wow. That’s just the coolest sweetest damn thing ever. I’ve been brushing up myself on all the lullabies I know for when my baby’s due in September, just praying that if I start singing them now, they’ll work on her just like that! I never thought it could work that quickly on young puppies! *MELT*

  88. MandaBain says:

    Oh, and Wagthedogma: that link video is hilarious and painful in abundance! Makes you think the pug hates baseball ;-p

  89. I want to marry him-any man that sings puppies to sleep is ok in my book.

  90. Katrina says:

    My fantasy- he keeps them all and every night he sings six (six-seven-five?) full-grown boxers to sleep and takes another film and I get it to play over and over. This man must have a good soul, and he has a lovely bass-baritone. Thank you!

  91. Katrina says:

    MandaBain-it does work, keep singing! I had two babies and it worked both times. They knew my voice immediately. All the best to both of you.

  92. Katrina says:

    Now I want a nest of Boxer puppies, too. Third time around! (Think Buster Keaton)-anybody!?-movie reference.

  93. wagthedogma says:

    I think we should hire this guy to go sing to the peeps commenting over on the Martha Stewart-Purebred Chow post. Just add boobs and we’d have ourselves a real ugliness trifecta!

  94. Absolutely adorable!!… love it…

  95. Does lullaby man make house calls?

  96. Cesar Milan, move over. There’s a new dog whisperer in town!

  97. Adorableness to the Extreme!! Loved it!! I have done simuliar stuffs with my kitties, like, “relax” when I have my big bear boy cradled in my arms he relaxes and totally trusts me to the point of falling out of my arms where I need to catch his big ole belly.

  98. Theresa says:

    That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

  99. Theresa says:

    PS, I have a bunch of songs I sing to the cats, to tunes like “Mr. Grinch” and “Ballad of Sweeney Todd” among others. 😉

  100. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  101. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  102. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  103. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  104. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  105. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Something about the voice… must sleep… (sigh)

  106. God, this is fantasic. I love this!!!! The sweet sound of the puppies wimper is like, brings tears to my eyes. Yeah…Im a sucker..

  107. Oh man… unbearable cuteness. Love when their heads get all heavy…

  108. (commentless and getting VERY sleepy).

  109. Katrina says:

    Who else hopes he sings his wife to sleep, too?

  110. BeanSidhe says:


  111. That dadguy is MAGIC!!!

  112. Daphne Moss says:

    Have to join the astonished and delighted chorus (and the women who wish we could all clone and t hen marry him).
    What a sweet guy *cyber kiss on your cute face, Mister Magic Puppy Singer*
    Hugs to you and all the puppehs,

  113. That was so lovely.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  114. That was too cute!

  115. I want one!

  116. “I LURVE my daddy! He sings to me!! It makes me all happy and fuzzy!”

  117. momof2kitties says:

    Are you frikkin’ kidding me? This is the single sweetest thing I have ever seen!! Who is this guy?

  118. jackie31337 says:

    Katrina: “My fantasy- he keeps them all and every night he sings six (six-seven-five?) full-grown boxers to sleep”

    It would be like the dog version of “Love You Forever”, which is arguably the sweetest children’s book ever written. 🙂

  119. Mary (the first) says:

    That was lovely! I used to sing all kinds of love songs to my cat. I was never sure if he really liked it though. He put up with just about anything. (I sang “you are my shining star” from Dancin’ in the Rain a lot.. ) I miss him.

  120. Honey YOU! Are. my. shining sta-ar, don’t you go away…oh oh oh oh baby.

    I LOVE that song!

    Our one dog’s name is Sunny, so that gives me lots of singing opportunities.

  121. Awweee, that is so sweet & amazing. Wow!

  122. OMG! That is so sweet! Little angels!

  123. That was awesome. They are all soooo cute I want to kiss them all. We have a white boxer with brown patches on both eyes and this brought back puppy memories too.

  124. They are sooooo cute I could kiss them all. That was awesome and reminds me of our sweet white boxer boy when he was a pup (he has brown patches on each eye).

