Guess what!?


Cuteness Robo-butt 🙂, originally uploaded by annia316.

Lori W., You’re two for two on this one with both photo AND caption!



  1. SillyGirl says:

    cute little heart shaped booty!

  2. want to know why? hamster thigh!

  3. teeny talio!!!

  4. Wombats says:

    HAMMIE TOCKS! Adorabuls!

  5. Beth (in NC) says:

    Guess how?


  6. fish eye no miko says:

    What’s that you said?
    Hamster head!

  7. Ahhhh I love this! You guys are awesome!!!

  8. OMG!

  9. Ham ‘tocks!

    As opposed to ham hocks!

  10. Know what rocks?


  11. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Never Fear!
    It’s Hammie-Rear!

  12. Know what’s neat?

  13. Can’t get enuff..
    Of hammie fluff!

  14. MaggieBee says:


    Must haff eet!

  15. SillyGirl says:

    wanna know why? Hammie eye! …wait…what?

  16. Daphne Moss says:

    Dah, dah, dah duh..
    Ham-mie time!

    This looks like model for OC wallpaper hammie! (Too shy for paparazzi, perhaps?)

  17. Theresa says:

    Stop! Haa– well, you know. 😉

  18. LOL!! Hammie got back!!

  19. Nom nom nom!

    So adorables!

  20. OMG that is the CUTEST EVAH!!!!!!

  21. 260Oakley says:

    What’s so tiny? Hammie heinie!

  22. Catsquatch says:

    Butt butt butt….

    I thought they were TOCKS!!!

    Im all like disillusioned and stuff….


  23. AliceBlue says:

    I’m kaput, ’cause of hammie foot

  24. Aaaah! Aaaah!! The cute!!!!!

  25. chanpon says:

    Is that a privacy nub I see?

  26. Know what’s cute?
    HAMMIE GLUT(eus maximus)!

  27. What makes me squeeeeeeeeeeal?
    A little Hammie heel!

  28. Beth (in NC) says:

    Baaahahahahahahaha, we’re kinda punchy tonight everyone.

    Know what’s swell?

    HAMMIE… ummm…


  29. Tick, tock. I see hammie hocks
    Dangling from a bowl.
    Oh, dear. That hammie rear
    Is too much to behold.

    (Is it just me or do the blurry food portions in the back bowl resemble a lil hammie face? Does anyone else see the two beady (but blurry) eyes and the two nommy ears along with a pinkish kibble portion for the nosicle?)

  30. So what could the lamest joke be?…

    (wait for it)

    [wonders if anyone’s coming anywhere close]

    (HINT: recent translation assumption)

    [wonders how many folks are just skipping down to the end]

    (ehhh whatever)

    …hamster anus goatee.

  31. scooterpants says:

    zee bowl! she is too deep! THUNK…..

  32. You call that hamster butt? No…THIS is hamster butt.

  33. Beth (in NC) says:

    Ummm nismo I don’t think I’d call that hamster *butt*, per se…


  34. What… the HELL… is THAT? Nismo??

  35. *sing song voice* teho’s being a bad boy, teho’s being a bad boy. time out for you, young man…now go sit in the corner for 10 minutes

  36. nismo, hun, that’s just weird

  37. (I meant to say that in a Nancy Gribble voice)

  38. Mooooooon Riverrrrr, wider than a mile …

  39. I’m crossing you in style…some dayyyyy

  40. Weird, yeah. But this is how he usually sleeps in his little home: with his rear end sticking out.

  41. *in Nancy Gribble voice* But shug, that’s just not normal. Maybe you should take him to see John Redcorn…he works wonder with my “headaches”.

  42. scooterpants says:

    butt, butt, butt . i dont get it?

  43. Balamuthia says:


    Must nibble the teeny tailio and squeeze the wittle fuzzy buns! Gently, of course.

  44. nismo, i’m confuzzled by that photo…does he not have back feet? I’m sure he’s very cute and loveable, and the lil log cabin is a dreamy home! Hugs to your hammie!

  45. When he sleeps with his rear end sticking out, his feet are tucked in close to his body. Sometimes, you can find him in even weirder positions, like this one.

