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"A sitz bath, HAH!  Adult diapers, FEH!  A Jedi craves not these things.  And why was there no tapioca with dinner?  Promised it, I was." (incoherent mumbling)

Try to remember him when, Barbara H.



  1. That kitty is either very pissed off or very comfortable. XD

  2. Seems pissed to me.

  3. That’s so confusing! Ditto to Mika – I just can’t tell which! Maybe he’s capable of being both at once.
    I like the Flashdance legwarmer floof in the water.

  4. Doesn’t look pissed to me, looks very comfy lol.
    I’m sure if it was pissed it would’ve bolted out of that sink asap, or been meowing or something.
    Just looks like a kitty enjoying a nice soak heh

  5. “It’s so warm and nice…. I feel very very relaxed.Mmk mmk mmk. *snore*”

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    I haz it

  7. JaysonAych says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever before seen a cat so…defeated.

  8. Michelle says:

    Lol I agree, defeated is the word for this.

  9. Is he falling asleep? Drugged? He’s cute, thats for sure, I know if I tried that with any of mine I’d have some new kitty markings

  10. Katrina says:

    That cat has been drugged for the bath.

  11. That’s what I was thinking. That cat’s on druuuuuugs….

  12. Defeated is the perfect word. It almost breaks my heart! poor baby!

  13. Poor little cat. There is no good reason for washing a cat, it’s just cruel.

  14. Oh 😦 Poor little resigned kitty. Quick, scoop him up and dry him off. Fluff his fur and give him a handful of treats so he knows you still love him…. At least that is what I would do.

  15. He looks pretty comfortable to me! When was the last time you saw a cat do anything he didn’t want to do? Cruel? That kitten’s in heaven!
    And I lurve the little ear hair curlique.

  16. Theresa says:

    It’s the huge, drooping whisker-stache that gets me.

  17. Hm… kitty in a hot tub.

    He’s probably trying to look all nonchalant waiting for the bikini babe kitties to join him.

    He’s looking very zen.

  18. Oh, the humiliation of it all…

  19. Nuffing harshes the the vibe it does.
    Some cats love water they do.

  20. katiedid says:

    omg.. if that cat could talk.. I think he would say “Why you do this to me?”

  21. Hon Glad says:

    Meh, the tides come along way in, when’s dinner,I,m voting for Reagan,where’s my Ma, is it dinner yet,I’m vo….

  22. falnfenix says:

    *snort* very defeated.

    PS: nuffers, STUFF IT. please. 🙂

  23. lucy's mommeh says:

    I had a cat that had to have a baff on occasion…she would sit there nearly in a daze & I would have to hold her up or she would fall over! Vet said it’s kind of a self defense things kittehs do…zone out so not to freak out.
    One of our current cats, Molly, had to have a baff on her backside. She complained a little, then sat still. I got out of it unscathed-she never brought out the claws at all!
    I think it just depends on the cat…
    Kitty looked annoyed, but it could have been the “eyebrows” making us think that.

  24. Michelle says:

    He looks like he is loving that stream of water down his back. hahah!

  25. growltiger says:

    That kitty looks utterly miserable!!
    Why oh why do people keep washing their cats?? That’s akin to cruelty against animals!
    Unless the fur is badly coated with glue, paint, something toxic, cats’ furs are perfectly keep clean by themselves!! Through their constant grooming they spread oil all over their fur, coating it and insulating it against the cold, wind, water, etc. It has to be slightly, very slightly oily to the touch, probably leaving grimy marks over time on their favourite spots in the house, where they like to rub up against. That’s not dirt, though, but only the natural state their fur was meant to be by nature!!!
    People, please please please STOP WASHING your poor poor kitties!!!

  26. AlbertaGirl says:

    OMG, kittehs melt when exposed to even the tiniest amount of water!!! How can you be so croooeeellll???

    … Oh wait. I’m thinking of witches. Never mind.

  27. I dunno… I thought the kitteh looked kind of comfortable. And when do you see a kitty do something it doesn’t want to do? My cat, for one, loved water when he was a kitten. He would stick his paws in his water dish and splash it around and stand under dripping faucets, in sinks, in the bathtub, getting water all over himself. To this day he still doesn’t mind getting wet out in the rain… whereas the other cat freaks right out lol

  28. poor wet babykins, he needs a towel, a treat and some lovin

  29. Oy, dis izzn’t helping mit deh hemmorhoids, even if deh noice is a cutie.

  30. temperance says:

    wow. i feel like i live in an alternate universe.

    to me, that kitty looked like she was zoning out in pleasure- enjoying the feel of warm water raining down on her. i saw no defeat or terror in her eyes- in fact, to me, she looked almost relaxed enough to be falling asleep.


