Eat your heart out, Siegfried and Roy

Ahhhhhh yeah. This is an oldie but a goodie, People. It’s all explained in the video, just press play.

Thank you to the 3.2 Beeeellion people who sent this in. Most recently Rita S-V.



  1. BLEEN & Sniff!!!

  2. Anyone who says animals don’t feel love, loyalty, or don’t remember friends needs to watch this.

  3. moggyfan says:

    Oh. My.
    Just Oh. My.

  4. Okay, I CRIED. Tears are streaming down my face. Oh my goodness, that was so beautiful.

    I’m not that much of a wuss, I swear. * wibble *

  5. Well that was a total warm fuzzy. How am I going to uphold my reputation as a cold hearted bitch if I get all sentimental at two guys with Keith Partridge hair reunited with their pet lion?

  6. This is so beautiful.
    Every time I see this video, I cry 🙂

  7. tears of happiness, they are. and i don’t think i’ve ever cried those before. garwsh.

  8. Oh wow that made me cry!Is it real? Still, even if it was staged that lion is still the happiest cat I’ve seen today, and mine got a bowl of milk!

  9. Awwww! So cute! But if a lion rubbed his face all over mine I would be really, really allergic.

  10. I adore this video!
    But what is it with people adding terrible music to it? The other version I saw had ‘Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ by Aerosmith. It doesn’t NEED music to TELL us it’s beautiful and touching!

  11. Shannon says:

    It is SO HARD to watch a video thru tear soaked eyes!!! How have I never heard this story? Yeah, animals are unemotional completely instinctual creatures. I’m still crying this is so beautiful. The entire world could learn so much from just this video.


  12. Shannon says:

    And I’m going to try my darndest not to read any comments cause I just can’t have the nuffs harshing my high.

  13. binky-mama says:

    Made me cry too, although I was a little worried that he might, you know, love them to death? The “I-don’t-know-my-own-strength-George -can-I-tend-the-rabbits” kind of love. Whew.

  14. This is to cute.. He such a happy lion. But, one question remains.. They sold LIONS at Harrods!?! Really???

  15. ohgawdhaveatissueboohoo says:

    I gotta stop reading comments. Nothing puts me off more than reading about how people are crying over an video they hardly know anything about.

    *sigh* Guess thats why I like animals better than people. Less moronic.

  16. Wow. I actually cried. That was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

    I just love when the lion recognises them and is all like “OMG, you guys!” 😀

  17. Szilvia says:

    Oh make my cry the first thing I do in the morning, why dontcha!

    This reminded me of the story of Elsa in Born Free.

    I had that movie on tape as a child and would watch it over and over -even though I knew my tears would pour every time.

    I know these animals are wild at heart, it is still so beautiful to see the connection between human and animal.

    *watching the video again*

    Thanx for putting this up!

  18. starling says:

    *blows nose*

    That’s amazing.

  19. Darleenie says:

    I’m not crying! You’re crying! *sniff* Don’t look at me! *sniff sniff*

  20. makes me cry everytime 🙂

  21. Krystal says:

    OMG I NEED TISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!! That was awesome. Who’s got tissues!? I need em!

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the article, Joe.

  23. hon glad says:

    Astounding. Although when the titles came up I thought it was going to be an Ad for vodaphone -low smoothy voice “Vodaphone, touch someones heart today”

  24. Thanks for this vid! Glad to see Christian in full color. I first read about the three of them in a really old issue of Reader’s Digest–March 1972. Thank god my mom kept her old RDs or I wouldn’t have known their beautiful story.

  25. I didn’t believe this until I read the Daily Mail article – what a story!

    It brought back memories of how we treated animals in the 50s and 60s, when I was a kid. In England, circuses had “menageries” which you could walk round and often there were leopards or other wild cats in tiny cages (12 foot by 6?). I remember seeing one which spent all day walking forwards, flipping back, walking forwards, flipping back…

    We’ve come a long way since then – something good to think about (as well as this story, sniff!)

  26. The daily mail article mentions a book but I haven’t been able to find anything about that with Google. The article was written in 2007 so you’d think the book would be out by now…anyone know anything about it?

  27. Den dey went back next year, but he eated dem.

  28. I love this video.


    Those guys are really cute too.

    So much love.

  29. one minute i’m completely fine watching this video, eating a slice of pizza and the next, i’m a tear-soaked mess, crying into said slice of pizza. thanks cuteoverload. waaaaaaaaaah!!! love knows no bounds. though the music was cheesier than my pizza.

  30. OMG I am absolutely BAWLING. I love how incredibly happy everyone was – the people and the lions. Oh damn, here I go again… *sniff!*

  31. OMG that was AWESOME. Again, teared up! Cant… help… it….

    especially when the lion sees them and he’s like “is it… is it reall you??” and then whitney starts wailing “and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII….”

    lost it right there.

    thanks for posting!!!

  32. As absolutely lovely as this video/story is, something seems a bit off (and I’m not normally the one to be the party-pooping “SCEPTIC!” about these sorts of things). I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is a bit… hmm. It’s almost *too* perfect, y’know? But still; always wonderful to see a lion lick and snuggle the death out of 2 fully-grown men. 🙂

    (PS: was he really the head of a pride? I thought they were supposed to have ginormous manes and whatnot.)

  33. whaaaaaaaaaa………..


  34. Christine H says:

    That’s so sweet :). I had previously seen the version with the Aerosmith song, which I liked even better than this, but it’s a heartwarming video either way.

  35. I love this video. I have seen it quite a few times over the past few weeks. I too, sat here at work and C.R.I.E.D.
    Thank you for the link to the article!

  36. Dogbreath says:

    Hey, if you’re gonna add heartwrenchingly cheesy music, I think this video has it hands down over the Aerosmith version that somebody emailed me last week. It’s much better edited, it actually fits the music, and it’s longer, with footage of Christian the cub romping in the vicarage garden with his two human dads. Thanks Meg for posting this!

    Here again is the link to the Daily Mail story:

    The real story is even better than the video captions. They didn’t “search for hours”, Christian just magically showed up because he telepathically knew they were there. For real!!! I just love a true story, don’t you?

  37. Tissues, I need TIS-SUES.

    OMG, that is so beautiful.

  38. i was totally crying as i watched this. animals are the best people.

  39. BOOOORRRRNN FREEEEEEEEEE!!! As free as the wind blows…dah dah dah dah DAH…something something…

    I would like to mention how fortunate it was that Christian ended up with George Adamson. Although both George and Joy had tragic ends to their lives (both were murdered on separate occasions, about 10 years apart), the effort they put in to help rescued Lions was immeasurable and was completely worth while.

    Christian was a very Lucky Lion!!

  40. One of the most heartful and memorable things I have ever seen. So beautiful. Imagine all the animal lovers who die and go to heaven and see their fuzzy loved ones for the second time!

  41. Squirrel says:

    Oh my gosh – I am not a sentimental person, but I’m a little sniffly right now. Such perfect musical timing!

  42. Great start to the day–bawling my eyes out at my desk. Waaaaa!

  43. What a beautiful video.
    I was amazed when the female lion cuddled with them too!

  44. AWwwwww, OMG, crying my face off.

    That is the cutest, most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.


