8-point Cats ‘n’ Racks

I love you People.

Will you please look at this poor deer head with eye visible to the camera, and straddling kitteh [foot on left side is redonk]

[Running under door jamb, bracing for Nuffs]


Hey, how about a "I Break for Nuffs" bumpère stickère, Christine K.?



  1. Kate L. says:


  2. I’ve seen this pic on the cheesburger site, i lol’d heartily.

    *straps on nuff’proof suit*hides behind bookcase*

  3. Let’s get the nufs out of the way:


    I like this much better than “cats down attention-hos’ blouses,” fo sho.

  4. Question – not being a cat owner mehself, did that kitty get up there all by himself or did he have help???
    We just looked at a house that had these dead heads all over it. I was geeee-rossed out. You’re supposed to remove anything that might offend potential buyers. Guess hunterboy didn’t get that memo.

  5. Kris, I think kitty got up there himself. All he needs is a convenient table or something to launch himself off of. When my Eliot was just a wee kitten, he managed to work his way to the top of the refrigerator using a series of tabletops and counters. Nothing comes between a cat and a high place he wants to be in. 😉


  7. LOL @ the hovertext.

    That doesn’t qualify as a rack, though. Its not soft or warm or squishy!

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Kitteh is decorating for tonight’s stag party.

  9. marishka says:

    Why the [potential] ’nuffs? Obviously, kitteh is VERY proud of his hunting skills. It’s the way of nature…..

  10. Probly cat got up by self. They also like the tops of open doors. Like so…

  11. Not SupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork (GotANewJob) says:

    Wooo! That’s some rack… do you think it’s natural? I bet they’re implants.

    HA! Awesome.

  12. Erin said “Nothing comes between a cat and a high place he wants to be in” — except the pointy bits on teh deerhead. Gotta watch where yer jumpin’, when there’s pointy bits.

    Kitteh is king of all he surveys.

  13. Hmmm….One step closer to ceiling cat I guess…silly religious catnatics!

  14. Anne Boleyn says:

    Lovin’ the hover text reference to “dick” Cheney.

  15. January says:

    They go where they want to go.

  16. cheesybird says:

    Lol! Thanks for the reminder to check out the hovertext, Subhangi! It’s priceless and I almost missed it.


    p.s. I wish I could quit reading Ermine_Violin’s name as Ermine_Vicodin.

  18. photo = redonk to the 100th power

    hovertext = first “baroo?” a sec, then LOL!!!

  19. Best. Cats & racks. EVER!

  20. That kitty is a hell of a hunter 😉

  21. Juniper Jupiter says:


    THAT. IS. AWESOME!!!!!

    Not to mention that cat is chillin’ like a venison villian!! Y’ALL KNOW IT!!

  22. metsakins says:

    Cat is all…you may worship from your rightfull place on the floor…hoomans

  23. I’m a lot more offended by the use of the term ho than I am by either the dead deer or cats down women’s shirts.

  24. Karen in Toronto says:

    Run to wall, up on tiptoes, squeeze pawsies one at a time, run away.

  25. hon glad says:

    Yep,I got me this mother in’98, course I was a lot fitter then.

  26. “And here we see the common house leopard dragging his kill to the nearest vantage point and then surveying the landscape around him.”


  27. Kris,

    I was recently looking through all the million dollar homes listed on a local home site and saw a Walrus “bust” (or whatever) mounted in someone’s theater room. I happened to glance over at the realtor’s picure and realized it was my cousin’s aunt. So, being the walrus lover that I am (no, seriously I am) I promptly e-mailed her and asked her to please tell me that the walrus was fake. She regretted to inform me that it was indeed real and she had begged the owners to take it down, but they refused.

    I was horrified.

    The kitty in the rack here though? Not so horrifying.

  28. Shannon says:

    The deer head is grotesque (I said that like bugs bunny in my head – “grow-tess-qew”) but kitty looks very comfy!

  29. LadyDarya says:

    He is all smiling like “hah! worship me puny ones”. Gotta love the cats…

  30. wait…i thought it was that the cat was all impressed with what he caught in the woods and was just presenting his happy hoomans with a dinner gift…

    ….you mean a PERSON killed that deer and put its head on the wall? Oh.
    Well at least the kitteh’s all comfy…

    (And Tischa, my sarcasm aside that’s actually really disturbing, and is another example of why i would happily live in an apartment to not have to see that house on a tour.)

  31. LOL @ Hovertext.

    Special Comment to Hunters: At least eat the meat from the animals you kill- show respect. Otherwise, please use this phrase when introducing yourselves, “Hi, I’m [your name], and I like to kill for FUN!”

  32. Sheepy,

    Tell me about it. I seriously am a walrus lover (I ever have one tattooed on my body, so that tells ya something there) and I seriously wanted to throw up when I found out it was real. And I am not a anti-hunting person or anything like that. But that? Went over my line of acceptable.

    I can tell you one thing. If I had 2 million dollars to spend on a house, I would not be buying that one no matter what the rest of the house was like. And I might of even, I don’t know, picketed their open houses or something. LMAO For real.


    Yeah, I’d run like he11 too! I agree that is the ultimate cats-n-racks to date. He looks like a disciple of the ceiling cat in/on his pulpit.

    I’m waiting for the inevitable nuffer conversation about how you could ever see a beautiful buck with a rack Pamela Anderson would envy and then SHOOT IT.

    BTW, is that a Burmese? Those white spats and Siamese colorings make me think so.

  34. PS – Was anybody else scared at the title 8-point rack?

    I saw the title before the pic and with the Neil Gaiman reference, my mind went to a weird place. Like something from ancient Crete.

  35. …Whereas to me the deer is clearly saying, “Great. Another attack cat. ‘Disguise yourself as a trophy!’ they said. ‘Raid the fridge all day while they’re at work!’ they said. grumblegrumblegrumble…”

  36. Tischa, oh no, oh no no no no no no no nonononononononononononono…

  37. I are COUGER!

    [and u cans be teh ded! RAWR!! – Ed.]

    [aargh, more LOLspeak on CO… – Ded.]

