I just watched 8 hours of ferret cam to get these pics

We all know that ferrets are just kneesocks with eyes. So when this little mini endangered black-footed sock was born over at the National Zoo, of course they had to create a Ferret Cam for all of us to enjoy. I think he looks more worm-like than sock-like. You?


Can you see his little sock-face under her right paw?


And now, the baby face right next to his Momma’s (he doesn’t have dark markings yet)


Now, all noodle-like, flopping around


Kinda mini-polar-bear-ish here:


Way to un-endanger-em, Sender-Inner Tara W. and the National Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center!



  1. Michelle says:

    omg how adorable! The baby looks like a little noodle! heehee!

  2. Another Angela says:

    no WAY, that is cool!

  3. Another Angela says:

    It looks like the view from inside a dryer.

  4. dawww! so cute! I am lucky enough to live in a place where black footed ferrets have been re-introduced to the area and I makes me soooo happy to see them once in a while by the river. doesn’t happen often but when I do see them it is great!

  5. It looks like some fluffy-incubation-rounded-wide-angled sleeping pod like the ones you get on Virgin Atlantic for you 34 hour fight. And you wake up in Sydney, followed by a brisk, First Class Bloody Mary to start your day off right, and wobble off the flight.

  6. omg, eeeeee, which to watch, bebbeh ferret or bebbeh lions? eeeeeee, oh wait, hah, i can have two windows open! ahhhhhhh.

  7. hon glad says:

    I like my cute in a more advanced state, this is positively foetal.

  8. omg how adorable!

  9. cheesybird says:

    Dang, Meg, that sounds a heap nicer than flying coach to Sydney, like I did it. Nary a Bloody Mary to be found!

    I was confused by this post at first. In the first three pictures I only saw Mama Kneesock, and I thought “gee, baby ferrets look just like grown-up ferrets”. It was only when I scrolled down to pics 4 and 5 that I saw little Kneesock McWormerson! 🙂

  10. Poohbear says:

    Ferrrrettt caaaaam!!!! *poit*
    First all you see is momma breathing, then OMGosh bebeh springs into action! It’s a worm, it’s a polar bear, it’s Superferret bebeh!
    In fact, Meg, I think it’s a polar bear. Just you wait a couple weeks. :->

  11. Balamuthia says:

    Zoo cams are so fun. Right now all the animals are grabbing honk shus, like I guess I should.

    G’night little ferret noodle.

  12. ashagato says:

    i think we need a little red arrow pointing to the baby. i didn’t see him at first either!

    but the zoo’s only 10 minutes away. maybe i’ll swing by on my way to work 😉

  13. I once did a volunteer activity where the job was to stay up all night, catch ferrets, give them to the scientists to take blood samples, then set them free again.

    It was pretty dang awesome.

  14. Mama is curled up in a complete circle around the baby. Sigh.

  15. NB: Website says Mama’s name is GEORGIA!!!

  16. sock puppet and finger puppet.

    finger puppet really does pop up out of sock’s sleeping snorgling embrace. ahhnn.

  17. Meg, that sounds a lot better than my nightmare of hours of two kids (Brett and Edna) fighting behind me, and a preternaturally laid-back Aussie dad occasionally saying “Naow Idna, stop that. Yer a viry nawty gel.”

  18. I spent a full week watching the mama to try and get a glimpse of her having the baby but I missed it XD – It was so cute watching her groom him and carry him around though. I watch the panda cam more often but I’ve been switching between the two. So adorable!

  19. Meg (not the Meg) says:

    so at what age do they start stealing microphone covers?

  20. It looks like an inchworm!

  21. Cool, new favorite animal cam. I can’t wait to see the little guy grow into full grown kneesock. One more thing to keep me sane while I’m stuck at crappy job!

    By the way, does anybody know any good jobs with animals avaiable in New Jersey….I need to get outta this place!!!!

  22. chanpon says:

    Wow, baby is little ghostly in those last 2 pics! Cool.

    I don’t see sock face in pic #2, but I see beep-able nose!! *finger out*

  23. Baby kneesock is all snuggle the mama snuggle the mama Nurse nurse nurse Snuggle the mama1!111!!! pretty soon he will be up and frolicking.

  24. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I just saw itty bitty teeny tiny bebbeh kneesock tailio!

  25. Londoner says:

    That is the wriggliest little thing I’ve ever seen! Really, really doesn’t want his bottom washed, he keeps trying to get away! He looks like those weird fluffy puppets they used to have on children’s shows – the ones where the puppeteers were all in black against a black background so you couldn’t see them, and you had these fluffy luminous sock things bouncing around…does anyone else remember those? Or is it just another of my hallucinations? 🙂

  26. catablob says:

    When they get their markings they look actually more like a knee sock with eyes that was worn inside some wet black leather shoes.

    For me birthday last year my spouse “adopted” me one of these black feeted ferrets from a society that is working to reintroduce them. So I got a cute picture of “Clover” and a little narrative about her life and all. For all I know Clover has 8000 adoptive parents, but who cares!

  27. belphebe says:

    I’m so glad someone sent this link in. Every time I thought about emailing it, I got stuck watching the baby and forgot what I was doing!

    Back to watching, er, working!