    I love lions. <3

  45. I have NO tear left. There are no words to describe the love shown here..

  46. It’s so funny, I actually thought about this video last night and was ready to look it up on YouTube today! Thanks for reading my mind CuteOverload! Now I have to go dry my tears…

  47. Awwww. Him’s just a great big kibby cat.

  48. Oh my LORD I just finished a bout of gentle weeping over the love in that video, and I think my daughter thinks I’m a little crazy now. But that’s okay. What a beautiful video!

  49. revolution724 says:


  50. They wrote a book about it, I once found it in a library – I had to return it …. “A lion named Christian” it was named. There were also funny scenes on the beach in england, early in the morning they went there to play with him and then later people came and wondered about the big pawprints in the sand ….

    The relation to Elsa is George Adamson, the older guy who appears at the end of this video. Sadly, both George and his wife Friederike (known as Joy) became the victims of murders.

    How long did they keep track of Christian in Africa? Did he have a long life? Life for a male lion can be quite a risk in highly-populated areas, constantly you have to defend yourself against others trying to break into your pride and defeat you. The miracle here is that he seemed to be able to integrate into a pride without the experience of having grown up in one ….

  51. The P Knows says:

    See, gay guys really do love pussy.

  52. The P Knows says:

    Okay. Ready now to be eaten alive. It was a joke people.

  53. Wow-that made me cry with joy! THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I’VE SEEN WITH ANIMALS. And he introduced his wife to them, too? How incredible is that?! Nice find and thank you for posting.

  54. I LOOOOOOVE THIS!!! *sob* Oh My… *sob*…must try to get back to my day *sob tear* wait… must watch again *sigh*

  55. I am definitely not crying.

    that said, i really thought one of those fellas was going to bite it when Christian first ran up to say hello.

    thankfully no, just some gigantic lion cuddles.

  56. I am an emotional mess missing my two beloved dogs alot lately, but this just shows me how strong a human bond to an animal really is. I am in hysterics hoping that I get to experience this sometime in my life as well. Ty for the share~!

  57. SOBBINK.

  58. Reminds me of that other lion kiss video

    lions seem pretty cool

  59. Ginny Howell says:

    Um, while it’s a heartwarming vid., I don’t buy that he’s head of a pride…his mane isn’t full, so he’s not fully mature. No way he’s the dominant male in the area.

  60. At first, I was worried those guys were gonna get nommed.

  61. omigoodness….this just became my favoritest thing EVAR.

  62. Here is a great article that gives a lot more info on it. The video is a little misleading. But still great:

  63. That was lovely

  64. I… I… I’ve got something in my eye

    *buries face into a wad of tissues*

  65. Dogbreath says:

    Ginny, see Ali’s post above with link to the Daily Mail story. He did become head of his pride, unlikely as that possibility seemed.

    And there is more to manelessness than meets the eye. Here’s a National Geographic study on the maneless male lions of Tsavo:

    It’s all stranger than fiction! (And more wonderful!)

  66. It’s a sweet video, but “Eat your heart out, Sigfried and Roy”?


  67. There’s nothing like starting the day with a big ole sob!! It’s beautiful.

  68. Wow…that version is alot more tear jerking than the other versions, all thanks to Whitney Houston.

  69. oh geez-now I look like a nutcase at working sniffling over animal videos

  70. Dogbreath, thank you, that was an interesting article!

  71. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    That was just… amazing. Hey, why are my eyes leaking?

  72. I’ve gotta say, he looks just like my cat when my husband gets home from work. There is the ginger approach, the curious “Is it really?”

    And then, the sudden realization that, yes, he’s right. It’s really him! And the cat goes running in leaps and bounds and jumps up into my husbands arms, and the cat has that same look of elation on his little face that Christian does.

    Granted, a lion is different from a cat but it made me cry. You can’t convince me that animals don’t feel love.

  73. Erebella says:

    Thank you, thank you for posting that! I’d never seen it before and it’s just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen! I sent the link to like every one of my co-workers. Wheeee!

  74. well – you got me :*( sob sob sob…

    I’m trying to pack here folks – stop with the sappy!

  75. Srsly guys, thanks for making me cry at work!!!


  76. starling says:

    Don’t treat a story in the Daily Mail as “proof”, please! They’re notorious for publishing rubbish! I’m not saying this story isn’t true, but don’t trust the Daily Wail, er, Mail blindly.

    Christian was taken off the boys’ hands by George Adamson, who took him to the Kora National Reserve. Rendall and Bourke visited Christian there a year after he was brought over. I think the reason that he doesn’t have a full mane and still has “baby” spots is that he wasn’t quite fully grown yet.

  77. Did you guys see how Christian was rubbing his face on them? Face rubbins = love.

    [Yeah but DAAAAMN — *lion*-size facerubs!?!! Yoicks – Ed.]

  78. ~Amanda~ says:

    ~Simply the SWEETEST!!~ Thanks!!!!!

  79. Yea, that story totally didn’t make me bawl. I just got something in my eye. Why are you looking at me like that?

  80. The reunion reminded me a bit of my kitty. He rubs his head against mine with great force when he’s really happy. Of course he’s only 15 pounds, but the resemblance is there. Such a sweet story.

  81. BeanSidhe says:

    My fiance’ is going to be annoyed. I just used up all the Kleenex in the house.
    Sometimes we just need something to make us feel like there is still some beauty and love in this big scary world. Props to the CO crew.
    Off to play with the cats now.

  82. And speaking of lions, the norweigan cubs are getting big so fast!

  83. Jennifer says:

    Who knew ABBA had a lion?

  84. Mary (the first) says:

    Add me to the list of people with tears running down their face at work. I had seen only a tiny bit of this before, absolutely love having the whole thing. Thank you Meg!!

  85. WendyLeigh says:

    You’re not alone…I’m at work too and I started to bawl just as the phone rang and out of habit I picked it up but I was so choked up I couldn’t speak so I just hung it back up! LOL I love this site…it has gotten me through some pretty rough days but this is the first time I’ve posted a comment. This video was the embodiment of everything I believe about my relationships with animals…they absolutely know what love is and do indeed reciprocate. Those naysayers out there who have never felt this type of bond with an animal are really to be pitied. How terribly sad for you. Thanks CO for everything you do and for the smiles you bring to all of us!

  86. LOL @ Jennifer. My friend T said the exact same thing!!!!

  87. tracyFlick says:

    “He even introduced them to his wife.”

    This is insane.

  88. “Cryyyying, oh-ver you!” Oh man, this is embarrassing – I’m at work and I’m pretty sure my mascara be runnings

  89. Wow…I’ve heard this story before but haven’t seen it with the early video. And the part where he introduces them to his wife! That’s so great!

    I’m so glad to see I wasn’t the only one who shed a tear over this… And here I thought I was being ridiculous, when in the comments section everybody’s blubbering.Pass the kleenex.

  90. This clip NEVER fails to make me weep.

    I had never seen the bit where he introduces his mate to them, though.

    Man. How were they able to leave him again after that? There’sno way I’d be able to.

  91. Oh wow – crying here! First time I’ve cried on CO. That was amazing…I can’t believe people still think animals are stupid. >.<

  92. Paunchie says:

    I totally cried over that!

    what a beautiful thing!

