Winston’s annual (annoying!) summer haircut

It’s that time of year again, when Winston the smooshed-faced kitteh gets SHORN and is extremely annoyed by it. (Apparently, proximity to the knife on the counter is all part of Winston’s REVENGE)


Check out the noodley “NYERHE!” maneuver:


And now… the entire ordeal… IN ACTION!

Rich and Winston, you can do no wrong, even with this, this, this… haircut



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    haha i’m sure he’s meowing up a winstonesque storm that you can’t hear over the razor.

  2. iluvpopsicls says:

    Next to my kitties, Winston is my favorite!! Sometimes I think my Hemingway could take Winston on in a meow-off.

  3. OH my god, there are so many great parts…..I love the gauntlets the trimmer is wearing to protect himself, love his approach of not freaking out Winston by restraining him but letting him take it at his own pace. Love the adorable drowned rat look, love the “prance” song, love how skinny Winston is without his extra fur, and I find it very cute that one of the people he owns thinks he will listen when he says “don’t go down there” repeatedly. Winston raises the cuteness bar again….

  4. There is no Winston there! Who knew he’d be such a skinny butt under those furs!

  5. starling says:

    Warning! Nuff alert!

    Fur works as an in-built airco. Shave it off, and kitteh will be warmer, not cooler! He’ll have already shed his winter fur, the fur he has left is there for a reason.


  6. warrior rabbit says:

    My first foray into nuffness: A carrier would make things easier, and safer.

  7. I love winston, and I don’t know why.

  8. While I have to agree with the nuffs, this video is hilarious. He looks like he’s wearing pants after his shave!!

  9. Mr Yellow! By day, mild mannered animal beautician, by night world-class chemist saving the world one drop at a time.
    Winston! Annoying feline at all times, winter spring summer and fall.

  10. joliesmom says:

    Those are some serious kitteh chaps if I’ve ever seen em.

    The good, the bad, and the Winnie.

  11. Krystal says:

    LAWL Winston’s got parachute pants!

  12. Poohbear says:

    WEEEEEEEEENSTOOOOON!!!! has got a lion cut. That trimmer (Brooklyn car mechanic by day?) is a softie! “You gotta stop when he wants you to stop!” Phew, our summer installment of Winstonmania, just in time. Thanks Meg and Winston’s peeps!

  13. hon glad says:

    They don’t appear to have done the arse end. My longhair had to have his,um,exit shaved because of, as the Aussie vet said ‘Dags’

  14. WTF, people shearing their cats, what’s next? Tiny dogs in handbags?

    Oh, right, we’re there already.

    Stop the madness, pretty please… This is so unnecessary it’s ridiculous…

  15. There is no way… NO WAY.. either of my cats would be that calm with the sound of the razor.

  16. Jenny Islander says:

    I love that occasional look he gets: “I am the CAT! You will RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!! . . . Why are you SMIRKING?”

    Sometimes I wonder why cats think we do the things we do. A cat of my mother-in-law’s once lost a claw due to circumstances involving a Rottie that never came near our property again. She was very proud of herself, but due to the bleeding and so forth we took her to the vet, where they put in some stitches (she had lost the entire claw, it left the premises in the Rottie’s eyebrow) and wrapped her in sticky bandages right up to the elbow. When the time came for the bandages to be removed, we quickly realized that we needed an extra pair of hands and better scissors, so back to the vet we all went. The look on her face as the Evil Butt Probe and Needle Person carefully removed the bandages that had been driving her nuts for days was equal parts confusion and wonder. She kept peering into the vet’s face, then down at her slowly reappearing leg, then back up at the vet. “Vet–helping. Gears–grinding–in–head. Does–not–compute.” After the bandages were gone, she went hesitantly into her carrier with a backward glance at the vet (instead of her usual mad dash), as if to say, “So, are we done here, or . . . um . . . “

    But, of course, the next time she saw the vet, she hated her guts.

  17. “A trim, you sed.”

    “Ull pay for dis.”

  18. Nice story Jenny Islander.

    I love that somebody said “dags”.

    My fav. bit was, wet paws, flop, flop, over the sholder.

  19. Kzootie says:

    I love Winton, but I will never understand why anyone would want to do such an UGLY thing to their cat.

  20. I agree with Kzootie…that hair cut didn’t do Winston any favors. He is a great cat and looks lovely on his own. I have a Maine Coone…and I would NEVER shave her. LEAVE WINSTON ALONE!!!!

