THIS JUST IN: Iowa pet rescutes

Man, Iowa is having a TOUGH time. The people, pets, everything. It is rough.

Thankfully, the Humane Society is on the scene, heroically saving pets from precarious situations, providing safety, shelter and reuniting folks with their ani-pals…


[Dog is all ‘Baroo!?!’]


[Kitties are all Pfffffffft!-pffffft!]


Get an emergency plan together for your pets! Donate here to Humane Society Flood Fund!



  1. Lizzums says:

    That’s so Bleening wonderful, savin’ all da animals.

  2. Those are some super cute animals. Thank you to all who are helping out. <3

  3. !Pobrecitos!

  4. katerpie says:

    Those kitties are named Fry and Bender. Hee hee.

    (In all seriousness, donate if you have the means!)

  5. JuleeJulee says:

    Wow — that (hunky) blonde guy REALLY deserves a medal! Not only are those poor scared kitties clawing him up, but he looks pretty sunburned, too.

  6. It’s been pretty horrible here in the midwest and my next door neighbor state is in a mess – if you can afford to help out somehow- Red Cross or Humane Society, or both, it would be great. We’ve been pretty lucky where I’m at, we’re not near a river or major creek… but it’s been soggy and it’s supposed to keep being soggy for a few days still, rain until next Tuesday. The crops are getting ruined, and I’m blathering… God bless those rescuers and the people who are suffering right now.

  7. Honeibee says:

    Oh thank goodness for these kind hearted people. My heart goes out to everyone in these floods, but especially those that can’t help themselves. Thank you so much, rescuers!

  8. chanpon says:

    Sad, but inspiring? I love these guys (and gals) for taking care of and not forgetting everyone’s little poopies. *applause*

  9. The look on that cat’s face in the top right picture made me donate!

  10. They SHOULD make a Men of the Humane Society calender!

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    These guys are HEROES!!
    Sign me up for 10 of those calendars. Will the animals be in the picture too?

  12. Katrina says:

    Meg, Theo, Other Mike,
    seriously, can we make a calendar or at least a booklet, poster or something to purchase and to get people to donate to the Humane Societies of the Mid West? It is a wonderful idea- I’m in!
    Can I help in any way? I’ll certainly donate, by check, off-line.

  13. Not that I know what the circumstances are with the pets pictured, but there’s is no way in H*** I would leave without my pets – no way, no how! If it came to me dying with them if I didn’t leave, that’s what would happen.

  14. *cries*
    Oh, poor babies! I was listening to NPR the other day about the pet rescues. I don’t know what circumstances these people had to leave in where they couldn’t take their pets along with them, but it’s good to know the little darlins are getting help. I would have to be dragged (or even drugged!) forcibly from my home without Mr. Wuv Wuv, but I can’t judge what those people were going through when they had to evacuate.

  15. Tammy in Ottawa says:

    I want the blond rescuing me if we ever get flooded! Seriously, awesome job these people are doing. People too often forget their pets in times of crisis. It’s understandable, but tragic.

  16. Balalaika Gap says:

    Thanks to everyone who has helped or is looking to help. I’m here in Illinois 10 blocks from the Mississippi, and while my house (and dog!) are on high ground & OK, lots of my neighbors (and their pets!) are in trouble.

    Here is a story from the local paper that you might find interesting, a local animal shelter flooded badly and all the animals were rescued literally minutes before their room filled with 5 feet of water.

    They’ve lost a lot & they’re just one of many organizations you can donate to. They are a no-kill shelter & a good friend of mine got his cats there, so I love them very much!

    Some other shelters in affected areas:

  17. The link to the Humane Society regarding preparing to evacuate with your pets is excellent. Even though Arizona is devoid of most natural disasters, I’ll be making up an emergency kit pronto. Thanks for the PSA, Meg & Co.!

  18. claudia says:

    *Standing up and applauding*

    Awesome job, keep it up.

  19. Wombats says:

    Awwww! I wish I could physically be there myself! The puppeh in photo #2 looks very anxious to be rescued!

  20. BoidsGottaFly says:

    I dare anyone who claims that animals cannot feel the emotions that people do, to look at that top photo of the cat’s expression and deny that that anguished, confused little face is so eerily like any human face whose world has just been turned upside down.

