What? I do ALL my video shoots in the bathroom

Wrinkles McWhinersons is all get me down, I gots me some bidet water to slurp!

Thanks for the bonus yipping action, Cass.



  1. happypiano says:

    i can’t stop staring at those ripples of flubber all over his body!

  2. Sooooooo many wrinkles to keep clean.

  3. Stephie says:


  4. My god, the wrinkles, the amazement of mirror. It’s amazing.

  5. k. o'dee says:

    Mom! Mom, there’s a weird, pruney dog in your bathroom! Right behind me, I saw him!

  6. Katrina says:

    A perfect puppy.

  7. AAAA-awwwww.

    how pit-y-full! what a prosh bebbeh!

  8. Stephanie says:

    O-M-G!!!!!!!! I almost tried to chomp on those chub flubs through the computer screen!!!

  9. Animal cruelty! That pup is obvy distressed!

  10. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Tha axes of snorgles are EVERYWHERE when you’re a Shar Pei!!!

    (well not EVERYwhere…let’s not get gross!)

    LURVED the squawk at the end!
    “What the? YIPES!! I need a steam iron! Oh wait! I forgot! I’m an anerable Shar Pei…never mind!!”


  11. scooterpants says:

    TOTALLY redonk that the puppeh matches the bathroom decor purrfectly.

  12. I agree with jlws – the poor thing wants to get down.

  13. shandrewsca says:

    Jeez, I literally jumped in my chair when he helped LOL! I wasn’t expecting it to be so loud, and I had my headphones up all the way to enjoy the sweet puppy whimpers.

  14. The pup is “obvy distressed” at the garish bathroom wallpaper. more wrinkles plz

  15. Excuse me, Madame Bathroom Attendant? Yes, I was trying to dry my hands when my soft floofy towel yipped and licked my fingers. Nonono I’m not angry, rather I’d like to know, do you sell them in the hotel gift shop?

  16. def left in the tub too long!

  17. Woo – my first accepted submishe! Happy to share the wrinkly goodness.

  18. LOL… that loud yip at the end scared my dogs heh

  19. I’m reminded of Clem from Buffy the Vampire Slayer–that is NOT a skin condition! Yes, I’m on a BTVS roll: my record so far is 8 episodes in a row.

  20. pixie-stix says:

    Wrinkly and whimpery…I wanna cuddle him. 🙂

  21. fish eye no miko says:

    Hotel-bathroom ambiance, and old-timey music… So, when does Jack Nicholson show up with an ax?

  22. @debg

    LOL, I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to watch my dvds for years, and he finally sat down with me. We’ve done Season 2 all week, and tonight he’s going to watch Becoming Parts 1&2 (sob!).

    But back to the cute: puppy! So wrinkled and adorable!

  23. tuckeverlasting says:

    was that a hiccup i heard? lol!


  25. My co-worker observes:

    “That dog has never been in that bathroom. He has no idea where he is.”

    I observe:

    “Wrinkly McWrinklesons!!!”

  26. leslie thomas says:

    Has anyone else noticed, that “Little Wrinkly Guy” does his most*alarmed (& loudest) whine/ yap, when he catches sight of himself in the mirror. Has he scared himself? Poor piteous guy.
    Commentary submitted in honor of wannabe Macho Puppy/Guy “Angus” (aren’t you intimidated by the name alone?) who is actually a yapdog/ lapdog … & of whom a young family member complained to his father. He observed the little puppy saying “Erm”; & commented to his father: “Can’t you get us a REAL dog? This one’s BROKEN!!!”
    [From the “Truth is stranger than fiction” chapter]

  27. thisismydogonyoutube says:

    lol it’s nice to see my puppy on this website. There are other videos of him grown now and others ALSO in the bathroom lol. Anyways glad everyone is enjoying it!

  28. Fairywench says:

    THE CLOCK!! OMG, the clock! Can we have a category for cute timepieces?

  29. Cass, your balled up towel or robe is whimpering.

  30. When I see sharpei puppies, I just want to scoop them up, grab soft handfuls of fuzzy wrinkles, and OM NOM NOM on them

  31. k. o'dee says:

    “I agree with jlws – the poor thing wants to get down.”

    Eh, I might have bought the distress argument before I ended up with a pup whose idea of “distraught enough to cry” is any moment when someone ISN’T throwing her tennis ball.

    Dogs survive not getting their way every single second, ya know? In fact, it’s very good for them.

  32. Michelle says:

    leslie I noticed that too, but I thought he might be thinking “that crinkly dude over there looks like a nice guy. he’ll help me.” Sooooo cute!

  33. Rachel Sweeden says:

    That puppy is so adorable.

  34. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know if he scared himself or not, but I sure jumped when he yelped. Heh!

  35. hon glad says:

    When’s someone coming to iron me?

  36. I can not even put into words how much I want to steal this dog.


    ::grabby hands::
    ::agonized silent screaming::
    ::melts into gooey puddle::

  38. Infinity says:

    OMG! I LOOOOOVE Shar Peis! *squish*

  39. Is him wrinkly because him stayed in the tub too long?

  40. Michelle – My Mr. Whiskers has long conversations with the kitty in the mirror. We’ve named the mirror kitty Rodolfo.

  41. Cass– look! It’s the GoodYear blimp!

    >>>Grabs Foldy McWrinkesons and runs off mid-snorgle< <<

  42. SSSsssss! says:

    That bathroom is a PALACE compared to my hole-in-the-wall shower/toilet/sink. Oh yeah, and lookit that Sharpie!!!!!

  43. *splode*


    What an adorable little puppy! I WANT ONE!

  44. *splode*


    What an adorable little puppy! I WANT ONE!

  45. Katrina says:

    I just got to hear the audio-is that a barklet or a burplet at the end?

  46. i love how he stops kvetching just long enough to check himself out in the mirror


  47. Capt' Tightpants says:

    For a while I really wanted a Shar-Pei-Pei, but apparently you have to be *very* careful about cleaning their in-folds. I don’t really want to imagine what would happen if you didn’t.

    @ debg: Once I finished all my Ph.D. exams, I celebrated with a 13-episode Buffy marathon. I submitted my paper on Friday, and did not leave my couch all day Saturday. It. Was. Awesome.

  48. My cat was lying on the desk by my computer when I played this, and he stared at the screen then jumped up and went around the back of the computer to look for the source of the yipping!

  49. My cat was lying on the desk by my computer when I played this, and he stared at the screen then jumped up and went around the back of the computer to look for the source of the yipping!

  50. Katrina says:

    He’s not fluffy, but he is very wrinkly. I understand that their coat is pretty bristle-y to the touch.

    If baby people’s folds have to be taken great care of, (I had babies with ‘thunder thighs’), then baby Shar-Pei’s would too. Look at those folds, oh, oh, oh How can I go clean my living room now?
    Very carefully….

  51. SassyGirl says:

    Um, you don’t have to “clean their folds.” Really. I’ve owned Shar-Pei for 20+ years. They ARE adorable and cuddly and wonderful!

  52. My fave moment is when he’s looking at his reflection. with those two mirrors he’s looking at puppeh infinity.