Today’s Daily Mail has an article about a puppy who was born with only hertwo hind legs and nubs for front legs. A prosthesis was made for her, using model airplanewheels and shoulder joints, natch.


The puppeh’s name is: "Hope", though I think "Nubbles" is far more apropos, Non?


Check out this one-ear-up/revving engine action


You deliver the redonkitude, Lisa M.!



  1. yaayyyyy sweet wheels puppers.

  2. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    The Six Million Dollar Dog! “We can rebuild him … we have the technology …”

  3. Oh this’s ridiculous. Just that first pic has me tearing up. And that warm hand supporting him. *sniff*

  4. Reminds me of Faith, another special dog who is full of life and joy.

  5. linguafranka says:

    omg, how sweet! i though “how pathetic” until i saw the video. she’s just like other pups… almost… i think she’ll be fine.

  6. hughman says:

    i’ve observed that dogs have an amazing resiliance to obstacles like these. i see 3 legged dogs and pooches in wheel chairs at my dog park all the time who are just as fiesty and happy as all the rest. they are spared the embaressment and ostracizacation humans must overcome.

  7. Better stronger cuter! Oh Em Gee far too adorables – fluffy and sad and hilariously hoppity!!! She kinda moves like a sea lion… I lofs her! *steals the bipedal pupster and runs*

    {Oh, and this is a sign that dogs are evolving, I swears. She’s the first step toward a Matlestasaurus Rex}

  8. serfer0 says:

    That is AWESOME!
    What an improvement on regular dogs.
    She is streamlined!
    She is a furry rocket on wheels!
    She is Puppeh 2.0!

  9. Seeing the first picture I was like “Wow, that dog totally needs Luke Skywalker at the helm”. Sigh, nerddom.

  10. Im more of a kitteh person than a puppeh person but that puppeh is pretty darn CUTE! 🙂
    I want to hold her and pet her and stick my face in her fur… (Shh! Dont tell my kittehs!!)

  11. Funniest hover text yet on photo #3.

  12. hon glad says:

    A wheelie good idea.

  13. She looks like such a happy dog in the video, no different from any other dog. She seems to barely notice her disability. I picture her challenging other dogs to races: four legs vs. two legs and the wheely thing.

  14. LOL at the last picture hover text I was thinking that exact thing when I saw that picture.
    Get your motor running
    Head out on the highway
    looking for adventure
    and what ever comes my way.
    Roll on little pupster ROLL ON!

  15. nevarbackwards says:

    I love that music…it’s in a Clockwork Orange. Yay pup!

  16. Was I the only one whose first thought upon seeing this post was:


  17. Azuredragon says:

    Nuff said. 😀

  18. Christine says:

    It’s obvious that this pup still has alot of life left in him. Thanks to who ever did this!

  19. cheesybird says:

    Awww!!! Sweet little nubber pupper! That’s an awesome set of wheels she’s got!

    Hon glad, *snork*! I just love a good pun. Or a bad pun. Or any pun really.

  20. I must be the only nuff nuff who thinks it would have been understandable to euthanise after the birth.
    A tough decision obvy.
    that said, damn, he’s cute and perky!

  21. tanjerine says:

    aww. this had me tearing up. such a sweet looking feisty puppy.

  22. Oooooh, dis quite da schnooks, such as da likes ob which I never seeeen! Prosh beyond compare, someone must hab enjoyed dose tasey paws which, to dis day, resemble da nubs you see here. A sub meh SHON with a mih SHON!!

  23. Eeeeeeee… lil’ Hope makes me so sad! Sigh… at least puppy has people looking after it very well. *lofthepuppy*

  24. laineyg6 says:

    Made my day. Too precious. So we have all seen the other famous two legged dog, Faith.

    Now we have Hope. All we need is one called LOVE and all will be right with the world.

  25. How adorable!

    She doesn’t seem to mind not having those legs when she’s flopping around on the ground with the other puppies.

    I’m glad they’re able to fit her with a prosthesis.

    “Where do you find a dog with no legs?”

    “Anywhere she wants to be.”

  26. ErynCerise: seconded for me.

    P.S. am I the only commenter here for whom the “remember personal info” checkbox does nothing?

