RED PANDA adopted by generous kitteh

Puhlease, People, get a load of this. MSNBC is reporting A baby RED PANDA (there is really no cuter animal on earth ‘cept maybe a hamster/pomeranian cross) was adopted by a domestic kitteh with four kittens. Let the interspecies snorgling BEGIN! [hands in air outstretched triumphantly]


Glurping AND tiny ear action:


And, JUUSSST in case you forgot what a red panda looks like, our very fave photo of a red panda with Japanese school-girl stance:


Baby red panda and Mom from ARTIS/AFP/Getty Images… 😀

//UPDATE!// More on CNN:




  1. yarnyoga says:

    The world is a wonderfully happy place when kitties and red pandas meet!

  2. Making my face hurt from the smile!

  3. This is too much. I want a red panda for my kitties. Once my dearly departed Terence (a boy cat) allowed a kitten to attempt nursing. So I’m sure all my spayed and neutered cats would be willing to help out a red panda. Except that it wouldn’t actually get any milk.

  4. We seriously need a 24/7 web cam on this action.

  5. DaytimeDeb says:

    I can’t look at this too long or my head and heart will ‘splode.

    Baby Panda in photo #1 looks like mama kitty with his coloring. He looks like her way more then when my cat had kittens.. none of them had her coloring!

  6. @Debg, there is a feral colony near me, with a tom who seems to be running a daycare center.

  7. Re that last panda pic– is that the Funky Chicken?

  8. Anonymous fan says:

    If anyone was watching CNN Headline News at either 1:54 or 3:54 eastern time today, they would have seen video of this story with a huge graphic banner that read: INTERSPECIES SNORGLING.

    I tried to get a screen cap, but couldn’t figure out how to do it.

    -spreading the cute, one overload-ism at a time!

  9. Katrina says:

    What are pandas, cats, dogs, neither- what?
    Ohhhhh, that is cute.
    I hope we get a follow-up sometime later this year.

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    That’s not a Japanese school girl stance, that’s a “Rar, I’m a monsteh!” stance. ^_^

    [ – Ed.]

  11. chanpon says:

    It all makes perfect sense because they’re matchingks in colors!

  12. Oh my that is so cute I can barely stand it.

  13. fuguemonkey says:

    Video on BBC at this leenk:

  14. Very cute. The cat looks giant in size comparison.

  15. I think baby red panda may BE hamster/pomeranian mash-up. For real.

  16. Holy Frioly!!!!!11!! That is tooooo freakin unbelieveable….CUTE! WANT!

  17. Momcat and bebeh both look so soft, so relaxed, so sweet. I want me some of that! It just makes everything a little better to know that little mini panda is loved.

    Am I one of about a thousand people who submitted this?

  18. So yeah I was home at lunch today and Headline News had a bit about the adorable little pumpkin, and their headline WAS Interspecies Snorgling! I was like WHOA 😀

    Very very cool, hehehe.

  19. We really need an AnJolie award.

  20. Wombats says:

    I a-skeered of photo #2! He’s all “I’m gonna git youuuuu”!!

  21. call me crazy, peeps, but i don’t think red pandas are that cute at all. Sorry. especially not that last one. that’s actually kind of creepy.

  22. browngrl says:

    Quinn I am calling you crazy. Red Pandas and kittens – it does not get cuter (unless there is a baby saying pasickie in the background).

  23. christine says:

    I have reached cute overload. There can be nothing cuter than a kitteh nursing a red panda. i don’t know what to do with myself now.

  24. scooterpants says:

    toss me my push-up Gilligan!, we got’z some new comers…
    YES! once again I SLAY ya’all with my red-panda, ‘rack’ “INN-YOU-INN-DOE!”
    -runs away …in zigg- zaggy motion wiff babbeh panda safely within Victorias Secret Push Up.-
    Bah HA HA!
    catch mah if ya can suck’ers! 🙂

  25. 260Oakley says:

    OK, that BBC video is the death-ray of cute. Kittens and a red panda cub with unopened eye capsules??? You can stick a fork in me, I’m done.

  26. No cuter anipal than a red panda!? I mean, I like a red panda as much as the next guy, but what about the hammie / panda hybrid?

  27. WARNING: Do NOT watch the BBC Video! In addition to the nursing seen in the photo above, it also shows TEENY BABY RED PANDA EYE SOCKETS and said red panda CUDDLING WITH TEENY LITTLE PUFFBALL KITTEHS. This is now officially “LethalOverload.”

  28. MadameX says:

    CNN’s video is 16 seconds longer. Watch at your own risk!!!

  29. mom2twinzz says:

    I sent this in too. I saw it on my Oddly Enough on my iGoogle.

    They are sooo matchinks!

    I just got a marmie and I am willing to adopt this one as well…

  30. bearlet says:

    good lord i just LOLd at the first pic’s huvrtxt (say it like an angry chicken “buk buh-BOHK!!!)

  31. R. Moore says:

    Yay! cutetalk spotted this one 🙂

  32. Poohbear says:

    The original footage – uncut and uncensored – you CANNOT take this, peeps!

  33. So kittehs are not just cute, but nice as well? 😛

  34. Hon Glad says:

    Having looked at the BBC footage, that Panda is going to beat the shit out of its Brothers and Sisters when they all grow up. (size diferential)

  35. Does the owner of the mommy cat get to keep the red panda?! Me jealous! Want!

  36. Happenstance says:

    Has everyone seen the Japanese “Living With Red Pandas” show yet?

