“Chickie” forgot the BBQ sauce

In a moment of panic, Chickie realizes he forgot to bring the BBQ sauce and only remembered sparklers.


Bad Chickie! Bad Chickie! Happy Fourth of July, Alison R.



  1. Space Cowgirl says:

    OMG. Ewoks are real!

  2. Katrina says:

    Happy Fourth of July!

  3. Theresa says:

    Hey, I’m from Brooklyn. I grew up with girls named Chickie– and guys named Chickie. 😉

  4. joliesmom says:

    That is the mini-est head I have ever seen. I mean, he looks like an overstuffed pantyhose leg with stick-on googly eyes and mouf.

  5. lol
    “it’s the first time in my life i’ve ever felt patriotic!”

  6. chanpon says:

    The pup with no neck finally realizes his hat is two sizes too small.

  7. well, i prefer the backdrop……..meaning….the fabric!!! Good taste!!

  8. DaytimeDeb says:

    A: I was just going to write in and say that I had the same patio fabric for my chairs and chaise(s). So I’ll thank you for the compliment!

    Fifi: Are you sure your real name isn’t Michelle Obama? 🙂

  9. wagthedogma says:

    I luv his leetle hat!

  10. wagthedogma says:

    I luv his leetle hat!

  11. wagthedogma says:

    Is there an echo in here? (D’oh!!)

  12. Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

  13. Beth E. says:

    Chickie owns my SOUL!!!!

  14. Pa-Chickie?

  15. Tobysmom1111 says:

    Chunky Chickie needs to back away from the Puppy Chow just a leedle bit and do some cruches. That can’t all be fur! Or can it?! Yikes!

  16. wagthedogma says:

    I agree, Tobysmom. If that’s not just fur chub, then Chickie definitely needs a trip to Snausage-hab!

  17. thanks for posting Chickie’s picture!!! yay!!
    actually, chickie has been on a diet, and isn’t nearly that tubby anymore.
    she’s as cute as ever!!

  18. P Diddy says:

    I know Chickie. First, Chickie is neither male nor female. This animal is a cross between Mickey Mouse and Rodan.

    Trust me, this is one ugly trans-gender dog/mouse/bird…

  19. marie_n says:

    is that red and white thing that looks like an upside down kfc bucket a platform on which chickie will perform? please say yes.

  20. Wtness Portection says:

    WOW! What is this; or should I say, that?

    Whoa, what a “dog,” no pun intended.

    And, the fabric is ugly – -So all of you who love/own this fabric, it’s time to go shopping.

  21. P. Diddy is one mean person!! Chickie is the most adorable dog!

  22. Kennel in the Sky says:

    This dog is about to have a coronary… This is one overweight; sorry, FAT, dog.

    Let’s all donate to the “CHickie-Loose Weight Rehab Program!”

  23. So many haters! The dog is adorable! He looks like a teddy bear!

  24. wagthedogma says:

    Yay to YOU, alison r., for taking such good care of Chickie! Now that she’s slimmed down, she’ll be charming the socks off of everyone for a long time to come! 🙂

  25. gravyboat says:

    He looks like a fuzzy little potato!

  26. thank you for the kind words! for the negative ones, i think they’re just playing around because chickie is one hot puppeh!

    i have more cute pictures of her here:

  27. AnnieLuv says:

    Chickie is ADORABLE!!!

    i LUF HIMMMMMMM!!!!!

  28. yay chickie! totes adorable! alison, thanks for sharing his patriotism with us all- he is delish!

  29. Chickie, please remove your hat. You are exceeding the cuteness limit of this page.

    Just adorable

  30. melinda says:

    What kind of dog is this? I’ve seen a few and thought they were SO adorable, but I couldn’t figure out what the breed was.

  31. AnnieLuv says:

    He looks like a pom with a close cut to me.

  32. Skinny Cat says:

    I loeff teh chickay!