  27. Finally a post that belongs on both Cute Overload AND Makezine.

  28. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Chocks awayyyyy….”

  29. Desdemona says:

    In answer to your question about whether “Nubbles” is more appropos than “Hope” for this baby’s name — no, Meg, this is one of the rare times I must disagree. She is truly a bundle of Hope for the world. But dang, woman, you should put out a mascara alert when you post something like this!

  30. Waaaaaaaaaa! Lil Brudder!!!!

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    It makes me cry from a mixture of emotions. I’ve seen dogs near where I work adapt happily to those prosthetic devices. Isn’t it wonderful to find a human being who loves these animals enough not to give up on them, and to make their lives better?
    Bless that puppy!

  32. I sent in some pics of Hope when she was 5 weeks old! I think she was even cuter then (if that is possible). I helped to transport her to her new home. Here are links to photos and video from that trip:

  33. Midori, I KNEW I wouldn’t be the first person to

    WAAAA! Li’l Brudder!!!

  34. this is heartwarming! I appreciate that there are people out there who care enough for animals to do this wonderful work!

  35. Oh…my…gods. I am totally overwhelmed at the combination of cute and sad and happy. What an unbelievably adorable puppy! And she’s so energetic and spunky! I’m glad she’s getting such special care so she can live a happy life!

  36. that is amazing. yay, hope!!

  37. How does she stop once she gets rolling? It would be like me on rollerskates!

    And the “remember personal info” box hasn’t worked for me in ages.

  38. Floyd's mom says:

    YAY! YAY! YAY! 🙂

  39. Michele says:

    Not cute.

  40. chanpon says:

    That is so redonkulously cute and sweet!! And the puppy looks like such a sweetheart – I want to smooch him. <3

  41. NeoCleo says:

    Thanks a bunch, Cute O! My coworkers caught me crying like a fool over this!!

    The only thing that gets me more than Hope is my own beloved doggie.

  42. What a great story!

  43. Not cute. NOT CUTE?

    No. It’s INSPIRING and MOVING and TRIUMPHANT and GLORIOUS and all of the good things that creatures of the earth can be together.

    Not cute. Hmph.

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m with Berthaservant. I can’t get the video to open right now but the pix. had me choked up all on their own. It’s way beyond “cute”.

  45. redonktikulous

  46. They’re looking for a forever home for her? I’d gladly volunteer.

    (PS- Yay for puppy prosthetics and the people who make ’em!)

  47. Keith and debg, I finally discovered that “Remember personal info” DOES work… if you preview your comment before posting.

    And I’m with Meg; I like “Nubbles.” “Hope” is a little on-the-nose for my taste.

  48. Khadija says:

    there are people who would just get rid of a pup like that. a big thanks to the peops who sorted this lil one out. xoxo

  49. Jewelz_4_U says:

    Robo-puppeh!!! Dat dog is teh awesum!! He obvy is doing jus fine and will continue to do so if he is surrounded by those who care for him. Yayyyy for HOPE!!!

  50. AlbertaGirl says:

    I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this… in the video, when she barks – her little bum flies up in the air!!! Too cute!

  51. Awww! Rollerdog OWNS MY BRAIN!!!

  52. I agree with AzureDragon, why bother with prosthesis. Clearly they’re not needed.

  53. Oh stuff it, stuffy.

    You use “clearly” the way a five-year-old uses “because I say so”.
    (along with droves and scores of other internet bores)

  54. How sweet!! And, yay, yay for those who make such stuff for cuties like that!!! We hada cat with three legs, and he had more will to live than many people I know. . . this dog must be a sweetie!

  55. (Quietly passing pudding to Theo)

    [No thanks, I’m full, heh… – Ed.]

  56. It does not surprise me that this McPuppersons is so spunky and happy. Maltese’s are just so sweet and funny. My little fur girl is just as happy twirling around on her back legs and running laps in the living room a she is quietly snuggling and watching TV with me. I had to put her leg in a cast shortly after I got her at 12 weeks and after a little bit of adjusting, she was bouncing around as usual. 🙂

  57. JulieRaven says:

    😀 This is so sweet. But it seems like the pup was even able to get along alright without the robo-pup equipment! I guess the issue of the abscess that was apart of Faith’s situation is the same here. But seriously, I wouldn’t have known she only had two legs from the clips of her playing if I hadn’t been told beforehand. She’s so feisty and fierce, I couldn’t tell that she was playing any differently.