  21. Thank Ceiling Cat, something to make me laugh after watching that lion video.

  22. Katrina says:

    Another day in the life of our Winnie. Maybe he gets hotspots sand this prevents them? Hair grows back.

    He is our Winston and the att-i-tude remains.
    Thank you for another slice-of-life from the Winston household.

  23. My BF’s Persian also gets a lion cut in the summer because she gets horrible mats and won’t sit still for grooming. She definitely prances afterwards. She loves it.

  24. elliottsmommy says:

    um, is that rich on the right in the second photo? i think HE might be teh cute, as well. :^[

  25. I wanted to get my Maine Coon cat clipped for the summer, but the only groomer in town won’t do it. They offered to shave her, but that’s going too far.

  26. It’s the look of utter contempt on his face in the first picture that slays me. 🙂

  27. ButtaRumCake says:

    OMG! Jenny Islander – I am over here LAWLing like a mad woman…the visual is keeling me!

    “Evil Butt Probe and Needle Person”…BWAH!!!

  28. 1. don’t shave cats

    2. it’s called a pet carrier


    God I love this kitteh.

  29. katiedid says:

    hahah Winston looks like a llama/lion.. hehee.. I had to do this for my cat too.. she would get way to hot underthat fur as she got older… and I understand about not having a cat carrier.. it would freak out my cat and she would get so stressed… I wuv you winny!!!

  30. Poor skinny, smushface, fuzzlesski Winston! Poor BABY!!! ‘Course, he looks none the worse for wear. And hungry as per the usual.

  31. MadameX says:

    And for our next contestant, we have Winston the Cat, with his impersonation of MC Hammer singing “Can’t Touch That.”

  32. cheesybird says:


    Heh. “Sniffle break”.

    Elliottsmommy,I think you may be right about Rich being teh cute too. 😉

  33. First I thought, “Why is the groomer wearing wrist guards?” And then I thought, “Ooh, smart smart man …”

  34. oh, I just love winnie, he’s just like “oh-mah dignatee, eet has all been shaved an washed off…”

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Winston’s thought of the day:
    “I am highly pissed, and they will PAY!!”

  36. My kitten, Zora, would NEVER sit still for that kind of abuse!! ESPECIALLY the bath! We got her a week ago and she had been an outside kitten, so we had to bathe her. HOLY COW! I never knew a half-pound kitten could fight so ferociously!!! She dang near managed to climb the porcelain tile wall of the tub enclosure and she DID manage to scale ME quite adeptly — I’ve got the needle/claw marks on my shoulder and back to prove it!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    PRANCE girl! LOL!

    Winston’s all “But Dad, I have to get down on the floor so I can reach the pedals! I can’t drive if I can’t reach the pedals!”

    (I would like to point out that we don’t actually see Winston in the car en route…so for all we know, he WAS in a carrier.)

    And we need more Rudy videos.

  38. Poor cat, what a horrible haircut

  39. ZOMG don’t get it wet!!!!11!

    I wouldn’t have thought it possible for Winnie’s head to look any more round and bulbous. Or that he could be so, you know, not noisy.

  40. BeanSidhe says:

    My cat Pearl looked at this, looked at me, looked back at this, gave me the Death Stare, and loped off to gaze out the window.
    She’s probably going to eat my toes for laughing at Winston.

  41. LimeyG, we used to have to wrap our wrists up to the elbow just to de-flea my dear departed Danny. (This was in the days before the blessed one-drop-on-the-neck stuff.)

  42. pthalio says:

    There are reasons cats get shaved…I have a long haired cat who needs to get shaved once or twice a year because he gets very matted and has some unpleasantness in the bum area. I try to keep him brushed and clean but despite my best efforts he still needs a shave now and then. My cat unlike Winston needs to be sedated for the trip to the groomer. 😦

  43. RevWaldo says:

    “If any one of you mofos make a Christina Ricci joke, I swear to f’n god..”

  44. When I worked as a vet tech, we’d sometimes have people who would bring their long haired kitties in for a dental cleaning and a shave (they were generally matted). Once the kitty was under general anesthesia, one tech would clip while the other did the dental. Um, shaving a cat is way more fun than you might think. It’s especially satisfying to clip off big mats that you know were bothering the kitty.

  45. Benny's Mum says:

    He He!
    Winnie has pantalons!!!!!

  46. rachelattack says:

    Word to the Rich!