  38. chanpon says:

    This looks like one of kitty’s secret attack spots. You know, the ol’ classic “paw paw” on someone’s toupee as he walks by.

  39. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Yeah. I’m not a big fan of the animal heads all hanging on walls. My family on my mother’s side is from Eastern Washington, and anybody that knows Washington.. well anyway.. My uncle had about 9 deer heads, and that was just in his auto shop. He had a badger fur, he had several coyote tails. I always hated it. He still has some of them.. in his house now. Along with his cats and dogs. I do have to admit tho, I have eaten (ate?) deer in my younger days.. and it was actually good…(runs away before gets pelted with pudding)

    Love this cat tho.. he’s all WHAT?

  40. I picture the kitty home owner giving a tour of the house:

    “And I shot this one back in 2002 when the wife and I were vacationing in Minnesota…”

  41. Kitty is all like, “Yea! I killed this. Ate everything but the head. Did ya hear punk? Everything…but…the…head! Still feel like giving me a bath? Huh, do ya?”

    BTW, my mom has a old business friend who hunts. He gave us a lot of venison for free when my dog had to go on a special diet because he was really sick. He ate what he killed.

  42. katiedid says:

    gives new meaning to the phrase “Cats n’ Racks” … hehehe

  43. Caitlin says:

    BEST cats n’ racks EVAH! Bonus for dangly-paws.

  44. LadyDarya says:

    Okay, I must make a comment and I told myself I wouldn’t but… My father is a hunter, he has a Caribou rack (not a full head but a rack) that he has in his workshop. He didn’t kill the Caribou for fun. We lived in Alaska. One Caribou could theoretically feed 3 families for the entire winter. A moose would feed four. I have eaten meat from both – I like hamburgers. Please don’t make the assumption because someone has a deer head or whatever (I have to question the walrus thing..did they eat the meat??) that they kill for fun and don’t utilize the meat for food. Lord knows there are families that, if it weren’t for hunting, wouldn’t be eating as well as they are/were (especially in Alaska). Being raised by a hunter I am firmly in the corner of if you kill it you better eat it, the same for fish – if you kill it you better eat it. I’m sure this will go over well (not) but I can’t help but say don’t assume everyone that hunts is evil please….

  45. Wow! Pa-sickies around for the positive disscusion. And pu-din!


  47. (Mmmmmm, caffeine.)

  48. LadyDarya – I have no problem with people who hunt and eat their game. However, having multiple heads on the wall is just something creepy to me. I can see using the antlers on the wall. But the whole head and neck of a bunch of dead animals looking down on you all the time just is not my thing.
    I can NOT imagine having a walrus…that would be akin to having a darn otter or dolphin or something. I feel the same on the dead fish – like the sunfish is it…the one with the long pointy nose that everyone almost dies trying to catch…
    No thanks. As I said, hunting to eat is one thing… I’d rather the rest of the animal’s body rest in peace…

  49. Sabrina says:

    You doing Hoe activity
    With Hoe tendencies
    Hoes are your friends, Hoes are your enemies
    With hoe energy to do what you do
    Blew what cha blew, screw what cha screw
    Ya’ll professional like DJ Clue
    You pulling on my coat tail
    Now why you think you take a Hoe to a Hoe-tel
    Hoe -tell everybody, even the mayor
    Reach up in the sky for the Hoe-zone layer
    C’mon playa wants to Hoe our ways
    Them Hoes neva close, they open like hallways
    So here’s the Hoe take for your Hoe Hoe crew
    And everybody wants some, cuz Hoes gotta eat too

  50. love how kittie’s fur matches the deer’s coloring!

  51. Theo, may I suggest cutting back on the mochas and using Equal not sugar in your latte’s & espressos?

  52. Equal? EQUAL??? Are you MAD?

  53. Actually, in northern New England, and parts of the West and South, a lot of people hunt for food. one of my friends commented that once in a while, she and her husband would get a steak just to take a break from all the wild turkeys, deer and other games they eat. I feel that if you are going to hunt, do it for food, not for sport. Practice what our ancestors used to do, hunt and farm to eat. As for the cat, I think that cat got up by himself. I’ve seen cats leviate themself to the highest points in their houses. Cat looks right at home, artfully draped over deer.

  54. LadyDarya — also in many places, such as Northern New Jersey, deer are notoriously overpopulated, as they have very few natural predators. This means that the deer population surges, the poor guys eventually run out of food and starve to death or wander out of the woods and get hit by cars. Hunting has been a way to keep the deer population to a healthy size for both humans and deer alike. The meat is given to food pantries to help out the less fortunate.

  55. ThreeCatNight says:

    Reminds me years ago of how my father brought home a deer head that his friend who owned a gas station gave him, and my mother said, “NO WAY am I having THAT in my house! Get rid of it!” Thank God he gave it to a cousin of mine who was setting up his medical practice, and put it in his office.

    (And kitteh’s sitting up there thinking:
    “What the hell kind of party was THAT last night?”)

  56. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Actually, Teho, Splenda tastes better…as a recovering Equal addict, I can assure you that Splenda tastes just delish (and just like sugar, because it’s made from it, or so I hear):P

    Wonder what the cat is made from?

  57. Cats are created when lightning strikes one of those giant blobs of loose fur that collects in the corners of your house.

  58. PS — Splenda? SPLENDA??? Are you MAD?

  59. Rooanne says:

    Yes!!! Blame it on Cheney!!!
    I love blaming things on Bush and Cheney and I can say this because I’m on the Internet.

  60. Katrina says:

    Yes, Sabrina, I’m sure your mother is very proud of you.

    Golden-and all- eating what one kills is the ideal. Giving it to a hungry family is the ideal.
    Unless that was a family of blubber eaters, I doubt the walrus was used as food. That having been said, let’s hope that this generation of hunters (as it seems to me to be the case) are also conservationists and environmentally aware of their impact on the environment and on the species they hunt. It really does seem so, from my conversations with hunters.

  61. Rooanne — you forgot the “YARK YARK YARK!”

  62. Personally more of a Sweet & Low kind a gal. Very old school. When they determined that it’d take something obscene like five gallons of Tab a day for forty years to be dangerous I switched back.