  93. If it weren’t for the strength of the images and story that thing would be totally RUINED by that goddamn CRAP-ASS OVERPLAYED FINGERNAILS ON THE CHALKBOARD Whitney song.

    Of all the choices they had to pick THAT? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    And yes, again, it’s awesome material even if spoiled partially by a knucklehead editor.

  94. Beautiful 🙂

  95. Allie Catt says:

    (i agree about the song, but i just lowered the volume.)

    *sniffle* This just made my day! i’m going to share it with everyone i know!!

  96. add me to the bawlingks crowd…

  97. Dave – it’s better with Aerosmith’s Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, but the video does not contain the soccer in the park scenes or the extended meet the wife scenes…

  98. wagthedogma says:

    LOL @ Dave. Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky that it wasn’t Celine Dion shrieking her way through “My Heart Will Go On” (and on and on and on AND ON) instead. 😉

  99. Balamuthia says:

    Very nice, very nice.

  100. scooterpants says:

    sittin in cubicle, huge lump in throat, trying not to cry hysterically and hoping no one comes up to talk to me because i’ll loose it completely.
    and how wonderful that a co-worker that no longer works here with me, e-mailed me and told me about this COL post.
    (; weeping a lil now…

  101. That’s the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. Thank you!

  102. It’s a good thing that this was followed by a Winston video! Otherwise, I might’ve been tempted to watch it half-a-dozen times!

  103. Dave and Wag — double LOL

    (and be thankful I don’t plant an earworm of my own, here… you know, maybe a John Denver selection, or possibly The Carpenters… or Maroon 5… Snoop Dogg… that one NIИ track that everybody knows even though it had to get bleeped for airplay…)

  104. Catsquatch says:


    For the very first time, something at CO made me actually cry.

    When the lion comes over the hill and first sees them, and starts walking toward them, thinking “Who is that?”, then he gets close enough to recognize them and literally BOUNDS with joy to greet them…
    Thats when I started crying.
    Then, to my complete astonishment, a WILD lioness joins him, and allows them to TOUCH her!
    I am simply amazed.
    May providence bless those people for what they did, for the love they gave, and for the freedom they provided for that lion.
    Amazing, just amazing…..

  105. Catsquatch — better not go see WALL-E, then. Heh.

  106. This was new to me and I am so grateful to those who posted it and the story links.

    It made my day much sunnier.

    Thank you so much – not crying:just dust in my eye!

  107. snicker says:

    am i the only one who thought this was gonna be one of those dark humor clips where the grinning dudes great their old pal with eager anticipation and he walks up and munches their faces off? i was nervous the whole time i watched! that bit aside, it was quite sweet.

  108. Hhhhh. And now I’m complete.
    Thank you, CO.

  109. saucy bernaise says:

    I have been reduced to a blubbering pile of tears and snot. [Clean-up on aisle seven]. I didn’t even notice the squalling, over-the-top, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard voice of Whitney until 3/4ths of the way through the video.

  110. wagthedogma says:

    Teho, you mean like this?

    “Why do birds fall down from the sky;
    Every time (dah dah) you walk by?”

    Oh no, wait…that’s not how it goes…

    [Funny, that’s the way I sing it too. “Why do stars, suddenly appear, when my eyes, meet your rear…” – Ed.]

  111. OK Cute Overload, STOP IT!!! I really should not be crying at work. It looks bad.

  112. saucy bernaise says:

    I have been reduced to a blubbering pile of tears and snot. [Clean-up on aisle seven]. I didn’t even notice the squalling, over-the-top, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard voice of Whitney until 3/4ths of the way through the video.

  113. BeanSidhe says:

    Wag… Make sure it’s the extra-creepy Jills-In-The-Box version from “Mirrormask”.

  114. Wag – that’s quite the morose version of that song!!!! hahahaha

  115. a biologist, but not an animal biologist says:

    i’m thinking that he could very well become a pride’s male. what i remember from my brief time learning about lions in an ecology class is that males just have to be bigger than the other males around and able to subdue the females of the pride (and probably do a little fighting off of other males as well).

    being a kept lion, he probably grew to a larger size than most of the wild-born ones, due to excellent nutrition early in life.

    also, what a sweet sweet vid.

  116. i only have one word to say.. AWESOME!!!

    and yes i cried too!

  117. Khadija says:

    i’m crying now. this is seriously beautiful. espesh the music at 1:05!!!
    so sweet and beautiful!! thank you

  118. Yeap, I cried too. So how many people have cried now? Wow…

  119. wagthedogma says:

    Ed.! You funny man! 😀

    [ – Ed.]

  120. Michele says:

    Heaven bless you for posting this. The world is so full of bad news and violence…this video is a priceless blessing.

  121. katerpie says:

    Anyone on time three watching this??

    *raises hand*

  122. Just 3??

  123. The Other One Michelle says:

    I can’t see the video at work and I no longer have home internet. Now I’m sad because this has been a horrible day and I need an update on the qte. Please post a cute puppy or kitty picture stat! 🙂

  124. Other Michelle — the link to the Daily Mail article shows up twice in the comments; just scroll up. That should get you started.

  125. I cried. wtf.

  126. I was perfectly high spirited and then when the lion started hugging them I burst into tears, WTF

  127. I love the way his ‘little’ head butts almost knock them over. And the way he pulls at them with one paw–he’s all, “Hold me close, you fool!” Yes, I cried.

  128. My heart has been warmed… :’) :’) :’) Glad to see I’m not the only one who cried like a baby.

  129. bookmonstercats says:

    All the happiness, it made me cry (what?). I don’t care.

  130. GROUP PUDDLE. Add me to it.

    I thought the guys were cute (and I’m not gay or male) and I LIKE the song.

    But the LIONS. THE LIONS!!!


  131. Those aren’t tears! I just had… uh, something in my eye!

  132. jmuhj speaks English? Who knew?

    [Now now. I think we’ve picked on Jmuhj enough, and I mean me too. – Ed.]

  133. The Other One Michelle says:

    Is it just me moronic ways, but is there no link to the post on the Daily Mail above? I went to the Daily Mail but couldn’t find anything. Help me, help me I beg! I want to cry over some cuties, too!

  134. I’m just glad I’m pregnant and can totally get away with crying at my desk!!! 🙂

  135. I love that the lion was waiting for them when they got there <3
    I love animals, you can just see how happy they and the lion are. what a wonderful story
    (and yes, I’m crying ^_^ )

  136. Barbara says:

    Thank God I didn’t watch this at work because I am crying my eyes out…I’d never seen that before and that is the greatest thing ever. I even like the song with it.

    *deep breath*

  137. I will say that the original version of the song is quite moving.

    And I will say that I am a wreck. A BLUBBERING WRECK.

  138. In the *comments*, Other Michelle, not in the post itself… here it is again:

  139. Noelegy says:

    Too sweet! Although I have to admit some trepidation, because I saw “The Happening” (don’t waste your money) last weekend and there’s a scene with lions that…well, I’m glad this video was so happy.

  140. Kaffiene says:

    Great. I’m in the middle of a Starbucks bawling my eyes out.

    Damned Wifi service.

    *waaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA *

  141. The Other One Michelle says:

    OMG. I found it. Wow. I love animals.

