The Binary Hokey-Pokey

You put your right foot in …


You take your right foot out …


You put your right foot in …


And then you just sit there and pout.


0100111001101001011000110110010100100000011000110110000101110100, Anne B. (translate here)



  1. Marilyn says:

    Bleen? lovely kitty.

  2. Poohbear says:

    Vereh funneh, ah must admit.

  3. I’m thinking someone’s playing a dangerous game with ‘look at my wiggling finger’ with that black kitty.

  4. Poohbear says:

    Okeh, NTMTOM, you’re funneh too… (Grumble, grumble…) It’s just that Meg is pretty much irreplaceable, IMHO…

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    LOL! Awesome! And dig the hover text, people. ^_^

  6. snorglepup says:

    So that’s what it’s all about.
    What, no racks?
    Just asking…

  7. Yay! Caturday!

  8. chanpon says:

    Wow, that is a 0100111001101001011000110110010100100000011000110110000101110100! Not quite full purrito, but somewhat quesdilla-like.

  9. AuntieMame says:

    01000111 01101111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01101111 01101110 01100101 00101100 00100000
    01001110 01010100 01001101 01010100 01001111 01001101 00101110 00100000 01001100 01001111
    01001100 00100001


  10. Mike, post the lion cub video I submitted

    it’s the weekend and meg is probably off in Cabo or something with all her CO money eating caviar so she’ll never know.

  11. Is that murder in the kitty’s eyes? Surely not. c:

  12. binky-mama says:

    I detect toe AND ear floof.

  13. Poohbear says:

    Good one, Auntie Mame, LOL!

  14. lurkingsmirk says:

    Binary cuteness? Good lawd 0_0

  15. binky-mama says:

    JNO that video made me cry!!

  16. Poohbear says:

    JNO, that was very rude. 😦

  17. “Nice Cate” LOL!!!

  18. binky-mama — me too.

  19. Purrito negro esta muy lindo! And you? You verii, verii clevurr.

  20. Binary is cute. I had to google a translator.

    01110011 01110001 01110101 01100101 01100101 00100001 00100001 00100001


  21. pretty shiny black kitty!

  22. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hmmm JNO I recall seeing a (less sappy) version of the same video–it may have been posted on CO already. And what’s with people being insulting when their submissions don’t make it??

  23. Biscuit Tin says:

    I would gaze at this gorgeous kitty and skritch her velvet nose, and say, “Who’s beautiful? WHO is? YOU are!!” until I got that, “Holy Mother of God, why can’t you get a life?” look, but that wouldn’t stop me, and eventually she’d retreat completely under the blanket in disgust. I mean, if past experience can be relied upon.

  24. So cute! But how can he be under a blanky? It’s so hot now that I’ve been giving my kitties ice water!

  25. I don’t think JNO’s comment was insulting, or rude. It seemed more jocular to me, playing with the situation of suddenly having a third official poster. Kind of a “Quick, let’s see what the substitute teacher will let us get away with while our regular teacher’s out” attitude. The tipoff being that JNO certainly does not believe, nor expect anyone else to believe, that Meg is off spending her vast Cute Overload earnings on caviar.

  26. LOL Biscuit Tin… this sounds like my house… and my kitties when I harass them too much!

  27. Yeah, we all know Meg prefers foie gras.

    Very complex in it’s simplicity, and vice-versa, NTMTOM. Big gold stars!

    P.S. Yah, let the kitteh out….my cats do not want to come off the linoleum.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    JNO & Janet–Pina Coladas maybe but NOT caviar!

    This is the very same look that my Gemma gives my son every time he walks into the room. Because she knows that he will pick her up and try to *gasp* SNORGLE her! And she can’t stand it!!!

  29. binky-mama says:

    Jude- Me too! Binky’s new favorite thing is ice-cubes in the water bowl, which she demands at meals and before bedtime. Next thing she’ll be demanding heart shaped ice cubes with a piece of tuna in the middle. (rolling eyes)

  30. NTMTOM, You are amazing!! You know, black cats dont get considered cute as often as they deserve…and this cat looks quite a bit like my black cat (except mine looks happier :>..) Anyway…Thanks for giving the cute black cats a chance!!! (“nice cat”…haha 🙂 )

  31. Thanks Janet. I am teasing, but also alluding to the fact that Meg usually doesn’t post much on the weekends. Now that NTMTOM or “nomnom” for short is on board perhaps he’ll be the new weekend poster.

  32. Isn’t that a right hand?

  33. lol, that was ridiculously funny.

  34. Verrrry pretty kitty, but her expression says, “I got yer Hokey-Pokey RIGHT HERE!!”

  35. Hon Glad says:

    Put your hand under the blankie and see what you get, I have a sharp surprise waiting.

  36. Gorgeous kitteh! She looks like basement cat’s minion, though. [shiver]

  37. im337337 says:

    How does he do that???
    ITS MAGIC!!!WOW!!!

  38. Geeky and snorgly.

    Also, of course Meg’s not off buying caviar. She’s eating sushi.

  39. binky-mama, I laid awake last night in the stifling heat wondering whether I should invent tuna-flavored ice cream for the cats! Imagine suffering through the summer in a fur coat all the time 😦

  40. stephanie says:

    where can i get dose sheetz? 😦

  41. This is funny!A cat doing the hokey pockey!

  42. Oh. Swoon.

  43. KittyMom says:

    Oh i luf black kitties!!! This one is especially cute =^..^=