Your hedge quills may be used for flotation…

I don’t know what’s more redonk—the voices of these ladies watching "Shming" the hedgehog float around in the tub, or Shming himself, who’s acting like he’s on friggin’ Waikiki beach after three Mai Tais.

I watched ALL six minutes AND thirty seconds of this buoyant heaven, Sender-Inner Allison M.!



  1. Waitress! Another Lava Flow! Mahalo!

  2. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    99 and 44/100% pure redonkulousness!

  3. LOL Floating prickle ball.

  4. oaklandcat says:

    …so what is the remaining 56/100%?

  5. Gillian says:

    So. Round.
    So. Stubbular.
    So. Cute.


    I had no idea they liked to swim. Or that they enjoyed bath toys so thoroughly.

  6. I must immediately obtain one of these ‘Shming’s; I’ll take 5.

  7. In before the outraged comments of animal cruelty!

  8. Ohhh, my good lord! What is cuter… Shming or the lady who says it “Shming’s call” if he wants to stay in or not

  9. Waitress! Another Mai *hic!* Tai!

  10. TheGreatLakes says:

    Suz, if an animal ain’t on a pedestal, it’s animal cruelty 😛

  11. binky-mama says:

    The blinkingks. Eet keels me.

  12. binky-mama says:

    LOL @ Meg! (and don’t forget the leetle umbrella!)

  13. Poohbear says:

    Waiter, one for the pretty blond lady watching the hedgehog! Cheers, Meg!
    I LOL’d so much at this one, tears are streaming down my cheeks!

  14. Flavia A. says:

    Lol. This was great.
    A swimming hedgehog 😀

  15. Name goes here says:

    Look at yoooo-ooo,
    look at yoooo-ooo,
    look at yoooo-ooo.


    Schming was probably paralyzed by the nitwit commentary.

  16. Lovely hedgie, but watch with the volume down.

  17. Knowing nothing about hedgehogs and water, I’m going to call this “cute” except for the voices.

    However, I am at least partially expecting some nuffage at some point.

  18. I’m not sure which I’d rather do…

    Snorgle his cute little belly or tickle his feets!

  19. This is the obligatory animal cruelty comment, but I have to say it. Hedgehogs are animals that are clearly not made to swim, and to me that hedgehog looked rather distressed, however cute it seems.

  20. Swimming pin cushion! Cannonbaaaaaaaall! *splash*

    (Anno – the zoo vet actually recommended hydro therapy for one of the hedgehogs (Peggy Sue) who is overweight and has spine problems because of it. It allows her to burn calories and build muscle while taking the strain off her spine. Schming is a little chubster himselfs, so maybe it’s prescribed!! Many overweight animals can benefit from a good swim once in a while.)

  21. Michelle says:

    Good lo’, that’s the chubbiest prickle-pig I’ve ever seen!


    So what temperature water do hedges prefer, then?

  23. I dunno…it looked to me like he wasn’t having much fun and just wanted to get out. I couldn’t watch.

  24. Okay, who needs a loofah with Shming in the tub? I wonder if I just slid underneath him if he could exfoliate me while he floats around? No kidding this is crazy adorable! As are the sweet owners who you can tell provide the utmost love and care of Shming.

    Love this one. Thanks so much!

  25. Yeah, I agree with the person who earlier said the hedgehog looked distressed. They usually do whatever they can to avoid fully exposing their bellies like that.

  26. hon glad says:

    The commentary seems to consist of, o hoo de ooh ooh whoo de foo foo loo oo oo.

  27. This was not cute but scary. I thought the poor little thing just gave up and floated from exhaustion. It’s eyes were under water.

    Why do people do this stuff?

  28. The poor little thing is scared and exhausted and too fat… not funny imho

  29. Anonymously addicted to cute says:

    Yay, my first nuff… Didn’t watch the thing through to the end because to me sadly it too looked like that hedgie was desperately looking for a way out of that tub, and did not seem to have all that much fun tumbling over head under water… I know I wouldn’t – but maybe I am only overidentifying! 😛 Anyway, he got out safely, that’s all I need to know.

  30. That was very cute.
    It was obviously trying to push itself over onto it’s back for some reason.
    I’m sure someone who know hedgehogs will be able to confirm if this lil fella was in distress or not.
    In the meantime… w/ every hedgy post… it makes me want one even more!!! They’re SO freakin cute!!

  31. Look at yourself! says:

    “Look at yoooo-ooo,
    look at yoooo-ooo,
    look at yoooo-ooo.”
    If someone said that to me right now, i’d go crazy.

  32. locomom says:

    Maybe he’s thinking, “If I get my ears deep enough, then I won’t hear anymore of this insipid baby-talk!”


  34. Source:

    Some hedgehogs enjoy a bath and will even swim in deeper water, but others will struggle and constantly attempt to climb out of the sink. (Common sense note: if your hedgehog does take a fancy to swimming, never, ever, leave them unattended in the water!) Hedgehogs will often poop in the water, so be prepared.

  35. I had to do some research as it really looked like it was trying to get out of the tub the whole time. Why didn’t it go onto the middle block you ask? Because that obviously didn’t look like the way out! Though I’m sure the super cutie would have enjoyed it’s bath I think it wanted to get out long before it actually did..

  36. cubbybutt says:

    something just isn’t right about this. the hedge looks like he’s giving up, or he’s frozen with fear. would it have taken much brain power on those dolts part’s to have put less water in the tub so the hedge could walk around without tipping over like that? selfish humans!!!! ugh!

  37. the feetz sticking out occasionally twitching!! i think hedgie enjoys it.

  38. I was concerned at first he might be in distress, but he obviously knows the board is in there to climb on. You won’t see that unless you watch almost to the end, when he uses it to hold on to. That’s when the lady offers to take him out, and makes it his choice.

    I thought it was cute. He never actually seems frantic to me. Some posters here tend to overreact, trying to read something into a scene that is simply not there. I am completely against animal cruelty or causing an animal undue stress. I di not think this is a case of that.


  39. 260Oakley says:

    Watching this made me want a) one hedgie b) one packet of plain chocolate Hobnobs c) a cuppa of PG Tips… none of which are available at my local grocery store 😦

  40. i’m sorry, people, but that hedgie did NOT want to be wading in the tub. the ladies who are coo-ing and fawning are trying to personify this poor creature as if it were human and it was indeed scratching the edges in an effort to get out. for goodness sake, it’s face was submerged completely a few times. hedgies swim when they have to but tire quickly and can drown and should not be made to endure things like this for the enjoyment of women who need to coo over something cute. good grief i couldn’t watch this as much for their voices as it was to see a hedgehog trying to find shore in futility. if someone has contact info on those ladies, please tell them to cut it out.

  41. Jacques Cousteau voice:
    ”zee ‘edge’og, a creechair of both land and watair, floats, soospended, cradled in zee vast ocean zat is zee tubbee.”

    And for the buzzkillers, if it had *wanted* to get out, it would have stood on its little dock instead of pushing off when it touched it.

  42. rubber duck says:

    *Raises hand* May I make a suggestion?

    Before commenting on a video that’s linked from YouTube, could you please take a moment to view the corresponding YouTube page (the link works by clicking on the video, you know) and see what background information the posters of the video are giving? At least the info window, possibly also any replies to viewers’ comments.

    (Short quote: “DO NOT try this with an inexperienced swimmer. Shming is an excellent swimmer, but you could drown one if you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing!”)

  43. for those nay-saying the nay-sayers….

    in a panic situation, not all animals take the easy way out. Personally, I’ve seen an animal jump into the shallow end of a pool right by the stairs only to freak out and not know to use them. (well duh, its a human invention) if you look on youtube, you’ll probably see more examples like that.

    Its called panic for a reason.

    Yeah it bothered me to see it scratch at the sides and flip over with its nose under a few times, I would have helped him back over instead of giggle and film.

  44. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    Throw in a tortoise and two jaguars and you’ve got the Rudyard Kipling Just So story about how the armadillo came to be. Which is well worth a read, people.

  45. But yes, Hedgies are cute and there are exceptions and animals who like to swim, he did look pretty silly on his back there.

    As long as the filmers know how to get water out of its lungs/hedgy mouth to mouth should something happen, I don’t have a huge issue with it.

  46. Sadistic Bitches

  47. cowdoctor says:

    simply wrong

  48. He is so cute but looks so scared and uncomfortable. I think he needs to come home with me.

  49. “Maybe if i act dead, the shrill voices will go away…”

  50. From their YouTube comments and other hedgehog enthusiasts, it looks like Shming’s owners have everything under control and know their pet well enough – they’re pretty dedicated to his care. Evidently he likes swimming, and it’s definitely not his first time.
    soooo calm yourselves.

  51. wagthedogma says:

    The cruelest thing about this video is the women’s off-the-meter high-pitched squeeing. I got through only :46 seconds before I had to shut the sound off and check my ears for bleeding!