    (By the way, not referring to anyone here!)

    These rescuers are real heroes and deserve all the support we can give. I will do what I can.

  21. homer mariner says:

    When San Diego caught on fire last year, there were so many pet rescues, and many pets needing to be taken in afterward when the owners could not be found or had lost their home. SO if you’re in a neighboring state, or on high ground, give a thought to taking in another furry loved one if you can.. They are our unconditional love, and you can’t replace that with anything. I’m not usually so sappy, but these people are real heros. NObody deserves to die in a flood.

  22. I saw the bottom pic up on CNN a few days ago, and assumed that the blond fellow was rescuing his OWN cats. No baggage, no valuables, just his kitties.

    Pets know when everything has gone to he**. We had to leave our house for a week after flooding in 1996 (water filled the basement and came up just past the middle of the sidewalk) and the two cats we had at the time were so incredibly good about it… got right into their cat carrier and behaved like angels all week while we were staying with friends. And they were such a comfort to have. I hope these critters all get back with their hoomanz promptly.

    I wish there was more we could do for the pets and people of the Midwest…

  23. Awwwwww. Savin’ the ani-pals!

    I’ll take two of those hunky blonde cat-rescuer men, please.

  24. Greedy.

  25. Pearl, one situation I could imagine is what if you’re at work (or just away from your home for some reason), and your house gets flooded while you’re away, and they won’t let you back?

  26. CoffeeCup says:

    I know I might get whomped for this, but if it were me and my home was being flooded, I’d sure try as hard as I could to get my pet out, but in the face of a dozen family members thinking about my safety, it’s very possible I wouldn’t be allowed, for my own safety, to get my pet. Sad, but it’s the truth. I suspect many people are in a similar situation. It’s sad, but I’m glad the Humane Society has been able to help a lot of these animals.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, it’s been really awful here…the flooding has taken a toll on everyone. (my boyfriend had four feet in his formerly finished basement in Waterloo, north of Cedar Rapids). Thanks to everyone who donated!

  28. Caption for dog picture:

    “My human said not to let ANYONE in the house, ‘SPECIALLY through the window!”

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    I just want to urge people to either leave an obvious sign somewhere in or outside of your home to let emergency authorities know you have a pet inside the home. I have a sticker on the outside of my door that says I have a pet, and it’s in case of emergencies. Everyone should do the same, it would help rescue authorities significantly in case something were to happen.

  30. I know I’d sure like to be rescued by at least two of the guys pictured here.


  31. Yeah its been horrible around here. I live in upper Illinois and the Rock River is the highest that it has ever been in my lifetime (Thankfully my parents are on the high side of the river and no flooding yet *knocks on wood*) anywhoo I work with a local fire department and we spent the last few days getting pets out of homes. What I see happening alot is people dont want to believe that it is going to get that bad and dont leave (or they cant) and then they are stuck and have to get rescued by boat. Now alot of times what happens is there isnt enough room on the boat (as horrible as that sounds) What we do on the department is get everyone on the block to dry land and then go back for your ‘namls. So I guess a word of advice, if they say its going to flood get ready, when the river gets scary and you have an out…take it. We sent a few fire fighters down to Iowa to help out and its hard to believe. Not has bad as Katrina but close.

  32. 13bodies says:

    I’m a long-time lurker, but the pic of the bewildered, bedraggled tabby caused me to come out of hiding. He looks like my Bogie and my heart just broke.

    **donates to the great people savin’ the fuzzies**

    **sends long distance cuddles to the (hopefully temporarily) homeless cuties**

  33. Yes! This is why I have been donating to them every year since Katrina. Imagine the shock, confusion and fear of the animals left behind as the waters rise…and then, someone comes to get them! How great!!

  34. I love that top cat who’s just not feeling any of this but is willing to go with the flow.

    I know what you mean by hunky animal rescuers. If Animal Planet put one out for their various hot “Animal Cops/Precint/whatever” guys, I’d pick up one.
    Seriously, hot chippendale-ish guy in uniform rescuing puppies and kiitens?

