What did you think of Wall-e?

According to a HuffPost review by Joshua David Stein, Wall-e is like this: "Think CuteOverload.com with robots instead of kittens and you’ll get the idea."


Thumbs "way way up" Ian F.? Not decided yet? Check out the trailer!



  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I loved it!! Hubby and I took his sis, her hubby, and their six year old girl and soon to be three year old boy. Unfortunately, the girl doesn’t like ANY form of peril, so Sis-in-law took her out to the hallway (Don’t worry, gang, she’s no crybaby…she quietly left, I was sitting next to her, and they both just snuck out!)…BUT, the boy cried because it ended, LOL!!! He absolutely LOVED it, too! I promised him that if came out on DVD that we’d get it for him! He was such a mushpot!

  2. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^I should’ve said “If it came out on DVD IN TIME FOR XMAS!!!”

    Hopefully that should make a leetle more sense!

  3. binky-mama says:

    Looks cute and I want to see it…but how DOES one snorgle a robot? Is it even possible?

  4. darkshines says:

    The film doesn’t come out in the UK for a couple of weeks, but I have seenall the trailers and Wal-e is adorable, as is EVE. ^_^

  5. kirsten says:

    Oh, absolutely! Many involuntary “AHHN!”s and “AWWW!!”s escaped my lips in the theater. And I wasn’t the only one.

  6. Wall-E might fit in Cute’or’Sad category.

    **Possible Spoilers Herein**
    Visually excellent as always and loads of details. On the other hand if youve seen Short Circuit (wow, 23+ years old now!) and set it in space, you have the basis of Wall-e (it even looks like #5, purposely or not). Some minor allegories about the current state of the world but nothing as blatant or overbearing as Happy Feet (human scum, rabble rabble rabble).

    <3 ze Twinkie roach.

  7. Oh yeah, and as with most Pixar stuff, sit through the credits.

  8. I think Wall-E nearly killed me with its cuteness! I think anyone who visits this site daily would highly enjoy the movie, though there aren’t any furry animals present. ^^

  9. i love that movie… so sweet and cute…

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Curses, I think we probably have a block on the Quick time, download thingy where I work.
    How ever when I first saw a picture of the robot (as Lone has mentioned), I immediately thought it was the further adventures of whatsit from short circuit.
    Blimey, was it 23 years ago, I’d have said about five. But then, at my age everything seems that it was few years ago.

  11. I have heard about this. Apparently it slates humans for being some sort of obese lazy greedy race who zoom about on hovercars because they can’t walk any more.

    And how can a movie preach about the environment and how we are filling the solar system with junk while simultaneously producing – guess what? – yep, tons of plastic toys and disposable junk to promote the movie. Not my cup of tea, sorry, no matter how cute the robot character looks.

  12. Mokusai says:

    lizm – I have to agree. When I head about this movie (and eventually took myself out to see it), I was worried that it would suffer hypocrisy not by its own mechanism necessarily, but by the only mechanism that would make its production possible: Disney. And yesh, you can buy Wall-E shirts, hats, toys, mugs, and everything that might be compacted into a garbage skyscraper seven hundred years in the future. And this is where Wall-E fails. We follow the romance, appreciate the message, and walk away from the movie unchanged. We are reaffirmed that technology will salvage our mess, no matter what length of time it may take to do so. Such a point is reinforced by the end credits, in which actual hand-drawing – a real, tactile human effort – is reduced to an afterthought. Oh well. It is cute, really.

  13. jocelyn says:

    Actually, I find it interesting that there are no Wall-E happy meal toys.

  14. jocelyn says:

    As for cuteness, the robots are adorable. My favorite is the one that only wants to clean the foreign contaminant off of Wall-E.

    Even the roach is cute. Like the Remmy, they made it cute by giving it a dog’s mannerisms (in Remy’s case, the ears that sink; in the roach’s case, the way it hops around with excitement when Wall-E feeds it a twinkie).

    The credits are pretty cute (but there’s nothing AFTER the credits, just so you know).

