Timid, er, tentative outing

Er, [sheepishly] I think [hee] think I might go outside ifthatsOKwithyou?

‘Cause if it’s not OK and you want me to stay in, I’m perfectly fine with that [places paw on edge of door]

Um, what do you think? [shifty eyes]


[Whispering] thanks, Sender-outer Chris G.



  1. snoopysnake says:


  2. snoopysnake says:

    Wow! I was ***** for the ***** time!

    No, little marmiekitteh, you must stay inside so I can kiss your little pink nose and love you and pet your marmie belleh and spoil you rotten with salmon treats! I love you! xxxooxoooxoxooo!

    [A’hem. – Ed.]

  3. ahh! So cuuute! I want you to go outside so I can Kittynap you for an hour or so before you go home!

  4. …otherwise, yes. Bebeh Marmeh even has his nose freckles.

  5. See how his big blue eyes match the tile outside! He just wants the perfect background for his proshness.

  6. SQUEEEE – splort! The tilty head, paw hanging in the air! A puffy orange bebbeh with big dark eyes is just what I needed today!

  7. Berthasman is gonna croak… I think Meg is trying desperately to kill him and all of us orange kat lovers…

    omg wait – I’m dead

  8. Of course you can go outside little one. But first you must put on your boots (it’s been rainy, and kittehs hate wet pawpaws), and a sweater (you’re so wee, I’m afraid you might catch a chill!) and you must hold mommy’s hand at all times! We can sniff flowers and nibble on grass and chase the birds and the bugs.

    And when the sun comes out little one, you and I can curl up in the hammock and snooze in a warm patch of sunshine.

  9. CoffeeCup says:

    Such a cute kitten…that kitty hole kind of looks like a porthole. Just what popped into my head.

    I can has outings?

  10. Best drive-thru window greeter ever.

  11. chanpon says:

    *sticks face near cat door* Come on out, Little Orange Marmie. Disregard the sack behind me. *evil grin*

    Seriously folks. He’s so cute, he’s just begging to be cat-napped.

  12. meowandwoof says:

    new computer software at work. chaos. nice to see marmie. she’s on her way to Berthaservant’s house!

  13. TurboFloof says:


  14. Orange tabby tummies kill me every time… Will this little fellow’s owner please gently poke the tummy a few times for me?

    I’ll return the favor with our full grown but nonetheless adorable orange tabby (whose tummy is much larger than it should be, since I have no power to resist his cries for more crunchies).

  15. zeldapie says:

    MMMMMarmalade Kitteh!!! I need heem for my afternoon tea.

    Awwww, he’s awful sweet.

  16. Aunty-G says:

    No Bebeh Marmie, must stay inside with ME! I will love you and snorgle you and give you meelks and read you a naptime story. I’ve had my Marmie booster, so it’s OK.

  17. That is right kitty none shall pass until they answer these questions three….
    and can we please play poke the belly.

  18. scooterpants says:

    adorable pic. but i hope he doesnt go outside, much safer and warmer inside for kittehs of all ages.

  19. He’s missing his leggies!

  20. More likely he’s missing his cojones.

  21. zerosmom says:

    Ohhhhhhhh he is so cute!! Love the belly (raspberries) and head tilt!

  22. He still has his blue eyes; still has kitteh tail! Bebbeh’s to young to give up his cojones? Soon though.

  23. catablob says:

    My first thought also when I saw this was that Meg is trying to torture bertha_s.

    The blob is also a marmie, squeezably soft, same perfect stereotype cat face like this one.

  24. Vampy, may I come with you when you take the kitteh outside?

  25. Insaidd iz alwuz best fur kittunz. Kiip um saif.

  26. BeanSidhe says:

    Let’s all get our mackintoshes and hip waders ready for when BerthaS’s head ‘splodes at yet another MARMIE!!!111!