  125. Hi Guys……Thanks for watching my video…It has almost 1.4 million views on you-tube!!The title is…lets see the dog whisperer do this!!! Just to let you know….all th pups are in great homes and I’m in contact with all the owners.

  126. That is so sweet. made me cry! I used to sing that to my ferrets then one passed away so now I sing it to my Lil’ girl and new ferret. That guys is so sweet but I gotta say those pups melt my heart!

    [It’s entirely your choice, of course, but you might not want to use your full email address as your public screen name… – Ed.]

  127. omg thise pupps were so CUTE!!!!

  128. Gwendolyn D. says:

    I think some of the manliest men on the planet, are those who will play dress-up with children, sing to their partner (when the voice isn’t so great) and now, who will sing to puppies. That was adorable – we don’t need to see you sobbing fellas, just show some softness and some heart. thanks; Gwen

  129. momsie6238 says:

    yes this was so cute but check out christian the lion on youtube I think that has this beat BIG TIME.
    I’ve watched it and watched it………love it

  130. Pamela F says:

    Absolutely the most adorable video I’ve seen in a long time! I’m sending it to everyone.

  131. Lynda British Columbia Canada says:

    Love it totally cute! My dog’s eyes were drooping…I swear!!! LOL! I’ll take two of those pups anytime!! Loved this, totally Brilliant!

  132. Linda McCollett says:

    That is so sweet. The man obviously has a soothing way with animals. And a gentle way with babies of all sorts. This man is a treasure.

  133. that’s the ctuest thing i ever seen…i wouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t SEEN it!

  134. This was the best.

  135. that was SOOOOO CUTE!! THANKS for posting!!

  136. THAT is so sweet

  137. WENDIE TABONE says:


  138. Dog lover says:

    If more men were like this guy there would be a lot more happy women. Men who love animals enough to do that are waaaaay sexy.

  139. That is so cute…It almost made me want to go to sleep…LOL

  140. That was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Where did the puppies end up in great homes I hope

  142. Now if I could only try this on myself. HHmmmm.

  143. I use the same basic song to sing my kids to sleep and I have since they were babies. I put their names in there instead of “pups” though. It doesn’t work nearly as well on them as it does on the puppies though.

  144. WOW! That was amazing, I wish that would work with my cat!

  145. used to sing this to my youngest son, now 30, at the end of the Sha Na Na show way back when. Now sing it to my grandson, 2 yrs. still has the same effect

  146. Too cute! Just too stinkin’ cute!!! Now let’s all give a collective “awwwww…”

  147. I love all animals too,but i have the very smartest little mini- wiener dog. almost 14 years young and still trys to bite the delivery guys? not much teeth left now? he has a sleeping bag besides my bed and i have to tuck him in it at night or he sulks?LOL. knows what i am thinking most of time and loves to travel in cars? i grew up on a farm and even rode cows. and many horses?Annie

  148. No wonder they’re whimpering – where is the Mama Dog? I think it’s unconscionable to separate puppies from the mother.

  149. you rock

  150. you rock i wish i could do that with my dog

  151. that is the most darling thing! what precious babies. i just played it and my two labs were looking for the puppies with tilted heads and curious eyes. so precious!

  152. T T TUCKER.... says:


  153. My partner and I just sang this song over the phone to a friend that couldn’t sleep. It worked. We also used to sing it to our pit puppy (now 7yo) but not to such good effect. We used to sing it to our bar patrons to give them the clue. Now this will be on our favorites forever. Darling.

  154. the original daddy doggie

  155. Please post this video again. It is absolutely the best!! Everyone I sent it to loved it. One of my friends has a dog who just had 9 puppies, and she’s singing to them now!

  156. Sorry, the video owner disabled embedding at some point, so we can’t post it anymore; neither can anybody else. I took a screenshot instead, though, and made it a link to the guy’s video, over on YouTube.

  157. This is just amazing, I have never heard a man sing a bunch of puppies to sleep like this one did. I just loved this little video clip. other people should take on ideas that this man has showed us all. how wonderful to see something so special; as this… thank you

  158. Aw so cute!