  15. It was indeed cute on the surface, but complex approaching a Clarke or Asimov story. I don’t feel it’s really a kid’s movie. Not to say I thought it was bad–I left talking with my brother about all the things left unexplained. A story is good when it leaves you wanting more.

    What about the preview for Bolt that ran with it? I want to see it just for the hamster! “I…have a ball.” *wiggles brows* :3

  16. I agree, Megumi. It’s adorable (on a massive scale), but it’s so much more than that. It’s a legitimately good sci-fi movie as well – something that hasn’t happened in ages. I also question how one would snorgle a robot… perhaps a careful hug would have to do.

  17. big fat consumer says:

    I went to the Disney store in NYC last weekend to find Wall-E toy for my 5 yr. old nephew who wants to build robots and relatively speaking there was not that much Wall-e merch (not compared to Harry Potter, for instance). I ended up going to Toys R Us and getting him Lego robot kits (not the furry kind of kits) instead. Too bad because I liked the idea that Wall-e was a personable, helping robot and not a warrior robot. I haven’t seen the movie.

  18. Well, I did notice his paws are pretty cute.

    Cute roach? I kept waiting for the pigeon from “Enchanted” to come in and gobble it up. Yuck

  19. There are little vignette of Wall-E’s adventure with things here: http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/walle/

    That movie makes me want to adopt roaches as pets…. NOT! But the roach was cute.

    But have you guys seen this?:

    The official viral campaign from Buy-n-Large.

  20. Oh, one more thing that cross my mind after I saw Wall-E. That movie cautions us about consumerism and gigantic accumulating garbage on the planet. And yet, there is this huge merchandise tie, seducing us to buy all the toys that one day may pile up in such landfills. Irony.

  21. Wall-e is a warm kindred little robot with feeling. My husband even said that watching the movie was like getting a big hug.

    It was cute and touching.

  22. The sad moments were a bit hard to take and I’m middle-aged. If you go be sure to stay for the credits.

  23. I agree with the comments remarking on the hypocritical nature of the Wall-E merchandise. I really wish the merchandise for this movie had been plant-growing kits (grow some basil in EVE’s plant containment unit!). Some environmentally-friendly creative products would have been much more in line with the message of the movie.

    BUT the question is whether or not the movie was cute. Yes, it was, and beautiful. Sad too. And I also liked the Twinkie-eating cockroach. (Oh, and Mac users — check out Wall-E’s “charged up” sound.)

  24. (I meant to say if there HAS to be merchandise for the movie, I wish it had been more ecofriendly. Just to be clear!)

  25. Wall-E was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a LONG time. Without spoiling anything for people who haven’t seen it, by the end of the movie, it really makes you think. The dude and I took his 10 year old to see it and it was just fantastic. They both enjoyed it and I loved it. People who have small attention spans shouldn’t see this movie though, because there is minimal dialog. The near-perfect animation really allows the characters to develop into their own entities. EVERYONE should see it! NOW!

  26. It is extremely cute. However, props also go to the excellent animation that plays beforehand, called “Presto”. The bunny who stars in it is beyond adorable.

  27. Loved it. LOVED. IT. And I don’t have any small people to take along as an excuse.

    Jocelyn, there is something at the end of the credits! It’s not worth going back to watch it again – it’s just one little thing – but you have to stay alllll the way to the end!

  28. Michele says:

    I freakin looooved Wall-E. Any movie that starts with Michael Crawford singing “Put on your Sunday Clothes” (from Hello Dolly) is wonderful in my book. Plus Presto, the short film before it was very entertaining!.

  29. MadameX says:

    I found WALL-E to be an excellent picture – the animation alone is awesome and well worth the price of admission. And it is cute! Even the fat, Botero-like humans are cute and cuddly; in fact, one of the things I liked about it is that it isn’t mean and doesn’t put them down as lazy slobs – they just don’t know any better. There is an endearing, child-like quality to the film…

    And Eve rocks!

  30. LadyDarya says:

    I loved Walle and the the *gasps* (Spoiler) at the supposed “death” of the cockroach the first time it got ran over. My sister now swears she will never ever eat a twinkie again. We took my 2 nephews (4 years old each) but only one really got hooked, the other was done. Kind of more for the older kid crowd maybe??

