A Tribute to Chmurka

One of our very favorite hams has passed away today. The beloved Chmurka. Let’s all grab paws, stuff our cheeks to the HILT and thank the Lo’ we got a chance to know the little fluffball. [Bagpipe music starts blaring]

Chmurka the Hamster Egg!, originally uploaded by pyza*.


  1. NOOOO! Chmurka. We loved heem berry berry moishe. **sad**

  2. TheBladeRoden says:

    too much loss over these past few weeks

  3. Wait, this site is supposed to make me squee with unimaginable happiness, not depress me. *sobs* Poor widdle Chmurka.. (;_;) How we loved you so.

  4. Sweet Pea says:

    Chmurka has crossed Rainbow Bridge…so sorry about your loss. He was certainly a cutie!

  5. Oh, no!!! Many condolences to Chmurka’s family!! We enjoyed her pictures so very much!!!

  6. Zaferina says:

    This lil ham bought soooo many “ahns” & ” squeeees” to sooo many peeps! We will miss you Princess Chmurka! Thanks for all the entertainment, you rocked our worldz. Say hello to your sister. xxxxx

  7. Yes, one hamster can make the world a better place, especially when her peeps dress her up in adorable outfits and photograph her. We’ll miss you, little ball of fluff.

  8. I love all of Pyza’s Hamster family. They are so adorable and make me smile every time I see their pictures.

    Chmurka will be sorely missed by myself and all those who have appreciated the window into her hamster life which she has shared with us.

  9. BAAAROOOO!!! Chmurka helped to decrease my fear of rodents. Farewell little caramel colored angel.

  10. baroooooooooooooooooo!

    Probably the most famous hamster in the world.

    Hold your furry friends, close, peeps!

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, sad news. 😦 Sleep in peace, sweetie!

  12. Chmurka, tell Tator Tot mommy loves her and misses her, I think you two will be great friends in ham-heaven.

  13. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Chmurka was a true superstar hammie. She will be sadly missed.

  15. Aesthetica says:

    dear god. first tim russert, then both george carlin and dody goodman today, and now Chmurka, too?! (i won’t even bring up the kiwi animation.) I can’t take much more of this!


  16. Wow. Too close to home. My two-year-old hamster came very close to dying last week when he got wet tail. His bottom got infected and swollen. I thought I was going to lose him. I took him to the vet, and he seems to be getting better, but he still looks really bad.

  17. Chmurka, tell Tator Tot mommy loves her and misses her, I think you two will be great friends in ham-heaven.

  18. Our deepest condolences to the loved ones of Chmurka. Rest in softness, little one!

  19. condolences to chmurka’s family. what a sweet hammie. so glad we got to meet her on CO.

  20. Dexter Fishmore says:

    I’ll pour one out for the cute little mofo tonight.

  21. Balamuthia says:

    Awww, such nibblable little footpads.

    Sweet rest, hamham.

  22. browngrl says:

    my condolences to Chmurka’s family. She was a good hamster who brought much joy into this world.

  23. Many virtual hugs to Chmurka’s loved ones. That’s the hardest part of loving fur people, we outlive so many of them. But they bring us so much joy that it’s worth it.

  24. I think that Chmurka is now in Happy Hammy Heaven where all hammies run freely amongst the sunflower seeds, peanut butter treats & strawberries that are just the right size.

    Chmurka, please say hello to Bebitte and Belvedere Blue for me. Tell them I miss them *sigh*

  25. In Japanese, a hamster with such coloring is referred to as a キンクマ(金熊)。(kinkuma)

    This cute picture of little Chmurka reminds me very sadly of my own lost little kinkuma, Strawberry.

    I hope Strawberry and Chmurka can become friends in that great, big Habitrail in the sky. :,(

  26. RIP little guy, hope you are happy over the rainbow bridge. You’ll be missed.

  27. May your wee muzzlepowsche rest in peace. *sneefle*. Everything I know about hamsters I’ve learned from Chmurka and Lucy.

  28. temperance says:

    my sincerest condolences to chmurka’s family- thank you for being kind enough to share her awesome-ness with the rest of the world. she brought all of us so much pleasure.

    goodbye chmurka.

  29. A hug to Chmurka’s loved ones – she was a lovely hammie, and provided many hours of sweet joy to all who knew her, even if afar through the ‘net.

