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Kaká, originally uploaded by Fernanda Sebbs.

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Kaká, originally uploaded by Fernanda Sebbs.

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Kaká, originally uploaded by Fernanda Sebbs.

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Kaká, originally uploaded by Fernanda Sebbs.

Lori W., I shall write on your Fun Wall, a large thank you for finding this barf-a-licious puppeh.



  1. And I shall nom the puppeh while I have my FLIBBITY BLIGGITY BLEENERHEIMER DUMPTRUCK DANCE. 😀

    [ – Ed.]

  2. Oh my god, she doesn’t even look real! I wanna rub her lil belly.

  3. Blueberry says:

    Eeeeeee what a cutie!
    I want to bury my face and blow raspberries on that belly!

  4. cheesybird says:

    Oh dear lord! The giganto ree-bon on the tiny puppeh is redonk enough, but the barrettes just sent me over the edge!

  5. metsakins says:

    Boy I just get adds from peeps I went to school with! no pups!

  6. I want the belleh, I WANT it!! And I want the puppy to be my friend. And to be friends with my cat on Catbook. They’d love it!

  7. MandaBain says:

    Oh my god. She has barrettes. And they’re almost like really high pink eyebrows giving her a permanent vulnerable expression.

  8. oh god!

  9. Ahaha! Her belleh matches her barrettes! Too moische!

  10. AuntieMame says:

    No way! She’s wearing baby hair clippies!

  11. Belly, barrettes, and bed!

    So much pinkness.

    And what kind of dog would let you put barrettes on them?

    No cat would stand for it, I’m sure.

  12. meowandwoof says:


  13. If that ribbon were any bigger, I think the puppeh would tip over on her front legs and bump her nose.

  14. chanpon says:

    You do not realize the fits of laughter I’ve silently broke after seeing the hair clips! I think my co-workers think I’m having spasms. Oh my god – now I’m so tempted to do this to my kitties!!

  15. chanpon says:

    *ugh* “silently broke INTO” *grumble grumble* Stupid typos.

  16. *thunk!* (falls off chair)

    puppy overload!!!

  17. brinnann says:

    Jackie: A+ for the creative use of the B word! But, um, what’s the dumptruck dance?

  18. Khadija says:

    friend requests-4 meeelions more like

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, you be cuter than Shiloh, little Bambi, my dear. And you sure love pink. Well, it does look so good on you! But my question is: may I just kiss that pinky belleh? Please? Just one time?

  20. What breed of puppeh is this?

  21. metsakins says:

    Brinnan – I tinks you be askin’ the wrong person about the dumptruck dance….

    [Coooooooooould be… – Ed.]

  22. I went to Flikr to see if the person who owns this dog has posted info about its breed (she hasn’t). While there, I looked at some of her other pictures, and on page 3 I found this charming closeup of an adult dog named Branca, with Princess Di eyes, long flowing ears, and a curling pink tongue:

    Branca is proof that a puppeh doesn’t have to *be* a puppeh to overload the QTE.

  23. BARRETTES?? Are you kidding me?? The redonkulousness is over the top today. Gotta admit, though, puppeh is rockin’ ’em.

  24. brinnann says:

    Metsie, I was thinking it was an intentional use of the B word. But now that I look at it again, I think you’re right. It looks a bit more like the work of T[Ed].

  25. binky-mama says:

    Oh lord help me. BARRETTES! In PEEENK!

  26. metsakins says:

    O, Brinnan, I am right, I was here early and saw the “f” word!!!!! (Scarred for life I tell ya!)

  27. How do you put barretts in a dog’s fur? Without it hurting or pulling out the hair?

    I don’t dare try this at home with my kitties.

  28. claudia says:


    jeebers my OWN ears are hurting from my squealing lol.

  29. brinnann says:

    *gasp!* Someone akshully used the F word?!?!?! O_O Think of the children!

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay, how on EARTH do they put THOSE kind of barrettes on a PUP!!!

    Or would it be BAROOTTES?

    LOVE the pix!!!

  31. Look at that lovable soft pink belly in the last picture. AWWWWWWWW

  32. momof2kitties says:

    Ummm…I’m not a dog person, so I could be wrong, but I think teh pupster here might be *gasp* a boy! (see last pic.)

    Anybody else see what I see?

  33. brinnann says:

    Teho, can I have a preview of the dumptruck dance? This I gotta see! Is it on ewetoob anywhere?

    [As if you didn’t know…

    – Ed.]

  34. Oh Gawd, I could just swallow that lil face whole! EEEEEE!

  35. Momof2kitties, that is a girl pup. Male pup peens are more in the middle of the belly, at first…

  36. “Baroottes” – LOL.

  37. vet tech says:

    Mom of two kitties —

    Those are her external lady parts (vulva.) That’s definitely a girly girl.

    Boy dogs wear their plumbing a little closer to their bellies.