  31. Picklesmom says:

    sorry, I’m not letting my cat attempt to clean clumps of poop off his butt after having spread it all over the floor. I don’t think he wants to do that either. So in the bath he goes, like it or not. I learned my lesson, his ‘area’ gets well trimmed now.

  32. Poor little thing. I wanna nuff now.

  33. crustydredlocks says:

    Let’s not forget that humans don’t need to bathe either. Bathing breaks down the skin’s natural resistance to pathogens, therefore compromising the immune system. Body odor only seems offensive to the unenlightened because they’ve been taught to be ashamed of it. Washing and combing the hair is another unnecessary and outdated hygenic practice foisted on us by the corrupt hair care product industry. If you need proof that humans should not bathe, just look at how a human infant cries and fusses when he is cruelly forced to endure a bath. Water should only be used for drinking, bongs, and watering organic gardens. Any other use is wasteful and pure evil. Especially using water to defeat innocent cats! What are you poor, pathetic, clueless idiots thinking?

    [Needed: “SARCASM” label… – Ed.]

  34. Silent Meow says:

    I think this kitty is exhausted from a lot of rolling around with the catnip, and that’s why he/she is sitting there so calmly, exhausted but still under the influence of the nip.

  35. scruffystench says:

    Those dried chunks of excrement clinging to your cat’s fur are perfectly natural. To remove them would be a crime against nature itself. Let them drop off on their own, as nature intended. Those wadded clumps of fur aren’t “mats”, either. They are feline dredlocks. It’s the natural state your cat’s long coat is supposed to be! Leave them alone! Nature intends them to be snagged on limbs and torn out, or eventually chewed off by the cat itself. And don’t get me started on hairballs, which are perfectly natural as well. They’re a healthy way for the cat to purge it’s system of bad vibes. STOP grooming your animals, people!! It’s CRUEL!

    [*a’HEM* – point made, Miss M. Point made. – Ed.]

  36. crustydredlocks says:

    I’m so sick of seeing wet cats on CO. Of all the atrocities a cat can endure: neglect, malnutrition, parasites, injury, or illness… bathing is by far the most cruel. And I should know. I was bathed as a child and I never got over the trauma. I’m no longer forced to endure baths. Sure, I leave dark, greasy marks on my favorite spots, but that’s not dirt. It’s valuable skin oils. If I could scrape those oils up and rub them back onto my skin, I would.

  37. scruffystench says:

    I don’t think my point was made. But if you insist, I guess I’ll have to stop.

    [OK, I suppose I don’t *insist*, but… please? – Ed.]

  38. yellowsneakers says:

    I LOLed when he opened his eyes the first time. He looks extraordinarily comfortuhbuhls.

    My cat doesn’t mind water. He LOVES it when I take a bath: he’ll sit on the edge of the tub and splash water everywhere. Sometimes he’ll let his tail drag in the tub… and then drip water all over my floors. 😦

  39. turbofloof says:

    I had to bathe my cat once. It was not this calm of an experience. I think he got into something under the sink (lye, or something,) which required a quick remedy (obviously, this was a very long time ago, the reason for which, will become clear below…)

    However, after the armageddon event, he proceeded to head to my bed and take the biggest cr*p in it that I’ve ever seen come out of any animal in my life – in the exact geometric center of a king-sized bed. The precision was remarkable.

  40. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I think the kitten looks pissed off to me. But he is also comfortable.

  41. Perhaps one of this Cats ancestors came from Turkey

    He is also probably looking forward to the guilt induced hugs, extra fluffly towels(warmed), nip infused tuna juice

  42. I can’t help but think “poor widdle kitty”. But he must be lovin’ it since a cat won’t just sit quietly if he’s upset. Either way, a soft warm blankie and a kitty-snack will be required.

  43. I think he was loving his baff…if he didn’t want to be there he would have got out.

  44. Hopefully, the little sweetie is sitting there so still because it’s enjoying the water…and not because the suction from the drain is holding it in place.

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    LOL@turbofloof! Revenge is a dish best served…at body temperature?

    Also, some people’s definition of cruel strains the imagination.