  46. Teh cute!

    Umkay. Nismo, is that hamster gonads? I don’t think that is butt.

    Beth(in NC):
    It sould be:

    Know what swell?
    HAMMIES! Well?

    Hee hee!

    Better than nose?
    Hammmie toes!

    We never fail
    to love hammie tail!

    I always begs
    for hammie legs.

    I gots a fear
    he’s food in ear.

    I just sigh
    over hammie thigh.

    I have more, butttt I’ll shut up now!

    Picture you taked gave him tummy ache!

  47. I had no idea hammie privates could be so….erm….visible.

  48. Theresa says:

    DejaMew, it’s rodents in general. For some reason, those dainty little beasties with their tiny ears and paws, sport torpedoes below.

  49. Balamuthia says:

    Uh…nismo…those are Hamster Balls.

  50. binky-mama says:

    Aaaaaaaahhhh! What are you doing to me CO? Hammies in general are my weakness, but hammie ‘tocks?!?


    Speaking of brains, excuse me while I go wash mine out after clicking nismo’s link. 😉

  51. oh my, theresa. i think i may be having the vapors!

    I’ve never had a pet rodent. Only kittehs and doggehs, who sometimes bring me “gifts” of the rodent persuasion, but rarely alive.

    On the other hand, the hammie bum in Meg’s post is quite cute and furry. I can almost hear him saying “Ehn!!”.

  52. @ Balamuthia

    I know that those are actually my hamster’s testicles, but they look so much like buttcheeks! Besides, technically, that is where his butt is.

  53. scooterpants says:

    have mercy. now i get it.

  54. nismo!! Lawsy!

    But…having said that…that’s a very virile-looking hammie you’ve got there. I hope you don’t let him near the ladies.

  55. claudia says:

    great zingers peoples! lol@ “Dah, dah, dah duh..
    Ham-mie time!”

  56. Anyone heard of the anti-hammie porn act? They are pushing it through congress as we speak! lol

  57. That’s definitely an young ‘um. Not as much hair on a baby hammy but still a very cute “butt” shot. I see hammies like this a lot – all they care about is food and will merrily dive in for seeds.

  58. paulajeanne says:

    And a sweet little girl hammie rear, to boot!

  59. Now i’m picturing little hammie there in MC Hammie pants doing that silly scuttle dance!!!


  60. Erebella says:

    Awesome! That’s just awesome.

    “I ain’t asking for moishe, I’m just looking for some toishe!”

    Oh, hammy, my favorite. Thanks Meg!


  62. hon glad says:

    Ho ho hum a hampster bum.

  63. Wow Thank you for featuring this photo of my little Roborovskis 😉 its one of my personal favourites too.

  64. lawl XD

  65. cheesybird says:

    The combination of picture, text, hovertext, and commentary on this post simply made my day. Thanks Meg and peeps!

  66. crazyweinerdoglady says:


    In the Pet Wonderland, what’s down the hall?


  67. January says:

    Come that’s cute.

  68. Know what’s rad?

    Hamster nads!

  69. SillyGirl says:

    berthaservant you just made me shoot crystal light out my nose. I hope you’re happy.


    Hold it RIGHT there, Mister Hammy McTockersons!

    I am SO coming over there, where I shall shower kisses upon kisses on those teeny of all teenies, fluffy of all fluffies, sweetest of all sweety-pie of ‘tocks!

    Am certain the other of your ends is equally as precious, no doubt with the softest of whishkers, so I shall be keesing and keesing and keesing your front cheeks too!

    What kills me even more and further dead is that your leetle dish is only miniscules high, yet your bitty tootsie toes STILL don’t reach da ground!

  71. OMG tihs iz awlmos az Qte az cat buttz!!! *heddesk*

  72. marie_n says:

    oooh what a cute little mark hammle-toez!

    i had a friend back in high school that had a hamster with gigantic gonads (and strife) and his name was killer. interesting fact.

    […gonads in the lightning, in the LIGHTNING! and the rain – Ed.]

  73. This is adorable! My old roommate is a Chicken Butt jokester from waaaaay back, so I just HAD to send this to her!!!

  74. this is the first time i cocked my head and said “aaaaw” in weeks.

    it was great ;__;