    They are so small, yet the house feels so empty when they are gone…

  30. My cats send soothing purrs to Chmurka’s family. She will be greatly missed.

  31. SixFootJen says:

    Noooooooooooo! Chmurka, we hardly knew ye! (Blowing kisses to heavenly muzzlepowsche)

  32. I’m sorry.

  33. Chanpon, grief is the price of love. 😦

  34. *sob*

  35. My condolences to Chmurka’s family. She was a lovely girl.

  36. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Chmurka.

  37. I just went and read her flicker page about Chmurka’s passing on. I don’t understand why I’m letting tears fall for a hamster I never met, but it’s so hard loosing pets and I can’t help but identify with Pyza’s loss. Sleep well Little Cloud. Sleep well.

  38. i wonder if it died from being too fat? 😦

    Hey guys, I just got a new little guinea pig! Please visit my site http://www.bunnykitten.com to see pictures of her and help me come up with a good name!

  39. Aww, battling cancer? Yikes. My deepest condolences go out to Chmurka’s family. Rest peacefully in Hammie Heaven! Her pictures are so sweet, resting peacefully amidst some flowers. Even if I didn’t really know her, I am glad that she got a chance to positively impact many people with her life 🙂

  40. Sweet Chmurka passed?

    I’m so sad… *sniff* 😦

  41. Oh noes! First my aunt’s boxer, Sadie, died Saturday, then George Carlin last night, and now Chmurka?!

    I’m trying really, really hard not to cry right now. ;.;

  42. binky-mama says:

    So sad…it’s so heartbreaking that our little pocket pets are only with us for a few years. I’m sure little Chmurka is feasting on tofu up there in hammie heaven.

  43. tubbysnuggles says:

    Oh I am SO sorry to read this!! My sincere condolences to little Chmurka’s family.
    Hammies JUST don’t live long enough.

    I’ve spent lots of time looking through her photostream. I’m so sorry for your loss!

  44. jnet 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  45. Daphne Moss says:

    I loved Chmurka, even when tiny ears fell off..
    Hugs to all who know size truly doesn’t matter when it comes to those we love…

  46. DejaMew says:

    I fell in love with Chmurka when I saw her “Barbie shoes” pic. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chmurka/2393462110/in/set-72157594387292641/

    Who could resist her? I spent several hours looking at her fab pics just last week. I can hardly believe she’s gone. What a lovely, gentle soul she was.

    Pyza, I’m so sorry 😦

  47. Such a huge amount of sweetness and love stuffed into such a furry little friend. She will be missed!

  48. hotchka says:

    Somewhere in hamster heaven Chmurka is surrounded by mountains of tofu.

  49. Jessica says:

    I’m very sad about Chmurka. She brought a little bit of joy into all of our lives and I will miss her! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  50. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Not to be a ’nuffer here, but as cute as that pic is, don’t you think a more touching tribute could be attained if same said pic didn’t also look so…I dunno…pornographic? 😀

    RIP Chmurka!!! Keep Mr. Carlin company for us!

  51. Aw man. I came here to cheer up after my hamster Georgina passed last night only to see this.

    :^( pooey.

  52. Ruth and the rest of the Abusive Relationships Class says:

    To Chmurka’s family and friends, and those who bring us CuteOverload:

    I teach a class of wonderful students who are therapists in training. This class is done online, and deals with many difficult topics related to family violence and substance abuse. As you can imagine, it is very tough learning the details and how to assist in these situations. During my instruction I regularly take my students to CuteOverload.com through my webcam and teaching software. This wonderful site, including Chmurka, helps us remember all the good in the world and brings balance to the difficult learning. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to Chmurka and everyone else at this site for helping all visitors in need of more cuteness in our lives. For our class, it helps us keep up our strength to do the hard (but essential) work we do…which means that Chmurka continues to touch countless families that she has never met. What a beautiful thing. Thank you, Chmurka.

  53. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😦 Chmurka brought me so much joy with her wily antics.

  54. Hamster Lover says:

    That is so sad that little ones this sweet have such short lives in comparison to ours. I am lighting a 1/2 inch candle in her honor and letting it float on our creek in a paper boat. Rest in peace sweety and enjoy yourself in that fluffy sky filled with sunflower seeds!