    (sorry, watched Videodrome last night)

  27. Daphne Moss says:

    Noo, behbe, you cannot go outside because I would cry and cry if you wuz kidnapp-ped and who could resist dat?
    *Certainly not me…*
    (Tender belleh snorgle follows)

  28. would it be funny if I said “it’s an inside day…”

    I suppose not, huh? But it’s all I can think of, sorry

  29. No, kitteh. You stay in. Don’t you mew at me!!

  30. Well, E-V, you could have offered him a pasickie, or nestled him into the nearest rack.

    *ducks and runs*

  31. I read that dialogue in Lisa Simpson’s voice.

  32. Totalee Puppy says:

    All I can say is AAAWWWWWW…over and over

  33. LOL jen I did that too.

  34. Rachel Sweeden says:

    The kitten is so adorable.

  35. Totalee Puppy says:

    Yes, you can go for a walk with T-Puppy! We’ll borrow
    piggy’s rubber boots if the path is wet and muddy.
    Bright green boots brighten
    any day…You’re such an
    adorable kitten…wouldn’t want you to get muddy feet.
    Let’s walk to the pond and watch the frogs and ducklings…Yes, that IS a
    long tongue “zapping” bugs…frog is fattening up in case the Budweiser commercials come back…But lets return to the aqua-blue stone patio
    and enjoy the lunch T-Puppy packed for you …no bugs for us, precious kitten…how about tuna treat with crackers? We have lemon-herb tuna or natural tuna (My favorite is Native Thai tuna, but it’s not on our menu). All with bottled meelks, organic, just for you! Hope you enjoyed our outing…Sure, we can plan another walk real soon!

  36. Totalee Puppy says:

    This is getting bad!! I’m
    humming “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…
    Won’t you be my neighbor??”
    Quick–the sweetness antidote!! It may be too

  37. binky-mama says:

    You just do whatever your little heart desires behbeh marmie. What’s that? You want the moon? OK, I’ll have it for you on a silver platter when you come back from your romp outside.

    My heart. Eet ees a puddle on zee floor.

  38. !! Fat kitten I LOVEZ it! *steals*

  39. Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop eet! STOP EET I SAY!!!!

    :: running around in circles saying lalalalalalalalalala ::

  40. binky-mama says:

    *evil giggles at squirming berthaservant*

    Seriously, it’s kitten season and wherever you are there is sure to be a marmie with your name on it!

    *sympathetic pats on back*

  41. hon glad says:

    No kitty, that bird doesn’t want to play with you.

  42. DixiesMom says:

    Ooof! That’s a SOLID kitteh tummeh!! Extra sturdy for active cuddling!! And the pawsies look extraextra nom-nommable!!

  43. I so thought of the ‘it’s an outside day though’…that damn video made me cry!!

    I love this guy’s paws!! He’s precious.

  44. god has gifted us with adorable kitties and pll with great camera angles.:D
    tht is soo soo soooo cute………..must snorgle kitty!!!!i wont let it out!!!!

  45. SQUEEEEEE! Lookit his wide blue eyes … so eeenocent!

    ::pokes kitteh belleh::

  46. I’m waiting for the inevitable flame war. The “it’s natural for cats to go out, they want to for heavens sake” versus the “I’d rather they be inside and safe if bored” schools of thought.

  47. Katrina says:

    Precioso! (Cats are either French or Italian speakers, methinks.

  48. darkshines says:

    *whiny voice* Theeeeoooooo…..

    I wanted to look at some unusual animals, but all the pictures are broken from like, September 2007 downwards 😦

  49. the cuteness factor of this little kitteh has broken all legal limits.

  50. Darkshines — I just checked, they’re all working… but “Unusual Animals” is a HUUUUUGE category, so it will take a very long time to load fully. And if that doesn’t bring your internet connection to its knees, try the “Kittens” category. Whoo.

    If the rumored Cute Overload site redesign changes the way the “categories” are handled, into something more like a tag cloud, I’ll probably want to do a massive reorganization of CO posts… because there’s just so gosh darn many of them now. “Unusual Animals” isn’t the most specific descriptor, y’know.

