[Please note!] Paw is clutching Butterscotch Fire-mane Sunny-times Ass Tattoo Pony!


Download and sing the My Little Pony theme with me!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Isn’t the world a lovely place
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Everywhere you go, a smiling face
Running and skipping; merrily tripping
Watching the morning unfold
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
What does the future hold?

Thanks for the earworm jingle, Amber!



  1. Omg omg omg!
    I love my little ponies and I love cats. This is my favourite picture ever!
    Too bad they are G3 ponies, not the retro ones.

  2. Serenity now…insanity later.

  3. I’m barfing and crapping rainbows. Who doesn’t love a pony?

  4. OMFG! I am done for. I am dead.

  5. Oh fer cryin. Ponies are not the same as asses.


  6. Furbabies says:

    Note the contented smile in that thar kitten’s face. Too much cute, my eyes are crossing!

  7. heaven, absolute heaven.

  8. Kitty is SOOOO happy. Love that smile.

  9. Eeek!!! Stripy kitteh is smiling! SMILING!!!!

  10. OMG WTF PWNIES!!!1!!11!

  11. OMG, I nearly went into diabetic coma from the song! It was too cute. And a smiling kitty, too adorabulz! Must go lie down now.

  12. My little pony, my little pony,
    You can comb her pretty hair!

  13. thursday says:

    Kitty’s smiling because she has more ponies than you.

    I was always annoyed that they were too small to put Barbies on.

  14. Erebella says:

    See, this is what happens when you drink too much and the party gets a little out of control. You wake up the next morning in a pile of naked bodies with a tattoo on your ass! Mmm, good times.

  15. chillin with my pals…life is great

  16. OMG I loved my little ponies when i was little! And that cat is sooooo cute! This picture just made my day 🙂

  17. Heh. It’s a “tattoosh”.

  18. brinnann says:

    “Tattosh?” Holy pa-sickie of bleenitude! Where do you come up with this stuff? I think it’d be fun to live inside your head for a day. Maybe. Or maybe just a few hours.

  19. He’s wishing for a planet full of unicorns?

    […he-eyy! – Ed.]

  20. *Groan* A Tattoosh? Heh. *Walks off wondering if tattoosh can be fit into everyday vocabulary*

  21. I haven’t heard that song since I was 7. Wow that was weird.

  22. leeleemarie says:

    tattoosh?!?! I AM LOVING IT! Thanks Theo!

  23. You’re doing it again, Brinn.

  24. Oooooh..Sugaar rush!

  25. This has me barfing rainbows.

  26. chanpon says:

    Bwahaha! I broke out into the My Little Pony theme song as soon as I saw that too. Smiley kitty seems happy, but I would’ve preferred some Strawberry Shortcake and friends myself.

  27. Ponies! My kitties like to try and eat my ponies. Yes. I have ponies. Yes, I am a grown up. It’s okay! 🙂

  28. I need clarification, Brandi… are these full-sized ponies, with stables and tack and currycombs and riding lessons? Because you *might* want to consult a zoologist about your “kitties”, if so.

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    This is so incredibly prosh I can’t properly express my emotions. The kitten is SMILING, people, SMILING. You just don’t get more blissful than that.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pony boy, Pony boy,
    Won’t you be my pony boy?
    Oh, I just love my little ponies! I’m a lucky cat!

  31. I own the complete My Little Pony Ass Tattoo collection, including “Strawberry Tramp Stamp”

  32. Interspecies snorgling!

    Totally adorabuhls. I loves me some kitties and ponies!!11!1

  33. [humming]
    “Strawberry Tramp Stamp,
    Huckleberry Thigh…”


  35. BoidsGottaFly says:

    Adorable sleeping kitten AND colorful sweet retro My Little Ponies, all in ONE PICTURE??!!!

    That explains it… the sound of ‘sploading heads all across COville…

    Mystery solved.

    ** ‘spload **

  36. [snork] you said ASS.

  37. My GOD *gasp* that My Little Pony has a “Tramp Stamp”!

    *covers kitteh’s eyes*

  38. Well, ai guess. Akshullii, ai didden notuss kuz ai wuz lookin at teh kittunn.

  39. Rainbow smiles and pony butt artwork. . . . . KER THUD

  40. Natalie says:

    OMG so cute. And whoever mentioned Strawberry Shortcake, I forget where I was the other day (in the car I think) and I smelled something that smelled EXACTLY like my Strawberry Shortcake doll used to smell. Talk about flashbacks.