  52. floating bath sponge…..

    his face is soooooo cuteeeeee……and round round… first he looked like he wanted to scream………GET ME OUT OF THIS TUB and later it look liked a spa to him

  53. Wow, hostility. It is neither appropriate nor acceptable to refer to ANY woman or women that way, Anthony.

    And anyway, if it isn’t your hedgehog, how do you know if what he’s doing means he’s happy or sad? My humongo-kitteh yowls like death and flops forcefully on his side when he’s happy. It sounds an awful lot like he’s dying, but all it means is “scritch my belleh!” Presumably this woman knows what it looks like when her pet is in distress, and she would act accordingly.

  54. Wow, I just have to say I hate hate it when people nay-say on here!!! If a person is video tapeing an animal then they (the humans) are WELL AWEAR OF WHAT IS GOING ON! For another person who is not at the exact time and site, they cannot judge if the animal is really scared or in distress. If the animal was really distressed then the owners would no and the video wouldn’t even be here and the humans would be in j ail or something!!!!! really think before you open your mouth!! or you might sound stupid!

  55. Super cute! Here’s a comment on the video at YouTube that may comfort people who’re worrying:
    Hedgehogs are excellent swimmers and many take to the water with enthusiasm. Pet African hedgehogs are seldom exposed to water and may be timid at first but many really enjoy it once they are accustomed. Shming was cavorting about and flipped himself over when tired of floating – signs that he had everything under control. Only experienced handlers should ever try this and by all means NEVER leave a hedgehog alone in the water. Best wishes, Z. G. Standing Bear at The Flash & Thelma HH Rescue

    I think it looks like he was having fun, and then at the end when he looked fed up they took him out.

  56. Katrina says:

    This picture looked scary to me, so I didn’t watch the film. I made a choice.
    The only reason I am commenting is to remind people that NOT watching the film is an option and to move on to another one and ENJOY it and post.

  57. I think… I want a hedgehog.

  58. me-me-me says:

    I have to agree, hedgie looks panic stricken to me.

  59. Jessica says:

    I’ve never posted a comment here before…but you’re all a bunch of freaking crazies! If you watch (and listen!) to the entire video, it’s very obvious these ladies are completely enamoured with Schming and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let anything happen to him. They were VERY concerned about his enjoyment.

  60. You floaty fool! Can’t you see you are floating towards your own destruction!

  61. barfing rainbows over heah! so cute. i didn’t know hedgies could float! he was floating even on his belly just fine.

  62. I only lasted 2:17 and then my ears were dry heaving from listening to the these ladies talk. But the hedge was adorable.

  63. All the people screaming bloody murder about cruelty make me want to stop coming to CO because of the idiocy. Are YOU the pets owner? Do YOU know the pet has a secret addiction to swimming? NO! Don’t critizise people (espeically not call them ignorant names) claiming “I must know best for all animals based entirely on the fact I watched this video”. Shame on you!
    On the note of swimming hedgehogs, mine enjoyed walking through water and playing in the bathtub, but she would not be pleased about the floating on her back thing. That was her own personality. All hedgies are different.

  64. OMG. Totally hyp-mo-tizing. Hedgie looks like he wanted to turn over and was pleased when his mom helped. Then when he was done floatingk, Mom took him out.

  65. momof2kitties says:

    Hedgie? qte.

    Running commentary? Painful.

    Watch with the sound off.

  66. As an hedgie owner myself, this guy looked in distress.

    Yes, some hedgehog will enjoy swimming in the water, but not THAT much water. This guy needed to almost break his neck to breath (I never put more than 1″-1.5″ of water).

    This hedgie looked frozen in fear, not to mention he had water in his ear and eye that may cause infection.

    Yes this might look cute, but some people doesn’t know best. I used to think it was cute seeing a bunny on a leach, now I know best.

  67. m in athens says:

    I don’t see how the ladies’ commentary is really any more annoying than the babytalk that is the CO vernacular. Which is to say, not annoying, but in fact, a sweet indicator of their enthusiasm for Mr McSwimmersons.

  68. Victoria says:

    Wow, the ladies voices are very very wierd! It sounds like all these ladies at a teyparty!

  69. My first thought was the hedgehog is trying to commit suicide to escape those cackling hens’ voices.

  70. martha in mobile says:

    i like the cooing commentary. Prolly because I find myself doing with my pets (since my teenage child is too “cool” to be cooed at…).

  71. oh the poor thing. that’s not nice, one ear and eye submerged that long. I don’t think it is relaxing. Hedegehogs arent people! they don’t mediatate or relax in a bath *sigh*

    those women are beyond annoying and yep whoever said they need to channel their energies to something else was right.

  72. Oh, good LORD. Stop. These women know their hedgie. They LOVE their hedgie. Their commentary made me smile because they love their hedgie so much. Some cats like to swim. Some don’t. Some people like to swim. I don’t. I like to FLOAT. On my BACK and it makes the sounds from above interesting because they are muffled…

    Mebbe hedgie is remembering the womb. Sakes. Let these folks have some happy fun with their hedgie. Would you rather go to a site where death and destruction and gore are the norm? There are PLENTY. Go THERE please. Good LORD.

  73. micheyd says:

    Am I the only one who thought one of the women’s voices sounded very much like the creepy neighbor Herbert from Family Guy?

  74. Oh, good LORD. Stop. These women know their hedgie. They LOVE their hedgie. Their commentary made me smile because they love their hedgie so much. Some cats like to swim. Some don’t. Some people like to swim. I don’t. I like to FLOAT. On my BACK and it makes the sounds from above interesting because they are muffled…

    Mebbe hedgie is remembering the womb. Sakes. Let these folks have some happy fun with their hedgie. Would you rather go to a site where death and destruction and gore are the norm? There are PLENTY. Go THERE please. Good LORD.

  75. I dont usually comment, but give me a break. He’s clearly swimming frantically and trying to get to the edge or find something to cling to. Why someone would put undo stress on their pet and then find it amusing is beyond me.

  76. chanpon says:

    Ow. That loofah looks a little prickly.

  77. Maerlyn99 says:

    Maybe we should put a human baby in the water with the hedgie and see how many more complaints we can get…

  78. yumyumjanitor says:

    Get a dog if you want to watch it swim around in the tub.

    *throws some IQ dust toward the owners of the hedge*

  79. Khadija says:

    I watched this vid several times now and really don’t find he’s struggling.. looks like he’s trying on purpose to turn on his back there.. don’t think any harm is done there. isn’t it normal when a hedgie is in distress he’ll roll up like a ball?

  80. Priscilla says:

    My hedgies go INSANE if they dont want to be in the water so this one doesn’t seem as though he’s hating it. BUT…the water is a little deep…and water + ears = bad.

    but cute video!

  81. Shannon says:

    Gah, all these animal cruelty comments are so annoying. Shming is obviously not in any kind of distress, he looks perfectly comfortable floating there on his back, and when he wanted to stop, that’s just what he did. So if he didn’t like it he never would have been floating in the first place.

    Anyway, I think Shming is one cool little dude and this video is très adorable
    and left me with a huge grin on my face the whole time!

  82. OMG – I laughed hard I snorted. Repeatedly.

  83. Delphine says:

    This is NOT cute or funny.
    This is sad, stupid and CRUEL.

  84. KailisnRileysMom says:

    I have only commented on here once or twice, but
    what I am reading are opinions and not facts. I have
    had a cat that enjoyed playing in a tub of water, a
    hedgie that liked to swim and would try to swim in
    any water she could find including the dog’s water
    bowl, a bunny that enjoyed being on a leash for a
    hop (walk), etc.
    Please don’t let your prejudices color what these
    women are doing with their pet.

  85. I think it’s best to watch this sans soundtrack….Sheesh!

  86. loving an animal and not having the foggiest notion of how to treat it is not mutually exclusive. many animals suffer from well-intentioned human behaviour.

  87. locomom and Jenny…I was thinking the same thing, with his ears underwater he could escape the annoying commentary.

    m in athens…it’s not the babytalk that’s annoying as much as the pitch of the woman’s voice.

    Not sure if the hedgie was in distress or not but they did remove him safely and it seems like they know their hedgie so I feel confident he’s well cared for.

    He is cute and the bliking just bowled me over.

  88. oops, that should have said “blinking”. I left out an “n” there

  89. People see what they want to see. I saw a hedge trying to use the side to turn over. Others saw a route to escape. That hedge had toys and two people watching over it constantly.

    Those what have a hedge have a reason to comment if they believe it isn’t right. If you have never had one, do not look up and quote from hedge sites, and only go on small physical actions…well, you lose a lot of credibility.

  90. *who*

  91. How can anyone think this is cute?
    Yes, I’ve read that some of them like swimming but this fellow friend looks as if he is in panic and wants to get out to me.