    Red Pandas with Japanese-TV sound effects and voices? Talk about “cute overload.”

  37. Happenstance says:

    Correction: the SHOW has Japanese-TV voices, not the Red Pandas…derp-a-derrrr.

  38. Daphne Moss says:

    Red pandas are only slightly larger than cats, and judging by how Mr. McCuteFace eye caplets was kitten surfing, he is loving having so many friendly little puffy sibs and a nice milky mom.
    I love the look on that beautiful cat’s face, as if to say “What is all this fuss? Get those camera’s outta here! My children need to eat … and that one is a bit …odd…

  39. Aww, what a loving kitteh =3

  40. Mamma cats are the bestest. They’re all like, “Sure! What’s one more? Chuck it on the pile!”

  41. I think the 3rd picture is up there in my top 5 favorite CO pictures…

  42. Katrina says:

    You know that place where (the little Japanese girl in the video) “She has two red pandas and I don’t crosses “She has a giraffe and I don’t”?

    I’m so there.

  43. I’m going to have to introduce you to my friend Rachael, Katrina. You are of like mind. hahahaha

  44. jess, la, ca says:

    Did anyone else notice, in the CNN video, the very tiniest of kneading motions from the red panda? I think I’ve died and gone to cute heaven

  45. That video….GAH!!!! It just slayed me. Especially that one part where they panned in on momma’s face and she looked about ready to fall asleep. THat’s got to be one warm and fuzzy pile.

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEEEE! I saw this on CNN this morning and hoped it would be over here soon. How adorable is this???
    I love Mom Kitties who are so laid back & just take in leetle panda rejects. And what’s up with Mom Panda, huh?

  47. Hoooo diddly diggity DAMN.
    (just watched the video)

  48. Sweet hey? Is on my blog also….

  49. Katrina says:

    Yes, Theo, that spot.

  50. (Do you ever feel like you’ve been dropped without warning into a conversation that’s already in progress, just a hair *after* the main point has been covered, and suddenly all eyes are on you?)

  51. I’m gonna die if I watch the video again! I just can’t take the lil red panda and the floofy eyes just opened kittens!
    Lethal…. so lethal!!

    It’s sad that the sibling red panda died though, poor baby 😦

  52. Yeh, teh panduh iz naiss, but it duznt hoald a kandul tew a CAT.

  53. (shamelessly promoting my photos of the red panda at Central Park Zoo|)

  54. Kimberly says:

    Other kittens – “Mom, why is our brother so much bigger and stinkier than us? And why does he have red hair when we don’t?”

    Mom – “Hush, now. All of you are unique snowflakes and your brother is just one of the, er, super-unique ones.”

  55. Pamela B says:

    Photos and story: relentlessly cute. Love ’em.

    Me: horribly hurt for not getting a cuteporting byline. I submitted it on Wednesday. I would even have been glad to be among the unnamed “one beellion people” who also perhaps sent it in. :’-(

  56. “You know that place where (the little Japanese girl in the video) “She has two red pandas and I don’t” crosses “She has a giraffe and I don’t”? I’m so there.” is from an insurance commercial for someone or other where the person is is in a tough spot because a ‘thing’ has happened and then another ‘thing’ adds on top of it.

    A very recent C.O featured giraffes and I swooned.
    I have giraffe envy and red panda envy, and I am imaging them crossing each other in a vortex of envy.
    Now, however, thus educated by the “Living with Red Pandas” film, I’ll trade a gently-used giraffe for two red pandas? If I had a gently-used giraffe, that is.

  57. starryone says:

    What a sweet mama.The wee little red panda looks like he’s got something to
    say to the universe!!!:)
    Good luck on life, little one.

  58. mommy25bunnies says:

    Kittehs & pandehs & snorgles, oh my!!

  59. :’-(

    the lil’ panda didn’t make it :’-(

    just read it on the news, apparently he choked to death on the kitty milk 😦

    that’s soo sad!!!
    dutch link:

    translated through babelfish:
    Small panda died

    Young has not saved it in spite of good care

    The small panda Artis which was breastfed by a house cat have unfortunately died. The young was inanimately found Thursday morning 17 July. Section has shown that the trachea of the animal was filled with milk. It has therefore choked himself. The condition of the small panda was further good. The mother cat and small kittens make it further very well.

    The small panda was born on 30 June. Since 1 July it had been breastfed by the house cat of one of the attendants. This cat had pleased net and accepted the panda young as a foster child. It is as far as confessed the first time that a cat a small panda as a foster child looked after. Initially there were two boys. A small panda does not have the first vital summons survived. The last young has now unfortunately also died.

  60. Here’s the AP article:

    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) – Amsterdam’s Artis zoo says a baby red panda adopted by a zookeeper’s cat after being rejected by its mother has died.
    The zoo says an autopsy on the tiny panda found its windpipe filled with milk, indicating it choked to death. The zoo had hoped the panda would be able to suckle from the cat for three months before moving onto a diet of bamboo and fruit.

    The tabby cat came to the cub’s rescue July 1 after it was spurned by its mother. A second cub died shortly after the cubs’ birth on June 30.

    In a message on its Web site Friday, the zoo says the cub was healthy until its unexpected death Thursday. The rest of its adoptive family—the tabby and her four kittens—are in good condition.

  61. Poor behbeh panda — such a sad way to go.

  62. (sniff) 😥

  63. ‘survival of the fittest’ indeed!