  47. Prance!

  48. Nina (Helms) McCampbell says:

    I love Winston! He’s so skinny with his hair do! My cat has to get shaved because she is so FAT, she has to be stretched out so they can shave her fat rolls, but when it’s all said and done, she can reach places she hasn’t reached in a long time!

  49. Susan L. says:

    Himmies don’t mat as much as Persians. A combing once or twice a week, although more often in shedding season, is enough to keep the coat lovely. Stop shaving Winston. As his expression plainly says, it’s idiotic to shave him. As someone said earlier, that coat is there for a reason, even in summer. Use a long toothed comb and both Winston and the comber can enjoy the process.

  50. Oh, Winston, you angry looking kitty, how I love thee. Always looks so furious!

  51. Beachgal says:

    I can understand shaving for matting reasons, but still. That poor kitty looks hilarious, with his giant furry head and thin furless body, then furry sweatpants on the legs. My cats would kill me in my sleep if I did that too them.

  52. And for those wondering why they shave him, here’s last year’s post, complete with explanations and hilarious pictures…

  53. elliottsmommy says:

    nina…ahhhhh ha ha ha!!! maybe i should stretch my legs out better to shave my leg fat rolls!!! good idear! love to see pics of your rolly-polly bebeh. i’d give her good scritchie scratchies between her rollies.

  54. January says:

    Thanks for sharing the details.

  55. Caroline says:

    What a coincidence! I just had my cat groomed yesterday! She has long hair that I brush daily, but, even so, her cataloons have been getting quite tangled and she threw up a giant hairball last week. So, off to the groomer’s to get her yearly “sanitary groom,” where they shave her belly and rear end to prevent matting and make her a happier kitteh. It takes all of two minutes and it is well worth it!

  56. For those that think this is wrong, I have a part Persian kitty, and the longest her fur has gotten was over 6 inches! Come May, the poor girl is either too hot or too weighed down with fur to move. Also, she can’t clean the fur completely, let alone her rear end! She hates going to the groomer, but as soon, as I enter my apartment building, she’s over it and wants to strut around, run and play. I think the cutest thing is that they give her moonboots….. I do it, because she loves it….

  57. zeldapie says:

    Winston dear, you look mahvelous with and without a furry coat! Please don’t kill Rich!

  58. Obviously, Winston = best, but I wanted to say something to the nuffs here. Not every cat can stand being in a cat carrier. Roomie’s cat Jezabel loves the car. Loves it like a dog. She looks out the window, she purrs, she sits in the front seat with a happy look of “this is mine”. I tend to hold her in my lap when we go to the vet or to the pet food store so she can ride in the cart. Of course we know it’s not as safe as a carrier, but when you put Jezabel in a carrier, she voids her bowels, vomits, and then sits in it. Every. Single. Time. So, Nuffy McNuffingtons, you don’t know the whole story here. Winston might do the same, and I can hardly blame Rich.

  59. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Winniiinnnnninnnie!!! God I love this Cat.. and hey.. Rich.. you’re cute too. Nice biceps in that second pic. You single? Wait..I think I heard you were gay.. and alas, I’m not a dude. *sigh*

  60. pups'nstuff says:

    I love how ripped Rich is. I’m still not so sure that shaving cats is ok, but either way, that “groomer” did a super sloppy job. Oh and Winston is the ONLY cat that I find acceptable to allow on kitchen counters. And do they not like Rudy or something? I mean, Winston is the star, but where’s Rudy????

  61. Since I’m betting that Win-ston lives in air-con, it hardly matters whether he’s shaved or not. I must assume, therefore, that the shaving is only for Rich’s (and our) amusement! Bwahahahah!

  62. woofysma says:

    As a long-time member of the Winston Fan Club, thank you, Rich, let me just say this: Winston, I love you.
    Note: love the sniffle break!

  63. Michelle says:


    <3 Winston

  64. I also agree with Kzootie, it looks ridiculous :/ I know it might be nice for cats with thick fur, but it still looks awful 😦

  65. I believe those are jodhpurs…

  66. I mean, of course, jodhPURRRRRRs…

  67. golfdog says:

    Why are Winston’s kitteh ‘tocks always on the kitchen counters? These surfaces are for food, not for your cat’s anus and kitty litter digging paws! Feh!

    Rich, I fear e.coli and salmonella poisoning are in your future!

  68. Why are people so mean to fellow pet-lovers? Its obviously nice for Winston to get shaved and cooled down, and he looks adorable.

  69. golfdog.