    Yay =)

  58. oh and to the nuffers – she is DARN cute and why would you euthanize her? She obviously is having a great life even without her legs!

  59. oh that is fabulous to read about animals that are given help when they have problems with their bodies. you wouldn’t euthanize a human for not having limbs would you so why do that to an animal? extra cookies for the folks that designed the prosthetic wheels. we need more of those people in the world! i know this is stereotypical, but i can just see that dog being used as a teaching tool and inspiration for young children with disabilities!

  60. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Transform and roll out!

  61. hope testing her wheelz!

  62. I can’t look at the video because I will totally bawl-it makes me sad and happy at the same time. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient animals can be-when stuff like this happens as a result of an accident or something, us peeps totally freak, but once they kind of figure out how to deal with a missing limb or the like, the animals is all “Yeah, I’m missing something, what’s up?”. At least this has been my experience. I’m glad McPuppersons is still all “Yay!!”

  63. awesome! this is sad yet totally great at the same time.

    maybe this little dog can be an inspiration for kids (or adults) overcoming a disability…

  64. Seamus' Mom says:

    How wonderful!! I wanna snorgle her and her rocket legs!!

  65. Thank God for vets and folks who don’t give up on puppehs just cos they’re not perfect! A happy dog is a loved dog, even if he uses wheelies.

  66. Hi, I am Hope’s Mom and I have the pleasure of spending my life with Hope. Do not feel sorry for her as she does not know she has a handicap. She chases her best friend, Annie our little Yorkie, around the house. She is a joy and everyday gives me inspiration and happiness. We as humans could learn so much about forgiveness, mercy and love from our 4 legged or in Hope’s case, 2 legged friends. If you wish to learn more about Hope, please see the rescue leagues website: http://www.scmradoption.com. This wonderful agency saved Hope’s life and continues to help other precious maltese. With the downturn in the economy, many animals are being surrended to shelters. Do you have it in your heart to help?

  67. bessymouse says:

    And just when I had started to loose faith in humanity.
    Thank you cute overload.

  68. Aw, this is wonderful.

  69. Sad Overload…

    But very inspiring that us humans have not put a puppy like that down and instead are doing everything to make his life easier… 🙂

  70. This is animal abuse! The puppy could do much better without those straps. There are dogs living happily without front limbs. The stupid device only prevents this puppy from jumping, rolling and running around.

  71. Have some sensitivity, Jolan, before you go around spewing words like “stupid” and “abuse” (read Hope’s owner’s comments). I take it you have years and years of experience with two-limbed dogs to be so outraged…if not, give Hope’s ownders the benefit of the doubt that she’s fine. Geez.

    [Mika, he’s just a troll trying to get you angry. Ignore. – Ed.]

  72. This little guy
    had a T3 injury at birth, and he’s doing just fine. His back legs don’t work too well, but that doesn’t seem to bother him!
    Yay for Hope and Hope’s Mom!

  73. Especially *rolling*, Jolan. Everybody knows how $#!%%y WHEELS are, for that.

  74. First of all, sorry for accidentally posting my previous comment three times!
    I’m sensitive enough, believe me, otherwise I wouldn’t be watching and commenting such videos. I have no experience with disabled dogs (a three-legged dog doesn’t count, I guess), but do have with disabled kids. I didn’t mean to be rude, but definitely believe that this puppy would be much-much better off without this “clever” wheelchair. Animals and humans with disabilities are very adaptive and can learn amazing things. Disabled have to be tought to get around on their own instead of going “ahhhhhhhh, let’s give them a wheelchair right away”! People sometimes pitty animals and kids for wrong reasons. Most of them need a lot of love and attention instead of prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs to become happy adults. If you strap this puppy to a prosthetic device, it will never learn to do whatever it pleases. Yes, even rolling around!
    I have adopted my three-legged boxer because the owners refused to take it home after having an amputation. Some people think that an animal/kid with a disability looks shameful and is predestined to have an unhappy life. No, sir!
    Prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs can be helpful from time to time, but are the LAST resource of help….after everything fails.
    Please, check out the following vids:

    Sorry if mu opinion hurts anybodie’s feelings.

