Episode Nine: Peril in the Cupcake Swamp

Suddenly, the jungle grew still. The birds in the treetop canopy above us ceased their endless chattering and worriedly began to scan the distant horizon. “It’s no use,” I sighed, exhausted. “The surface is too smooth in every direction! There’s nothing to grab hold of!”  It was then that Julietta began to thrash about in panic. “Don’t struggle, Miss Greenaway!” shouted Professor Dawkins. “It will only cause the frosting to drag you down faster!”

But it was only the sudden rumbling of the ground that made her stop. We felt it again, then again — a dull vibration coursing through the forest floor, clearer and closer with every step. The birds scattered into the skies in terror and the monkeys disappeared chattering into the trees. There was a rustling behind me and then we saw it — the creature known by the natives as besta distorcido da selva: Fuzzy Beast of the Jungle.

Julietta screamed and struggled anew. “NO!” yelled Dawkins, but it was too late — the monster had noticed us. It lowered its massive head, and it was then that I saw them: The whiskers. They were our only hope now. “Grab onto my shoulders!” I told the others. “We’ve got one … last … chance.”

Will our heroes survive? View the entire thrilling episode at Picasa!


The suspense is killing us, Laurie R!



  1. No comments yet? Sheesh. Brilliant description, NTMTOM.

  2. OMG a kitty and cupcakes… YAY!!!!

  3. Are those….TicTacs???

  4. I hope those are fishcakes and real whipped cream for the topping (and the cat is lactose tolerant)

  5. CoffeeCup says:

    Bring one over here, Mr. Scrubby!

    But stale teddy grahamas, ick. No wonder they were left behind.

  6. Annie J says:

    Omigod! I missed the first 8 episodes! Oh well….Lovin’ the cupcakes and the kitty! [And the story too ^___^]

  7. MagieBee says:

    OMG that was AWESOME! Hahahaha, “close one, boys”

    And I loff the white kitty feets! Oh, feets….!

  8. My little guy, Mr. Scrubby, likes whipped buttercream and with his tapeworms and mice.


  9. Blyhagd says:

    Ummm, does anyone else think Meg has recently had some extra time on her hands? I’m not complaining, I’ve just noticed that the descriptions have been extra-long lately. It’s fun, though.

  10. Layla42 says:

    Brilliant commentary as usual NTMTOM *snort*

    And Laurie, what a pretty kitty you have! Who doesn’t like buttercream?!

  11. @ Blyhagd: Meg’s not responsible for this or many of those recent long posts. Not That Mike The Other Mike has been given the CO privilege of being allowed to post images.

    Just, FYI. =3

  12. I like Not that mike the other mike’s really long comments, they make the pictures even cuter. I would have laughed at the picture by itself, but I never would have noticed the teddy grahams stuck in the cupcakes, unless there had been a story there. Nice job, Mike.

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    Laurie, did Mr Scrubby get to eat an entore cupcake/ or did he juste taste test every one?
    I LORVS your photo essay!!

  14. Biscuit Tin says:

    Those are the most gorgeous cupcakes I’ve ever seen! I think those are red-hots, not tic-tacs. Anyway, how would one now get them out of the pan? Shouldn’t they be out of the pan before they are frosted? Or is the whole point just giving kitty something to lick? That’s a lot of time coloring frosting for kitty; if I were going to give kitty that much frosting, kitty could just eat it straight from the can.

  15. Look, NTMTOM is good at what he does, I’m not going to deny that, I’m just being an idiot because I do the same sorts of things with CO pics and never imagined that such a skill could have gotten me a gig here.

    But it’s like stand-up comedy, whoever gets the joke onto TV first owns it forever, I guess. Now I’ll have to find different pics to put on my own stupid blog.

  16. Be sure to check out Mr. Scrubby’s blog! LOL!

    I didn’t know what to nom first, the cupcakes or Mr. McScrubbersons…

  17. Marilyn says:

    @Berthaservant – your blog is NOT stupid; I think it’s wonderful. I really enjoy it.

  18. Allisonsaur says:

    ntmtom = <3. these stories are awesome. pllllz to keep it up!!