    I hear you though about Equal, it doesn’t dissolve in hot water that well plus, it gives me headaches. Splenda though, is expensive as compared to the $1.00 for a thousand packets of Sweet & low knockoff.

    There’s also stevia, now convenient in liquid drops.

  63. PPPS — Stevia? STEVIA??? Are you… [sigh] oh never mind.

  64. I LOVE that this was categorized under “Interspecies Snorgling”


  65. thursday says:

    Another vote for Best Cats’n’Racks Ever, despite the creepiness of the cat holder.

  66. temperance says:

    well, what about agave nectar, theo?

    it’s all natural and it doesn’t ‘spike’ your blood sugar levels like regular ol’ sugar- it’s even safe for diabetics and doesn’t have a yucky after-taste.

  67. temperance says:

    p.s. i’m surprised there’s not more outrage- usually the bigger the rack, the bigger the ruckus.

    maybe if it had been a 12 pointer…

  68. Just when I thought that there were no more “Cat’s n Racks” visual puns to be made…

  69. I’m just going to suggest decaf, Theo. To heck with the sweeteners…

  70. DECAF!??!?!!??!!!?!?ohfercryin!!!!1!!???

  71. …btw, agave nectar actually sounds intriguing.

  72. Eeeeenteresting:

    1 cup of sugar = 1/3 cup of agve nectar

    That is some SWEET stuff!

  73. Love this picture! Kitteh totally kicked that deer’s a$$. Both beautiful animals!

  74. The cat looks part Siamese. It most definitely jumped up there itself.

  75. So, agave nectar is, like, pre-tequila. Very interesting.

  76. “let’s hope that this generation of hunters (as it seems to me to be the case) are also conservationists and environmentally aware of their impact on the environment and on the species they hunt.”

    Heck, a lot of the original conservationist movement *started* with hunters. Just look at Teddy Roosevelt.

  77. theo, lol

  78. LadyDarya – I understand what you’re saying. But something tells me that if they’re displaying the head as a prize/trophy, it was likely for sport and not for survival. Two very, very different things in my mind.

    I have no problem with hunters who kill for FOOD. For some, it is simply a way of life. Should not be a sport.

  79. Four paws way up.

  80. browngrl says:

    I love pictures that make people take all sorts of umbrage – ’cause then I get to say PASICKIE!!

  81. charliewabba says:

    DC – who (or what) is this something that speaks to you about why people put animal heads on their walls?
    Does it also tell you why people buy velvet Elvis paintings? ‘Coz I’d love to know the answer to that one.

  82. smartyboots says:

    A friend of mine who’s a hunter displays some heads as trophies in his game room and also eats the meat (in the case of bear, which is not palatable to many, he has the meat processed by the local butcher and gives it to people who do eat bear so it doesn’t go to waste). So he does eat what he kills, but it’s for sport rather than survival in the sense that he can afford to purchase meat someone else killed.

  83. Amen DC.

    BTW: Theo, loved your definition of how cats are created… Made me smile.

    Kitty does look quite comfy!

  84. Why would someone even hunt bear?

  85. Personally I’m struck by how SMUG Mr. White Spats looks.

    Like he actually stalked, pounced, fought this mofo to the ground and then dragged his trophy home.

  86. charliewabba says:

    wanna pasickie.

  87. nuffs? what is there to nuff about in OH MY GOD THERES A DECAPITATED HEAD IN MY CUTE OVERLOAD

  88. Katie, bar the Nuffs–that is WASSOME.

  89. Something I have always wondered – how do you dust the trophy heads? I would assume a damp cloth would be undesirable… dry cleaners wouldn’t take care of them …. maybe a lint roller?

  90. Is it really interspecies snorgling when one of them is dead?

  91. Caphi – thank you for my laugh of the day!

  92. Catsquatch says:


    Best cats n racks I EVER saw!

  93. Okay, so, are my overlords the onliest cats wot don’t care to straddle things? They’re practically compulsive about paw-tucking.

    Theo, while I enjoy the CAPSLOCK OF RAGE as well as the next peep, you spelled everything correctly. So, fail.

    [*LOL* – Ed.]

  94. Sorry, CEphi…

  95. snorglepup says:

    I kill every day for fun and profit.
    Never any desire to eat what I kill.
    BTW, I’m an exterminator.
    *ducks behind shelf to avoid flying pudin*

  96. Maybe this kitteh is in cats n racks withdrawal and settled for the next best thing?

  97. Maybe this kitteh is in cats n racks withdrawal and settled for the next best thing?

  98. Yeah, hunting sucks and hunters likewise. We aren’t living in the caveman times anymore, idiots!

    [Dude. Just go back to the LOLspeak. Sweeping generalizations don’t suit you. – Ed.]

  99. Anne Boleyn says:

    I just looked at Theo’s link to Teddy R! Man! Teddy sure bagged him some famous guys to mount their heads in the background. Doesn’t seem nice, but makes “dick” Cheney look like a loser, not that… well, never mind.

  100. PetsSay says:

    the cat and the deer are so cute then WHY does someone ick it up with that tedious, evil swearing? i am SO TIRED of seeing that mindless swearing. please stop.

  101. Ann B, you seem somewhat sensitive about losing one’s head. Got any issues there?

  102. OMG, I laughed so hard at this. Totally redonk! And cute to boot!

  103. PetsSay — “tedious, evil swearing” — huh?? You mean somewhere in the comments here? I mean, we say Cute Overload is PG-13 and we keep the bodytext of the POSTS a little reined in, while maintaining a bit of an edge… but for real, this is the INTERNET. Come on.

  104. That is a positively hilarious photo – it looks like the deer is using the cat to cover his eyes at a scary movie but then peeking between his arms.

    Babs – my kittehs won’t straddle either. Both paw tuckers.

  105. Theresa says:

    @Tisha, I adore pinnipeds, too, and I’m lucky enough to live within subway distance of a lovely walrus family. Unfortunately, we lost the father of the family this past week– the adorable, delightful Ayveq.