  75. Sorry if the previous links were not available:

  76. Take it easy, Jolan. You’re waaay out of line with the assumptions and the jumping to conclusions. It makes me think that what you’re saying isn’t so much about the dog anymore & more about your own issues.

    Don’t hate people for trying to do their best for those they love.

  77. Watch the videos, Theo!
    I don’t hate anybody (don’t judge me because you hate others), I’m just sorry for the cute little puppy for becomming a toy and a subject of false human sympathy, which will make a real cripple out of it. It could have grown up to become a happy dog…Now, it will depend on its wheelchair forever because can never learn to live without it.
    I can tell, you never had to deal with people or animals with disabilities…

  78. Umm first let me say how adorable this puppeh is. Second Jolan, I don’t think anyone think of that puppeh as a “toy.” I know a kitteh without front legs, that had a similar device attached to it, though I beleive that may have been surgical. That kitteh was able to do everything others were–including jumping. Yes, perhaps she could have adapted with no front legs, but that doesn’t mean its abusive that they were given to her. If she’s happy then what’s the problem? There isn’t one.

  79. Self-appointed all-knowing internet “experts”…
    [sad slow headshake]

  80. My very last comment: only Kali seems to understand that I’m on the puppy’s side. I am trying to believe that the plastic cart won’t bother it too much. Still sure that it’s an unnecessary waste of money. Uncomfortable too. One can help much more by giving attention and care to a handicapped animal/person, than buying plastic substitutes for money. Chiao guys! And give my kisses to Paris Hilton.

  81. Hmm…I actually wasn’t agreeing with you at all, Jolan. I don’t think there’s a problem with giving animals subsitute limbs as long as they are happy. To me, all that matters is an animals happiness and safety. If those aren’t being disrupted, it shouldn’t matter what’s done to give that animal the best life possible.

  82. Jolan (and others): if you read the Daily Mail article that is linked in the first paragraph of the post, you will see that Hope’s veterinarians were concerned about health problems that can result from not using a prosthetic device. Some animals with limb damage can live without devices to assist them, others cannot. For every animal that is fine without any type of prosthetic device (in terms of not suffering repurcussive damage to other parts of its body), there is one that is not able to manage without assistance devices.

    Also, you don’t know for a fact that the dog will be dependent on the prosthetic for its entire life. If we’re jumping to conclusions here, we could just as easily assume that the pup is also undergoing physical therapy to decrease its reliance on the prosthetic. We could assume that she is allowed time off of the prosthetic device to roll around and goof off. And we can probably also safely assume that she is under the regular care of a specialist, who will assist Hope’s new family in making sure that she has the best quality of life possible.

    Your comment that Hope is an object of “false human sympathy” is insulting to the people who helped Hope. And how do you know that it won’t grow up to be a happy dog? Unless you have ESP, you DON’T. If you’re assuming Hope won’t be happy because she might have to rely on a prosthetic device to get around, you don’t know much about dogs.

    And FYI, I’m speaking as someone who does have extensive experience with disabled humans (including adopted siblings with cerebral palsy and paraplegia) and animals who are disabled (from my many years as an animal rescuer).

  83. And to clarify my previous post, when I say “not able to manage without assistance devices”, I don’t mean to imply that Hope can’t manage without the prosthetic, because she clearly she can. I mean “manage” in the sense that if she were to not have the device, there would be potentially severe other health problems.

  84. My last, last reply. I hope you are right, all of you.
    Kali: I never implied you agreed with me. I just thanked you for not jumping at me yelling “Evil, evil puppy killer!”.

  85. Good God.

    To the Nay sayers:

    This wee one has LIFE.

    Let me repeat that……LIFE.

    Three cheers to Deb!!!

    Give a kiss on the wee little nose for me!!!!!!