  46. To Bathe or Not to Bathe says:

    Crustydredlocks, you meant it as a joke, but amazingly there are people out there that don’t believe humans need to bathe! My dad is one of them, he is convinced the shampoo and soap companies have brainwashed us into thinking that we need to shower daily. He doesn’t understand why people remove their natural oils and replace them with unnatural ones. My mom gets him to take a bath about once a month or if there’s a special occasion. He is right in once sense, the less frequently you shower, the longer it takes for the grease to build up again. But believe me, the results are for a rather “ripe” smell.

  47. Hey! I get that look when I’M sitting in a jacuzzi! Eyes slowly closing (NOT narrowed in anger), head nodding… Trust me, it’s not terror, humiliation OR defeat.

    I happen to know a cat that races into the shower as soon as his mommy turns it on. He just LOVES getting into hot water. If you catch my drift…

    Some kitties are just, um, different.

  48. scoobie says:

    The force seems weak and floppy in this one

  49. I tend to think that if the kitty didn’t want a bath, the mommy or daddy filming this would not have a face anymore. Or flesh in their arms.

    That said, AWWW the littlest kitty is soooo saaaadddddd awww.

  50. That reminds me of my cat. He loves water! To me, the kitteh looks all comfortabuhls, about to fall asleep because he’s lovin’ his warm baff.

    Seriously, my cat is a mixed breed and looks like a Russian blue, but he and his litter mates did not inherit the water-hating gene. Like mine, others of the litter have been reported to jump into the bath or shower with their owners.

    Here’s a pic of mine on the patio standing ankle deep in water and loving it!

  51. stubbedoo says:

    “Later, when sleeping you are, keel you I shall.”

  52. Cats will let you know if they don’t want a bath. Cats tell you everything and listen to nothing. That’s because cats don’t have owners OR slaves. They just keep us “on staff”.
    Additionally, they are very precise in their likes and dislikes, as turbofloof has related. Still, at our house “staff” sometimes have to deal with two extremely floofy kitties, their ever-growing clowder of hairballs, fleas galore, escapes into the unknown, and other things one doesn’t discuss in polite society. So, lighten up.

  53. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the logic inside the heads of people who equate a bath to animal cruelty.

    I suppose it means they’ve never witnessed actual animal cruelty, for which they should be grateful.

  54. ALL animals know how to maintain their coat and skin using what Mother Nature provides. They’ll take dirt baths to remove parasites in some cases, wallow in mud, rub themselves with certain critters and plants, what have you. Cats are fortunate to have clever primate friends who can get rid of nasties without their tongues or rotted organic matter being involved….

  55. joliesmom says:

    I can swear on it that Mr. Kitteh is INCREDIBLY MELLOWED by that bath. I don’t see attitude in his face at all. He’s just like, “I’m sittin’ in thuh the waaaaaater. Sittin’ in thuh waaaater. Huh what? Oh. Dis is some wome watah……”

    Since when does a cat NOT do what it wants? If he hated it he would have peaced out a long time ago. And just because MOST cats hate water doesn’t mean ALL cats hate water. If I had a cat I would bath it every so often. I feel like it would be uncomfortable for it to be eternally bogged down by dirt and dander on it’s skin and fur.

    So yeah. Chill.

  56. The cat’s not upset. If he wanted out of there, he could have easily jumped out. Notice there’s no human in sight restraining them. Various breeds of cats, big as well as domestic, actually like water. Stop prejudging people who bathe their cats — you don’t know the situation. Just like people need to stop judging people who decide to get an abortion — it could be the result of a rape, or something worst.
    The cat looks more sleepy than anything else. The sound of the water may be lulling him to sleep. Who knows? These may be the dog days of summer, but this may be the owners’ way of keeping a cool cat. Hope you all had a decent 4th Of July!

  57. gravyboat says:

    The look of utter defeat on kitty’s face is just priceless!

  58. marie_n says:

    uh-oh gizmo’s wet.

  59. I agree with Lucy’s mommeh, I have seen it too. When I was young and dumb I thought it would be neat to teach our Siamese to enjoy bathing with me so I took her in the bath a couple of times. She would zone out and go into this trance state – I stopped when I became worried she would drown, because she’d start listing to one side and tilting over dangerously. I think some cats just ‘check out’ when exposed to something too alien that they can’t handle. That being said, although I don’t bath my cats anymore, back when I did I observed that they always got over it and loved me again when all was said and done. The feline dislike for water is strong, but not the end of the world.

