Going postal on Bunday

The BunMaster 3000® can open junk mail at lightening speeds. Set on Super-Fast Nomming, you can throw out that donation request from your alma mater faster than ever before.

Say ‘Return to Sendah’ in an Elvis voice, Donna B.!



  1. katiedid says:

    That… was awesome… lol.. I need one of those for work.. does it come in stainless steel??

  2. Hon Glad says:

    Perhaps I could replace my shredder, with a whole bunch of them :0)

  3. Safe of the people to let their bun eat paper… but cute nonetheless.

  4. Better than that power-eating shredder – this one is one clean, cute, green machine

  5. I lubs him. *happy sigh*

  6. Yum…paper! When I was in Catholic grade school, I had to make homemade brown paper bag bookcovers for all my books. I loved chewing on that brown paper. Must have been a vitamin deficiency, or the nuns stressed me out so much I was chewing on that so as not to smack the living daylights out of them (whoa…looots o’ mortal sins!!) This bun seems to just enjoy eating it, though.

  7. Katrina says:

    Does Staples sell them nationwide now? I want one!


    My guinea pigs used to do this! I didn’t know bunnies did it too! AWESOME!!!!!!

  9. scoobie says:

    I got one of these. Problem is they use duracel batteries only and where you have to stick the batteries leaves something to be desired

  10. That was SO cool!

  11. Animal Lover says:

    This is cruel. Dioxin kills.

  12. Bunnies have practical office applications!

    Although he really shouldn’t be allowed to EAT the paper.

  13. OMG, lol!!! that is adorable!!!

  14. turbofloof says:

    AWESOME! (That’s the first thing I said.)

    And, I used to eat paper too when I was in Catholic school! I never attributed it to the nuns, but just being a weird kid. I suppose little kid digestive systems aren’t the same as buns’ digstive systems, but I DID grow up to be a normal CO-obsessed adult….


  16. Michelle says:

    cute and practical!

  17. What a cute and cuddly letter opener! 8-}

  18. Rachel Sweeden says:

    That was awesome. I need one of those for my house.

  19. This is sooo cute!!…and just for a little info, it’s okay for rabbits to eat paper, it doesn’t hurt them and they like it. (I have 3 buns of my own) They can eat cardboard, and tissue too.

  20. (slaps forehead with hand that the topic of safety even came up at all, in the third comment)

  21. an ony mous says:

    BunBun’s talent is exceeded only by his fantastically good looks. Buns could rule the world, you know. 🙂

  22. Melissa H. says:

    He even pulls off the little strip of paper. Must be the deluxe model.

  23. Legman688 says:

    This post is made of win.

  24. temperance says:

    i protest! what if that poor bunny got a paper cut on his tongue while performing this task?! it’s a disgrace, i tell ya- when people can’t even open their own darn mail…*

    (*for all you literal peeps out there- this is a joke.)

  25. omg i have no idea bunny eats paper.

  26. Lol, my guinea pigs do this, but I didn’t think of using them to open letters for me.

  27. Doesn'tMakeSense says:

    It’s like something out of The Flintstones. Like, an all mammal version.

  28. warrior rabbit says:

    Awesome. Wish my bunny was that task-oriented; she’s much more random about her paper-eating. Oh, except for that laser-like focus for the important papers you don’t want her to nibble on.

    And for those obviously-non-rabbit-owning people who strangely think that paper is bad? It’s fine. It’s not only fine, it’s adorable!

  29. DixiesMom says:

    The audio is the best. Darn, sounds like Mr. McBun has some power in dem bunneh teefs! Keep fingers clear!

  30. No thanks, I’ll stick to a regular letter opener. I don’t need a bunny disapproving of my mail as he’s opening it, “Tsk tsk, your credit card bill is a bit high this month.”

  31. “Hello, Office Mega Supply Shop, Can I help you?”

    “I need a bunny to open my mail”

    “We have letter openers, and battery powered letter openers, we have something shaped like a bunny over in School Supplies.”