  86. rubber duck says:

    I love the video! Such a cute, eager, bouncy, happy little dog! 🙂

  87. Teho, you know there’s ALWAYS room for pudding…

  88. Jolan, I am pretty sure my one legged husband would disagree with your opinion of plastic substitutes for missing limbs. Without his prosthetic leg he would be laying on the couch waiting for me to bring him everything. WITH his prosthetic he is able to work, and do things for himself. He isn’t forced to wear it 24/7, he wears it during the normal daytime routine, and takes it off in the evening. I am pretty sure they don’t keep Hope in her harness ALL the time, and she gets to roll around all she wants. Why would you want to limit animals/humans with missing limbs? Why not give them wheels and let them walk and run like beings with the correct number of legs?

  89. Aww I hadn’t been able to watch the video before (at work)… That little puppeh has so much energy! I would love to cuddle with her and her fluffy fur…. I do believe I am dead from the cute!

  90. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…
    keep those doggies rollin’…”
    Warmest thanks to everyone
    involved in giving Hope some alternatives…don’t have to be used all the time, but it looks like real help.
    Hi to RUBBER DUCK!

  91. herzliebster says:

    To the person who liked the music and said it was from Clockwork Orange … before that it was from Beethoven.

  92. I promissed not to write anymore to avoid unnecessary arguments, but I’m not strong enough to resist it!
    I’m very sorry your husband lost a leg, probably due to an accident. I made this assumption because you said, that without the help of a prosthetic leg your husband “would be laying on the couch waiting for me to bring him everything”. You see, this would never happen to a kid, who was born or became handicapped at an early age. Because kids learn to live with their disabilities and can do amazing things once you let them. Animals can do much better in that sense. Prosthetics are expensive, but wonderful devices and I never said that some people or animals should be denied of having them. As Megusmaximus has warned me, sometimes those devices are just absolutelly necessary for survival. I’m not sure our puppy’s case has not been overreacted. It’s just terrible to watch it roll on its wheels without having the freedom of doing what it pleases. If the puppy would be a total cripple without being able to move, I would agree with strapping it to a cart. But this is obviously not the case.
    I’m happy there are so many nice people who are sympathetic with the cute puppy. I feel the same way, but don’t let be carried away because too much sympathy may do more damage than good.

  93. cheesybird says:

    Um… Jolan… I’m curious at what point *anyone* here said anything even close to “Evil, evil puppy killer!”, let alone “yelling” it. Every response to you that I’ve read so far has been pretty much a calm suggestion to not make assumptions about this puppy’s care.

    BTW, I haven’t looked at all of the videos you’ve posted, but the dog in the first one is shown using a prosthetic (or at least some kind of wheeled device) not too different from the one Hope has been fitted for. It looks like his people put him on it from time to time to walk him, but he’s also allowed to run around without it. Why assume that Hope will be strapped to her prosthetic 24/7? Why not trust the judgment of those who care for her on a daily basis to decide when it’s needed and when it’s not?

    I understand what you’re saying about animals getting along just fine without devices if they’re born that way, and learn how to walk like that, and with a dog like Faith (who walks on her hind legs), I have to admire the folk who rescued her and taught her how to do that, but I also have to wonder what kind of damage will eventually be done to her hips by walking upright. I’m not a vet, but I do know something about skeletal anatomy, and I know that dog pelvises are NOT designed (for lack of a better word) for bipedal locomotion. So while she’s a shining example of animals doing just fine (for now) without a prosthetic, I suspect she’s going to have a lot of problems later with osteoarthritis that will make it very difficult for her to remain mobile. I’m NOT suggesting that the wrong decision has been made in Faith’s case. I’m just suggesting that there are pros and cons on either side of a situation like this, and choosing to provide a dog with a prosthetic does not = animal abuse.

  94. “WHEW” thought for a while the world was coming to an end…a post with NO nuffing?!? Thanks Jolan for restoring my faith in the presence of nuffers in the world.

  95. Give us a video of the little one using his new ‘legs’ please?

  96. WHEELY cute puppy!!!:P

  97. Aw..so cute how positive puppy..xD

  98. r wheeler says:

    2 of my sisters have adopted dogs born with no front legs. Do you know the cost for this prosthetic?