This Is For Your Own Protection

Meet Tai and Pip, twin red pandas at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a safety precaution, we’re only going to show you their heads, because the rest of them have been deemed by the C.O. Public Safety Advisory Committee to be too cute for safe public consumption.

If we were to show you their soft, fuzzy, oh-so-snorglable bellies, or the delicate downy fur on their bushy, bushy tails, your brains would melt into a pool of butterscotch pudding and ooze out your ears, which would really put a crimp in your plans for the weekend. Also, brain is notoriously hard to clean out of clothing, especially synthetics. We’re only thinking of you, people.

You want the cute? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE!

Just send us the dry cleaning bill, Nicole M.



  1. bleen?

    also, went to the website and their facial fluffulence is absurd. butterscotch clean-up on aisle 3!



  3. DAMMIT NTMTOM! I haven’t even had my coffee yet! What are you doingk?

  4. GAAH! Little pink tongue!!!

  5. Not SupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork(GotANewJob) says:

    mmmmm…. butterscotch…..

  6. k. o'dee says:

    NOSIE! (beep!)

  7. you know, I have too much to do today than to sit here with butterscotch pudding running out my ears… the mere sight of the widdle heads have caused irrepr… irreprib…permanent damage. (wishing she rememered how to spell anything)

  8. Kimberly says:

    I volunteered at a zoo when I was in school and one time I had the pleasure of manning the Red Panda exhibit. They had week old tiny babies in an incubator and they just shimmied around looking too cute for words! I’ve been in love with Red Pandas ever since! These babies are TOO cute!

  9. mberkie0 says:

    Where is dey ears? Gotta have ears for nommin’ on. Nomnomnom, where is dey?

  10. Those aren’t noses, they’re Chocolate Buttons! Cadbury’s finest…

  11. Should have warning label attached. The overwhelming urge to nuzzle wittle heads and tummies and and and and KER THUUUUUUUUD

  12. Sorry mberkie0, deys are in my mouf.

    :: Nom-burp ::


  14. Excuse me, I’d like to lodge a complaint with management regarding the safety precautions taken at this site. You have witheld the bodies for fear of heads esploding with butterscotch pudding but failed to warn us of the potential banana pudding eruptions when exposed to that tongue!

  15. DED.

  16. cheesybird says:

    Ermine Violin, it’s hard to remember how to spell anything when your brain is dribbling out of your ears from the cute!

    Oh, and NTMTOM, I appreciate your consideration, but it’s too late. This shirt will never be the same again. And now I’m gonna have to scrub the brain stains out of the upholstery.

  17. Whuh? NTMTOM posts pictures? Am I just slow to notice things, or is this new?

  18. NTMTOM – Help! I’ve found a video and have watched it! I didn’t ‘splode so maybe it’s safe…? Would i be accused of endangering other Qte Addicts if i were to post it???? Safety first people…
    Who wants to see them in action?

  19. *splort* (the sound of brains exploding out of ears at the cuteness of that little pink yawn)

    d*mn! butterscotch over everything…

  20. cheesybird says:

    I do! I do! I’ll stand naked in the shower while watching for easy cleanup! I’m sure it’ll be worth the risk, iggle!

  21. OK, but please use caution, and stand clear of delicate fabrics (you ever tried getting butterscoth out of silk? Yeesh!) –

  22. Katrina says:

    None of this paternalism, let us decide for ourselves, thank you very much,

  23. Katrina says:

    Ah, Cheesybird, we hardly knew ye…*splort*

  24. chanpon says:

    *backs down shamefully* You’re so right. I cannot handle the cute. This is mind-sploding cuteness and I’m not tough enough to take it. *sobs* I want a baby red panda yawning in my face every day.

  25. You’re right, I clicked through to here:, saw a paw and almost died of squee’ing. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll listen to your warning next time. Too cute is too cute.

  26. That’s always the way with twins – one quiet one and one mouthy one.

  27. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    ACK! HOLY *&$^%! I was sitting here at work all bummed that I’m working alone today and OMG…that’s toooo freaking anerable. Can’t function now! (not that I was going to accomplish much today anyway). The chocolate noses, the squinty wittle eyes. ACK!

  28. Theresa says:

    You’re absolutely right. I can’t handle it at all.

  29. Theresa says:

    PS Whooza widdle foofyface? Huh? Huh?

  30. Michelle says:

    I want the cute, but I can’t handle the cute.


  31. cheesybird says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Baby Red Panda tails! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Man oh man… Now I’m gonna be fishing gray matter out of the shower drain all night.