    He was the size of a small truck, and really knew how to work a crowd. He figured out that people went nuts when he “blew kisses,” so he’d do it all the time. He also liked to swim down, and check out the peeps who were looking through the glass-sided tank. A fabulous animal. All of Brooklyn will miss him!

  106. brinnann says:

    106 posts? Already? Dang, I gotta lotta catching up to do.

  107. K, haven’t read all the meeeelions of comments in case they make me wanna smack some people, but I just thought I’d say I’d totally buy one of those “I break for Nuffs” bumper stickers.

  108. Teho – you have made me laugh out loud (really, didn’t want to use LOL here) after a long and way too busy serving people…….COFFEE!!!11!!!11!!!

    So from all the baristas out there (yup, I work for the eevil corporation) thanks to Meg for the ridonkulous pic, and you for your caffeinated humour.

  109. jackie31337 says:

    I am a vegetarian precisely because I know that if it came down to bambi and me, I couldn’t pull the trigger. I feel that if I couldn’t kill it myself, I have no business eating it.

    I have a lot more respect for people who hunt (and eat) the animal themselves than for people who drive to the grocery store and buy frozen pre-cooked boneless skinless chicken chunks. Hunters have no illusions about where their meat comes from.

    I also happen to have a sick sense of humor (“Try a Little Priest” from Sweeny Todd had me rofl), so I found this cat ‘n’ rack totally hilarious.

  110. *sigh*
    way too busy DAY

  111. Foxy — you work for Halliburton??

  112. brinnann says:

    *phew* All done. That wasn’t so bad. Relatively minor nuffing, especially compared to what I’d expected.

    My parents have 2 of these (the deer – I’ve got the 2 cats) in their living room, but my dad kills for the meat (venison is way healthy compared to store-bought beef).

    I can’t find who said it, but I, too, appluad the “I break for Nuffs” bumpere-stickere.

  113. shanchan says:

    Theo- You always make my day. About 40 times.

  114. Still think that guy is lying about how this all went down. “I was minding my own business, picking blueberries, when out of the bushes came this killer Rambo Bambi…”

    Meanwhile, no one got my beheading joke and I outed myself as a history nerd.

  115. Anne Boleyn says:

    Hey Kar, good point about the losing one’s head sensitivity thing. If I had my wits about me I’d think about it even more.

  116. Reminds me of my college roommate. Well, her dad and brother. They went hunting all the time. The first time I had venison was actually from them o.0; Venison jerky. yummeh.

    Movin on. Yus, i understand the nuffingtons who think hunting without eating the huntee is wrong. Hunting when eating the thing, while i would never do it, is ok. unless the animal is endangered. I’m rambling. damn coffee.

  117. The deer head makes me think of the Montana’s commercials they air up here in Canada, with the talking deer and the talking moose heads. Which is kinda creepy. The commercial I mean. The idea of talking floating heads makes me want to chose a different restaurant, you know, just in case I drink too much at Montana’s and actually start to see the talking deer and talking moose heads come seamlessly through the walls and start yakking.

    I’d be much safer at Kelsey’s, where I’m only in danger of seeing Norm and Cliff saddle up to the bar (Kelsey’s uses the Cheers song in their commercial).

    Frankly, the hoomin of this cat really needs to set up a video camera so that we can see how the cat got up there! The picture gives no hints of what kitteh used for a ladder.

    (and can I nom those paws? Just a wee nom? And put me down for one of those “I break for Nuffs” bumper stickers. I don’t have a car but I’ll find a use for it)

  118. Just to insert myself into the bumper-sticker discussion here… why “I brake for nuffs”? Don’t y’all have gas pedals?

  119. Yes Theo, you are really rather funny. 🙂

    Now I’m really interested in agave nectar. Would it help someone who is a sugar addict but who hates the weird unnatural sweeteners? I am referring, of course, to moi… I luffs sugar, LOL!!!11!!!

  120. scoobie says:

    A dead deer, that is animal cruelty!

  121. gravyboat says:

    That kitty is proud as punch.

    “Look what I bagged in the woods last night”

  122. Scoobie — not anymore.

  123. If you hunt for sport and eat the meat, is that ok? If you hunt for meat and keep a trophy, is that not ok? Me, I don’t get the sport aspect of hunting. I mean, if you hunt for food, I can see satisfaction in a job well done, but it seems a little weird that something has to die for some people to have fun.

  124. Note to self. Swallow the hot tea you just took a sip of before you read something Theo wrote.

    Hot tea spurting out of nose = ouchie.

  125. Sorry bout that. Wanna take a sip of my Slurpee and try again?

  126. Only if it’s a blue slurpee and I can put it in an urn.

  127. Hot, then icy cold?

  128. brinnann says:

    Um, Kar…

  129. brinnann says:

    Theo’s wisdom strikes again. Guys, our bumper stickers should say “I Gas for Nuffs.”

  130. Beth — take a few orange Tic Tacs too.

  131. brinnann says:

    Or maybe, “I Bleen for Nuffs.”

    *ducks puddinpult*

  132. Theo– Whoa! Dream Big. ;D

  133. Theo– Whoa! Dream Big. ;D

  134. I guess I wanted you to dream really… really big? haha

    [Really, it takes two, don’t you think? – Ed.]

  135. [flat stare]

    …well, Brinn, that’d be ONE bumper sticker that would never be scapegoat for a road-rage incident, at least. Unless it was me.

  136. brinnann says:

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

    ^^^ That’s me counting my blessings that Teho and I live in different parts of the country.

  137. marie_n says:

    that key-key would freak out big time if the evil dead got into the house and the deer head started laughing out of nowhere.

  138. Oh peeeeeeeople… I made something for youuuuuuu…

  139. AuntieMame says:

    My bumper sticker shall read “So many nuffs, so little time.”

    As for harping about people who buy their meat from the grocery store, that’s a little silly. I know where meat comes from. I have relatives who live(d) on farms, and I’ve seen slaughtered chickens, etc.

    But I live in the city. They don’t let you keep chickens and cows in the backyard.