    Like those hot Houston cowboys? The burly NYC cops with newyawk accents? The proper Britsh lads with their English complexions? All of those other cities?


  35. Marianne says:

    I can’t even imagine how awful everything is for folks in the midwest right now, people and animals. worlds of thanks go out to anyone helping others!!

  36. Donate today!

    And keep pet carriers handy so you don’t have to leave suddenly with your fluff behind.

  37. zerosmom says:

    Oh how awful!! I can’t imagine my little ones being left behind in a flood but thank goodness for these guys!

  38. Aww, this post made me cry.

    Thanks, CoffeeCup, for reminding me to get one of those “I have a pet” emergency stickers. We have a new(ish) dog, and I had forgotten that we need one of those.

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    snf. I imagine it’s typically the people are not home when the flood rises and then they can’t get back. I think most animal people learned from katrina, don’t leave them behind. But obvy you can’t take them to work with you. THanks to all who rescue and hugs to the people out there in the midwest. Hang on.

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    and Kar, I watch Animal cops/precinct all the time but have not seen any English ones. What am I missing?

  41. StinksKitties says:

    Thanks, Meg, for posting the “donate” link. I’m here in London, ON, Canada with my own two kitties thinking how devastated I’d be if we were caught in a similar situation, separated from them with no way of knowing if they’d be safe. Thinking about all those volunteers and anipals’ humans wrenches my heart terribly. Best wishes to all of those individuals, families, and animals affected by these crises.

  42. I have been working with the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center for the last few days. I volunteer there regularly (2 to 3 times a week) and their facility has now been flooded with 4-5 feet of water. It is a wonderful, wonderful shelter–almost no-kill–and I am so sad for their loss. It was my favorite place to go to volunteer after a hard day at work because the animals and staff were all so loving. Our facility is destroyed, but we have set up a temporary shelter and are now housing their shelter animals, dozens of flood-induced strays, and animals brought in by their owners. We are working our butts off to try to keep all our ani-pals safe and would appreciate any help or kind thoughts you guys have for us.

    Visit to learn how you can donate to rebuild their shelter. Bonus: click on “Adoption” to read about and see cute pictures of all the wonderful pets waiting for their forever homes! And thanks, CO, for featuring this story!

  43. Picklesmom says:

    a lot of people didn’t want to leave without their pets… but there were mandatory evacuations and most shelters/hotels (what few were left in town!) wouldn’t take animals with their owners. I imagine it must have been a very difficult situation for people to leave their pets in their homes. Many left with the thought that the flooding wouldn’t get as bad as it did, leaving enough food and water to sustain the animal for a few days. I know leaving the animals to be rescued was not the preferred choice, but the only one given to them by circumstances. The thought of having to leave your pet in an animal shelter while you went to another is awful, I’m sure a lot of people couldn’t stomach the idea. The news reported tonight that owners have 2 weeks to pick up their pets before the animals are ‘sent elsewhere.’

  44. Here is the direct link to donate to the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center, which is funded by the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation!

  45. Picklesmom says:

    Oh, and I just read an article today which described the difficulties some owners were having in finding their pets in the shelters- the reason why many people were extremely reluctant to do so in the first place.

  46. SillyGirl says:

    I donated!!!! and then sent the link to all of my friends 🙂

  47. I keep a tent in my trunk. I figure if I have to bug out, the animals come with me and have a place to stay. The rabbit will be problematic, as he may gnaw his way out, LOL.

    If you are planning for disaster, then line up disaster buddies who will take you and your pets in. I think Motel 6 allows pets, btw – but its good to make friends 10+ miles from home who can take you in for a bit.

  48. catablob says:

    Theo, you are very funny.

    Um, know what’s bad about that blond guy with the two cats?
    Nuthin. Just nuthin.

  49. This makes me cry – in a good way! I love knowing others care the same way I do.

    And I am in the N.O.T. leaving without my pets camp. Do you know how many people during Katrina said the same thing? “It won’t be so bad and I can come back soon.” People! If it’s not safe for you to stay – It’s not safe for your pets to stay. And many hotels/motels make exceptions in these types of emergencies. Shelters are another matter. We have learned a little bit from Katrina but obvy not enuff.

