New From Ronco!

Style your hair the natural way, with the new KittyCut 3000!(tm)  Using patented TongueX technology, the KittyCut 3000 washes, trims and styles your hair — while you relax!  Why spend twenty, thirty, even forty dollars on a salon cut?  Get the smart style you’ve always wanted at home — for just kibble a day!

But will it get along with my Roomba, Rachel J.?



  1. Priceless! But you neglected to mention the patented Forehead Shining Action, NTMTOM…

    Or the off-label hat use.

  2. How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of the scalp?

    The world may never know.

  3. ya, its nice and all, but… kitty crotch in the face is not my idea of good idea. 😦 I hope that kitty cleaned itself well before hand. 😛

  4. Warrant princess says:

    Darn cow licks. . . errr cat licks?!?

  5. Mmmm…I just think there’s something wrong with that…..I’m afraid I don’t find it cute.

  6. That might be cuter if kitty was facing the other direction… *shudder*

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:



    Mah fuzzy buddy Nermal used to have an obSESSION with chewing on my wet hair when he was little…I wonder if this is the same thing?

    By the way…THIS fuzzy kitteh reminds me of mah fat girl Rizzo…right now she has a bad case of stinky butt! 😦 (NO, I didn’t put my nose up there to check, I can just tell!)

  8. Hon Glad says:

    My now deceased cat, The Honourable Gladys Amelia Anstruther DFC and bar. KBO. CDM. Which is where Hon Glad comes from, would sit on the back of the seatee or my pillow and re-style my hair. The only problem was her repertoire was limited to the cat lick :o}

  9. I found this after checking Mike’s Roomba link:

  10. SoCalSis says:

    Shaz, just watched the “Roomba” link– The wild thing about both Suki’s joy ride AND the kitty stylist is how they’re both so calm and collected. Ho-Hum. Just another day at the salon or in a robo-box. Nothing new. These are very phlegmatic felines…

  11. binky-mama says:

    I’ve got one of those. He does my eyebrows and eyelashes too, free of charge. (OK it’s all free of charge but whatever…)

    Shaz- Suki says “WTF?”

  12. Alaidh used to like being pulled around in a box…well, she still might, but at 19, she doesn’t do much. I suppose she might have liked a Roomba ride, too!

  13. joliesmom says:

    I can’t believe that guy is ok with the UNDERSIDE of that cat’s tail on his face. He’d might as well have that kitty butt-stamp his forehead.

    The licking is making me ooky too. Who wants to be covered in animal spit? I wonder how long he allows the kitteh to tongue-bathe him like that.

    *shudder* Yeesh.

  14. Our cat, Cipher, has this weird thing where she tries to lick my lips if I’m wearing Chapstick. So my choices are chapped lips or cat snarf with a sandpaper tongue chaser.

  15. @Hon Glad: I’m so sorry to hear that Gladys (if I may be so familiar) has passed away!! Many {{{HUGS}}} from me and the 4-legged ones…..

  16. martha in mobile says:

    A long-ago kitteh used to like to lick my hair after I took a shower. I thought it was cute until a long chunk of it fell off. She was chewing, not licking! She also liked to lick my legs when I got out of the shower. Holy Exfoliation!

  17. catablob says:

    Cat saliva is obviously a perfect hair “product.”

  18. So this is the Furr-Be, as opposed to the Flow-be?

  19. leslie thomas says:

    An additional odd aspect, are the hanging*down limpness/ angle of the feline’s back legs. One would imagine that the kitty groomer might try to stand on her human’s head rather than suspend him/herself from it. Cats use an odd logic for everything … then again, perhaps it is we bipeds who use odd logic.

  20. My cat Charlie loves licking my hair. I think it’s actually the gel that appeals to him. He also likes licking the deodorant out of my armpits. Since he also likes licking plastic bags, I’m thinking he likes chemicals in general.

    My first cat, the late great Gratian, liked licking the surface of photographs and the sticky side of tape. He never licked my hair, though.

  21. words fail me at the moment.

  22. The thing that slays me is the knowledge that the deleted soundtrack must have contained the sound of helpless, half-muffled snickering from the camera operator.

  23. Michelle says:

    lol a hairdresser with toehawk

  24. Oh, this one’s good too. 🙂 The cat actually chooses to get on and off the thing!

  25. Gillian says:

    Cute, yes
    Funny, yes.

    But does anyone else find it a little bit strange that the dude doesn’t seem to be at all put out by having cat “harbls” on his face?

    Any of my cats who tried that would be gently-and-lovingly, but unceremoniously removed from my head and deposited on the floor.

  26. (the original) Mel says:

    Um. Ew.

  27. Lilli's Secretary says:

    Wrong – that’s just wrong. (Funny though — funny!)

  28. Karen–many of those products use animal fat and/or milkfat (soap, plastic, glue), which is probably what your cat’s attracted to. Mine will sit at the hind-end of the tub while I shower and wait for soapsuds to land somewhere she can lick at them–like my legs, if I wander close enough.

    To everybody who’s complaining about having a head covered in catspit, remember that the next time there’s a cat-bathing post and the nuffers come out.

  29. claudia says:

    WEIRD! lol!

  30. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, that is just wrong on so many levels…..

    Oh and ROFLMAO!!!!