  140. marie_n says:

    yeah, the thing about not knowing where meat comes from and all if you buy it from the grocery store – that’s assuming that shoppers are ignorant. of course people know where meat comes from. children might not, but any adult that doesn’t have a mental deficiency should know where it originates. thx.

  141. brinnann says:

    Teho, I lof u. ♥♥♥ Spendin’ munnies, brb.

  142. Marie N — sure, but who actually *thinks* about it from meal to meal? I mean, you look at a menu, and suddenly it’s all “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER”!

  143. (…did I just say that??)

  144. brinnann says:

    Yes, Theo, yes you did! LOL!!!!

  145. Thanks for making me teh rich, Brinn. 😉

  146. marie_n says:

    do you think that after a hunter kills a deer and takes it to a butcher shop for processing (that’s what most hunters do), then picks it up and puts it in the freezer, then uses it sporadically over a period of time, that each time that hunter and their family eats the meat from the deer that they think about how said hunter killed it? i’m sure it is more of a series of going through the motions. not trying to argue or anything, but just trying to say that there is no way that someone can say that people that buy their meat from a grocery store don’t know that it actually came from an animal. i understand if that person meant that you literally don’t know where it came from, because you don’t know what the deer/pig/cow/quail looked like or where it lived or how it was taken care of, but it is silly to assume that grocery store meat shoppers don’t conceive the thought of meat coming from an animal. noone thinks about that every single time that they are eating a cheeseburger or chicken fingers. if they do, something has gone awry.

  147. world peace and such blah blah-that is totally a mans picture-rack and P***y TEEHEE!

  148. Oh Meg… how I love you! lol

    Anywho… as for hunting. I really don’t agree with doing it for sport such as people killing bears, large cats, etc etc purely for the sport of it.
    However if someone kills a deer and eats the meat such as my fiance’s family does.. then I see no problem with it.
    I don’t see it as any different than people raising livestock for food.

    So yeah *nodnod* I’m curious how the cat even got up there o_O

  149. mpkalypso says:

    “Cats are created when lightning strikes one of those giant blobs of loose fur that collects in the corners of your house.”

    I am so going to collect those globs of fur and wait for the next thunder storm. I shall make an army! A CAT army! HAHAHA!

    [An army you shall have, but under whose command? Hmm? – Ed.]

  150. Sharon Wilson says:

    This totally reminds me of Koko on the moose head in “The Cat Who Played Brahms!”

  151. Teho, you are really on top of your game today! If only I had space on my credit card, I too would get a bumper sticker.

    And no, I don’t work for Halliburton. I meant the eevil coffee company that wants to take over the world. Really. World domination is our goal, only we try not to let that get out, so let’s just keep that between us, mmmkay?

  152. @Anne Boleyn, if ANYONE would think about it, we’d think you world! “I have but a little neck.”

  153. @foxy, what, CATS have a coffee company??!??!

  154. I buy and eat meat and I’ve never killed another animal for meat (although I have fished, but I don’t eat fish). I love animals and I eat them. And when I die someone will dump my body in the ground and very very tiny animals will eat me and hopefully turn me into soil and grass that will feed other animals. Circle of life, peeps.

    That having been said, animal trophies are a bit unusual (and yes, the walrus one sounded pretty sick), but the few people I have known who have done this actually ate the animal they hunted and mounted.

    THAT having been said, I love this picture. The cat doesn’t seem to care about the implications of his position in the world, so I’m taking my lesson from him (or her).

  155. P.S. Theo — just go back to sugar.

  156. Heh. I already know YOU’RE mad.

  157. Vampy, those commercials creep me out, too! *shudders*

    Kar, I think you mean Birman and not Burmese. Oh, and I caught your beheading joke, but I also noticed you spelled her name Ann and not the correct Anne. 😛 I see your nerd and raise you a spelling geek!

    As for the deer head…yeah, it’s gross, but I’m not gonna nuff all over it.

    I’m a vegetarian, but I really don’t have a problem with hunters who hunt for food. At least the animal is in his natural habitat until he’s killed…seems better than being raised on a farm, and no, this is nothing against farmers. Bleah…I’d better stop now…lol.

    Oh, and seriously, cats can go anywhere they want…just check out Scooter, here: http://www.catster.com/cats/144863/photo/461304 (Make sure you look at her full page, as well…with the speakers on, it’s adorable.)

  158. Point A: That bumper sticker is teh AWESOME, and if I weren’t buying a house tomorrow (gulp) I would get one right now.

    Point B: Sharon, that brings back memories!!! I loved Koko and Yum Yum! I read all of those books in high school, when I found my mom’s collection. Siiigh. I stopped when she came out with The Cat Who Went Into the Closet because I decided it was a ghost writer and they were too formulaic. Did you read any of the recent ones???

  159. Beth, for a second I thought you were replying to me (my name is Sharon, as well) and I couldn’t figure out how a picture of a siamese up on a wall would remind you of a Lilian Jackson Braun book! (Other than it being a siamese, of course.)

  160. lol…i can think of nothing else to say, : )

  161. my mother and i have read quite a few of the cat who books. that’s mother/daughter bonding, if you ask me.

  162. Furbabies says:

    Theo – great bumper sticker! Will be buying.

    I am kinda iffy on the hunting issue. I remember the 60 Minutes report about Slob Hunters in the 70s/80s and that has always stuck with me. But, my son’s friend hunts for food. One deer lasts them for several months and they save lots of money (you know how broke kids are when they move away from home). Waste not, want not. For them it’s a good thing. At first he did not tell me that they hunted, because he knew that it would disturb me. He explained how it saved them money and that his friend is a responsible hunter and then he brought me a nice roast. I personally would have trouble hunting (squeamish about dead critters), but to those that do, just please be responsible.

    And to you nuffs that complain about every damn thing, give it a rest.