    (And if your hotel/motel of choice is NOT willing to make an exception during an emergency – remember that next time you go out of town and speak with your wallet. And tell your friends!)

  50. ConCATs tew awl whoo ar saivin kittehs. Saiv um AWL!

  51. Referring to the following comments–Men of the Humane Society calender
    seriously, can we make a calendar or at least a booklet, poster or something to purchase and to get people to donate to the Humane Societies of the Mid West?—
    What a great idea.
    So much can be done online now days. Organizing it all and such.
    So here is what I’m thinking.
    Perhaps there is a photographer who would be willing to donate his services. Then someone else/or a company could help donate supplies to get it printed.
    I’m not savvy as to how this could be done. But I am hoping that someone reading
    this might know how to get the ball rolling or knows someone who can.

  52. I’ll be there myself in a few days, helping with the rescue effort. Going there with the rescue I work for to take supplies, and help out, and possibly bring back animals to MD if needed, like we did after Katrina hit. Please donate to the rescue funds, they need all the help they can get right now!

  53. I’ll second that request for Men of Humane Society calender.

    Because you can never have enough gorgeous blonde men carring cats.

  54. Passing along info–
    From the HSUS Disaster Center web page
    Our highly trained crisis response teams remain on the ground in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, working to save animals left behind in the floods. We’ve saved hundreds so far, and will continue to rescue pets in need.
    Please help us respond to this and future disasters by making a contribution to our Disaster Relief Fund today.
    Donating/helping the HSUS Disaster Center
    To donate, please complete the information on our secure online form
    If you have any questions about donating to us online, please send us an e-mail
    or Call our Member Services team at 301-258-8276.
    The HSUS is rated a four-star charity (the highest possible) by Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator.
    **ALSO– free to print out Disaster Preparedness Brochures
    The HSUS Disaster Center has several brochures available for download to help you plan for the needs of your pets, horses, and livestock during an emergency. The following PDF brochures are available for download:

    * Disaster Preparedness for Pets

    * Disaster Preparedness for Horses

    * Disaster Preparedness for Livestock
    Here is the link for that web page–
    This is the web page link for–
    Disaster Preparedness for Pets
    And from me personally–
    Please help spread the word about these free PDF brochures and while your there, please donate. No amount is too small.
    My mom always said that just like putting pennies in a jar, every penny counts and helps with filling up the jar.

  55. deborah says:

    So sad. I just donated. Thanks for the link. Hope all those kitties and pups find their owners!

  56. I have the feeling that if the reporter had waited around just a teeny bit longer we might have got a shot of the blond guy with his shirt clawed completely off. I know that’s wrong of me to think… so wrong. Mmm.

  57. Rachel Sweeden says:

    Claudia I agree with you 100% they do an awesome JOB and need to keep it up.

  58. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA–Your ideas for
    items to encourage donations sounds good! For
    Humane Societies of the
    Midwest…sounds like some of the ladies could also go
    for a Virtual Dinner Date with a Man of the Humane
    Societies. A donation can do wonders…

  59. I want to thank the blond guy for his work, personally. Really, I won’t stop until he’s quite properly *thanked*.


    Just sayin’. Plus those cats he has are freakin’ adorable.

    ::off to donate::

  60. It would be hard to leave my kitties behind, but if it comes to saving the kitties or saving the kids, the kids win. Just sayin’

  61. catnap64 says:

    I laughed about all the comments on the hunky blonde guy with kitties- he might be a little busy for a photo shoot for that calendar just now! Thanks for the link for emergency readiness. I started to think about this after Katrina, but didn’t quite get it all figured out- we haz SIX furbabies! I promise- I will plan!

  62. Shannon says:

    With the exception of a fire I don’t see why it should come down to a choice between the kids and the pets. Evacuations can be planned for in advance and if you have everything together there’s no reason everyone can’t survive.

    Those are all excellent links with priceless information. Thank you for posting them.

  63. I LOVE the look on the cat’s face… It’s all, “WHOA.”

  64. Crazy in CA says:

    Gorgeous blond man carrying two cuddly cats as he rescues them like a hero? That calendar is SOLD, BABY!!!

