I can’t get no… Satisfaction!

I can’t get no satisfaction
I can’t get no satisfaction
’cause i try and i try and i try and i try [little arm raises up]
I can’t get no, i can’t get no

When i’m drivin’ in my car [arm does little driving motions]
And that man comes on the radio
He’s tellin’ me more and more
About some useless information
Supposed to fire my imagination
I can’t get no, oh no no no [pout into microphone]
Hey hey hey, that’s what i say


Thanks, Sender-Inner Lisa S.

From NationalGeographic.com, and photographer Birgitte Wilms.  Batfish who lives off the coast of Costa Rica’s Cocos Island.



  1. No WAY! Is Nature BETTER than Photoshop!!!???!?!?

  2. cowsharky says:

    (nuff mode) I can’t believe how some people will smear lipstick on an innocent fish and think it’s funny. Gah! (/nuff mode)

  3. Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a fish of wealth and taste …

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Those are some serious lips!

  5. AuntieMame says:

    Someone needs to Photochop a huge tongue hanging out from them lips.

  6. stubbedoo says:

    Wow, that is grandmother shade of red lipstick!

  7. Right, I’ve got my crimson lippy on and I’m ready for our date. Just let me grab taxi fare.

  8. Wow, way cool fish – is she standing on her fins??

    That is one disgruntled looking fish! Maybe needs a hug?

  9. omg lol! I just about nearly fell of my chair !! That’s hilarious 🙂

  10. I’ve been practicing to be a rabbit for some time now.

  11. CoffeeCup says:

    cowsharky…you ARE kidding, right? Please be kidding?

    Hilariously disgruntled fish…except it kind of reminds me of Emily Gilmore when she’s angry (Gilmore Girls).

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, Shaz2, Nature is way better than Photoshop! This picture is wonderful!!

  13. Erebella says:

    No way hoser! I donna believe it!

  14. Erebella says:

    Oh my god, it is real! Even though it looks like someone cut those lips out of a magazine and stuck it on that poor fish. Wow! Marine life has always amazed me, but I have no words for this. I need a drink!

  15. Joan Rivers has really got to let up on this plastic surgery stuff.

  16. you better believe cowsharky is kiddin, LOL!

    wow, it’s like ol Aunt Bertha giving me the death glare when I hid her Bingo Dabbers…

  17. …yuz awl yur wel lurnd politrikz oar aill lai yur sewl tew wayst.

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Just imagine the extra-deep, I-smoke-6-packs-of-cigarettes-a-day voice: “Come on ovah heah and give your ol’ Aunt Mabel a hug!”

  19. not only the lips, it looks like the fish could do the strut across the stage too!

    Brilliant caption, Meg!

  20. OMG! Not only are there disapproving bunnehs there’s disapproving Mick Jagger fish!

  21. Mustangsally78 says:

    Science fiction, double feature
    Doctor X will build a creature
    See Androids fighting
    Brad and Janet
    Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet . . .

  22. That is disapproval of epic proportions. LOL!!

  23. SoCalSis says:

    From the Nat Geo site:

    Like a marine Mick Jagger, a rosy-lipped batfish pouts near Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. Batfish are poor swimmers, preferring to use their strangely adapted pectoral fins like legs to crawl about the seafloor.”

    How ’bout them pecs, eh??

  24. sally-rah says:

    That looks like the face my last boyfriend gave me as I walked out the door!!!

  25. Mustangsally78- LMAO That was awesome!! 😀

    I’m just a sweet crustacean, from crustaceous Costa Rica!!


  26. Ok, no.

    there is no way there’s a fish that has a face like all of the disapproving school marm women in 1930s movies.


  27. LOL @ Theresa!

  28. Great picture, great caption, and honestly I’m not complaining… but aren’t we stretching the definition of “CUTE” a bit here? Just a tad, maybe??

  29. ashagato says:

    the fish has no EFFING neck!

  30. cowsharky says:

    Actually, I really am serious. Also, I’m very upset at the concept of clownfish. How dare people take innocent guppies and dress them up as clowns? Everyone knows clowns are scary. And don’t get me started on all those nurse sharks being forced to go into the medical field. Some of them wanted to be poets or artists, damnit…

  31. cliffette says:

    My lips are in opposition to the fish’s. Hence it is cute. 🙂

  32. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Ok.. gotta say it

    Gives whole new meaning to ‘fish lips’

  33. catloveschanel says:

    Now that’s a geo-Graphic.

    This sort of reminds me of the time on Top Model when they had to do their own makeup….

  34. the other Brenda says:

    Gotta make this a background.

  35. If that’s Mick Jagger, is this Steve Tyler?


    [That, Madame, was AWESOME. Win! – Ed.]

  36. Hahaha.
    So, no men or women created lipstick 😛
    The batfishes did.

  37. Jack Walsh says:

    you’ve just taken redonkness to a new level

  38. Looks like the poster for that classic cult move “The Rocky Horror Fishy Show.”

  39. binky-mama says:

    For some reason I’m reminded of the stereotypical grumpy lunch lady with the hairnet, knee-highs and 50’s make-up. Sloppy Joe’s anyone?

  40. (the original) Mel says:

    Give us a kiss.

  41. He/she does look a bit thrown together out of spare parts. 😉

    Weird science,
    Not what teacher said to do
    Makin dreams come true
    Living tissue, warm flesh

    Weird science,
    Plastic tubes and pots and pans
    Bits and pieces, and
    Bits and pieces, and
    Bits and pieces.