    Worse of all are these HORRIBLe women turning him on his back! That’s a horrible situation for an animal that has difficulties turning around. NO one will ever be able to convince me that he or any other animal that can’t turn around as easily as a cat or a dog is enjoying this, even if he likes swimming.

    I couldn’t watch it for longer than 50 seconds. It pans my heart.

    I am disappointed in this site for posting this link.

    Torturing an animal to make it look “cute” is a horrible thing to do.

  92. O.M.G.!

    That is the cutest, roundest hedge evar. The only thing cuter would be if there were two of them, holding paws and bobbing about (remember the otters?)

  93. Annie J says:

    Relax people. ‘Tis a cute hedgie! If you don’t like the voices, there is a mute button. You can still enjoy the cute hedgie! As far as cruelty is concerned, check out one of the owners’ comments to someone on the video on youtube:

    “The upper end of the tub water was shallow, so Shming could easily walk. Hedgies CAN swim, but some aren’t comfy in water. We never force a hedgie to swim; if one wants out, it is immediately removed. The paving stone is for getting out. Shming was flipping himself about because he was proud of himself. He had just completed floating on his back for the first time. Shming’s sister Kechara won’t float, but chases the toys and drags them around. She is a fast swimmer!”

    So BREATHE! CO does not support animal cruelty, and clearly this pet owner doesn’t, either. Given that I’ve never had a hedgie, I’m gonna trust the owners on this one 🙂

  94. cdelphine says:

    whee commentroversy!

  95. One Skunk Todd says:

    Scientists announce the discovery of a new mammal: The North American Spiny Otter. 🙂

  96. There was also a comment (on YouTube) from someone who runs a hedgehog rescue, and he/she thought Shming looked happy and in control of the situation (flipping himself over when tired of floating, etc.) So, Shming probably doesn’t need rescuing, methinks.

  97. omg at those women coo’ing!! *shoves a couple of hedgehogs in my ears.

  98. omg shut up. it generally takes a lot of research and knowledge to be the privileged owner of a hedge, as these cute babies are quite unlike any other pets. i bet you people who are commenting meanly wouldnt understand half of the weird things hedgehogs tend to do. maybe dont make rash assumptions if you dont know anything about hedgehogs. that fat little hedge is adorable. he probably needs a good swim to burn off some calories! i wish mine would float like that, but he is not partial to water at all.

  99. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Little hedgie looks like he’s accustomed to the bathtub. His initial struggles really did look like his attempt to flip onto his back. But he’s so round and buoyant, he couldn’t quite do eeet.

    So his human mom knew he wanted to flip, and gently turned him over. Little hedge then calmed right down and blissfully floated. He seemed to be doing the hedgehog version of sensory deprivation… with his ears and eyes underwater and floating, it must be like being in space. (I’ve had my head underwater lots of times without getting an ear infection.) He was absolutely calm, and did react a bit when his feet were lightly touched, so he wasn’t “frozen”… just blissed out.

    Then, when he was ready, he struggled a bit, and turned himself over. His human lady put down her hand and arm for him to climb on. When he did come out of the water, he was just quiet, not panicky or scrambling to escape. He did not have the sign of an animal in distress.

    I do agree that the loud, high pitched voices are a bit annoying, and it’s quite possible the little hedge could do without that. I’d also place some kind of actual ramp in there so the option to leave the tub was always present too. Other than that, it seems the little hedge was enjoying his blissful, free floating bathtub time… and he’s just as cute as can be!

  100. Shming is too Zen for our petty squabblings.

    Haha PattyP, understatement of the year:
    “Some posters here tend to overreact”got him out. Why would he

    The best part was the commentary: “Mommy didn’t want you to bump your lil’ noggin!”

    as soon as Shming wanted to get out, his commentators got him out. BEFORE YOU NUFF, WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. Would Shming have drifted peacefully for four minutes, fully capable of turning himself over and scrambling to get out (which his owners would have helped him with), if he didn’t want to be in the pool?

  101. JulieRaven says:

    Dear lord Firn. Maybe you should watch the whole video then.


    Animals don’t just GIVE UP and DIE when they’re in a stress situation. He’s being watching carefully and ONLY at the end did I think he was pawing at the sides to get out, which the women noticed, and scooped him out.



  102. Oh dear. Ignore the “got him out why would he” in the second section. it posted weirdly.

  103. Oh boo-hoo.
    They love their animal and are paying very close attention to them. I doubt you know Shming better than they do.

  104. Hexamillion says:

    The hedgehog is looking for the way out of the tub. Where is the rampway that lets the hedgie climb out on its very own? What if Mr. Hedgehog doesn’t want to stand shivering on flooded Loofah Island while the crowd of giant ape-monsters coo ferociously at him? It’s only cute if the hedgehog can get right out of the tub on its own if it wants. This vid is creepy and made me feel icky!

  105. Kimberly says:

    My hedgie is not a fan of water. Because of that I only bathe him in the sink and only keep him in long enough to clean off his poop-shoes. He just loves to poop in his wheel… little stinker!

  106. “You wanna get out, or stay in the water? It’s your choice”

    That was so adorable, and the ladies clearly love their lil’ Shming.

    To all the haters I say “Face Quills down, attack!”


    I hope he’s all warm and snugglingk and sleepingk now.

  108. Hedgie bliss. 🙂

  109. Another Angela says:

    I didn’t like this one. Even if hedgie wasn’t distressed, I couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t floating because he was too tired to paddle anymore. If he was on his belly, he would have to paddle to keep his head above water. People can love their animal and still not understand their behavior and can harm their pets, but I’ll give these ladies the benefit of the doubt since I have no experience with hedgies at all. I have seen a photo of a rat floating on its back in a bath tub too.

  110. I’m confused…where were all the “OMG HEDGIES CAN’T SWIM THIS IS ABUSE!” nuffers on all of the myriad of other hedgies-in-bathtub posts on this site?

    And speaking of all the other hedgies-in-bathtub posts…this, like all of those, is definitely taking up permanent space in my cuteness queue!

  111. Seemed more cruel than cute to me.

  112. In case you people can’t remember, hedgehogs can stay underwater as long as there is a giant air bubble from the ground below to fill their lungs. Didn’t we learn anything from Sonic?

  113. Siilikeiju says:

    Like my friend said, I never thought that looking at the Cute Overload page would make me pissed off. I’ve had hedgehogs for four years. It doesn’t take a genious to realize this hedgehog doesn’t like water. At first he tries to climb out and then the poor little fellow gets water in his nose and ears and floats around really pathetically looking like he’s given up. Then he tries to get out again. This type of behaviour is typical when a hedgehog is turned on his back and feels vulnerable but I’ve never seen it happen in water. This video is simply cruel, and I hope it will be deleted from Cute overload, because a scared and desperate animal is not cute. Someone should tell the owner that hedgehog is not a bath toy but an animal.

  114. Paranoiagirl,

    That literally made me laugh out loud! It’s so true!

  115. Anytime, Kate S 😀

  116. It took me a minute to figure out who that lady sounded like, but I finally got it- she sounds exactly like the geriatric pervert on Family Guy! “Herbert the Pervert”- the one who is all about Chris? Yeah, that one.

  117. Oh, and Siilikeiju? It doesn’t take a genius to spell genius correctly. 😉

  118. some of you are so flippin ridiculous, stop analyzing the sh%! out of everything, it’s not your god damn animal so keep it to yourself no one CARES, he obviously enjoyed swimming 🙂

    he’s definitely a cutie!

  119. I don’t blame people for wanting a hedgehog for the sheer CUTE factor, but it’s good to know that as an exotic animal, they require a lot of attention and care. They need a large enclosure with a solid bottom and maintained at a constant temperature, daily litterbox changing, a solid and large wheel that also must be cleaned daily (they poop as they run), a high quality, varied diet, and daily handling to keep them well socialized – no matter how often they stick those needles into you. They also are rarely awake in the daytime. They do need their feet wiped off and benefit from regular bathing with a high quality pet shampoo (with skin conditioners/mineral oil as their skin gets quite dry). I always bathed my little one in the sink, with a washcloth under his feet and as little water as possible, as he did not enjoy it, but I have heard that some hedgehogs like to swim. I wouldn’t have left a hedge turned over like the one in the video however, as their bodies aren’t designed for that posture. People should know too that hedgehogs are prone to cancer, mites and some other illnesses – I lost my little one to jaw cancer at a year and half. But if you are willing to do the work, they are wonderful pets, who love to know what you are cooking, who will sleep snuggled up against your arm, can be walked around outside (they dont walk fast enough to get away from you) and will willingly sit and have late night conversations with you – especially if you are holding mealworms!

  120. Erin: First of all, it’s very rude to tell someone to “shut up” because he is stating his opinion.

    I didn’t tell anyone to shut up, nor did I attack anyone here.
    I just said what I was thinking about this video and I think it is my right to say that,to me, it looks rather cruel than cute.