  65. Also… if you live in a flood area, don’t keep your cat carriers in the basement. My hubby had to go wading in waist-deep cold nasty water to retrieve our cat carrier when we had to leave our house. Or get them out of the basement before it fills up!

    When we were flooded out, we had no fewer than ten offers of places to stay… including the cats. It meant a lot.

  66. It boggles my mind that there are people who, viewing these pictures and reading about the situation, react with ‘*I* wouldn’t leave my pets behind in a disaster.’
    Thank you for being such superior human beings. I’m sure your pets will live forever and you will get a medal, and never ever be in a situation where you don’t have a free choice of what to do. But just quietly? It’s not about you.
    Sorry to be snotty, but I thought those reactions really harshed the good vibe of ‘go animal rescuers! how can we help?’

  67. Sarah, I agree. It is easier said than done to say that they wouldn’t have let their pets behind. Sure noone wants to but the truth is a disaster is just that a disaster and thank goodness The Humane Society of the United States is there to help. And while we all would want to be there helping, we can’t, so I think it is so important that we donate to the flood fund. Who knows when one day we all wished that people helped us out to save our loved ones. The animals need our help!

  68. AuntieMame says:

    Mary (the first), Animal Planet has shown a few episodes of an RSPCA show. I don’t think it’s part of the Animal Precinct/Cops series. I did see a new Animal Cops: South Africa the other day, though. It was fascinating.

  69. Oh thank you so much, Meg! I am so proud to be a member of the Humane Society, this honorable and hard working organization. Every single day they are doing something somewhere in the world (yes, world!) to aid and rescue animals in need. I am so happy you are reminding people to give what they can.

  70. mockingbird says:

    One thing the SPCA guidelines left out was getting your pets microchipped. Collars can fall off, especially in the mess of an evacuation. A chip helps make sure your pet can be returned to you, and will make things simpler for those wonderful volunteers. It takes up to a week for your information to be linked to the chip after insertion, so it’s not something you can do at the last minute. My vet gives a discount for each additional pet, and I’d bet other clinics do as well.

  71. Yah, this is so typical of the people on this website. You see a hunky guy and you just assume that he’s there to rescue you and be all hunky. That’s so sexist. Men are so much more than hunky bodies who rescue animals. You should put pictures of animals on or near lady parts, then things would be fair.

    (Seriously, though, donate).

  72. You know what happened next, don’t you??

  73. Nah, we love ’em cause their good men who are willing to roll up their sleeves and take risks to save some wonderful animals.

    Being photogenic and/or hunky is just the buffing of the lily.

  74. I find the last picture very pride and prejudice: cuteoverload addition.
    “Oh Mr Darcy, kitties! You shouldn’t have.”

  75. Seriously-there is NOTHING sexier than a man who cares for animals like that.

  76. ButtaRumCake says:

    Berthaservant said: “You should put pictures of animals on or near lady parts, then things would be fair”

    Um…what about cats’n’racks? LOL

    P.S. I third the motion for the “Cute Hunky Guy Animal Rescute Heroes (withnoshirtson)”

  77. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    I think when Hurricane Katrina hit here in LA, it was a turning point for people to realize how important pets are to some people. There are shelters now for pets when the next hurricane comes.
    Wow! I need to visit the Midwest! Those men up there are good-lookin’!!!

  78. So cute. Love the dog and cat pics. But may I ask why it is under ‘horses’?

  79. …because this one’s under pritnear EVERYTHING.

  80. the face on that cat in the top pick is just heart-wrenching. “what’s with all the water on the 1st floor, where are my people, who the hell are you, and WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN FED?” poor kittie!

  81. catablob says:

    Acksherly the calendar idea reminds me of a favorite calendar from several years ago.
    The Atlanta Braves (a baseball team) did a calendar for the humane society with each player posed with animals.

    A favorite was Andres Galarraga, an imposing and dare I say very handsome guy whose nickname was “The Big Cat” laying on the ground with 8 teensy weensy kittens sitting on he, looking very pleased about the whole thing.