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    BerthaS: I like your blog. Mike has been posting here since this blog started though. He could technically say YOU were copying HIM. So, anyhoo… Um… Get over it?

  20. Scrubby is a supercute name! Scrubby!

  21. That is WAY too much frosting.

    Way too much.

    I’d still eat it, though.

  22. LOVE how the kitty didnt go to the closest cupcake, but went further back to pick out it’s favorite.

  23. Dibs on the chocolate one with the teddy bear grahams!

    ::licks chocolate cupcake so kitteh doesn’t want it::

  24. Things I love about these pictures.

    Kitteh with nose right down in the frosting. Mr. Scrubby is like a sommelier, only with cupcakes.

    Tiny bit of kitteh tongue licking up frostings.

    Kitteh. Mr. Scrubby is one of the best names evar!

  25. Rooanne says:

    The kitty looks so much like my new boy – only the nose is white and mine has an orange nose, and orange all the way along the neck.

    Hmmmmm, I wonder if my Yiska likes cupcakes..

  26. binky-mama says:

    For a second there I thought there were Tyelonol capsules in the frosting! Yea….I’m tired.

  27. I am unaware of NTMTOM’s posts.

    But if I did steal from him, then I’ve obviously got good taste. 🙂

  28. Ooops, I meant “previous” posts….ah, I’m looking really idiotic here…I’m just gonna look at the pic of the cat in the boot for a while.

  29. Christi says:

    Oh lord. I remember when I made a bunch of cupcakes (22 mini cupcakes and 12 large ones) and they were all frosted pretty and spring-time-ish and I got home the next day and found that the biggest cupcake was missing all of it’s frosting.
    And Delilah ‘never jumps on the counter’…except for when there’s vanilla frosting at stake.
    And anything else that’s tasty.

  30. Christi says:

    Also, for a moment I thought this was my Samson (who is dead asleep next to me) and I was trying to figure out when I sent in a picture of him…

  31. Maybe it’s just because I’m a DJ at a college radio station, but I think “Peril in the Cupcake Swamp” would make a killer band name!

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:


    And the mebbe tha one marked “L” in cursive for “Laverne”!

    Y’all can have tha rest!!

  33. lurkingsmirk says:

    Haha I would have eaten the stale bears anyway. Why are there no cupcakes on MY floor.

  34. cheesybird says:

    Wait… I thought NTMTOM *just* got clearance to post a few days ago. *scratches head*

    Two questions: 1) Did anyone else think those Teddy Grahams were Goldfish Crackers at first glance?

    2) Where the heck is Theo? I can’t remember the last time I saw a comment from him. Did he *gasp* go on vacation?

  35. cheesybird- well Theo did say he was going sailing with Lief Erickson, maybe it was “a three hour tour”. Are there any ‘desert isles’ around wherever the heck he went?

    Or maybe it is simply ‘Theo ex machina’ for a while.

  36. Hmmm….has anybody ever actually seen NTMTOM and Theo together, at the same time? Maybe they’re the same person…I sense a conspiracy. Or maybe it’s just lack of sleep.

  37. Hon Glad says:

    But just then as luck would have it, the monster moved on to the cup cake we had laced with red sleeping e wee able to drag ourselves out of the frosting. Just as we were congratulaing orselves on our escape, another crass in the undergrowth alerted us. No surely there could not be another of this foul species.

  38. Hon Glad says:

    Oh dear should have preveiwed. Its sleeping pills and a crash in the undergrowth.

  39. Cheesybird — I think the confusion about NTMTOM “posting” for a long time is the classic confusion between “posting” and “commenting” — Not That Mike has just recently started posting (wonderful posts, NTM!!!) but he’s been *commenting* since CO began, with wonderful stories such as we see in his posts.

  40. NOM NOM NOM.

  41. Watch out for the D.O.U.S.es (donuts of unusual size)!

  42. Those are some righteous cupcakes.

  43. Those cupcakes are on acid. Word.

  44. turbofloof says:

    LOL! Oh, I get it! The cupcakes were hoping to save themselves by clinging to the whiskers of the Fuzzy Beast of the Jungle.


