C.O. Style Watch!

From the hustle and bustle of New York’s Fashion Week, to the prêt-à-porter shows of Paris, one word is on every designer’s lips this season — CAMOUFLAGE!  Yes, camo is the way to go for the modern woman who wants to stand out by blending in.  And here’s Bambi, looking sassy for summer in her one-piece camo sundress with pink trim and matching ribbon.  Completing the ensemble is a lovely "dead mouse" evening bag by Mr. Squeakwell of Limburger Street.


She’s a vision, Forest W.



  1. This wah-wah is in danger of becoming a CO “poster child”.

  2. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL! “Wah-wah”, Teho?

    I was gonna say this poor perrrrrita (lurve rolling mah r’s) is blushing ten shades of rrrrrrrosa here!!!


  3. AuntieMame says:

    Something about the combo of camo and pink ribbons makes my head spin.

  4. Anne Boleyn says:

    This is so bad that it’s fabulous!

  5. This is just redonk… I love the cat toy dangling from her mouth.

  6. meowandwoof says:

    Watch for her on the red carpet at Beverly Hills Chihuahuas!

  7. Definitely a relative of Paris Hilton!

  8. LadyDarya says:

    SQUEEEEEEE!!! My cats are so lucky they are cats…. One little dress wouldn’t hurt would it?? Such a cute little girl all dressed up and knowing she’s hot…

  9. fourkits says:

    NTMTOM – that commentary is hilarious! So is the rollover!

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ha-ha!! Gotcha, Teho!

    Didn’t think to check the CO Glossary!

    When will they ever put my entries for KITLING and PUPLING in? 😀

  11. They? Who do you suppose “they” are, Jupeling?

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Mr Squeakwell”! Oh God, I’m dying here! LOL!

    But Bambi would give our little Senorita Betty in her sombrero(from the other day)some serious competition I think.

  13. chanpon says:

    Camouflage and pink?? Who designed this? No self-respecting hua-hua would ever choose these color combos.

  14. “No self-respecting hua-hua”…

  15. metsakins says:

    Who are these peeps putting ribbons on pupehs?

  16. Juniper Jupiter says:

    JUPELING? LOL!!! Thanx, Theo!

    You know who “they” are! Meg, Not That Mike The Other Mike, Berthaservant(probably), YOU(probably :D)…the folx that run (and rule) CO!

  17. martha in mobile says:

    I want to stand out by blending in, too! Oh, wait — I’m over forty, so I’m already invisible…

    NTMTOM — I have been loving your contributions!

  18. scooterpants says:

    i think shes adorable-
    and those are def princess- di eyes if i’ve ever seen em.
    work it girl!

  19. JJ, Meg is the founder and Fearless Leader. I’m the moderator and owner of the Glossary. Other Mike is El Autor N00bio. B-Serv is, well, the sort of fan that I was, before I became the mod.

    CO is actually an LLC now (CuteLabs). Meg has developers, lawyers, and even a *board* — that’s as in “boardroom”, not “message board”.

    For better or for worse, we’re honest-to-goodness professionals now.

  20. Fab-u-loussss!, as Tim Gunn would say.

    NTMTOM, I’ve been dying laughing over your posts!

  21. katiedid says:

    Dead mouse hand bag… hahahhahahhahahha Omg that is too much

  22. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay, now that I know what everybody does, that is teh awesomeness, Theo!

    Meg as “Fearless Leader”!! Awesome! But I think she loves Mooose and Sqwurdle too moosche, no?
    [Too much?? Says who? Wossa Matta U.? – Ed.]

    **And if you do the Glossary, please do Pupling and Kitling? I know I came up with it! (Okay, I might’ve stolen it from my husband, or joyridden it :D) It just means newborn pups and kits so teeny tiny you hear other CO readers’ heads asplode! Kthxbai!
    I’ll quit tying up the line here! :D**

  23. Oh… mah… GAWD! That is the tackiest getup I’ve ever seen on a dog, and I’ve seen some tacky ones. I love it! 😀

  24. Barbara says:

    How’d that ribbon stay on her head?


  25. NTMTOM, you’re doing an amazing job.

    “Cocktails or Combat, Bambi is Prepared.”

    My slogan for the day:

    Cocktails or Combat. I’m Prepared!

  26. brinnann says:

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that “Bambi” is wearing Camo? Espeche after the C&R photo.

  27. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, I dont normally go for the dressed up pup, but THAT is CUTE.

  28. Furbabies says:

    AWWWW! Wants one now.

  29. Oh, look at her work it! She KNOWS she’s a pretty princess!! And the dangling cat toy should be an illustration of the definition of “redonk”.