  82. Fry and Bender says:
  83. marishka says:

    SSsss!: As adorable as those kitties are and as hunky that guy is that is rescuing them, you just KNEW that would happen. I can hear the kitty (is it Bender or Fry?) saying: “Cold! Wet! Do not WANT!” and not realizing he was in for a world of cold and wet after he jumped out of those lovin’ arms.

    Btw, captioned this photo with “Brandon Smith carries his two cats, Fry and Bender, to dry land from their flooded and evacuated home on June 12, 2008 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.”

    Seriously. Poor puddies! Yeah rescuers!

  84. Catsquatch says:

    I wish I could be there helping.

  85. Catsquatch says:

    For those who wouldnt leave their pets behind, of course you wouldnt honey, none of us would, willingly.

    Therefore we can safely say that those people would not have left their pets behind either, willingly.

    Which we can then safely say means that they had to leave their pets behind, as unwillingly as you would have left yours in similar circumstances.

    If you are unconscious, you cant get the cat.
    If its a choice between save your dog or save your child.

    There are many reasons why these animals got left behind, every one of them valid.

  86. Bender an Fry More Info.
    Brandon Smith, 23, carries Bender, right and Fry, his fiancee’s cats, to safety Thursday morning in southwest Cedar Rapids. His neighbor, Tyrone Pierce, 49, follows. Smith said there was no flooding from the Cedar River in sight when they evacuated the neighborhood Wednesday afternoon. By 10 a.m. Thursday, two feet of water covered the main floor of their house. “Everything’s a complete loss,” he said. “At least we have a brand new couch that wasn’t delivered yet.”
    Link to photo. photo is on right side of page.

  87. Another heartbreak.I just want to wrap my arms around this lady and enclose her an the cats in a huge hug.
    See photo here.
    Full arms and a heavy heart: Maria Steele fights back tears after she, Ching and Sushi were rescued from their flooded home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the rain-swollen Cedar River reached record levels.

  88. marie_n says:

    this hurts my heart. i’m glad they’re getting help. key-key #1 looks way upset, and key-keys 2 & 3 are holding paws 😦

    i wish i lived closer so that i could physically assist the little guys. i need to donate. the guy and i already make monthly donations to other associations, but i’ll be sure to toss some moolah their way this time. poor little guys. they’re in my thoughts.

  89. ChitaDenita says:

    Hottie rescuer Brandon Smith is also picutered here, Bender decided he would rather swim to safety than be carried by a hunky blonde. Crazy kitty!

  90. CoffeeCup says:

    How much do I love that blonde guy’s photo even more now that we know his cats are named after Futurama characters?!

  91. shanchan says:

    Just in case anyone else was concerned (as I was) that Brandon got Bender back:

  92. Mary, I haven’t seen that many either, but apparently they had some shows for the RSPCA, (R means “ROYAL” to us colonists). They had a training class of all of these fresh-faced cadets with that lilting accent and Prince William-ish complexions.

    Fortunately I have enough credit cards so that if the shelters won’t accept pets, I won’t have to sleep in the car but will just keep driving. And driving, and driving. Most hotels, at least around here, understand that the rules change when it’s hurricane season. Had a friend limp into town with their four dogs and three cats. The Marriot, which is usually non-pets, didn’t bat an eye.

    Their horses though, had to be boarded out of town.

  93. Kiragirl says:

    I would definitely buy that calendar!!!

  94. I’m in Iowa — fortunately in a community that, while it did have flooding, wasn’t as hard hit as some others, and my house not at all. It is really awful what has been happening here. But the constant coverage of pets and their needs both in and following the immediate crisis has been really heartwarming. There have been major daily news segments on TV, and countless updates and links posted on the websites for local newspapers and TV stations. I love my (adopted) state! And I think America in general has really learned a lesson with Katrina about needing to take pets seriously too. Anyway, perhaps this was mentioned above, but another way to donate is through PetSmart Charities —

  95. I live in Des Moines, and am also a pet owner. None of us would willingly leave our pets alone, but on the worst day of the floods – while may of us were at work – the city started calling in the guard and closing roads and sections of the city down. The only thing I wanted to do was go home, get my cat, and evacuate if needed.

    Not everyone has the chance to get home in a hurry like that during a flood. Or if they do, scared pets will hide from you while you are trying to evacuate. Don’t go pointing fingers until you hear the whole story.