  60. Margaret says:

    “Fine. Bathe me. Dress me up like a pumpkin. I don’t care anymore.”

  61. LOL: at-the-jedi-ass.html

    And that kitty reminded me of Gremlins movie. 😛

  62. binky-mama says:

    Stubbedoo: LOL! YOU keel me! I wonder if little Yoda-kitteh has a tiny walking stick…

  63. Mai pudding haz a flavur. It’s T-O-O-N-A

  64. Oh no the horrible animal abuse! Being exposed to water is not something that happens in nature ever!!!

    I say we ban the rain before it abuses our animals like this bath has… What? Animals have been exposed to rain since the beggining of time? Then sue nature! Nature abuses animals by exposing them to unnatural conditions!

    Doesn’t make sense you say? Well it doesn’t have to because i’m an utter imbecile!

  65. BeanSidhe says:

    “What? I’m supposed to be annoyed by this? Just make sure the towel is warm and the snacks are fresh, k? I’ll be out in an hour.”

  66. That has got the be the coolest shower curtain ever.

  67. I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world to remind people that under normal circumstances, cats don’t need regular human-type baths. Maybe some people don’t know that (I doubt it here, but it’s not such a terrible thing to say).

    However, to further state that any washing of any kitteh ever is the most horrible thing ever is a bit much. Let’s just split the difference, okay? Sometimes you need to bathe a kitteh. But don’t do it unless you need to because the kitteh probably isn’t going to be into it.

    But if kitteh WANTS to bathe, then, I say, let’s get into the tub, shall we?

  68. their mommy says:

    All I know is, my boy-kitteh was fascinated by the shower as a babycat, constantly poking his head in to see what I was doing, and unperturbed by me splashing water at him. He was also unimpressed by getting squirted with the spraybottle when he’d tip the garbage can over, but that’s another story. Anyway, I brought him into the shower with me one day. I held him in my arms. He got completely soaked. Dried him off with a towel when I got out. Who knows…

  69. Michelle says:


    Under normal circumstances? Correct. It’s not typically necessary to bathe a cat regularly. But by any stretch, necessary bathing is hardly “cruel”, even if the cat dislikes the bath.

    I adopted a burn survivor cat when my friend’s barn burned. It wasn’t until a year later that I discovered my cat allergy. This cat was not exactly an adoption candidate. She was nearly feral, prone to violent behavior, and getting up in years. Had I given her up for adoption, she would very likely have been put down. So I kept her, despite my allergies. My own doctor told me that giving her a bath twice a month would help with my asthma. So I did. She didn’t exactly care for the baths, but tolerated them without shredding me to ribbons. She’d occasionally glare at me for half an hour afterwards, but would get over it. Getting “regular” baths gave her several more years on a new lease on life, which she put to good use tormenting my dog, catching snakes and spiders, absorbing sun rays to curb global warming, etc.

    I realize that’s way too long a story to agree with your point and to make mine. No, it’s not the worst thing to remind people that bathing cats isn’t normally necessary. But by the same token, it’s not the worst thing in the world to remind people that sweeping generalizations, exaggerations, aspersions, or parroting of myths aren’t necessary here either.

  70. Blueberry says:

    One of my cats is half Turkish Angora, a water tolerant breed.
    I caught her one day giving HERSELF A BATH IN THE TOILET.
    So I put her directly in the tub and soaped her and sprayed her off.
    She acted very much like this cat, but with a big cat grin. To her, TOILET=TUB BATH!! YAY
    I have child proof locks on all the toilets now.

  71. Michelle, excellent point, and I agree. There are many, many legitimate reasons for cats to have baths, and I’m glad you found a way to be with your cat for so long!!

  72. One of my cats will actually jump into an empty bathtub when she wants a bath and just sit there until someone turns on the water, and then purrs the entire time. I’d get it on video, but I can’t figure out how to get the sound to work on my camera…. (the purring is a must-hear, after all!)

  73. People getting worried about this guy have no idea about the body language of cats. When cats squint like that it’s their way of saying they’re comfortable and relaxed.

    If any kind of distress was present, his eyes would be wide open. …and there would be blood on the walls.

