Ah Gots the Biscuit-Makin’ BLUES!

Oh you know I’m sad and lonely, got that water in mah eyes,
I keep poking and-a prodding, but I never get a rise.
I’ll wear out these shoes,
Ah gots the biscuit-makin’ blues…

Now won’t someone adopt me, now don’t you make me plead,
Just my blankie and some pillows, and that’s everything I knead,
Ah’ve done paid mah dues,
Tired of these biscuit-makin’ blues.

Sitter-innering on bass, give it up for Sandra C.!



  1. bunnyfluffs says:

    sweet blankey in the mouf action!! What a nerd. I loves it.

  2. Awww. I want that kitteh <3

  3. Mah feets are tired
    Law, my feets are tired,
    Ah’m goin to keep on making biscuits for you, baby,
    ‘Til the sun goes down
    ‘Cause Ah’m your biscuit-makin’ man!
    Bleen me, baby

  4. don’t wanna be big, iz behbeh

  5. artygirl says:

    Who has black sheets?

  6. He looks like he’s playing the piano!

  7. blankie in mouf!!!1!!!!

    *dissolves into pool of ooze*

  8. Elegant gloves! That cat is a beauty.

  9. I don’t think he’s simply doing air biscuits. Yo anyone who’s had a male cat, like myself, this behaviour is easily recognizable. The biting of something while kneading is the dead give-away. Believe me, the humping in earnest will commence very soon.

  10. SayYesh says:

    What a great cat adoption site. Makes me want to adopt her. But CA is a long way away . . .

  11. My Mom had a cat who would do that with her favorite nightgown. IF she put it in the hamper he’d go in and dig it out and carry it off in his teeth.

  12. Sorry to point this out, but Stubs is a desexed female. I love the blankie action! I’d adopt her but I think Australia is a bit far for her to travel.

  13. catablob says:

    wow that must be some really high quality blankie. He looks totally blissed out.

  14. Gregg, it says Stubs is female… she might have been separated from her mum too soon, or it might just be regression from being abandoned. Kittens make biscuits to stimulate their mum’s mammary glands; adult cats do it to indicate contentment, but she’s even ‘nursing’ the blanket to soothe herself. I hope she finds a good home with lots of cuddles!

  15. aww, she looks just like one of the kittens we fostered recently…he’s going to grow up to look exactly like her (and by the description, probably behave like her, too)

    so freakin Qte! find a home soon, Stubs!

  16. Sabrina says:

    Ya she definitely misses her momma. That is the sad. But super sweet at the same time.

  17. What a beautiful cat. I love the dark, stripey socks and gloves. I’m sure she will find a good home.

  18. LadyDarya says:

    I have a kitty named Trouble who does this – she was seperated from her mom at a really young age before I got her and is now 10 and still does this. I love it, it just kind of makes me go ohhhh and squeel…

  19. Our rescue tuxedo, Herbert, does this, against our legs when he is blissed. The problem is he has 1/2 inch claws and paws the size of sushi dishes. He is a beast! I always know when it is biscuit time when I hear “Ow, Herbert, Ow, Ouch, Ow, Herbert! Ow, Ooof, come on Buddy, cut it out!” Coming from the den.

  20. Too cute!

    My two kittehs, who are sisters, do the pretend nursing thing too. Lally-cat will crawl on my lap, flip on her side, and find a patch of fur on her own chest (usually near her front arm) to suck on, while kneeding biscuts in the air. Her sister will come over and find a patch on Lally’s chest to nurse on too. They only do it when they’re very comfortable and not stressed. keeping with the theme, their mom abandoned them when they were really small too.

  21. Hon Glad says:

    And on the piano Cat Loussier.

  22. Aw, gorgeous kitteh and oh so sweet. Looks like a Siamese bod with gray tiger socks and face. Anh.

    Best BISHKITS evar!

  23. Erebella says:

    Haha, the fact that that kitteh is holding the bankie in its mouth while it kneads is priceless! My kitteh just sticks her face down into the blanket and drools when she does that. Bankie molestation, that is.