  28. It’s like Andy Warhol’s “Sleep,” only with ferrets.

  29. omg somebody tell her to put it back in its not done yet

  30. lvsidahi says:

    I love you! I love you! I love You! Mmmmm, I love you! lp

  31. chanpon says:

    Squirmy McHead-Bobs!! I’ve been watching this little critter for the last 20 minutes, and he’s been bopping around (literally) nonstop while Mom’s trying to sleep. No wonder Mom keeps shielding her eyes with her paw and tail.

  32. Michelle says:


    More Squirmy action!

  33. OMG – the baby was just crawling all over the place while Mama was sleepin’. He couldn’t get up the incline and keep rolling back to the edge of the screen until Mama finally woke up, scratched her chin wildly, then picked him up in her mouth and put him back to bed. I nearly died and didn’t have anyone to share it with.

    BTW, one baby Lion is chewing on his mama’s tail puff right now. She keeps trying to shake him off.

  34. Poohbear says:

    @Tank : LOL! had identical thought.

    @Ponygirl : know ezackly how you feel! had to call my sistah and have her watch while Mom did that for the umpteenth time…

    Pop-pop-pop… Dum de dum de dum… Squirm-pop-da-de-doop… (Mom:) *soft cronsche* *curl up* (bebeh:) *nurse-nurse-nurse* *come up for air* *nurse-nurse-nurse*, and then pop-pop-dum-de-dum over again… :)))

  35. Hey Mope!

    Don’t know where u live but my daughter is in Boise next to the Boise State campus, which is by the Boise River. She and I have seen Black-footed ferrets on campus. By the river we see mink, deer, and muskrats. Raccoons walk around outside daughter’s apartment at night and deer stroll by. Boise is so cool!

  36. My work productivity has been at about 10% ever since Thursday afternoon, when I started a vigil to watch the birth. My diligence (or, from my employer’s viewpoint, my slacker-ness) paid off, as I got to see the actual birth at 10:46 EDT on Friday! Believe it or not, the little finger puppet has about doubled in size since Friday.

  37. okay i am seriously addicted to that wee little alien-looking quivering thing that keeps trying to climb the furry mountain. it is only 3 days old and does it even sleep? i’m amazed the mama ferret hasn’t squished the little thing what with her moving around. i’m also curious there’s only one kit. i always thought ferrets had like 4 kits in a litter?

  38. Michelle says:

    @Sprock lmao “fingerpuppet” wheeee!

  39. leeleemarie says:

    Ok…so what if I just spent the ENTIRE day watching the ferret cam.

    As long as I look like I am working…right?

    Isn’t that what it is all about.

  40. belphebe says:

    DLR, black-footed ferrets will sometimes have around 3-4 kits in a litter, but Georgia was artificially inseminated (with sperm that was frozen 11 years ago!) and only one kit was born.

    I was watching earlier and felt so sorry for Squirmy! Momma was at the edge of the nestbox, probably eating, and poor Squirmy was rolling all the way around, trying to find her. Poor little fella: no siblings to keep him company!

  41. @Michelle,
    I can’t take credit for the finger puppet comment. I should have appropriately attributed it to Aware, who used the phrase in a prior note (“sock puppet and finger puppet”). I hope I don’t owe any royalties for using the phrase, however, since it cracks me up and I’ll continue to refer to Baby Ferret as “finger puppet” until s/he starts to look more like a sock puppet.

  42. brinnann says:
  43. I can’t stop watching it!

  44. That’s ok, all you unproductive folks. I’m in HR and I’m obsessed with ferret cam (also took a quick gander at octopus cam and flamingo cam). I’ll go fire someone tomorrow to feel better about this.

  45. I could only make out the bebeh socklet in the last pic…..looks like a little ghost!!

  46. @Theresa: You always KEEL me! “Naow, Idna…” LMAO!!!

  47. Wow, that’s one that you have to see moving to see just how squirmilicious it is.

    Baby Carpet Shark!

  48. Theresa says:

    Gail, I can still hear Brett and Edna and their Dad in my dreams. “Dad! Idna pinched my hidsit!” 😛

  49. Daphne Moss says:

    Between the otter mamma and baby and lioness and babies and now this fuzzy little mobile linguine…
    *uh oh .. damn *


  50. umm, is mama okay?? she seems to be uncomfortable…

  51. LOL @ chanpon!!

    Someone pass the marinara! I’m having noodles for dinner! Well, just one noodle…. a really, really cute noodle! 😀

  52. belphebe, thanks for the info why there’s only one kit. eeee, 11-year old sperm? lovely, lol. yeah, it is kinda sad to watch the lil thing wiggle around looking for someone or something. perhaps a sibling or two would help calm it down, but i think this mama ferret has been doing a good job thus far as every time i see the lil alien get away from her she grabs it and curls around it then it tries to get away again. won’t be long before its eyes and ears are opened and it can focus better than it does now. all it can do is just squirm and feed. the zookepers are no doubt keeping a very close eye on this lil one and wouldn’t let any harm come to it. kinda sad also to read about how it was extinct in the wild thanks to us humans. really, we gotta stop doing this to the animals of the world. 😦

  53. O_O
    . . .

  54. leeleemarie says:

    Another full day of perfect unproductivity!

  55. GAAAAHHH!!! He’s all curled up and sleepingks!!


  56. slkinsey says:

    Yep. There goes my productivity for the day.

  57. He’s grown up a lot in 13 days 😀