  32. I wonder if they have bebeh panda bref….like puppy bref

  33. zeldapie says:

    Too late. Brain has asploded.


  34. Aww, cute babies! Wish the video had had better quality. The panders were fuzzier than in real life.

  35. SQUEE!!!


    *pokes finger on tongulence*

  36. Yaaaa Edmonton Zoo… I used to volunteer there during University. Cuteness galore!

  37. Hey! As these bebehs were born on my birthday, I must insist that they be given to ME as a birthday present. And I will love them and squeeze them and call them (both) George.

  38. ChibiKitten says:

    Eeeee! I live in Edmonton! Time for a trip to the zoo. I went about a month ago, but there were no snorgly little bebehs then. 🙂

  39. I read on the website that they were taken from their mother when she began to “aggressively hold and groom” one of the babies. Um…who can blame her? I would totally do the same if I could get my paws on them.

  40. scooterpants says:

    she is so lucky. i am seathing with jealousy and envy that she gets to hold those lil babies.
    of course she is also stoopid! cuz everyone knows you keep red baby pandas IN YOUR BRA duh.
    perfect 98.6 fuzzy-baby warming devise.

  41. Iggle’s link to the video shows tailios iglesias (did I do the plural right?) with beaucoup stubbulence. No flooflage yet. It’s unbelievable.

  42. Catsquatch says:

    Oh how cute are they!
    Makes me wanna go get one…

    “of course she is also stoopid! cuz everyone knows you keep red baby pandas IN YOUR BRA duh.”


    ouch, oh ow….

  43. Katrina says:

    My Dear Ceiling Cat, one must have a very large amount of space for those two red panda puppies, (kits,) (whatever.)

    If you have that much space available for them well, I have only envy for you. Two red pandas and the shirt to fit them in, my,my,my.

  44. scooterpants that was SOOOOO funny! Man those babies are kewt!! Can’t wait to see vids of them when their eyes are open and they start exploring the world!


  46. browngrl says:

    Cute Overload Warning too, too late!
    I saw those little guys of the tv yesterday and would have sent the link but every neuronal synapse is fried from the over whelming cutes.

  47. The cute made me not be able to breathe.

    They’re SO ADORABLE I just want to snorgle them like, all day long! SO CUTE.

    Gah! Can’t breathe again!


  49. Nice one NTMTOM!

    :: picking up pudding for next commentroversy ::

  50. I’m just glad there’s finally a CO entry that doesn’t stir up a raging controversy. Yay to the pacifying cuteness of red panda bebehs!!!!!

  51. Violating the safety recommendations of the C.O. Public Safety Advisory Committee, I give to you the videos and photos deemed Too Cute for Public Consumption!

    Unfortunately TypePad rejects comments with too many links…

    The videos:

    Warning: do not stare directly into floof!

  52. Violating the safety recommendations of the C.O. Public Safety Advisory Committee, I give to you the videos and photos deemed Too Cute for Public Consumption!

    Unfortunately TypePad rejects comments with too many links…

    The photos:

    Warning: do not stare directly into floof!

  53. Scooterpants, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day!!!! ahahahahahahahah

  54. Aw, squishums!

    Great to see my city represented. There is TONS of cute in E-town.

  55. Oh you wimps. I can handle the cuteness. I’m tough. Navy Seal tough. Big sale at Macy’s tough. I’m …. uh….oh screw it, I’m a goner.

  56. Electric says:

    I think that my boss is not going to be happy that my desk is covered in a pile of rainbow puke and butterscotch pudding.

    I was so unprepared for the cuteness….just think about it…rainbows are coming up again..

  57. Electric says:

    Bill, how could you? All those links, I was forced to go through and look at every one of them…

    the little noses together while they are sleepingks in a little fuzzy pile, probably squeaking and nuzzling…I feel faint.

  58. Bring on the pictures and videos.

    I’ve had a good life. I’ll risk it.

  59. Katrina says:

    Courage mes braves! We can do this! We must be prepared for Cute wherever it lurks or skulks or patters or rolls or ever-so-skillfully sneaks into our hearts. We haven’t chosen teh Qte, it has chosen us!
    On to the fuzz and the floof! On to the Whinneys and the barklets, to the quacks and the moving bunny noses and the GIRAFFES! Onward fluffy soldiers!

  60. Electric says:

    Katrina, I agree. I mean, I know it’s tough for people to deal with this kind of cuteness, but it does exist and we can’t just pretend it’s not there.

    No more turning away. They will learn, in time, not to fear the extreme cute.