  24. BeanSidhe says:

    Wonder if Alaska’s mum is in the market for a new furbaby…

  25. ophelia says:

    “Tabby-point Siamese”

    She’s so sweet!! My little dude was too young when he lost his mum, and made my other cat his surrogate mum (she was two, when he was born), and would ‘nurse’ and knead her belly, which she tolerated. When she died at the tender age of ten (she had a congenital heart murmur), he stopped demonstrating any affection at all. Only in the last couple of years (he’s thirteen now) has he been coming to me for snorgles (as opposed to being chased down for them), and even then all he wants to do is push his forehead against mine while I scrub his ears and pet his sides.

    But I digress from the point…tabby-point Siamese!

  26. peachfish says:

    My male cat Stinky does this as well. It’s never followed by humping (he’s neutered anyway). Eventually he gets tired and lays down and goes to sleep. When he wants to do this he cannot be deterred and yet he always looks a bit embarassed about the whole thing. I don’t think he was separated from his mom early exactly, they were in the same country backyard area, but he is deaf and ended up mostly living with the family dog…I think he often couldn’t find his mom.

  27. Sandwich says:

    My old cat was a neutered boy and did this while humping, so it always makes me feel dirty to watch it.


  28. Michelle says:

    “that’s everything I knead” lmao

  29. cowdoctor says:

    tis a siamese trait. it’s in the genes

  30. Jenn in IL says:

    Awwww…that sweet, sweet kitteh! Maybe she’ll get adopted since you reach so many! Precious girl…someone find her a home!!

  31. Sandra C says:

    Stubs missed getting adopted because the home she was being fostered had a kitten in it, and the adopters took the kitten instead (Totally forgetting in 6 months it will be a cat), and someone else pulled a no show (made appointment to come see her, but didn’t show up).

    Stubs is a sweetie, and if I didn’t live in Australia, and I lived in California, I would take her.

  32. good luck stubs, and yes siamese seem somewhat more prone to woolsucking (or sock slobbering, as it went in my house)

  33. OMG. If that cat was orange and stripey, and that blanket were pink, I would swear it was my Hootie-Bootie-Cutey-Patootie, who does that EXACT same thing.

    I bet that blanket is microplush. You put any of my 3 cats on it and the biscuit-making commences automatically.

  34. my smudge, a neutered male, does this almost every night to my legs after i get into bed. accompanied by lots of humping. and often he falls over onto his side, still with the blanket in his mouth and kneading with his paws.

    i’m glad he’s enjoying himself and all, but it’s very creepy to be the object of this behavior. especially because he doesn’t do it my husband, just me.

  35. starling says:

    My cat used to do that with my hair. Yeugh. The vet said it was because she’d not grown out of being a kitten, probably because she was taken away from her mother too early (which she was).

    Oh, and she’d dribble too, badly!

  36. I would say lynx-point, no?

  37. I have a cat that looks like Stubbs, but has a darker main body; mine was classified as lynx-point. Sometimes she makes biscuits when she takes a nap on me, but no biting of anything..

  38. Awwww! I’d adopt her. If I lived in California. Or if she lives in Massachusetts. You know. Either or. I just want to hold her and pet her and scratch her ears and tell her how pretty she is!

  39. Heeee. Cats are hilarious. (‘specially Smeezer cats!)

  40. P.S. Yes to Lynx Point.

  41. I was once given a black kitten whose mother had been killed by two dogs. The other female cat in the family had tried valiantly rearing two litters of 7 kittens each so the owners were desperate to find homes.

    She was very sweet, but to help her relax she used to hold her tail between her two front paws and suck on the end until it was a soggy mess, and looked like a skinny lollipop. Then she purred and fell asleep.

  42. GO STUBS GO! 😀 I hope being here on Cute Overload gets you the most fantastic home ever, but if you still need help, my beau and I are still asking around!

    We love you sweetie!

    And for those that keep saying it: Stubs is a lady, not a guy 😉


  43. I used to have a guy who looked just like this girl. He was the sweetest, most loving guy (though a bit neurotic).

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    Stubs is a beauty and if I lived anywhere near her I would be there in a flash.

  45. So, don’t forget, folks,
    That’s what you get, folks,
    For makin’ biscuits.

  46. I emailed to see if she’s still available. If I can convince my man, we’ll have some Stubbular action pronto! Many blankies to bite, many pillows to knead. Someone’s gotta do eet!

  47. Do you think they could FedEx her to the UK?

  48. Rebecca says:

    Emmy, from what I’ve seen of her foster momma’s postings, she is still available! Good luck!