    Ever hear of a little product called Disinfectent Cleaner? It’s really cool actually. It comes in this nifty bottle with a spray..A SPRAY pump. You squeeze this trigger and the cleaner comes out in a spray. Aim it for the surface you want to clean. Then you grab this other fantastic thing called a cloth, which you can dampen if you like to, or leave it dry, and you use this sweeping arm motion with pressure to CLEAN THE COUNTER.

    It’s amazing and fantastic. One of the best inventions since, well…since the shaved cat.

    (I know, it’s so new and out there you might have not yet heard of it, but go ahead and google it, all those up to the minute bloggers are talking about it!)

  70. chanpon says:

    @nuffer starling: Not according to my vet, but ok.

    My vet recommended my part maine coon kitty get a lion’s cut to help with the matting (as already written) and to be more comfortable in the summer. After seeing this and the stun lasers ready to shoot out of Winston’s eyes, I may re-consider her advice, for my own health’s sake.

  71. katiedid says:

    I think they dont show rudy as much because Winston is “so annoying” .. if I had a cat like Winston I would have to film him just so people would believe the stories.. they give rudy a small part in the christmas video…

    Oh .. and I love your pants Winston!!!

  72. I love the fingerless rubber gloves the groomer wears. Important piece of equipment for the job, I suppose!

  73. That extreme close-up at about 2:45 – kinda reminds one of Wilfred Brimley, don’t ya think?

    [ZOMG oatmealz! ZOMG diabeetus!! – Ed.]

  74. They love Rudy! I think it’s more that Rudy is a normal cat (except that he’s very handsome!) and doesn’t get up to the kind of weird antics Winston does.

  75. Khadija says:

    awfully handsome Winston!


  76. Why do people care what their cat’s haircut is so bad? Are you really so lonely that all you can focus on is your cats looks?

    Winnie is happy with shorthair from what I understand so who gives two hoots about how his fur is styled?!?!

  77. Cry PASICKIE! and let slip the cats of war?

  78. AuntieMame says:

    Wilford Brimley or the Monopoly guy? All he lacks is a top hat and a monocle.

  79. princess says:

    I’ve never had to bathe a cat, but I admit I’ve never had any in condition that required it–they were all relatively clean when I got them. I can understand bathing one that’s been sick, or that has gunk in its fur that it can’t get out on its own; but for the most part, cats keep themselves pretty clean, provided they’re healthy (overweight and unable to reach is another matter altogether). Bathing strips the natural oils from a cat’s fur and skin, and can lead to problems in those areas.

    There are special double-rowed combs specifically for super-long-haired kittehs, which take care of both the coarse upper and fine lower layers of hair, to ensure that no (or at least less) matting takes place–regular combing can also help reduce hairballs, by removing shed hairs. Mats should be cut out because yes, they’re uncomfy; but I don’t think a cat with an otherwise healthy coat requires a shave. The fur is there to insulate–keep warm in winter, keep cool in summer. If these beasts were in the wild, they certainly wouldn’t be sporting lion cuts; and like their bigger, wilder cousins, they’d just sleep all day in the heat, and wait for the weather to cool off before getting up in search of food.

    Oh, wait, that’s what they do anyway. 😉

  80. =/ he looks goofy-my neighbor had a hairy dog she got shaved too-and now it looks like a drowned rat-im all for keeping them cool-but geez

  81. The Other One Michelle says:

    I think Winnie looks adorabuls as usual. If you think the cut looks bad or whatevs, why comment at all? Gotta get yer hate out someway, I guess. Personally, I’m not a cat person, but Winston’s got such personality I lurve him almost as much as my pups.

  82. ROFL! TFF! The look on Winnypoo’s face is priceless. Hope his minions (the people he owns) sleep with one eye open as I’m sure he’s plotting revenge. Mwahahaha!

  83. folks: winston has a skin condition which requires both regular baths and annual shavings.

    winston’s people don’t shave him just for the hell of it. they’re not doing it for his appearance. they’re not doing it to “cool him off” for the summer.

    follow some of the links included and find out more for yourself. winston is one of the luckiest kitties on the planet — his people do so much for him, and love him dearly.

  84. My persian, Wookiee, also gets a once yearly clipping. I brush him daily, but he still manages to get the most horrific mats under his limbs. They pull on the skin and make it very uncomfortable for him.