  31. k. o'dee says:

    If I ever get an iPhone, it’s going to ring with Wall-E’s little voice saying “EEEE-veh!”

    My 12 year old sister recommended it to me and my aunt, and we both loved it.

  32. The message is actually much more harmless than it has been made out to be on the internet. Humans are fat and lazy but in a benign way and are portrayed as fundamentally good. The humans are shown as infants who never had the chance to grow up, but it isn’t necessarily forced down your throat. If you think that the movie contains a preachy message that would turn you off. Go see it anyway. You’ll be surprised.

    As for the merchandising, Pixar has no control over that. Their parent company Disney just works that way so no matter what kind of movie they produce Disney will force plastic crap down everyones throats. Is Pixar supposed to not make movies with a message because Disney doesn’t follow the message? The best thing to do is just appreciate the movie for itself rather than the marketing that surrounds it.

  33. I thought Wall-e was an excellent film. Very little flaws, visually stunning. It gets me every time…

  34. Yes, verreh cute. Wall-E doesn’t want to peench your tocks, though – he just wants to hold your hand.

    BTW, I blame the apparent merch hypocrisy on the unholy alliance Pixar made with Disney. It pains me every time I see a Pixar movie to know I’m giving money to the Disney Machine.

  35. So cute, but also a little deep. Cutting social commentary and the most adorable creature since ET. How can you go wrong?

  36. Saw it last Monday and loved it. Wall-E is similar to Charlie Chaplin’s character of the Little Tramp, especially in its relationship with the impossibly beautiful Eve.

  37. Great, great movie. Pixar may have outdone themselves this time, it’s funny and sweet but has a pervasive sadness that I think will appease parents while not being totally lost on kids.

    Green agenda? What green agenda?

  38. The first time I saw the little Wall*E robot, my very first thought was “Number 5 is alive!”

    I loved that movie.

    Haven’t seen Wall*E yet, but I want to go.

  39. Wait. Theres a ROACH!!!???


  40. There’s also a touch of “Silent Running,” which made me cry when I saw it as a kid. I haven’t seen that movie in, well, 35 (ack!) years. It might not make me cry now.

    Anywho…all 3 of my spawn loved the movie, including my sullen pre-teen who now has a non-Neo “whoa” to add to his mono-syllabic vocabulary.

    I didn’t think it was too preachy. It’s a keeper – we’ll definitely add it to the collection when it comes out on DVD.

  41. Virginia O. McGrapersons says:

    WALL-E was quite the cute overload. From beginning to end I was overwhelmed by robot cuteness. The sounds, the voices and yes, even the roach pal made me melt…and I hate roaches!!! I wanted to take WALL-E home with me.

    And how about the pre-movie short with the magician and his bun?! Did everyone see that? That bunny was the cutest cartoon bunny I think I’ve ever seen. I’m a sucker for all things bunny tho.

  42. David Buttrick says:

    Wall-E was great! Touching, poignant, and beautiful.

    Oh yeah, it was cute too.

  43. k. o'dee says:

    “Wait. Theres a ROACH!!!???”

    It’s an adorable, faithful, puppy-like roach, though!

  44. My husband and I (childless) walked in and enjoyed every minute. The bun needs his OWN movie 🙂

  45. Absolutely gorgeous to look at and the relationship between WALL-E and EVE is priceless. Pixar is genius.

  46. Loved the movie. Hate the irony of clueless megacorp Disney filling the shelves with tons upon tons of plastic Wall-E crap that will end up in landfills.

  47. I loved that I was totally empathically involved with ROBOTS. WallE and Eve are well developed in this film as characters with a full range of emotion.

    Having seen the movie…and with a caveat that it’s hard to realistically critique a movie one hasn’t seen (all the way to the end) or a book one hasn’t read.

    1) I love the roach, but i don’t think I’ll EVER eat another twinkie… EVER.

    2) the message in the end though is that the robots CAN’T save the world for us… the job takes HUMANS getting off their duffs and DOING things.