    I am not sure why you say that it “generally takes a lot of research and knowledge to be the privileged owner of a hedge” when here everyone can just get one, no matter how much or little he knows about these animals.

    This is my last comment I ever make on CO, because I am sick of being attacked by rude people just for saying what I think.

    I am always willing to listen to other people and I welcome people to teach me I was wrong with what I thought about the video, but when someone starts his sentence with “omg Shut up” he most likely will not gain any respect from me.

    I don’t treat people like this in RL and I doubt you do.
    Just because this is the internet doesn’t mean there isn’t possibly a 30-year-old real woman behind this account.

    Dear JulieRaven: I watched the whole video now and it did not change the feeling I get by watching it.

    I am a women by the way…

  121. My husband and I have owned hedgehogs before and are familiar with their behaviors.

    If there was shallow water at the other end of the tub, then that hedgie liked being where it was and was having a blast. Yes, hedgehogs protect their stomachs, but they will relax and show them when they are in a comfortable environment.

    It is my experience with hedgehogs that if they can remove themselves from a situation they don’t like, they will…or they will make you feel their displeasure in no uncertain terms. None of our hedgehogs liked water enough to swim in it, but they would patter around in an inch of it…especially if it was warmish. It’s one of the few ways to clean their feet.

    Also, it is important to note that while hedgehogs are usually silent creatures, they can make a very disturbing shrieking noise when in distress.

  122. I’m one of those who is concerned that the hedgehog was very much not having a good time.

  123. SIGH. This is my first and last CO. Don’t you people have better things to do than analyze the hell out of video when none of you know the animal or its owners? The pasikie baby, the cats-n-racks and now this. Stop ruining CO for everyone else and POSTULATE ELSEWHERE!

  124. from the fact that it quickly perked up after floating, I htink it was fine.. just floating. Though it did look really tired.

  125. Journey says:

    This video does not belong on CO. I became concerned when I saw the hedgehog scrambling and looking up trying to find a way out of the tub. This treatment of animals should not be encouraged.

    Definitely not cute!

  126. I coudn’t watch. It looks too scared and trying to get out for being cute. This is not cuteness. I can’t imagine WHY a hedgehog would expose his belly like that. Do you really think he is happy? REALLY? Well I don’t. Poor guy.

    I agree with Journey, this does not belong in CO.

  127. Count me in as one who knows nothing of hedgehogs – but I can’t see that this little guy is distressed at all. I would think it would be all balled up fighting if it were upset.

    I think it’s adorable, and I love it when owners love their pets enough to make ridiculous noises over them.

  128. Lol Dele….. don’t leave, people just like creating controversy where there is none.
    Gotta expect that on a popular website. There will always.. ALWAYS be naysayers b/c well… most of the time, they’re just miserable people that like to complain about everything.

  129. Catsquatch says:

    Commentroversies abound!

    At first I was concerned about the little dood, but I watched closely, and several times he floated to the pad, but pushed himself off of it to continue floating freely, he swam around in control of where he was going, and floated on his back several times when he got tired of moving.
    I didnt see distress, I saw a hedgehog having fun.

  130. When I get mine-Im going to let him/her swim around too-thats adorable-and *Cough* its my birthday =)

  131. JulieRaven says:


    I stand by my opinion.

    And I never called you a man.

  132. Comments should be permanently disabled. 🙂

  133. DaytimeDeb says:

    I don’t watch Family Guy, but the main voice sounded just like Opal on All My Children.

  134. DaytimeDeb says:

    Oh, and…..


  135. Kristina says:

    That is cruelty to animals, should be prosecuted.

  136. Oh-kay you naysayers.. dont get your panties all in a bunch.

    But to make yall feel better here are THE BEST HEDGIE VIDEOS ive ever seen . SOO CUTE!!

    mandatory for hedge lovers!!


  137. Just because there is ’nuffing doesn’t mean comments should be be forever disabled. Half of the fun of CO is being able to hear what other people think about something cute (positive wise I mean). Cute stories are shared, people talk, converse…it’s great. Obviously you cannot have the good without the bad and vice versa in any situation. But, having comments is definitely part of what makes this place so enjoyable.

  138. i totally agree with micheyd!!! IT DOES SOUND LIKE HERBERT!!! oh my gosh… no wonder it creeped my out so bad. and i thought it was just her baby talk voice but i think she sounds like that ALL THE TIME! O_O ouch… not very appealing imo.

    i guess this video can be seen both ways =T i don’t know how closely related hedgies are to rabbits but i know rabbits tend to freeze in very stressful situations and when the lady turned Shming onto his back… that seemed like he was terrified of being flipped over. being turned over in the wild usually meant death for little guys like him. watching him float around motionless like that for so long was kinda disturbing =T but i don’t own a hedgie and i haven’t researched about them or anything so yeah… just an opinion.

  139. I love how many people didn’t watch the film but _know_ that the hedgehog was distressed.

    Go out and get upset about something important.

  140. A scared or distressed animal does not float peacefully on its back for four and a half minutes without trying to escape its “predicament.” If he had been struggling to flip over and he couldn’t flip over, I would feel differently, but he was totally happy and, as we see from 5:43 to 5:46, completely capable of flipping himself over quite easily. No, he didn’t look totally happy at the beginning or end of the video, but while he was on his back (which was the majority of the video), he was chillin’ like a villain. For the time when he was not looking comfortable, the women were not just letting him sit there and be pissed, they were probably waiting to see if he would sort himself out, and seeing that he wasn’t, they took care of him.

    I do not understand people who equate mild discomfort and annoyance with animal cruelty. By that definition, the fact that I sometimes pick up my kitty and snuggle him when he clearly doesn’t want any of it makes me a TERRIBLE CRUEL PERSON OMG. What you see here is (at WORST) a healthy, well-fed, and mildly pissed-off hedgehog in a bathtub who’s being closely supervised by obviously well-intentioned caregivers. Calling that animal cruelty really trivializes the actual cruelty that happens to innocent animals every day and makes people take allegations like that less seriously. If you took this video in and showed it to the SPCA as evidence of abuse, you would be laughed out of the building. If this video bothers you that much, then do something about it. Make a donation to the SPCA and help out some animals who need your sympathy far more than Mr. Shming here.

    Now let us all chill and admire the adorable pink belly, yes?

  141. bcteagirl says:

    Ryan: I agree completely… I have started thinking of innocent videos like this as a rorschach test for a persons attitude in general. Some will be unsure but assume that people are positive.. some will see the positive… and some will always jump on the abuse bandwagon, wail and nash their teeth in a negative manner… THen they will also claim they are being ‘jumped on’ when anybody responds in kind. Why? I think they are just honestly hypersensitive to abuse of any kind.. I actually feel badly for them, the world must be a very dark and scary place if a swimming animal is horrible abuse… the rest of the world must be even worse.

  142. I’m always amazed at how many people seem to think they know when an animal is distressed. Do any of these people even own hedgehogs? How do they magically know what every animal is feeling? I’d say the owners know their own pet better than random people on the internet.

  143. bcteagirl:
    The women in the video are obviously well-intentioned, and love little Schming. I recognize that and yet it seems to me that Schming probably is having a pretty awful time in that tub. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but I’m really tired of people telling me that because I believe that, I must be a joyless, mean, pessimistic, nasty, lifehating nuff. I’m none of those things; I just happen to know that well-intentioned people can often wind up inadvertently mistreating their pets, and I think this is a case of it. And I post about it here, not because I just feel the need to spoil fun wherever I see it, but because I imagine that videos like this could encourage other people to treat their animals in the same way. As Ryan says, even if I’m right, it’s not the worst abuse in the world; it’s nowhere near as bad as what factory-farmed animals experience every day, for example. But that doesn’t mean it’s nothing; it doesn’t mean it’s not worth thinking about; and it doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person, I hope, for pointing it out.

  144. the hedgehog tried to get out at first, but it couldn’t. after that it resigned to its fate until his ‘owners’ thought it wanted to get out. if you bath an animal, give it the chance to get out of the water whenever he/she feels like it. and not when you think it’s ok.

  145. Exactly Andria. I can’t believe all these armchair experts on someone else’s pet. If these obviously incredibly caring and loving owners don’t know their own pet, who does? You? Riiight. Maaaybe the water was a little high, and maaaaybe the tub a bit too slippery; I don’t know. But they were always right there and nothing was going to happen to Shming. I also seriously cannot believe anyone found those sweet voices annoying? How intolerant is that? They love their pet – deal with it!

  146. I own a hedgie, and some like water some don’t… But he looks really overweight and that might be why he is swimming upside down like that. The mark on his belly doesn’t look very normal.
    I understand that these people love their pet but there are thousands that love their pets and don’t know how to take care of them.