    Long haired cats should be indoor cats, anyway (imagine letting them get burrs and ticks in that fur!). Hence, they live in a climate controlled environment and are certainly not going to freeze or overheat if their fur happens to be a bit shorter. Wookiee meows loudly at the slightest injustice (eg, a kibble in his water bowl,) so I think he’d let the whole house know if he was upset with his haircut.

  85. binky-mama says:

    I want SO much to kees that smooshed grumplemuffin face!

  86. Right you are, Starling. Cats DO NOT NEED TO BE SHAVED!!! Nor do they need to be bathed. Their fur acts as insulation summer and winter, and they are self-cleaning. Brushing and flea-combing are helpful to them, though!


  87. golfdog,

    I have a fat cat who is on a special diet, and a trim cat, who can be free fed. So I but the special diet on a bowl on the floor, and the free feeding food on a bowl on the counter (since my plump kitty can’t jump up there). Works perfectly!

    If anything, my counter is cleaner than ever, since I disinfect that thing like crazy!

    Besides, what do you have against E. coli and salmonella? They’re cute!

  88. In my experience, some longer haired cats (particularly Persians and Himmies) get kind of matted and gross, and simply don’t sit still for proper grooming. So taking off some of the outer fur (which they are just going to eat off anyway) is sometimes a harmless way of helping them through the summer months.

    Winston is VERY patient in this vid — there is NO WAY I’d ever get any of my cats into a car without a carrier without massive claw marks on my face, and the shaving thing, just forget it. He’s not even that upset with the shower thing.

    I like the sniffle break (hope that’s not a nose candy sniffle), but then the vid got kind of long. I was expecting more, actually, though it’s nice to see that Winston can also be master of the mundane, non-plussed reaction. A very Keaton-esque performance.

  89. Noelegy says:

    Post-haircut Winston looks like a bobblehead!

  90. marie_n says:

    i’d really like to put an old fashioned captain’s hat on winnie and call him captain crunch. it’d be hi-larious.

    love that key-key and his human.

  91. FilthyGrandeur says:

    winston’s got the Popeye look goin on: scrawny body, beefy arms. awesome.

  92. Lol omg he’s so cute. Heh! I love his expression.

  93. Rooanne says:

    I can’t believe he sat so still for the shaving. Just the sound of the razer can drive a kitty mad.
    That FACE!! Love that face!

  94. Hon Glad says:

    Both my cats jump up on the counter, do I disinfect it nah, do I get ill nah. Do I use a chopping board yes. I do have an antibacterial spray it usually lasts over a year or more.

  95. blah blah-noone said anything about he shouldn’t be shaved-I just think its goofy when people shave their animals in certain styles-like the “lion” cut or my neighbor trying to make her dog look like a poodle

  96. Gotta love Winston 😀

  97. Daphne Moss says:

    I liked Winston before he was tortured.
    I sure wish I had the same amount of time and money as this cat owner. My kitty gets loving brushes and purrs the whole time, going into a kind of blissful trance.
    Poor Winston…

  98. meowandwoof says:

    Never thought our old friend Winston could call out the nuffs——just love him, Rudy AND the hoomuns.

  99. Oh here we go again, throwing the T word around willy-nilly.
    I’m sure Senator McCain feels exactly the same way, Daphne.

  100. BonzoGal says:

    Calmez vous, people who are freaking about Winston being “tortured”. Rich explains in detail on his blog that Winson gets really hot and miserable in the summer. No air-con! They shave him for his comfort, and he’s much happier afterward. It’s not for fashion (although Winston is ALWAYS chic), it’s for the poor little lollipop-head’s comfort. He’s not being hurt. He’s fine and Rich is a super luuuving cat-daddeh.

  101. Oh, and yeah, in my experience persians are generally very chill. They may make sounds of unhappiness as you clip or bathe them, but they’ll usually just lay and wait for you to get it over with.

    And yes, SOMETIMES CATS NEED BATHS! What would you nuffers do if your cat got into some paste your kids left out, or had a skin condition that required medicated shampoos (e.g. mites,) let the thing suffer?

  102. binky-mama says:

    This site is FULL of torture. Poor furries forced to get lion cuts, surf, and wear hot pink wedges. Senator McCain would be appalled Theo.

    (great gusty sigh with eye roll)

  103. bunnyslave says:

    I love Winston so much I CANNOT CONTAIN IT.

  104. featherz says:

    We just ‘inherited’ a cat with our new house and she’s a long haired MESS – she is one huge mat of fur and half of it is hanging off of her. We keep trying to catch her to have her shaved and I will eventually if it kills me. So yes, you have to watch for this with long haired kitties!

