Soooooo demanding [eye roll]

Listen, SPECIAL, RARE kittehs like us deserve SPECIAL treatment.

My brother and I REQUIRE cashmere pajamas, Business class or better, salad dressing on the side, mimosas at 8AM, claw trim and paint on Tuesdays, whisker whitening on Thursdays and kitten formula and hamburger every three hours. With a parsley garnish. DON’T FORGET THE PARSLEY GARNISH!

// Photo removed by request //

Geeshe, Sender-Inner Lisa K.! You’re SO caving to all their demands immediately! Photo by Geoff Howe/Canadian Press. Demanding tigerlettes are touring the Saskatoon Zoo.



  1. [mini-slurp]

  2. TurboFloof says:


    (and teensy tongue action! eep!)

  3. WE r special. We r teh white tiggers. U must worship us…

  4. I do worship them. I do. Now can I take one home? They’re amazing.

  5. teensy tiny tongue tickles!

    omg matchingks wif teh pink tongue, nose and eyerims! (not to mention the barest hint of pink in teh fuzzy wuzzy ears)

    Oh I am so DED!

  6. Debg – you take one, I’ll take the other… no one will notice. :oD

  7. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    The eye capsules, the eye capsules! OM_… (falls over)

    And cheerleader voice?! You must be kidding. Tigers?!

  8. Aw, they can’t even really focus their eyes yet! Such pretty eyes they are, too! I’ve always been a sucker for white tigers, ever since I was a little girl and National Geographic did a piece about them. I kept that magazine for years so I could go back and look at the white tigers whenever I wanted!

  9. I love the tiny tongue tip just barely visible in the mouth on the right. SLURP!

  10. An teh katnipz. DOAN FURGET TEH KATNIPZ oar wii wil giv yu teh pointii indz. Sy– sigh — at teh saim tym.


  11. Kris, you’re on. But I get the one with the tongue sticking out, kay?

  12. miltoncat says:

    Eee! Leetle tiger babies!! I must snorgle them and rub their fuzzy heads. Then I must kees them. Mwah! Precious lil babies! Oooh, I wanna hear them purr…

  13. Ahhh, the tongue! My favorite clueless cat face! “What? Oh, yeah, my tongue is sticking out.”

  14. chanpon says:

    I want to rub his little round ears with my fingers. And then I want to smooch his little white, furry head. Then I will hug him and smell his little paws and ruby my nose against his little pink one. Then I will do the same to the other, and start all over again. Repeat ad nauseum.

  15. Debg – fine by me! I like Lefty’s markings they are so beautifuls!!!

    P.S. I wonder if their paws smell like popcorn? Both of my dogs have popcorn paws… LOVE that!

  16. The tongue. Oh holy balls, the tongue.

  17. white tigers are my FAVORITE.

  18. BeanSidhe says:

    I got nothing. Brain is fried from the cuteness of that little pink tongue.

    Kitteh is all “Why yes, we are perfect.”

  19. Oh what pretty Putty Tats. I must snorgle before I I I KER THUD

  20. I’ll take them both. A bag is not neccesary,thanks.

  21. Those babies are at my zoo. I can’t wait to see them.

  22. scooterpants says:

    is it possible that too much cute can actually have the opposite effect of making one ACTUALLY physically ill?
    I think this is just too much for my ol ticker…

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Argh! After that lunch break from hell, I need baby tigerlettes to look at. (I shoulda known to go somewhere else as soon as I turned onto Arapahoe Road and found a four-block backup for utility work…)

  24. And even with all those demands, they are still less demanding than Jeff of “Flipping Out.” Who even knew you could order the exact temperature you wanted your fat-free, light on foam, half-caff, mocha-latte?

  25. Jennifer says:

    They can have whatever they want.

  26. omg. omg. omg.

  27. 8 a.m.? NYERHE!

  28. Katrina says:

    I guess you can have the kittehs, if I can have the giraffes.

