We’re Like This!

"Me and Oliver?  Oh yeah yeah, sure sure, we get along just fine, no problems.  Nope, no problems at all.  Gentle as a lamb, he is.  Wouldn’t hurt a fly, lord love ‘im.  He’s my best friend, he is, honestly!"


It’s a marriage made in Heaven, Emily F.



  1. BLEEN.

  2. such a happy kitty face!

  3. “I iz not a pillow!!”

  4. Put awesome sauce on that hovertext.

  5. wagthedogma says:

    Is that red eye or is that bun about to go all “Night of the Lepus” on that kitteh’s fuzzy butt?

  6. The bun looks more perplexed than disapproving — what the heck did I do to get into this mess???

    The kitty looks totally approving!! Ecstatic, actually.

  7. katiedid says:

    That bunny’s eye is freaking me out man!!

  8. Now that *is* a kitteh smile! Bunny is like, “WHAAAAT?”

    Trying to decide which fur to snorgle first…

  9. Bliss thy name is Furry Wabbit Friend.

  10. Kitty’s face is sublime. Bun, on the other hand, is not so sure…

  11. Oh my, the glossyness of their furs…those are two well loved and cared for critters. I think I bruised my hand trying to pet them through my monitor.

  12. Hey, kitteh, that’s no ordinary rabbit. That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! Its a killer.

  13. bunneh looks slightly uncomfortabuhls….kitteh v.happy, though.

  14. Hon Glad says:

    Bun. “Only a Ginge would fart, then hold you down to smell it.”

  15. Bun: “I dissaprove of your obvious joy! Harumph!”

  16. Doom Bunny of the Apocalypse? Or just redeye from the flash? You be the judge…

  17. SayYesh says:

    Gaaalllggggg. I want to snorgle that marmie. Want want want.

  18. Awwww. Happy kitty!

  19. cronite5 says:

    One word hovertext, but it says it all. I actually snorted out lous (SOL?!)

  20. cronite5 says:

    out **LOUD**
    Jet lag man, its horrible.

  21. Bunny is not happy with this at all—cats, everyone’s a pillow.

  22. “I love my bunny and my bunny loves MEEEEE!”

  23. LadyDarya says:

    “I love you…
    You love me…
    We’re a happy family….”

  24. CoffeeCup says:

    Bun looks like he’s had a long night slogging back some pints and shots at the bar with his sports buddies, trolling for some tail, and then all of a sudden he spots this hot cat over at the back table with her not-so-hot friend, and boy, wouldn’t you know it, he had one too many of those appletinis and ended up with the OTHER one.

    And this photo is the capturing of the lightbulb turning on in his head.

  25. marie_n says:

    little key-key looks so proud to have caught himself such a spectacular pillow.

  26. Hon Glad, you’re hilarious!!! My co-workers now KNOW that I’m certifiable, because I lol’d at your comment!

  27. Hon Glad says:

    CoffeeCup: Surely a Sardini.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    Jerry Springer: “And now, the dire consequences of interspecies dating! Here’s a shocking picture!”

  29. marie_n says:

    oh my god i just saw that someone said something about night of the lepus. i have seen that too. i didn’t know that there were many others. i saw it when i was little and it deeply scarred me.

  30. My (male) childhood pet rabbit often tried to have his wicked way with the (female) cat. She wasn’t best pleased about it, but at the time he was a lot bigger than her.

  31. Kind of reminds me of that old news broadcast of Saddam and what he referred to as “tourists.”

  32. Emily F says:

    I’m so excited Oliver and Biscuit finally made this website! I am the proud owner. They really are best friends, both loving each other’s attention very much. Biscuit looks a bit odd, as his eyes are always red in pictures – but I assure you, he’s in Bunny Heaven.

  33. Emily F — that’s the Yeem Effect. 😎

  34. my bunny
    my bunny
    wherever I go, he goes
    my bunny
    my bunny
    I teach him everything that I know

  35. If I were that bun, I would never disapprove again. How can the bun resist nomming the toebeans?

  36. wagthedogma says:

    Marie N: Just for you… 😉

  37. Bunnicula the Vampire Bunneh! (Really cute series of books!) Kitteh is in thrall to meh!

  38. CG!!! Oh NOOOOOes! Now I am doomed to sing that commercial in my head for the rest of the day!!!

    My bunny and MEEEEEEEEE!

  39. marie_n says:

    wag- that thoroughly creeped me out. bad memories.

  40. this kitteh is all lyke :

    omahgawsh yous gotted me a bun shapped peelloow!!!

  41. wagthedogma says:

    Sorry for creeping you out, Marie…I was just goofing around. I actually thought that movie was hilarious, but then again, I wasn’t a kid when I saw it. It probably would’ve ruined Easter for me for good!

  42. marie_n says:

    and jenn- i remember that book, i believe. the bun sucked the juice from veggies. not too much of an epidemic, but a great read.

  43. ButtaRumCake says:

    Jenn, my daughter (9) is reading Bunnicula as her 5th grade summer reading assignment! Cute book!!

  44. chanpon says:

    I dunno. Bunny looks like he’s disapproving of his being used as a pillow. Beware, Sleepy Kitty…

  45. I suspect that right after this picture was taken, the tiny kitteh slowly slid backwards off the bunneh from sudden snooze onset. So, so, so very cute!

  46. Khadija says:

    Other Mike I srsly have a thing for your hover texts, lord love ya.

  47. Sekund taht!!!

  48. Balamuthia says:

    Awwwww….I may faint from the cuteness of it all.

    Also, must seek out Night of the Lepus. *snicker*

  49. Jennifer S. says:

    The hover text completely makes it. LOL!

  50. BeanSidhe says:

    “Death awaits you. With nasty, sharp, pointy teeth.”

    Happy kitteh faces are the best.
    Annoyed bunneh faces are better.

  51. SOmething tells me that the bun wears the pantaloons in the relationship.

    And yes, the lowercase whispered hovertext rules.

  52. Redbone says:

    The cat’s happiness elicits such disapproval in the bunny that he’s developed Sauron eyes. That’s just insane.

  53. marie_n says:

    the more i look at the picture, the more it looks like the giant lepus is being mooshed. there is a fat flap under the key-key paw, and around the eye is bulging making it look like the eyeball is gonna ‘splode out. kitty is going to bust his pillow and then jellybeans are going to fly everywhere.

  54. The hovertext is the best EVER. Ha ha ha. It makes the picture at least 10 times better. 🙂

  55. That bun is the very definition of….


  56. awww wook at da happy kitty nawwwwww

  57. Theresa says:

    The Curse of the Were-Rabbit!!

  58. kitty looks comfy….

  59. Ross1219 says:

    My cat and rabbit always get tangled up in my carry-on case too…

  60. The bun probably thinks the cat is a bun, and the cat probably thinks the bun is a cat. But no matter what species, all creatures know this: that warm snorgling with a friend is THE BEST THING EVER.

  61. lol this looks like the very same kitteh who was subdued by that little green bird a while ago. Marmies + snorgling + any other creature = gold, in my books.

  62. Katrina says:

    This deserves a big “Yay!”
    That puddy-tatt is already there “yaying”. I’ll share some with him, how about you?
    Puddy-tatt hiaku anyone?

  63. this bunny is mine
    there may be many like it
    but go get your own