Il Matadeer!

The crowd falls still as I enter the ring. At the far end stands my feared and respected enemy: Il Matadeer.

Oh, how they adore me.

He unfurls his cape before him. I lowermy head. It is our signal to begin. Soon, like my father, and hisfather before him, we will be locked in a dance of death, a timelessstruggle from which only one may … may … whuh-HUH?!  HEEEEYYYYY!!

And so it begins...

"Wake up, honey. You were having the bullfight dream again."

"I was not!"

"You do realize that we’re deer, don’t you?"


"It’s all right, sweetie. I’m going to the kitchen — would you like a salt lick?"



(sigh…) "Thanks, Mom."

Now, where was I?

Dream big, Angela B.



  1. Theresa says:

    And Ferdinand just sat quietly, smelling the flowers.

  2. BLEEN!

    *ducks pudding*

  3. …ducks pudding??
    [paddle paddle splat splat]

  4. DKN – you bleened too late!

    Dear me. 🙂 What a cutie.

  5. The Other One Michelle says:

    I love Ferdinand. My favorite story my grandma used to read to me! But the big animal looks like a horse, not a deer…

  6. Okay, this is going to sound like I’m picking on NTMTOM (whose posts I actually enjoy quite a bit), but dreaming of a bullfight? I mean, it’s just a joke, and it’s an adorable little deer, but couldn’t he have been dreaming of being an astronaut? What’s next, a puppy dreaming he is veal? A baby stoat hoping he gets a private cell at Guantanamo? Sorry, bullfighting just isn’t something I like to be reminded of. (Please note: I am not calling for a boycott of CO or no further bullfighting references or any such thing, I’m just saying that this was kind of horrifying).

  7. Sometimes I dream I’m falling. Then I land on the mattress, which always wakes me up, and me Schmoop says “Are you all right, Deer?”
    …or something like that; I’m usually kinda sleepy.

  8. Um, berthaservant, I think it’s a dream of a bullfight, because in the second pic, that’s what the little deer appears to be acting out…

  9. The Other One Michelle says:

    Berthaservant, that’s why his mommy woke him up early. She wants him to have happier dreams. Besides, in dreamland bullfighting, the bulls armwrestle for who has to buy the next pint.

  10. “A baby stoat hoping he gets a private cell at Guantanamo?”

    berthaservant, you made my day, but bullfighting and illegally detaining people/stoats makes me sad.

  11. fish eye no miko says:

    AHH!! SO cute! And I agree with The Other One Michelle; even though real bullfighting is… is just a deer’s dream about it, which involves the deer and the matadeer just playing with each other. ^_^

  12. this poster Mike is on acid or something. I love it!

  13. I’m pretty sure that was meant as a left-field compliment, JNO, but, um, fail.

  14. kestrien says:

    Aren’t they elk, not deer? But maybe mule deer? IDK.

    And in the U.S., you know they have bull fights that don’t hurt them? Just kinda piss them off. Rodeo clowns and all that.

  15. katerpie says:

    This is typically the point where I think “I’m not going to read comments anymore” because the nuffing is so excessive. Then I read them anyway.

  16. Anne Boleyn says:

    The boy doesn’t want a salt lick, he wants a salt flavored pa-sickle for heaven’s sake!

  17. Hmmmmmm precious spots check knobby knees check rediculously long legs check. definately cute overload. Ker Thuuuuuuuuuuud !!!!!!

  18. Kestrien, are you maybe suggesting American rodeos don’t hurt bulls? Or broncs, goats, etc…

    And, for the record, I thought NTMTOM’s commentary was pretty cute!

  19. I love ya COL but this is an Elk baby.

  20. i like the wet puddle of love his mama left on his little ol’ head. 🙂

  21. um…*farm* animals tag?

    cute pics/commentary, tho!

  22. > I am not calling for a boycott of CO

    I am! Boycott! Boycott!



    Oh wells.

  23. Wow NTMTOM apparently you are officially???? Hmmmm (thinks and thinks of a word And can’t)

    An almost Commentroversy under your belt!
    There okay.