  42. Oh MadameX that is an epic win! That could totally be a distant relative, you know of the whole other species kind 😉

  43. “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching.”

  44. Lawrence says:

    I dissapprove! Whatever you say I won’t like it! No way! Talk to the lips cause this face ain’t listening to you no more! Haaarrruuummmppp!

  45. And I don’t want to see any paperwork…

  46. “Damn, I think I overdid it on the collagen injections”.

  47. AuntieMame, we aim to please:


    Rolling Stones logo tongue with shading added. Be kind peeps – a quickie job.

  48. God, I love this site…

  49. I usually don’t comment here… I just lurk and soak up teh cute. But I had to on this one. I literally lol’d. 🙂

  50. The Other Mike wins this one. I can’t think of a better caption for that picture.

    So funny.

  51. Liz — this one was all Meg’s! I didn’t even do the hovertext.
    Check the byline…

  52. (Other Mike did the previous post, tho, with the puppy fort)

  53. I bet his mamma was a jazz show queen.

    (luv the RHPS jokes, too!)

  54. karolina says:

    Ok this thing looks like some sort of underwater rabbit. Look at the face! It totally does!!

  55. Anne Boleyn says:

    cowsharky, you are right in every way and deserve to nuff because clowns are scary and you are hilarious!

  56. That is so not cute!
    Is this Weirdoverload now?

  57. Ok, so here is my thoughts on this.

    One- that is the SINGLE most hilarious fish I have ever seen. However, it ties for first in ‘most redonk aquatic animal’ category with pimp slug.

    Two. The only thing I can think is that she needs some little red high heels and one of them red-and-purple hats all tilted to the side, mebbie a lil’ red purse, and she’s TOTALLY the best impression of my next door neighbor from childhood. Ever.

  58. ROFL…. OMG now that is just too redonkulous!
    Look at those lips and that extreme disapproval!
    NM the awesome finnage/legs going on heh

  59. Hon Glad says:

    So this is what Bette Davies, was reincarnated as.

    “What a Dump!

  60. Grumpypants!!!

  61. bookmonstercats says:

    Obviously a new category has been created – Libipps – and puhleeze include the Steven Tyler lookalike fish, coz I’m an Aerosmith fan (and please find a Joe Perry lookalike fish, purely to make my day). So many great posts, peeps. LOL’d.

  62. Kyaaa!!!!!1
    What the heck is that?
    So scary.

  63. Bookmonstercats, just google for a long faced fish with a big nose… I used to be in loooooove with Steven Tyler, but Joe Perry has aged much better.
    This freaktastic fish and all the Rocky Horror references are killing me!
    Dammit Janet!

  64. ButtaRumCake says:

    cowsharky LOL!!

  65. Erebella says:

    And God said, “Let there be Lips.”
    And there were Lips.
    And they were good.

  66. seriously??? SERIOUSLY!!?? WTF

  67. claudia says:

    also looks like Mrs. Finster, according to the kids.


  68. Add a wig and it’s Dame Edna.

  69. Hon Glad says:

    Claudia: The kids are right :0}

  70. sunnymum says:

    I keep hearing the Devo version of the song and it’s making it even more redonk!

  71. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Yes.. I vote for a new category!!! LIBBIPS!!!!!

  72. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, PattyP! Perfect!

  73. Barbara says:

    That’s true, Karolina – it DOES look like a rabbit! It disapproves just as much, too.

  74. cioringo says:

    That was a perfect caption.

  75. Catsquatch says:


    Did I just see that?

    Are you sure?

    :rubs eyes:


    I did just see that…..

  76. Catsquatch says:

    Aunt Edna forgot to wax her wiskers again, and Ill betcha she wants ta kiss us all too…..

  77. cheesybird says:

    Holy bejeebus. Ze comments. Zey are keeling me!

    “He’ll eat nutritious, high protein
    And swallow raw krills
    Try to build up his dorsal,
    His tail, fins, and gills.
    Such an effort
    If he only knew of my plan
    In just seven days

    I can make you a cla-a-a-a-am!”

  78. ThreeCatNight says:

    We are not amused, and do mind the pincers!

  79. Obviously, that is Mother Brain from the late-80s cartoon, Captain N, the Game Master.

  80. Yet another satisfied Mary Kay customer.

  81. Laugh out loud, Meg…Laugh. Out. Loud! ;D

  82. I’m trying to imagine what it was like for the photographer to take this shot. Can you laugh underwater?

  83. Absolutely, Banana, but then it’s usually called “drowning”… 😉

  84. That’s one Disapproving Fish!

  85. Freaky! Thanks for a weird and educational photo. It prompted me to visit the National Geo site and see the other weird and colorful creatures there.

  86. I am STILL mesmerized by this… The full name is the Rosy-Lipped Batfish. Woooo! This fish really needs some stern-looking horn-rimmed spectacles!

  87. OK, ignoring the fishy (awesome as it is) – Meg should write blues songs. She is scarily good at coming up with good lyrics…

  88. i knew my neighbour will be on the internet one day..

  89. Tobysmom1111 says:

    I look EXACTLY like that when I wear red lipstick. I see a fish makeover in the near future ;D

  90. OH MY GOD!

    It’s Mic Jagger!!!!!!