ANOTHER Stretch-a-thon

[Kitteh] I can stretch further than you can, Bee-yatch.
I’ve had it with your "contests"—


[Kitteh] WATCH MEH—EHN! [belly splays out]
[Puppeh, offscreen, sighs, rolls eyes]


Fine, I’ll show you a streeeeetch Ehn! [Tail flops forward]


[Kitteh] You call that a stretch!? Check this out, MoFo! [Proceeds to break back in half]


I think we KNOW who the winner of this Stretch-a-thon is now. [Proceeds to Honk-Shu land]
[Puppeh, under breath]


Nice rubber kitteh, Jennifer C.!



  1. That kitty will be stretching for the US in the upcoming Olympics. USA! USA!

  2. chanpon says:

    The cat has a “Uh…someone help me..” look on his face in the 3rd photo! The dialogue and the hovertext had me in stitches.

  3. I was going holy “f….” “s…” when I saw the hyperflexibly of cat. I’ll tell you, animals are amazing. Ferrets, cats and hamsters all have me in awe of their contortionist skills. Just awesome!

  4. Poohbear says:

    THIS is the Meg we know and love! YAAAAAY!!! had me in steetches.

  5. Kitty can make a question mark with its body. I just make them with my brain.

  6. no one Bleen’ed? *looks around* BLEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    and stretch kitteh FTW

  7. BTW…Puppeh is not stretching…he is farting. I know thees because my shih tzu does this frequentleh.

    She does that butt in the air stretch…and ifyou happen to be down wind…you see her heine wink and this little poof of air and godawful smell depending on wich flavor of cesar she eats….If your holding her and feelthis rumbly near her tummy, set that bitch down quick! fart city!

  8. i don’t know what that color is, but it is the new avocado/harvest gold/beige

    although, if you have to color-coordinate to that dog and cat, it’s all you can go for

    and honestly…pic #3? you know the tailio is perpendicular for pure mockery purposes

  9. sorry…i meant pic #4

    totly rulze the tailio in pic #3

  10. Malle Babbe says:

    So THAT’S why they call it “Downward Facing Dog”… I manage not to toot when I do it though, just grunt.

  11. omfg what is that it looks like a fuzzy pug!

  12. jackie31337 says:

    I was so sure I was going to scroll down and find that this one was posted by not that mike the other mike, because these epic illustrations and narratives seem to be his style, but Meg was behind this one! Go figure!

    P.S. May I suggest cutting down a bit on the epic factor? It makes for a lot of scrolling to get to the cute further down.

  13. Annabel says:

    LOL this one was super funny – I love the ‘proceeds to break back in half’ in order to upstage the dog one haha!
    The dog’s face does indeed say it all….!

  14. @pika23: LOL!!! I was thinking it’s good thing this isn’t a YouTube video with sound!! It’s a doggie ‘inside joke’, the equivalent of “Pull my finger!”

  15. What kind of dog is that?

  16. Michelle says:

    jackie, you’ll have to agree that epic posts are wayyyyyy more enjoyable than epic commentroversies?

    Every time I see a pup/kitteh napping together I think of a poem I read when I was a kid.

    Lazy kitty, lazy pup
    it’s time to be awake and up!
    Lazy puppy, lazy cat
    to sleep away the day like that!


  17. That dog is one of the cutest animals I have ever seen!

  18. Hon Glad says:

    The Olga Korbut of the cat world. By the way stop those illegal bleens. There wll be hell to pay when Theo returns.

  19. Christy Leung says:

    What kind of dog is that? It looks like a shih tzu and pug mix? So cute!

  20. My neighbor has a dog that looks just like that–a Shpug (shih tzu-pug)….is that one also?

  21. k. o'dee says:

    Yes, kittehs have springs in their backs. I’d like to see a stretchinks competition with a whippet.

  22. My friend’s cat can do this Poltergeist thing where she turns her head around to clean the fur on the back of her neck.


  23. Holy Cow-cute pup & beautiful kitty! So very bendy.

  24. I love the pups face in the last photo.He’s all “you see what I have to put up with?”

  25. chanpon says:

    Ugh – need to correct myself after a full night’s sleep. That’s photo #4, not #3, in my original post (no more posting late at night).

    @David – I think all cats do that. At least all mine do. They don’t look quite as extreme as you describe, so maybe you’re friend’s cat is part owl?

    My favorite pose though, is when they get BOTH legs off the ground to clean the rump area. It’s an amazing act of balance, 2nd to none.

  26. Yea for ‘stretchy-kitty’!, first-cousin to ‘boneless kitty’.

  27. Come on… EVERYONE knows that kittens don’t have bones. They don’t get bones until their first birthday. That is way they are so bend-y and easily foldable.

  28. Kitty is all this is why cats rule and dogs drool. Cause kitties are extra flexy!

  29. Sweet Pea says:

    Yay! My pics made it!
    The dog is named Ginger and she is a pug/shih tzu mix…and the kitty is named Banana.
    Thanks Rebekah for letting me photograph your adorable pets!

  30. k. o'dee says:

    BANANA!!! Quite possibly the best kitteh name ever.

    Bananas and ginger are tasty together.

  31. Titus Heckel says:

    Meg, your captions are the best! Please don’t abdicate your virtual duty to bring the funny to teh Cute. Keep writing captions!!

  32. No witty comment here. Just the usual kudos to Meg for telling is “the real story.”

  33. Oh great! Now I have to clean the nose smears off of my computer screen where I tried to snorgle the kitteh belleh.

    How can you justify posting photos like that when you KNOW we’ll all be going in for the massive furbelleh snorgle? Is it maybe that you own stock in the company that produces computer safe Windex (TM)?!


  34. Theresa says:

    A Pug-Shih tzu mix? Sweet Pea, I think you have something there. 😉

  35. wagthedogma says:

    Ha! If that were my cat, his name would be “Gumby.” (Pronounced “Gum-beh,” natch! :D)

  36. Our tuxie cat is almost 2, but has retained the streeetchability of his kitnhood. The convexity is awesome.

    (for old-tyme CO commenters who remember the saga of Tuxedo Junction — yes! TK is almost two.)

  37. Ooh, that kitteh looks just like my dear departed Mittens. She was a rubber kitteh with pipecleaner arms, too,

  38. Kittie is definately at an *acute* angle!

  39. LOL!These pictures are hilarious!I wich my pets could be like that!

  40. Hmm, Banana, how apropos; named after the folk song “I like bananas because they have no bones”?

    @chanpon: I didn’t know that. It looks kind of extreme to me, especially given my limited mobility in that area 🙂

  41. binky-mama says:

    Quite possibly the cutest kitteh/puppeh combo EVAR!

  42. …”Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!”

    Thoroughly enjoyable & goes in the “truth is stranger than fiction” of acrobatic/ orthopedic theory…
    Thanks for a 2 minute grin.

  43. That kitten tail is killing me.

  44. I like the fluffy pug a lot. 🙂

  45. youguysrsilly says:

    “…proceeds to break back in half…”
    ha!! — Meg, you made me LOLz.

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pug: “Oh yeah, sure. Go to sleep, why dontcha? Meanwhile, I could use an Advil and some Ben Gay!”
    Kitteh: “Ahhhh,zzzzzzz….”
    (dreaming of the Summer Olympics)

  47. That cat’s stretch is impressive!

  48. that has to be a bengal

  49. That cat is exactly like a smaller version of mine! Adorable. <3