  55. Really jnet…..

    of all the insensitive….

    *grumble grumble*

    [Yeah, no kidding. – Ed.]

  56. Goodnight, sweet ham. 😦

  57. Our little rodent friends don’t live very long, but we love them just the same. She reminded me so much of my hamster when I was a kid, who had the same coloring and was just as sweet. ;.;

  58. Um…Juniper Jupiter? You know that’s just the hamster’s *tail*, right?

    Poor little Chmurka. Godspeed and thanks for all the smiles, little one.

  59. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    I lost my Bella (cat) several weeks ago, and was just heart broken. This site makes it better. Animals are amazing. They make us love so much. Rest In Peace Chmurka…Say hello to Bella for me and tell her I miss her. Okay, now I’m crying.


  60. Lauren T says:

    Nuuuuu.. T_T So cute and now so dead…

    Update on:
    “Who invited the ferrets?!” ferret. From cuteoverload date: November 23rd, 2007

    The Ferret from that photo is now is very fat and very cute. Turns out he was deaf the whole time and still is. He was kind of an odd fellow. His name is “Smelmo”, and he is a deaf Champagne Panda Colored Ferret. He shall be back on Cuteoverload because he is so darn cute.

  61. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Jnet and Lauren T.. what’s up with the insensitive commentary?


  62. Purple Phoenix says:

    That is so sad! I lost my rat, Fuji, last Thursday while she was being spayed at the vet. She was my ‘wheel addict’. She loved to run on it at about 3 a.m. It gave her great delight to wake me up in the middle of the night.
    Good bye little friends. Wait for us over the Rainbow Bridge.

  63. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I know, Jaye! But that just loox so…naughty!!!

    But…still sad aboot the wee ham!

  64. jessica says:

    NO! Not Chmurka!

  65. Poor Chmurka and her momma 😦 it’s a shame that our pocket pets do not live nearly as long as kitteh’s or doggies. I’ve lost a handful of hammies too, one to cancer as well, antibiotics only help any secondary disease caused because of the weakened immune system.

    I loved all of Chmurka’s glamour shots. No one can doubt that she had a very wonderful life and had everything her little hammie heart could want. Rest in peace Princess Chmurka, Little Cloud.

  66. goodlookingelf says:

    Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you to Churmka’s family for sharing such cute photos. First George, now this, it is a sad day for everyone’s laughter box. Rest in Peace.

  67. Purple Phoenix–
    I’m sorry for your loss. So very sad. (I have two dear fancy rats.) But why were you having yours spayed?

  68. Farewell Chmurka – you brought so much joy into the world. Thank you! We’ll miss you!

  69. Very, very sad news. I loved Chmurka. He is one of the cutest and sweetest hams I’ve ever seen. RIP little guy xxxx

  70. Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of beautiful Chmurka who made so many people so very happy. What a lovely hammie legacy.

  71. I’m not the teary type…but the last few photos and what Pyza wrote just has tears streaming down my cheeks.
    I’m so sorry for her passing.

  72. Anyone who has ever owned a hamster knows how completely enchanting they are. Chmurka has let us all remember what sweetie pies they are and how expressive they are with their “hooman hands” and how redonk they are with their unflaggable determinaiton. Bye, Chmurka. See you on the other side.

  73. Sweet precious Chmurka, I will miss you severely. My deepest condolences to all those who knew and loved her and who now mourn her loss. Thank you so much, CO, for giving us the chance to share in her short but adorable life.

    Sweet rest, little one.

  74. Poohbear says:

    So sad! thanks, Pyza, for taking such good care of her and sharing her with all of us. She was a joy.

  75. hon glad says:

    So sad. Have happy times in Hammie heaven Chmurka 😦

  76. Another sincere condolence for a lovely, joyful little ball of love.

    Many hugs to Pyza and a small broccoli floret left in tribute for an amazing hammie.

  77. Khadija says:

    don’t be sad, Chmurka is now in paradise!

  78. tuckeverlasting says:

    *tear* so sad, she had such a unique character! I will miss her!

  79. I lost my first hamster because of a tumor as well 😦 Sweet Chmurka, say hello to my Nikita in Hammie Heaven… Hugs and condolences to Chmurka’s family.