  29. marie_n says:

    loving the little rogue whiskers! they’re like old man eyebrows that make the old men look like owls. loooove ittttt.

    and shelly- love that show. watched it last night. he’s insane and i love him.

  30. Holy crap… speaking of redonkulous!

  31. Hamburger? Hamburger???

    I’m quite certain they can haz nothing less than a CHEEZBURGER.

    What internet have you been on?



  32. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw… one of my fave animals! Soooo cute!

  33. There better be some salad dressing on the side 2 squirts THAT’S IT NO MORE,I’m serious like i said side only not in a cup….which might not be a bad idea….hmmm

  34. marie_n says:

    these little furbabies need their meelks to grow big and strong so they can one day eat magicians.

  35. [arching one stern eyebrow at Joboo]

  36. marie_n says:

    oh and also shelly- NO ONIONS! NO ONIONS! NO ONIONS!!! and i want my latte at 140 degrees. no, 120. no make that 140 so that when i get it, it’ll be 120 so i can drink it.

  37. lol @ marie_n! I love that show, too. He makes my idiosyncrasies seem normal. 😛

  38. zeldapie says:

    Peenk tongue. oh dear gawd.


  39. JennPin says:

    One looks a bit inbred. Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of these white tigers come about.

  40. the sad truth about white tigers 😦

  41. gold is better than white says:

    severe inbreeding is the ONLY way white tigers come about, as they are not a real breed at all.

  42. Theresa says:

    I only want the chance to cave to their every whim!

  43. browngrl says:

    These little guys had their picture featured in one of the free newspapers in Toronto. I actually squeed out loud on the streetcar when I saw them(which made everyone around me quickly move further away). I wondered how I could possibly get their pic to CO for everyone to share. Thank goodness there are more tech savvy folks than me out there.

  44. (the original) Mel says:

    I must put them in my rack now.

  45. White tigers are an artificial breed and no different from any of the highly sophisticated domestic cat breeds. They have a rather narrow gene pool (if not crossed with regular tigers, which would create mostly non-white offspring as the white is recessive, I think ….) with all the accompanying problems.

    But they are such beauties. Yes. (Just not a rare natural race ….)

  46. rosieLB says:

    As I often sing at my house (due to clueless cat face)


  47. ….squeee….

    i love the little tongue action

  48. cute as these bay-bees are… keep this in mind…

    white tigers are not a wild subspecies. nor are they even capable of living in the wild. they are a man-made monstrosity of inbreeding and even though these cubs are cute, a great many more young white tigers are born with deformities or are stillborn upon death. the only reason they are being bred is to entice people to visit the zoos and sanctuaries that house them. they are the unknowing “media money-makers’ of the exotic big cat world.

    please learn more here:


  49. Patricia says:

    Cute cubs, but my favorite tiger will always be the Siberian ones. I have been giving money to their conservation for about 15 years now.

  50. Jenny'sHuman says:

    There’s another picture of one of these guys on yahoo news right now. He’s yawning!!!!! I warn you, this link is dangerously precious, you may go blind from cuteness:;_ylt=Aim2drpbg.LRr.g7oZJSQuADW7oF

  51. It’s so sad to learn about the white tigers inbreeding. The page says around 80% are stillborn. The ones that survive have many birth defects and are killed or discarded.

    Thanks to all who posted the links. We coo at the adorable and innocent white tigers without knowing what horrible things people do in order to have them. It makes me so sad. :((((

  52. I commend everyone who was awesome enough to post links to and try to educate everyone about what horrible suffering is being caused by people who inbreed white tigers.

    However, it’s important to note that white tigers DO IN FACT occur naturally in the wild and white tigers born in the wild CAN survive in the wild. The gene for white fur is a completely random recessive trait that occassionally shows itself in wild tigers. For all we know, these tiger cubs are a result of a natural and caring breeding, not the severe inbreeding used to produce white tigers unnaturally.

  53. Oooh! It’s the pretty bitty tiggers from the Saskatoon Zoo!

    (I’m just gonna bask in teh cute, because however these little babies came about, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!)