    3) Jelly doughnut shaped humans with limited mobility, is pretty much what could happen if humanity took to low gravity for LONG TERM.
    (“After all this time in space, you may have experienced some bone loss.” With a rather amazing graphic.)

  48. and I totally adored the short!

    Yay Pixar for reviving the tradition of shorts before the feature! Huzzah!!!

  49. Is that a “baroo”?!

  50. When my hubby saw the trailer of this movie, he showed it to me: Look, this is so your kind of stuff! And I do think Wall-e is cute… We don’t get the movie until later this year, but we have already seen all the trailers and teasers there are.
    I luf the sounds wall-e makes. I sound like that sometimes when I see cute furry animals…

  51. Pink Kitty says:

    Think about it, though…

    Who else but Pixar could make a major motion picture that thumbs its nose directly at its distributor?

    Sure there are smaller movies, indies, and documentaries that tell similar stories but I’m talking massive, major motion picture that is marketed to everyone.

    I personally think that little fact is brilliant.

    Though I seem to remember in a story about Pixar, Wall-E was the last story they came up with in one of their early brainstorming sessions (which included all of the Pixar movies) and well before they were bought by Disney.

  52. Good call Subhangi! Wall-E is totally barooing here.

  53. @ nycat: No, I had not seen that! Thanks for the link – the Buy n Large website is hilarious. (I totally need a Gar-E.)

  54. LadyDarya says:

    Thank You TRIN!!

    I was just going to ask if anyone else saw the, however brief, explanation for the jelly like humans – they had been in space for 700 years and bone mass got smaller – it was there but it was brief but I think it’s a bit factual – maybe not as bad (?) as the movie portrayed it but I do recall research occuring on this somewhere, sometime. Anyway did anyone else think that the co-captin looked like HAL I mean “good morning Captain” had me thinking “good morning Dave”….. and the red eye thing in the middle….

  55. Wall-E was so sweet and cute. Unfortunately, for me, SWEET + CUTE + NON-HUMAN = MASSIVE OVERSENSITIVITY. So, I spent most of the movie trying to choke back my hysterical sobs.

  56. I’m surprised it took Wall-E that long to show up here. He’s definitely one of the cutest things in film right now. Eve (when giggling, not shooting things) is equally adorable.

    P.S. I think the main message of Wall-E is less environmental, and more about what it means to be human, and how two robots show people how to be people again. I can’t believe anyone would be so cynical about a love story, of all things.

  57. This video

    shows a guy making homemade twinkies and at the end of the video around the 3:40 mark, he opens up a Twinkie he’s had on the shelf for 13 years. Not moldy, but definitely not edible.

  58. EvaWuvsCats says:

    OMG i’m going to see it a 2nd time. and i never do that. i loved it

  59. Shannon says:

    I want to see this sooooooooo (not enuff o’s in the world) bad. But I think it is just “too” cute for my hubby to take.

    Has anyone else seen the preview for “Bolt”? It was before Hancock. OMG. That looks even cuter if possible.

  60. ZOMG! that is the best movie on the hakkin’ planet… in some parts i almost cryed (lol!)

  61. FilthyGrandeur says:

    i love pixar movies. they make everything sickeningly cute. it’s amazing.

  62. Wall-e is the cutest movie i have seen in a very long time and the Pixar short before it was amazing. I thought i was gonna die from laughing

  63. I LOVED Wall-E! It is such a great movie! It teaches us about Love and recycling!

  64. Absolutely loved it! A giggling robot? Adorable! Although it would be nice to hear something else besides the two robots calling out each other’s names… But oh so cute!

  65. Floyd's Mom says:

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Wall-E – made me cry because he is so sweet and his relationship with Eve (Eeeeeva) is wonderful!

  66. loved it

    (sparks c.o.)

    [ *GZZT!* ]
    [ :faints: ]
    [ – Ed. ]

  67. Denise Conner says:

    Loved it! It made me feel like I was in a pile of kittens for the rest of the day. I also felt better about the good nature of humanity.