  142. aw i’d seen this before. It’s so touching! could’ve done without the awful song though

  143. A) Add me to the Team Crying-at-My-Desk-at-Work roster!

    B) Those dudes aren’t gay, they’re MOD, lol! (One of them mentions his “then-girlfriend” in the Daily Mail article.)

  144. My voice teacher was telling me about this the other day. She couldn’t even describe it with out crying!

    And wtf was a department store doing selling a lion cub?!

  145. I wondered about that too, Anner.

  146. happypiano says:


    unfortunately, some people aren’t even that warm when you see them after a long time. this is why sometimes, i think animals > humans.

  147. Hon Glad says:

    Come come, you Muricans. I can see I am going to have to send over some British stiff upper lips. Pull yourselves together.

  148. Barbara says:

    …cannot stop watching video…

    …blubbering mess…

  149. I can’t remember what store it is, but one of the high class stores that I can’t even afford to walk in has a Book that you can order multi-million dollar and off the wall items in… I want to say it’s Neiman Marcus, but I might be wrong. I’ll have to google it… In any event, it would not surprise me to see a Lion Cub in it… even now, 30 some years after this event.

  150. You lie, Hon Glad. I can see the pile of tissues from HERE.

  151. Michelle says:

    Reminds me of the story of Shirley and Jenny at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.

    Watch them in order: Part 1:

    Part 2:

  152. Wombats says:

    Group hug! **Sob & Cry**

    Christian was so happies to see his dads!

  153. Hon Glad says:

    OK Theo, I’ll admit to a slight prickling of the eyeballs. But I did not pipe mine eye.

  154. Then what are all those…? …you know, never mind.

  155. Ugh, that SONG! Cute story, but…that SONG! Gag me! Or ear-plug me!

  156. Glad to see I wasn’t the only crier in the bunch. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still was a sucker for it…wife and all.

  157. P.S. I was correct on NM. Wiki has a list of their more memorable items. I (fortunately) do not see any live animals on it, but they may not want to be broadcasting that info anyway…

  158. Snuggle facial!!!!!!!!!! Never ending love!!!

  159. *Why* was Harrod’s allowed to sell a lion cub? *That* is also worth weeping over…

  160. Plaudertasche says:

    I don’t believe 1 bit of it.
    Sorry, get real…look at it…intro to wive?! Anybody who knows a bit about wild animals, knows animal just don’t behave like this! Sorry, I think it’s a hoax and the footage is of lions which live somewhere where they are in touch with humans all the time. I am not saying lions don’t feel !!! Of course they do!! ALSO look at the guys standing there and waiting to be greeted and recognized by the now 1/2 wild lion…so unreal. It is a cute story line, and the pictures are great, but get real and get teary eyes about reality!

  161. solveig says:

    I’m just crying too. Tears and tears. So beautiful.

  162. I’m thinking “Plaudertasche” must mean “anus goatee” in Dutch.

  163. Shoot, I was going for “Balderdash” but I think “anus goatee” covers it nicely.

  164. Oh the joke possibilities, how they do multiply…

  165. Michelle says:

    Plaudertasche, there have been several documented cases where animals remembered their keepers and friends many years after being separated and greeted them with heartfelt and emotional enthusiasm. What’s so hard to believe? You may look down on those of us that are moved by this footage, but it’s my opinion that your sour, skeptical perspective makes you look closed-minded and jaded, not rational and grounded. Humans are not the only beings on this speck of dust we call Earth. And we’re certainly not the first or only creatures to feel and display the depth of sentiment evident in this video.

    You have presented zero evidence this is fake other than your silly “look at” comments and condescending remarks. Take some of your own advice and get a reality check. Educate yourself and open your mind.

    [Start here: – Ed.]

  166. bubbyscranky says:

    I just knew a doubter would show up sooner or later. Keep in mind this happened almost forty years ago. If it was a hoax, I’m thinking it would have been exposed by now. Just enjoy this wonderful story, and cry with the rest of us. 🙂

  167. Michelle says:

    anus goatee


  168. BTW, I think you’ve earned the right to use “Original Michelle” by now.

  169. katerpie says:

    *adds ‘anus goatee’ to list of insults to use before I die*

  170. claudia says:

    TRIPPY! that was really cool to watch.

  171. chanpon says:

    Of course Christian recognized them – they all had the same hairdo. [snark snark]

    Seriously though, that was one of the sweetest things ever. If I have to listen to that screeching Whitney song, this is the only way to go.

  172. PS — I looked it up, and it’s more like “baard van anussen”, which is a little disappointing. “Plaudertasche” actually means something like “chatting ashes” in German.

  173. 1. I cwied at the joyous weeunion until…

    2. my doubting-thomas neurons fired at the sight of ole George hobbling along, thinking, oh, oh, camera op.

    3. I watched it again, and saw the expressions of joy on all mammals present, and chose to suppress said neurons.

    4. Upon reading the article from the comments link, said neurons were thoroughly spanked and sent to bed without the raspberries and cream the other brain cells were getting.

    5. Gotted more Kleenex, watched it again.

    sniffles and awooooos but in a good way, and e-mailed all my friendlies with a ‘how’s it going, eh?’ wivout letting on that tears bedewed the ‘Send’ key.

    Will watch it again.

  174. Yup.
    Cwied again.

  175. Sigh. ALL my neurons want an ‘it’ll be OK’ pa-sickie.

    And a funny-cyute pic, please.

    Shall go stare at the Cheerios-on-bun-ears pic until the pa-sickie and/or a new CO pic comes out of the screen.

  176. Oh my god, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! Not crying! Definitely not!

  177. Okay, peeps! To get the full and complete story – watch the movie, a documentarey. It is posted as nine slightly-under-ten-minute pieces on You Tube. It is called “Christian the Lion” with parts 1 – 9. The video we see here is a small portion of it. It will answer all your questions/concerns.

    Male lions don’t get a full mane until larger, bigger, more mature. Christian was something like under two years old when this was filmed. He *was* the lesser of two males in his pride until the bigger older dominant male lion was killed. Then he took over the pride.

    The man and woman that walk into the furniture store and help the two young men figure out how to rehabilitate the lion back to the African wild are wto of the people who helped make or were in the movie “Born Free”, and were likely responsible for this second film in some manner (I’m guessing).

    Here are the links for all nine oarts on You Tube (corsses fingers that they will all post):

    The film documents Christian’s time from London through his entire year in Africa, ending with the tender reunion with his original owners.

    He didn’t “somehow appear” when they showed up. He lived in a remote aarea in Kenya where the rehabilitator, George, lived and had created the pride for Christain from multiple ex-pets and orphaned wild lions.

    You will truly be amazed at his skill and how the “wild” female lions come to love George as well after seeing the two males very affectionate with him.


  178. wwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… wwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  179. Thanks for posting this. Never saw the beginning part where they were running around with him. The reunion brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

  180. Stephanie S. says:

    omg I had to stop it I’m going to cry!

  181. I’m so glad that I’m not the only person here who is bawling like a baby!

    Isn’t it just amazing how much love and friendship transcends EVERYTHING?

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    *grabs tissue box before floods of tears begin again*

  182. as for all the pride-doubters there, i think i read somewhere that a study showed females actually prefer young healthy lions, too young for the full ruff we all think of as so manly. sorry i don’t remember the artticle or have a link. 8(

  183. i wuf kitties! of all shapes & sizes.
    This is lovely, thanks CO!