  163. Shaz: hahaha, sorry! Sharon Wilson said something referring to LJB and KoKo/moose heads. But I went to your Catster page right when you posted it, and I wanted to say that I think it’s fabulous that you have a 19-year-old kitteh! The talking to herself reminds me of KoKo…

  164. Michelle says:

    As a former hunter, my objection to hunting is the human inclination toward trophy bagging. “Mother Nature” keeps a healthy balance when predatory wild animals select the weak or sick, effectively culling them from the gene pool. Human animals, on the other hand, typically select the healthiest, strongest, and most splendid creatures, culling them from the gene pool instead. Bad idea. If people are really hunting for food or population control, they’d see no need to display a trophy that says much, much more than “I eat venison” or “I keep the deer population in check”.

    Having said that, this image is hilarious and doesn’t offend me. 😉

  165. Marie_n: Totally agree. We even managed to get my dad into it, so when the new ones came out we’d all be fighting over who got the book first. Only time we (being cheap) ever bought hardcovers! 😉

  166. temperance says:

    beth- for sugar addiction i recommend the aforementioned agave nectar, blackstrap molassas, and brown rice syrup. they are all very strong-flavored so you end up using less. usually!

    on another note- what i kinda got from the subtext of jackie’s missive was that the hunter knows the animal s/he hunted for food *probably* had a better, and healthier, life than most found at the grocery store. yes? or maybe i’m just makin’ that up in my own head- i realize this is a very sensitive topic for people on here, just tryin’ to help with the understanding…

    most farmers i know would probably agree with her sentiment that the average city folks are not really thinkin’ about what it takes to bring their bacon- or even carrots- to the table. i’ve always been amazed at how cheap our food really is when you stop to think about it all.

    i am fortunate in that all the hunters i know are very responsible people, whether they choose to have a ‘keepsake’ or not.

    have you considered switching to green tea, theo? anti-oxidants and all that stuff…

  167. Beth, Scooter’s not mine. I do, however, have a 19-year-old kitteh: http://www.catster.com/cats/498860 Not as much meowing on her page, but she does say hello once!

  168. Wow, that is FANTASTIC.

    That is all I have to say.

  169. cute kitteh 🙂

    oh and Teho… HAHAHAHA I was wondering if someone spiked your drink… 🙂

  170. lucy's mommeh says:

    Theo, I don’t know why, but your first outburst brought Bloom County to mind…and made me belly laugh.
    Much needed.
    Thank you!

    [Ha, I grew up on Bloom County. In my mind, Gorbachev is STILL singing those tractors – Ed.]

  171. Teho, your original comments made my day. 🙂

    I love the kitty. I know my two furbabies love to be as high as they can to be dominant… even if the highest point is on a deer head. 😀 (Not that I have one, but hypothetically…)

  172. eikoleigh says:

    The best cat in rack

  173. @ Theresa


  174. Beth (in NC) says:

    Shaz, yay! 19-year-old kittehs are so impressive. And yours is poofy! 🙂

    Temperance: Yes, anything is better than sugar. I’m thinking I need a trip to Whole Foods?

    Beth: Your name is the same as mine! Henceforth I will call myself Beth (in NC).

  175. Mary (the first) says:

    The cat has definitely bagged a big one and is right to be proud. Of course.. this immediately brought Tom Lehrer to mind… “the law was very firm, it took away my permit”. I’m cracking myself up here.. apology to anyone who mentioned this before me, I simply cannot read all the comments.

  176. Tabbage says:

    I love the picture. I have three deer heads in the home office with me right now. The parts not hanging on the wall were delicious. We also use the pelts for craft projects.

    As for the heads, the concept of kill-trophies is ingrained in cultures both primitive and advanced throughout history. Sounds mean but is just part of human nature.

    I know it’s hard to explain, but killing your own meat makes you “respect” it more, somehow. Also, that deer had a great life up until the moment my husband killed it, unlike the animals stuck in commercial meat-farming dungeons.

  177. I have to agree with the ‘Best Cats’n’Racks ever’ comments!! some of the cats’n’racks are cute but the last one with the giant rack smushing the kitty was kinda disturbing.

    That cat is gorgeous! And i’d like to add a theory to how said cat got up there which my foster kitten, Willis, just gave me.. hooman trampoline!! (Willis just used my chest as an inbetween bouncing spot to get from the floor to the back of the couch.)

    anyone have a cat with a strange attachment to your keys? he is fascinated and will throw himself on the keys whenever he sees me open my laptop!(like so: http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s125/crashride57/225038.jpg )

  178. claudia says:

    The cat RULES. You all can drool.

  179. BoidsGottaFly says:

    “Will someone please get this cat off my head?!”

  180. Just think of it as something jaunty that happens to rhyme with “hat”.

  181. Anne Boleyn says:

    Yes, Theresa, and I loved that sad movie, Anne of the Thousand Days. Trying not to think about my neck though as it’s not what it used to be (see reference to 65th birthday tomorrow on some other post here that this one has completely swallowed). And I saw 3 deer when I walked my dogs today, but the deer ran away before I could get my dogs to try this.

  182. Thats one comfy kitty 🙂

  183. I simply LIVE for “tedious evil swearing,” especially this week, in loving f*cking memory of the great George Carlin.

    As to the ongoing commentroversy: A friend of mine is finally marrying her boyfriend (of many years), and is freaking out about merging households– he’s a damn hunter and has MANY damn trophy heads (otherwise he’s a swell guy). I told her that all she needs to do is put clown noses, propeller beanies, and Groucho glasses on them all whenever his back is turned, and all will be well.

    P.S. Theo, I’m ordering one of those bumper stickers immediately if not sooner.

  184. Yitzysmommie says:

    Best Cats’n’racks evah!
    Most excellent commentary.
    Doubt that I can fit the bumpere stickere on my already crowded bumpere.
    Left side= 1/20/09
    Right side= Obama08
    license=SNRGL which all of my backward non CO friends think means SINNER GIRL. Fools.

  185. that cat looks amazingly comfortable! he’s all, “i loves havin’ no bones. so comfy.”

  186. And yet all I could do was imagine the kitty saying, “I bought it across the street. Too butch?”

  187. Yitzysmommie… want the license LOL at the fools.
    And THEO don’t switch to fake sugar it is junk I say Junk!!!!

  188. Omg – I came in here expecting major nuffage and instead I find *this*???


    Oh dang it. I spelled that right. Also, it wasn’t angry. I’ll try harder next time.