  54. rubber duck says:

    I usually never ever write negative comments here…BUT I do wish zoos stopped producing white tigers already. They are bred on purpose mostly because white tigers are POPULAR…they draw large crowds…and people sometimes mistake them for some rare endagered subspecies or something. White tigers do appear in nature, yes, but in zoos they usually are the result of careful inbreeding. (Still, those zoos that purposefully try breeding ligers are even more stupid 😦 as most of them don’t survive.)

    Oh well. They are cute, but I can’t say I hope to see more white cubs appearing in zoos in the future. Hopefully these two are healthy and have a long and happy life ahead of them.

  55. sammysmom says:

    Well, I personally would believe something off of big cat rescue before wikipedia! I find it morally reprehensible that any zoo or animal “collector” would irresponsible breed any animals just to get a desired cosmetic effect!

  56. P.S. Given the sad history of white tigers, these little ones should be given whatever they want to have normal, healthy lives. And yes, in the future, the breeding of white tigers should be stopped.

  57. As cute as these guys are, I have to agree that white tigers need to be put to rest. We’ll always have pictures like this to remind us.

    [Excuse me? Exactly what are you suggesting, Liz? Because, to be frank, it sounds plain evil. At the very least, you need to re-read what you write more carefully before you click the “Post” button. – Ed.]

  58. leela315 says:

    Concerning Big Cat Rescue and their statements concerning white tigers, I have to say I have some reservations. It isn’t that there isn’t a problem with copious amounts of inbreeding; clearly there is. But some of the information of their page is either erroneous or misleading. For a more reasoned and scientific take on white tigers, Messy Beast has a pretty good article:

    That having been said, genetically flawed or not, by God, those babies are cute…


    There is absolutely NOTHING adorable about the process used to create white tigers.

  60. TheCheerleader says:

    wait. I don’t get it.

  61. Thanks to all the folks linking to the facts about how white tigers are created. It’s sad, because tigers are gorgeous even with their natural orange coats (and they have better camouflage too!)

    However, Lyndse is right, white tigers (as well as lions) do occur naturally, albeit rarely. Here’s hoping these two cute babies were born because of Ma Nature’s whims, and not inbred! I hope they grow up to be healthy and happy.

  62. Hon Glad says:

    Tyger Tyger burning white,
    In the forests of the night:
    What immortal hand or eye.
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    Appologies to William Blake.

    As has been pointed out beautiful, but sad,sad, sad.

  63. pigtail78 says:

    And here’s a picture of them being bottlefed. :3

    Lookit at the lovely pink paw pads and the round milk-fed bellies. *snorgles*

  64. I agree that the mania for white tigers and the “process” of creating more, are unethical.

    But this is my problem. Nuffing on a picture of helpless babies– or animals that did not ask to be here, but are here, nonetheless– makes me very uncomfortable. People used to shun illegitimate children because they didn’t like how they got here. I would like to find a way to end irresponsible big cat breeding too, but we have a responsibility to the cats already here. And well, babies are cute. It can’t be denied.

    [Hear hear… – Ed.]

  65. browngrl says:

    Theresa I totally agree with you. I could not have said it better.

  66. varenoea says:

    Cute, yes. Wonder why the mum didn’t take care of them… let’s hope she wasn’t so inbred that she didn’t have any more natural mother instincts.

    Sadly enough, they’re a boy and a girl to boot. Guess who’s going to get to make some more white tiger babies together in a few years. I hope not, but I think they will be forced to mate.


    Any further comments speculating about how white tigers may symbolize everything that’s evil and awful in the world will be unpublished.

    THESE TWO are cute. Get a grip.

  68. varenoea says:

    It is pretty clear that there is a difference between thinking animals are “KYOOOOOOOT!” and actually caring about them. It is also pretty clear that you don’t know what difference that is. Therefore, I’ll un-link cuteoverload from my website. As a zoologist, I can only recommend you to grow some responsibility.