  31. chanpon says:

    Has no one commented on the perfect balancing act? Simply amazing!

    Hmm…for kitty’s sake, I hope the guy doesn’t use Brylcreem or something. :/

  32. Rachel J says:

    I am the camerawoman, and yep, I was dying laughing. But this is the first video I’ve EVER taken with my old camera, so it either doesn’t record sound or I don’t know how to do it.

    As for the harbls in the face, Adventurous is a girl, so she is lacking in that department. And since she is obsessed with grooming anyone and everyone, she’s very clean. Unfortunately our other cats don’t want to be licked and my hair is too long and curly, so we once found her pathetically licking a fuzzy pillow. Luckily she can sneak up on our current subject here when he’s at his desk and stick out her tongue as far as it goes to try to reach his head.

    But for anyone concerned about cat spit on the head, the lickee (who wishes to remain anonymous), took a shower afterwards. 🙂

  33. I’m not gonna go into details, but I’ve had cats lick me in some pretty strange places. I haz a flavr, I guess. So this didn’t seem that weird.

  34. LOL@ “The lickee, who wishes to remain anonymous…” I’ll be he does.
    Awesome, Rachel!

  35. That roomba cat looks just like my Mississippi.

  36. Akshulii, catz maowthz ar much kliinur tahn hoomanz. Sew doan hav a kow mahn! An az fur teh rest, CATZ ar much kliinur tahn hoomanz, too.

  37. My cat likes to chew on my hair after I get it colored and after I get out of the pool (before I wash the chlorine out). Otherwise, she’s not interested.

  38. anomalous4 says:

    “CATZ ar much kliinur tahn hoomanz”

    but buttz iz buttz, no buttz abowt it. kitteh buttz in fase is stil teh PLEH!

    nawt has kow iz g00d ting. dat wai ders no chans ov geting kow buttz in fase.

    Seriousy, I once had a cat who loved to chew on my hair. I was completely baffled until I happened to read the list of ingredients on the bottle. Lo and behold, catnip extract! I started using a different shampoo, and he never chewed on my hair again.

  39. So, I got a Roomba last week (the “Dirt Dog” model, made for hard floors and shops and garages) because my boyfriend and I have been fighting a never-ending battle with dust and cat hair in our large, concrete-floored loft.

    The cats could not have cared less. I was a little disappointed, frankly. After the first day of use, they only noticed it when it bumped into them.

    (But, I have to say, the floors are grit and cat-hair free, so I guess it’s doing its job.)

  40. Alexis — Shreve of The Daily Coyote blogged about one of those too.
    I must say, I’ve been pretty tempted myself, but we have this suburban split-level with some hardwood and some carpet.

    Also, I’m afraid it would explode the first time it encountered cat barf.

  41. Also also, I appreciate your proper apostrophes. 😉

  42. Ha! Theo, I got the idea for getting the cheap-o shop version from that post!

    Unlike Charlie, however, my cats are so uninterested that they will never learn to turn it on. Though, if they did, it would make my life even easier — no pressing of buttons. So lazy I am.

    By the way, I think the normal (though significantly more expensive) Roomba can handle carpeting and hardwood, and all of them have a “cliff sensor” so they don’t fall down stairs or off of balconies — though I haven’t tried it on our second floor yet. I still don’t entirely trust it to recognize the 15-foot drop to the concrete on the first floor.

  43. (Yeah, well, I’m a Latin teacher, so I’m a little OCD about grammar and punctuation.)

  44. …but does it have a Spew Sensor?

  45. Unfortunately, no. Nor a hairball sensor, yech.

    (Check out the Scooba though, for all your spew needs.)

  46. I think what I really need is a joint Tonka/iRobot project: the Buldooza.

    Or, hey, even better, TWO robots — one front-end loader and one dumptruck (1/20th scale). THEN the Scooba could handle the rest.

  47. …OK, *three* robots

  48. kind of gross! for the kitty to do this on a man. gee-ross?

  49. HISSSSSSS says:

    File this under “possibly cute” but more “disgusting”.

  50. the other Brenda says:

    Hilarious!!! love the cat’s open-ness with it’s obsession.

  51. Let’s trade hats, I like yours better.

  52. Catsquatch says:

    “kitteh buttz in fase is stil teh PLEH!:


  53. Carolina2 says:

    Okay…I’m not a nuffer. Seriously. I usually live by the old motto..”if you can’t say something nice…” BUT!! @jmuhj: Trying to translate your comments is just TOO much work. Amazing, considering the human mind can recognise words if just the first and last letters are right, or something like that. So…’nuff’ said. Just felt compelled to share, cos I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

  54. Tempting but I will have to pass on the KittyCut 3000!

  55. Hahah, my boy Lugosi “cleans my hair/fur” every morning when i´m still in bed. It´s his way of saying “I want my breakfast!” 😉

  56. Kathleen says:

    It’s the new and improved Flowbee!

  57. Thats disgusting. Not to mention the animal’s junk is right in front of his face.

  58. Just a thought—
    We let our cats kiss our mouths knowning they clean themselves….we even kiss their paws (hello, cat pan)…and they’re forever parking their hineys on our counters and tables. I think the video is hilarious and cute. Thanks! I got a big laugh out of it!