  189. Holy crap! Y’all must have made some baristas really happy today! 😛

  190. Paws! Paws! Paws! Paws! !!!fwap!!! snozzzzz z z z z…

  191. hey-h, generally speaking (generally), CO is a community of generally lovely peeps. The nuffs are generally few and generally far between, and are generally mocked into general submission/disappearance… generally.

    BLEEN ON (with great general-tude)!

  192. cheesybird says:

    I must say, I agree with the person who complained about the tedious, evil swearing. I don’t like to read words like “decaf” or worse… *shudder* … “Equal” first thing in the morning. Stop the madness, I say!!

  193. cheesybird says:

    (Think of the children!) 😉

  194. I”m reporting Shaz to the Animal Cruelty dept. for enabling a poor 19 year old kitty who is clearly in need of boxhab!!! Kidding – heck if kitty reached 19, I guess she’s entitled to a little box whenever she wants…

  195. So much better than the last rack thanks!

  196. *gleefully sprinkles Sweet ‘n’ Low into her morning cuppa*

    *later, diet soda wif Nutrasweet*

    Choke on that, beeyooshes!

  197. It is no worse to eat an animal you’ve killed yourself than it is to eat meat that comes out of the styrofoam packages at the grocery store, people! Frankly, it’s better: you’re eating something that lived in the wild instead of being raised in inhumane conditions. This isn’t even a matter of, “We have to hunt to survive.” It’s a matter of, “Why not eat a member of an overpopulated species that didn’t live its life caged and mistreated, instead of supporting factory farming by going out for a burger?” Displaying the head is a bit TACKY, IMO, but not evil if the rest of the animal didn’t go to waste.

    And the picture? AWESOME!

  198. I don’t know why, but suddenly Mike The Headless Chicken is dancing about in my head.

    I need more coffee.

    And those paws keep tempting me damnit! Dipped in cream they are.

    Oh, speaking of dipped in cream, there’s a new indoor/outdoor kitteh in my neighbourhood, and he/she seems to like hanging out in my overgrown front garden. Won’t let me near, but will stay within oh…5 feet or so and listen to me babble baby talk. Pretty little black and white, with a nose that looks as if it were dipped in cream and then tilted back so the cream dribbled towards the forehead.

  199. I am quite pleased by how pleasant people have been about this topic. I’ve actually read through all the comments!

    As far as hunting goes, I’d never hunt personally (too squimish) but my dad hunts all the time. Though to be fair, in his 19 years of hunting he’s only caught one–count ’em 1!–deer, just in the past year. He and his buddies hunt and they always eat what they catch, trying out new recipes. They do it for sport, but again, they use what they catch. The industry is so regulated that it doesn’t harm the population at all. You have to buy a permit and they only sell a certain amount a permits a year. The amount depends on the population, and what would be best for the herd. You can only shoot full grown bucks, leaving mama’s and kids alone. Plus, the money from the permits goes to conservation. Regardless of your views, it’s a good system.

    As for the picture…love it!

  200. …”beeyooshes”?

  201. Slept in today and thus spent mucho time reading unusually peaceful discussion between Cuters and Nuffers. Just want to check in as mom of 19-year-old cat. Keep ’em indoors and love ’em enormously, they live long and prosper. I’m grossed out by dead animals on walls, but also not crazy about pics of the other kind of rack, either! Also, adoring Theo while drinking my morning cup of double-strong java with lots of the real sweet stuff.

  202. Yesh, Theo. Just in case someone were to take that comment cereally. I just wanted to get in on the commentroversy. “Sweeteners: Real or Fake – Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

  203. Dogbreath says:

    Wowee gee. I just finished reading all the comments, and I only saw one? two? maybe three? (wasn’t really counting) actual nuff posts (unlike the previous cats’n’racks hoo-hah, which got downright vociferous and let’s just keep all that behind us, shall we? yes I think we shall thank you). Instead the volume of posts here is almost all made up of happily caffienated and polite CO peeps warding off the nuffs who haven’t even appeared.

    Well done, CO peeps!

  204. the animal s/he hunted for food *probably* had a better, and healthier, life than most found at the grocery store. yes?

    Do you guys know what life is like for a wild animal? It actually kind of sucks. They get all sorts of parasites and diseases, don’t get enough to eat, get injured and don’t get vet care… Is that life better than the life of a corn-fed cow in a feed lot? Well, I dunno. I guess that’s individual judgment on the part of each animal, and frankly, I’m not convinced that food animals have the intellectual capability to compare feedlot life to free range life. But for heaven’s sake, don’t romanticize life in the wild.

  205. Well that will teach me to post without previewing. The first line of my comment is a quote from temperance which I tried to italicize, but I guess CO doesn’t take tags.

    [True, but that’s really a TypePad deal, not Cute Overload specifically… – Ed.]

  206. i don’t really care for boob shots, so this is by far the BEST cats in racks ever. me likey

  207. Hate to sound trollish, but do not like decapitated animal heads as a decorating style!

    What were the odds that a cat would be on this deer’s head at the moment it was killed?

  208. Michelle says:

    I’m loving this post and all the comments, but I have to admit I scratched my head over the comments from peeps that find the fully-clothed-woman’s chest “racks” way more offensive than a decapitated-dead-animal-head “rack”. I don’t happen to be offended by either, but I admit I was amused by some of those comments.


  210. Seriously, Theo. Decaf.

    [So, SO wrong. Does your car have no wheels? – Ed.]