  30. Erebella says:

    Okay, I’ve seen it used but never used it myself, but I have no choice here, this picture demands it:

    *whew, I feel so much better now*

  31. Awwwwww way too cute. Bambi made steppy go Ker THUD !!! I must have one now !!! (stomping feet and poutin )

  32. Quimbus says:

    Or is it… blend in by standing out?

  33. scoobie says:

    Such a poser

  34. Until now I didn’t know what it meant to barf a rainbow, I didn’t think it was possible, I didn’t know there could be such thing. But there is, there is.

  35. wagthedogma says:

    Shut UP!!!

  36. LMAO, wagthedogma.

    Love the coordinated, but not too matchy-matchy cat toy in the mouth. My cousin’s min pin does that with my cats’ toys as well. Small dogs are redonk.

  37. binky-mama says:

    She needs some over-sized sunglasses and a teeny iphone!

  38. I especially like that she doesn’t have to wear a collar with the dress because it has a built in leash link….and the mouse handbag is just too much. Well, this whole thing is too much!

  39. She needs a teeny version of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears in a teeny bag.

  40. I know! Who DOESN’T??

  41. sunnymum says:

    Oh no she di int!

  42. All kinds of wrong here.

  43. Quite the fashionable poochie!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Teho, when is the IPO?

  45. Ha, AuntieM. HAH.

  46. Michael Kors, in that catty voice of his: The pink in the ribbon, and the bag, it’s a little too matchy-matchy.

  47. Phhffft. We all know Bambi can’t turn left and is addicted to fiber.

    BTW, I have no official connection w/ C.O. Though I am available if needed (hint hint), if someone would tell me where to send my portfolio.


  49. Ew.

  50. ashagato says:

    NTMTOT brilliant!

  51. ashagato says:

    you know who i mean…;)

  52. HEhehehe!!

    I’m too sexy for my dress too sexy for my dress soooo sexy it hurtssssss!♪♫♪♫

  53. CAMO and PINK?! Ohnoyoudidnt!


  54. hon glad says:

    They really shouldn’t have used a nail to attach the bow.

  55. Pink AND camo, cute AND though…GREAT stuff !!!

  56. Katrina says:

    Hotglue gun, silly Barbara and hon glad.

    Nonononono, just kidding, bubble gum. Spirit gum?

    The tiiiiiniest bobbie pin you ever saw?

  57. GreedySkunk says:

    Seeing the pink and camo combo and learning her name is Bambi makes me think of those weird bikini-clad women who fire assault rifles for fun. “Like, I’m totally a ditz, right? But, like, don’t you like my Prada AK-47?”

  58. I cannot believe that no one has made a “Good Morning Vietnam” Reference yet.

    Cronauer (Robin Williams): We’ve got a special man in the audience today right now…it’s Mr. Leo. He’s a fashion consultant for the Army.
    Funny voice: Why thank you, Adrian. I’m just very happy to be here. I want to tell you something. You know, this whole camoflage thing for me doesn’t work very well.
    Cronauer: Why is that?
    Funny voice: Well, because you go into the jungle, I can’t SEE you! You know, its like wearing stripes and plaid! For me, I want to do something different. You know, if you go in the jungle, make a statement! If you’re going to fight, CLASH!

  59. brinnann says:

    GreedySkunk, check this out!


  60. GreedySkunk says:

    brinnann-LOL! That site is too much! From the Rainbow Brite Ammo Loader kit:

    “Glambo also includes colorful streamers, glitter, and confetti that can be added to her patented ColorPOW! chamber to leave a trail of sparkling love with every shot.”

    Sparkling love. *snerk*

  61. By the way, how did they attach that bow? hot glue?

  62. brinnann says:

    CB, I think it was staples.

  63. OMG I *need* that dress for my little Vixen…


  64. Katrina says:

    OK- now hot glue, staples, bubble gum, spirit gum, teeeny-tiiiiny bobbie pins-what else could it be? Spit won’t hold. Tree sap?


  65. Sharon Wilson says:

    And here is Winky the house elf modeling a fine new outfit designed for her by Hermione Granger. (Too bad she’ll trash it in a few days!)

  66. Katrina says:

    OK, for real, I think it is double-sided tape. That’s what I’d use. I’ve been thinking about this waaaay to much, haven’t I? It makes we want a fashionable ChiHuahHuah.

  67. brinnann says:

    O Hai, HelloKit! Your baby is precious!

  68. Another rule of cuteness should be:
    If you are in a costume/pretending to be another animal, you’re cute.

  69. cutest thing ever!!!!!!

    please help me out and take my survey for school!! it takes less than a minute. college grads only. thanks so much!!!!!