  69. Varenoea — do what you have to do, but you need to get this: Your agenda is animal welfare. Our agenda is making people happy. Often, these two separate viewpoints are in harmony, but sometimes they will be at odds with each other. It’s inevitable.

    On *your* website, you get to cast the tie-breaking vote, so to speak.
    This one’s *ours*.

    Also, please don’t assume that I disagree with you, or that anyone associated with Cute Overload is irresponsible.

  70. These particular cubs were born to a pair on loan from a Toronto zoo. I’d be very surprised if a reputable zoo in Canada or America was encouraging dangerous inbreeding likely to result in sickly or stillborn animals. Is it happening elsewhere for profit? I’m certain it is. But I’m skeptical it’s happened in this instance.

    Rescue organizations and activists are laudable and applaudable, but they are not *unbiased* sources of information. They have an agenda. The “80% stillborn” statistic serves their agenda, and so does the claim that white tigers don’t occur in the wild. So far I’ve seen no scientific source for either claim.

    Meanwhile, I am wishing for CubCam, ’cause I could stare at these little guys all day!

  71. Theresa says:

    Varenoea, I’m sorry you feel that way, and that you are so contemptuous of your lesser fellow human beings. I understand the conflict that many animal activists have with the entire concept of “cute.” But it is not an entirely useless concept. For many, “cute” is the gateway drug to serious, lifelong love and dedication to animals. I’m sorry you cannot acknowledge that. We cannot all be as pure as you are. We can only do what we can.

  72. Peeps — I should also say that I don’t really mean to sound quite so harsh to Varenoea *specifically*. She just had the bad luck/bad timing to be the last straw, if you get me.

    OK? Teeny tiny tiger tongue?

  73. WOW, nuffs.
    This is -cute-overload, not homglookitstheresultofcruelty overload. jesus christ, guys, ts CUTE! These cubs are CUTE. CUTE is as CUTE does.

    I’m with Theo. Get a grip. If you don’t like it, Don’t gripe about it here, just don’t look at it.

  74. I so would have to dress them up =X

  75. *Breathes after her rant, and gives Theo more tiiiiiiiiiiny tiger tongues. Attatched to the tiiiiiiiiiny tigers, of course.*

  76. Personally, sometimes the vision of cuteness here prompts me on my own to go net and reference searching to learn more about said cuteness. ON my OWN being the key words there. I’d much rather do it that way than to have that decision made for me by others.

  77. On a related note: Do the Norwegians hate us???? The lion cub cam is still up, but it’s cubless! *SOB*

  78. marsheeeee says:

    Well said, Theresa!!! Thank you.


  79. Im thinking the first tiger is all like “what the h**ll you looking at” and the second one is all “mmmm ba-ba”

  80. Pussytoes says:

    Amen Theo.

  81. On a completely different note: Mistress Hovertexter, you don’t want to hear my cheerleader voice. Nobody needs that.

  82. Theresa says:

    Theo, I’m not sorry– I actually think I understand how she feels. People who dedicate their lives to animal rights and welfare ofte feel that cuteness is a kind of trap. It can lead to exploitation. And it does lead people to value certain animals more than others, while said activists are working on behalf of all.
    [You’re talking about “charismatic mega-fauna”. Yep, I hear that. If you happen to be a Bald Eagle, then you’re in luck, because hell yes we’ll save you and here comes the parade. But if you’re, say, a species of carbon-fixing plankton, facing extinction due to subtle but massive changes in the oceanic environment on a global scale, then it’s good luck honey… – Ed.]

    But unfortunately,human beings are all we have to deal with, and purity and perfection are also traps. If you demand those of your fellow humans, you are asking for unending paralysis, and a lot of trouble.

  83. Theresa says:

    That said (taking off pompous hat, putting on clown shoes):

  84. leslie thomas says:

    …I’d like to comment on a detail which might have been left unnoted in the cute vs Political/Biological Correctness dialogue … ok?
    Re. the captioning …
    the “whitening of the whiskers” therapy was quite a clever “punctuation mark” in the situation/ skit …
    Thanks for providing both the cuteness & also for the Biological PC discourse.