  184. If this one brought just the teeniest of tears to your eyes, please consider making a small donation to It’s a reputable big cat rescue organization located in Tennessee. You can “adopt” your very own Christian!

  185. Yeah.. i totally sobbed. glad I’m not the only one. This is just amazing 🙂

  186. snorglepup says:

    Interspecies snorgling at its best. *sniff*

  187. Charlotte says:

    ohgawdhaveatissueboohoo: Omg, you’re so cool for pointing out everyone else in this entry is being dumb. Like, so, so cool!! You must be some kind of internet hero, thank god you were here!

    That being said…

    What a sweet story. The article is especially amazing. It was very responsible of them to release him into the wild. 🙂

  188. I wish I’d get that kind of reaction when I come home.

    I come home bearing groceries and a new catnip plant and no one even bothers to get up. They may wake up and raise their head but that’s it.

  189. Daphne Moss says:

    It was purely wonderful and yes, I cried. You can’t fake what we were seeing…those lions loved those people, although who could blame them for not??

    Glad so many people here love them back. That’s why I visit here. ;-D

  190. omg, that is so beautiful!

  191. gravyboat says:

    Oh lordy, I actually shed tears.

  192. The entire documentary- Christian the Lion- these clips were taken from is on YouTube, as sadly, the original movie they made to fund sending Christian back to Africa is out of print. It’s pretty long (about 10 sections) but definitely worth watching, especially to watch George Adamson’s amazing work with these beautiful and magnificent animals. What’s so great is that they filmed everything from the moment they met to the return visit to Africa.
    Sorry doubters, the whole story is completely true. (3 & 4 are my favorite parts)

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    I assume you can find the other parts on your own. 🙂

  193. SuperLayne says:

    I expected them to get eaten, or something.

  194. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, a Plaudertasche is a chatterbox. Asche are ashes but a Tasche is a pocket, or a bag or other small container-y type thing. Whatever you were using just broke the word in the wrong place. Just, you know, clarifying. And putting my German to good use. 🙂

  195. browngrl says:

    why do I bother watching clips like this wearing regular mascara instead of the waterproof kind…anyway now I look like a clown because I have been sobbing and my makeup is all messed up..AND my cat is all emo because he just got commando cuddled

  196. The music – actually, the words – make a difference. I watched this the first time at work, without sound, and was not strongly affected. Just watched it again at home, WITH. Wow, what a difference! The words bring it all home – you KNOW it’s what Ace and John wanted for Christian.

    I hope it’s what he found, with a good pride and lots of lionesses and cubs.

    It’s been a long time, and I’m sure Christian is at the Bridge (if it exists), waiting for his best friends.

  197. I sent this to my mom at work and she told me it made her all misty. And then she said she forwarded it to a co-worker, who later came up to her cubicle with her face streaked with tears!

  198. JinxtheCat says:


  199. Someone mentioned this being staged. I read a book written by these men over 25 years ago. This really happened. I remember they lived in a flat above their store which was a furniture store, and Christian had the run of it until he got too big.

  200. That’s so my kitty’s reaction when I get home. She sleeps upstairs all day, and when I walk in the door and she hears my voice, there’s loud, frantic, “MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!” and then many kisses on my face. 🙂

  201. bubbyscranky says:

    I hate to think what would have happened to Christian if someone else had bought him.

  202. claudia says:

    ZING! that was the third, chanpon lol!

    (I am keeping a tally of chanpon zingers that crack me up, lol)

    I also emailed this out… and damn if I didn’t get a message when I got hom “Thanks alot Claude, you got me crying my eyes out here!”

    No.. Thank those dudes, and their love for the wild that was in that lion.

  203. mom2twinzz says:

    I’m not crying *sniff* I got a head cold and something in my eyes. I swear…. *sniff* *grabs tissue* *blows* I SWEAR!
    *turns away and wails*

    (my kids both said the same thing)

  204. Sigh, cute overload has NEVER made me cry before. Ever. So thanks for shooting down my macho self image with this video. I need to go eat some ice cream and call my mother now.

  205. gravyboat says:

    Three views later I’m STILL having eye leakage. If it wasn’t for that god-awful Whitney Houston song I’d put the video on repeat.

  206. gravyboat says:


    [Um, 40 *YEARS* ago, GravyBoat… – Ed.]

    i feel a little better now

    i will watch the winston video

  207. You must watch all of the episodes on youtube!

    THERE ARE (9) PARTS!!!

    It is such a great story! Just search “Christian the Lion Part 1” And you can follow the entire story

    …someone may have already said this

  208. hon glad says:

    I occaisionally shop in Harrods, usually sale time. They certainly don’t sell wild animals infact I don’t think they sell anything live. Just posh pet beds collars and dumb animal clothes.

  209. The look of disbelief and pure excitement on Christian’s face, coupled with grin of intense joy on the blonde guy’s face…ah shit I’m crying again! I tried to describe this to my mom and I had to choke back tears, which was highly embarrassing.

    And I (guiltily) think this song works perfectly. Come on haters, this song is obviously cheesier than cheese… but I kinda feel like it was made for this moment. Maybe it’s just my psychotic love for big cats talking here.

  210. This is the first time I’ve ever SOBBED (tears of pure happiness) from watching a movie EVER. Thank you.

  211. Sorry, I didn’t cry but laughed. I’ve read the story behind Christian’s upbringing. He was raised by two well off men in a very posh part of England. He would often ride around in the back of a Bentley and dine in restaurants.

    So, seeing him bound up to the men in the reunion I couldn’t help but think of him saying, “Oh, thank God. You two have finally come to get me. This place sucks. It’s hot all the time, you have to sleep on the dirt and you have to hunt your own food. Have you ever had zebra before? Don’t. It’s nasty. You have no idea how much I’ve been craving an Angus porterhouse. Wow, it’s going to feel good to be able to sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets once more. And to ride around in our beautiful Bentley as well. So, when are we going home? Gentlemen? Hey, where are you going? HEY! HEY!!!!”

  212. i’d love to encourage everyone to go over to the website for the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Pointe, IN.

    Nearly 200 rescued exotic felines (9 different species, including dozens of lions) are cared for at this non-profit rescue center.

    I’ve volunteered there before, and it’s an amazing sight to see. Truly marvelous, ethical care.

    please make a dontation if you can!

  213. Naww this is so sweet, even got a bit teary! His rescue was probably the best thing for him too, as maneless lions have a tedency to deliberatly hunt humans..possibly a genetic thing. The intervention by these people may have been the thing that made him go against those instincts when he was reintroduced to the wild.

  214. FYI you have to search seperately for part 8 for some reason. It is there.

  215. hon glad says:

    Mekki: I like your angle on things. Did you bring the conditioner, look at the state of my fur, as for my wife she’s so common you shoud see the way she rips appart a wildebeest, no finesse at all.

  216. Oh I’ve seen this before and it always just touches me. So sweet that the lion remembered them. I hope it lived a very long and wonderful life in the wild.