    (Winston is so cute!)

  105. McCain would only be appalled if it were American cats being tortured. Enemy combatant cats, that’s another story.

  106. My love for Winston knows no bounds.

  107. skinny winnie bo-binny bo-nana fana fo-finny, fee-fi mo-minny….winnie!

  108. I want those gauntlets. Both in shiny patent leather and black leather with red trim.

    With a matching top and pants. I think that I already have boots to go with it.

  109. Oh, and I want Rudy in a wrap to go.

    He doesn’t get enough love!

  110. Melissa H. says:

    Ok, this is the first time I’ve ever made a nuff-like comment, but I feel compelled. Put your cat in a carrier when you take him in the car. God knows my cat hates to be in the carrier and meows CONSTANTLY, but that’s much better than having her become a fuzzy missile slammed around the interior if I were to have an accident. /nuff
    Otherwise, his head looks huge, but he’s doubtless much more comfortable. Plus he’ll get fewer hairballs.

  111. binky-mama says:

    @berthaservant LOL! I’m pretty sure Winston is an all- American kitteh. However, they should probably tap his phone just in case…he does have that knife after all. (shifty eyes)

  112. catablob says:

    There is no way to articulate how much I lof winston and his silly video life. I could pretty much watch hours of winston video.
    Thank you rich for sharing the great and terrible creature that is winston with the rest of us.

  113. Why am I still amazed that people will make assumptions without knowing the full circumstances? One should NEVER trim a cat’s fur? One should ALWAYS use a pet carrier? Come on people – Really? REALLY??

    “Not to be absolutely certain is, I think, one of the essential things in rationality.” (B. Russell)

    I am almost absolutely certain Winston and those who live with him are wonderful!

  114. binky-mama:

    Well, isn’t Winston a Persian, as in Iran, as in The Dot of Evil (now that North Korea too got taken off the Axis of Evil list last week)? Winston, so evil, yet so cute.

  115. gravyboat says:

    Hee hee hee hee! I LOVE the bloomers!

  116. Gizmo got shaved yesterday, because of the heat. Poor behbeh was spending all day in the bathtub with his tummy pressed against the cool porcelain, just to stay cool. Had it done at the vet’s, under sesation, while he was there for dental work and x-rays. Some pictures at

  117. Er, make that “sedation”

  118. Winston has become a Bichon Frise.

  119. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m only going by what Winston thought of it…He made it clear.
    Not sure about McCain…sorta depends on when ya ask him … 😉

  120. NutherDeb says:

    I didn’t know it was possible, but Winston is made ENTIRELY OF FUR!!
    Also, his disapproving look could put any rabbit to shame!!

  121. Poor Winston!

    What JERKS!

    thats horrible to do to a kitty!

    I hope he chews off their fingers.


  122. I have an older cat who was an outdoor kitty. When she started getting a little bit tubby her fur matted like crazy during the summer. I would hold her in my lap pretty much wearing body armor while my mom would try to brush the clumps out.

    Eventually we just had her shaved. The vet said she just sat there and purred and chewed on her paw.

    She was MUCH happier afterward but the vet didn’t take too much care in making it look good. She looked like a fat crappy lion.

    Sometimes it’s just necessary.

  123. I know this has been up for a while and it’s unlikely that the outraged masses will see this, but Winston DOES have a carrier that he rides in. The car was not yet moving in the beginning of the video. I know it was ambiguous, what with no driver and everything.

  124. Julie L says:

    that is so WRONG!!!
    OMG that poor cat.


  125. Julie L says:

    that is so WRONG!!!
    OMG that poor cat.


  126. moggyfan says:

    All that….and no TREAT?

  127. moggyfan says:

    All that….and no TREAT?

  128. Big knife freaking me out.

    Cute mad kitty. I’ve had a bad haircut too, it always grows back. 😉

  129. Lauren Buckles says:

    the song is totally hilarious! 🙂

  130. Love his furry cataloons against his shorn bod.

  131. This is freaking brilliant.

  132. It’s late, but I had to read all the posts. Our Trekker vet refers to those “exit end” mats as “Cling-ons.”

    I’ve needed to have a cat or two shaved…once because Henry arrived at my door as a terribly matted sickly stray. Six months later, he was completely furry, gorgeous, healthy, happy and remained so for many years, totally spoiled.