    Pixar makes post-apocalyptic robot love adorable.

  68. Loved it. My 10 year old (autistic) son loved it.

  69. I’ll say what I said when the movie ended: That was so cute it hurt.

    It’s beautiful, touching and an hour and a half long “Awwwwww!” An amazing film, I highly recommend it.

  70. Ugh, the nuffers. Do we really believe that it’s the Wall-E merchandise alone that is going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of destroying the universe? All toys and movie-related merchandise have no value whatsoever? Have you ever given a child a stuffed animal or a doll and seen their face light up? I can see a dozen pieces of “junk” from where I sit that mean more to me than anything because someone special gave it to me. Yes, eventually, they might wind up in a landfill. But I’m gonna wind up in the ground, too. Yes, there’s a lot of junk in the world, but dissing a film for POINTING THAT OUT sucks the joy out of the imagination.

    Ahem. As for the movie, it is WONDERFUL and while entirely suitable for children, it has some very dark overtones and assumptions about human behavior. It is also – as the best science fiction films usually are – both a celebration and a cautionary tale of what happens in the intersection between technology and human imagination. If I were teaching a class I’d show it along with Chaplin’s “Modern Times,” “2001,” the shorts of Georges Melies and “Mothlight” by Stan Brakhage.

    And while the cockroach is actually kind of cute, the movie is a lot MORE than cute, cuddly kid’s stuff.

  71. Alaska Nebraska says:

    I think flash is absolutely right about the apparent irony and hypocrisy, but I do love Alexis’ idea of the eco-friendly merchandise! If only Disney considered it. Sigh.

    But Wall-E is ABSOLUTELY adorable. I teared up at his cuteness.

  72. I LOVED Wall-e. I’m 21 and I went with my 63-year-old mother, and we both cried. It was just so SWEET. H-He just wanted to hold Eve’s hand… And I agree – Presto is also awesome. That bunny was so cute. It has lovely echoes of Merry Melodies.

  73. Thumbs WAY up. Check out its rating on IMDB:
    Currently #20 of all time.

  74. LadyDarya…I was also reminded of HAL…

    I should have known more people than my little circle of nerds would recognize that.

    I think also that WallE looks so much like #5 (Short Circuit) is intentional as well.

    I have read that astronauts have some issues with um… bloating and mineral loss in their bones when they’ve been up for any significant time.
    So “jelly doughnut” people seem a natural progression.

    We also enjoyed that people were still good and still human, and hadn’t actually lost intelligence. (the girl and the guy aside from the track seeing WallE and EvAh outside, and he says “Oh I know him! He’s WallE.” and the way that human couple connects!)

  75. I saw it yesterday with my boyfriend and we both loved it =) Well, safe to say I loved it but I could clearly tell he liked all the cute parts!! He laughed instead of “ahhhn”ing. I cried full out at the end, ruining my makeup and what not… lol…

    Now i wish i stayed till the end of the credits!!

  76. Eco-friendly toys = excellent idea! It would be nice if ALL toys were eco-friendly. 🙂

    I love the movie. I love Eve! EEE-VAH!

  77. all i could think about after wall-e was that it needs to go on cuteoverload.com.
    it was so unbearably cute my head almost ‘sploded

  78. I was very skeptical at first because I DESPISE robot movies. However, I completely loved it! – even my husband, a big burly football man, was ahhhhing throughout the entire thing. Totally sweet and adorable.
    As a side note, I just posted some new Caturday bags in my shop. Go get ’em!

  79. Best movie of the year.

    Had it’s share of cuteness, but stood up well on its own as a sci-fi movie. Very well done, with tons of adult and real-world themes. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  80. LOVED Wall-e. I definitely thought it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time, and one of the cutest. I make my boyfriend do MO’s voice, I love it that much. 🙂

  81. Absolutely amazing movie! Great for families and adults alike. Just loved this film. Can’t wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray

  82. Laura M. says:

    Number 5 is alive!

    [Yep, WALL-E is full of references & homages; the big nod to “Short Circuit” is just one of many – Ed.]