  147. Kimmydarling says:

    THIS gets people into an uproar? OH god, a hedgehog is floating CRUELTY AND WOE. I tend to leave the extreme cruelty and being pained looking at it to animals that are near death from starvation or mishandling. Not one playing bobber in a bathtub.. Christ on toast. It was cute, deal with it

  148. HWS member says:

    Shannon, if you read the comments on the YouTube page you’ll see why he is so chubby and has a mark there. It says he had a UTI and did not exercise much until he was better. If you watch the video you’ll see that he is not floating on his back the entire time. Some medications do cause a darkened area, but it is usually temporary (this is information from an exotic vet).

  149. i respect all of you who think this is just an innocent, cute video so please do everyone else the same favor who may not think this is enjoyable either for the viewer his/herself or the hedgie. to use comments as a gauge of personality is very irresponsible and generalizes people. this is a place to comment by people of all kinds who love this site, me included. but for someone to tell me to shut up or to call me a naysayer is just oppressive. 99% of the time, the content of this site brings a smile to my face and joy to my day. just because i don’t agree that this hedgie is enjoying himself and that it’s possible for people who have the best intentions for their pets can still harm them unwittingly is not grounds for me to remain quiet. my opinion is just as valid as yours whether i own a hedgie or not. because that is what it is…an opinion. so for those of you who nail the so called “naysayers”…you are being just as negative as those you are accusing.

  150. Sorry guys. I work at a vets office and know animals quite well. Many people may say that this is cute and that the ladies know their hedgie, but he was obviously trying to get out. And then while on his back, both his eyes and ears were completely submerged, which is uncomfortable for any animal and can lead to serious infections. The water was way too deep for him and he could only breathe while on his back, poor thing. Someone needs to contact these lades. Did the hedgie tell you he likes it? Then you can’t assume that he does.

  151. HWS member says:

    In fact, the exotic vet saw the video.

  152. Kimmydarling, I love the way you speak! 😀 Are you brit?

  153. enoughnuffers says:

    Did the hedge tell you he didn’t like it? You can’t assume that he doesn’t either. If an animal was in distress why would it just float there? I guess he just hates floating so much that he decided to give up on life…

  154. HWS member,
    No I didn’t read them, but maybe the information should be on here.
    Becoming overweight takes time though, not a huge amount, but I don’t believe he could get that large from a UTI. But I could be wrong.
    Still, it doesn’t change the fact that his head was continously submerged which is usually uncomfortable for anyone. Water in a hedgehog’s ears can also cause damage. They should have been trying to flip him over instead of wanting him to do it.

  155. I’m not saying it was animal cruelty either, just that the people might want to read up a little more on safe things for hedgehogs..
    I’ve also been to an exotic vet that had no idea what he was doing with a hedgehog at all, or any of the general basics about them.

  156. HWS member says:

    The vet I mentioned is a hedgehog vet.
    His head was not constantly submerged. Have you seen up close the way that some of them close their ears? The problem is if water stays in the ear constantly. That will certainly cause an infection in an animal or human.
    A UTI can prevent any animal or human from exercising and it does not take long at all for them to gain a lot of weight.

  157. HWS member says:

    Another YouTube comment also says that he is now on a prescription food.

  158. Adrienne says:

    This is absolutely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I laughed so hard. These women never getted tired of goggling at him on his back!

  159. What? MORE commentroversy? Good lord. Alright.

    Teri, I work in an exotics clinic that sees hedgehogs, and that hedgehog is NOT distressed. Look at his face! Moving around quickly does not equal distress. His face is calm. He is not panting, or hissing, his quills are not puffed out, he is not struggling. Have you ever handled a hedge before? SERIOUSLY, they will very quickly let you know when they are not OK with something. There is no way the ladies would even be able to get him on his back like that if he wasn’t having the greatest time ever. (Well, ok, if he were curled and puffed like scared hedges are, they could, but he would be in a ball and hissing and not relaxed and ALMOST FALLING ASLEEP)

    The water is not too deep, and you can see obviously that he has platforms to climb on when he wants to get his feet on land, as well as constant supervision.

    Also, a 6 minute bath is not going to increase your risk of squat. That is just silly. It’s like saying humans expose ourselves to infections by taking a 15 minute shower. OMG TWICE THE EXPOSURE TIME. :O

    “They usually do whatever they can to avoid fully exposing their bellies like that.”

    That is true. WHEN THEY ARE NERVOUS. However, when they are content and comfortable, they don’t mind it.

    Seriously, people are so quick to assume and anthropomorphize. If you aren’t familiar with hedge/animal behaviour, I can see how the hedge might look paniced. Hedges just swim like that. Someone said he was ‘struggling to get out’. Uhm, where? Looks to me like he’s just exploring his tub wonderland and doesn’t really know what sides are. People who think that is panicing have not seen panicing. A paniced animal, especially one so recently domesticated, becomes very very wild.

    His face is calm, his legs are relaxed, he is not panicing. Almost fell asleep for Christ’s sake! WHICH THEY TELL YOU. AND YOU SEE. Sooo… Ok, yes people, you are allowed opinions and people shouldn’t eat your face for them. But when an animal is almost FALLING ASLEEP with paws RELAXED and you claim it is PANICED and struggling it makes me want to freaking CRY. I know you ‘feel’ he is in trouble, but please, take a deep breath and look at the evidence to support your beliefs before going and sounding the alarm. It will save all of us a lot of face-eating.


  160. Oh, addendum, I think this video is fantastically adorable. I am going to go barf rainbows for 20 minutes.

    Geesh. Next thing you know people will cry out how cruel it is to give them toilet paper rolls (which hedges absolutely adore).

  161. I’m gonna stuff a hedgie down my rack and swim with it. Go commentroversy!!!

  162. yeh, at first I was also wondering if it was in distress.

    However with continued watching, you can see when it floats around its legs start to relax even… I thought it was gonna fall asleep! (If the ladies didnt tease it occasionally) …And kinda sweet was it was swimming towards the camera/ the owners. Shows it has a pretty good bond with them.

    & I don’t even know hedgehog behavior well… But I’ve had enough pets to know abit of (animal) body language.

  163. HedgieKat says:

    This is my first time posting but as a hedgie lover and owner, I wanted to make a few comments about what is being said here. I do respect the opinions of those who think the hedgie is fine and I certainly hope that he was enjoying his bath, but from my own experience with my own hedgehog, I couldn’t enjoy watching this video.
    For those of you who don’t own hedgehogs, but DO know that they tend to ball up when scared or upset, I’m not sure if you realise that in water, hedgehogs almost never ball up because when they do, they completely submerge their heads and can’t breathe. Some owners with very skittish hedgehogs really only ever get to pet their hedgehogs in water because they DON’T ball up and hiss. I don’t think the not-balling up, not-hissing, not flailing argument indicates that he’s having a great time.
    If Shming knew the dock was there and just chose not to use it, that’s really cute, but I know that my hedgehog has pretty poor vision (even when I hold mealworms in front of him, his fav treat, he needs to smell it to recognise it and come running, he doesn’t seem to “see” it well) and wouldn’t recognise the dock. Again, just my own hedgie.
    To me, Shming looks tired and waiting to get enough energy to get back up. The eyes underwater made me sad. I am hoping he had a good time though, I do believe his owners think he’s having fun.
    Oh, and there are many things I don’t want that still happen. (I do wish that everything I DID want WOULD happen… that would be nice)

  164. Please note that the hissing was not my only argument. It was just one of many things listed to describe a stressed out hedge. I did not mean all must apply for a hedge to be considered stressed. He isn’t panting or exhibiting any other signs of distress that I see.

    Regardless of whether or not he would roll in a ball in the water doesn’t really matter, if he was distressed, it doesn’t make sense for him to allow himself to be rolled over into a position supposedly more uncomfortable and more prone than regular swimming. I also wonder if the belly-up position is so ‘cruel’, why does he stay like that when he is clearly capable of rolling himself over?

    Why do you assume he is tired? What in the video indicates this? He is not panting. The video is fairly short and most of which he is completely relaxed. Do you realize how much struggling he would have to do before getting tired enough to not even have the energy to get back up? That is pretty dramatic. Again, I don’t see any evidence of that at all. Explain?

    He doesn’t need to be able to see well to detect the dock, he can touch it.

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and rewatch it with your view in mind: He definitely puts his paw on the dock, and it is submerged slightly, which would mean it would be very accessible for little Shming. I don’t think you could claim it was too high or that he didn’t know. It looks to me like he runs into the dock, sees that it is shallower, and swims away from it. At 20 seconds he is leisurely swimming around. Between 25-45 seconds I see him playing around. Is that what people think is panicing? That is playing! He is jumping and rolling around in the water. Although I have not seen a hedge do that in the water before, I have seen them do VERY similar behaviours with their substrate (bark chips/soil/etc). At 30 seconds he does like a flip trick off the dock and WAS THAT AN OLLIE- Er, he walks sideways on the dock to FLIP HIMSELF BACK OVER. Doesn’t seem like something a paniced hedge would do. At close to one minute he pushes off of the dock again. Then, as soon as the lady flips him over it seems he says, MMMM finally I am comfy! And stops trying to get on his back immediately, as if he were trying to balance himself before.