  96. Yup those rescuers are wonderful. Will donate as soon as this is posted. Just wanted to share, also, how proud I am of my 20 yr old daughter Anita who regularly rescues stray animals. Last night she drove 300 miles from college to see us for Dad’s birthday, and she spotted a beagle in a busy street nearby. Naturally she ran into the street, snagged the beagle, and spent the next 3 hours making flyers and canvassing the neighborhood… sure enough she found his distraught owners and reunited the family. (teardrop) Now that’s a daughter to make Mama proud… her sixth rescue in the last year and a half.

  97. ButtaRumCake says:

    OK, Ann – that story has me all choked up. Kudos to Anita for being such a great kid! And Kudos to you (and Mr. Ann) for raising such a sweet girl! Bless you!

  98. The Other One Michelle says:

    My house flooded in ND in 1997–the sirens went off at 2 a.m. letting us know the levee had broken (which was 1 block from my house) and to get out. I grabbed both dogs (lab and golden) and carried them through the water to the car. I almost didn’t grab my kitty, Mr. Fat Cat, because no one expected the flooding to last for weeks and the city to be shut down. I searched and searched but couldn’t find him. I finally found him crouched in a closet, scared of the sirens. I pulled him out and hauled him, this time through calf deep water, to my car, where we all drove to my dad’s house, 70 miles away, and to safety. But with the water rising as fast as it was, had I waited even a few more minutes to locate Mr. Fat, my car may not have made it out. So…please don’t judge those that leave their animals. I’m sure they’d take them if they could.

  99. Calendar, please! Yes, I care about the fate of kitties and pups, but honestly, cut a girl some slack – those guys are HAWT!

  100. The Other One Michelle says:

    And oh yeah, Mr. Blondie is HOT!

  101. I’m sure glad any of those guys weren’t showing any chest or anything like that. With all these comments about how hot these guys supposedly are, I would sure be uncomfortable. It would be tacky and I would be offended!

    Heh. No, seriously, they’re doing a great job.

  102. DixiesMom says:

    Yeah, you gotta love a guy who loves the little fuzzies! I think it’s a good indication of a person’s character.
    The last two guys I dated turned out to be allergic to my Dixie kitteh… goodbye to them, obviously! Now I ask about allergies upfront…


  103. CoffeeCup says:

    Thank you, That Other One Michelle, for your story. I am glad that you got all of your pets to safety. 🙂

    I’m also glad I live inland from any significant bodies of water.

  104. DixiesMom says:

    Oh, and I agree with all tha ladies on here: YUMMEH Midwestern Corn-fed Hero guys… Res-CUTE, indeed! ;-D

  105. Thanks to ButtaRumCake for the kind words… and now a perhaps slightly off topic aside. But relevant. I dated a number of guys before marrying my beloved husband and Anita’s Dad (Anita mentioned above). My dog hated every date I had until I brought home my now husband, and she sat on his feet and sighed in contentment.Do dogs know things or what? Everyone do what you can to save the furries, I certainly will.

  106. Picklesmom says:
  107. Yes i saw the piggies on tv and fear that many more have been lost. Somehow the livestock don’t get quite the attention that pets do. Frankly, those particular pigs are in as much danger of dying of sunburn as of drowning. I am the granddaughter of Iowa farmers, and tho long gone from the region I have numerous cousins battling to save the farm beasties… wish ’em well, fellow CO fans!

  108. The picture of the houses backed up along the bridge was a Pulitzer Prize winner for sure. I think I would go insane with that kind of calamity in my life.
    Good luck to all of those effected. I live on a high hill, but on a natural spring and we get our own wet season every year, when the water table gets very high. That’s enough to deal with.

  109. chiweenies4eva says:

    These pictures made me cry. The rescue workers saving these pets are true heroes! Kudos! Iowa Humane Society is getting a donation from me for sure.

  110. The ‘donate here’ link you gave goes to the Humane Society of the United States, which is a dishonest group using Humane Society in its name. See the following:

    The group you’re thinking of is the American Humane Association.
    This is the 130 year old organization which we can count on to use our donation to the end we intended.