Go baby turtle-bots, GO!

Mini turtle bots are crawling towards the ocean and no one can STOP them!

Watch as they crawl towards the sea at innate lightning speeds,
Marvel as they stop for no other turtle traffic and blow right by!
Wonder just what the hayle happened to them the moment they flopped into the ocean!

Buh-Bye, Sydney G.



  1. Go speedy go!! I want one for my very own. I have a pool!

  2. Michelle says:

    Sweet. 🙂

  3. Makes you want to just pick them up and drop them right in the ocean to help them spare all that energy!

  4. Live, baby turtle, LIVE!!! You must survive to keep the turtles going! We need more turtles.

  5. JarethsDreamer says:

    I’ve always found watching baby sea turtles a mixture of hope, pride, and a little bit of sadness. Those are some amazing aminals!

  6. Jewelz_4_U says:

    I love it!! I marvel at how they just KNOWWWWW to do it! Soooo awesome!!! 😀

  7. Jewelz_4_U says:

    Ohhh, Yookie – they need to make that journey across the sand to help their arm and leg muscles get strong for all the schwimmink that they will be doing. Kind of like when butterflies struggle for so long to get out of their cacoons so they will have the strength to fly when they are done. Alll part of the big plan! Isn’t that neat?!

  8. Wow, that’s determination! I’m exhausted just watching them. Go baby turtles!

  9. Weird… I was just thinking about baby turtles yesterday. The image of them struggling towards water popped into my head completely out of the blue, and I was thinking how cute they are. CO must be psychic.

  10. Go babies! GO GO GO!!!

  11. eeen! must…eeehnn!!…reach…EEHHNN…oceans!!!

  12. What happens after they are in the water? They swim and swim and swim. Unless sumpin’ eated them.


  13. Just keep swimming…
    Just keep swimming…
    Just keep swimming…
    (Dory is probably out there encouraging them!!!)

  14. PattyP: why duck? I mean that’s what happens…and heck the lucky ones get to live for like over 100 years

  15. bookmonstercats says:

    I first saw a film of baby turtles starting that first long journey to the ocean years ago. No punches pulled, the predators were lined up there picking them off. All part of the grand plan. Felt pride and joy for those that made it as well as sadness for the ones that didn’t. *shuffles off, sniffling*

  16. SaDiablo says:

    The beach I vacationed at earlier this year (Folly Beach, SC) is a hatchery for loggerheads. Didn’t get to see any, though. =( They’re pretty specific about their turtles, dude — my immediate reaction to the guy who redirected one was, “Don’t touch!” *lol*

  17. OMG!! TURTLES!!!!

  18. SweetBunny says:

    can just taste that salt water now…

  19. Jimbeaux says:

    I yay’d when they made it to the water. 🙂

  20. aww I love me some turtles. I have 12 of them that live in a pond in my house…strange I know.

  21. ashley: actually I have known several people to have turtles living in their back yards…one place in particular had 2 or 3 land turtles that roamed the back yard freely…it’s pretty neat, actually

  22. Wow, usually they hatch at night too. I was down at the beach during hatching season and during an early morning beach walk, I could see a TON of little flipper and drag tracks as they made their way to the sea. Sadly, one little dude got confused, crawled up towards the dunes, turned back around and half way to the sea, became too exhausted to go on and died. Their little tracks tell a story.

  23. cheesybird says:

    Fair thee well, little turtle dudes! May your lives be safe and shark-free.

  24. Theresa says:

    (can’t believe nobody as said this yet)
    “If I doon’t save the wee turrtles, who will?!”
    “Och, save me frrom the wee turrrtles!”

  25. chanpon says:

    Baby turtles are the bomb! I watched this and was so routing for the teensy turtlees. Then the kind waves came in and helped them the rest of the way. Anhh…*head tilt*

    Err, does anyone else suddenly have “Someone save me from the wee turtles!!” in Groundskeeper Willie’s voice playing in his/her head?

