Balloon Lumpfishes!?

Can you imagine having the word "lump" in your name? "Hi, the name’s Marty McLumpersons, nice to meet you." Well meet a member of the  Lumpfish family, People. The Eumicrotremus Pacificus.

Instead of balloons, these guys should be sitting on lil’ individual fish-sized couches.


Total "Blooooop de bloop" action here:


Good luck with your research paper Tina D.



  1. Michelle says:

    What the? Redonk and awesome.

  2. katiedid says:

    They should be called Fathead fishes hehehe

  3. Wow…. just wow.

  4. Birds of a feather flock together. (or bulbous fish and balloons, or balloon-like fish).

    Im claim this pink planet and name it Lump after my forefathers!

  5. Strange! Interesting! Who lined them up on that balloon like that? Do they stick to it?

  6. Catsquatch says:

    “QUICK! Everybody get on the big balloons! DONT LET THEM FLOAT UP! We hafta keep em down, under the water! If we let them escape OUR TANK WILL BE EMPTY and we wont be able to BREATHE!!!!!”

  7. Catsquatch, that made my laugh — how perfect!

  8. BeanSidhe says:




    but there’s no more room… do I get rid of the sugar glider, the widdle puppeh, the HOUH, the dust bunneh-kitteh… or do I just gets a bigger rack?

  9. Sadly, my first reaction to that first picture was to get the Katamari Damacy song stuck in my head.

    Those are adorable. I bet they wiggle when they swim. They look like it.

  10. Hon Glad says:

    I would rather have lump in my name than be Marty Death,Sidney Sidebottom,Edna Bucket.Betty Swallocks etc.

  11. cheesybird says:

    It took my brain a few seconds to register that those were real fish and not some weird party decoration! They’re like little redonkulous frowning aliens.

  12. Oh, Nicole, thanks for the earworm!

    Anyone else want it?

  13. Seven Paws says:

    I always wondered where lumpfish caviar came from. I guess if left unattended, those little blobules become…bigger blobules.

    My question, Mr. Science, is WHY are they sitting on BALLOONS?

  14. ButtaRumCake says:

    Hon Glad – that’s Boo-KAAAY *in my most perfect Hyacinth Bucket voice*

    (“Keepping up Appearances” reference)

    *giggles uncontrollably*

    P.S. The fishies are beYOND redonk. Srsly. Can anything be MORE redonk??

  15. Wait, are they attached to the balloon with little suction cups? I could use some for my shower stall.

  16. chanpon says:

    Why, they all just sit there like lumps on a log!

  17. BeanSidhe says:

    naaaa na na na naa na na na na katamari damacy…
    We are not amused by this cuteness.
    (your highness is so handsome)

    Didja notice that the guy who sings “Katamari On The Swing” sounds exactly like Tom Jones?

  18. It’s a perfect day for balloonfish. Love, Seymour Glass.

    (That’s for you Teho).

  19. Katrina says:

    These things are for real?
    OK. Fine. Peachy-keen. OKAY-FINE.
    NOOOOOO!!! They are sculpy and google eyes! They can’t be real with life and animation and everything?
    Eumicrotremus Pacificus, I never knew you existed until right now. I’m Katrina, very nice to make your acquaintance…wow…

  20. Innywan wiv teh naim “Eumicrotemus Pacificus” haz jus GAWT tew bii Qte.

  21. Well played as always Theo!

    By the way, I knew a girl named Lump once. She sat alone in a boggy marsh, totally motionless except for her heart.

  22. Auntie Meme says:

    They remind me of boobahs

  23. Berthaservant, an excellent POTUSOA reference! The kitty song is my favorite.

  24. There’s a game on called Squelchies. Those little fishies look excatly like squelchies!
    “Get ’em, boys!”

  25. “Let’s go Phil”
    “No Ralph, I’d like to stick around for a while”

  26. Apparently they use the suckers to anchor to rocks (or balloons…) so they don’t get taken away by a strong current. Smart feesh.


    we now return you to your regularly scheduled Teho

  28. (if you’re totally confused, ask a passing piranha)

  29. *gasps*
    Too much! Too much!
    *gasps for air*

  30. zeldapie says:

    If they get furniture, then the dad has to have a little pipe, too! And the mom a little apron!

    (memories of getting my Sea Monkeys, only to discover they were brine shrimp…sigh)

  31. Auntie Meme says:

    Grouchy marshmallow Peeps.