  217. SarahMoon says:

    BAWLING over here.
    it’s theway the lion is so completely overjoyed to see them that makes it…bwahahahahahhaarghhh*snuffle*

  218. Bawling over here too. I think there must be another ocean forming on this planet from all the tears we have shed here on cuteoverload. SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! 😀

  219. So beautiful, and touching 🙂

  220. yethica says:

    Holy crap. Way to make me sob after I’ve only been in the office for 30 minutes. Good thing no one is in here yet. Oy.

  221. Mekki! LOL!

    (“On the plus side, though — BABES!”)

  222. Abigail says:

    Folks keep commenting that Christian didn’t have a mane yet. Guys, he’s still a youngster in the video, only, what, two? Three? That little bit of ruff is like a teenager’s beard stubble. He probably had a big, glorious, flowing mane (just like his daddies) when he was older and had been a grownup for a few more years.

  223. awesome says:

    Teared up too….

    Mekki–love your take. Hilarious!

  224. I cried, then I showed it to my kids and they cried, then I showed it to my husband and he cried.
    Yup, it’s beautiful.
    You’d have to be made of stone to not be touched.

  225. I love this video! I would have commented yesterday, but I had to stop crying first! 🙂

    It’s just really moving, I even sent it to someone who I was once best friends with and it’s helped open a small line of communication.

    And buying a lion at Harrods?! I believe it. You could get away with quite a bit in the 50s and 60s. Keep in mind this is a time where at Zoos, animals were kept in small metal cages and all pianos had keys made of real ivory.

  226. I don’t know about lions at Harrod’s, but I was in college in the 60’s in St. Louis and one of my roommates bought a kitten in the pet department at a nearby department store. He was a very sick kitty so she took him back ( ! ) and they gave her a full refund. I wonder what happened to him after that? That said, I cried too but then laughed at Mekki’s take on the reunion. Nothing like starting one’s day with a roller-coaster ride!

  227. Wow. My husband showed this video to me last night, and the whiney Whitney song and the sickening sweetness of it made me think it was a joke and the lion was going to attack the guys. I expected to see ripped off arms or something. I held my breath waiting for the bloodshed.
    I was completely shocked to see it was just plain sweet and touching. I wanted to cry because I realized that I have become a cynnical, jaded bitch.
    Thanks for the eyeopener CO, I will try to keep a little cuteness in everyday from now on!


  228. Dogbreath says:

    Willow, I agree with you about the song. I had that song drummed into my head so much when I worked in a store that piped in the “easy-listening” radio station that after I left I thought that if I ever had to hear it one more time I’d vomit. But it really works so perfectly with this video that I didn’t vomit once. Nope, I just cried tears of empathy and happiness, like everybody else.

    In the movie (thanks so much Dayla, Mimi and Kimski for steering us there!) you can see how when Christian was smaller he would actually leap up into the blond guy’s arms and cling to him for their big ol’ hug. Lions are so affectionate!

  229. Kathleen says:

    Ah, how sweet!

  230. marishka says:

    I lost my best buddy, my 15-year old cat, Smokey, on July 1st, and when I came into work yesterday, I knew, just KNEW that I shouldn’t watch this video when it came up on CO. I had seen it before in a different iteration. But when that Whitney song started up…I had to turn it off before she hit the big notes because I was about to become a puddle of tears on my office floor. The cheesiness combined with the emotion of Christian and his guys just slays! When I sobered up, I sent this link out to everyone who knew Smokey in memory of him and the love we share with our animals. A perfect tribute!

    And, mekki, thank you for the tremendous laughs your line-reading gave this morning. I completely agree and would feel the same way!

  231. Paunchie says:

    but who is the older dude who shows up la dee da with no shirt on?? All sunburned?

  232. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely amazing! Watching this, & knowing how well most of the Vick dogs have been rehabilitated, it’s clear that animals are much deeper than people have always assumed. I know that’s still a wild animal, but the fact that he still remembers those people & shows no aggression towards them – but instead shows affection – refutes so much “common knowledge” that we’ve been taught…

  233. marishka says:

    Paunchie: That is George Adamson, of Born Free fame, the wildlife rehabilitator. I’ve yet to see him in picture with his shirt on : ) I guess it’s hot in Africa?

  234. The Tear Factory is back in full production. Endearing to no end. I just love it so much.

  235. Paunchie says:

    It’s hot in Africa? Who knew! ha ha.

  236. wagthedogma says:

    They used to do all kinds of stupid crap with animals back in the day. When I was a kid, they sold parakeets at my local Woolworth’s. They used to get loose and fly around the store pooping on everyone’s heads. Heh. Good times.

  237. Paunchie, that is George Adamson, a famous wildlife rehabilitator in Kenya. He and his wife Joy were the first ones to successfully rehabilitate a lioness, Elsa. Their story became the book and movie “Born Free.” He was murdered by poachers in 1989. He was an incredible man–definitely read more about him and his amazing work with animals in Africa, including Christian!

  238. plaudertasche says:

    I am not doubting that lions have feelings! NO doubt about it!
    Something just really doesn’t add up: the lion introducing the guys to his wife-lion and she it totally tame as well? Sorry, that must trigger a “Mmmmh?!” in anybody logical thinking. But I wont spoil the party, you make yourself feel good as much as you want. It’s human nature. Watch the video with a punk rock song, and you will have a complete different experience. How come?!
    All I am saying is, we all need to use our critical thinking ability much more in every days life.
    Nope, I am not sour or bitter at all! I can’t believe my luck to walk this earth with my closest friends…animals. Humans are sometimes hard to love.. for many reasons 🙂
    Plaudertasche…yes, that is German, and well done with the translation “Chatterbag” . Chatter on you beautiful people !! :)) PeS!

  239. Man… All the youtube vids telling the whole story have been removed. BWAAAA! I wanted to watch them! At least I, like everyone else, got a little misty watching this. What a warm and fuzzy thing 🙂

  240. Plauder: If you read more about the meeting shown in the video, you’ll find out that in fact the lionesses were incredibly upset about the “visitors” and were growling and huffing. They held off because of Christian, but even George Adamson encouraged them all to move the reunion back to his base camp, which is where you see them walking off with Christian at the end of the vid. So maybe that ONE lioness came over, but the wording on the vid is a little sentimental and hyperbolic. Still–Christian’s influence and behavior clearly changed the natural behavior of a grown lioness!

  241. Since nobody else commented on Michelle’s comment from awhile back, I’ll post it here again.
    “Reminds me of the story of Shirley and Jenny at the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.
    Watch them in order: Part 1:

    Part 2:

    These are awesome videos too!
    Made me cry even MORE than Christian’s.

  242. If you’d like to help the Born Free Foundation, and watch the whole documentary, you can buy it (from England) at this website:

    All proceeds go to help wild animals stay in the wild.

  243. Shadrach says:

    Dammit, someone should have been eaten in the end, very disappointed

  244. Dayna — I just tried, but their “Verified by Visa” told me that the bank had declined my card. (which works OK in the USA)

  245. Shadrach — you’re volunteering?

  246. Paunchie says:

    George was shot by poachers?!

    how tragic. Good man.

  247. DAMN IT!!!
    So, I stopped watching the video after 12 times so I
    could stop crying. Now,if
    I even think about the video, I start tearing up. Maybe I should see a therapist. Sobbing — sobbing! — at a video?
    Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe I’m just human.