  83. Loved, loved, loved it. Even the roach. I loved all the little touches throughout (like the mice that were in one scene only), and I thought the captain was really heroic – even after his disillusionment he knew he had to do the right thing. I’ve rarely seen such overwhelming acclaim for a movie. I was in tears from the very beginning of the movie.

  84. chelsea says:

    oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! i loved it sooooo much!! i loved it when he put the bra over his eyes and hes just like oooooohhhhhh. i think it is perfect for a movie on family movie night or something. all in all so cute!

  85. Whenever I see Wall-E I completely melt. And I haven’t even seen the movie yet! He’s just so ridiculously cute.

  86. johnny5 says:

    Disassemble Johnny 5? 😦

  87. Forget the movie, Cute Overload! 🙂 has become a pop culture icon! Congrats to you Meg!

  88. Noelegy says:

    We saw it this weekend and found it to be beyond adorable, but intelligent as well, which is an unusual combination.

  89. amazing movie. made me afraid for earth… but pixar really had a lot to say here… they never fail me. and i’m always skeptical about robot movies…. but this one was NOT a mistake to go see!

  90. Redbone says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I really want to. These comments are only making it more important that I see this movie.

    Isn’t Wall-E a really old concept? I seem to remember it from way back. Either way, he reminds me of a little toy robot I had when I was a little kid.

    It was just a cheap little thing from Radio Shack, but it looked like an all-white plastic version of Wall-E. Man, I loved that little robot.

    Hey! I found a picture of it! Look here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v238/ghettocar/DSCN1143.jpg – see the tiniest robot in the bunch, down in front? That’s the one I had, and what Wall-E reminds me of.

  91. Redbone says:

    Dingbot! It’s called a Dingbot! Aw man, now I have to find one. I miss mine…

    Sorry for the long comments. I just wanted to share this bit of info. :\

  92. Having seen the movie, I feel obliged to defend it against some of the misconceptions that have been going around about it. This is NOT a movie against mass production, or consumerism, or reliance on technology. If you’ve seen the trailers, you should’ve already seen the scenes where Wall-E find wonder, beauty and enjoyment out of all sorts of commercial products. And do you really think the folks who made Toys would be against, well, toys? Without giving too much away, what the movie is actually against is using commercial products and technology in unimaginative and lazy ways. It’s an ode to curiosity and progress, to making more of ourselves and the things we have. I don’t see any conflict between the movie’s message and the product tie-ins at all. If a Wall-E toy brings someone a fraction of the joy a simple jewelry case brought to the inquisitive robot, then all is well.

    And yes, the movie is so cute you’ll vomit washers. Here’s one of my favorite scenes from the movie:

  93. Miranda says:

    Wall-E is not just cute, it’s flipping adorable.

    Oh, and I think the pet roach is cute too (and in real life, I’m afraid of roaches). 🙂

    Warning: if you’re a soft-hearted weenie like me, bring your Kleenex. I definitely had some weepy moments (I don’t do well with anything that shows cute characters in peril — that’s why I haven’t seen, and will never see, “March of the Penguins,” for example.)

  94. Stephanie S. says:

    I absolutely agree with “Penetration.” Well said! If I attempted to defend the movie, I’d break down into a nonsensical tirade of hate and expletives.

    I love the movie, and the first time I saw it, I had tears running down my face the ENTIRE TIME. I’m seeing it a 3rd time tomorrow! (oh, and I cried multiple times the second time too!)

  95. Gwendolyn says:

    Cute with a subtle as a freight train message telling us to change our ways now or else.

  96. I have already seen it twice in theaters and plan to go many more times! beyond adorable and a truly great movie!

  97. LoVeD iT! …and I will be purchasing it as soon as it is available!

  98. Natalie says:

    I’m not sure where everyone is finding this merchandise? I’ve been looking all over for it. It’s definitely not as common as some of the previously released Disney/Pixar stuff has been.

    I like the idea of eco-friendly merchandise, but if Pixar/Disney had done that then the anti-environmentalists would have had an even bigger hissy fit than they already are.