  80. cheesybird says:


    Farewell, little Chmurka. You’ve made many a day brighter. To, Pyza, I’m so sorry for your loss. Take heart in knowing how much joy your little fuzznugget brought to so many people around the world.

    Purple Phoenix, so sorry to hear about Fuji too. 😦 Hugs to you and all who have lost fur friends lately.

    jnet, Lauren T… try growing a heart. 😡

  81. That looks rude, but cute LOL.

  82. Laurie and Corey C says:

    So very sorry! Yes, hold your furry loves close to your heart xo

  83. Oh, damn.

  84. The additional pics of Chmurka’s little friends bestowing goodbye kisses are a heartbreaker.

    The last pocket pet in our household was a little gerbil, Phoenix. At the impromptu funeral, my tearful younger daughter asked me mournfully to unwrap the shroud (a handkerchief) so she could “see her little face one more time.” Unfortunately…when I tenderly and solemnly drew back the covering, it turned out to be the other end! So little Phoenix made us laugh even at the end of her life.

    With their fleeting lifespans, pocket pets teach many a childhood lesson about life and death.

    Godspeed, little Chmurka, and thanks.

  85. inet, if you took two seconds to visit Pyza’s photostream, you would see that Chmurka wasn’t that fat. In that picture, and others, she was rolled up like an egg for the cute of it all. Pyza said that her vet always said her hammies were at healthy weights.

    She likely died of complications from surgery a few weeks ago and an lingering respiratory infection.

    The world of Cute will be a little less cute with Chmurka’s passing.

    And after saying all of that, I should know not to feed the trolls.

  86. Good bye little dude. You were a fave.

  87. RIP, sweet lil hammy.

  88. Oh, I’m so sorry. I always look, but have never posted before today. I carry a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat today. Rest in Peace, Pretty Hammy.

  89. **tears** goodbye, sweet little cloud. Thank you Pyza for showing us your wonderful pictures.

  90. wagthedogma says:

    Poor little ham! And my sincerest condolences to the people who loved you, Chmurka. I hope wherever you are that you’re happy, safe, and free from suffering.

    I don’t think we ever realize how much light these little souls bring to our lives until it goes out. 😦

  91. Winni-Pig says:

    “Who lives here, must have been a human type who cared a lot, gave many treats and loved much, and we are so amazed! It’s funny how small hammy, could brighten all our days”.

    RIP Chmurka

  92. elliottsmommy says:

    my sentiments have already been expressed in previous comments above, but i wanted to extend my personal condolences to chmurka’s family and loved ones. it is amazing that, and humans are so lucky that, such little precious teeny nuggets of souls can affect our lives in such profound ways, making them happier and richer for just having touched our days. hugs and a prayer for chmurka as she flies around in heaven, in little hammie shorts, plucking shelled pistachio nuts from the shelled pistachio trees. <: (

  93. Floyd's mom says:

    So very very sad. RIP Chmurka and many many hugs to Pyza.

  94. I’m not sure what’s worse, all of these other stories of raw, recent losses or that there’s something called an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS CLASS.

    Good to Ruth and her class for all of the work that they do healing broken souls. Unfortunately it’s so needed.

  95. i’m so so so sorry pyza for your loss. everytime i see your pictures, i wished all hamsters could be as loved as yours. i hated it when people commented about how fat your hamsters were saying you didn’t care, because we know you did. and plus, hamsters are round, people need to get over that (jnet). tears were shed here on my side of the computer screen (for a hamster i’ve never “met”) take care, pyza.

  96. zeldapie says:

    Oh Pyza, I am so very sorry for your loss. Chmurka was a special little hammie, and we’ll miss him.
    I feel sad, and can only imagine how sad *you* are.

  97. Rooanne says:

    I feel so sad. I never paid any attention to hamsters until I saw Chmurka’s pictures. What a personality!
    Pyza, I hope you can get through this by hanging onto all your online friends and your many wonderful memories.

  98. Catsquatch says:

    I am so sorry.
    I hope a baby ham comes your way very soon.

  99. mom2twinzz says:

    Alas poor Chmurka I didn’t know ye well.
    Yet I feel great sadness for the loss of such a beautiful light that brought joy to thousands. May the spirits bring her to the giant rodent heaven where she will find many friends and enjoy the scampering and nibbling on all the favorite treats of pocket pets everywhere.

