Oh, pool boy…

"When Spencer and Lenore arrive from the Hamptons, tell them I’ll be joining them in the Blue Room for dinner.  And bring me another one of those lovely drinks with all the umbrellas in them."

And when that nice photographer for Vanity Fair shows up, send him here.

Looks like he DOES own the place, Katherine P.



  1. Cute photo.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Pass me the skimmer. There’s a big, hairy caterpillar in the pool.

  3. hon glad says:

    I’ll be the pool boy if the pays good, but the dog will have to go.Just give me the rich widow.

  4. lyrical says:

    I’ll take the dog! I’ll take the dog!

  5. wagthedogma says:

    Is that a peke-a-pool?

  6. Hope Mr. Furry McDoggypaddle is wearing his “Lil’ Swimmers” or there’ll be more than leaves to skim out of the pool!!

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    Ooooh, he’s gorgeous. I’ve just finished the Terry Pratchett where a pug is the chairman of the AM Bank, having been left all the shares by his late owner….. sooooo Hon Glad….. I might actually take the dog, rather than (in my case) the widower.

  8. Rachel Sweeden says:

    That is a adorable photo.

  9. *jumps into pool*

  10. chanpon says:

    “Water temperature is not to my specifications.”

  11. LOL @ hovertext…where’s Scavullo when you need him?

  12. eikoleigh says:

    lol, he does look a little like a fuzzy caterpillar. But a cute one… 😛

  13. And you thought your aunt got cranky when her hair got wet.

    I don’t think that there’s a big enough lily covered swimming cap in the world.

  14. Trickie Woo!!! or a kleenex-box cover…

  15. Dub1 — heh. It’s “flop-boat”.

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Dub1 gets the James Herriot reference for the win! I loved the books and the tv series. Trickie Woo and Mrs. Pomfrey were hilarious. So was the farting boxer.

  17. Money.

  18. Oh!! my peke loves doing this. I was in the pool and she followed me around and around. so finally i picked her up and put her in one of the floatees. she loved it.

  19. Freya Lorelei says:

    As a Pekingese owner, half of me is going, “AWWWWWWW,” while the other half shrieks “OMG THAT DOG WILL SINK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL LIKE A ROCK.”

    Pekingese: Between the hair, the weight, and the short little legs, SO not water-compatible.

  20. Katherine P. says:


    I sent the pic in, it’s my friends’ dog, and I assure you they were near him the whole time. They wouldn’t let Mr. Smith drown!

  21. that is just like my sisters dog………..so spoiled!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m glad someone said Tricki Woo before me! I’ve been watching All Creatures Great & Small on Netflix. Let’s hope he doesn’t go crackerdog in the pool!

  23. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’m not showing this to Boomer, he’ll get ideas. Thanks to me, he thinks he’s the best, most wonderful, cutest dog, EVAH… One – I don’t want him to think I was kidding. Two – I don’t want him to think I have a pool! *wish* (BTW – this Peke could possibly take the prize for cutest, just sayin’, don’t bite my nose, Boo…)

  24. So adorable! The Tricki Woo reference is spot-on. Hope she doesn’t eat chocolates and truffles…

  25. catablob says:

    Oddly this pekingese looks like James Mason.
    he’s all about to chase eva marie saint and cary grant around mount rushmore.

  26. I love this. How gorgeous!

  27. Freya Lorelei says:

    Oh yeah, I figured he’s supervised because obviously someone is THERE with the camera…it’s just kinda a knee-jerk reaction.

    By the way, very lovely to see a Peke in full coat–usually you see them all trimmed up like Pomeranians, and while that’s very cute, the full coat looks more natural and “Peke”-like (although it’s harder to maintain…I keep mine in full coat and he sheds enough for two dogs in the summer!).

    Oh, and “Mr. Smith”? BRILLIANT.

  28. And Mr. T. should get a hamper from Harrod’s for ‘flop-boat’.

  29. PS:
    ROFL James Mason: I didn’t believe, but voila!

  30. For some reason I feel this pic should be a video with “Tangerine Speedo” playing in the background…

  31. Looks like Zac Efron in High School Musical 2

  32. hmmm I wonder if he just has the pool 2 look good or if he actually swims in it hmmm….

  33. Erin E. says:

    peke power~!!