  38. My doggie’s name was Bambi.

    And she does look remarkably like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

    I totally just joined those facebook groups

  39. dale-harriet in WI says:

    I have no idea what kind o’ leetle pumpingk that is, but I am SO wanting one! The cats may just have to live with it…….

  40. Holy crap… the little hair clips just pushes this right over the edge into dangeroously cute territory!!! I’m about to explode here

  41. claudia says:

    LOL@ Barootes!

  42. Marianne says:

    zomg WANT!

  43. okay, someone tell me why it is acceptable to put barrettes on a dog??? not that it isn’t cute, but really???

  44. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know if “acceptable” is the right word. More like “amusing” or “hilarious.”

    And they really don’t hurt. Barootes like this are designed for little ones who don’t have a lot of hair, and they don’t pull or pinch at all.

  45. NOBODY beats me at scramble! But I’d be happy to take care of this wee one’s Li’l Green Patch.

    One of the oldest people on fb.

  46. Barettes??? Matchingks LIL PINK BELLEH????


    Thanks Cute Overload, I am ded now.

  47. this bebe is looking a little coy in the 2nd picture. I’m thinking she’s getting her groove on with that bear.

  48. momof2kitties says:

    Thanks to the astute CO peeps for the info. I never knew !! Weird!! She is pretty cah-yute rockin’ the baroottes. And the ree-bon.

    And, BerthaS, I happen to know that I AM OLDER THAN YOU. And slightly bowling pin shaped myself. NTTAWWT. 🙂

  49. Rachel Sweeden says:

    The puppeh is adorable.

  50. But momof2…are you on facebook?

  51. Hang on. Look really closely at that last photo. Are her toenails painted pink, or is that just glare? I can’t tell…

  52. InAwwwe says:

    Geez … That’s like soul sucking cute……

  53. What an amazing little pup! She really knows how to sell it, too – look at those poses.

  54. ::SCREAMS::

    Are those HAIR CLIPS?! Barettes?! OMG!



    (Finally, something worthwhile on facebook! :P)

  55. Trendsetter, that puppy is! Soon we’ll be seeing hair clips on short-haired puppehs everywhere!

  56. *dies*

    [Cause of Death: Hypoglycemia brought on by syrupy dose of “pwecious puppeh”]

  57. [dons the Pedantic Specs]
    [clears throat]

    …hyPERglycemia would be indicated by elevated glucose levels — i.e., too much blood sugar. Other relevant symptoms here may include aphasia, ptyalism, and in rare cases, a catastrophic cranial overpressure event.

  58. aside:
    I am also bored by Facebook. Sadly, Assbook is no more interesting.

    No, I’m not kidding. It’s even San Fran based, like CO.
    (safe for work)

  59. mberkie0 says:

    @Teho, srsly reelly now! ‘Splain all of dem big words!
    Puppeh is 2Qte, or is it Qt2[square?]
    Cat would not sit still for baroottes or barrettes, but he’s a guy, what does he know?
    @berthabutler, methinks I am older than you, although I’m not on facebook, but then methinks I’m older than dirt.

  60. MBerkie — I would, but it might be more fun to wait for somebody else to do it. Especially, like, if they’re an actual *doctor*.

  61. January says:

    Probably should have just had a baby instead…

  62. Does ANYONE know what breed this adorable pup is?!?!

  63. Furbabies says:

    This is what I found at her Flikr site:

    Fernanda Sebbs says:

    Thank you!….
    She´s a poodle + pinscher!!!!……… We just love her!…. hahaha
    Posted 18 hours ago. ( permalink )

  64. Oh lord. What do they call this? A pinchypoo? [groan, grumble, heavy sigh]

  65. Kris — a POOCH!

  66. [heavy sigh, eye roll]

  67. Furbabies says:

    Ya gotta luv them pooches! I have one and she’s one of the best dogs around. Part beagle, part cocker spaniel. But, she is geriatric now and doesn’t enjoy the kitties like she used to. We lost her brother Henry(real bro) last October 17th to heart failure and cancer. She mourned him for several weeks before bouncing back to her snappy self. Ginger Snap, that’s her name and she lives up to it! Mutts Unite!

  68. momof2kitties says:

    @ BerthaS…well…I’m not (technically) but my husband signed up and then I usurped his page so all my peeps know to reach me under his info. Can’t figure out how to get a page that is all mine own tho’! DO WANT!!!

  69. please…….don’t do that to your pup. it’s unseemly.

    leave that nonsense to hilton.


    let the puppy BE.

  70. Oh, the shame. The burning, searing shame. Just a minute or so per side. *Tasty* shame.

  71. her markings sorta look collie-ish. could be wrong… could. be. wrong.

    my beagle would snort at me if i did this to her. she makes piggie grunting noises and nuzzles down beside me and then buries her face in my armpit. those barettes would slide right off if i could even get them onto her short hair.

  72. Totalee Puppy says:

    Best puppeh! Best puppeh!
    In her last picture, she looks like she is saying,
    “Beulah…Peel me a grape…”