Double Corgi Baroo Action






OOOOO? <–head just tilted

Thanks to the giggular Heather G.



  1. I’m not ‘licking the camera’ I’m cleaning the lens, geeez, I’m outta here!

  2. hon glad says:

    Baroo to you mon petit Chien.

  3. cheesybird says:

    Barooo? Barooooo? Baroooo? Baroo?

  4. Those were adorable. Definitely the epitome of Baroo-ity.

  5. SpelledWrong says:

    Corgis are always good. Corgi head-tilts are always spectacular. All hail the magic of CO.

    Does a corgi-dance! For example of corgi-dance, see the following.

  6. kultgirl says:

    I need a herd of Corgis. Now!

  7. Heather G says:

    Hooray for Stumpy! (First puppy. Hopefully we’ll see more of him, I sent in an adorable vid of his daddy playing the a-corgi-on. 😀 )

  8. Beth (in NC) says:

    Baroooooos make me want to get a dog. Always. 😀

  9. katerpie says:

    hehe spelledwrong, that’s adorable. pitta pat pat pitta pat pi pat.

  10. Melissa says:

    Yow. I think I pulled a muscle in my neck barooing with the corgi in the first vid.

  11. eikoleigh says:

    AH – corgis – they’re my favorite!

    They’re cute doing anything but the double baroo head tilt is awesome!

  12. I could not..hold..the

  13. This will never fail to make me happy. Another gift that will give forever, thanks CO!

  14. Hooray, Stumpy made it on CuteOverload! Thank you so much, Heather!

    Here are a few pics of my baby boy:

  15. jocelyn says:

    the first video = cute

    I don’t get the second video. She’s filming herself filming the dog with her phone? And when he looks away she has to grab his head so it stays in the shot because she’s a particularly lazy photographer?

  16. Kiragirl says:

    #1….a classic baroo

  17. One of my dearest friends has a 6mo old Corgi, who has the best ears in the world. The world, I tell you!

    He is very cuddly and I too take pictures of him with my phone, but he ignores me now, because it happens every time he sees me.

  18. thursday says:

    it’s friday!! and there’s corgis!! *squee*

  19. It would be even funnier if that top dog “baroos” every time it’s owner talks to her at all.

  20. binky-mama says:

    That is some serious head tilt ack-shons going on!

  21. Katrina says:

    Come on, Corgi families!
    Yes, Corgis are wonderful I have a cardigan, which is the one with the tail. Ours, “Killer Corgi”, talks,
    and is as oral as you can imagine. She must have 300 chewies around the house, all with their own special je ne said quois. She barks, she growls, she gives us a wonderful greeting when we get home. However, they aren’t for everybody, they can be a handful and she ‘herds’ me around the house at certain times that I’m supposed to go and nap. She bites other dogs with no regrets or remorse. She is not a cat person She is a ‘rodent addler’ and she keeps squirrels out of the yard. She won’t do the ‘c’ word (‘come’) we love her dearly. She’s not a first-time dog owner dog, and I suspect that Corgis in general are the same.She has cat-like qualities and is a sweetheart, once she knows you. “Baroo”!

  22. The little baroo at the end of the first video kills me.

  23. DejaMew says:

    My doggie baroo’d at both audios. She couldn’t see the vids, but she did the cutest baroo head tilt when i played them both. 😀

  24. Whoa! That second video is my dog, I made it like last year! She shall get extra treats for this. @ Jocelyn: If she see’s somthing shiney she blots, my brother was trying to keep her in the same room.

  25. Whoa! That second video is my dog, I made it like last year! She shall get extra treats for this. @ Jocelyn: If she see’s somthing shiney she blots, my brother was trying to keep her in the same room.

  26. chanpon says:

    Ahhh!! Stumpy the Corgi is unbelievably stumpy and adorable.

  27. Blair — true enough. Corgis are the ROYALTY of canine cuteness.

  28. Corgi Numero Uno WINS! 😀

  29. Barooooooo! Love it1

  30. More Corgis!

    JB your doggie is lovely.

    More Corgis! Please, Her Majesty patting Corgis’s — is that a cute pic or what? Are Pembroke Welsh Corgis-the ones without a tail. I’ll vote for the bug lugs with the tail- the tails are just wonderful, just like a big-dog tail, only lower to the ground. Every pair of pants I have it covered in hair up to the mid-calf.

  31. ejewgdvwoqe!, I will learn to read my writings before submitting them- please ignore the “Are” in my last comment-
    —goes off comic-book swearing—.

  32. DaytimeDeb says:

    Vid #1 is demonstrating the different meaning of barroo:

    Barrrroooo = long tilt Barroo = quick tilt

    Luff it!

  33. Sunflower says:

    I love the second video because: could that dog smile any more?