Pomeranians have the KEEN ability to grab me by the Achilles Heel of Cuteness™ and never let go! [It’s all thanks to this series of photos from back in the day, I am forever weakened in their presence]

So am I to believe now, that Poms have even more evil prowess up their sleeves!?

Check out the leg ‘pant’ fluff/teeny feet combo. It’s unhandle-able.

Pouncing Pom, originally uploaded by klocean.

Nancy T., TOUCHÉ!



  1. binky-mama says:

    Pommie Pantaloons!!!!

  2. Is that pom levitating?

  3. I was gonna say “COWABUNGA!!!!”

    You know. For the HOVER text.

    [Now I’m tempted to change the hovertext to “HOVERTEXT!” – Ed.]

  4. Miami Sound Machine was apparently wrong!

    It’s the pomeranians that are going to get you.

    (dances away in puppy conga line…)

  5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Pomeranian

  6. jessica says:

    I have a pom. He has a real name, but I call him Professor McPuffyPants!

  7. me-me-me says:

    Poms ARE the cutest thing in the world! (I have one, I should know!!)

  8. anonnymous says:

    Ha, I sometimes call my pomeranian “Fuzzy Pants”!!

  9. sunnymum says:

    Love Poms! They are puffy, and fluffy, they are pluffy!

  10. Monica Brown says:

    Don’t deny the Airedale Puppy’s Tocks’ cuteness also in the photo!!!! I am a connoisseur. I should know.

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Prepare to taste JUSTICE, vile evildoers! SuperPom is here!!

  12. “I am the Ghost of Doggie Christmas Past!”

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Paws of Vengeance” or
    “Leaping Pommie, Crouching Puppeh”! (Oooh, I can’t look!)

  14. Ooo, coo! Can we have Pom Time? Kind of like Bullet Time, only 10,000 times cuter?!?

  15. Ding, it’s true!
    Pom was caught levitating by the Possible Terrier, whose memory is being erased in this photograph.

  16. scooterpants says:

    i have a pommie too-
    ‘legal’ name – ‘Sugarbear DingDing scooterpants’
    he prefers a more formidable victim, such as her 90 lb. bernese mountain dog ‘bella’ whom she whips on regularly.

  17. I love the “ZOIKS!!!!” expression in the attackee’s tail.

  18. Dang…that Pom is floatin’ like a butterfly!

  19. Ann-Eve says:

    I always think that Poms and my long haired chihuahua look like they are rocking the 70s Bianca Jagger-wearing-Halston-gauchos look, and the only thing they need is a little headband and some disco lighting. You know these pups also have the perfect Studio 54 strut, so it works.

  20. Brak_Silverbone says:


  21. Ohhhhh, that’s the tail… I was a tad flummoxed by the pouncee.

  22. Gwenny, you win the unofficial new-hovertext contest that I just made up because I felt like it.

  23. Black puppeh’s all like “Hey, dude. Chill.”

    Pommie is like “Wax on, wax off”.

  24. Anyone else ever watch “Inuyasha”? I swear these little Pom pants/legs are the inspiration for the bottom half of Inuyasha, the Dog-Boy Demon!!

  25. LOL @ Brak!!!

  26. matrix pom knows there is no spoon

  27. omg, squeeeeeee! now i don’t know what dog to get. i was going to get a boston bull terrier, but now that pom-pom is serious competition for the bb! just how much grooming do i need to do or can i just shave off the hair?

  28. with full intent to weaken Meg and other Pom lovers even more. (evil hand rubbing motions)

  29. chanpon says:

    Dunno why this reminds me of Nermal and Garfield, with her about to spring a super cuteness attack on the other.

  30. Snowpea says:

    The rest of the pix in the Dusty set are just as enerable. I’m not a dog person, but I could easily be a Pom person. SO prosh. :sigh:

    There’s another pic in that set where Portia, the other dog, has gotten a lot bigger LOL

  31. Totalee Puppy says:

    Shall we play the Queen of
    the Night Aria?


  33. Have had wonderful poms for over 48 yrs…all just as spiffy and spicy as your doll. They RULE!!!She is adorable

  34. hon glad says:

    And zis is zer entrachat like zo. Now zen first position and….

  35. LOL! Thanks, Theo!

  36. Totalee Puppy says:


  37. Pommie’s gonna Kill Bill, part 3.

  38. Fluffy, fluffy,fluffy,fluffy,
    ooooh, so luffy,fluffy,fluffy,
    Thank you Meg, I need fluffy today! Nothing wrong, (for once), just maintenance.

    Have a fluffy day, everyone!

  39. But wait, that’s a pomeranian, not a papillon…

    Oh. Nevermind.

  40. What an amazing photo! Our Poms always act bigger than they actually are. 😉