    The other cat got a horrible case of ringworm from a mobile groomer who didn’t disinfect his van and equipment properly from one stop to the next. Several other people’s cats suffered the same fate. We racked up quite a vet bill, but were just thankful that we got Lacy healthy and looking good again. A bad case of ringworm is Ghastly! And Lacewing had to put up with several soothing baths over the course of treatment, too. She always seemed grateful and relieved afterwards.

    A couple of people actually sued the groomer and he went out of business.

    Somehow I’ve missed the fact that Winsome Winston has his own intertubes page. I must go check this out…

  133. OMG you can do that to him without putting him to sleep first? My vet couldn´t even get anywhere near my persian Janelle (mind you, she has a lot longer fur than Winston too) – not trying to advertise, but for those that are interested, I filmed it and the video is here:

    And omg the poor pathetic meows when he gets washed! And the looks he gives his owner at around 0:50 are like “why are you doing this to me???”

    Winston is just so cute… 🙂

  134. starling says:

    “Not according to my vet, but ok.”

    And how much does he charge? /cynic

    Shaving in case of matting is important, though.

  135. darkshines says:

    Ah, if ever there was an oppertuinity to use Devil’s Haircut by Beck…..

  136. Hey, I e-mailed you about Winston’s new ‘do last week, on the 25th of June (as I’m sure other fourfour/CO followers did) – why the delay?

  137. he’s a lil puffball face with legs now.
    my kitty, mr D, would kick my booty of i gave him a summer buzz, but he still gets his monthly bath which turns into super man-whore cause he feels so much better afterwards ^_^

  138. Darkshines — LOL. Something’s wrong. ‘Cause my mind is fading.

    Addis — we’re just too damn lazy to be bothered. That’s what you’re assuming anyway, right?

    Seriously, I don’t like to jump on a fan, but if we don’t announce everything we’ve got going on behind the scenes and in our various personal lives in some “All About CO” meta-blog (we don’t and won’t, btw) then why would we say something *here*?

    In general, though… let’s see, you emailed last week? OK, since then, the total count of Cute Overload content submissions is probably in the *thousands*. No lie. And that’s my own extremely rough estimate, based on a conversation with Meg I had like a year ago. These days, it’s quite possible that a week of CO submissions might even be in the five figures.

    More specifically, Winston has his own blog! Fourfour, you said it yourself. OK, 4-4 is not “All Winston All the Time”, but he’s not exactly hurting for publicity. And yet, even so, here it is, posted on Cute Overload. And it was good.

  139. Oh, come on, Theo, it’s not like you have anything else to do but wait breathlessly for the next submish. Fess up!

  140. (So that you can then heartlessly reject it, of course.)

  141. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    I am enlightened! Suddenly, I understand so much about why Winnie is the way he is!

  142. DixiesMom says:

    NUFF ALERT: As a head vet tech for 16 years, I have to add to those saying a cat carrier is optional: um, NO. Melissa H. is correct that your beloved furry baby will become a missile inside your car if you get in an accident. Plus, even if its a minor accident, Fluffy will be FREAKED OUT, and you won’t be able to control her to get her out of the car safely. Claire, if your kitty gets that crazed at being put in a carrier, that is a definite candidate for sedation before being taken anywhere. The new sedatives are derived from human pediatric drugs, so are really safe when properly prescribed!
    Also, yes, you have to shave cats occasionally! When they have mats, the skin underneath gets no air, stays wet, and can easily get infections or fungus. And you CANNOT use scissors, you MUST shave them. We have stiched up sooo many Fluffies with big holes in their skin from some owner cutting out a mat and getting a chunk ‘o Fluffy instead. OWIE!
    THEO: Product concept! That final pose at the end of the video, where Winnie is standing perfectly proper with paws together, just cries to put on a T-shirt! Caption it,’Why, yes, I AM fabulous! Your point?”

    My work here is done.

  143. DixiesMom — re: product — you might make the suggestion to Rich at Fourfour…
    (his “email me” link is in the upper left)

  144. I feel foolishly obligated to post this after any round of nuffs on this subject, but cat-bathing–in moderation, with appropriate shampoo–is neither evil nor unnecessary. Cats keep themselves tidy as a rule, but that does not mean there isn’t a build-up of oil/dirt/bacteria that a good wash is necessary to clean off.

    For those who like to quote the wild kingdom theory (ie in the wild they wouldn’t need _____ or their natural oils would ______) remember that these animals are *not* in the wild. There’s a certain amount of give and take with the natural laws when you’re talking about housepets. House cats aren’t even natural wild cats anymore, the same as dogs, and their wild cousins certainly don’t have our furlumps’ 12-20 year life expectancy.