  51. cheesybird says:

    *looks left*

    *looks right*

    *scoops up kitteh*

    *nests him in rack*

    *runs like the dickens*

    [I first read that as “runs like the chickens” – Ed.]

  52. cheesybird says:

    Lol, Theo!

    Nobody here but us chickens: http://l.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/52.gif

  53. What an adorable kitty! The marmie next door is an outside kitty and he is the daily greeter. I came home at lunch to walk the dogs and Tiny was there, as usual, to say Hi! and PET ME!!!
    Marmies ARE very cute. They might be my favorites, right next to grey stripey ones like the My Little Pony cat.

  54. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why do I always go crazy when I see a kitteh with a head-tilt just like this? Especially a delicious little chubby marmie with beautiful babeh blues? This is just too much qte for me in the a.m.!

  55. January says:

    Bebe be careful out there.

  56. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    that’s what i said to my mom when trying to sneak out wif my boyfriend! don’t trust that cuteness~~

  57. skyweaver says:

    Now see? If all members of the military everywhere carried this picture and were required to show it to the enemy before engaging them, war would simply stop. People would be grinning and laughing and maybe even wiping a tear away as they pointed at the picture. Then they’d slap each other on the back, go have a big meal and get drunk and wake up wondering why they’d even been fighting in the first place. All because of this kitty. The kitty that saved the world.

    Get right on this, will you, U.N.?

  58. Looks to me like kitty might be headed out to a screened-in porch. Wish I had a nice secure one for my kitties to enjoy!

  59. tracyFlick says:


  60. bbbbbbbbb

  61. I am a dog person-never really cared for cats-seeing as how my neighbor’s cat feels it is his duty to traipse all over our vehicles and boat-but I will make an exception for the kitten-very cute

  62. Awwwww… Ashley gots widdle paw printses upon hers floaty boat? There there now.

    Again, half joking.

  63. Heh, while I personally advocate keeping kitteh indoors, the setting for my comment yesterday was a pure fantasy land, where kitteh will never get hurt or anything bad or nasty.

    If this was my own little kitten, well, he’d be permanently tucked into my rack, getting so many snorgles and kissies that he’d never, ever think of Outside.

  64. Vampy — still there, eh?

  65. Theo: In my own personal fantasy land?

    Always. 😉 It’s much nicer here, kits and pups of all descriptions, a few hedges, some ferrets and a parrot that talks like a pirate.

  66. Katrina says:



  67. …polo?

  68. well see now theo-the cat doesnt just leave his little pawprints-he likes to claw-and I am obsessed over my car-so If I find marks on it….he is going to be MIA!

  69. Hmm, unless you have a convertible, I think your car’s *probably* safe from cat claws. Your neighbors aren’t Siegfried and Roy, by any chance?

  70. no more like the bob villas-there is always some sort of lawn work/building going on in the yard..with no changes-nah I have a Jeep patriot

  71. Winni-Pig says:

    zeldapie said: MMMMMarmalade Kitteh!!! I need heem for my afternoon tea.

    Yes. I read my menu and it says tea with marmelade.

    I demand it now!

  72. Oh this brought such a huge smile to my face. What innocent, sweet eyes. Thanks for the photo – it made my week, she’s just the cutest little thing in the world!

  73. The M on him itty bitty forehead stand for Marmalade.

    Him can go out if him come straight to my house.

  74. Rosie, Squez Mommy says:

    One of the cutest kittehs I have EVAR seen!

  75. Totalee Puppy says:


  76. Katrina says:

    Theo- did you have fun sailing with Leif Erickson yesterday? Did he make you row?

  77. Katrina says:

    Did he want to water ski?

  78. Katrina says:

    Theo ex machina, I guess.

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    HARLEMGRRL–Love the “drive
    through window” comment!