  45. chanpon says:

    My kitties once tried to taste my store bought gourmet cupcakes. 😦 I ate them anyway. Oh, don’t ewww. You know you cat lovers have probably done the same.

  46. Driver B says:

    Om NOM NOM! Save some for me, kitteh!

    My Benny would totally eat those. He has already eaten up so many baked goods, we started hiding things from him inside the microwave. Evidence: http://flickr.com/photos/dmby/830606817/in/set-72157600290447856/

  47. Hon Glad says:

    Chanpon: I stopped worrying long ago, as to the fact that my cats have licked my plate my knife fork the cheese the butter etc. I have a similar disregard for sell by dates on food.

  48. How odd. Usually cats are not interested in sweets, unless there is a high milk or cream component. I assume those cupcakes had buttercream frosting after all, not that nasty stuff made from shortening and powdered sugar.

    But about the poster’s cat who nommed up baked goods–did the kitteh actually eat the *baked goods* or just lick off some frosting?

    BTW, I had an adorable cat named Gabby (she died in 2005 at age 19 [sob]) who loved stir fried vegetables AND saltines. Once when I was eating chicken soup, she jumped up next to me and begged for–something. I assumed she wanted the chicken from my soup, but noooo, what she wanted was my crackers. So I broke off bite-sized pieces, and the little booger ate up two whole saltine squares that way.

    If you like to read funny animal stories, I tell some doozies–all true!–on my “Pet Tales” website: http://www.pettales.homestead.com/index.html You might, for example, enjoy reading about the time a black panther peed on me in the Barcelona zoo. Or about the kitten I had in 1970 who used to watch golf on TV–and then race round the back of the TV stand to look for the golf ball that had dropped into the cup on TV.

    If you do visit my site, you might want to leave a message in my guestbook and let me know that you are from CO.

  49. Theresa says:

    “Didn’t I tell you not to give Aunt Peggy that cake decorating kit for her birthday? It’s going to be teal and magenta cupcackes all the time now.”

  50. Fear not, my Darlings, Theo is on vacation, happily boating around. He’ll be back after he returns the Captain Stubbing uniform to the dry cleaners ifyouknowwhatimeanandIthinkyoudo.

  51. guineapiggin9 says:

    not that mike the other mike not only has a long name, but also VERY long picture descriptions 🙂

  52. Likkem up yum!

    Qte kitteh! Pretti cupcaikz! *SQUEEEEEEEEEE!*

  53. ashagato says:

    somebody should start a commentroversy while theo’s gone! what on earth would we do?


  54. ashagato says:

    btw thumbs up on NTMTOM. i admit i was a skeptic, but now i’m convinced 😉

    i shall never doubt your judgement again!

  55. Theresa says:

    (gasp) Did MEG call us “MY DARLINGS”?

  56. She DID! How sweet!

    I am loving all NTMTOM’s stories. This saga of the valiant Teddy Graham explorers in cupcake quicksand frosting was excellent.

    My tortie loves donuts — haven’t tried her on cupcakes.

  57. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    NTMTOM… You know.. I’ve seen a ‘Katrina’ post on here before.. and that’s actually my real name. Perhaps I should start posting as Not That Katrina The Other Katrina… and then I’d get to have the priviledge of posting pics and stories on C.O. I am also quite ‘wordy’ and love to tell stories. I think I’d be great.. all those in favor say “Aye!”

  58. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    BTW.. my cat licks the butter.. and I still use it. Gross huh? He also sits on the dinner table while I’m on my laptop. Oh the HORROR of it all..

  59. I know this kitty!

  60. Sharon Wilson says:

    This pic is almost as funny as the one with the squirrel biting the wedding cake! Bad kitty!

  61. Golden – I’m fine with it.


  62. …. First priority: The picture …all by itself … is sufficiently fun & wonderfully appealing in a number of ways….
    Re.: “NothatMiketheother …” & With All Due Respect to him & to Meg:

    While I appreciate the images …I must admit not appreciating this massive storyline in assoc. with the cute photo. To allow myself to be a bit grumpy on this, I must admit (forgive me if this feels offensive) that in this specific case, the photo would have been A LOT more fun with some brief, slightly campy caption. The little story — while it has cute bits & would likely appeal to a slightly different target group– actually seems to detract from the flavor of the feline quadruped & his sugar rush.
    IMHO, a perfectly great example of a simple, effective caption, was provided by Theresa who suggested that someone had been given a cake decorating kit & that things had gotten out of control …. Described in just one/ two lines.
    Thank you for indulging my opinionated input by reading/ considering these concerns; they honestly are meant as constructive crit., not just grousing.