    “No I need an ACtual Fluffy bunny, with a disapproving nose, to open my mail.”

    “Like a rabbit ma’am?”

    “yes, a rabbit.”

    “You need to go to a pet store then ma’am.”

    “But it opens mail, it’s an office supply.”

    …. I think I better stop now….

  32. In before preemptive posts against abuse allegations!! Wait…darn.

    Anyway, this is an example of perceived obsolescence: your old letter opener was working just fine, but you convinced yourself that there’s a problem with it just so that you could get a new fluffy and cute letter opener.

  33. marie_n says:

    ohhh my that bunnle reminds me of one i had way back when named nestle because he was chocolate colored like that one. different shades of chocolate. had to give nestle away due to the attraction of snakes and a daycare next door. those don’t mix. miss that bun bun.

  34. so cute!!!!!!! my meowmaster 650 pales in comparison 😦

  35. Christine H says:

    That’s adorable! And very efficient. 🙂

  36. OMG marie_n! I had a guinea pig named Nestle for the exact same reason, chocolate colored animals are awesome. My bunny used to love eating paper and the cardboard toilet paper tubes. Never crossed my mind to have him open my mail for me.

  37. ROFL!!

    Lurve the soundtrack: like popping bubblewrap veryveryvery fast.

    And offensisensitivity strikes again: paper is CELLULOSE, people, a foodgroup for buns, therefore, their digestive system evolved so that they could become office workers. . . (shifty eyes at the thought could be a PhD thesis: mwahahaha evil-in-a-good-way scientist laugh)

  38. PossumsMa says:

    Another thing bunnies do to help out around the house is eat dead leaves that fall off your plants. They really do earn their keep.

  39. dub1, I thought it sounded like a manual typewriter 🙂

    Best home-office tax writeoff EVER.

  40. Talk to me when you graduate son. There will always be a job for you in the mail room at Acme Corp.

  41. Sure, paper is cellulose, but most office paper is bleached and treated with chemicals. I’m just saying that most of the time they need something more natural to chew. My bunny always liked sticks. Bark was his favorite.

  42. Khadija says:

    i just convinced my hubby to get one of those because they are fully tax deductible as an office tool

  43. I seethe in jealousy. My letter opener can only be used to stab people with, I can’t pet it!

  44. DaytimeDeb says:

    Melissa H: Deluxe Model — LOL!

    Nice to see Bun is enjoying a high fiber diet.

  45. DaytimeDeb says:

    I just found a second rabbit letter opener — this one doesn’t eat the paper, he just ‘perforates’ it for his ‘boss.’

    So there are two models, that we know of…

  46. marie_n says:

    turbofloof- how creepy that you mention eating paper while in catholic school… i did the exact same thing, and also attended catholic school. i do attribute it to the nuns though, and partly to the fact that there was no way to sneak candy past those little ruler wielding ladies in habits.

  47. binky-mama says:

    Is there a paper-shredder version? I mean, I already have one but it’s not cute OR fluffy. Intolerable working conditions…grumble…grumble.

  48. LOL!!! I so need one of these for home and work!

  49. Maii torbii Purrzhun catgurrul duz tihs tew!

  50. katiedid says:

    Yah… envelopes are so dangerous that they should be kept under the bathroom sink with one of those child safety things that you have to hold down to open the cabinets.. which by the way is really hard to do at 3AM when you are looking for TP….

  51. Best desk accessory EVER.

  52. tuckeverlasting says:


    [Is it driving you mad? – Ed.]

  53. At the end of this I was clapping and yukking like Baby Huey. I almost shouted “pa-sickie!”

    And at :17, there should be a “ding.” TOTAL Typewriter sound!

  54. dr.lowem says:

    LMAO! I want to have a bun-ster letter-opener as well 😀

  55. scooterpants says:

    i NEEDS me one of these here bun-buns. opening letters/ mail is such a hassle! i wonder if he has a “junk mail” auto-eject progeam?