  26. Look one comment up from yours, Chanpon.

  27. DOODE!

  28. Catsquatch says:

    One good thing about having humans standing all over the place watching baby sea turtles run to the ocean is that no predators will come near enough to snatch the little darlings up before they get there.

  29. i love it i love it i love it

  30. (i found myself muttering “stupid pantleg” at one point)

  31. That one turtle was actually moving pretty fast. Ironically, he wanted to be chosen for the annual race against the hare.

  32. chanpon says:

    Ha! Great minds think alike, Theresa. 🙂

  33. Rooanne says:

    Wow. That is one huge ocean for such tiny creatures to crawl into….

    I once watched a turtle giving birth to eggs, in the sand. It was morning. It was not on the beach but an inlet and those babies would have had a long, long way to get to the ocean. Nature fills me with awe.

  34. Tank-well the pond is actually in the house..in a bedroom actually lol-my landlord would have a herd of cows if he knew

  35. ~”Wonder just what the hayle happened to them the moment they flopped into the ocean!”

    ~Got et.

  36. It’s necessary for the turtles to make it to the water by themselves because it helps them imprint on their natal beach. Sea turtles return to their “home” beaches to nest.

    I am a volunteer at a sea turtle hospital hear in NC. Unfortunately, many sea turtles have run-ins not only with predators, but with modern life, too – i.e., boat propellers, fishing hooks, pound nets, etc. You can check out the work that we do here:

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Aw, “HAYLE” naw!!!

    LOL!!! Sorry, Hancock was funnay!!

    And “Turtlebots”? OMG, if my nephewling heard that, he would go NUTS!!! My bro-in-law did Battlebots so this would be fitting! 😀

  38. Beachgal says:

    this reminds me of watching National Geographic stuff on baby turtles, and the soundtrack my brother would do, rooting for the turtles and hoping the predators didn’t get them. Go babies go!!!!

  39. Those look like a VERY rare endangered turtle..Leatherbacks.

    See the website I created and video many of them at: http://swfsc.noaa.gov/textblock.aspx?id=8892&parentmenuid=448

    video #3 is my favorite. Yes, I got to work with those peep!!

  40. I think I heard “Ehn Ehn Ehn” as they crossed the wet sand..

  41. go widdle turdles go!!!

  42. I love how they made a pathway for the baby t’s! These people rock!

    Go turtles, go, go, go!

  43. Swim little turtles.

    Swim Free.
    As free as the waves roll
    As free as the seeweed grows
    Swim Free and follow the krill

    Live free with no Man to harm you
    Your free as the wind and sea and stars
    you can SWIM Free.

  44. ~Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles!~:D
    And they can swim!

  45. I think someone was confused who said the lucky ones live over 100 years…I mean, are you sure it’s this type of turtle? I know some kinds can, but I would be surprised if it was this kind..

  46. Rachel Sweeden says:

    They are precious.

  47. But but but dude! How do you know?!

    I don’t know, but they know, you know, you know? *nods wisely*

    Love baby mcturtlesons. I would love to watch them as they tumble into the water, and protect them from dangerous preadators. It always makes me sad when they get swooped up by the seagulls or whatever.

  48. Oh my little heart! I love how the ocean gently scoops them into her…how poetic *sniff*

  49. I just LOVE how that one turtle obeyed traffic laws and passed on the left!

  50. Robert M. says:

    I was, admittedly, taking the title literally, since I had just seen a traveling exhibit at the local science museum of creature design and animatronics; one of the things mentioned was robotic baby turtles designed to mimic the real animals, making their way into the ocean. (They couldn’t handle real sea turtles due to their endangered status, apparently.) I assume these are real animals, though…

  51. anomalous4 says:


    “Did you bring the pizza?”

    “I thought you were bringing the pizza!”

    “Didn’t you remember to tell them we wanted it delivered?”

    “Not again! Now we’re gonna be late for our next saving-the-world gig!”

    “Rafaello, we’re never gonna let you order the pizza again!”

    “Just don’t let Donatello do it. He always orders anchovies and pineapple.”

  52. Claudia says:

    Oh no!!…I can’t view this…but I can get the sound…is it available anywhere else in another format?