  41. Way WAY too much. Thanks Meg, now I have that dern song stuck in my head… only not the original version but the parody my dad would sing every time the show came on when I was a kid: “My Little Pony, Phoney Bologna…”


  42. Wow, I had a nightmare like this once. Only it was much scarier because it also involved Scott Baio (the Antichrist), freaky circus clowns, and my third grade math teacher.

  43. scooterpants says:

    meg is younger than i am.
    if this kitteh was mine, she’d be lounging in the middle of a pile of amputee barbies and naked troll dolls.
    and i dont even KNOW the poniee !!1! song.
    ‘shuffles off on old legs kicking dirt’

  44. Wow, I think this is the fastest time I’ve seen a photo I saw on livejournal FIRST make it to CO more of the cuteness!

  45. zomg she said “ass” I’m like so offended :3

  46. ALERT! ALERT! If playing the My Little Pony theme at work, make sure the volume on your ‘puter is down LOW, so the boss doesn’t come over and you have to explain why there’s picture of a cat and plastic ponies on your screen and your head has ‘sploded all over your desk ON WORK TIME!

  47. @scooterpants: I’m right there with you, except the trolls. I do remember Liddle Lockets, where there was a little (2-3″) doll inside a plastic bubble “locket”…..

  48. TINY TABBY!!!!!

  49. Martha in Washington says:

    I have a blue My Little Pony UNICORN that my dad gave me when I was like 19 years old. (Don’t even ask how long ago that was…)It is still sitting right here on the chest in this very room looking at me and wondering why I am “oohing” over the screen. The kittie looks complete drunk on the happyness!

  50. I say again…..


    OMG PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Katrina says:

    Funny, Theo, you don’t look tatoo-ish.
    And drunken kittehs-what are you people coming to?

  52. Liddle Lockets? I thought those were Polly Pockets…? I had Barbies, my sister, who is 9 years my junior, had Ponies and Carebears.

  53. This has been a mystery between me and my friends, this is the melody we remember from when we were kids, but recently we only find videos with that “My little pony, my little pony, my littl epony tales!” which is lame.

    That’s one happy kitty.

  54. I think it was “Liddle Kiddles”. “Polly Pocket” is more recent.

    I always wondered who tied the bows on the pony tails in Ponyland, since ponies are a little lacking in the opposable thumb department.

  55. BLEH G3s! But the MLP-and-kitteh love made me has a smile. 🙂

  56. Best pony name ever.

  57. LOL! Thanks all! That’s mah kitteh!

    I was re-arranging my collection, and had all my gemstone-butt ponies on the couch and she went to sleep in the middle of them!

    All my G1’s were up on my desk at the time, that’s why they are the new ones and not the old ones with her. 🙂

  58. Tattoosh? LOL, from now on that’s what I’m calling my tattoo!

  59. Theresa says:

    Weren’t those locket dolls called “Kiddles”?

  60. omg. WHY did i let my mom give my ponies AND THE CASTLE away to some little girl when i was i teenager?! I sure wish i had them now. AND THE CASTLE.

  61. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Does anyone else here remember Upsy-Downsies? Those were some trippy toys. 🙂

  62. No way! Our boy cat has been known to swipe our daughter’s ponies one at at time and hide behind a chair cleaning his “kittens”. You’re not alone, Stewart. Ahn.

  63. OMG they have jewel butt pony pegasi now? (Is pegasi the multiple of pegasus?) I remember when my little pony herd was over fifty strong, I had them arranged across my playroom floor in a pony-rainbow. Then I grew up and switched to shoes…

  64. Zanna, I think the plural is “Pegasses”.

  65. Theresa says:

    You said Peg-ASSES. SNORT!

  66. Can I sing the BOOBS song now too? Can I can I huhh??

  67. Theresa says:

    (sigh)You know you always do exactly as you please anyway.

  68. Teh Theo abides.

  69. Tatoosh is an island in Washington State.

    [I am *so* there. Off to pack! – Ed.]

    […wait, I can’t find it. Are you joshing me?? Tell the truth. – Ed.],-122.920532&sspn=0.626624,1.203003&ie=UTF8&ll=48.565248,-122.941132&spn=0.31308,0.601501&z=11

  70. Michelle says:

    Oh my god. That makes me want to dig out all my old toys from my attic and see if my kitten will play with them!

  71. zerosmom says:

    ohhh this is soothing after looking at the kiwi crash and animal rescue photos!!