    Although I will say I have serious concerns about this hedges weight. 😦 He is so obese. Now THAT is something to get sad over. But he is getting help for that, I hear (er, read).

  165. I just want to say that as a hedgie owner, I couldn’t watch that video. It made me sick to see that fat hedgie (who probably doesn’t have a wheel) struggling. If you want to believe that he was having fun, go for it. But in my experience, i’ve never seen a hedgehog act like that…

  166. ermine — it seems that other people who work in vets offices (who work with hedgies) are also posting here and are offering different insights than yours and so are people who own hedgies themselves. so please excuse me when i cannot take your testimony solidly either. you say others are anthropomorphizing and seeing distress where there isn’t…the same argument could be made for there being enjoyment and fun on the hedgie’s face or whatever. you proved this point by saying that “he was exploring his tub wonderland.” WHAT?! i can’t believe you just wrote that immediately after saying people anthropomorphize. maybe that’s what you would do but animals don’t explore wonderlands. your case about something not happening to an animal if it didn’t want it is also full of holes. there are many things we pet owners do to our pets that they don’t enjoy but we project onto them our own vision of cuteness (big example is when people put sweaters on dogs — i know i will get flamed for this but seriously folks, your dog does NOT like it!!).

    the sight of that hedgie upside-down with its eyes wide open under water just saddens me. for you to say it’s so relaxed to the point of falling asleep is ludicrous. did you see all the energy he expended in paddling. he’s pooped. the other point is just because a domesticated animal enjoys something, does that mean it should happen? my cat loves bacon grease but will he get it? no. also, i totally agree with hedgiekat…the reason why he didn’t ball up is because there would be far less surface area for him to stay afloat. they’re smart like that. i dont think this is a case of animal cruelty…i think it’s a case of animal lovers who decided that overfilling a tub and watching their pet struggle for a while was cute and harmless and shareable. maybe so but i would never do that to my pet.

    my biggest peeve? the high pitched squealing and baby talk. i love my animals and i talk to them but not to the point where the neighborhood dogs would come running from the high -frequency sonic bombardment these ladies unload on us.

  167. Another Angela says:

    Ermine, I’m honestly curious–what about the whole bunny “trancing” thing, when they sort of go motionless on their back? I wondered whether the hedge was doing something like that? I’m not at all saying it is. I’m just saying it looked sort of like that and that is what worried some here.

    I don’t understand the hostility towards people who are sensitive about animals. Can’t people just have a discussion without disparaging each other and making sweeping comments about each others’ personalities? I think it is fine if people are sensitive. It just shows they have a high empathy quotient, which differs between people. Nothing wrong with that. Animals are not always so easy to interpret. For example, rats “brux” when content as well as when terrified or in pain, and I hear well-meaning owners consoling themselves by saying their rat was bruxing in a very stressful situation because they don’t understand this. I find it constructive when knowledgeable folks offer their experienced views.

  168. I agree with the ‘its fine’ side

    and would like to mention something, has anyone considered how old the hedge is, how long have the owners had him, what is his temperment!? WE DONT KNOW,WE ARE NOT THE OWNERS

    Until you have handled the hedge, been there with it, spend night and day watching it, playing with it, feeding with it and bonding, i dont think you have any platform to judge what its behavior is, esp with such sleepy behavior that was shown

    Also, there is the rock thing in the center, this probably is not his first bath, they mostly likely do the same thing every time he takes a bath, i think the hedge knows what is going on. And for those of you that are that concerned for that adorable hedgie, go and contact the owner(s)

  169. Why do people make comments and form opinions without doing any research? I just did some research and basically every site I went to said that hedgehogs can swim. It also said that you should make an escape route for them in case they want out, which in this case, there is a shallow side and a big block in the middle that the hedgehog obviously knows is there. Do you think hedgehogs are stupid? If it’s scared and wants out, it would go over to the block immediately or flip over immediately. It’s common sense that all animals instinctively fight to survive. It’s not just going to not swim to the block because it “doesn’t look like an escape route”. If it was desperate, it would instinctively grab at anything to get out. This was obviously not the case. Sometimes I think people are more stupid than their pets…

  170. HWS member says:

    It says in the comments that he runs on his wheel now that he is feeling better. How could he run on it if he doesn’t have one?

  171. HWS member says:

    Hedgehogs usually do “poop” when they are in water, whether it’s in a bath and not moving around much or for a swim.
    If you don’t like the “commentary” that’s what the mute button is for.

  172. Another Angela says:

    JL “It’s common sense that all animals instinctively fight to survive.” Common sense does not mean it is fact. If an animal is tired, it may have a better chance of survival in a flood if it floats rather than panics. I’m just sayin. And I am not stupid, just curious.

  173. HWS member says:

    Another Angela,
    Hedgehogs are NOT RODENTS, so there is no comparison.

  174. I thought the hedgehog seems in distress.This video made me very uncomfortable.

  175. HWS member says:

    I think a lot of people get their MISinformation from a certain old and very out of date book on hedgehogs by Barrons. In some ways that book is downright dangerous and is well known to be one of the worst sources available.

  176. I’ve never owned a hedgie, (a good friend of mine has), but I own three ferrets who need occasional bathing. None of them like the water, but it’s a necessary evil when stink and poop happen.

    Judging from their distressed behaviour and obvious dislike for water, in comparison, this hedgie does not seem to be freaking out in any way. My ferrets scramble up my arms the moment I reach in the tub to try to bathe them. That little guy was paddling around, not trying to escape when his owners reached down to him.

    And if anyone says that I’m putting my ferrets in distress by giving them an occasional bath, or I should be aware of their skin, oils, etc., I have a few more words for you and your obvious ignorance. When they need to be bathed, they need to be bathed. It’s not torture. They may not like it at the moment, but I can tell you that I don’t have any mentally defective pets due to some occasional contact with water.

    Educated owners know a lot more about their pets than even some veterinarians do. They know their personalities and mannerisms. I have a cat that moans like he’s being beaten, but that’s just how he is. Would most other people know that immediately? Of course not.

    Seriously, get off your high horses. The only thing that needs to be criticised about this video is the horrific sounds those women are making. Now if anything would make me distressed, it would be having to listen to that for 5 minutes.

    My two cents. I couldn’t go to sleep without adding it.

  177. HWS Member:
    I just read your response to Another Angela, and it seems to me you entirely missed her point if you think that there is ‘no comparison’ just because hedgehogs are not rodents. She was not making a point about rodents and their ‘bruxing’ behavior — she was making a point about HUMANS, and how they can misinterpret signals from their companion animals. To make this point about humans, she used an example of humans misinterpreting rat behavior. It absolutely does not matter to her point that hedgehogs are not rodents (and of course she did not claim or imply that hedgehogs are rodents).

  178. HWSmember – you have also missed my point. when i said “he’s pooped” i didn’t mean he actually defecated, i meant that he’s exhausted, tired, tuckered out from all the spastic paddling.

    and don’t worry, i watched the rest of it with the mute. the human ear can only take so much and i am sure they continued their squealing the whole entire time.

  179. What the HELL did they put that hedgehog in the bathtub?

    I admit it´s very cute, but why oh why put him in there? This is just not right – I mean for the sake of a photo or video I would have done this maybe for a minute, but then I would have taken the poor (probably terrified or drowning!) animal out again.

    Mmmmmhhh. Don´t think it´s particularly cruel, but it´s just not “right” either….

  180. Ce hérisson souffre d’obésité. Il risque de mourir bientôt si ses folles de propriétaires ne cessent pas de le nourrir à volonté. Pauvre petit coeur….

  181. cheesybird says:

    Stef, I know enough French to understand what you wrote, but not enough to answer you in French, so I hope you can read some English. You probably didn’t see this, but the owners of the hedgehog have explained that he gained weight when sick with a urinary tract infection, but is now on a special diet. They know he’s too fat, but they’re taking good care of him.

  182. Baby talk is the root of all evil.

  183. While the hedgehog is cute
    and I do know that they need an occasional water bath I don’t think that includes keeping him there to film as fun as he gets tired and tries to float. The way those women are treating him is terrible. I didn’t get the feeling that he wanted to be in the water. It looked like he was trying to get at the side to get out but being at tiny hedgehog he cant just hop out like a dog or cat could. Plus their cooing over him like a newborn baby was just disturbing and annoying.

  184. It’s too painful to watch the whole clip, i just cant get the cuteness from watching that poor thing drowning to death.