  49. BeanSidhe says:

    The Stubs-Lounging-Outside picture is just delightful.
    That one might put it over the top for you, Emmy. Hope you get her!

  50. cheesybird says:

    Awwww!!! What a sweetie! How awesome that someone here is going to try to adopt her. Let us know what happens Emmy! (Would this be the first CO facilitated adoption?)

  51. You should really consider doing a “adoptathon” once or twice a week with an animal from all around the country. So many in need!

  52. chanpon says:

    The biscuit making is adorable, but the tugging at the blankie is just over-the-edge cute. Want, want, want…

  53. That’s not mating activity. Stubs is a “woolsucker.” When a kitten is weaned too early from its mama, it will suck on sweaters, blankets, or other things while kneading.

    My sister used to have a redpopint Siamese cat that used her neck that way when she was asleep. She often had kitty hickeys to show for it.

  54. DaytimeDeb says:

    She looks just like my Sasha, and my dearly departed Elvis. She will get darker as she gets older. Oh, I wish I could bring her home but alas I have too many already plus a baby on the way. Adding her to the mix wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

    If she is anything like my Sasha or Elvis, you would be getting a great cat who would adore you!

  55. WOW that cat is gorgeous!

  56. My two previous feline companions, Meow and Rider, each did this. With Meow it was clearly a regression to kittenhood. With Rider it was a mounting and dominance thing.

    I live in CA but a grown Siamese would be a bit much for a household that already has three grown females who don’t exactly get along. (No, I still haven’t gotten a marmie).

  57. revolution724 says:

    What a pretty girl. Vivid blue eyes and long, elegant silver gloves… mm, I’m sure she won’t be lonely for long.

  58. Somebody has to adopt this sweetie pie! I wish I could.

  59. Stubs is just the sweetest little thing and looks a lot like my Siamese mix. They could be sisters! I would make them sisters but I live in Illinois and have a very small apartment.

  60. riolinda says:

    Love the blankie in the mouth! 🙂

  61. Gregg, yu iz ryt.

    Purrsonalii, ai lurve teh mayl kittehz an teh bizkit makin an teh blankit munchin an—*melts*

  62. …an, oh yeh. ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT ^^

  63. What a beautiful girl!

    I love how it looks like she was made up of spare cat parts (but in a good way!): “Hey, Bob, we got some tabby legs and a head over here — you still got that Siamese torso?”

    I’m sure she’ll find a home soon.

  64. Aww, she was rescued by Cats At The Studio, inc.(conveniently known as CATS, inc.) They’re good people! I adopted my Cosette from them!

    They have a cute story. Way back in the day, they used to keep cats at the Warner Bro’s studio to keep the mice population at bay. But then, the cat population got out of hand, so CATS inc. was formed to care for the ferals at the studio, and adopt some of them out.

    Don’t believe me? Check it out!


  65. sorry but this is totally a cat humping a blanket. not cute. I know someone says this is a female cat but I don’t believe it for a minute.

    [*This* is how you nuff? Come on. Try harder. – Ed.]

  66. p.s. Here’s Stubs’ PetFinder page, for more contact info (and the reason why her name is Stubs!)


  67. The secret to making good buttermilk biscuits is in not handling the dough too, too much. I have a feeling kitty might not be grasping this principle.

    [Ohhh, this gave me a bad thought… TAFFY BISCUITS… – Ed.]

  68. paulajeanne says:

    Warning! Warning! Sugar coma in progress….that’s all folks!

  69. @ Marysusan Noll: You sed “I always know when it is biscuit time”. Wednesday night, right?

    (You gave me an earworm: “It’s Biscuit, it’s Biscuit Time. You know it’s time for biscuits, it’s Biscuit Time, ooh!” Heh heh.)

  70. HISSSSSSS says:

    Wow. Looks like someone was taken away too young.

  71. Gail (the first one) says:

    My experience is that biscuit-making or “stomping” as I like to call it, is not necessarily because kitty was separated from Mommy too soon. I brought one of the foster kitties home from Philly—she was with Mom for a full 10-11 weeks, and she’s stomping and drooling on me all the time!!

  72. I’d say that someone looks l ike he has an oral fixation from being taken away from his mom too soon, but then I remembered that my roommate’s cat, who was adopted at the ‘proper’ age of 12 weeks, is a kneader and suckler anyways.

