That was a CLOSE CALL

WOO! [wiping brow] That was a CLOSE CALL.

It’s a good thing we found the real ending to that Kiwi movie.

I’ll put away the cryin’ Kleenex and antidepressants now, Quincy C.



  1. whew. reliefed.

  2. I never realized that there were so many ‘followups’ to the original animation (open endings are popular I guess). I prefer [OK, I killed the link; do you have a replacement? – Ed.]
    Come on now, who can resist a yeti who looks like a cactus.

  3. Aesthetica says:

    well thank god. the original kiwi movie was as depressing as learning of tim russert’s death. i can’t take much more.

  4. Oh wow! Dont click the link! Erase mine post!…Shame! *sigh, shakes fist at faulty ctrl-C

  5. Whoa. THAT was better!!!

  6. i was kinda hoping for a giant bed of floofy marshmallows, but this’ll do

    a story has to have an ending, peoples.

    (waddles off to write coen bros. a letter)

  7. brinnann says:

    O Majestic Mod, does this belong in Cartoons?

    I lof kiwis. So kyute, and so funneh. Penguins, too. Mebbe I just have a thing for flightless birds. Wait, no, emus & ostriches aren’t all that kyute.

  8. JarethsDreamer says:

    Too bad you hear a ker-PLOP at the end of the original if you turn the sound up. I saw the original a couple years back, but I’m glad someone saved the lil kiwi fwom cewtan deaf!

  9. hon glad says:

    I just new he’d be OK.

  10. jo-anne in vancouver says:

    The original touched me soooo much – even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. An incredible realization of a beautiful story.

  11. DevilCandy says:

    Seeing this, of course I had to go back and check the first movie and read the comments. And seriously – lots and lots and lots of people saying this is so sad it makes them cry and they haven’t been able to sleep or function properly for days or weeks? People turning a sweet and funny little cartoon into some metaphore about suicide and self-loathing?

    I have a feeling I’m missing something here. I only see two very well-done and funny clips with a very cute little bird in them. Or maybe I’m just hard-shelled and jaded.

    Oh, and I’m happy he got a parachute too.

  12. Tank goodness. Poor kiwi with no wings.

  13. Eater of Shades says:



  14. Oh, NOW I get it.

    (I still didn’t hear the sound effect at the end of the original).

    And Blair — don’t blame Joel and Ethan for NCFOM — that ending was screwy in the novel. For more satisfying CoBros narrative closure, I recommend “O Brother,” “Miller’s Crossing” or “The Hudscucker Proxy.”

  15. What about “No Country for Old Men”, B?
    (seriously, please let me know; I haven’t seen it yet)

  16. oh thank you for that. i was really bummed to see such a sad thing on CO.

  17. No Country for Old Men is fantastic, Theo. Check it out.

  18. Thank god for that!! I was so worried about that l’il guy, sniff, sniff.

  19. BoidsGottaFly says:

    I knew it! Any little flightless bird brilliant enough to construct a vertical forrest, could certainly plan ahead and carry a parachute!

    Sweet, charming and imaginative video… and so much cuter without the mental images of flattened kiwi at the end…

  20. bitter8girl says:

    OH YEAH! He survives.

  21. eikoleigh says:


  22. Martha in Washington says:

    This is MUCH better!

  23. Thanks for padding all the sharp corners in my world, Hollywood! [cross-eyed, thumbs up]

    P.S. I like to think that the Kiwi goes back up the hill and jumps again as many times as he likes.

  24. Oh My! I feel much much better now! I like this ending MUCH better!

  25. Hooray! 😀

  26. Alicia P. says:

    In an echo of many other comments, thank GOD for this ending. I was seriously depressed after seeing the first clip and tried to come up with my own ending to soften the blow.

    too much sadness in the world already, much nicer to focus on happy kiwi endings 🙂

  27. …happy *cartoon* kiwi endings.

  28. zerosmom says:

    I certainly like this ending better… but the way the original is made (with the little birdie tear) well… I guess he could be crying because he is so happy to be flying and knows he will land safely. I guess that is the beauty of open-ended films. The original did indeed bring a tear to my eye. I found it meaningful on many levels…

  29. This ending was horrible. It completely ruins the message the original animator was trying to send. If you don’t like that message fine, go make your own movie. But who are you to try and change someone else’s?

  30. Thank Ceiling Cat! The first part of that had me genuinely upset. It was a brilliant piece of animation — Pixar-worthy in fact — but then, so was ‘Dumbo’ but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most depressing movies ever made.

  31. tuckeverlasting says:

    That’s more like it!!

  32. No! Ruined! It’s lost it’s meaning. I like the original ending…this new one is a cop-out.

  33. Dumbo was made by Pixar?

  34. BoidsGottaFly says:

    The folks who want the tragic ending must be French.

  35. This is the only ending that makes sense. If the little guy is going to spend all that time and energy nailing trees to the cliff, don’t you think he’d take that ride over and over again? When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide…

  36. Kirsten D. says:

    Oh, thank god! The first part of it just made me depressed. I was looking forwards to CO as a good way to end a bad day, and that just sent me over the edge. I was bawling!

    So this does make me feel much better. <3 I went to bed that night trying to think of alternate endings to soften the blow...

  37. AlphabetFish says:

    This completely misses the point of the original. The message of the first one was that the kiwi was willing to sacrifice everything to attain his dream of flying. He cried because he knew it was the end for him, and because he was happy to be able to fly at least once in his life.

    That’s what makes it poignant–if there’s nothing lost, it’s just a vapid cartoon with a cute animal.

  38. Or the tear was from the speed of the wind and the splatty ending was just the punchline of a dark little joke.

  39. The tear was a tear of joy, of “at LAST!” Good grief, have you never lived??

    Half joking.

    Further, this tacked-on ending is all warm fuzzy happy winking cuddly comfort food, and cheapens the original. But hey, if that’s the market, better run what sells. (Oh wait.)

    Finally, to the person who thinks xenophobic bullshit is funny: Don’t do it again. You know who you are.

  40. AlphabetFish – remember where you’re commenting. Vapid cartoons with cute animals are perfectly fine in my books!

  41. YEAH! Go kiwi!

    I can breathe steadily now.

  42. 8bit tails says:

    It’s awesome that people made videos for alternative endings, but I prefer the original.

    The message of the original movie was so much stronger. I think people just have to deal with the fact that in life, there is death. Also, having a cause or a goal that you would give your life for is a good thing.

  43. I’d rather have a cause worth living for than dying for.

    That said, I think it’s possible to appreciate both movies individually for what they are. Obviously, the original is very poignant for the exact reason that Kiwi devotes everything he has for this pure moment of happiness.

    I don’t think the second clip takes away from that. It’s just proposing a different ending for us to imagine in which he gets to live, BECAUSE the original is so sad. For a moment we get to go “Yay Kiwi!” though we know that that’s not what really happened.

  44. good ole kiwi never gives up 🙂