  72. sunnymum says:

    OMG this is great! Thanks for the behind the scenes story Amber! How prosh that beautiful baby saw pile o’ ponies and thought, hey, comfy and cute, I’m so there. 🙂 You’re lucky to have such a cute kitty Amber. He almost looks like a fennec fox with this big ears atop his wee head. 🙂

  73. Theo, it’s only pegasses if they’ve got tatooshes.

    And how many funny stories begin “I was cleaning my collection and the cat . . .” I’ve got loads.

  74. Of stories, that is. Not collections.

  75. Sorry. I’m afraid you can’t actually go there anymore. But it does exist, and it’s near Semiahmoo:

    “Tatoosh Island is the very northwesternmost spot in the continental United States. The island is part of the Makah Indian Reservation, on the spectacular Olympic Peninsula. The lightouse is owned and operated by the U.S. Coast Guard. It marks the entrance to the Strait of Juan De Fuca, that wide and deep passage from the open Pacific Ocean to Puget Sound.

    Tatoosh Island is not open to the public. The lighthouse is automated, and the island has no permanent inhabitants any more. Sometimes known as the “Galapagos of the Pacific Northwest,” because its isolation and relatively pristine condition makes it a sanctuary for certain marine animals, providing a living laboratory for marine biologists.”

  76. Well, actually, I lied. It’s not that near Semiahmoo. But it’s relatively near Queets and Snee Oosh.

  77. Chef Steph says:

    Funny how I watched the My Little Pony movie over and over and over as a kid and I didn’t remember the song, but my brother can sing it perfectly without even thinking about it. :o) This makes me smile though, my kitty used to cuddle with some of my toys when we were little together.

  78. Maybe too small for Barbies to ride but a heck of a ride for my “Little Kiddles”

  79. The pony he’s hugging is kissing himm AWWWW

  80. OMG
    This is my favoritest post EVAR on CO. EVAR.
    I LURVE kitties, and have a collection of over 400 MLP’s.

    My Little Pony My Little Pony
    What will today’s adventure be?
    My Little Pony My Little Pony
    Will there be exciting sights to see?
    Where will you wander? Hither and Yonder
    Letting your heart be your guide!
    My little Pony My Little Pony
    I’ll be there right by your side
    I’ll be there… right by your side<3

  81. Anyone notice how lame the modern my little ponies are? They’re, for lack of a better word, kind of skanky, rather than sweet. I was actually in Disney world this weekend and picked up a set of 1983 re-issues. (Bluebell, Cotton Candy and Butterscotch). I took them back to my hotel room, combed their hair, and let them play with my son’s star wars toys.

  82. Oh. My. God. That is the most awesome…..

  83. binky-mama says:

    I suddenly feel like I’m 6 again….and I’m SO jealous that this kitteh has more toys than me! Can I come over to play little kitteh? Huh? Pleeeeze? I’ll be your bestest friend! I’ll bring stickers!

  84. You wanna see skanky ponies..

    Brats meets MLP. SCARY!

  85. Stickers?? Sure! You can come play! I have LOTS of ponies to share.. almost 200! 🙂 And stuffed animals, and CPK and Care Bears!!

    (and I’m 33!)

  86. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have tears rolling down my face from your hilarious description of the pony: “Fire-mane Sunny-times Ass Tattoo Pony”. Where do you come up with this stuff? Thank God you do, and thanks for the laugh! >^..^<

  87. Silent Meow says:


    I’m 37, and my apartment is stuffed full of stuffed animals. No ponies. Just various stuffed animals.

    I don’t have a single pony.


  88. Wow. We need a whole new category for this. Something like, “Just, wow.”

  89. Amber, you’re not kidding about the skanky ponies. Those shoes CAN’T be good for their feet.

  90. Amber, you’re not kidding about the skanky ponies. Those shoes CAN’T be good for their feet.

  91. Jennie Mello says:

    Ummm…thanks again to my 3 year old daughter, I happen to know for a fact that that particular pony is called Sunny Daze. Or something like that.

  92. I am really laughing at myself.

    I just spent 5 minutes staring and searching to try to figure out where ‘tattoosh’ came from. I finally gave up and was about to post and ask, when I looked at it again. I don’t know why I got it, this time, but I did.

    And Amber’s post is really the skank of MLP world. How do you walk in heels when you don’t have toes?

  93. binky-mama says:

    Thanks I’ll bring my scratch ‘n sniff stickers! (including my catnip scented ones for your behbeh girl)

    As for the “skanky pony”…..My god is NOTHING sacred?