  73. the other Brenda says:

    HEY!! a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do!!

  74. lucy's mommeh says:

    So, my Lucy was old enough to know what to do with cat phood, so I grabbed her from her bio mom.
    We has baby cat eating critters around here & I wasn’t going to chance it.
    She’s a happy healthy girl, and about a year ago, she started with the suckage and kneading…and goes into a daze, falls over, keeps kneading..purring her eyeballs out. She has a particular blanket she really likes & there’s one other that is an acceptable substitute…
    We were shopping for new human bankie, and my hubby was looking for one that was kneading acceptable!
    I luvs my hubby…

  75. Awww, our little girl Chloe sucks her tail when she’s happy… we adopted her and her brother Louie at 7mos from a shelter, and I assume she’d been separated from her mum too early (the previous owners had found them as strays when they were babies). She has LOTS of (sometimes bizarre) quirks, but the tail-sucking is by far one of the cutest.

  76. Sandra C says:

    To everyone who thinks Stubs is a boy; She is a desexed female. She isn’t ‘humping’ the blanket. She is sitting on her rump, kneading and sucking on the blanket.

    She needs a forever home. And if I didn’t live oceans and landmasses away, I would take her.

  77. There’s just one name for what kitty is doing and it ain’t got nothing to do with biscuits:
    She’s HAPPY CATTIN’!!!!!
    I thought everyone knew that.

  78. Heather in PA says:

    ANOTHER ONE! I thought my girl was the only cat on earth who did this! She preferres soft freshly cleaned blankets. Fleece is her fav.

  79. binky-mama says:

    Sweet little biscuit-maker! She reminds me of Linus from the Snoopy comics!

  80. Re: Adopting Stubs
    No reply yet from the folks over there, so I’m thinking it’s a happy ending anyway…I am sure I was not the first person to email them. I’ll keep you guys posted here and if I get her, you can be sure I’ll blog all about her at my mostly cello, sometimes cats page. 🙂

  81. Strangely, I have a Siamese mix too (that looks very similar to Stubs). You all may not believe this, but I discovered from my own cat that this behavior is actually (brace yourselves), masturbation.

  82. My Siamese girl does this, usually to blankets but sometimes to my legs. It’s a sure sign that she is relaxed and ready to snuggle.

    If only I wasn’t on the East Coast… Stubs and my Sammie would make an adorable duo.

  83. Sandra C says:

    To Emmy: It can take time before an answer is sent. If you really want her, please be patient. 🙂

  84. OMG LOL, the song is excellent, love the lyrics. “I have everything I *knead*” LOL.

    She is very very beautiful and from the description at that link (very affectionate, people orienated, a bit feisty, complete cuddle bug!) I`m sure we only need to BLINK over here at cuteoverload and she will already have been adopted by a loving person/family. 😀

  85. I have a 19-year-old male orange tabby, who was abandoned at two days old. He used to do that, only on ME and my clothing, all the time. I went away on a trip for about 10 days and when I came back he no longer sucked, but still kneaded. After another loong trip, he quit the kneading, too! I have to admit that it’s nice not to have little wet teats all over my clothes, but I kinda miss it, too! And since his sister died (at 17) he has attached himself to dad instead of me 😦 and I really miss his snuggles!

  86. I used to have a big marmalade tabby named Seamus, and he would do this to my shirt sleeve every night at bed time! I’d wake up to a soggy sleeve every morning.

  87. Got a reply! Giving man a day to think it over. We moved less than a week ago, and the shock is still wearing off of our faces. Cross your paws that he’ll agree. *purr*

  88. BeanSidhe says:

    *sends Emmy happy vibes*

  89. Wow, I thought my roommate’s cat was the only one who did this wackadoo bite-and-biscuit thing. Cute Overload: Educational!

  90. I’ve been watching Stubbs’ story on kittypix – she’s been looking for a forever home for a while.

    I’m really hoping she can find a home now. Such a sweet kitty.

  91. omigosh, that is the cutest song lyrics/post evar!

  92. what is the name of the song in the video?

  93. If anyone adopts this baby girl will you keep us updated?
    I would take her in a second if I lived near her 😦

  94. i like how she’s holding the blankie so it can’t get away