  100. I think I cried an hour last night after going to bed… this was heartbreaking and brought back so many other losses to me.

  101. metsakins says:

    Well ..to give everyone a little laff, I’m sitting here crying and then I think about what the look on the boss’ face will be if he asks me why I’m crying.

    *dries eyes quickly and goes back to work*

    goodbye Chmurka and George, two “friends” who lightened my life a little bit.

  102. claudia says:

    Aw 😦 I’m sorry.

  103. meowandwoof says:

    simply……me, too.

  104. Stop attacking people for not showing as much compassion as you do! We should be reliving all of Chmurkas happiest moments.

    Really? “grow a heart”? That’s just picking on someone now.

    I know how you feel. I’m really sorry for you losing Chmurka. ;3; I lost one that looked exactly like him, and problemly not as cuddley seeing from all the silly pictures. Cx But he couldn’t have been more loved.

  105. rest in peace little one, you have touched us all.

  106. Pocket pets teach us gentleness in ways that nothing (or no one) else can. Sleep well, dear Chmurka.

  107. BeanSidhe says:

    **waiting for the Chmurka Tribute Page on CO**

    Sometimes the most beautiful, meaningful things on the earth are small and fluffy and make us smile. Condolences and many thanks to her humans for sharing her with everyone. Makes you stop and realize how amazing the world can really be…

  108. 😦 Tears and sadness here on Earth; smiles and joy in Heaven!! Prayers galore.

  109. NutherDeb says:

    We are very sorry for your loss!! It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet!!

  110. Chmurka is now the fluffiest Little Cloud over Rainbow Bridge. Fly free, little one, and thanks for the Cute.

    *Hugs to Pyza*

  111. cheesybird says:

    Tutts, I wasn’t trying to pick on anybody. When I wrote that I was simply *stunned* at the insensitivity of those two comments, and lashed out. You’re right that it was inappropriate. I apologize.

  112. What a sweet ham. May your muzzlepowsche always be stuffed in heaven, little friend.

  113. BeanSidhe — this *is* that page!

  114. She was such a sweet little hammie, I’m so sorry for your loss!

  115. ButtaRumCake says:

    *wipes tear*

    RIP Chmurka!

    *blows kiss*

  116. creativegirl says:

    oh i was so excited to see a new post on little chmurka and then read the sad news.

    poor little chmurka, i hope he is nibbling on some tasty treat in Heaven right now. we will miss him.

  117. i second having a chmurka tribute page on CO.

  118. *sniff* Goodbye sweet Chmurka!! My condolences to his family. If it’s any consolation, just look at the scale of the love everyone here has for the little hammy.

  119. darkshines says:

    I would ask Chmurka to say hi to my hammie’s that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but I am pretty sure they would have gone somewhere a litle more south, the evil little buggers. Boris and Yuri would *probably* be running the place. Criminal masterminds, the pair of them.

  120. sorry for your loss. Chmurka is probably meeting my 5 other hammies who had crossed the rainbow bridge. the sweet memory from the hammies are alway in our hearts. i still remembered the first evening when i brought my hammie PoPo home 4 years ago. she was so energetic in the evening (i didn’t know much about hammie daily routine then) … and so adorable.

  121. addie30 says:

    Ohhhh. Tears. Me loves Chmurka. Thanks for always sharing such a wonderful friend with all the world. Chmurka always made my day the brightest. Cheers!!

  122. weensicka says:

    Wide blue sea of sky,
    A little cloud passes on;
    Rain comes soon after.

    Bless you, Chmurka and Bless you Pyza, for brightening the world in such an amazing way!

  123. Sharon Wilson says:

    So now Chmurka is back with her finch friend! 😦

  124. rubber duck says:

    Awww. I remember that little curled-up hamster with her “yes that is a tail.” I took a quick look at her owner’s photostream and can see that she must have certainly had a happy life. Sweet dreams, little one!

  125. Totalee Puppy says:

    Chmurka, thanks for all the gentle laughter, the
    little outfits, sharing your love of tofu. You have been a blessing and please say hello to Dempster for me. I love and miss both of you.

  126. Infinity says:

    Chmurka was a good & sweet ham and shall be missed with many sorrowful baroos. D:

  127. Kirsten Walsh says:

    We are so sad to hear of Chmurka has passed. we just loved the movies. Rest in peace. K~