    Loved the movie, as did my four year old. Wall-E, for the time being, has trumped Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen. Stayed through the credits, what was there because I didn’t see it?

  99. Chic Frilla says:

    Never been so entertained by a movie with such LITTLE dialog.

    “Wall-E !!!!”……..”Eve-ah”

    Seriously. that is all it was- for almost the entire movie. And it was ROXOR!11!!!one!*

    Last time I was entertained by so little was march of the penguins — that was just two hours of nothing but penguins marching on a flat white canvas……..

  100. WALL-E?
    Cute to the 10th power
    Definitely deserves a pic here.

  101. 1. Roach.
    2. Explosions.
    3. Environmental message.
    4. Explosions.
    5. Geeky in-jokes and sci-fi cameos.
    6. Explosions.
    7. Fact that my name is, in fact, Eve.

  102. neptune says:

    Loved it! I mean, cute + sci-fi! What more could you ask for?!

  103. note to people whining about Wall-E’s environment issues. its the humans who right the wrongs and set things in motion to do so with little need of convincing.

    that said IMO story was about love, not eco friendliness. as the movie shows we can fix things later and live lavishly at the same time.

    the end credits showed the world i wanted to live in, humans and robots living side by side.

  104. My favorite Number 5 quote: “Hey laser lips! Your mama was a snowblower!”

    Okay, after all the CO thumbs up, now I HAVE to go see WallE.

  105. lynn crago says:

    kawaii means cute
    cute means good

  106. I thought the moral of the story was to remember that there can be good things in what other people consider a trash heap, like plants and Hello Dolly and bubble wrap and cockroach pets and Wall-E himself. Nothing to do with how awful trash is, because I mean, if it weren’t for the “trash”, Wall-E wouldn’t have found a boot for his plant or a video tape for his inspiration.

    In some ways I feel like Eve figured out a way to snorgle Wall-E. It would almost count as interspecies snorgling, as seven hundred years of divergent evolution might do that. Then again, both are supposedly inspired by Apple IIe, so the speciation of computers does not seem as clear cut as that.

  107. fishman says:

    I saw wall-e with my college friends. I am 19, they are all older than me. We all *LOVED* it.
    I want a wall-e poster!
    anyone else reminded of the PC vs Mac war when you look at eve and wall-e?
    thats what I thought of.

  108. Guys! If you want something, type it into google!! This time, i did it for you, but next time, you are on your own. I included the link for WALL-E MERCHANDISE with my name.

    You are welcome.

  109. Im sooo terrified of Roaches, but i loved this one!!!


    i cried almost all the movie


    seen it a few minutes ago

  110. Miranda says:

    I found a Wall-E iDog (well, I mean, it’s Wall-E, but the same concept as an iDog — an iPod speaker in the shape of Wall-E, that dances around when you play music through it) at Target. It was $20. It is mine. 🙂 Its job is to sit on my desk and be cute, and to say “Waaaaalll-e” when I push its button. It does it very well. 🙂

  111. Shannon says:

    Ahhh Johnny-5! That’s a looong time ago.

    Neat fact: The man who “designed” R2-D2’s “language” is the same guy who designed Wall-E’s! That may be why I have fallen in love with him without having seen the movie yet. I would KILL for my own R2 unit.

  112. That is the perfect description for this movie! LOVED IT!!

  113. loved it!

  114. i saw it the day it came out and i loved it. i saw it with my friend who isnt really a movie person and she was almosdt crying when wall-e got crushed by the plant machine thing. it WAS pretty sad in the end but it was also adorable.

  115. jocelyn says:

    hey-h I did stay all the way through! What was it? I feel cheated!

  116. jocelyn says:

    Speaking of contrasting Disney with Wall-E, I loved this article on the Disney World Dream House that opened the same week as this movie. Even if just for the “3-d” printer (it actually exists). It’s like Disney IS BuyNLarge! http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/10/garden/10disney.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1

  117. [very end of the credits spoiler] Jocelyn, it was tiny – just that the last production credit was for BnL. So if you figured it was over when they showed the Disney logo, there was just a tiiiiny bit more.