  248. plaudertasche;

    How about you just let people enjoy the damned video instead of pointing out everything *you* find ‘fishy’? Critical thinking need not apply in this particular instance.

  249. Dogbreath says:

    Oh no oh no! “This video has been removed by user”! Dang it! I only got up to part 7 last night, was going to watch the rest of it today! Waah!

  250. When did this site become the parking space of blubbering fools? Crying? get a freaking grip people.

    Man, thats irritating. Good clip… if not for the emotionally crippled people’s comments on CO.

  251. plaudertasche says:

    Hi Vampy!
    What keeps them from enjoying it? My words, AM I that powerful?! Wow…must use power more often I guess.
    Get a cup a blood and chill Vampy.

  252. ‘ugh’: the user name sez it all.

    Lie down on the couch: : so, ugh, you feeeeeeel that people responding to an emotional episode are the ’emotional crippled’ ones? And yet you actively seek out their comments?

    No puddin for winge-ers!

  253. A cup of blood? Very original. Never heard anyone try to insult me like that before.

    Operative word being try.

    Dude, it’s a website dedicated to cute stuff. This is a touching video that causes a welling of emotion in most people. You seem to be the only one who wants to pontificate as to the ‘logic’ of the video, advising everyone to apply critical thinking as if this were some major event being filtered through the bias of Fox News. And frankly, it’s not exactly any business of yours, or ‘ugh’s’ as to when and where and what people get teary eyed over.

    And ugh?….shush now. There’s help for people like you. It’s called therapy. Try it, it’s not that scary.

  254. MoonCatty says:

    So mature lionesses prefer the young healthy male lions, with just the beginnings of mane growth, over the older male lions.

    Does that mean those lionesses are cougars?

  255. Rooanne says:

    Someone posted a link to this story a few weeks ago; I spent a long time looking at all the videos. Now I’m obsessed again! Thanks a LOT.

    Seriously, I think this may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or heard of. Ever.

    I love when the wife comes up, and he’s like, wife, meet my humnans.

  256. Redbone says:

    Aw, man. *sniff* That’s just great. What a great reunion.

  257. zerosmom says:

    Yes I sniffed and boohooed at the video but then I laughed at mooncattys comment… I guess it depends on how much older the lioness is than the lion…

  258. John Thien says:

    This is lovely. Can’t wait for the video showing one of them getting mauled.

  259. claudia says:

    gee. Cynic much?

  260. artygirl says:

    I’ve been watching it over and over….. So amazing!

  261. Wow, you really could find anything at Harrod’s. (An early script for MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL had them searching there.)

    Amazing story, really it is. It’s so neat that Christian retained his affection for them without being hampered at all in the wild- that he was able to be “wild” and “tame” all at once.

  262. hon glad says:

    Harrods moto was or is
    ” Everything for Anybody Anywhere”
    I am going there tomorrow, I will try to check out the pet department.
    By the way the Shirley and Jenny Elephant story is deeply affecting, there is the “Dumbo’s Mom” moment when they meet.

  263. tortietat says:

    On the George Adamson website there is a picture of George and Christian when the cat is older and he has a gorgeous full mane.

  264. Dammit, every time I watch that video I wind up crying. *sniffle*

  265. Back inthe day, you could buy anythin ANYwhere~there’s a place in North Carolina called Monkey Junction. Back in the 5os/60s when my mom was young, there was a gas station there that actually had a monkey. Hence Monkey Junction.

    And in New Jersey, there was a gas station that had a tiger~caged, not as friendly as Christian~but a tiger nonetheless.

    The video doesn’t truly portray the story, but if you watch the video AND read the real story, it’s still incredibly touching.

  266. cockatoo says:

    I can attest to the ability of some animals to remember their people. Years ago I owned a scarlet macaw who had been dreadfully abused by her previous owners. She was initially a vicious biter, but because I supplied her with all kinds of healthy food that she’d never had before, she bonded very strongly to me and became my best pal, though she hated other humans. Eventually she began laying eggs, which indicated that she needed a real mate. That meant she couldn’t live with me any more, otherwise she wouldn’t bond to her bird mate, so I sent her to live with a friend who had an unattached male. I never went to visit her for fear that I’d interfere with the bonding process.

    Two years later they had produced no chicks and I was moving, so we decided to try other mates for our birds and I went to pick her up. She had bitten her new owners savagely many times over those two years, but the minute she saw me, she started making a weird high pitched whine, and came running over and climbed right up my jeans to her old spot on my left arm and snuggled into my chest. It was like I had never left her.

    I miss her dreadfully – she died when she was only about 30 due to the deprived diet she had suffered under for so long. The saddest thing is, my husband now owns a scarlet, also named Sam, and I just can’t seem to make a relationship with her, because she’s not MY Sam. *sniff*

  267. I actually own the whole documentary about Christian the lion. I found it in one of those dollar DVD bins at a cheesy discount store (you know, the kind that sells swords, DVD’s, and fireworks). The sound and picture quality in the DVD are horrible–but it’s an amazing story and I can attest that it’s true!

    I cried too!

  268. ya i just recently saw that its so legit, i kinda wish i had a lion friend!

  269. Christi A says:

    Uh! My heart is sooo full of greatfullnes to have been able to view this video!Thank you thank you!

  270. tuckeverlasting says:

    *tear* I love stories like these, so very touching, but makes my heart feel light and content 🙂

    I have to admit I was afraid the lion might get too excited and accidently scratch them, but I quess they are used to that, afterall they raised him up.

  271. I now have a major Whitney earworm.

  272. Katrina says:

    Kimski- I empathize about the earworm. Today is July 4th and there are some great Sousa marches that you can use to purge that earworm!
    Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

  273. MAUREEN says:


  274. My eyes iz leaking too. Dis video iz bad for the environment coz of all the soggy tissues we be using up. Sniff.

  275. my husband (who was warned not to cry at work) said he DIDN’T–until he read this story: which is probably the daily mail article everyone is talking about. i liked how they said there was a psychic connection-that’s why Chrittian showed up in the park area before they got there-he knew they were coming! and how he smacked his beeatches around for not liking his frolicking with his boy pals. what a good lion! THAT is what heaven is–we’ll be mauled with love by our pets who went before and by all the big animals that haven’t been able to maul us with love because know, the f—d up way the world works. you know. yay lion love!!

  276. That is freakin’ amazing… I cried.

  277. They sold LIONS in Harrods???

  278. Dogbreath says:

    Here’s a photo of George Adamson with Christian, all growed up and with a magnificent mane:

  279. Thanks for the link, Dogbreath. Boy was also a gorgeous lion, wasn’t he? It must have broken Adamson’s heart to have to shoot and kill him.

  280. And cockatoo: I know my cat–who stayed with my parents when I moved out of state–always remembered me, even though I’d go as long as three years between visits. She’d run and hide from strangers, but always came right up to me. On one visit, within minutes of my arrival, she initiated the little game that we’d always played, which she never played with anyone else.

  281. I’m pleased and impressed with how FEW nuff posts this video has inspired (you just KNEW there were going to be SOME, right?), and truly tickled that it actually made my TOTALLY unsentimental honey get all misty. Oh, he denies it, of course, but I heard the catch in his voice and saw the back of his hand swipe across his eyes…

  282. Pooteymom says:

    According to Wiki:

    Christian was a lion purchased in 1969 by two Australians living in London, John Rendall and Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke (sometimes erroneously cited as Ace Berg) — from Harrods department store.