  61. caitlin says:

    asdfakjd omg BITE SIZE!!! oh dear. bite size. I love red pandas but I’ve never seen them like THIS before…

  62. Querfonicus says:

    Hey, we can handle it. In any event, we indemnify you. Bring it on!

  63. Jennie Mello says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.
    As addictive as any drug, I WANT MORE.

  64. wow, shout out to edmonton 😀 i love this site and was suprised to see something from where i’m from! hurray 😀

  65. Uilleand says:

    “have been cared for around the clock by the zoo animal health technologist Sandy Helliker”

    When work = cute nirvana…

    Funny how all the Edmontonians are comin’ out of the woodwork. We’re all closet QTE-addics….

  66. omg. did anyone else just start crying looking at all the pics and videos? this is seriously CUTE OVERLOAD! i’m at work and completely unable to function. brain over, butterscotch pudding = very yes!

  67. scooterpants says:

    i cant believe that someone who has access to that level of cute would hold them at arms length through an entire interview! YOU gotta be kidden me!
    could it be that she is Desensitized to the QTE ?
    naaahhhh, no way right?
    obviously shes buying the wrong size bra. 🙂

  68. CoffeeCup says:

    I saw this on the AP image archive! Cute!

  69. Eeeeeeeee! Derned cuteness, and in Canada! Yay for Canada.

    I can’t help but wonder at a comment made in the news reports: “The mom was acting very aggressively to them…There was potential for her to hurt them.”

    What kind of aggressiveness was the mum displaying? I see that lion mum in Norway on cam slurping roughly away at her cubs which pretty much throws them around. One cub was even slurped up in the air and it fell on the other side having been “thrown” by the lick. Oh, don’t forget all the attempts she makes lifting them up by their heads in her jaws. Is that aggressive behaviour?

    Just wondering if the keepers at the Edmonton zoo have actually seen a red panda mum in the wild to see how they interact with newborns because maybe what humans consider agressive mum behaviour might actually be normal behaviour in the wild?

    The reason I am wondering is it sounds like this is not the first time this red panda mum has given birth and not the first time her babies were taken away from her, so maybe instead of letting her get pregnant over and over if she’s going to continue this same sort of behaviour they should ensure she doesn’t get pregnant again, endgared or not, it just doesn’t seem fair and kind of cruel, ya know?

  70. Oops, that should be “endangered or not.” 🙂

  71. BeanSidhe says:


    **tucks bebbeh pandas into rack**


  72. to cute! gonna have to get my dogs to clean up the butterscotch mess my brain made…. here puppies!!

  73. I am soooo lucky. I live in Edmonton and just happen to have a little free time tomorrow (well not really but it will be now!) This site makes my happy day!

  74. I saw these red pandas in the Edmonton Journal newspaper this morning, and was thinking to send it in to CO. Glad to see someone has already done it!

    Here’s a link to the Journal’s photo gallery:

  75. I live in Edmonton, and had the absolute pleasure of seeing the red pandas last year. They are beyond cute! They are beautiful creatures, and those babies are so dang cute! I absolutely cannot wait to see them this summer.

  76. Meg, thanks for trying, I know you did your best. Unfortunately, I didn’t need to see the bellies… The muzzlepowche and teh tongue did enough damage.

  77. zomg…

    *grabs the kids*

    “comeon kids! We’re going to the valley zoo today!”

    I can’t wait to see these little balls of floof 😛



  79. Heather Layne says:

    I think you mean CANADIA.

  80. Gotta agree with the assessment, that we are only capable of processing their heads. Those alone are rather mind*bogglingly (is that an allowed adverb?) quizzical, fuzzy & also adorable.
    Thanks for adding this to our day.

  81. Oh, yes, Leslie, bogglingly is a word, and yet another linguistic accommodation that English makes for teh Qte.

    Electric- it is good to have you on the side of teh Qte. Our world’s Qte-quotient will double or triple with us ‘on watch’! It is time to bring out the big Qte, the ones that will settle the battle of Qte vs. Stuffy forever.

    That’s how Cute Overload sees it-are you in good hands?

  82. Red Pandas. Mark 1 triumph and more in this would, would be better.
    “The Greatness of a nation
    can be judged by the way it’s
    animals are treated”
    Mohandas Gandhi

    Live, Love, Protect all creatures. Me!

  83. madamedivine says:

    H A R T Z will harm your pets…Please do not use thier products… some research

  84. You could cause a lot of static with that fuzz!

  85. pssst: (looks over shoulder nervously)
    wanna see some red hawt panda pics?
    careful, this is potent stuff.

  86. oh my goodness that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love pandas