Hey Neil, this is how you shoot a raccoon

Not literally shoot—I mean photograph.

Hugo award-winning snorglable author and panda feeder Neil Gaiman has been trying to get our attention for MONTHS and finally did it with his recent raccoon photo shoot.

This isn’t that shoot by the way.


Neil’s shoot doesn’t have a behbeh raccoon overhead OR one with a mini Gorilla-paw.


Neil’s shoot doesn’t paws up or stubbular ears.


Neil’s shoot CERTAINLY doesn’t have any raccoons this cute OK THAT’S A KITTEH


Meeka by Sean R., Kackie by Felicia J., Paws up by Amanda W. and Imposter by Kacy H.

For Jaye!



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! Take that, Mr. Gaiman!

    Who’s a cute little raccoon? You are! Yes, YOU are! Iddy-widdy-cooty-pooty-woo… Waitaminnit…

  2. haha raccoons and kittehs, that reminds me of somethin…


  3. CO and Gaiman? Two of my greatest loves have been smooshed together into one raccoon-filled post.

    *flails arms in GLEEEEEE*

  4. I don’t think that’s a kitteh, I think it’s a baby skunk…just sayin.

  5. All that’s missing is Gideon’s Bible and a gal named Lil.

  6. oh mr. raccoon, you’re such a pussy… wait… FAKER!

  7. eikoleigh says:


  8. hon glad says:

    A little Bandito.

  9. Berthaservant – people call me Lil!!! I no has Gideon’s Bible, but will a beat up copy of Good Omens do?

    Gaiman = love.
    Snorglesum aminals = love.
    Gaiman + snorglesum aminals = I AM DED.

  10. 1. Neil = Teh Qte.

    2. Neil sez “Mummy”. Brit English = Trés Qte.

    3. Raccoons = Qtest little burglars EVAR.

    Hope they didn’t steal any of his work when he wasn’t looking!

  11. Holy crap… I want a bebeh raccoon sleeping in my hand!!!! *swoon*
    SOOOOOOO cute!!!

  12. Raccoons are so cute! They look like little burglars.

  13. jinka-brahhh says:

    nawww to cute i just love tha little one at the top to cute xoxox

  14. Poohbear says:

    Meg, Ph.D. in Cuteology, can give lessons in teh Qte to anyone, anytime! She hath keeelled me (again) with the hovertext to pic #2. *THUD*

  15. Mr. Neil is snorgalable?

    [So I have reliably been told. – Ed.]

  16. lucy's mommeh says:

    Gaiman-LOVE his stuff.
    And now, to find out that he’s a mooshball with critters?
    He’s achieved God like status now….:)

  17. Neil Gaiman! Pandas! Baby raccoons! ALL my favorite things* in ONE POST! My worlds collide; my head asplodes.

    *Oh, wait, except Theo. Sorry, honey. :::smooch:::

  18. he he he

    I has a smooch.

  19. Oh! The 3rd picture! I need a baby raccoon!!!!

  20. Wow – what a great idea…. wish I’d have thought of it 😉

  21. meowandwoof says:

    Absolutely made my YEAR!!!! I’ve mentioned in posts before that I raised orphan baby racoons every year in SC under the watchful eye of a little old rehab lady. It’s a religion like experiece. So glad to see the bandits – miss them terribly up here near Chicago. Seems people don’t think the orphans are worth saving……

  22. Ha! Nice pics, Neil. But what happened to the little raccoons? Did you wait for their mother to come back, or did you return inside? Maybe you got your panda step-child to go look after them…

    Naturally, the photos in this CO post are also blindingly cute.

  23. Yeesh, would you two get a room?

  24. Everyone knew that girl named Lil as Nancy, Berthaservant 😉

  25. “The dog startled sleeping raccoons this morning. The mother scampered off leaving two small grumble-whistly balls of cuteness.”

    From his webpage – absolute best description of babeh racoons ever!

  26. JediPirate says:

    Eeee! Neil on CO! Finally! I think I submitted the him-with-a-panda pictures way back. So glad they made it on here regardless!

    Also? Eeee! Bebe ‘coons! ^_^ There was a lady who owned a frame shop when I was little who had a pet raccoon that she’d bring to the store with her. And she always let me play with the little cutie.

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    Rocky Raccoon
    Checked back in his room,
    Only to find Gideon’s Bible.
    Gideon checked out,
    But he left it, no doubt,
    To aid in poor Rocky’s revival.

  28. Love me some Gaiman. He is truly snorglable. The raccoons are cute, too.

  29. Dear God! My favorite author. Loves. Cute. Things.

    Head’s going to explode with joy. 🙂

  30. Jessica says:

    Neil Gaiman + CO = awesome birthday present!! Thanks, CO!!

  31. GreedySkunk says:

    Love the hovertext on the first pic. I actually did rotate my head…in my office…like an idiot. An idiot drunk on the potent combination of cuteness and one of the best authors in the world!

    Yes, Neil Gaiman is very much snorgalable.

  32. BEST author evar – and BEST website evar – I’m swoooooning.

  33. I’ve met Neil Gaiman as his daughter and I attended the same school. But now – even more respect, as I see he admires cute overload AND raccoons.


  34. Rooanne says:

    I’m sorry – the raccoons are cute, but the pics of Neil with the Panda on his lap – priceless!!

  35. Katrina says:

    Cosmic, just cosmic. Mr. Gaiman is a genius and a half.
    What a combination, thank you, Meg and Teho and NTMTOM, I am really especially enjoying CO lately!

  36. Aww I wanna hold the witto handsies.

  37. Hee hee . . . I subscribe to his blog too, and got all giddy when I saw the raccoon post. Actually I get all giddy whenever I see he’s posted something, but this one gave me an extra *squee* 🙂


  39. Biggest squeeeeeee ever!
    (at both Neil and wee bandits.)

  40. Theresa says:


    I nominate that for Posting of the Year.

  41. Gaiman! Where?

  42. Notice the wee little paw…..kissable and tickle tickles!!!!

  43. Christine H says:

    Why has nobody yet pointed out the soft yellow fluff in which the kitteh is snuggling? I heart it.

  44. ashagato says:

    “FAKER” lol!

    off-topic: i’m going on a shoot in afghanistan, ya’ll. hopefully i’ll be back next week, but i wanted to tell you and CO i love you (just in case!)

  45. Maybe the Cute could have a cute guy section of men who like cute, and put Neil in there? It’s only fair, what with the cats and racks section.

  46. Yet another reason why Neil Gaiman makes me swoon! 😀

  47. Mr. Neil is DEFINITELY SNORGLABLE! died and gawn teh heven.

  48. darkshines says:

    The bottom picture reminds me of the beautiful cute Pussyfoot from the Hector the bulldog cartoons…..

  49. so adorable! The top one is kinda like he has an identity crisis and thinks he’s a sloth hangin upside down. 🙂
    my fave is the one asleep in the hands!