  24. kestrien says:


    Well, yeah, but that’s a different issue. What I was specifically referring to, however, was the difference between American-style bull fighting, with rodeo clowns & barrels, vs. Spanish-style bull fighting, with swords.

    But what I really mean is:

    Elkie, elkie, elkie!

    Or, dearie deer.

    (can someone tell me which it is?)

  25. Snicker… I like that he is in farm animals… Tee hee.

  26. SixFootJen says:

    He may be dreaming of being a big, strong, star-of-the-arena hero… but he ain’t a farm animal! Hee hee hee!

  27. Re: The top of li’l one’s head in the last pic. Cows have cowlicks, so deer have . . .

  28. Cuteness incarnate. Great post, NTMTOM. I think I am going to incorporate “Would you like a salt lick?” into a conversation this week in honor of teh Qte.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    Love the helicopter ears!

    And Mike–You are too damn funny!! I like you!

  30. ZOMG. These are my pictures, I took them at the Calgary Zoo and submitted them and am beyond thrilled they were published!

    I thought they were deer, but after reading the comments, I agree that they are elk, because of the mamma. She’s kinda big to be a deer. They were sharing an area with a moose, and I knew that that was no baby moose at least. 🙂

  31. k. o'dee says:

    *clears throat*

    Toréa-deer, en gaaaarde!
    Toréa-deeeeeeeee [voice goes wonky as hook pulls me offstage]

  32. scooterpants says:

    “tanks ma, you just mussed up the only part of my hair that wasnt cow-licked”
    (cheap punn)

  33. binky-mama says:

    tewtelly knobular

  34. Berthas – ummm, we lof you, and it *does* sound like you are picking on NTMTOM, based on previous comments on previous postings. …just sayin’

    Back to teh Qte – his legs are FULL-DEER size and he has a bebeh body and head. Oh, the disproportionalizm!! What rule is this??

  35. (the original) Mel says:

    NTMTOM – I’ve loved you since the beginning. I will love you for allllllll C0 time. You are so clever. Kisses.

  36. those are elk, not deer, I believe.

  37. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Obviously this adorable baby elk was not dreaming of a dramatic encounter with a matador. C’mon everybody, let’s be real here.

    Check the lowered head and large, shapely ears at right angles folks…

    This behbeh is dreaming of being harnessed to a hang glider… and FLYING!!!

  38. hon glad says:

    Jag ar an Elkski.

  39. Theresa – YAY for the Ferdinand reference!

    Theo – I always have the SAME dream! I’m falling, and I land on the mattress and wake up. Always creeps me out.

  40. Michelle says:

    North American Wapiti (Elk) are a deer species, and are the same species as the European Red Deer. So calling them “deer” is correct.

  41. Michelle says:

    I sometimes have the most awesome swim-flying dream. I dream I’m flying over the surface of the ocean, and when I see porpoises swimming under the water, I can chase them, dive down into the water and swim with them. Then pop back up and fly over them again. I hate waking up from that one.

  42. Katrina says:

    Hmmm, it might be a caribouuuuudle.

  43. BeanSidhe says:

    Perhaps, if Momma had let the dream continue, our lil friend would have rushed at the matadeer, knocked him over with a ankle-sweep, kicked the blade and cape out of his helpless hands, then stood on the matadeer’s heaving chest as the downed gladiator of the ring trembled, sweating in fear, praying for a quick end… and then piddled on the poor goit’s head.

  44. is it me, or does that mum look like a horse to everyone?

  45. … or an elk?

  46. Katrina says:

    A moose bit my sister once…

  47. A matador in the Bugs Bunny vein…(she said, hoping somebunny here knows the title of that cartoon!)

  48. It’s an elk…to all the questions! 🙂

  49. @Gail: The title of the Bugs Bunny cartoon is “Bully for Bugs.”

  50. Mynd you, moose bites kan be pretty nasti…

  51. Thank you Katie, I was wondering if someone wold pick that up and play with it.

    The People who brought you… have been sacked!

  52. AngiePangie says:

    mahesh… I am still thinking it looks like a horse. It’s kind of freaking me out. LOL

  53. jinka-brahhh says:

    zomg! cutest little nobbular knees love it brus lol 😛