    Rendall, his girlfriend Jennifer Mary, Bourke and Unity Jones cared for the lion as it grew too large to remain their pet. After meeting Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, who starred in the film Born Free, Rendall and Bourke agreed to have Christian sent to Kenya with the assistance of conservationist George Adamson — in order that Christian be rehabilitated into the wild at Kora National Reserve.

    After Christian had been in Kenya a year, Rendall and Bourke returned and visited their former pet. The animal recognized them, reared up, grasped and nuzzled both Randell and Bourke. The following video of the event received widespread dissemination around 2007-2008, more than 35 years later.

    A movie titled Christian the Lion at World’s End documented the relocation of Christian from England to Kenya and his successful reintroduction to the wild. After serious problems in the 1980s, Adamson and two of his assistants were murdered by poachers in 1989.

  283. virhinia says:

    i’ve seen this vid at least 10 times and i still cry every time.

  284. Before this post slips off the bottom of the page, here’s “The Lion at World’s End” page at Internet Movie Database.

    I’m really curious to know what those two Australians are doing now…… hmmmm

  285. UrbanWitch says:

    Yup, another teary-eyed lass here. Incredibly beautiful. And I’m also moved by the fact that the guys went ahead and took the (probably pretty pricey) trip despite being told Christian wouldn’t recognise them, and then him DOING IT and that heart stopping reunion second just before he starts to run oh dear, crying again.
    Lovely to see that there are so many other soft-hearted sops out there. Kinda gives me fuzzy warm feelings of hope for humanity, or so. The cynics can just go sit in a corner, boo to you cos we have a better time anyway.
    Hugs to all. Lion love.

  286. My mascara’s running ~ but so what 🙂

    You couldn’t put a more powerful song to go with it.

    Nothing more powerful than love!
    THANK YOU ~ Long live this vid!

  287. Shannon L. says:


    I cried. I literally cried.

    I just don’t do that. But, that video…

    Wow. Thank you.

  288. naaawwww. cutest video EVER!!! love this sooo much its so gawjus

  289. Song made me gag, video was wonderful.

  290. Shannon W. says:

    I also cried. Couldn’t help it, don’t care, not ashamed in the slightest! Yay, for all of us emotionally healthy people who are comfortable expressing empathy and joy! Virtual hugs/flowers to the cynics; you need them most!

    Thanks to commenters posting links for donating to big cat sanctuaries.

    Thanks also to the commenters who posted the links to the Shirley & Jenny videos.

  291. artygirl says:

    I have also wondered about John and Anthony and where their lives took them. There isn’t much on the web, but I did find this mention of John Rendell at the Born Free website:

  292. Yay, artygirl, I’m glad someone’s as **&^%%% as me. I hadn;t got ’round to googling them yet.

    Anyone who reads this far aught to go to Intenet Media Database and bump up the rating this film has, the link is above.

    Pasiki and out.

  293. Holy Lion. I had to watch it twice ’cause the first time it was like National Geo. and I was just on the edge of flopping it off when their pal attacked them.So the second time I was relaxed and enjoyed the reunion. One thing though, introducing his wife was a stretch. A tame female lion in the wildes? Give me a bromo…

  294. artygirl says:

    I’ve been reading the book, “A Lion Called Christian.” It’s very compelling, so interesting to read about how the two men approached raising a lion, and how sensitive they were to his needs. The book is long out of print, but many libraries in the US own a copy. You can find out which libraries have it at this site, Open WorldCat:

  295. Beautiful….everyone needs to see this sort of thing….its uplifting and tugs at your heart.
    thanks for sharing

  296. BS……introduced them to his wife? Who wasn’t scared or wanted to eat them? These are two tamed lions. You guys are all flakes who’ll believe anything with a stupid cutesy message, even if it goes against all your better judgment. Thanks for a great laugh, though!

    [If you say so, Tim. But only because it’s *you*… – Ed.]

  297. Michelle says:

    That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen…I am still bawling!!! Loved it!

  298. This was the most precious thing I have seen in a long time. I too was bawling, I loved it. Thank for you sharing it with us. 🙂
    laurie eller

  299. I actually thought is was goin to eat him yes it was emotional

  300. I love you little zebra!

  301. I cried the first time I watched it and the second time, so on and so forth…amazing….just amazing

  302. I LOVE THIS VIDEO TO THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! It is a very beautiful video and i am going to watch this every day to make me cry for no reason! LOL

  303. Everytime I need a good cry I watch this video–Don’t ever remove it from the website!!!!!!

  304. It’s truly wonderful, if it is true. I hate to cast doubt on everyone’s tearjerker experience, but there’s so much fakery on the web that you can’t just believe everything you see, and you must question. I’ll have to agree with the other comment that something doesn’t seem right with the whole picture. If that’s a male lion, he sure doesn’t look full grown enough to have his own pride. And his “wife” from the wild just coming up to strangers at first meeting like that? That’s really questionable. Either they were not separated very long, or this took place at the San Diego animal park or someplace similar. This could be another hoax by some kook animal worship group like PETA.

  305. OK, I just read a previous comment after my last one. I was right – it was at some kind of park, not the wild. Apparently from a previous commenter this was a place where pets were relocated, and there was considerable continued human interaction. If this were truly the wild, I don’t think the juvenile lion would be heading a pride and other wild lions coming up to people. The video is very misleading, but nevertheless it shows the animal still was attached to the previous owners, and that is very nice. OK, I think I can cry now.

  306. *wheep wheep*

    That is so beautiful! I don’t even care if it’s fake, it’s totally amazing.

    I loved the reaction. It was totally a movie moment: The lion was all… “Is that… is that…! OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU SO MUCH I THOUGHT I’D NEVER SEE YOU AGAAAAAAIN”.


  307. Made me cry too, pass the tissues please.

    It reminded me of the movie Born Free and the lioness Elas

  308. if you have any feelings this will bring them out.

  309. I saw this on Oprah (I think it was), quite a while ago. The lion does live in a park, but nonetheless, the fact that a lion reintroduced into any kind of wild situation can remember his previous owners is pretty amazing. I went to Europe for 30 days and my dog barely lifted an eyebrow when I got home. lol.

    And also – I have watched this video at least 40 times or so and I sob (and I mean SOB) when I see it. God. Sucky me.

  310. colleen m vnuk says:

    If there are no animals in heaven , i,m going where God keeps them, now , say why can,t more people have that much love in them , sniff sniff wipe eyes

  311. Well, maybe it just makes those that *do* all the more special, Colleen.

  312. reminds me of The Lion Who Shot Back 😀

  313. this was beautiful, thank you for sharing the love ofanimals, i love horses be blessed

  314. Angelclipped says:

    Makes me rethink the direction of my career.

  315. A Baskins says:

    Beautiful, thanks…….I really believe that animals can love unconditionally. This is evidence of that. Watched it twice, cried both times.

  316. my parents neighbor used to own a lion before i was born in the 70’s.. but they had to give they’re lion up to the zoo cause it got too big!

  317. dolores riego de dios says:

    I could not believe it! What a tribute to those who care and are willing to
    share their love.