  211. Wha? No wheels?
    My mind has been vaporized by lion cub watching. Forgive me for being slow…

  212. That’s more like it, Teho. More of the yelling, plz.

  213. i have a story!!!

    once, in 6th grade, i spent the night at a friend’s house. her dad (a hunter) knew i was a vegetarian because we ordered pizza and i didnt want meat. the whole rest of the evening he taunted me about how he hunted and i was a vegetarian and did i think he was EEEVVVVIIILLLL.

    he even made a big thing how he was going hunting the next morning and did i want to come (laughter laughter laughter).

    i was super polite even though i was obviously upset, because, hey, *i* at least had some manners.

    so, imagine my suprise at breakfast the next day! he was already back from his trip, and made a big deal about bringing us breakfast one at a time in the dining room from the kitchen — donuts and juice and such.

    he told me he had a special treat for me — he severed the head off a deer he had killed that morning and ‘served’ it to me on a platter.

    a grown man. to a 12 girl who was his daughters friend.


    maybe the penchant for liking to kill things and sadism dont always go together, but a grown man killing things and then tormenting a little girl always seemed to fit with the idea of the life, to me.

    but, yes, i do think it is more honest to kill things yourself than to just buy meat at a store, but anyone who really enjoys killing probably isnt too far off from enjoying a lot of other things that would make other people cringe.

  214. Hey, I like boobs just as much as the next person, but I can’t help but question the motives of a chick who’d put a kitty in her cleavage and post it on the internet for the world to see. Most people opt to showcase their goods to a select group of privileged folks, yanno?

  215. holly s. says:

    Theo! I knew you were a man after my own heart! I teach at the university level and lo, MY STUDENTS DO NOT GET MY BLOOM COUNTY REFERENCES. Nor many other cultural ones from the 80’s. Not surprising of course, but makes me feel old nonetheless. Refreshing to know someone out there is a BC fan! I shall lurk on CO no more. National Radical Meadow Party members, unite! “L.H. Putgrass signing off, and heading for the tub!”

  216. marishka says:

    @girl: OK, that is just sociopathic sick. That man’s wife and daughter should have taken him out back and hung him in the tree with the morning’s fresh kill. Soooo not OK.

    @michelle: I so totally agree with you. As a fully heterosexual female, I do appreciate a nice figure on another girl (probably ’cause mine is less-so!). But I don’t gawk. It’s amazing to me how so many people out there are outraged at something as innocent as a beautiful kitty snorgling a beautiful bosom, and yet people like Pam Anderson and Brooke Hogan are gazillionaires for having no noticeable talents other than their, um, obvious talents, which are usually hanging out for all the world to see. You don’t usually see posts condemning them to the fires of hell, like some of our cats ‘n racks cuties (Hos, Aloria? Puh-leeze). But maybe I don’t go to the right websites. Thank goodness : )

  217. OK, nuff nuffing about hunting, racks, RACKS, etc. It’s a really cute and serendipitous pic. One last Q: is the cat live or is he a trophy too? Jus’ askin’

  218. marishka says:

    OK, Momcat, now that would NOT be really cute. Kitteh is obviously alive and proudly displaying his hunting skillz. ; )

  219. Yeah, marishka, my cat makes up all kinds of stuff too.

  220. Holly S — yay for the Bloom County stuff, for sure, but I think Mr. Breathed might’ve been making reference to another work by YARK YARK YARK-ing… Kehaar, the seagull in Watership Down?

  221. holly s. says:

    Yes, sir. Sorry. Was excited. Forgot proper citation for YARK (Adams, 1972). I’ll just be moseying back to lurkerville now…

    […you’ll just sit in this dark corner, all by yourself? Going blind? Silly. Come back over to the table & we’ll play Apples To Apples with the kids. – Ed.]

  222. 😉

  223. Wow, great job people at the whole non-nuffing! I am impressed! As an avid hunter (and eater of anything wild (rattlesnake tastes like chicken,lol!)) I cringed when I opened up the comments section, expecting to see just nuttin’ but nuffs! But lo and behold, hardly any nuffs! I am all for hunting, and yes, I have some heads up, but also the meat to go along with these heads! I hunt for meat, and getting a nice rack or mount is just a bonus.

  224. hahahahahah!!!!! I love this!!!!

    Deer need to be killed…there are wayyyyy to many. Stop crying

  225. Theresa, you just ruined my day. Ayveq was the reason walruses are one of my favorite animals!!!

  226. Elizabeth says:

    I am from Texas and a huge carnivore, but I am also a big animal lover. If I had to kill animals to get my own meat, I would be a vegetarian. I am not criticizing those who do, however. But I think it takes a different kind of person to take a life.

    Those hunters who are marksman and respect animals are a huge level above the ones who drink and harm animals. Those guys freak me out.

  227. brinnann says:

    Elizabeth, what part of Texas are you from? I’m near Beaumont.

  228. Dogbreath says:

    Elizabeth, I am a vegetarian, and yet I sometimes have to kill animals as part of my job (animal control officer). It may indeed take “a different kind of person to take a life”, but just remember that even “that kind of person” still comes in more than one kind of form.

  229. No but you know what is annoying (besides the baby talk)? EVERY DAMN LINK has to open in another window. Whose brilliant idea is that?

    Way to ruin an otherwise great website with dumb.

  230. I have a couple uncles and a cousin who hunt; mostly for sport, but they do give the meat to people in our family. And one of my aunts actually makes jerky out of the venison. I’ve been told it tastes really great, but having grown up on venison every fall, I no longer like the stuff. Still a meat eater, just don’t like venison. (Or most fish, either.)

    Either way, I’m of the opinion that you should hunt for the meat, not the sport of it. But if hunting is something you love, and you’re bringing home the “bacon” from the trip? Go for it. All the hunters I know are usually really nice. 😀

    And man, does that cat look comfy. *pets kitty*

  231. It’s sad that you would post a picture of an animal that was killed and decapitated and kept as a trophy and somehow think it is cute just because a family pet is laying on it. It’s really just gruesome and unnatural.

  232. Sam888 — try using the raw TypePad blog URL instead of the web-friendly “www.CuteOverload.com” URL. That would be:

  233. [salutes DogBreath]

  234. Genevieve says:

    What a cute carcus the cat is laying on. Doesn’t seem too appropriate for a website that confesses to loving animals. I guess deer can be cute on one entry & then it’s ok to murder them & chop their head off on the next entry.

  235. oi, this definitely counts as cats n racks, no? not sure if you can get it or not:


  236. Hey, that kitty is on top of the world. lol…
    Queen of her castle 🙂 Wonder how she got up there?

    Uh-Oh,,, now mine want a perch like that….. ::sigh::
    off to work I go….