Leesten to thees, my Babees.

Eef you go ento a Taco Bayle, and you ask for dee Gordita "Animal Style", dey weel put dee extra kibbles in it.

You keep dees secret safe—I mean eet, Mang.


Gracias, Betty Belly Brown Bear (wearing sombrero) Tina, Kate and Ben G.



  1. Bleen for the border!

  2. Lucia Mendez says:

    aha nice name, belly belly brown bear, that’s so adorable

  3. Lucia Mendez says:

    DAMMIT I wanted to be the first to comment, oh well second is just as good 😀

  4. puppers is sitting there thinking, is that flashey thing my hooman is holding something I need to be attacking?
    “I’m watchin you funny flashin thingey! One false move and it is RAWR!”

  5. Katrina says:

    Lucia Mendez, it happens to all of us. Just looook at the pictures, look at the pictures, it will be allllriiiight.

    What a cute leetle pero een dee peecture. Where does one buy such a leeeetle sombrero?

  6. Aye Dios Mio!! Mui precioso!

    *SPLODE* (like stomping on little packets of mild sauce)

  7. I lurve the expression. It’s all, “Why you do dis to me??!”

  8. They call me Trinity… that’s just what popped into my head rite now, gosh almighty I haven’t seen that movie in years n years.

  9. ThreeCatNight says:

    Senoras y senoritas,
    I am a “fashionista”, no?
    Cada dia, yo digo, “Ay, yo soy una perra muy hermosa!”
    (For you Anglos, it means “every day I say that I’m a very beauteefool dog!”)
    In a sombrero like dees one, you can look “hermosa”, too. If only I had a mirror weeth me now, I would leek it weeth great happiness!

  10. Natalie says:

    I love that the wee sombrero is plushy.

    I also find myself increasing charmed by Chihuahuas. Muy hermosa, indeed.

  11. I’m just glad to see this pup getting work after TB changed their ad campaign.

    And the fire sauce is where it’s at these days, li’l wa-wa.

  12. DejaMew says:

    Looks like he’s sitting in a sea of hot sauce! Very kewt puppers.

  13. photoshopped. and not very well at that.

  14. Oh,jabbo. So what if it is? It’s still cute!

    Betty Belly Brown Bear is one crazy name. Adorabuhls.

  15. brinnann says:

    Ya know, I hardly ever see anyone bust out the pudding anymore.

    How ’bout the next person to call photoshopped get puddinshopped?

  16. brinnann says:

    I retract my previous statement (or at least part of it); I see that butterscotch was mentioned on the last post.

  17. adorable hat. but i love the little caption about eating 19 mild packets a day. dogs love mild sauce!

  18. Katrina says:

    OK. This is what I’m talking about- you see the color of the perra’s blankie? The color of Doritos. Now why don’t the automobile companies give us a choice of Doritos-colored upholstery? It obviously exists. It would have made my life sooo much simpler when I had that blasted minivan- “flavor blasted” minivan to be exact for all you Goldfish cracker fans out there.

  19. Wombats says:

    Jabbo – sorry…not Photoshopped.

  20. sunnymum says:

    Yo quiero sombrero y puppers! Cutie pie! Hua huas are super popular where I live which is great ’cause I get to see ’em all the time. Though I must say many are not too good about letting people they don’t know pet them.

  21. Katrina, The leetle sombreros are available in Mexican souvenier shops. Some people hang them from the rear view mirror in their car. They come in more than one tiny size. One size fits a Barbie head just fine – I discovered that as a kid. Thees is purrfect Chi-hua-hau size!

  22. meowandwoof says:

    If someone would have told me five years ago I’d be the mom of two chichi’s I’d have thought they were loco. But my Nico and Taco (he was already named!) are tiny bits of joy. And the Cats O’ the House love em, too!

  23. Hi all…I took this pic and it is certainly NOT photoshopped! My brother found the hat in LA. I took the pic on my bed with an orange blanket. Here are some outakes from the shoot…cute as can be!

  24. cheesybird says:

    Where’s Theo today? First there’s an unedited “F” word in the third comment and then accusations of shopping! Two pet peeves on one post thread. I kinda miss his editorial bitch-slapping. 😉

  25. cheesybird says:

    (I’m so nice, aren’t I?)

  26. Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

  27. Kate — I love the one with the love-nibbling of the finger. well, ok, i love all of them. I might need to get one for a chihuahua i know. (they come in pink, right?)

  28. Kate, I echo Sheepy, I LOVE the nomnom finger foto!! What a cutie!!!

    And how do you like THEM splattered apples, Mr. “I’m So Smart And Call ‘Shopped'”?

  29. Hands down the prettiest mariachi hat I’ve ever seen. Ole Cuatro B!

  30. sunnymum says:

    Is there a way to see the outakes without having to log in to My Space? I don’t have an account but I’d love to see more of this adorable li’l bundle!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    I’m amusing myself by pretending that’s a real, human-sized sombrero on a humungo-giant chihuahua. 🙂

  32. brinnann says:

    AuntieMame, I just tried that and I hafta say, more scary than amusing. O_O OMGGIANTCHEEWAWAZ!!!

  33. “Mang” – Buwhawhawhaaaaaw!!!

  34. Yo querio Taco Bell? That’s such a fricking cute picture. Imagine where one would buy such a hat for such a teeny wittle doggie! Hehe.

  35. Lady Ann says:

    Well wrap me up and call me a bean burrito!

  36. NutherDeb says:

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

  37. Hi

  38. binky-mama says:

    Whatcho got in your guitar case leetle Mariachi?

  39. Michelle says:

    I love it when the “photoshopped!” smartartists get slapped down by the actual photographers. Gives me a small, tingly pleasure. 🙂

  40. Hon Glad says:

    Ai caramba, ariba ariba. Erm, thats about the full extent of my Mexicanisms.
    We don’t have Mexican takeaways here. My only brush with it is old ElPaso served up by a friend, it were crap, re-fried beans look like vomit.

  41. Michelle says:

    hahah Hon Glad. I grew up on the stuff. I’d have thought with the popularity of curry, soul food, and chinese over there you’d be able to find at least ONE decent southwestern or mexican restaurant. If not, I think I’ll go open one.

  42. Cute sombrero!

    I want a puppeh, Mang!

  43. chanpon says:

    Why would this be photoshopped? We’re all ok with little ties for kitties, but the idea of a sombrero on a chihuahua is just that much more redonkulous? Really? *scratches head*

  44. I just totally <3 the idea that there is someone out there who bought a teeny sombrero for their teeny dog. Ay, que chulo! (chulo = cute)

  45. ashagato says:

    LOL @ hovertext!

  46. Oh man, this reminds me that I’ve been waiting for the Happy Feet equivalent in chihuahua to come out… Beware of the trailer, it is heinous and addictive!

  47. i love the sequins, and the fact that the sombrero appears to be made of velvet. that increases the prosh factor by, like, 10 times.
    did anyone else try to honk/peench this little dewd’s tiny nose thru the screen? no? must just be me…

  48. youguysrsilly says:

    adorable and funny at the same time!

  49. I’ll take that puppeh on a whole wheat tortilla to go, please.

  50. Check the archives peeps, my Chi was featured on here last July wearing a sombrero and a pancho. This pup is adorable too, but Pixie was the first.

  51. I would like to get permission to use this photo for a painting!!!