  145. catablob says:

    I just watched it again.
    I love that the groomer has the demeanor of like, an automobile mechanic. Like, I don’t know, if the Fonz (pre-Shark) was a

  146. marie_n says:

    i know this is somewhat stupid, but i was watching ‘groomer has it’ one night. one pair of the groomers shaved one of the clients’ dogs (i know it’s not a cat), but then feared that the owner would be ill with them. if the groomers hadn’t shaved that dog, they wouldn’t have found out that the dog had a skin condition and it couldn’t have been treated. sometimes it’s good to periodically get down to the the skin and find out if anything nasty is going on. persian hair is a jungle and you cannot tell if the kitty has hot spots or any irritation, or if it’s picked up any ticks (which is another reason bathing is great). my boyfriend’s stepdad’s shih-tzu has hot spots and he gets periodically shaven to keep them from being more or a problem. i doubt there is a single bone in rich’s body that would do anything to purposely harm winnie.

  147. FilthyGrandeur says:

    people think i’m mean for getting my fluffy kitty a lion cut every year, but it’s actually good for her. every year her fur gets out of control and gets matted up, and it hurts her, and she hates being brushed, so i just find it easier to get her a lion cut. she’s so cute, and it always grows back, and there’s no grooming for months. I love it!!

  148. He is gonna be the laughing stock of local cat population, he has got no street cred at all 😉

  149. Good thing Winnie’s not a Stray Cat, then, eh Sarah?

  150. san toki says:

    I don’t really favor cats, and am allergic to them, but my god is he a cutey pie.

  151. I love the camouflage slip cover at the end.

  152. neptune says:

    I don’t know why, but my favorite part was the ear twitching(ks) during the buzz cut. 😀

    Winston must be one of the most internet-famous cats by now, haha.

    Also, DixiesMom and Boy, thanks for the rays of sanity. 🙂

  153. Michelle says:

    Marie, yes. Something similar happened with my dog when she was undergoing chemotherapy. She had gotten a horrible rash which I never would have noticed during routine grooming. I had noticed an odor, but had no idea where it came from. Once she was clipped, it was easier to find and treat her skin condition. She must have been horribly uncomfortable.

    You folks who are so down on coat-clipping should stop making sweeping judgements/generalizations. It’s not torture or cruelty when people love and take care of their pets. Clipping coats is not torture, even if the pet doesn’t exactly enjoy the process. One of my dogs loved being groomed, the other didn’t like it one bit. Especially being brushed and having her nails clipped. Keeping pets groomed is necessary for their health and comfort. Just because pets squirm or pout while having to be held onto for 5 second intervals doesn’t make it torture, mkay? Go nuff at those who own pets they don’t give two plucks about.

  154. katiedid says:

    Look people if you wanna drug up your cat and risk the side effects you go right ahead.. but my cat used to go crazy in the cat carriers and FREAK OUT.. and I mean that.. so as for me I will just hold the cat while someone else drives.. 😀

  155. Huh. I would not have guessed that Winston was that skinny.

  156. scooterpants says:

    one summer when it was incredibly hot we got out the shaver and shaved our long haired cat ‘Karl’.
    he actually LOVED it, the vibration from the shaver and the buzzing noise about put him to sleep and he was so proud after we were done! he looked so cool!he strutted around for days after!

  157. scooterpants says:

    oh, and winston is fab, with and without hair.
    gotta love a bald guy. 🙂

  158. @ Ender: Thanks for bringing me up to speed… 🙂

  159. Katrina says:

    Yup, skin condition. I’m so glad that his people can bring him some comfort-even if he has to change hair styles for a while. He’s still so cute! Love the laser eyes.

  160. HISSSSSSS says:

    “I just wanna get shaved….”?????? NOW PRANCE!!!

  161. I recognize both Winston and Rich from Pot Psychology! One of the best shows on the internetz.

  162. marie_n says:

    i’m glad my little beagle abbie has short fur. we bathe her quite frequently even though she’s an inside dog, but it’s hard to wash her head area, especially around her ears because she will freak out, so her head smells slightly like parmesan cheese. kinda gross. now that i’m thinking about it, she’s probably going to get a good scrubdown tonight. that, or i’m shaving her head.

  163. I hope they got that cut for free.

    Good video though. Winston is the BEST!

  164. I love that cat, stroke him once for me 🙂