  74. that cat looks very chill about while schvitzing. some cats like being comfies while bathings. 🙂

  75. I still think he looks not entirely pleased, but too lazy/comfy/not upset enough to do a lot about it, hence the zoned-out “I’m sure this will be over eventually” look… he’s blah and zoned. 🙂 But no, baths are not cruelty, once in a while, when needed. Anyone think that perhaps there’s embarrassing backstory to this bath? That the cat’s supremely embarrassed by whatever he got into/did that required him to be bathed, and he therefore can’t do much right now about the bath itself? And of course cats can be embarrassed…

  76. Poor baby. He looks like he’s just given up.

  77. Awwwwwwwwwwww! That is the saddest cat in the world!

    Emo Cat has run out of Emo….

  78. Love the “bath stories”!! I’ve never had to do it with any of mine (and hope to keep it that way!) But one of my “kids”, Baby, objects strenuously to me taking a shower! He paws at the shower door, yelling. When I open the door for him, he sticks his head in until he realizes “OMG, there’s water in here!!”

    Personally, I think he’s mad because, clearly, I’ve ruined my fur!!

  79. lol….whenever I decide to take a nice long luxury soak in the tub, my baby girl always peers into the tub, then at me, then back into the tub with a look of utter disbelief on her wee face. “Mommy, what the HELL are you doing? Water is for drinking and dunking your dirty toys in, not for sitting in!”

  80. chanpon says:

    That’s how I looked last night after my home PC crashed.

  81. That kitty is at a hot spring! All he needs is a warm, wet cloth on his head and he’d look like something straight out of a Japanese anime!

  82. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I wonder if there’s a video out there somewhere of the kitty when bath time is over. Does it purr, or plot revenge? I thought it looked pretty chilled out, actually.

  83. I saw this kitteh vid when it was just posted on Youtube. A Japanese person raised this little one to like water. As a result, the kitteh stays calmleh in water.

  84. LadyDarya says:

    I used to foster a cat who loved water. I would run the water in the tub about 4 to 4 inches deep and he would swim around in it (he was about 3 months at that time). So, as weird as it may seem some cats do enjoy the water. Personally, as I look at this cat I don’t think it’s from this planet… I also think that it’s planning something in revenge that will put it’s owners in the paper and not in a good way….

  85. We have a cat named Lucy at the rescue I work for that has..issues to say the least. She is blind, her hips are jointed backwards, and she is the cat version of an epeliptic (can never spell that word)human, she is the product of inbreeding. She needs baths once or twice a week, at least, since she dosen’t use a litter box, and will often end up covered in, well you know. She has to be bathed, since she has a skin problem as well, the urine and all on her coat will irritate her skin, and she really can’t groom due to her issues, and she has mouth problems, so she had to have all her teeth removed.Giving her a bath is one of the few things she likes. She will go into a trace in the water and start to purr and knead the water. You have told hold up her head, or she’ll drown, but it’s the only time she is fully relaxed. She’s an amazing little cat, and can be a sweetie, but she is proof that baths don’t hurt cats, and in the right case, can really help them.

  86. Use The Force………and watch out for Vader.

    Or……..Why, oh why are you filming me?

  87. There are many documented cases of kittehs liking the waters… 🙂 See the below example (its sooo cute!)

  88. turbofloof says:

    “Everything I know I learned from my cat: When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet’s, pee on your owner.” — Gary Smith

  89. Joelle Taschereau says:

    Life seems to be crap for this cat! meh…

  90. oh come on people. Its not always cruel.

    My kitty tries to jump in the bath with me.. and she loves playing with my bf’s daughter’s bath toys…just jumps right in and chases them around.

    And sometimes, when she’s worn herself out after some hard core bathtub playing, she just chills in the water, looking very much like this kitty.

    To me, he looks relaxed to the point of fighting to stay awake.

    If you don’t know the situation, or the CAT, then do the world a favor and politely stuff it. Besides, how do you KNOW that cat wasn’t caked in something smelly before?

  91. There are situations in which a cat needs to be bathed. Daily.

    I had a friend growing up whose father was terribly allergic to cats. In addition to the medication he took for it, the family had to bathe their two cats daily so that the dander didn’t get into the air and send Dad to the emergency room.

  92. Heather says:

    Angel, bless your heart for taking such good care of a kitteh in need.

  93. My kitty used to come in the shower with me. Of his own free will. He loved to sit on the sink and dip his paw in the running water.
    But of course he detested the “medically required” baths when his glands were operated on. I needed a thick, long sleeved sweatshirt (in the summer) do get through un-slashed.