  185. “you know what happens when you fall asleep in the water…? you get a sunburn! You dont want to get a sunburn from the bathroom lights do you? Hmmmm??” LOL

    How about the nuffers head on over to the YouTube link and post ur negative pewp over there?? HMMM??

  186. *ignoring all half-baked controversy*

    Teh belly. It’s powers of cuteness are unstoppable. BELLLLYYYYY. O.O

  187. *headdesk* We’ve got multiple nuff talking about the hedgie “drowning to death” now? Good grief, saying you’re worried the hedgie is distressed is one thing but do you really think that Meg would okay a submission where the animal dies at the end?

    *Rewatches* Oh, my, lookit that. The hedgie suddenly starts swimming again and climbs out of the tub. Clearly he’s a zombie pet now. I mean, since he drowned to death earlier in the clip.

  188. Kimmydarling says:

    Mila, you feel oppressed by being told to take your angst elsewhere? Really? REALLY?! Oppressed hunh? The English language appreciates your contributions…

    and for the one that asked? Nope, not a Brit. From the US actually.

  189. Aww…I took a little break from cuteoverload and just glanced through the pictures when I got a chance. I see things haven’t changed in the comment section. 🙂

  190. Awesomette says:

    The ladies’ voices are incredibly disturbing. They might as well spend all day tying bows around his quills and name him Froo-Froo if they’re that obsessed with him.

  191. HWS member says:

    Again, that’s what “mute” is for.

  192. yumyumjanitor says:

    Does this statement come with a free pair of tight-rolled jeans, Get Used By Eli sweatshirt, and babysitting job?:

    ‘it’s not your god damn animal so keep it to yourself no one CARES’

  193. Not cool…pets aren’t bath toys. The guy is clearly not into it.

  194. I think what is the worst here is that When those of us who say that is cute and the hedge is having fun, are bein called animal abusers and such, but when we tell those who see it as cruel we are “face-eaters” and such. Why can’t we just agree to disagree. I mean obvisily the pet is fine now (and if maybe then) we have not read on any new sight of a hedge dying or such, so all this bickering is just nonsense!

    I think it’s cute you think it’s cruel, but I don’t hate you and you shouldn’t hate me! That bout sums it up right there!

  195. Best video EVER! Squishy squishy hedgie wedgie.

    Seriously…you morons should find the joy in life instead of spreading your activist crap. Everyone here is animal lovers…hang out somewhere else you losers!

  196. Um…I don’t know if this poor little hedgie is actually enjoying this or not. He/she appears to be breathing kind of hard. I think the poor thing is tired from paddling to stay afloat and is really wishing for a Mai Tai right about now!

  197. HWS member says:

    Hedgehogs can run over 5 miles per night. Don’t worry. He needs the exercise and there are places he can rest if he wants to (the shallow end and the stone in the middle).

  198. From Mila: I don’t expect anyone to accept my opinion as fact just because I am a tech. I think how one supports their argument is all that matters.

    To anthropomorphize means to ascribe human characteristics to non-human things. Exploring and being content are not outside normal hedge behaviours. I did not say “LOOK AT THE PURE JOY YOU SEE IN HIS EYES”, I said look at his face and explained that he was not panting, hissing, his expresssion was relaxed, etc. That is not anthropomorphizing.

    “maybe that’s what you would do but animals don’t explore wonderlands.”

    Saying “tub wonderland”, while a colourful way of saying it, still just describes “exploring”, which is also not anthropomorphizing. Exploring is not a human-only trait. Animals are curious, and investigate. That is what I think he is doing. No, I cannot be 100%, but obviously this is just my opinion. Do you mean I am ASSUMUING he is exploring? I back it up. Do I not describe in detail why I think what I think? Where am I assuming and jumping to conclusions like others are? I really don’t know why you’re so puffed up about that statement.

    “”you say others are anthropomorphizing and seeing distress where there isn’t…the same argument could be made for there being enjoyment and fun on the hedgie’s face or whatever.”

    Absolutely! Fortunately, that wasn’t what I said at all!

    There is a difference between saying “That dog is scared because he thinks that man will hit him” (which is anthropomorphizing) and “That dog looks scared, as he is cowering, has his ears back, and his tail between his legs” (which is not). The point I was making was that some people asserting how Shming is scared is saying the former, while my post is more like the latter. Do you see what I am saying now?

    “your case about something not happening to an animal if it didn’t want it is also full of holes. there are many things we pet owners do to our pets that they don’t enjoy but we project onto them our own vision of cuteness (big example is when people put sweaters on dogs — i know i will get flamed for this but seriously folks, your dog does NOT like it!!).”

    I meant not that the hedge would resist a bath at all, but that the hedge would not allow itself to be rolled over like that and stay there without showing some signs of resisting, or stress if he hated it. What is your argument here? That just because he shows no signs of stress he still could be? Well, I guess that is true. Also: I have seen dogs shiver and become uncomfortable when you take off their sweaters. Yes, most hate ’em, not all.

    “did you see all the energy he expended in paddling. he’s pooped.”

    All the energy? Now I am starting to think you did not read my whole post. He swims for A MINUTE. And not even a minute straight! I don’t think the video, or his behaviour indicates he is tired. This is what I’m talking about. You don’t back up your view. Why do you think he’s pooped? You give no reason other than “all the energy he expended”, which again, is just a minute that you see. He’s not panting. I don’t get it. That is why I feel it is anthropomorphizing. You aren’t describing his bahaviour that is tired-seeming, and you aren’t giving me facts from the video. I can only assume then that your reasons lie in your own feelings. You feel he is tired, but the evidence, at least what is being posted and pointed out to me, does not support it. You are also not addressing all of the points I made for him being fine. I will leave my debate lingo behind and not start burning Strawmen, but really. Please address my whole argument, and no claim that I am saying he’s fine because I can see joy on his face. Not what I said and not what I meant.

    Another Angela:
    I do not think you can induce such a state in a hedge (not sure though, I will ask a Dr. tomorrow). I have never, ever seen a trance state induced so easily, if that is what’s going on. I’ve never seen an animal stay in trance state after being released either. It is a physiological response to the position and restraint, not a mental hypnotising like in humans. It is quite easily disrupted, so I think it’s implausible that he was in a trance state. He also moves his head and feet a little bit, which is very uncharacteristic of that behaviour. Generally they freeze once you have them, and if you shift them out of trance position a little bit they tend to snap back and wiggle.

    “I think it is fine if people are sensitive. It just shows they have a high empathy quotient, which differs between people. Nothing wrong with that.”

    It bothers me that people are accusing these owners of being neglectful without analyzing the situation and giving reasons. I think it is indeed great that they have a high empathy quotient, but that has nothing to do with my problem. My issue is people following their feelings without good reason.

    “Animals are not always so easy to interpret. For example, rats “brux” when content as well as when terrified or in pain, and I hear well-meaning owners consoling themselves by saying their rat was bruxing in a very stressful situation because they don’t understand this. I find it constructive when knowledgeable folks offer their experienced views.”

    Very true. Cats are the same, they don’t only purr when they are content. I can’t say 100% that this hedge is perfectly ok and healthy. My point is that I don’t think it is reasonable to assume he is being mistreated based on this video, and based on what people have pointed out to me.

    “I own three ferrets who need occasional bathing … Judging from their distressed behaviour and obvious dislike for water, in comparison, this hedgie does not seem to be freaking out in any way. My ferrets scramble up my arms the moment I reach in the tub to try to bathe them. That little guy was paddling around, not trying to escape when his owners reached down to him.”


    Amanda: Was not what I said! At all! Like, not even a little bit. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH.

  199. Holy moly, I talk waaaaay too much. Someone else should take over so you don’t have to read my verbosity anymore. D:

  200. He wanted OUT 3 minutes ago. He didn’t look like he was enjoying it. A quick bath, just long enough to clean up if needed. Hedgies don’t look like they like a long soak. Especially when the water is lukewarm. Ick.

  201. HWS member says:

    Obviously, the water was not luke warm the entire time. Bath water does not stay at a constant temperature for very long and after a few minutes he was taken out.

  202. How can people watch this video and see two completely opposing events? In one scenario, the cute lil hedgie is having a bit of fun in the tub while his doting humans photograph him. In the other scenario, its HEDGEHOG ABUSE! Quick, who has the Humane Society on speed dial?

    He looks like a happy hedgie to me. And sooo cute!

  203. Monique says:

    I’m not outraged by abuse in this video, but I had trouble enjoying this because I was really worried about the little guy! His eyes and ears and mouth were underwater most of the time with just his nose sticking out! I had to watch to the end to make sure he was okay. Maybe he does this all the time but I kept feeling like I was watching an animal snuff film.

  204. HWS member says:

    His mouth wasn’t under most of the time.It’s just a bit hard to see because of the low resolution of the video, but it’s sweet of you to be concerned.