  94. YAY! Catnip stickersz! LOL!

    Silent Meow, you may have me beat on stufftids! Mine are in a HUGE pile in my bedroom. It’s like 4′ high by 4′ wide by 6′ long! (But you need ponies! The newest set are pretty easily found at thrift stores! 😉 )

    Jennie, 🙂 That’s Sunshimmer! Sunny Daze is white with a rainbow-ish mane, and a smiling sun “tattoosh”. 😛

  95. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, everyone! I needed
    the cute and the laughs…
    ZANNA, LOL about the shoes!
    BINKY-MAMA–so cute about
    being someone’s “bestest
    friend”…hope you find lots and lots of ponies to play with…talkin’ about a special lady..woe, woe,
    woe…you’re a lady…

  96. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:


    That is all.

  97. Space Cowgirl says:

    Amber, I know a lady on another forum who calls those “whoresies”.

  98. WTF is My Little Pony? What if kitteh was sleeping with Stretch Armstrong?

    (BTW, that is a beautiful kitty).

  99. Not the first collision of ponies and CO I’ve seen!

  100. hon glad says:

    Kitty = nice
    Plastic ponies = yuk

  101. DixiesMom says:

    Now I wanna get a tattoo on my toosh, just so I can use the the word ‘tattoosh’ in conversation… thanks alot, Theo! ;-P

  102. Londoner says:

    I’m with hon glad. My Little Ponies – icketty ick. Sorry, MLP lovers, but they are the luridly glaring nadirs of anti-taste.

    But hey, if they make the kitten happy…

  103. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Smilingk kitteh!!!

    And I love MLPs, though I like the 1980s ones better.

  104. snorglepup says:

    Londoner; It has nothing to do with taste.
    It’s more like a flashback into childhood fantasy.

  105. Oh no, Amber, that pony has had lipo and a nose job!!

    My poor sweet innocent little niece!
    Doesn’t she look like a live-action Strawberry Shortcake?

    What kind of a world is she growing up in? I know her daddy is worried sick about it.

  106. Theresa says:

    Mother Cats: Please be aware that some people may be giving your kittens catnip-laced stickers. These stickers look exactly like normal stickers but are infused with an especially potent form of nepetalactone which will make your kitten extra-frisky, rebellious, chaotic, and very, very sweepy.

  107. Not only is there a Tatoosh WA, there is a Tatoosh BUTTES.

    Check it:,+WA&sll=48.565248,-122.941132&sspn=0.270366,0.479279&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr

    [BEAUT! – Ed.]

    Huurrr hurrr… I said “butt”. 🙂 Lovin’ this post!

  108. Erebella, I was thinking almost the same thing-except it was the scene from “Sid and Nancy” where everyone wakes up after shooting heroin and partying.

  109. so cute! now i misses my cat back home.

  110. marie_n says:

    i have a huge bag full of my little ponies at my parents’ house, just stowed away. i need a baby key-key to accessorize. i can’t quite say that my ponies’ hair is that smooth and silky since they are nearly 20 years old. their hair is crinkly and kinked. 😦

    a baby key-key would make up for it though.

  111. You know, Marie_n.. a little combing and a nice wash and condition make all the difference for those older ponies! I have a bunch of them myself LOVE EM!

  112. I saw her at the My Little Pony Trading Post too, cuteness all round

  113. My Little Pony, skinny and bony..

    Made out of plastic, totally spastic 😉

    I looovveeed My Little Pony 🙂 Even though they’re spastic!

  114. I’m having a crappy day at work today and I kept this kitty open in a tab all afternoon so I could look at him whenever I felt like bursting into tears. It worked!

  115. KendallJaye says:

    Not Butterscotch…..

  116. Cats really seem to love MLPs, and I don’t know why. I sometimes find one of my three clutching at one of my ponies, and often find my ponies where I did not leave them (such as on the floor), and no one lives here but me and my cats…. ^_^

  117. so funny! my kitten Kaarat has ‘adopted’ my old My Little Pony Baby and tosses it into the air repeatedly by flinging it by the mane. ^_^

  118. Hi Brak_Silverbone I remember Upsy Downsies! I had the purple guy with hands on top of his head and he drove around in a car that was green and had a head at each end of the car. Then the girl one I had had orange hair and she rode on a purple monster car that had circling feet and you would push it with it’s tail. I loved them and yes they were trippy toys!