  32. Apparently, it takes a village of lumpfishes to hatch an egg…

  33. btw, that’s a nice new screen name, but it’s going to get you confused with our “AuntieMame”… just sayin’

  34. MissusVeeZee says:

    At least he’s not named Cyclopterus lumpus!

    (and btw, I’ve been WAITING for some feeshes for so long! Doesn’t anyone else think cold and slimeys are cute??)

    […trick question? – Ed.]

  35. Gwennys says:

    Eeek! I want one! I want several! Are they saltwater?

  36. Gwennys says:

    They DO look like Boobahs!

  37. They do look like peeps, I couldn’t figure out what they reminded me of.

    Peeps, peeps.

  38. Klappstuhl says:


  39. No… Bubblefish! 😉

  40. k. o'dee says:


    I know no one’ll believe me, but I have plans all sketched out for a cold, rocky marine aquarium that is meant to house sculpins and lumpfishes. Now to win the lottery so I can afford the building materials.

  41. Or, if you’re kosher, bubelehfish.

  42. Those are great, but they’re hard on your aquarium; they clog the gefilter.

  43. MaggieBee says:

    OMG! But why?!? WHY are they on balloons?!??!? Dies of Teh Qte…

    Please, someone, WHY the BALLOONS???

  44. eikoleigh says:

    They’re so cute!

  45. @Ali: When I first saw them I thought they were squelchies as well. Good to see another Pogo player!

  46. joliesmom says:


    And cute.


  47. oh. my. gods.

    lumpy mclumpersons i lurve you alls!

  48. Catsquatch says:

    Happy to make you laugh Jen 😀

    Auntie Meme and J.Bo made me laugh too ;D

    Grouchy peeps and hatching villages….


  49. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Somehow I can almost *hear* that sad-looking-McLumpersons in the second picture hitting the bottom of the tank with a thud, as he sighs – except the thud would be inaudible to us outside the tank… as he/she is under water. Or perhaps, it would sound sort of squishy, like when a water balloon lands, but fails to break (as rarely happens).

  50. I thought the lumpfishes were little pastries!!

  51. Hon Glad says:

    I forgot to mention Mary Hinge.

  52. LOL! Boobahs is right.

    That poor McLumpersons in pic 2 is the very picture of resignation.

  53. In german they are called “Seehasen”.
    Literally translated: Sea Bunnies.
    THAT is cute.

  54. ButtaRumCake says:

    “clog the gefilter”


    Berthaserv & Teho, you two are a kick! Thanks for the groan & giggle this morning!

  55. These are adorable! Don’t make my mistake and google “lumpfish” images! omg! they don’t stay cute long, do they?

  56. Apparently they’re also called lumpsuckers!

    and this pic is just hilarious. I want em on my fingoirs too!! like exotic rings.

  57. When I first saw them, I was ceratin they were sugary desserts stuck to a ballon. Eek!

  58. Baloon, I mean ballon!

  59. …or possibly “balloon”? 😉

  60. veranet says:

    I thought they were toys!

  61. Not Supposed To Be Doing This At Work (Got A New Job) says:

    gefilter, Theo? Really? Really?? *sigh*

    Yay POTUSA! I like the kitty one too. And I actually did know a girl named Lump, BerthaS…. well, technically that wasn’t her name until we heard that song, and then her name became Lump. Also, thanks for the earworm there. Luckily I didn’t know the other song, but this one’s right stuck now.

    Also, these fishes kind of freak me out. Undeniably cute, espesh on the balloon, but somehow kind of creepy simultaneously…

  62. Fish posts on this site make me so happy. I love feesh, and their cuteness is highly underrated.

  63. legalmom says:

    can i trade in my Gouramis and mollies for a tankful of these guys??im willing to barter all my guppies too..

  64. they look like cake frosting decorations on the balloon.

  65. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Did I get something naughty past you?

    [If you mean any of the Keeping Up Appearances references, I never watched any of those, even though my folks did. Beyond that, there’s quite a bit of Brit slang that we Yanks don’t get, and vice versa I’m sure… so, yes, very likely you did. – Seymour Butts]

  66. Gorgeous little bubbas. Although (like an eye ball) there’s a bit of a squishy ick factor about ’em …

  67. Good evening, nice to meet you 🙂

    Is there Shinagawa-Aqua-Museum in Tokyo JAPAN?
    I saw the very fishies!
    These were very cute 😉

    from Japan