  205. HWS member says:

    It’s a little hard to see, but did anyone see when he turned his head a bit and started drinking?

  206. cheesybird says:

    Yep. And if you missed it, the women say something like “look, he’s drinking”.

    In fact, if you listen to the women, you’ll notice that they’re being VERY attentive to Schming’s mood. They say a few times things like “is he ok?” “do you want to get out?” “are your ears closed?” They’re not forcing anything on him.

  207. temperance says:

    sorry i’m so late to the party folks…

    after scanning everyone’s opinions, i decided to watch the video again- without the sound, so i wouldn’t be biased by their comments.

    to me- in the beginning it looked like he was struggling because he really, really, really wanted to be on his back and was frustrated that he couldn’t stay that way- he kept doing a complete flip.

    then his human sees what he’s trying to accomplish- so she not only flips him over but centers him so he stays that way. then he is contentedly floating around, relaxed(which i also love to do, by the way- it feels good for some odd reason).

    eventually he becomes bored, flips himself back over and starts swimming around- kicking off the sides of the tub and his little island thingie. for me- it appeared that he was swimming, not thrashing about in a panic.

    and let me also just say- one of the things i love about CO is how we can all talk about a silly hedgie video ad nauseam. again, why i find this so pleasing i’m not really sure.

  208. wow – Im quite surprised that this didn’t get so ugly as to warrant a “closed for comments”.

  209. That water is far too deep.. it looks its in quite a lot of distress at the start when its having its whole head submerged..

    If they had both shallow *and* deep sections of water to let the hedgehog go where it wanted to, then at least then we would know if it really does like sinking underwater..

    Some photo’s / vids such as this just aren’t worth the risk of putting on CO as they can cause such controversy.

  210. And yet controversy is the spice of life! I liked that earlier comment about how people respond to videos being like a Rorschach personality test. Is your hedgie half full or half empty?

  211. tuckeverlasting says:

    ok, just because there are animals out there that are starving doesn’t mean that we should minimize even the smallest pain.
    And how can we tell whether he’s having fun or not? Yeah to us we may think oh a little water won’t kill him, but if he’s not enjoying himself, is it really necessary because us humans enjoy watching him. Like some people already said, atleast make it so that he’ll be able to come out when he wants, and I bet if he could, he probably would. I’m not being negative either, I love animals, and I often have to stop myself and think is it beneficially to the animal, or am I just being selfish.

  212. How to make a Hegde Mojito:
    1 redonk, stubular hedge, particularly flubbery and enjoys to swim
    1 bathtub full of water
    6 lime wedges
    Too much vodka
    Stir and stick an extra cherry in there.

  213. jackie31337 says:

    Voi v@#*%u! En ole pesusieni!

    T: Kiroileva Siili

    Sorry for the (probably incorrect) finnish, just had to channel the cursing hedgehog (

  214. HWS member says:

    Please see the comment on the YouTube page that specifically says that one end IS shallow.

  215. fleabit says:

    Good grief! Don’t any of the nuffs understand animal body language and facial expression. This hog was very relaxed and was enjoying it. It did scramble around at first, in the shallow end, but then began swimming in the deeper water. It obviously enjoys floating on its back, but needed a little help to flip over. He was also being closely supervised throughout the whole vid. Also, his snout remainded safely above water the entire time.

    The owners had probably bathed him before and discovered he enjoyed the water.

    Look at its face and relaxed demeanor. He was enjoying this sensation and all the cooing, however silly it may sound. Had it really been in any danger and frightened, you would have seen something much different.

  216. aww, video got taken down.

  217. ok fleabit, if you knew anything about animals you would know that a hedgehog cannot show facial expression. they may curl their lips up to spit when they smell something bad, but thats about it.
    the hedgehog swims into deeper water to find the way out. yes, they do like to swim, but you have to give them a shallow end as well. you will find that more often than not, they choose the shallow end. its flipping onto its back because they cannot ballance well with their short legs and round feet. (not built for swimming)
    floating on your back becomes easier in the end, no struggle=you are most likely safe for now.
    try to think the way an animal would think. they do not experience ‘fun’ like humans do. only a few species of animal play with toys for entertainment or slide down things. they dont enjoy floating on their backs with sunglasses on in cali. nor do they like to be dressed up and carried around. these are all human things that animals dont understand and therefore do not enjoy.
    i wouldnt say that they were being cruel to the hedgie. i just dont agree when people get pissed off when someone is defending an animal, wether it is justified or not. be glad that there are people that care about an animals welfare.

  218. HWS member says:

    mary ellen,
    The video is still up on YouTube.

  219. ** He’s remembering being in the womb? **

    Someone’s having some bad EST flashbacks. BTW, I seriously want a hot pink rubber duckie.

    Out of curiousity, how long was that freakin’ thing in the water? They kept worrying about the water cooling off after all of that time. I guess if you have that many quills you don’t get pruney. Momma sounds like the kind who makes you wait a FULL HOUR after lunch before going back in the water.

    I wanna see “momma” try to get the water out of his ears,

  220. Adalia Glenys says:

    “try to think the way an animal would think. they do not experience ‘fun’ like humans do. only a few species of animal play with toys for entertainment or slide down things.”

    Evidently your experience with animals is limited to goldfish and mollusks. “Fun” is by no means the exclusive experience of humans.

    BTW, everyone, this video has been moved from YouTube to PhotoBucket, and the poster has begun offering several Shming-photo products on CafePress.

  221. Hmm, I was looking forward to seeing this after all the nuffing and counter-nuffing. I’d like to observe it myself. For some reason, I can’t. Does anyone have the youtube address it originally came from?

  222. Adalia Glenys says:

    HvsL: The original video can be found on ChrisSunHwa’s Photobucket account.

  223. Actually, Adalia, goldfish are capable of playing and having fun! They also form one on one bonds…they’re surprisingly complex little creatures.

    But, yeah, animals can’t have fun my butt.

    I love how everyone sees animal abuse because THEIR pets wouldn’t like it. My cat’s favorite game is to be held at both ends and “flown” through the air (carried by a running Mom through the apartment) while I shout FLYING WEASEL! FLYING WEASEL! It probably looks mean and insane to everyone else, but Abby HATES being picked up any other time – and holds perfectly still with claws in to be “flown.”

    It makes no difference if NO OTHER HEDGIE IN THE WORLD liked water – all that matters is if this little dude does. And if his owners – who seems highly knowledgeable, if you’d bother to read the youtube comments – say he does, that’s enough for me, because I haven’t met this little fella, and neither have any of you.

  224. Humph.. I really enjoyed this video. It is very strange that so many people viewed this in a negative light.

    It was extremely upsetting to read a lot of these comments.

    When I lived in New Zealand I had a hedgehog as a pet. He was an extremely intelligent animal who loved to play. The times that I would occasionally wash him in the sink, he seemed to enjoy it. He would drink the water and poop and swim in circles. I lived in the middle of farm country, and there were many wild hedgehogs living on the property. Sometimes at night you could hear distressed hedgehogs squealing. Their cries are very loud, and I can imagine that if the hedgehog in the video was not happy he would be vocalizing it.

    I am a true animal lover through and through, and when I see an animal being treated poorly I don’t put up with it, but in this case there seems nothing to be getting so alarmed about. There were a few questionable moments in the film, but overall, if you actually use your brain and don’t jump to conclusions so quickly, it seems quite easy to see that the lovely little creature is actually enjoying himself. I’m sure that the water felt fantastically soothing on his little spiny back, which must get very, very, itchy.


  226. Kashira says:

    Super cute!! I watched the whole video with my husband, and we both loved it.
    As someone who’s owned hedgehogs in the past, I can also say he doesn’t seem to be in any sort of distress. The people getting upset about his face being submerged completely for a moment while he rights himself also has me baffled, since if this bothered him (like he’d gotten water in his nose) he’d be choking. He’s not being forced to lie on his back, and rights himself all on his own at the end of the video and several times before that.

    Geez, some people!

  227. I believe it’s been mentioned, but captive hedgehogs DO need baths to get poo out of their feet and prevent parasites from forming. It’s been stated in many places that hedgehogs will enjoy swimming, just not ALL of them. This is a case where a hedgehog is acting retardedly cute while enjoying a swim. Please read the owner’s youtube comments, you will learn a lot about hedgehogs. 🙂

    It’s amazing that people have the audacity to make long winded negative comments without doing proper research.

  228. Siilikeiju says:

    Goldy: Sure, it doesn’t take a genius to spell genius correctly. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I am sure a high and mighty person like yourself has never made any typing errors, especially if they are writing other than their native language, like I am doing at the moment. I guess you have never noticed that o and u are located pretty near each other in qwerty keyboard. I humbly apoligize to you and other dickheads like yourself. My view hasn’t changed. Those ladies don’t know what they are doing.