  56. Scooterpants – I believe junk mail, alumni “donation” requests, and unwanted bills all go into the cage/litterbox-liner pile.

    Now I have a new reason to add to my arsenal of why my household NEEEEEEEDS a bun. “But Mooooooom…!”

  57. I had a friend who raised cockatiels. They all loved to open envelopes, too, only they produced confetti rather than strips. Avian recyclers and real party animals to boot!

  58. Buns love envelopes because the adhesive is sweet. My wife used to have a house rabbit, and it LOVED munching on envelopes.

  59. bookmonstercats says:

    I went to catholic infant school (is that the same as “grade school”?), I was taught by nuns. I didn’t eat paper. Is there something wrong with me? Write me a letter and send me the bun to open it.

  60. Not to be a nuff, because the rabbit is all kinds of adorable, but the anti-paper-eaters (not that there have been any besides a few comments here and there) have a point. Rabbits have hella sensitive digestion systems, and they also can’t throw up. Anything they eat has to pass or will block their systems. Paper could, potentially, but so do certain foods. Chewing that little strip probably won’t do any damage to Office Bunny up there, but it’s unwise to let a rabbit munch on paper. Just sayin’.

  61. ashagato says:

    daytime deb: i could swear we saw your vid on CO awhile ago. anyone?

  62. JennyStar says:

    I wonder what the budget line is for “cute, fluffy office supplies.” I think my desk needs one right away!

  63. Bookmonstercats – For a second I thought your post said you were taught by buns.

  64. CoffeeCup says:

    Helloooo, CO denziens! I am back after a week long getaway. What have I missed…I see there was some Bun action at the office. He might give Jim a run for his money in the cuteness department, but Dwight may be awed at his efficiency and worship this magnificent bun.

    Buns and paper: My bun eats paper, though it’s more or less toilet paper tubes he shreds, nibbles and throws in the air. Otherwise he doesn’t get “people” paper like toilet paper (even the unscented stuff is weird smelling) and envelopes. He has been known to gnaw at shoe boxes but I don’t let him eat them. Generally uncolored cardboard is what he gets, so anytime we get things in the mail he becomes our trash compactor.

  65. warrior rabbit says:

    As someone who’s been a dedicated bunny slave for close to 20 years, I’ll say again that paper’s fine. Not as an exclusive diet, of course. But paper is fine.

  66. I know this bunny! He lives in an MIT dorm, his and his name is Tex! I think he’s “married” to a cat on his facebook page.

    Extra cute in real life.

  67. While I agree that it’s sweet…….is it safe for a Bun bun to eat paper?

  68. after watching the first of the rabbit letter opener videos, my partner & i were inspired to put our paper-shredding rabbit’s talents to good use. epic failure. bonnie will only open envelopes with carrots sealed inside. she won’t open any the mail carrier brings.

    she does, however, shred documents with exceptional efficiency. and before you ask, no you can’t buy her 😛

  69. *tsk* I don’t approve of feeding one’s pets junk food, though.

  70. I am not supposed to be doing this – I am supposed to be packing to move – but I had to comment, I just HAD to.

    First off – I have seen this before and love the sounds it’s making as it’s eating the paper off! Lurve it.

    My comment, eons ago – I worked at a landfill, and I had 2 cats that lived in the office with me, went out at night and ate rats, well, after 2 long years of painstakingly finding homes for litters of kittens, I finally convinced my boss to cough up the money to get them fixed. We turned in the receipt and the accountant wanted to know exactly where the hell he was going to put that under, we told him he’d figure it out. He finally put it under “pest control”. See, critters can be a tax write off. 😀

  71. As this is adorable as hell, rabbits can get digestive problems that can threaten their lives if allowed to pica too much. They ain’t birdies – that benefit digestively from eating non-food items.

  72. This bunneh was JUST NOW on Anderson Cooper 360! (7/10, 11pm eastern time)