    Love the site (almost) 100% on a daily basis & appreciate its endorphin & happiness production!!!
    Really I do!!!!

  63. To each their own, Leslie. I got a big kick out of the Cupcake Swamp! Nicely done, NTMTOM!

    >>has anybody ever actually seen NTMTOM and Theo together, at the same time< <

    But no one has even seen *Theo*, so that’s not exactly proof! I’m a reasonably reliable witness to his not-NTMTOM-ishness, though. 😉

  64. Leslie, I not that anyone asked me, I appreciate your position, but I actually disagree. I think the length of NTMTOM’s posts (and not all are long, look at the current binary hokey-pokey post) expands the possibilities of C.O.

    And yeah, where’s Teho?

  65. He’s sailing with Lief Ericson. (Really.)

  66. cheesybird- what are you seein’? goldfish are not brown and are certainly not shaped like teddies. 🙂

  67. Oh, come on, I want some props for ‘Theo ex Machina’, well anyway, I hope he is bobbing and tacking his way to bliss on some lovely lagoon somewhere, far away from a lap top and is reviving his cute batteries.

    I’m a lover of the long stories, well ‘short stories’ as presented in some of the postings.
    If one is in a hurry, skip it and go back to it later.
    ‘Tom the Other’ , Hon Glad, Berthaservent and others have given us some fun and elegant stories to ponder- sometime photography is just that evocative!

  68. Who cares how long/short the captions are??? It’s quality not quantity!!!!

    I’m liking NTMTOM’s posts!

  69. Leslie– while I appreciate your um, appreciation for my wit, such as it is, please don’t hold me up to the class as some kind of example of virtue. When I was a wee lass, all that ever got me was beaten up.

  70. Did anyone else think the tic-tacs were pills at first? Just me huh…

  71. The cat ate my homework. And I have the pictures to prove it.

    What a lenient mommy.

  72. I. Am. Weary.

    Pass the cupcakes.

  73. AuntieMame says:

    Although why anyone would want to spend the weekend sailing with a washed-up 70s Tiger Beat rock star, *I* don’t know. 😉

  74. cheesybird says:

    Welcome back Theo!

    Coot, just to make sure my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me, I checked on the Pepperidge Farm website, and both the Original Goldfish Crackers and the Pretzel Goldfish are shades of brown (and not the toxic orange shared by a lot of the newer flavors).

    To me it looked like Goldfish Crackers upended in the cupcake (so that the tails were where the Teddy heads are). Of course, I might just be showing my age. By the time Teddy Grahams were introduced I was in college, so they’re not really a part of my consciousness like cereals from my childhood. (Mmmm… Lucky Charms….)

  75. Auntie Mame, I think that was Lief *Garrett*…if we’re remembering the same blond teen idol-boy!

    My friend Tammy had a Tiger Beat subscription. Her swoon of choice was Donny Osmond, but Lief got lots of cover space too.

  76. Heh. As it turned out, this *particular* boat turned out to be more Bronski Beat than Tiger Beat, but a good time was had by all. No-one sank, I actually got more exercise than sunburn, and you’d be amazed at the quality of the *food* to come out of that little galley.

    Oh, and sometimes we even sailed.

  77. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, I know. It’s just that every time I hear about Viking history, I get flashbacks of Shaun Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers.

  78. a) That is awesome.

    b) I think Mr. Scrubby is the long-lost cousin of my kitteh, Captain Stinkypuff.

  79. Rosie A. says:

    @ tblue: Yeah my cat Tucker’s the same way. We try SO hard not to give in to his demands, but the boy love potato chips. ANY KIND. It’s actually pretty funny to see our guy pining for Lime and Black Pepper flavored potato chips… it’s WEIRD!