  118. The movie actually made a cockroach seem like the perfect snorgable pet.

  119. Miranda: I must have one! What department did you find it in? Toys or electronics? I found one on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Super-Technology-iDance-WallE/dp/B0016N0942/ref=pd_sbs_t_5) but it’s 50 bucks!

  120. jocelyn says:

    oh. i saw that. Thank you though for telling me because I was still racking my brain

  121. 🙂 Heh. Good thing you didn’t go back and see it again, then.

  122. I was pretty much hooked when I heard the song that starts the movie. I’m embarrassed to say that I know every word to that song and the other one…

    Technically, it’s brilliant. Wall-E is exactly like the little robot in “Short Circuit,” which is fine. I love the way Wall-E and the animators use the simplest odds and ends to illustrate Wall-E’s creativity. Loved the cockroch–who’d believe it?

    Did anyone else catch the major reference to “Titanic?”

    My only quibble is that the last part of the movie goes on for too long.

  123. Am I the only one that thought GLaDOS when I saw the co-pilot?

  124. mrspinchy says:

    My 16 year-old daughter and I went to see it and we both felt it was a beautiful film. The message is powerful yet easy enough for small children to understand. A treat for everyone!

  125. Kuu — that might have been intentional. Pixar did a good job at covering all the sci-fi shout-outs. HUGE success. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

  126. Jewelia says:


  127. Fegli, of all the important messages in Wall-E, I think the most important one is what you alluded to – that, we have got to start loving ourselves, each other, and our planet a WHOLE lot more… because there is no buynlarge ready to rescue us from our current follies.

    Wall-E was a wonderful movie and I loved that there were no juvenile potty-type “jokes” at all! I am so sick and tired of Hollywood’s obsession with acting like they’re all barely out of diapers!

    Hooray for Pixar making so many truly entertaining movies and shorts that are refreshingly thought-provoking while being a complete joy to view!

  128. katiebug says:

    my boyfriend and i (both in our mid-20s) loved the movie! too cute. and i had wall*e saying his own name as my text message sound on my phone for the longest time, even before the movie came out. my 16-year-old brother, as well as my baby brothers, ages 5 and 3, also loved it, but my stepmother found the “cautionary tale” part a bit condescending. i think it’s a cute story about love and about what humans can DO (perhaps with the HELP of technology) when we try. go see it!

  129. this has nothing to do with walle but i was just wondering if there were more adults that get on this website than kids because there are some comments that i read that i just know had to have come from an adult. and i want to comment on what they say sometimes because some of it is not appropriate for kids. i really want to know who else agrees with me. i wish that there was something on here that if someone thinks that the comment is inappropriate they could report it to the person that runs the site. and i want to know who else thinks that.

  130. Jenn in IL says:

    OMG…I just saw it last Wednesday and I bawled like a 5 year old, especially at the “almost” end. Holy crap. Who knew a robot could tug so hard at heartstrings?

    And anything that lives by themselves, or only a pet for company (hello, I Am Legend, anyone??) gets my tears a LOT faster than other movies.

    So. Sweet. I’m going to take my mom to see it. Love it.

  131. i think that it is awesome! people of all ages can go to see it!

  132. rodeo girl says:

    i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome! it was better than a saturday night cow tipping!!!!!!!!!

  133. jobrosrock says:

    i loved it! it was really cute.

  134. jobrosrock says:

    i think that it shows that any movies even cartoons can have a good message and still be cute and funny. i also think that it was an awesome movie for the whole family!

  135. amberger says:

    i think it was really cute and sometimes i think that cartoons are stupid but i have never thought that about a pixar.

  136. i saw it yeaterday, it’s so cute and sad sometimes and funny and really well animated.

    i almost cried, even. ;-;

  137. Daphne Moss says:

    It was terrific, thought-provoking and funny. What’s not to love?

  138. OMG he is unbelievably adorable !!!

  139. im watching right now what a wierd thing to happpen

  140. totalee puppy says:

    I loved this film–the love story and the greater
    But then, I was also so
    touched by the story of
    “Worms in Love.” Go figure.