  85. Baby tigers kill me.

    Baby WHITE tigers kill me double!

  86. katiedid says:

    I LOVE these babies.. I would love them if they were orange and black, white and brown, or purple and green. I do not discriminate against baby tigers.. They are all beautiful and would draw a crowd no matter what color their fur is because they are adorable.

  87. browngrl says:

    I am going to make pudding right now, so all you nuffers sit down and play quietly amongst yourselves till it is ready to share.

  88. OM-SQUEE!

  89. Katrina says:

    Well Cute Overload, as wonderful as it is, (Absolutely Wonderful)isn’t the only place I go for animals. There’s my backyard, my local Bio-blitz, and my larger area local animals/shelteres, etc., about whom I care very much.
    Pompous is pompous, pretentious is pretentious, and unknowing is unknowing. I have probably gone to more Internet sites and watched more animal TV than I would have without C.O.
    Please, don’t think that anyone reading this needs to tell me or the other peeps about animal cruelty or any other professional issue you might have. It insults the unknowing writer far more than it insults the target. I am sure we here all do what we can.
    Remember that this site keeps people happy and healthy and that IS doing something for self and animals. It may not be what YOU do for animals, but you know, that’s OK.
    My sermon’s over, is yours, V? You may go now. Or answer me, if you haven’t stalked off in a huff yet.
    Nice wording there, Theo.

    May I please have either giraffe pudding or ocelot pudding or flamingo pudding? Ummmm. Thank you.

  90. Your pudding is not the same as my pudding.
    Our respective puddings are not in harmony.

  91. LadyDarya says:

    OMG the tongue… I just want to reach out and grab it like I do when I’m at home and mine do that and then they look at me like WTF?? (sorry for the umm language but really it’s the expression that is used…) That’s mine stay away stupid human…

  92. Kris I am with you…I miss the cubs…sniffsniff

  93. Hmmm…tigers to pudding? Wow, talk about a winding road.

    I agree with Theo and all those who agree with him. This site is largely responsible for making my days at this hellish place they call work tolerable. Enjoy the cute at CO and discuss activisim somwhere else.

    *sits down to admire the cute* Pass the pudding!

  94. Theresa says:

    “Ocelot pudding”?

    Could that be something like what Hon Glad might call “Spotted Dick”?

  95. Gail (the first one) says:

    IMHO, cute is a good method of drawing people (me) into being interested in the animals, plankton or whatever that is not so cute and caring about that, too. Like those cute little blobfish a couple posts back. Maybe not “purely” cute in a kitty/puppy/white tigerlette way, but interesting and now that I’ve seen them, cute!

    I’ll have a cherry Pasickie!

  96. Khadija says:

    straynshe comments today. hmmm

  97. wagthedogma says:

    LOL @ Theresa!

  98. Are there going to be any posts today?

  99. Theresa says:

    I don’t know, seeing as how it’s Semi-Reality Semi-Casual Thursday.

  100. There are only 5,000 wild tigers left in the WHOLE world??


  101. Yes, pudding suitable for giraffes, ocelots and flamingos, that I may trapse through the countryside (or jungle)bestowing pudding to my little animal friends.
    (goes off looking for pudding-deprived animals..)

  102. I have a picture of their dad on my web site.
    I put all of the pictures on PhotoBucket in case people here want to see them.

  103. Rebecca says:

    Awwwwww. Very cute. I love White Tigers. 🙂

  104. @Katiedid:

    I couldn’t find purple and green, but how about green and yellow? 😀

    Tee hee!

  105. Lyndse — gahhhhh… there’s a flashback I didn’t need…

  106. Saskatoon represent! I can’t wait to get a chance to go see these adorable ickle baby cats, regardless of how they came to be in the world.

    [Saskatoon is in the room… – Ed.]

  107. So cute! can I have one?